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Tuesday, August 3, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:19PM BBT

"Okay, I got things figures out. I like Christian and Alyssa a whole lot. I love Christian to death and don't want him to go nowhere but he will beat me at any competition...I don't think he would come after me and it's hard to go after him....and Ky and this connect thing, I'm kind of wavering."

Tiff says she doesn't really feel the "Connection" but feels better with Hannah. "If Baby Girl wins, Baby Girl deserves it. Now that I'm here playing the game...I want to play a game that when I walk out the door I am proud of...I love Azah on a personal level. We are like sisters. We are gonna bicker back and forth... but Azah and I think differently. I let on to her that my next person is SB and I hope she will keep that to herself. I can't discuss my game with her. I ahve to keep it on a personal level. She wants Hannah out first, but I completely disagree with that because Hannah is someone I can work with. And she wants DX out, and I don't want DX out. He has my back. I'm not in a rush to get him out of here. My process of elimination, my lineup, my POE (process of elimination) is Sarah Beth, Claire, Christian, DX, Alyssa and Britini and then my final three for the 6 is me, Hannah and X....then figure it out. I don't think there is anyone in this house thinking more than me. And that's it." She shouts out her family and spreads the love. "Christian, mommy loves you and I hope I am making you proud *blows kiss* Thank you America."  [I noticed Tiff's tattoo spells her son's name the same as Christian in the BB house does. -ML]


[Dade and PinkTee are here, so I'm out for a nap. Feeling pretty sick today.  -MamaLong]

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12:28pm BBT At KT they are talking about Memphis vs Dan votes to win. They say that a great part of getting the final votes is about how well you communicated you thoughts. X says Dan was the most ruthless player. They go on to talk about a court case they did. The Moth Case. 

12:36pm BBT X and Chris in HOH: Future weeks, after this week they have 4 more ppl before Royal Flush. Brit, Big D, Azah and Hannah (not counting Whit as they expect her to be gone.) They try to figure out who they want as the 5 Royal Flushes. Chris wants Ky out, he is scary fast with doing the studying. DX is Chris biggest physical threat. Claire and Tiff have to come together or they will tell each other. They are just thinking out loud, shouldnt bring it up for 2 or 3 more weeks. 

12:47 pm BBT Chris goes to HNR and talks to Big D and Brit. Big D says he would love to be HOH this week, he doesnt know what he would do but then he cant play for the next HOH. Chris tells him to put someone you trust and wont go after you or put up someone that wont win the HOH. Brit says you know I want it. Big D says most ppl he want out are already out. He isnt stressing about it. If he cant win how can he help someone else win. Chris asks Brit who she would put up...WBRB.

12:55pm BBT In SR X  goes over his and Chris convo. In HNR Chris says they will hear so much sht going around. Brit says that she has talked the least with Hannah. Hannah keeps her cards close. She has nothing against just that she has not talked as much. Brit says when you are not safe for 15 days you see and hear a bunch of stuff. If she gets HOH ppl are going to be scared. She says she would have trouble putting up Chadda again just that she knows how it is go be on the block for 2 wks. 

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1:05PM BBT LVR X asks if Big D is alive. SB says he is getting new batteries. X says he hasn’t seen him at all today. He is going to go get his ass.


DX jokes – oh hey his picture (Big D) is gray. Ayssa we look over as it slowly goes to gray. DX – OMG  



1:14PM BBT Brit and Christian in the HNR Brit, I have been thinking about what you mention in our one-on-one about final two. I’ve been thinking more and more about this.. 




1:20PM BBT Christian and Brit playing chess. Christian - I am very upset you took out my bishop. Brit – you want it back?  Christian – I am so angry about that Brit – Are you really? Christian – yes, I am so dumb that I missed that. It’s the whole going backwards thing.

Brit – you know what is the funniest thing I realized yesterday? Christine – what? Brit – I am getting to cast a vote this week. She has only cast her vote once and that was day 9




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1:28PM BBT Tiff says she feels like she needs read her bible.  Ky said he is going to read. Tiff wants to know what he has to read. Ky said he memorized some books so he is going to recite them in his head. Tiff – what kind of robot human are you? Ky is clearly joking


1:35 PM SoCapture.thumb.PNG.7ec8d658ff45728b5e386cbd8ad58e80.PNGme of the HGs getting their cardio in.

1:36 PM BBT Big D and X in the BR where Big D says he is done talking about the game. It is exhausting. X says we are all creative people but there comes a point where you just run out of things to talk about. Big D says he can only talk about this game so much. He doesn’t want to get himself in a pickle talking about it all the time, avoiding deaCapture.thumb.PNG.5ace20e4a649bfb10c38b2f931c3f862.PNGls.  I realized last night that everyone is almost in the same circle.  

1:45 PM BBT Capture.thumb.PNG.cd8015923da4f6ee990cb37b3b1789ce.PNGBrit and Azah are playing chess and NOT saying a word to each other.   

1:45 PM BBT There is talk about the double eviction.  Derek X asks if there is a double eviction is there still a veto? Alyssa – Yes. They then talk about if this week is a Double that Christian can’t play the first HOH but he can the second HOH. Hanna is talking it all in.




1:58PM BBT Very little has changed in the BBH in the last 20 mins. 


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2:00PM BBT

After Christian and Alyssa leave the gym, Chaddha tells Baby D the three of them talk a lot. Baby D says he feels like it secures a relationship with people you are working with the more you talk to them, even if conversation is truly about nothing. She says she was just really annoyed by Christian constanlty talking over her and getting louder, so she just listened and processed....chose her words carefully.

Baby D- Damn! Sorry. (he didn't notice this happen at all, but it did)


*WBRB Bubbles

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#BB23 2:00 PM BBT Christian and Alyssa go to the HOHR. Christian said he talked to X about what is going to happen when they get down to the Royal Flush what is the plan, what is the move? X said it was Him, Christian, Alyssa, Tiff and Hanna. Ky is too good at the memory game.

2:11PM BBT Ky and Alyssa in the HOHR where Alyssa said to Christian I have never not considered telling you something. Christian - are you upset now? Alyssa – no I’m worried Christian – I will tell you everything I just waited an hCapture.thumb.PNG.61908100aeb418ad56ffa0c0fc0e59ad.PNGour to tell you.

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2:16PM BBT

Claire has changed for yoga. Hannah tells her she will be late to class. Claire says she doesn't plan to do a full class.


Alyssa and Christian are getting playful in the HoHR. Chrsitian tells Alyssa about a plan to play dumb when/if she puts Britini on the block. Alyssa teases Christian about not wanting to come clean about his conversation with Brit and that she feels it's not fair he is in a much better position than she is. She tells him that he should reveal stuff to her even when he thinks it may cause a fight because she would really be pissed to find out late "That's why I told you about the X thing, because of the live feeds." (She means that she told Christian Xavier had a thing for her even though she knew that it would make Christian uncomfortable because the truth is on live feeds anyway.) Christian says, "you mean there is a video of us on Reddit under the sheets moving around?" Alyssa there is [I'm actually not sure that has been caught on the feeds. It seems BB is showing favor and cutting from their heavy pda on the feeds -MamaLong] . Xavier comes in the HOHR and jumps on ChrisAlys shouting "Cuddle Puddle!" He then asks to use the restroom.


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2:21PM BBT  Hanna heads to the KT with Big D saying the kitchen looks good. X said Whit did her thing. Hanna said Whit cooked for everyone today, she said she had three pieces of the french toast. Best French toast I have ever had.


2:22PM BBT Meanwhile Ky and Tiff sleeping on the couch 


2:28PM BBT Hanna saying to DX about his comp wins. He said he only has one more Hanna true but you have come close in almost all of them. Right up there with the winner. Plus everyone is pitting you and Christian against each other. DX asks even Tiff and Clair, Hanna yes.





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2:36PM BBT

Tiffany talks with Xavier in the coral reef bedroom saying that she needs to tell him something,  "Honestly, in this house when it comes to working with people, for my very, very, very longtime game, I really only trust you and Hannah. But, right now, I do like working with DX. But I know you don't want him around a long time."


Xavier says it's okay to keep him around until the 8.


She warns him that Christian is going to come talk to him but he can't act like he knows what he is going to speak about. She says she and Claire proposed to Christian and Alyssa that they should prepare to work together and the really liked the idea. She said no alliance or antyhing but working together as two duos. Christian proposed a 5th person and she suggested Xavier to which Christian agreed, so he plans to talk to X about it. She told Christian how to best approach Xavier and shares all of those details with Xavier to be on the ready.


Tiff- I think he knows that my target is SB

X- I think he does. He is not dumb.


2:40PM BBT

X- if Ky has an issue with someone taking a shot at SB then he is putting his own individuall game above the rest and that's not fair

Tiff- that's true

Sarge- Xavier, please reattach your microphone  

X- Whitney wouldn't have come for me at any time, but here she is on the block

Tiff- yeah; I could be putting the cart before the horse but no one is saying her name (SB); no one is saying my name either. SB and I are very similar.

They agree that Ky could do some selfish shit regarding SB.

X- SB has been more passionate about getting Hannah out than any other person in this game

Tiff- And who would she put up?....it would be me...she can't put Claire. I think SB views me as a threat, especially when it comes to Ky. Like, she just came and woke him up and said let's go workout.

Tiffany tells X about her conversation with Azah and "the five" (Big D, Azah, Tiff, Ky, and Xavier) and Hannah always saying the "6 of us." Xavier says she didn't have the alliance name for it, though. Tiff says she told Azah to be sure to include Hannah in the amount for a total of 6. (They have no clue that Azah has already told Hannah the name of the alliance of 6 is the Cookout)

When X leaves the room, Tiffany whispering and looks at the camera "I don't even know who I am in this house for real. I am a puppet master, or not. *laughs* The minute you think you are better than you are is when you fall....'pride cometh before the fall.'  I have no pride in this game. I am trying my best to keep us all together. Do I want to win? Absolutely! Am I trying my best to position myself to win? Absolutely. But, I am also trying to keep us 6 together so one of us has a better opportunity at winning. Did y'all see Sarah Beth come wake up Ky? Jealousy doesn't look good on anybody, not even me. I'm just being observant. Bye!" Tiffany leaves the coral reef bedroom.

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3:00PM BBT Tiff is in the KT and Derek X is drilling her with math again. She is struggling with 3x8. She tries it a couple of times then says I quit.  DX encourages he and she figures it out.Capture.thumb.PNG.a1a5570645424eb89bf2d7c21185ef93.PNG


3:03PM BBT SB is doing arms with Ky helping her with her form. Brit gets in front of her and tells her to punch me in the face while Ky counts down her reps. Capture.thumb.PNG.96643cd416c453aac5ce6a93d0a14035.PNG


3:06PM BBT DX and Tiff back at doing math while DX eats. Tiff says never in her life has she need to do this much math. DX tells her not to get frustrated. Tiff said it is frustrating because I feel like I am learning it too slow. DX tells her she is to much better than the first day.


Big D asks Tiff “Do you not know your times tables”. Tiff – this is a conversation between me and DX I’m so sorry. At least I am allowing other ppl to be in the room now. SARGE – Tiff be do not obstruct your microphone. Tiff I will because no one needs to hear this because it is not game relevant.




3:15PM BBT Ky continues to train with SB  




3:19PM BBT Big D is in the PR with Christian talking about the final 4 should be the Butchers everyone else should be sent home. Big D he like SB but he just don’t know. Christian says he trust Brit more. Azah was the only one in the 1-on-1 who said she would put me up.  


3:22PM BBT Big D that was dumb but I get what you are saying. Azah owes you one. Christian: yeah she told me that yesterday. There is a diff between owing someone 1 vs the whole game. Brit wouldn’t put me up for a few weeks.  Big D Alright alright.



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3:32PM BBT Meanwhile….  Derek X and Tiff are still in the kitchen going over math but now connecting the days to what comps were played, when and who won.  




 3:35PM BBT Claire and Azah have joined the PR and are playing chess while Big D and Christian finish their game behind them.   




#BB23 3:38PM BBT Hanna heads to the WA to put her makeup on for the day. SB has finished her work out. SB asks Hanna how she is doing. Hanna says she woke up in a mood because they don’t have access to outdoors. Today is going to be a quiet day. SB - Yeah   




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 4:05pm BBT: General talk going on in the WA, Azah and Claire in the PP looking at the chess board.

4:12pm BBT: Hannah and Alyssa in the WA talking and Alyssa tells Hannah about Sarah talking about her because Hannah does not talk game with her and Hannah says she will remember that next week.

4:43pm BBT: HG just doing general talk, Tiffany talking about her son alot. Most HG relaxing and lounging.


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5:06PM BBT Feeds return to Claire, Tiff,  X and Hanna in the KT having a bite to eat. Hanna was asked if she was asked to be a HVN again would she do it. She says by day 6 she was ready to pass out. Normally she eats a lot a lot to eating nothing it was hard on me. Claire said the Jokers have been handing lit like CHAMPS



5:13PM BBT Whitney has shown up in the KT which is the first time we have seen her on feeds today. She is taking Avocado with pepper jack, jalapenos and mixing them together.


5:18PM BBT Whitney is talking about how her parents would mix Eggnog with Orange Soda and scoop out vanilla ice cream so it was almost like a float. It is a Christmas Eve tradition in the Whit house.



#BB23 5:21PM BBT Feeds return with Claire in the BR by herself talking to the camera. She says It will be interesting if Ky doesn’t want to go against them.  I would love to know that for sure. Tiff has way more than I do going on. Just because she likes, talks to X a lot and Hanna is close to her and probably DX. My idea plans, I can’t believe I am going to say this. It is NOT to win HOH next week, cuz I am safe, I don’t wanna, you know I won Wild Card, I was so excited about Wild Card. I am interested to hear Whit’s pitch also I want to keep her, but I would like to hear what she has to say. I wish I could also say DX is one of my people in this game. You can basically decide the people you want to keep save.  WBRB

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6:00PM BBT

Claire, Christian, Azah, Xavier and Alyssa have been doing slam poetry in the yacht club bedroom. Christian went first with his subject being  Zing Bot. Claire honored OTEV with her poetry. Azah is delivering poetry for Have-Nots.

They all snap after each poem.

Xavier delivers poetry with the topic of HoH.


In the parlor, Hannah and Britini are playing chess while SB watches and Baby D and Big D pretend to watch (they are clearly asleep)


In the living room, Whitney is whispering aloud to herself trying to count up votes.


Back in the YBR, the HGs tell Alyssa it is her turn, "I like to just watch"

Claire- that's okay


6:05PM BBT

Back to Whitney and her whispering words: "Maybe I can get X to talk about with me tonight. I'll talk to Big D and Britini in one-on-ones. That would be six votes. That would  give me a majority. I only need 6 votes to win. Even if I can't convince Azah and the votes would be 5 to 5. Christian would vote for me to stay if I can get all the Kings together."


*WBRB Bubbles


Whitney: "Claire, Tiffany, Britini. I'll see if I can find a way to get the Kings on my side to still stay here. I'm just trying to figure out who is working together. Like, Azah and Alyssa were talking in the bedroom for awhile yesterday. I've never seen them talk game before. I don't know what they were talking about. I think that Hannah, Tiffany, Claire...I'm pretty sure they are working together. But are Britni and Sarah Beth? I could see Hannah, Tiffany and Claire for sure working together. I don't know if Sarah Beth is a part of that..or if Azah is a part of that...or Britini is a part of it."


Whitney is staring at the memory wall. She is holding her microphone to her mouth so we can be sure to catch her thoughts.


"But I'm pretty sure the first ones are. I don't know why Alyssa and Azah were talking game. And then Kyland and Sarah Beth have gotten really close over the last week or so. I think Big D potentially threw me under the bus with Christian. Maybe. But I also don't think Big D wants Hannah to stay because Hannah threw him under the bus with me. Britini and I are close, as far as I know, so I think I for sure have her vote. I know X is going to vote with his team. So I don't know if I have his vote or not. But maybe if there is somehow he can talk to them for me. I can talk to Lyssa in a one-on-one. I don't think Christian is making his own decisions. I think it's Alyssa making up his mind for him. I don't think X is making any big decisions. He is just doing what the group wants. But I did say in front of everybody that I would love a girl to win this season. I know that is what partially screwed me over. Honestly, Derek X and Christian are the biggest threats in the game as far as winning competitions. I don't know why Christian wouldn't want to get Derek X out. Unless, they are potentially working together. I have just never seen them talk to each other. Last week when I talked with Alyssa and Christian about redoing the alliance about taking what was the Slaughterhouse and making it smaller, they are the ones that took it to Derek X and proposed it before I talked about it. That's what makes me think they either did consider actually having an alliance or they are working with Derek X without me. I feel like for anyone to take Christian, the best bet might be Derek X. Unless one of the girls would. I could see Claire taking out Chrisitan. I could see Azah taking Christian out and I could see Britni taking out Christian, but those three are the only ones."


6:13PM BBT

Tiffany jumps out of the storage room and shouts, "Who wants to see my HoH Room?"

Whitney- Shut up...were you in there this whole time?

Tiffany- I've always wanted to say that. Yeah, I was. I really wish I could go outside. I hate it in here because it feels like winter and I hate winter.

Whitney offers Tiff her uneaten sandwich. Tiff says it's good. Whit said she put guacamole on it. Whitney is worreid about trying her clothes on when she gets home that they won't fit because she has been eating so much. Tiffany says she has been bad and admits to hiding the M&Ms in her room

Whitney- Oh, so you're the only one eating M&Ms?

Whitney says she wishes someone else was on the block with her because she's close to Hannah

Tiff- yeah, she's on your team



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Whitney- I don't want to campaign against her


6:40PM BBT

Azah and Claire are talking in the YBR about the HoH competitions "we haven't done much. Ther eis still time. There aren't many HoH's

Azah- you're right! Are there like 14 or 15?

Claire- 11 HoHs

Azah- oh, yeah....what was I thinking about

Claire says she just wants to win any HoH. They begin speculating about who might put them up. They don't think Derek would put them up. 


6:57PM BBT

Xavier and Hannah are practicitng days in the yacht club bedroom.


Big D and Azah are snacking on slop condiments in the kitchen and already planning out next week's meals.

Claire and Ky are beginning to prep for dinner. Claire is cutting up a red pepper.

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7:07PM BBT

The HGs get COVID tests on Tuesdays, and Big D just had his. He enters the YBR telling Hannah and X that he just got it in the nose and now his eyes are watering.


*WBRB Bubbles


7:12PM BBT

SB and Britini are discussing the COVID testing while playing chess in the parlor. They both start singing the same song at the same time.

Sarge- Please stop singing

Brit- Sorry


*WBRB Bubbles

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8:00PM BBT

Baby D and Tiffany are whispering in the sea glass bedroom. 

Tiff- I'll say this, if you get your shot, take your shot (at CHristian). You may get one shot. You don't want to miss. My only fear is if Sarah Beth gets HoH this Thursday, it's me and Hannah on the block

Baby D- I think it's me and Hannah

Ky comes in to tell them the pasta is done

Tiff- he is gonna ask what we were talking about, so what were we talking about

They  decide to play it off as practicing numbers.


Tiffany tells Baby D that she feels bad because she doesn't feel close to Ky and he knows that


8:06PM BBT

Claire, Hannah, Christian, Big D, Whitney and Xavier are practicing each of the HG's walk as a walk-in for the intro of The Big Blue Couch in the kitchen. Lots of chaos. Claire is getting lots of compliments. Christian is pretending to be a photographer. They then practice doing "male runway"

Big D- Welcome to the BBC

Christian- listen, when women walk you want their head bouncing but when men walk their head doesn't move

Big D- Christian come back.  

Hannah- my favorite walk I learned today was X's walk

Whitney- how do you not bounce?  

The walking practice continues while everyone gets their dinner plates.

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9:00pm Big Brother Time

Bubbles ended just two minutes before

Feeds return to Christian walking around the house with the camera, he is filming the rooms in the house. He is looking for the people in the house.

He finds Azah and Xavier, who tell fans they love hot dogs, Azah's favorites are chili and cheese from 7-11. 
Big D explains that he is Big D because there is another Derek in the house.
Christian says he needs help naming his fans, he decides they should be Berkenburgers, then he goes to the lavatory area to interview other house guests.

Living room camera is on Azah, Tiffany, Xavier and Derek X.
General chat, nothing game.

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9:18 pm Big Brother Time

Camera antics continue.

Interrupted by Bubbles, so you will have to watch the video!!
I can tell you 
Christian's favorite movie is Charley and the Chocolate Factory, Johnny Depp version

Christian's favorite breakfast:  one slice whole wheat toast with mashed avocado (with lime juice, a sprinkle of garlic and a little olive oil), add sliced tomato,  crushed potato chips if he has them, sliced deli turkey and a fried egg—eaten open faced style.

Feeds return, to camera nonsense continuing

Big D says five minutes until the Big Blue Couch begins.

Britini has gone to the Diary Room, it seems she is ill, several people offer to go with her. She declines.

General talk continues

Britini comes back, she is crying, holding her tum.

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10:04pm Big Brother Time

Kyland and Derek X playing chess in the kitchen.

Big D goes to check on Britini, he gave her a big dose of fiber.

Whitney comes back with a tray for “spa night”, looks like lemon water, cucumbers, carrots, dip and cookies

Almost everyone is in the living room area.

Whitney is leading the spa night, Tiffany is dozing on the sofa, Britini is lying beside Big D with a heat pack on her tum. Big D is watching over her.

10:39pm Big Brother Time
Still at the spa

11:00pm Big Brother Time
Still at the spa

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11:00pm Big Brother Time

(about 3 minutes prior)
Alyssa and Christian are in the kitchen talking/arguing.

Alyssa tells Christian if they are “caught”, it would be her going home, not him.
He disagrees, says he would protect her, she tells him,”What, with one vote?”
Alyssa counts the people that would vote against her.
Christian continues to ask Alyssa to stay in the HOH tonight, she continues to say no.
He tells her it doesn't matter what they do at this point, “people could lie and say they have caught us”, he continues to ask.

Xavier pulls Alyssa to the side, asks her what has her upset, he has seen her crying...he suggests she go to bed.
“I'm not tired.” 
She tells Xavier that Christian wants her to sleep in the HOH, when Christian says he isn't concerned, 
Xavier, “You should always be concerned.”

When Christian says he doesn't care if she refuses, Alyssa repeats, “You don't care?” with attitude.
Xavier says Alyssa's concerns are valid because of week one.
Alyssa says it sucks they have to worry about it,
Xavier says if Alyssa wants to go up there, she has Christian and Xavier to protect her.
Alyssa says it is dangerous for her to do that, she could be sent home because of it.
Xavier says Alyssa is over thinking it.

(Xavier is probably encouraging this because if people in the house notice, it puts both Christian and Alyssa in front of him as targets).

Xavier says they should do what they want to do.  He will help them cover it up.

Sarah Beth comes up to Xavier and asks him about a yellow hat that was planted in her stuff.  Xavier says he doesn't know anything about it, then tells her it was in his stuff so he moved it to somewhere else after she told him she found it and moved it.
Sarah Beth tells him to guard his bucket hats with his life, they have a bandit.

Other house guests are wandering around with white face masks, cucumbers (those people are reclined), and lotion on their faces.

In the gym Christian and Alyssa are “exercising”. While Alyssa pedals the bicycle, Christian continues to whine that she didn't seem bothered other nights, now she is tonight.  No matter how Alyssa responds he whines.

Xavier has come into the gym, Alyssa tells him she is worried that Christian will wander off and get distracted (from the workout)

Christian is lifting the weight bar, empty.

Xavier and Alyssa say they do not like lying around doing nothing.  Xavier leaves the room, Whitney passes through, Alyssa thanks her for the mask, and Whitney goes on out of the gym.

Alyssa says when Whitney leaned on Big D while applying the mask someone told her not to do that she would end up on the block. “I was the only one that laughed.”

Finally Christian tells Alyssa she could be right, maybe she shouldn't (sleep in the HOH room).
Alyssa tells Christian he is talking his own game, bur she is bringing him into her conversations and she says “That's not fair.”

Christian tells Alyssa, “You know you are my number one.” “You know that.”.  He tells her that when he has conversations he doesn't present it that way. He says it's okay if she does it, that looks better anyway.

Alyssa and Christian continue to talk about his position in the game because he has had one on ones this week and she has not. She says she has not had that opportunity.  She says if she leaves the game, Christian will be in a good position in the house.  Alyssa says if he leaves she doesn't have the same power he will keep.

Christian says he doesn't really have anyone but one (Xavier) in the house, he says he will try to get her an “in” with Britini. 
Alyssa says not to do that until after HOH, because if she (Alyssa) wins Britini will go up.  She says she knows it is a slim chance.
Christian says not to be so hard on herself, there have only been four, she will have her competition.

Christian says, “You know I like you.”
Alyssa, “Well yeah, I didn't' think you didn't”
Christian “Well it won't change after.”

He tells her the drawback (for him) is that they live far apart.

Alyssa tells Christian she is going to the HOH tonight.
He tells her to do what makes her most comfortable, and she says, “Well I want to go up there.”

For the last few minutes house guests are going back and forth past the room to the lavatory area so this conversation happened quick, between pass throughs.

Hannah comes by, they are going to have a grilled cheese competition.  If there is not enough bread, Whitney says they can use bagels.
They decide to blind taste them.

Derek X and Claire are lying on one of the beds having a discussion about what happens after Sarah Beth is out. He is worried that Christian will come after him. He says Alyssa is a great liar, he isn't sure he can rely on her word that Christian is not interested in eliminating him (Derek X)

Claire says Alyssa told her that Big D should be the ninth.  Derek X is surprised.  Claire says it is because anyone who can, will take him to the end because they believe they can beat him.

Derek X says he is not really sure he isn't afraid to put Christian up, Christian has proven he can win veto.  Derek X says Christian can beat him at a head to head. Derek X says Christian is the one person in the house that can target him and beat him. Others might target him, but might not beat him.

Claire is worried about being collateral, not a target.  She knows she is safe for two weeks, but Whitney has said her name. Claire says she hasn't done well in competitions she has been in.  She says Sarah Beth is good at puzzles.

Xavier comes into the room, he says he is putting Claire up next week. She says she will play her reverse card.
General talk starts, no game talk.

Bubbles 11:47pm Big Brother Time

11:48pm Big Brother Time

Derek X and Claire continue to talk about who they can beat.

(In the gym, Big D comes in and grabs the handles on the standing weight machine.  He slaps them to the ground while facing the machine in a toe-touching movement. He does it effortlessly and fast.  He leaves the gym. Christian goes to the machine and checks the settings.  He walks away with a confused look.--I am on camera 3, this was on camera 1 so no sound—Grannysue)

Derek X says Xavier seems to trust Tiffany quite a bit, but he (Derek X) doesn't talk to Tiffany about game a lot (he fibbed, and we know that).  He says he likes Azah.

Claire says Alyssa really knows the game and seems to be laid back in the house.  Derek X says “She is a huge fan of this game. Huge fans overthink it.”

Bubbles keeps popping her head up, so I can only give you pieces of this conversation.  Someone really needs to discuss good manners with her.

Derek X says he has never seen “them” talking one on one. He has seen them playing billiards and Foosball, but nothing else.
(Kyland is one of the people, they didn't say the other name and Bubbles got in my way)

Derek X says he feels good about the HOH chances this week, but he felt good before and he was wrong.
Claire thinks Xavier might not try hard for it, she says others talk that Sarah Beth and Kyland have the best chance of winning the game.
She adds that there is a sub group inside the Royal Flush alliance.
Derek X doesn't really have a lot invested with anyone in the game, he says Kyland told him that if Sarah Beth were the target he would understand.

12:00am WEDNESDAY MORNING Big Brother Time.

By now you know this is when I say goodnight to all of you. 
Be a blessing today.
Hugs Grannysue

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