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Tuesday, August 3, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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House guest still sleeping

Somehow cats annoyingHouse guest still sleeping

Guests are snoringSomehow cats annoyingHouse guest still sleeping

Britney is in the bathroom

No to the house cause I'm gonna be outside today Britney is in the bathroom

No supper house guests outside

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12:20AM BBT

Kyland and Baby D are playing foosball. Kyland yells "Fuck! Sorry for all the cursing mom."


In the coral reef bedroom, SB, Tiff and Claire are discussing Kyland and other HGs. SB says she had her first actual conversation with Whitney yesterday.

Claire- she said this sucks but if she did go out, she would rather go out before jury. Claire thinks Whit will campaign hard.

SB- I think she should.

Tiff says she came into the bathroom and told everyone, "I am going to be watching you guys on live feeds."

SB- she gave me one of her shirts, but I think she should still fight to stay

SB tells them that Whitney was so mad when Derek said something about her not being there next week. Next week will be SB's birthday, so she didn't want to do slop on her birthday.

Claire adds that Derek said "that would mean Hannah and I would have to do it" He didn't know Whitney was around the corner. She popped her head around and said, "I'm still here." She was so mad!  


12:28AM BBT

Derek X and Kyland are talking about the final 8 on the balcony in the backyard. "If we run Royal Flush to final 8, I don't see the next plan...and that's fine for me because it's a ways away."

Ky- Holy fuck; it is

DX- it's a lot of time; a lot of game to play

Ky- let's look at it like this; it's like 86 days and we are at day 27 so we are at one third, essentially

DX- damn...only three people have been evicted. Something has got to happen

Ky says he thinks the double eviction will be eviction night 6.

DX asks Ky when Britini should go out. "I respect X a lot. I think he has been there for her this week."

Ky says he did the same thing (for Brit) "I said, I don't want you to feel alone in the house. I don't want anyone to feel isolated."


DX says that he knew Brit would ask him questions and he tried to avoid. He did the same with Whitney because he didn't want to lie to her. He feels like he blew it with her overhearing him stating Hannah would be there next week and not her.


12:40AM BBT

Ky and DX continue discussing evictions and jury. They are using a platter of drinking glasses to strategize with glasses representing the HGs.

Ky- I don't know who I would put up, but I know if I had the option of veto my genuine question would be why should I let four people on a team go to jury? (the Kings) I don't think they have a good answer. I like the Flush on a personal level, too.

DX points out that they would respond "because of the Royal Flush"

Ky- my thing would be I want to; I want to trust you, but...

DX- the only reasoning I can think of is they say we would vote with you (for you) in jury. They will try to reinforce the flush. I think we are on the same page. We can ride with the Flush. I can see the final 8, but I don't know what's past it. It looks like a blood bath, honestly.

Ky- I know

DX- Christian has won every competition he has been in.  I would say me you and SB...

Ky- SB is better than me

DX- better than you? Why? What has she done to show that?

Ky- I'm guessing....just guessing

DX- the people who say Alyssa was close don't know puzzles; Alyssa wasn't close.

Ky says he doesn't know how Xavier will do in competition.

DX- I'm telling you, if it's endurance or physical, that dude has got me beat..at this point in the game we would have just 4 guys in the house....if I lose you, I'm screwed. If Xavier and Christian are together and I lose you, I'm totally screwed.

Ky- that's why if I won,  I ask for a target over...like if your target wasn't a King who would it be?

DX- For me, personally, it would be.  

Ky- if it's me and Hannah over the days, I think she is faster than me...Azah was keeping up before she fell in that comp.  


[In my opinion, all of this speculation and scenraio discussion is merely to feel each other out on where they stand with specific HGs in the game trying to see what they each want for final 6 to final 4. They are both reaching for the same information from each other, so it's fun watching this mental tug of war. -MamaLong]


2:30AM BBT

Azah and Big D discuss who CHristian and Alyssa are truly working with.

Azah- who are they really working with? Is there an alliance?

Big D says the only one he knows of is the Slaughterhouse and they really are slaughtering each other one by one

They both laugh

Big D- they are working with their team, the Kings; that's the thing

Azah- I'm cool doing a cease fire for a week but then we got to take them out, brah...we got to

Big D- let's see how this week goes; they gonna hit us again. If the Aces win they gonna take ashot at us. If the Kings win, I think the Kings will probably...

Azah- I feel like it's been a clear picture this past month but now it's muddled

Big D- that's because of the teams, though...people be working with the people they have to work with, but without.....I'm trying to think how the hell am I gonna get more people out and work with certain people to get them out. That's what I'm saying. You got to sit down and figure out...like, Christian winning and he put none of us on the block

Azah- I almost wish he did so I would have a reason (to put him on hte block)

Big D- Alyssa, I wouldn't put her on the block but she would put me on the block

Azah says you have to remove emotion "I was talking to my crush (she means Xavier) and he was saying you...I don't know how y'all do it, like he is cuddiling with Whitney and still saying she has got to go."

Big D- yeah, you don't need that

Azah- yeah, I need what X has...like still say you just got to go (get close with someone but still evict them; she wants to be able to remove emotion from the equation; it's hard for Azah to separate personal feelings from game, but she really wishes she could be better at that)

Azah- alright, I'm gonna trust you and go for it (HoH)

Big D- the safe route for you is go for Alyssa and Hannah; if one come down, you could put SB but say she is a pawn; you just have to be careful and make sure you have the votes and everyone understands who you want to go home; you would have Tiff, Claire, me

Azah- with the Queens we got it...and Derek

Big D- and send home Alyssa; I couldn't do it (he cites the Big Blue Couch as a reason he can't send Alyssa out) I mean it's a stupid show, but I can't.

Azah says she could possibly be one of the stronger girls

Big D hypes up Azah for the HoH comp assuming it will be the wall, "I told you t hat. You got the body to do shit. The wall comp...that's you. You light as a feather and have the mental, you have a mental...a great mind. Four people can go before you and I'll be one of them. I'm gonna try to not be the first out, but physically I just can't do it. You got it mentally. Take a deep breath and go for it. We'll talk more tomorrow. I don't know; I just feel if we don't win we are back on the block. That's it.

Big D tells Azah he is going to sleep

Azah- goodnight dear; good talk....good night Britini (no response from a sleeping Brit)


Baby D and Ky continued hanging out and talking game through late night snackage and general straightening up


2:42AM BBT

Int he kitchen, Ky finds items in the recyclable container and gets frustrated saying to DX, "I don't inderstand this. People are putting stuff that isn't recyclable. There is even a symbol on the side. It says right here it is not reclyclable."

DX doesn't seem concerned and says goodnight. Ky says goodnight saying he will finish washing the dishes.


 DX finally fell sleep around 3:05AM.

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3:39AM BBT

Ky is the last one awake in the BB house. He finished cleaning dishes in the sink then started getting ready for bed himself.


3:45AM BBT

Ky finally crawls in his bed.


3:46AM BBT

Azah is up for new bandages limping through the house with a clearly uncomfortable injury on her knee. She runs into Tiff on her way to the loo then hobbles back up to bed in the HNR carefully positioning herself and her blankets for optimum comfort leaving her most injured knee exposed. (poor Azah)


4:15AM BBT

There is now audible snoring from both the HNR and sea glass bedroom. All of the HGs are sleeping.


9:03AM BBT

The HGs are still sound asleep, and the BB house is completely dark.

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9:46AM BBT

We still have a dark house with silent sleepers on the feeds.


9:49AM BBT

Brit is out of bed for the loo


9:53AM BBT

Brit is out of the loo and now heading to the SR for a fresh battery. There is now a Betty Crocker boxed cake mix and frosting on the counter in the SR for Tiffany's birthday cake come Thursday. (it looks chocolate)

Brit heads back to bed in the HNR. Azah stirs but settles back down to sleep.

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9:30am BBT DX wakes up and goes to the WC. All other HG sleeping. 


9:54am BBT Britini is in SR changing her batteries. She pushes in some KT chairs and heads back up the HNR. 



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10:17AM BBT

The feeds return to all house lights on and HGs slowly starting their day. Ky is telling SB in the coral reef room that he and DX stayed outside really late because they knew the backyard was closing. SB asked if he brought in the beach ball. She is worried production will confiscate it since some HGs were getting yelled at for kicking and tossing it around. They can't figure out what was dangerous about making them say "stop that...no fooling around."

SB says Big D had a good idea to deflate the ball and take it inside to hide under a pillow. 'If we go outside and there is no beach ball, your girl will be very sad." (apparently they left the ball outside even though SB had asked for it to be protected)


10:21AM BBT

Tiff and Claire are talking in the bathroom. Tiff is saying that SB was talking about her being evicted right behind her (as an eviction) but she thought that was hypocritical so she pointed that out to her. "Who is saying Tippy Toes? No one is saying SB either."

Tiff- I think me and you can beat Alyssa at any time

Claire- true

Tiff- Christian will have ot go out in a double

Claire- for sure

Tiff says she thinks SB needs to be next to Ky because if he won veto, he would use it to save SB  "Did you hear Chrsitian say are the Queens just sitting pretty? Whoah."

*WBRB Bubbles



10:28AM BBT

Britini is telling Big D in the HNR that she is going for the HoH this week "regardless of how timid as everyone is to make a move against the Kings because of this whole damn week...as timid as people are in that regard, I'm going fo rhtat HoH. I want that letter from my mom. That's my motivation."  

Azah- I'm just sad because I'm not going to be able to provide as much of an asset to you guys this week (if it's a physical comp that requires a lot of movement because of her injuries) I'm going to do my best

Big D- don't hurt yourself any worse. Don't do that. But, if it's mental, baby, you got to figure it out. Same as you (Brit) You both are so smart.


Back in the bathroom, Claire asks if they go for SB who is next. Tiff says DX, for sure. Claire says or Christian or Alyssa. 

All of the cameras are on Tiff and Claire in the bathroom. They complain that guys have been winning all the comps. Claire says, "it's so annoying." Chaddha enters the bathroom. They greet her with hugs.

Tiffany tells Claire that SB is good at playing the middle. "I'm not. I'm either black or white. I either like you or I don't."


10:39AM BBT

In the HNR Brit says the Jokers have been up on the block three times; Aces two times; the Queens have hit the block once; the Kings have hit the block once; "so technically, if it's a fair game, one King and one Queen go up."

Brit says if she wants to make the ballsiest move in the house, she will put up CHristian and DX together

Big D- if that's a big move for you, go ahead and do it

Big D says he doesn't think CHristian will perform well in mental comps and Derek X will. Big D claims Derek X is on an island by himself

Brit- he is not though; how did he not end up on the block

Azah- because Christian didn't want to put another guy up and risk him going home

Big D- correct

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10:55AM BBT

Tiffany is showering while Hannah and Claire chat game on the loungers in the bathroom.


Big D and Azah are still chatting game in the HNR. Azah says they need to work with the Queens and put up one King and one King with the target being the Kings. If a King comes down another King goes up. "We have to make sure Derek don't win veto and mess it up. We have to make sure he won't use it. I'm gonna go talk to Tiffany and have her change my wound. I feel old like I tried to hang with the young kids and got hurt."

Big D tells her to bring Tiff upstairs to the HNR to talk.


10:59AM BBT  WBRB Bubbles 


11:04AM BBT

Azah meets up with Tiffany in the bathroom for advice on her wound. Tiff tells her not to do the hydrogen peroxide since it is drying out, just apply Neosporin.  [Good advice  -ML] She begins doctoring Azah's bad knee "it looks a lot better"

Azah tells Tiffany her plan about 1 Queen and 1 King on the block

Tiff- I think that's what we are going to have to do


11:06AM BBT

Claire has been chatting with Alyssa and Xavier in the yacht club room. She asks them who was sleeping in the bed she's sitting on (Azah's bed). X says nobody and Claire responds "We love that." Xavier says that will be her quote for the season (because Claire always says 'we love that' when she hears soemthing she likes). Claire begins talking about Marty the Moth and the case against Ky who claims Marty was dead went he went to dispose of the body "which means he is guilty." Xavier says he should be put on slop as punishment.


Back in the bathroom Azah asks if Claire needs to go before Derek X. Tiff says yes because she is very smart and they need Derek X to take out Christian because Ky and X can't do it. "Derek X has to stay until Christian is gone."

Azah- and SB?

Tiff- Sarah Beth needs to be next week

Azah makes a face

Tiff-That's your girls so I wasn't supposed to say that. It actually slipped out of my mouth.

Azah tells her that she is okay with that but she would rather have Claire longer than not because Christian will have a reason to come after her soon

Tiff- Christian will come after me soon...all the guys are scared of him. Nobody can take him out but DX, so DX can't leave

Azah- and I love him; he kind of reminds me of James but a nicer looking cooler James.

Claire comes in and the conversation takes a direction toward wound care

Tiff tells Azah if they are trying to create a scab she needs to juts keep applying Neosporin and only wrap it to protect the wound from debris but not so much that it gets stuck.


11:18AM BBT

In the kitchen Hannah is told to stop humming by Sarge

Whitney- Oh, did you guys hear Big D's message last night?

Claire and Hannah say no so Whit begins explaining but we get Bubbles so we have to remain in the dark on that topic.

The three of them feel like it's Wednesday since the backyard is closed.

Hannah is cutting up a bunch of fruit while Whitney begins making french toast.

Whitney puts a large pan of bacon in the oven to broil. Claire says the guys don't like mushrooms and onions. Hannah says she doesn't like onions. Whit says she didn't like onions until she figured out she could cook them.


*WBRB Bubbles


The feeds return to Sarge saying "You are not allowed to talk about production."

Hannah- Sorry guys. I'll be better.

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11:30AM BBT

Azah asks Tiff if she remembers seeing her in the middle of the night. She tells her she was getting Advil, "and it helped. I was asleep in about 30 minutes."


In the kitchen, Hannah is now adding kiwi to the cut up fruit and Whitney is making scrambled eggs.

Claire is talking about apples. Hannah thinks Honeycrisp are the best [yes, but expensive -ML] 

Hannah says Pink Ladies are good. 

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11:35AM BBT

DX and Ky are talking about building a chain effect domino style path using cereal boxes and other things from the Have-Not room all the way down the stairs to the sea glass bedroom. SB warns them that others live in this house, too, so they have to speak with everyone to get others' permisison "get everyone on board." The guys are insistent they can do it. SB says they need to be practical and realize others will have an opinion, but she agrees to help.

Ky- we just need one person at the beginning and people to hold the doors open


The feeds move to Azah and X in the yacht club bedroom where Azah is talking about her wounds and the inconveniences they are posing for her.

Azah- when are you getting up to start your day? (X is still in bed)


*WBRB Bubbles so Sarge can yell at HGs to get out of bed.

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11:44AM BBT

In the sea glass bedroom, Ky is talking about Interstellar but SB thinks he is talking about a different movie. He clarifies that it is the one with Matthew McConaughey as an astronaut

SB- Who is Matthew McConaughey?  [MamaLong throws a coffe cup at SB]

Ky- 'alright, alright, alright'

X says you only need to say three words

SB still doesn't know who he is. Ky mentions other movies. [Is SB playing dumb, here, or does she really not know this famous Texan? -MamaLong]

Tiff walks in and says good morning but no one answers so she starts scolding them on their rude behavior.

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Ky and Tiff begin arguing (without arguing) over intention behind the situation. Tiff says she wasn't raised that way to ignore people when they enter a room and that it's rude to say something and then no one respond. Ky must be looking for a fight because he keeps prodding Tiffany to get her to understand it wasn't personal or intentional. Tiff says it's fine but Ky keeps going with needing to solve the problem so they both feel resolved. "I don't feel things are resolved and would love to chage that if possible"

Tiff- okay

Ky- this morning you said something and I didn't hear it and you felt ignored and you said you were over it, but I don't want you to feel ignored...I am beyond sorry that happened

Tiff says it wasn't just his responsibility to resolve it "as far as I'm concerned, I am not about to spend any more time on this" basically saying she was addressing the whole group, not just him "if we giving light to it, we are creating more of a deal when it's not that serious"

Ky- I think life is serious, don't you?

Tiff- this isn't life


[Whew! Ky is brave to keep prodding her. -MamaLong]

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11:02am BBT: Tiffany in the shower talking to Hannah about if this might be a double eviction or maybe an endurance this week. Azah comes in taking Band-Aids off to get tiffany to dress her knees Hannah leaves the WA.

11:15am BBT: Tiffany and Azah finish up in the WA doctoring Azaha's knees and talking about Claire and how calm she is and Azah says she does not mind keeping her around for now. Hg are lounging around or doing ADL's just talking general talk.

11:26am BBT: Whitney in the KT with Claire making breakfast. Azah and Tiffany in the WA talking about getting them to the final and how that is all Tiffany is worried about is getting them to the end of this game, They then talk about Tiffany's hair.

11:33am BBT: Hannah in the KT slicing oranges and other fruits for breakfast while talking to Whitney, Claire and Britini. In the CBR KY is talking to Sarah and Derek X  just general talk and laughing.

11:40am BBT: Azah in the YBR talking to Xavier about tomorrow night she can eat anf she says she can not wait she is going to make a chicken pot pie and tells how to make the crust and gravy.

11:46am BBT: Ky says good morning to Tiffany as she goes to the RBR and she says don't say good morning to me and he follows her inside asking what is going on and she says i said hi earlier  and he apologizes and she says thank you but it still upset me. In the KT most HG are eating breakfast and talking general talk.




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11:55AM BBT

Claire walks in and joins them in the coral reef bedroom. Claire tells Ky she's sorry he lost his bed last night. He says it's fine because it was Hannah. Tiff says Hannah "looked for him twice", she didn't just take it. He said it was totally fine and he just slept withh DX in the sea glass bedroomAfter Ky leaves the room, Tiffany tells Claire "I had to get a good talking to" and tells Claire about the incident. [Tiff is clearly annoyed by the whole thing -MamaLong]

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12:02pm BBT Claire and Tiff talking about Ky. He must have been upstairs outside last night. The HG have been studying the days and he misunderstood her about studying with someone else, she meant for him to study then come help her with what she needed. In the KT its breakfast time. 

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They begin discussing that Whitney is going to campaign hard and Hannah needs to make sure she gets the message across that she does not have the manipulation skills that Whit does.

Tiff- Damn, if I don't leave this house a strategic mastermind then fuck me

Claire laughs

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12:10pm BBT Tiff says if she doesnt leave this house as a strategic mastermind then F her. Tiff says she likes Claires number study better then Kys. Claire leaves and Tiff continues her makeup routine. Christian joins Tiff and he has Yogurt Parfait  but they made breakfast. We keep getting WBRB. 

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12:13 PM BBT

Tiffany notices the camera looking at her as she is putting on her makeup, "Oh...I might start to not believe something...Oh my God, you're looking at me. Y'all want to know what I'm thinking. A whole lot. First of all, I need to work on my face and my attitude and my tone because I don't know how to hide my emotions. But, I am working on it. I am whole working on it. I'm uncomfortable with the way Azah feels about Hannah, but ..."

Christian enters the room and Tiffany gets excited to see him and tells him good morning.

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12:20pm BBT Christian says he will talk to X and see if their convos match. He wants to make sure they vote his way. Tiff says ppl are more likely to talk of they are one on one then in teams. He leaves. Tiff to cam: she says she thinks she has things figured out. She likes Chris and Alyssa but doesnt want to be on their radar. Her working with them is to keep their faith in her. She knows Chris can out compete her, someone else will have to take him out she cant do it. She is a very loyal individual there are somethings she doesnt trust completely. She feels more connected for F2 with Hannah. 

12:23pm BBT Tiff says she loves Azah, on a game level they are connected. Tiff says she has to learn to STFU. Tiff told Azah she wants Sarah out and hopes she didnt mess up by telling her. Tiff is not in a rush to get out DX. Her F3 is her, Hannah and X. With that being said she thanks a bunch of people on the outside. Thank you America.

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