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Monday, August 2, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00am-12:30am BBT: HG continue the dating game in the BY as Britini watches on from the balcony where Christian and Alyssa are playing foosball and ignoring the other HG. All other HG start hitting the beach ball around and just general talking and yelling and laughing.

12:30am-1:00am BBT: Hg talking about other reality shows and which ones they would want to be on while Alyssa is mad that Sarah and KY are are snuggling a lot tonight and how no one says anything to them about it like they do to her and Christian and try making them look bad.

1:00am-1:15am BBT: Whitney talking to Christian in the HOHR about her staying this week as she heard Christian talking about  he and Hannah being  on slop next week and now she has nothing to do with Derek X 

1:15am-1:30am BBT: Christian says he might consider putting him on the block. Whitney tells him that Derek X was the reason that Alyssa got put on the block in the first place. She says he is a liar and tells lies all the time.

1:30am-1:45am BBT: Alyssa talking to Derek X about who she trust and who she doesn't trust in the house and going on about KY and Sarah still snuggling. 

1:45am-2:00am BBT: Derek F talking to Xavier in the HNBR about Alyssa and Christian and how he told Alyssa they have to hang out with everyone not just each other all the time. Girls talk about not washing the make up off their faces as Alyssa continues her complaining to Derek X about Sarah and KY.

2:00-2:30am BBT: Britini comes to the HOHR asking if Christian needs help with his speech he says no and they tell her bye she stands there for a bit then leaves, Alyssa is so annoyed that she came up there.

2:30-3:00am BBT: Alyssa goes on about how everyone thinks they are doing things up there when they are not but KY and Sarah can snuggle and nothing nothing at all just us getting accused of sneaking around. Hannah and Tiffany talk about taking Sarah out of the game next week but that they can not tell KY.

3:00-3:30am BBT: Hannah and Tiffany talking about going to final three with Xavier and them doing the battle at the end, Most Hg are  in bed or general talk going on as they head to bed. All HG in bed Lights Out in the BB House.

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9:45pm BBT Wake-Up FotH. There was music bleed-through. HG are slowly dragging themselves out of bed after last nights late night partying.  Ky looks like he has a hangover. Azah and Big D are slow out of bed. Whit in the KT is whispering something to Ky.

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9:45AM BBT Claire is at the sink washing her face when X enters. Claire asks him how he slept and he said he slept good once they turned out the lights, he was good to go. Claire asks how the boat room compare. He says it is similar to have not when you get in there and they turn the lights off it is pitch black but the beds are more comfortable. Out of the rooms he has slept in so far the boat room is the best. He has yet to experience the CBR but have heard good things about it.


9:47AM BBT Big D and Azah in the HNR. Azah says she saw him talking to X last night and wants to know what they were talking about. Big D non of your business! *laughs* I was telling him that little miss Whit might pull a move before she leaves.


9:57AM BBT HGs are recapping the fun they had last night. Brit said the vodka went straight to her veins.


10:03AM BBT WBRB are on and off this morning. Often times without the music and you can hear the HGs still talking.


10:26AM BBT Still have WBRB

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10:58AM BBT Feeds return with Christian and Alyssa in the HOHR going over the days of comps and vetos. How the first two days are different then each is 7 days away. Claire is in the BY running laps, Ky is in the KT


11:01AM BBT Hanna walks in the KT drinking from her cut where Ky asks her if any of the dishes in the sink are hers? She shakes her head not. Ky is clearly upset that the sink is full of dirty dishes.

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1:04PM BBT

Whitney- this will be my week; we want this week to be fun

Hannah- give me a hug

Whitney- I'll be fine. I get to see my kids. Oh, there aren't any birthdays before I leave this week

Hannah- Tiff's birthday is on Thursday


*Feeds cut back to RCHS

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1:03pm BBT The Veto Meeting is over and Christian has not used used his power to save either Whit or Hannah. Aces will be the first team down to 2 members. Whit knows she's the target but don't expect her to go quietly into that good night.

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1:04PM BBT Whit knocks on the Bathroom door and realizes someone is in there. Brit is there with Whit and Ky enters doing the pee dance. Brit joins singing: I need to pee bring it front bring it back (both Ky and Brit are doing the dance) I need to pee  


1:10PM BBT Whit goes in the HNR, grabs a blanket and heads to the PR and lays down alone.


1:10PM BBT in the KT Azah gives something to Brit to taste. She says that isn’t bad at all. Not bad at all.  Hanna enters the KT and Azah asks her to try it. Hmm what is that? It is a slop chip with paprika, chicken broth. Just need to soak the oats longer.

1:12PM BBT Hanna heads to the CBR where she and Tiff started whispering. It is hard to hear what they are saying.

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1:24PM Tiff is talking about her tattoos and how she wanted a tattoo of a cross around her neck that looks like a necklace, but she didn’t want a tattoo around her neck so she got it on her arm instead when she was in college.


1:30PM Claire joins the CBR where Tiff asks if she has any tattoo. Claire, Nope. She says at some point she wants a half sleeve, quarter sleeve. She asks SB, Hanna and Tiff if she could pull it off. They think she can.

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1:35PM Brit and Azah are outside laying in the sun chatting, DX and are in the KT eating. Claire asks Hanna if she is Hindu, she says no. Tiff grabs a fork and starts eating off Hanna’s plate. DX offers to throw some fish on the stove. It can be ready in about 5 mins.

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5:43PM BBT

Pretty much every time I have checked the feeds today, I've seen bubbles. Perhaps I just have horrible timing. -MamaLong


5:50PM BBT

Azah and Xavier are chatting in the backyard. Azah's head is in his lap and they are participating in consensual flirting. Xavier admits to Azah that she is one of the two women in the house he finds attractive to the level of being his type "and datable." He tells her that he wouldn't pursue anything in the house because that's not what he is there for. He says it's not easy, though "and it doesn't help with you looking at me like that." Azah says she is not looking at him any sort of way. Xavier says he knows...he's just teasing. Azah teases back by reminding him that there are others in the house that do a lot more than look at him. He asks who, and she jokingly replies with a question, "want me to rub your feet?" [This was an obvious jab at Whitney -MamaLong]

They both start laughing.


5:55PM BBT

Tiffany is talking to herself in the hammock saying she can't reveal her true plans with Christian and Alyssa going forward, but she did tell them she would go for the Kings if she wins HoH and put up Britini and SB. 'Britini is so sweet. I feel bad. She's so sweet. Honestly, though, I don't think Christian and Alyssa will care as long as they are not on the block" Tiffany says Alyssa can't win because she will put Hannah on the block, and that can't happen. "Hannah needs to win HoH." Tiffany asks America to celebrate on her birthday doing whatever we enjoy doing. "America, can y'all send me something to keep me safe? I need safety in this house. Drop one of them parachutes down. I need two weeks. I will take any kind of safety."

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7:48PM BBT

A brown bucket hat went missing this afternoon. There was a thorough search by officers Alyssa, Xavier and Claire through the house beginning at 6:16PM BBT, finger guns and all. When the hat was not recovered, the case went to BB Court with Big D as judge and Ky as the prosecuting attorney. All of the houseguests have been participating and it's been quite entertaining. Xavier is the victim. Derek X is the defense attorney. Tiffany and Christian are being accused of stealing the hat. Claire, Azah and Britini are the jury. Witnesses included Whitney, Alyssa, SB and Hannah. The jury concluded the case be dismissed because the "bucket hat bandits" are being found guilty for unlawful search without a warrant. Derek X will be charged for planting evidence. Tiffany is being held in contempt of court for lying about her age.  This is worth going back to watch for yourself, if you can.


8:02PM BBT

The houseguests are gathering evidence in another case. This time it is a case against Kyland for killing Marty the Moth in the backyard.


8:13PM BBT

Lots of loud ChrisAlys kissing going on in the HoHR. They then wave and say, "Hi everyone...you sicko monsters."

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9:00pm Big Brother Time

Claire, Kyland and Derek X are in the kitchen.

Claire is saying she had fun today, it has been a good day, Derek X says yesterday was the first day he had non-game feelings, he was actually nervous about the speed dating/prom.

Kyland says he spent the speed dating time trying to get threesomes, he says he tried at every table.

They continue to laugh about the speed dating and have general conversation

Xavier, Big D, Whitney, and Tiffany are in the living room area, they are discussing tomorrow evenings activities.
(Earlier tonight they played “court”, where crimes were committed, witnesses were produced, and a jury decided innocent or guilty.  Xavier had his face covered with his hands the whole time—he did not give away his cover story though.)

Tiffany helps Big D find a way to say things about his Diary Room sessions and production. She says he should use the word “we” instead of “they” when he talks about those things.  (Apparently production was very interested in the speed dating/prom night.)

Azah is practicing her Big Blue Couch.

Big D is trying to talk Xavier into getting a BB23 Key tattoo. Xavier says he has no tattoos on his body, but he says maybe. Big D translates that as a “no”.

They are talking about seafood boils, Big D says the best he has ever had is in Maryland. Azah mentions 'Hot and Juicy”. (Azah's favorite is right, they have the best we have ever tried, but if you visit them you need fat in your wallet—Grannysue)

Kyland and Derek X have a chess board in the dining room, they may be playing chess (they use the pieces for strategies).

Azah plans to make macaroni and cheese, she wants to put onions in it, Big D and Xavier are begging her not to use onions in them.  Big D says he made the spaghetti and meatballs her way. Claire puts on her sunglasses, Big D says, “Don't put those sunglasses on...awww.”
She takes the glasses off, says she is making two versions, one with and one without.
Big D starts talking about the menu tomorrow, says the macaroni and cheese is TBA.  On go the glasses again.  (Comical).

Menu talk continues.  Wings, lamb, burgers, macaroni and cheese, tuna with buffalo sauce....

Other general talk.

House guests as Disney cartoon characters...

Some house guests are playing in the back yard.
Britini and Christian have a giant beach ball and are using it for a kick ball. Instead of kicking it down the yard they are kicking it high into the yard. They use heads and feet, and Britini does a backward/over her head kick. We hear house guests on the patio react with a group “Wowwww.”

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9:24PM BBT

The BB Court is closed for the night. Everyone is too tired to try another case.


[It's possible the judge (Big D) just isn't into it after being criticized by a few HGs for directly asking the witnesses questions on the stand. He did this during the first case, citing the case taking too long. It's my opinion he took this criticism too personally.  I'm out for the night.  -MamaLong]

10:14PM BBT

Hannah and Baby D are playing pool in the backyard. Hannah tells Baby D, "You are my number one" and they discuss which pair they feel best with. Baby D says he trusdts Kyland and Claire more than CHristian and Alyssa

Hannah- Same

Derek X says that he thinks there are people in th ehouse that would put him up but couldn't beat him "I think Christian could beat me." Baby D says he feels that makes it important to work that side of the house. Hannah says that as far as Alyssa and Christian go, they are shields for them. "At the end of the day, I don't think their primary loyalty is to us." She says that Baby D and Christian just call a truce for now and she and Alyssa weill fall in line. "Alyssa still makes me kinda nervous. Are they doing this for just this week because they know Christian can't play and it's probably going to be a memory comp?"

Baby D- why don't we just let them think we don't target them because we are honoring our word

Hannah- yeah, but what I'm saying is that are they just agreeing to this because (Christian has no power this coming week)? If Alyssa were to win next week, she would come after me.

Baby D points out that it doesn't jhurt their game either way. They will work with Christian and Alyssa next week knowing they will likely betray them the following week.

Baby D- we say that we already showed our loyalt. We could have put you up but we didn't

Hannah- You're right! I'm trying to think who would they...?


10:25PM BBT

Christian and  Alyssa join them at the pool table.  Hannah assures them it's just them outside so they'll feel comfortable talking game. Christian says everyone is in the living room "still talking about DIsney characters...they have been for a few hours now.


The four of them agree they will be working together. Alyssa says everyone will expect Baby D to go after Christian and Christian to go after Baby D.

Baby D says he feels like they were trying to pit him against Christian and Alyssa.

Alyssa- they were trying to get you to do their dirty work

Alyssa tells the guys they need to continue acting like they would be going after each other. The guys agree.

Baby D- even better, we don't play into it, we just let them keep making the assumptions

Alyssa- Basically, we just keep looking out for each other

Brit Brat (Britini's nickname) joins them in the backyard to check on laundry so conversation shifts to random conversation. Christian says "Hey Brit Brat"

Britini- they are going to close this down so early this week (whining)

They all agree it's going to be a "big, big, big" competition  [we know it's an endurance comp  -ML]


In the living room, the rest of the houseguests continue talking about movies and characters. Azah is cuddling with Kyland.


10:33PM BBT

Hannah and Baby D begin playing volleyball with the bech ball. 

Hannah- it's Bump, Set Veto all over again

Baby D says the competition was not made for shorter people like her or Britini

Christian comes back outside hinting that they join him in the HoHR to chat "Alyssa is showering."

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Christian leaves then Tiffany comes out. She speaks with Baby D and says that ChrisAlys is talking like they don't want to make a move against the Royal Flush next week. She worries they will go for Chaddha (Hannah's nickname which is actually just her last name). Baby D and Tiff begin discussing Kyland and how he has been "playing loosely" lately. Tiff says it's because he feels too comfortable.  Talk moves to Sarah Beth and Tiff says she has been following her around the house today, "She is on to me being on to her." Baby D says he has noticed that, too. Tiffany says she still thinks she is America's Player and that Travis probably was, too. They see Brit coming and Tiff comments they are never going to get her out of here. She sits with them and talk moves to movies and characters. Tiffany gets up and leaves. (It's become obvious that Brit gets on Tiff's nerves, but I do not think Brit has realized that at all....yet.)


10:45PM BBT

Britini makes a comment about teams ending soon. Baby D disagrees saying he thinks teams could go until jury but adds they need to do something because things are too predicatable and "boring."

*Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


Brit and Baby D discuss the backyard closing. Brit is sad saying she spends all her time in the backyard, "I love the backyard."

Talk moves to the veto competition and how hard it was. Brit says Baby D did really well. He says he is in the best shape of his life right now.

Baby D- that comp made me realize these physical comps are no joke.


10:56PM BBT

Tiff talks with Claire in the bathroom. Tiff says if Brit comes in there she will never leave

Caire- I know....do you just leave her out there?

Tiff tells her that DX is talking to her.

Brit pokes her head in the bathroom asking if it's okay to wash the dark towels with the white towels. Claire tells her thay have already done it before, so it shouldn't be a problem

[Okay people, this is why laundry gets dingy. DO NOT wash your darks with your lights, but especially your whites, unless you really like dingy laundry or just don't care at all (like my son).  -MamaLong]


Baby D enters the bathroom and Claire says , "Oh, come on. Get out of here." (joking)

Tiff tells him to say what he needs to say quick because Britini will pop back in there again. He says he doesn't have anything to say, and on cue, Brit enters the bathroom.


 11:03PM BBT

Baby D heads up to the HoHR where ChrisAlys has been waiting. They ask about Hannah and DX says she will be up soon.


11:05PM BBT

Back in the bathroom, Tiffany is commenting that her food she's eating from a bowl is really good

Tiff- I might have some gas tonight, so I'm sorry

Claire- your bed is far enough away, I couldn't hear you

Tiff- sometimes it sounds like people are shooting outside the window

They all laugh [Tiff is really hilarious...very entertaining.  -ML]


11:08PM BBT

Azah, Big D and Xavier enter the bathroom and join the three ladies giving them an update on character assignments from the movies they missed with the casting conversations

(Something these HGs have been doing all season is taking any movie title and casting all of the HGs as the characters in the movies. Sometimes a huge debate ensues when someone disagrees with how they are cast. The biggest complainer of being miscast is Big D. It's always a funny conversation to eavesdrop on.)


11:15PM BBT

Azah realizes that her bandage is are stuck to her wound. She is trying to remove it but can't get it off. Big D says she will have to rip it off. Azah says she is not ripping it off and starts wetting it to try to ease it off without too much damage.

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11:17PM BBT

Tiffany joins Xavier and Hannah out in the backyard saying "we have to make this quick before others come....we want to know if you will work with me and Chaddha when we get down tot he 6"

Xavier- Agreed. I'm at it

Hannah- same page

Xavier- regarding this, who do you talk about with this

Hannah- nobody; you guys keep worrying about me talking

Xavier- you are getting better

Hannah tells them their conversations will stay between them

Tiff- we know that

X- Yeah, we know that. We were just giving her shit.

Claire comes out and asks Tiff for help with Azah's wound. She tells Claire to tell Azah to soak it with hydrogen peroxide in the shower but then just goes inside to directly help.


11:40PM BBT

Alyssa and Ky discover ants int he kitchen as Ky is trying to get a bowl of ice cream. Alyssa finds ants on Christian's cup completely covering the inside of the lid as she went to clean it "they are all in here on the cover. ..good thing he didn't start sipping it." (apple juice was in the cup)

Ky says it would have made his straw phobia worse.

*feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles, likely so production can advise the HGs on what to do about the ants

[These ants are a serious problem on the BB lot. They appear every season as the HGs that absolutely refuse to leave the BB house. Ants are a huge problem in Texas, too. You absolutely cannot leave food or drinks exposed because ants are the most talented scouts on the planet. -ML]


11:46PM BBT

In the backyard, SB asks Claire how she feels next week. Claire reminds her she has safety, so she feels great.


11:55PM BBT

Whitney is blatantly flirting with Xavier while he massages her back in the yacht club bedroom. He makes a comment about "not in this house."

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