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Saturday, August 7, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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Chess Parlor (CP)
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Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
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Thank you!

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12:00AM BBT: Derek X and Hannah are still chatting in the HOHR about previous duos in BB history. Hannah says she and Derek X are like Cody and Enzo. Sarah Beth and Azah talk in the RBR about Britini on the block.


12:03AM BBT: Derek X tells  Hannah that he didn't want to throw the HOH to X or Alyssa and that he decided to win it because this was a week that Christian wasn't able to play. 


12:03AM BBT: Azah tells Sarah Beth that she doesn't know what she would do with a VETO, that it comes down to individual game now. Azah says she does want Sarah Beth to stay and that she likes her. Sarah Beth thanks her.


12:04AM BBT: In the HOHR, Derek X says if Britini goes home he's wasted his HOH. Hannah agrees, says that he'll also lose Britini's vote in jury if she goes home now. Hannah tells Derek to be careful. 


12:05AM BBT: Azah and Sarah Beth's conversation ends, Tiffany and Claire are in the WA whispering. 

12:07AM BBT: Claire says she thinks Xavier knows about Derek X's plan. Claire says it's a "dumb plan." They talk about the Royal Flush. Both Tiffany and Claire seem to be frustrated with Derek X. 


12:09AM BBT: Tiffany says Sarah Beth has talked to her more today than she has in the last fifteen days. They talk about previous conversations they had today.


12:10AM BBT: BB calls Derek X to the DR. Tiffany and Claire talk about Kyland. Claire thinks the house wants Kyland out next week. Claire tells Tiffany that they need to start winning HOHs. 


12:11AM BBT: Derek X and Hannah leave the HOHR, Kyland and Azah are in the KT cleaning. Hannah walks into the WA and Tiffany leaves. Hannah tells Claire Derek was called to the DR. 

12:12AM BBT: Claire and Hannah whisper in the WA, Hannah says as long as Britini doesn't go home, the week will be good. Claire says they have to "actually play Big Brother" now. 


12:13AM BBT: Hannah says that Derek X is "naïve" and that he "fully trusts Sarah Beth." Claire agrees. 


12:16AM BBT: Clare leaves the WA, Tiffany walks in. Tiffany asks if Derek X believes "that crap" that Sarah Beth is saying. Hannah nods. Tiffany says "that's bullsh*t." 


12:18AM BBT: Tiffany and Hannah continue to whisper about Derek X. A loud scream echoes through the WA from the WC. Claire has dropped her microphone in the toilet, "the toilet was NOT empty," she says. Tiffany asks if she wants gloves. 

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8:15AM BBT HGs are awake Brit is braiding her hair talking to the camera.  Today is veto day and Azah is my houseguest choice because I know she will use it to save me. I will owe her somewhere down the line but I hope she is never on the block at all. I am hoping the picks are any of these combos. Azah, Tiff, Chadda. Azah, Tiff,  Claire….  Just get me off the block.


 8:27AM BBT SB asks Alyssa in the WA what does she think the veto comp is going to be? Alyssa: I don’t know kinda hope its one of the elimination things. With a punishment since there’s not a lot going on this week. SB: The only thing about those is they tend to be a little random.


8:40AM BBT SB is still in the WA talking about what veto game she hopes they play.


9:08 BBT General chit chat while the HGs do their ADLs Feeds are on and off so it hard to keep up with a conversation.


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12:19AM BBT: "Poor Claire," Tiffany and Hannah say. Claire walks out of the WC and washes her hands. Hannah says she'll get to host the VETO tomorrow if she doesn't play. Kyland and Azah continue to do dishes in the KT. 


12:20AM BBT: Claire, Hannah, and Tiffany are in the WA. Claire asks what would happen if she won VETO and didn't use it. They all agree that if any of the Kings won the VETO, no one would use it. "That's a sign," Tiffany says.


12:21AM BBT: The girls in the WA discuss how they could get Christian to not go for the VETO if he gets picked to play. They all agree that it would be fine if Christian or Alyssa win because they won't use the VETO. 


12:22AM BBT: Tiffany says they could convince Britni to not use the VETO on herself by telling her they have the votes to keep her. 


12:23AM BBT: Claire says she doesn't want to completely "f**k" over Derek X, that they can't blindside him like that. Hannah agrees. Kyland walks in and all game talk stops.

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12:25AM BBT: Claire helps Azah in the KT, they whisper but can't be heard over the water running. 


12:40AM: The house has been mostly silent while the remaining HGs get ready for bed and clean. Azah and Claire are in the KT, they talk about their conversations with Sarah Beth. 


12:41AM BBT: Azah says Sarah Beth thinks she's the target. Claire says she thinks Sarah Beth thinks she has their votes, "but she doesn't," Claire says. 


12:42AM BBT: Tiffany, Kyland, and Hannah talk about the wall comp. Tiffany is upset she lost, she says it was "her comp." Hannah says they'll have another endurance comp later on. 

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12:48AM BBT: Tiffany goes to bed. Hannah and Kyland are in the WA, she says she wants Kyland to "trust" her but she also needs to "respect what Derek X" has told her. 


12:48AM BBT: Hannah says she thinks they both know the same thing. Kyland isn't so sure. Kyland says the "emotions" are real, but he understands it's part of the game. Azah and Tiffany whisper in the SBR. 


12:51AM BBT: Kyland and Hannah talk about emotions. Claire walks in and they stop talking. Tiffany and Azah are silent in the SBR while Azah eats grapes. Azah eats loudly and Tiffany laughs and asks if they taste good. They laugh. 


12:53AM BBT: Derek X walks into the WA where Kyland and Hannah are. Claire has joined Tiffany and Azah in the SBR. Kyland and Derek X leave the WA, Kyland follows Derek X to the stairs and they whisper about Sarah Beth. Derek X tells Kyland that he doesn't want to win the VETO. Kyland tells Derek that if noms stay the same, he might vote out Britini. 


12:57AM BBT: Kyland and Derek agree today was a good day and Derek goes upstairs. Kyland is back in the WA, Hannah says she's going to do her "Hot takes with Hannah," where she goes through the list of HGs and give her honest opinion. Kyland wants to do it with her, Hannah says no, that it has to be with Derek X only. In the SBR, Tiffany points out the cameras to Azah. 


1:09AM BBT: Kyland and Hannah talk about the VETO selection, trying to figure out how many houseguest choice chips there are. They talk about how tomorrow will go based on who gets picked for VETO. Kyland says if Christian plays and wins, he won't use it because he doesn't want Alyssa to go up. 


1:11AM BBT: Hannah asks Kyland if Alyssa and Christian are on a Rachel and Brendon level  yet, Kyland says "no, not yet." Hannah says even thought Christian is "immature," he's a decent player. Hannah tells Kyland that she didn't know Sarah Beth was going  up "for sure," but that she talked through the different options with Derek X. Kyland says Derek wasn't that "transparent" with him, but is happy that Derek's going to someone in The Cookout with his decisions. 


1:15AM BBT: Tiffany and Clare whisper in the SBR about the different players. In the WA, Kyland tells Hannah that Sarah Beth doesn't see Hannah as a target now. Hannah says that Britini will pick Azah if she gets houseguest choice in the VETO pick. BB cuts the feeds. 


1:20AM BBT: Feeds are back, Hannah and Kyland are talking in the WA about what "these girls" are going to do. Kyland talks about the last comp and how Derek X could have done better and the only reason Christian won it was because he wanted to. Hannah says if Christian wins HOH next week, he'll put Hannah and Derek X up together. Kyland agrees. 

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10:15AM BBT

Derek X is talking to the camera in the YBR. He says Britini is on board for the blind side and hasn't told anyone, so he now knows he can fully trust her. SB is also on board and Kyland would use the veto to take SB down. DX says he doesn't know what he would do if he won veto so he is going to throw it to Kyland "I feel so bad...I really hope Kyland wins this veto. Oh my God....If Alyssa wins we just have to make sure NO ONE TALKS. I am going to lose her friendship forever if she uses this veto...and I put up Christian."


DX also says he doesn't want to be known as a comp beast so he needs Kyland and Xavier to win more comps. This should be an interesting outcome no matter who wins this veto.

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1:24AM BBT: Kyland says Christian is smarter than they think he is, Hannah says she thinks Christian is an "actor." Hannah goes on to say how everyone "downplays" there strengths in the BB house. She says Frenchie said he was 34, but is 46. Hannah says they don't even know if she's actually 21. Kyland says if she isn't 21, she's close to it. They talk about everyone's ages. 


1:30AM BBT: Kyland and Hannah continue to talk about the HGs in the WA. Hannah doesn't think Frenchie was really a farmer. Tiffany and Claire continue to talk in the SBR, Tiffany tells her that her eyebrows look good. Azah says this game is "so fun." 


1:37AM BBT: Kyland and Hannah hug in the WA and say good night. In the SBR, Azah whispers with Claire and Tiffany about Derek X. Hannah leaves the WA and walks into the SBR. Kyland follows a few moments later. Hannah goes to bed in the RBR. Kyland and Clare go to bed as well, Azah gets into her bed and Tiffany asks BB to turn the lights off. 


1:47AM BBT: BB turns the lights out in the house, the houseguests are all asleep and the house is quiet. 




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10:27AM BBT

Alyssa and SB are talking veto comp alone in the bathroom

SB- I am thanking the BB Gods. They smiled on me today. Well, she has a 1 in 6 chance to win.

Alyssa- I think if it's a puzzle it's you or Ky; if it's memory it's me, you or Ky; if it's physical it's Derek or Claire or Ky; if it's endurance it's me or Derek;  if it's balance it's me or Brit or Derek or Claire. I think we are good all around.

Alyssa- I just want there to be a comp without Derek or Christian, for all of us (to give them a chance to win something)


10:33AM BBT

Claire is leading yoga near the front door. SB is participating with an empty mat beside her. Kyland adds a mat and Claire apologizes for not waiting for him.


Brit and Azah are playing chess at the kitchen table.


ChrisAlys are talking in the bathroom. Alyssa tells him if she wins, she doesn't plan to use it because he could go up.

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10:50am BBT In LR Tiff is sitting on Big D lap with Christian hugging both of them, they are teasing each other. In WA Hannah and X are studying with a girl in the shower. 

 11:03am BBT Derek X pulls Claire aside and says she shouldnt win the POV. Maybe it would be better of Alyssa wins it. No matter what if the POV is used he will put up Christian. In LR Christian is hugging Big D, pulls back, slaps his own butt then pulls down his pants, cam switches to WA. 

11:11am BBT Tiff joins Claire and Derek X and they continue to whisper about who should win the POV and who is the target next week. Hannah and X in the WA still studying. 

11:18am BBT Derek X says when X feel off the wall he was starting to slip, it was that quick and close of a deal. Tiff says she will work with him, if he has a shot to take it. Derek X says if this goes down then Alyssa will be pissed but Christian wont be in jury. 

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11:21am BBT X, Ky and Hannah are still studying in WA. Hannah gets called to DR and X and Ky say its time. In HOH Derek X tells Alyssa that there is no plan to backdoor Christian. He says he will probably throw this comp. He tells her good luck out there as she leaves the room. Derek X tells us that he hopes Alyssa does not win this POV, he would have to put up Christian. No he can win this and take down Brit and build a relationship with her. If he takes out Ky, he doesnt know what is going on, this is such a crazy game. Why did he only watch 2 seasons, this is so hard. 

11:30am BBT Alyssa talks to Tiff and tells her what Derek X just said. (Tiff has a great poker face with no reaction) Sarah joins them. In SR Ky talks to cam, telling it that pretty sure everyone is down to use Veto. Cam switches to LR where Tiff is telling Derek X what Alyssa said. 

11:35am BBT Brit and Christian are playing chess and Christian says he Fd up and now he will lose the game, he is so mad. In LR Alyssa is reliving her begging for Derek X to not put her up and falling off the wall. She says it was scary to hear Brit and Sarah fall off. 

 11:44am BBT they are still joking around about the Wall  comp...WBRB...In WA Big D talks to X about Jessica and cams switch. All 4 cams on LR where Alyssa goes to brush something off Claires nose and picks it off. She jokes about picking her nose for her. Derek X tells Alyssa that they are all calm about this because they are all together.  He tells her to do what ever, he will put up Big D, he doesnt care. 

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11:54am BBT Derek X, Tiff, Claire and Alyssa still chatting in LR. They talk about how they havent watched BB. How unless you watch the whole season you get it. Alyssa has a friend that will post to Social Media before each show, like...if she wins HOH, who will Alyssa nom or if she is nom, will she win POV and save herself. BB says You are not allowed to talk about production.

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12:25PM BBT

Britini talks with Derek X in the YBR for quite a while. When he leaves at 12:35, Brit looks at the camera and says she thinks she just convinced DX to put Alyssa up as the replacement. She dances around the room so excited punching the air and grabbing her head. "This could work. This could work. This is the way you play Big Brother." She leaves.


12:32PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles

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1:00PM BBT

The HGs are just hanging out waiting for the veto competition.


1:16PM BBT

Derek X is talking with Sarah Beth in the HNR.


1:18PM BBT

In the HoHR, Tiffany is telling Xavier that she is cool for SB to go home.

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2:04PM BBT

Alyssa is complaining that she can't even have electrolytes before the veto comp. They are only approved to have milk or water. Big D advises her to pretend to faint and then they will give her Gatorade.


2:09PM BBT

Brit and Ky are playing chess at the kitchen table and participating in Guess Who using memory wall photos with SB, Xavier and Chaddha.


2:15PM BBT

Sarge- I will ask politely, again. No Napping. Pretty please.



2:19PM BBT

Christian has joined the Guess Who group in the kitchen while eating his slop. Alyssa is in the bathroom doing general grooming (shaving armpits, popping zits, moisturizing and applying cosmetics.) Claire has been napping on the bathroom lounger and complains that she always gets yelled at.


Sarge- no napping


2:30PM BBT

In the YBR, Alyssa tells Big D that she really wants to win veto.

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3:10PM BBT

SB and Brit are chatting in the coral reef bedroom.

Brit- We have one objective today. Let's go win a veto.

SB- Let's go win a veto...best birthday present ever (her birthday is on the veto ceremony day)


In the HoHR, Tiffany, Claire and Baby D are chatting about taking a shot at Christian.

Tiff-  before they gonna take a shot at you

Baby D- OH my God. I am the smallest guy in this house (he doesn't know why he is being considered a physical threat)

Claire- it's the smartest thing for your game



3:14PM BBT

Back in the coral reef room:

Brit- lines have been drawn this week. People are starting to play Big Brother which terrifies me because people's true colors come out.

SB- yeah


Brit gives SB a hug saying, "I'm sorry you are in this position."

SB- I'm sorry you are in this position.

Brit- it sucks.

They leave and SB enters the YBR where Big D is half awake. She tells Big D she just wants to the comp to get going, "I have pooped like 6 times."

Big D- Oh SB, you are so nervous

SB- we just need me or Brit to come down



3:24PM BBT

Tiffany and Claire notice on the HoHR Spy Cam that Britini has gone to the Have Not Room.

They decide to scurry out of the HoHR while they have this opportunity.

Tiff heads to the sea glass bedroom and looks directly at the camera, "I'm running from Britini."


3:26PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


[It is currently 85 degrees with 52% humidity at the BB House. Maybe they are waiting for it to get a bit cooler before the veto competition. I'm hoping for the black box competition or the punishments/rewards competition.  -MamaLong]


3:33PM BBT

The feeds return to Britini talking very seriously with Derek X in the HoHR.

DX- do you think I should tell SB she is a pawn after the veto is used (assuming Brit comes down)

Brit- yes


3:40PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles

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4:00PM BBT

In the HoHR, DX asks Brit about why she chose teaching when she is clearly and athlete and performer. Brit says her family has a lot of teachers, so she just really wanted to be a teacher. DX asks her what her secret talent is (apparently all of the HGs were asked this question) and Brit quickly responds that she has perfect pitch. She can hear notes and immediately know what note it is. SHe says it wasn't discovered until college, but she has always heard music in everything. DX says her talent is so cool..."mine is freaking juggling." Brit continues around his room knocking on various things in the room and identifying the notes. [I do not know enough about music to know if she is correct, but I imagine she can't fake this talent.  -MamaLong]

DX- DAMN! That's so cool.


4:19PM BBT

Boredom is taking over in the BB House. Christian, Tiff, Azah and Brit are hanging out in the LR

Tiffany has turned the Big Blue Couch opening tune into a beat rap

It's worth a flashback for this moment. Very entertaining.

Tiff- that's exactly why I don't rap. My friends just canceled me....I got the boom box on my shoulder.


Kyland, Hannah and DX are talking in the bathroom. They are predicting the comp will include an all night punishment where they have to wake up to listen to things or watch things.

Ky- or the guy that comes in and yells at us


4:25PM BBT WBRB Bubbles


4:26PM BBT

Feeds return

Tiff- okay, y'all are about to be getting ready to play in a minute

Claire- I think they are calling everybody

Christian- It must be complicated because it seems like they are calling everybody inSB got called in;  Brit got called in 

Sarge- please stop singing


In the living room, Azah says this might be a stupid questions but what does Neosporin do? Tiff gives her the rundown and explains the difference between Neosporin and Hydrogen Peroxide for wound care.


4:33PM BBT

Alyssa- Jesus! When the hell are we playing this comp?

Tiff- I could not believe it when I walked through that door! Everything was so big. (move-in day)


4:37PM BBT

Brit pulls Azah off the couch and into the YBR. SHe tells Azah and Big D that Sarah Beth told her if the veto pulls her off the block (SB) that a JOker will go up and she will get to stay.

Azah- oh, okay....go for that veto...go for that fucking veto

Big D- that's some shit

Azah- Girl, go win that veto and don't worry about shit. This is your fucking veto. WIn that shit, and we will figure this out later. The audacity.

Big D- SB tried to say the same shit to me

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4:41PM BBT

Alyssa is shouting out Sunshine Aesthetics for her move-in day eyelashes "but my anxiety got to me and I picked them out before I got in the house...sorry Kristin"

Alyssa shouts out Guided Outfitters apparel company. "They are great...same office as mine."

Alyssa, Xavier and Christian tell the feeds that being a Have-Not means a lot of constipation "you think you are gonna poop, but it's just farts."

Christian- long farts

Xavier- yep

Alyssa- we got slop bars, slop chips, slop soup 

Christian- we are on day 3 guys

Alyssa- what are we gonna eat at midnight? What are we gonna make?

Xavier- every fucking thing

Alyssa- everyone check out my cofounder Meredith Mickelson  (for Molliebird)  




4:57PM BBT

The Have-Nots are playing Would you Rather in the LR. Alyssa asks burps or farts

Xavier- it's got to be Booty Burps (he says this should be the new term because "farts" is outdated)

Alyssa- hashtag booty burps

Alyssa- tea or lemonade; dog or cat; spider or roach

Alyssa begins warning the boys that you can't try to kill a spider because if it's pregnant and you hit it, all the babies come out  [she is a bit misinformed on arachnids since spiders are oviparous -MamaLong]

Christian is eating black olives with sea salt


5:02PM BBT WBRB Bubbles 

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5:13PM BBT

Azah is telling Big D in the YBR that she really wants to see her family and tried so hard for the HoH. Big D says he misses his family, too...He has an aunt that is very religious and is probably holding rosary over the tv and throwing holy water at the tv. "My mom said she had me for her. THat's how close we are." Big D says he is one who feels like every thing happens for a reason and tells Azah that before BB it was the first time he had been on unemployment "I lost my job because of bullshit. They didn't train me properly and fired me for bullshit....God makes everything happen for a reason and I need to leave it in His hands. If there is a comp for me, it's gonna happen."

Azah says that's very true then quotes a Bible verse "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding...in all your ways acknowledge him and lead your path straight" (Proverbs 3:5) 

Azah says she has applied many times but it suddenly became real for her and it happens to be at the most perfect time for her.


5:23PM BBT 

In the living room, Xavier is arguing that there are not baby pigeons. "Baby pigeons! Do they exist...no. Has anyone documented a baby pigeon. Not even on Google. I Googled baby pigeon. Has anyone seen a baby pigeon? They don't exist. They come out full grown."  [Google tells me the baby pigeons don't leave the nest until they have their adult feathers, so they look grown once out of the nest  -MamaLong]


5:28PM BBT

SB and Tiffany are in the bathroom where Tiff is giving her a pep talk, "you are in a good spot. Don't worry."

SB- I feel like I am mostly just anxious to get it over with.  It would be really, really nice to win it so my family can see it on Sunday.

Tiff asks her if there is a birthday cake mis in the SR for her

SB says no, "I am hoping they will bring out a pie, or maybe they just forgot"

Tiff- you know they did not forget. They would not do such a thing.


5:31PM BBT

Tiff is talking to America: I might flip this damn vote. I love DX and all, I'm down to help and I know he got an agenda but for my game, and the rest of my team, I need Sarah Beth to go home. I need Sarah Beth to go home...And I need her to go home ASAP. I don't trust her and Ky's relationship. I don't know if they knew each other before they came in this house. The girl just sat right here and said she bought a pass to Disney World because she is single and don't have any family. What about Shelley? Who the fuck is Shelley? Okay okay. Not the f word... Who is Shelley? She is lying America. She is playing a game, of course she is playing a game. As she should. but that doesn't mean she get to play me. I'm not buying it. I'm not buying it at the Dollar Store on sale. You understand?  I'm not buying it. I hope Alyssa wins this veto....or Britini pulls herself off the block so nobody has to make a decision...because of course she is gonna use it on herself....And here Sarah Beth tried to concoct a whole plan...she trying to get Britni to not use the veto or toss it to Sarah Beth. Who do yo think you are? Chelsea Clinton? You aren't about to get that girl to toss it ...Britini is smart...She ain't playing her and she ain't playing me...If I play my cards right, her ass is gonna be on that block on Thursday night and I will send her ass home. I've got my mind made up. And who just lays up with somebody around the house like you two can't be targeted?  Yes, he is in the 6. He is not on my radar because of the 6. I like him...but the game he is playing? I don't like it. Sarah Beth is gonna go home and her and Ky are gonna have to 'recalculate.' Okay, I'm gonna braid my hair.


5:46PM BBT

Tiffany is telling Xavier int he bathroom that she wants Sarah Beth to go. "She ain't fooling me, and he ain't fooling me either. Listen, I bet you somehow they came here together. He has to stay true to the 6 or he loses us, but he is...I don't know if they knew each other first or got paired up in the game...I don't like it. They are the strongest duo in this house."

Xavier is agreeing with everything Tiffany says, "She is America-something"

Tiff- She is America Something! We got to get her out of this house.

Claire joins them in the bathroom.

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Claire goes into the loo. Xavier argues that she has been too hell-bent to make it to jury so she has to be getting something. "I'm like why are you so focused on jury?" Tiffany says in season 16 Derrick got 25,000 for Team America. "They got some money this season. She wants it. Claire is gonna have to win or pass it to Alyssa." Claire comes out of the loo and washes her hands. Tiffany says best case scenario, Alyssa wins and noms stay the same.


6:00PM BBT WBRB Bubbles

6:04PM BBT RCHS for the Power of Veto Competition


Playing for Power of Veto: Derek X, Britini, Sarah Beth, Kyland, Claire and Alyssa.

Hannah is hosting.

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