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Sunday, August 1, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:30AM BBT

In the backyard, Azah, SB and Kyland are in the hammock talking about butt sweat. SB says that she sat on a stool in the gym while she was working out. When she stood, she noticed it had her butt sweat. She warns them that it has her butt sweat germs on it because she forgot to clean it. SB says the weather is perfect out.

Azah- Yes, this is nice weather. Florida humidity is crazy.

SB says she can't decide if she wants to move to Cali from Florida, "but Florida is so cheap."

Azah agrees but says she has more work opportunities in Cali. Azah tells her she could always move back if she gives Cali a try and it doesn't work out.

Azah says now that she has uprooted herself for 3 months for BB, she has been thinking more about all her living options. "I'm realizing if you just do something, things will figure out on their own." SB asks Azah what it's like working remotely and asks if she likes it. Azah says she does because the commute to work is crazy. 'I enjoy it a lot more." (working from home) SB says she doesn't think she would like doing it because she like to compartmentalize. Azah tells her there are coworker spaces that people rent out or sometimes she takes turns working at friends' houses. SB thinks that would be nice. Azah says that the savings in gas and the commute is great.

Azah loves using Uber Eats. SB says she can't justify the expense and prefers to just go pick the food up herself. SB says where she lives, it's at least an hour to get Uber Eats, but if it was only 20-25 minutes, maybe she would do it.

Azah is talking about her favorite restaurant called Juicy Seafood. She gets the Juicy Special and says it is so good. "Brah, Yo! It's like Christmas morning when I get that. So good. So flavorful. Oh my gosh."

SB is talking about Wawa and how obsessed she is with tuna hoagies. She says some Wawas are stinky, but she has found a good one and has perfected the tuna hoagie, knowing exactly how to order it so it's perfect. "They also have good coffee and smoothies. They also started carrying Beyond meat."

Ky wakes up saying he has to pee. He slides out of the hammock and tells him "that was comfy just listening to you." Azah asks SB about her job. SB says she works at a drug testing lab. "I kept my job during COVID. It's fun. I won't complain."


12:47AM BBT

SB says she has thought about going back to school but never enjoys school, so she doesn't think it would be a good choice for her. "The things I hated the most were taking tests." SB says that it has just now occurred to her that she is always on film and she is constantly picking wedgies. "They are going to do a montage of me picking our wedgies."



Back to talking about going back to college, Azah says she has considered it, too.

SB says she even considered law school but realized it's not for her because she has a bleeding heart.

Azah- you mean you feel things too much

SB says she has cried after every competition because she gets emotional...She feels everything, and it's hard to watch people get defeated, especially knowing they want it so bad. "It sucked, I don't like seeing it. I cried with Brent, too. It hurt. It's so hard."

[Being an empath can become so taxing on the heart and mind.  -MamaLong]

SB- Why are we all awake?


12:55AM BBT

Sarge- Derek X, please go to the Diary Room downstairs


Azah asks SB if it's getting better as time goes by in BB.

SB says no, that she actually thinks it will get worse, "but I want this enough to handle it....I am a mood setter. I don't like people to feel uncomfortable or sad. But, I knew that coming into the game."

Azah says she feels like she had a hard start, but it's getting easier for her.


1:11AM BBT

In the coral reef bedroom, SB talks with Claire. 

Claire- I feel like in my head...I've moved on from this week, but I am also like no, stop trying to play three weeks ahead. It's so irritating.

SB- it would be pretty savage if they were like it's a double (eviction) and also teams are done

Claire- I could see teams being broken up next week and then a double the following week.

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SB- I think pretty much everyone is gonna be gunning for HoH next weeks, so we have to make sure it's an alliance member.

Claire- it's kinda tricky because do you want to win the one before the double?

SB- yeah

Claire- I'm trying to take into consideration that with the double, hinky things will start happening. But they might not even do a double for jury.

SB- I just want to make sure I at least make it to jury

Claire- 100%

SB- I just worry because I'm on the Kings and a target. But worse case scenario, I'm just hoping if I'm up against a King I would stay.

Claire says the Jokers like her and she has her vote, as well as Tiffany's vote.

SB- I think the Jokers make me the most nervous because they make me feel safe

Claire- it's tricky because it is like the Jokers as a collective but also they each have their own game

We all have our individual relationships....everyone has to figure out where would my shot go.

SB- I think we are all in good places. I have never heard anyone say they would put up Tiffany, and everyone I heard say they would put you up is gone.

Claire- the thing is, we don't know who is going to be good at comps. Like, Azah today, who knew she was gonna be good at a running comp...and then she wiped out.

SB- that's true



1:20AM BBT

The camera is playing with Alyssa in the yacht club bedroom as she chats with Christian about how to sneak into the HoH room. She notices it is following her, so she moves the right. The cam moves to the right. She moves to the left. The cam moves to the left. Christian pops up and says, "Oh it is playing with you." He tries to get the attention of the camera but it stays on Alyssa. "Ha, it likes me more." Alyssa and Christian then step apart and Alyssa asks the camera to choose "Christian? or Alyssa?" The camera moves slowly back and forth between them. Alyssa then teases the camera that she has a secret, she is going to backdoor Christian. Christian asks the camera, "Should Alyssa sleep in the HoH room tonight?" The camera moves to WBRB Bubbles and when it returns, Christian is still playing with the camera.

Sarge- Stop that!


1:24AM BBT ChrisAlys begins wrestling in the middle bed of the YBR. Alyssa says, "This is my bed, Buddy. Go to your bed."


*WBRB Bubbles


1:45AM BBT

Tiffany and Xavier are in the storage room having, what looks like, interesting conversation, but the audio is on Hannah and Claire in another room. 


1:52AM BBT

Finally the audio is on the correct room and we can hear Tiffany and X.


[I am seriously distracted by the 7 large bunches of bananas behind in Xavier. Why does BB continue to buy them so many bananas when they toss at least 5 bunches each week? I hate this sort of waste. -MamaLong]


Tiffany says she is hoping to win HoH on Thursday and they have to think about getting SB out because Tiffany doesn't want SB in jury. "I'm struggling with Christian and Alyssa because they can go back to back (evictions) Derek X can make that move....we need to get them and 1 more then it's go. You can get Christian out because Derek X can whip his ass if he wants to. He has been struggling  (she means holding back on comps) Ain't nobody over here saying SB (to put on the block) The only way to get SB to go home is to put one of us because we have the numbers. Claire is on board."

Xavier suggests SB and Christian because he could win veto.

They begin discussing that they feel like SB is playing America's sweetheart.

Tiff- y'all are sweet on her

X- she has to go

Tiff- that's why she is scared of Hannah because she doesn't know what Hannah saw

X- SB has got to go and we will deal with Christian later

Tiff- it has to be

Tiffany tells Xavier that Christian and Alyssa are already considering getting SB

They decide to leave the SR before they get caught gaming.

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1:57AM BBT

Tiffany joins Hannah and Claire in the bathroom "I have a plan"

They get excited and ask her to sit. 

Hannah- Okay

Tiff- This. Stays. Here.

Hannah- absolutely

Claire- YES

They do a pinky swear

Claire- Not Ky. Not DX.

Tiff- Xavier is on board to get SB out. We are convinced that she is America's Sweetheart and if we need to blow that up to get her out..."

Claire- What is America's Sweetheart?

Tiffany- she getting money

Claire- like America's player?

Hannah- but what has she done so far?

Tiff- she made a comment to X that she is just trying to get to jury

Claire- she said that to me, too

Tiff- if she is America's Sweetheart, all she really needs to do is get there to get that prize money. Y'all know they put in players for that  

[Y'all there is no America's player this season because I told them I was too busy working for Morty. -MamaLong ;-/]

Claire- SB needs to go

Tiff- he wants her gone; she probably gets 20 thousand

Hannah- 25 thousand

Tiff- all she keeps talking about is how she needs money

*WBRB Bubbles



When the feeds return, Tiffany has left the bathroom but Claire and Hannah continue discussing SB. Hannah asks Claire what has SB said about needing money. Claire describes it as similar to Big D saying he wants to get to 5, "She just keeps saying she needs money." They discuss how SB really does seem like America's Sweetheart.

Claire- but everyone likes her because of her voice; it's a cute voice

Hannah- but is that really her voice?

Claire- no, probably not

Hannah- she says she is a voice actor

Claire- but she is really an administrative assistant; and she doesn't talk much (game)

Hannah- yeah she doesn't talk much,but you're telling me you are comfortable with 11 people (SB)

*WBRB Bubbles

Claire- let's talk about it deeper in the week

Hannah- we need to start talking about it

Whitney comes in and says she is sleeping in the boat room because everyone is awake in the coral reef bedroom. (Whit means the yacht club bedroom-Xavier is in there)

Hannah- What's the latest someone has been called in?

Whitney- I have been called in at 2AM

Hannah- oh God

Sarge- You are not allowed to talk about production

Hannah- Sorry! Sorry guys!

They say goodnight and Whitney leaves.


2:10AM BBT

Whitney is talking with Xavier in the bathroom about having a conversation with Christian about using the veto on her because everyone in the house is against them (ChrisAlys) and because of the law of reciprocation

Whitney- I tell him if I can help him, I would do anything I can

X- you make a strong pitch

Whitney- it is a strong pitch, and if it's not used I'm going to have an awesome last week

Xavier- Well, how about we wait and see how these days play out and then potentially there can maybe be a sleepover

Whitney- oh, you mean a sleepover with you and me?

Xavier-Well you did invite me

Whitney says she invited him for some cuddling and then she would kick him out back to his bed

Xavier says he doesn't believe her

She argues that she wasn't trying to be sneaky about it, she really would just kick him out

Whitney suggests they try it tonight

Xavier says n o because he is already in bed with his pants off

Whitney- God, why do you think everything I do is sneaky

Xavier- I think everything you do is sexual....there, I said it

Whitney challenges him to give her something to say and she will say it without making it sexual

He tells her to say 'these lights are hot' She repeats it but makes a face

X- you were doing okay until you made the face; okay, say these cabinets are dark

Whitney tries but it sounds sexual


Whitney- well, it reminded me of dark chocolate and 

X- yeah, that's my point

*camera moves to Baby D and Claire in the bathroom


2:16AM BBT

Claire tells them Whitney said she was going to the back room to sleep. They talk about Ky and Azah being wrapped around each other in the hammock

Baby D- I thought they were gonna smooch

Claire- I did too

Hannah- I would support that

Claire- I see it

Baby D- I don't know why it hasn't been encouraged

Claire- I will ship that

Hannah- they are both perfect human beings


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3:29AM BBT

Ky and Tiffany are spooning in the sea glass bedroom. They appear to both be falling asleep.


3:44AM BBT

The lights are out in the BB House and everyone is sleeping. I'm sure they will get to sleep in until at least 10AM for their Sunday Funday.


8:08AM BBT

The HGs are still sleeping

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2:18PM BBT

The HGs are enjoying their Sunday Funday. In the bathroom, Hannah and TIffany are talking about going outside. Hannah doesn't want to go out because she doesn't like the heat. Hannah claims to be a mermaid. Tiffany says she is Mama Pat today dressed in a hat and sunglasses. Tiffany looks in the mirror and starts talking to herself, "Mmm! You are so sexy. Guess what I don't do? I don't run with the crowd. In order for you to be loved by me, you must be hated by everyone." Tiffany tries to talk Hannah in to going outside, but she really doesn't want to. She says she won't be able to breathe. 


Tiff thinks it is just her anxiety keeping her from socializing with others. She is giving her encouragement to go out and talk. Xavier is also working on Hannah to encourage her to go out. Tiffany knows that others have approached Hannah trying to talk game, and she is encouraging Hannah to play down her intelligence. "You don't have to show how smart you are." Xavier joins in saying, "You are a mental threat."

Hannah- I know. I know.

Tiffany- Yes.

X- you don't have to be so damn smart. You can be pretty and dumb

Tiffany- whatever they told you at home, it don't work in this house

Hannah laughs

X- we get it; we're trying to break the system and show that we are educated young black people, but not right now

Tiffany- Not right now.

Hannah laughs more "I need to be dumb"

X- dumb, ignorant, players

Tiff- my uncle was always don't be no pretty, dumb, chick....In here, it is great!

Xavier pretends to be stupid- 'I am stupid, stupid."

Tiff- Okay? Now what's 4 x 6?

Hannah- let me think about that....10

X- crushed it; easy

Tiffany- yeah

Xavier- now except for herself, me and Ky, fuck game talk

Tiffany - just listen

X- I can guarantee you all three of us have your best interest at heart

Tiff- Yes; and don't be off to yourself. Talk to people but just stay in the shade. Stick a straw up your nose to get oxygen or something.

Hannah snickers


Hannah- Okay, let me shower first.

Tiffany is admiring herself in the mirror again saying  (she does look fabulous) "I am fabulous darling" with an Ava Gabor type accent. SHe hugs Hannah.

Hannah- I'm just frustrated

Tiff- you have nothing to be frustrated about

Hannah- I'm just tired of people telling me 'you're too smart'

Tiff- I know

Tiffany tells Hannah she needs to talk to just Christian and not mention Alyssa at all. She suggests she just try to work with him individually

Hannah- yeah, I'm just frustrated with a lot of people telling me 'you're too smart'

Tiffany- I get it

Hannah- I need to not expose it  [Too late, Hannah.  -MamaLong]

Tiff- even if the answer is right on the tip of your tongue, give yourself time before you answer and that will give you time to think about your answer. 

Tiffany says she oftens says something and then later is mad at herself for saying too much.

Hannah- I just can't help but wonder if I was older and a man and still processed information at the same pace that I do, would I still be considered a mental threat? Probably not.

Tiffany- you would

Tiffany tells her that what she just described is Ky (the older man) "There's no men looking at you like 'you too smart; you know too much' it's her (Alyssa) saying it to him. You have heard her say she gets along better with guys than girls. She is showing you who she is. She is a guys' girl not a girls' girl. It leads me to believe that girls will be her target. So your older guy in your situation is Kyland but don't think people don't view him as a threat. Men just create a little less fear than women, I suppose.

Hannah says the physical intimidation takes over.

Christian walks in and breaks the conversation up. He quickly leaves after having no real reason to go in there in the first place.


2:36PM BBT

Baby D, Azah, Alyssa, Xavier, Whitney, Claire and Big D are enjoying the sun and random conversation in the backyard. Azah says you can always tell when someone was talking shit in the DR because they come out (she demonstrates a proud strut). *Should be noted that Azah's knee and elbow are plastered with band-aids




2:44PM BBT

Ky is alone in the storage room speaking directly to the camera after clearing items that were blocking it: "Okay, let me move this out of the way...and this. Yep. Yep. What's up camera? What's up? Yeah, I'll talk with you."

*WBRB Bubbles

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2:47PM BBT

The feeds return to Ky, but we have missed several minutes of his conversation "there is obviously concern about bringing the four into jury because instead of having a 1 in 11 chances it almost feels like anyone that was a King and sits in final 2 automatically has three extra votes over anyone. A King would vote for a King in final two. That's hard for a lot of us to really ignore. But, I do love the Flush and I do want the four to make jury but if they come then none of them can win to final two. That's not good for my relationship with X. But it would be good for my relationship with Tiffany. But Tiffany would for sure get Christian's vote. So, that's tough. I'm not really sure what to do there....(he mentions several different scenarios of possible evictions, wins, saves, etc.)..But I don't know....and the other votes; who is going to be there...and then the next week. Of course I have to win because different people would do different things. It's going to be a wild week. But that's the key. Never feel too safe. Need a healthy amount of caution, healthy amount of awareness. I'm trying to stay as aware as I possibly can. I don't want to miss something, or I could miss everything like Brent. I don't ever want to find myself in that situation."

Ky says there is a lot of stress and a huge emotional element because he cares about them all so much. If he did win then he would figure out who would go up.

"Tiff said she wants to win for her birthday, but then the person she says is her number one target is a person who would be a vote for me. It's tough. Whitney feels upset right now and Derek X made a comment that kind of made i t seem that. He feels bad about it, but she did make a comment she wanted to go home to her kids and that she was losing money (from her business) and that's hard to ignore. I had a great conversation with Azah. That feels good. And Big D. Man, I love these people. The hardest thing is keeping myself in check because I do crossfit. And watching Derek X workout, and I can do that workout...but I'm not doing that here. That's ego. Gotta keep that in check. And I don't have the physique like Xavier and others here and I'm like damn. But, that's not why I am here. Priority this week: protect Hannah. This Thursday, I can't blame anyone for throwing this HoH, with the exception of maybe me I can't risk someone else winning, especially Derek X because he could win both and have full power (both HoH and veto). I don't know who besides  SB and Alyssa wouldn't share the same target as me. I just need to make sure SB and Alyssa don't win. They would put up people I don't want to, like Azah and Hannah.

*SB walks in 'Are you talking to the camera?"

Ky- yes; we can both do it. How do you feel about this week?

SB-I am disappointed because it's not what's best for my game (she has clearly stated she wants Hannah out, not Whitney. She wants Hannah out because Christian and Alyssa told her that Hannah said they would put her up.)

Ky tells SB that Hannah would only vote for SB if he told her to

SB- I don't know why you think you have her. And X thinks he has her.

Ky says he is just speculating. SB really wants Whitney to stay because she feels she is a perfect shield.

SB- if Hannah wins next week, which she could, she will put up one of the Kings

Ky- Hannah isn't going to win and if Whitney stays and wins she will put me on the block  (that is true)

SB- that is not true; she wouldn't put you up (yes, Kyland is Whitney's target)


2:54PM BBT

Ky and SB continue to banter over what move is best for each of their game. They basically agree to disagree. SB asks if he is going to eat the banana in his hand "because it has blood on it." He tells her it's not blood, just a light brown spot on a yellow banana so it looks red "besides it's not on the part I'm eating."


3:40PM BBT

Hannah is finally outside chatting with Big D and Tiffany. Big D is smoking a cigarette and Tiff comments that she doesn't smoke but if she wasn't on television she would have one right now. SHe mentions that someone is staging (posing) a workout. She makes some comments that no one can get one over on her. Hannah decides she wants some fruit and goes inside for a banana.

Baby D is eating a sandwich in the kitchen. Big D asks for a chess lesson.

Whitney is looking for a missing bathing suit cover-up.

Alyssa and Christian are in the pool.

SB is doctoring her knee after falling down with what Kyland called her SBeasting it trying to get up.

Tiffany asks what will be on the show tonight.  Big D tells her Wild Card and Noms.


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3:50PM BBT

Azah and Baby D are talking about Brent in the kitchen. Azah says a reason for wanting him out was personal for her. It was because he didn't come to bed until 4AM every day and she can't sleep with lights on. Baby D laughs that his was personal too "because he basically shit on my life the whole first week."


4:26PM BBT

Tiffany is talking with Baby D in the living room about her suspicions of Sarah Beth being America's Sweetheart.

Tiffany- she could get money if she gets past a certain number of evictions...like 50 or 70 thousand.

Baby D- Hm?

Tiff- I think that's why she is playing so low; and I am not saying this to anyone else, so if this gets out I'm gonna know you said it

Baby D- I won't say anything

Tiff- I think she needs to go next week

Baby D- I will say that SB has been on my radar...she knows everything; she knows all the people (about the game)

Tiff- she is very intelligent

Azah comes in to park back on the couch and Baby D asks if she is sleeping or watching

Azah says she is watching because she has already been called out twice for napping, "everyone thought I was in the DR but I was asleep here...they called me out, but they let me sleep for like an hour."

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4:39PM BBT

Britni, Hannah and SB are teaching each other moces for a dance routine in the backyard.

The dance routine goes with the new opening song for the Big Blue Couch show.


Kyland and Christian have been chatting about Shark Tales and Ky meeting Will Smith on the backyard lounges. Will remembered him from Comic Con when he saw him in a coffee shop later.


4:45PM BBT

Whitney has just come out of the shower and is complaining to Alyssa in the bathroom that people are leaving her out of things because she is on the block. "He tried to give me a hug and say sorry, and I was like, no."


4:58PM BBT

The girls are continuing with their routine, and it's very entertaining. They all have great voices and their dancing is pretty cute.

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7:07PM BBT

Kyland is teaching Big D his way to remember comp stats in the BB House with the chess board and the pieces in the parlor.


7:13PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


7:25PM BBT

Whitney is giving the girls a class on exfoliation, moisturizing and makeup application at the kitchen table. In attendance is Hannah, Britni, Tiffany, Azah and Claire. The only girl not present is Alyssa.


[Whitney has lots of gadgets, brushes, utensils, tools, scrapers, sponges that I have never used on my face. But, since she has gorgeous skin, I am paying attention.  -MamaLong]

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Christian walks through the kitchen asking where they are going to eat. Whitney says they can eat while they are doing the makeup class. (Clearly not enough room with makeup spread all over the table)


7:41PM BBT

Alyssa has joined the girls at the table, but she is eating something from a bowl.


Whitney is correcting the girls when they make a mistake or offering additional tips for mistakes she sees the girls making. The girls all seem appreciative of the lessons and offer affirmations for Whitney which she returns in favor.


[I will be back in Texas tomorrow, so I'll be able to post great pics then. However, if anyone can grab some pics of this beauty class, there are some great images to be captured! -MamaLong]


Sarah Beth is also in attendance for the beauty class. (forgot to mention her earlier)

Whitney's makeup application is a very long multi-step process. 


[I have lost interest. Sorry! I'm out for the rest of the night. I'll be back late afternoon tomorrow. -ML]

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8:45pm Big Brother Time

In the dining room area the girls continue their make up lesson session.

Big D, Xavier and Christian are in the chess room discussing strategy.

Big D is telling them he has been blunt about calling out the all girls alliance.  He says he is worried, three men have let the house and the jury will have too many females.  Big D says if you sit against a girl in the final you won't have a chance.

Xavier says  Whitney has to go, if she is in jury none of them would get her vote.

Big D says Whitney made it clear that she was not going to go after the Kings, however in truth, she mentioned doing that several times. Big D says there may be no more Wild Card competitions, (Xavier, Alyssa and Big D have not competed in that competition.

Big D says teams may be eliminated before the next HOH, both he and Xavier say they would not like that at all.  Big D says if they do that, they will probably have a game where you select another person to go against in an elimination game.

Christian is wearing a night hat, Big D says he should wear that to sleep in to keep his curls nice. Christian says he does.

Xavier leaves for a few minutes, Christian says if Whitney doesn't go out this week and goes to jury he knows he would never get her vote. 

Big D says two girls on the block, he wasn't comfortable with Derek X going up against Christian in the HOH, it was close. 

Talk continues about the nominations and worries for future weeks.

Big D is very worried about the girls, he knows he is playing a dangerous game in the middle of them, but they give him information. He says they consistently say they will not target other girls, with the exception of Alyssa.  Big D says he is trying to figure out how much blood will be on his hands if he is HOH, and who he would put up.

They mention Frenchie not stopping quick enough when he was HOH. (I think they are talking about him telling too many people the wrong things.)

Big D says he is thinking hard about which girls would go up, he says they should have sent Whitney home before Brent.
Christian says “Brent was coming after me.”

Xavier returns, they talk about the next HOH being a difficult one.

Big D says he will go after two girls, whoever stays will go after him, and the next week he is out.
Xavier says “you have two girls very close to you, they won't vote you out.
Big D says “statistically a girl has to go up.”
Xavier wonders what competition will be easiest for a girl to win.
Big D thinks the next HOH competition will be straight up mental, and he says either Derek X or a girl will get it. He thinks in that case two men will go up.  He doesn't think girls would target Xavier, but Xavier says if they nominate because of a threat they will.

Big D says he made it clear that he wanted to make it to top five, after that he doesn't care.  He says he has a powerful headache, he needs a smoke and that might make it go away.  Big D says he had a half bowl of slop today.  (Big D continues to amaze me, he is far more disciplined that these house guests even dream he could be.  I wonder if the smoking is also a way to give the illusion of self-indulgence and weakness.)  Big D leaves and goes downstairs.

Christian tells Xavier he has the last week of smooth sailing, Xavier agrees it will be dicey next week.

Bubbles stops by

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9:06pm Big Brother Time

Christian mentions his dreams, he says Xavier doesn't need to know who is in them.  
Xavier understands, he knows it is Big D.
Christian complains that his legs are twitchy. (He should get that checked, he could have a case of ants in his pants. I hear that can be pretty bad.-- ;)--Grannysue)

Sarge, “No napping. No napping.”
Christian and Xavier are both relaxed with their eyes closed, and both deny.

The girls continue the make up class.

Xavier wonders why they would spend 3 hours doing make up, they are all beautiful without it.
(I dunno Xavier dear, why would men spend 3 hours sitting in a stadium watching strangers knock each other down to get a ball? Pfffft from Grannysue (who rolls her eyes and tosses her head at him))

Sarge, “I'll ask again politely, please no napping.”
Christian whines.
Xavier laughs
Grannysue laughs at them

Xavier makes Christian come downstairs so he will quit napping. 

Big D has joined the girls at the dining table.
Christian stops at the balcony and watches them, then goes to the HOH room.

All cameras move to the dining area.

Big D says all the girls look completely different than their photos.

Britini and Sarah Beth are in the lavatory working on their hair.

Intermittent Bubbles (Sometimes she gets a little confused about what she would like to do)

Feeds return and Xavier is folding his laundry.
Feeds move to the HOH room.
Alyssa joins Christian in the room, he tells her she looks very pretty. She tells Christian that Whitney taught her how to do it.
Christian tells her he likes it when she wears “the scarf”. 
Alyssa tells him they are all dressing up this evening, she would wear it but it might not match.
She offers to go so he can sleep, he tells her he would rather she be there.
(he is wearing sunglasses now—but he won't fool the Sargent, we can be sure of that.)

Big Brother shows a close up of Alyssa, she does look very pretty.

Christian tells Alyssa that Big D wonders why she won't talk to him. She tells Christian that he always wants to talk game and he doesn't make sense.

Christians says they are at the point now when you can be alone and no one asks you if you are okay.

Bubbles returns for a few seconds.

Christian is watching the television set, he says he thinks Xavier is coming upstairs. 
Alyssa says “Let's pretend we are sleeping.”
Christian mumbles.
Alyssa giggles, and Xavier says he didn't believe it anyway, she was just downstairs looking like J-Lo.

Alyssa says she went to the make up class because all the other girls were there, she says she did have fun but wants to take it off.

They are talking about a Big Brother Micro Club they are doing tonight. 

Alyssa, taps Christian, “Want to be my date tonight?”
Xavier, “Sure but I don't know how Christian will feel about that, but okay.”
Alyssa, “uhhh I was talking to Christian, I tapped him.”
Xavier says, “hahaha, I know.”

Bubbles! Aaaagain.

House guests in the back yard are talking about the big night.

General chatter, no game talk.

Alyssa and Claire go in to dress up.

Hannah stays in the back yard to eat.  They made rice, raw salmon, raw tuna, spicy mayo with cucumbers in it. Big D says his week is almost done, it is tough.

Hannah and Big D are both hoping the team twist ends soon.

Girls are starting to show up in the kitchen all dressed up.  Boys are all googled y eyed!!!!

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10:00am BBT Wake-Up FotH. Feeds return to show Brit in the WA brushing her teeth and X & Whit talking in the YBR.

11:27am BBT Tiff tells Feeders she wants SB to go because SB is targeting Hannah. 

11:37am BBT General small talk between X & Alyssa in the LR, Claire & X in the KT and Whit eating at the KT counter.

11:49am BT Whit says it's good Christian won the Veto - now she only has to make her case to one person. She tells Brit she will try to switch Christian's target to DX. She notes her team (Aces) were nowhere to be found when she was nom, no game talk from DX or Hannah.

11:52am BBT Whit tells Brit she has no chance against Hannah because of Hannah's social game. Hannah tells Christian that she's not interested in the entertainment industry and plans to go back to her previous life after BB.

12:25pm BBT In the BY Pool, Whit struggles to get seated on the unicorn floatie. Alyssa tells DX, Hannah and Claire that she thinks Whit knows she's going.

12:30pm BBT Whit tells Big D she doesn't think Alyssa sees Christian romantically but as a good friend. She's going to force X to cuddle with her more since she's going home. Big D jokes he wants to cuddle with Ky. He's going to fall asleep when Ky teaches him chess.

12:36pm BBT Christian, Ky and X discuss what celebrities they would like to date - Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna but no Anne Hathaway or Sandra Bullock. SB says Zac Efron is a good looking man, no matter what people say.

12:53pm BBT Now HG are picking celebrity dates for other HG. Christian says DX likes tall women, so that rules out Ariana. Now they talk about which HG the celebs would like. Alyssa ruffles some feathers with Christian and X with her choices. Claire quizzes Tiff on math.

1:00pm BBT Tiff tells Hannah that Christian reported to Alyssa that Hannah knows all the days. She tells Hannah to be careful with how much she knows. They can't trust Christian to keep anything private. SB is tanning by the pool. Big D, Whit & Tiff are also laying out.

1:08pm BBT In the YBR, Hannah tells DX she's going to sing herself into a whole and cry. She tells Ky she's not going to quiz anyone any more (since some are using her game knowledge against her). 

1:13pm BBT Ky tells Hannah it is a good thing the Cookout is spread across teams in case they need team support to do anything. Hannah's mad at Christian's big mouth, though. 

1:23pm BBT Big D says he left all is arrangements in the hands of his roommates. He'll return to them when he leaves the house. SB, Azah and Brit join Tiff on pool floaties. DX and Ky are working out in the indoor gym, then goes to work on the BY equipment.

1:41pm BBT Brit joins DX for a BY run as he completes his workout. She was helping spot him on the weight bar.

2:11pm BBT Ky and X are jumping rope in the BY. X is criss-crossing one legged to HG applause. Talk turns to favorite TV shows on HBO, Hulu, etc. The HG play a lip reading game where they have to guess words being mouthed. 



2:33pm BBT DX thinks Big D is probably really funny in the DR. The whole BY gets in on the discussion as to whether they want to see what the other HG were saying in their DR sessions after the season. 


3:00pm BBT In the SR, Ky tells SB the Kings are a team version of Frank. SB says that makes her happy. Ky says he's down to run with the Flush a few more weeks but will want to discuss strategy with SB. She says if she wins HoH during a DE, she'll try to get rid of DX.

3:03pm BBT SB would target Big D if DX saves himself. She's also worried X does well on comps. Ky says if Hannah stays, she'll put a King or Joker up. SB doesn't trust Tiff or Claire to keep her over Azah. Everyone wants to keep Azah (presumably she's not a comp threat).

3:15pm BBT SB tells Ky none of the first 3 evictees were a threat to her. She is relieved Ky wants to go after Hannah sooner rather than later. They need to win HoH. He's the only one she trusts to vent in front of. Hannah tells Tiff SB is not as naive as she pretends.



5:17pm BBT In the YBR, Alyssa tells Hannah she can make sure her other three teamates (Kings) will look out for her. They talk about working together (Alyssa & Christian and Hannah & Derek X). It seems Alyssa (and maybe SB) have given up on trying to save Whitney.

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8:11PM BBT During the makeup session in the kitchen Tiff isn't pleased with her work and says she looks crazy like the Tin Man and Britini casually mentions that a cousin was in that movie.  Claire asks which part and Britini says the Scarecrow, Ray Bolger.  She also says Robin Williams is an uncle, but not sure if it's THE Robin Williams. 

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9:56pm Big Brother Time

The guys, after seeing the girls are worried that the girls look great and they look like only a four. Xavier says they need to iron their clothes and hopefully they can be close to sixes.

Christian is working on his appearance.  (I swear these young men look like my boys getting ready for dates, tucking and posing, un tucking and posing, re tucking and posing. Smelling armpits...--Grannysue)

10:20pm Big Brother Time

The ladies are sitting in the living room area, just general chat.

Cameras move to bedroom
Azah and Britini are talking about being in the house.

Britini says she started crying today earlier today.

Britini, “Did I hear Christian call me cute? Was that me?”
Azah tells her it was, then tells her she has no idea how good she looks in a house of beautiful people.

Britini heard something and repeats it to Azah.
Derek X said, “Next week when Chada and I are here...”
Whitney heard it and questioned.

Big D comes into the room, Azah says they are getting ready, she wants to save her jumpsuit for Thursday, she has another outfit for today.

Azah thanks Big D for making slop chips earlier, she ate some of them.

The three of them are making fun of Christian and Alyssa insisting they are “brother and sister” friends. None of them believe it, even a little.
Big D says to Britini, “Throw a little arse at him.”
Britini laughs.

Azah mumbles something to Big D, Alyssa comes in looking for shoes, Azah looks irritated but her back is to Alyssa, so Alyssa remains clueless.

Azah continues stressing over what outfit she is wearing.

Big D repeats that Derek X says she (Azah) looked good when she was in a bikini earlier. She was aware, seems she heard him.  Big D drapes Azah while she changes.  She shows off a beautiful yellow jumpsuit but it needs a repair.  Big D drapes her again so she can change. ( I wish I had a friend like Big D when I was young, someone truthful when you worry about how you look, who could wander around dressing rooms with you and button you up.

Sarge yells at Azah and Big D (again) to put on their microphones.  (Sarge, can you not see these children are getting Azah dressed for a big night.--Grannysue)

Azah notices her skinned knee, she says it looks horrible.

She goes back to the closet, she decided not to wear yellow because Sarah Beth is wearing yellow and she doesn't want to do that. She says Sarah Beth looks really cute.  She goes back to Big D to get unzipped (again) and pulls the fourth outfit on.  She swears this is the one.  (Really Azah? Really? I love you but I am doubting you just a bit. --Every outfit she has put on has looked beautiful, she is like a beautiful doll,annnd I think we might have a winner—Grannysue)

Sarge, “House guests, please go to the storage room.” 
They run, yelling yay...and thank CBS.  Sadly, they do not thank Sarge, who has obviously set them up with this).

Big D comes out, the ladies scream when they see him. Someone yells, “Are you sure you're gay????”

and of course Bubbles peeks her head around the corner so she can see him first, cutting me out completely.  Bubbles and I are going to have a talk later....

I see Big D, he does look very nice. (He gave me cold chills, without the beard he would be the splitting image of his father, a little bulkier, but Good Heavens it is like looking into the past—Grannysue)

Alyssa, Claire and Tiffany are joined by:

Azah, who has indeed decided to wear the gorgeous pink dress.
Hannah comes to the balcony as well, she is wearing a very nicely cut, matching slacks and shirt in cream.  
Sarah Beth is wearing a slim yellow one piece pant set with off the shoulder sleeves. Britini is wearing a deep maroon, nearly brown short dress that shows her figure off well. 
Alyssa is in a light orange short low cut dress that enhances her figure.  
Claire is wearing purple, a short zip up dress that shows off her tummy perfectly.  
Tiffany is wearing teal flowered silk slacks with a low cut matching blouse.
Whitney is wearing a little black sleeveless dress that falls just below her hips.

Kyland comes out, they give him a five.
Christian comes out, they give him a five as well.
Xavier comes out, they give him a five, they would give him a ten if they could.
Derek X is next, they girls are screaming “Oh my God.”  they are shouting ten, ten, ten.
Big D struts around, the girls scream another ten out of five.

Kyland has an off white t shirt style shirt with a deep maroon jacket
Big D is wearing a white tee shirt with a chocolate brown jacket.
Christian is wearing khaki slacks and a baby blue embossed shirt.
Derek X is wearing a cream outdoor style linen jacket with matching slacks.
Xavier has on a white shirt unbuttoned nearly to his navel

Big D tells the house guest that the ladies are going to be seated and allow the guys to tell them why they should select them.

Meanwhile house guests continue to admire each other while they wait for a toast.

Tiffany proposes a toast to the beautiful house guests. (11:06pm Big Brother Time), and it is very beautiful and loving and serious, I would say.

11:07pm Big Brother Time

Big D begins giving instructions to the men on the upcoming “Blind date.” rules. He reminds them “these are ladies, be respectful”.

Derek X (Blake) is first.
Kyland (Andre)
Christian (Chandler)
Xavier (Javierre)
Big D (is emcee, Jared)

The girls rate the guys,
fourth, Kyland (Andre)
third, Christian (Chandler)
tie: Xavier(Javierre, and Derek X (Blake)

The girls insists that the guys rate them. The boys refuse to nominate any singled out girls, so they say table four. Claire and Sarah Beth

All the guys choose a favorite table.

Derek X table 1 Tiffany and Alyssa
Xavier table 2 Whitney and Britini
Kyland table 3Azah and Hannah
Christian table 4 Sarah Beth and Claire

11:48pm Big Brother Time

Conversation continues on the balcony, house guests mingle, still keeping in their roles.

Tiffany tells Britini (while in character) that she is the epitome of a wife, she tells Britini that she is the kind of woman men would take home to their family, and unlike the other women “here”  --Now kiddos, I don't think Tiffany was kidding AT ALL.--Grannysue)

Xavier loses a Foosball game to Britini very quickly, Tiffany tells him, “You lost quickly,, dahling, Ah am no longer interested.  You are a losah.”
Xavier says, “I like a woman who challenges me.”

Tiffany should do improv stand up comedy.  She tells people the truth, but while role playing they accept what she says and they even laugh.  

Xavier continues talking about Britini and her qualities, he mentions teacher, would be a good mother, and attractive. 

Tiffany continues her role playing and absolutely roasts Christian. 

Whitney is critiquing Xavier and Christian. Whitney tells him she chose Christian because he is handsome.  
Xavier, “Then you go by looks then.”
Whitney says “I couldn't choose you, she chose you.”, she points in a general area across the balcony.

This conversation continues in this vein, but those quotes above cover the “enlightening” statements.

Christian is done with this, his facial expression shows his anger, he asks Alyssa to play Foosball, she agrees and he zooms to the table, I assume to escape the role playing.

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6:00pm BBT Azah has the GoPro. Tiff and DX talk about how to get rid of SB. She tells DX to stop throwing things because SB is using it to justify targeting Hannah. Tiff thinks she was laying low and going for Hannah, and then she could come for her. She's playing us all.

6:05pm BBT In the SR, Tiff looks to the camera and says SB has to go for her game. She hopes the live feeders understand.

6:15pm BBT The Brigades, who won the contest for the new Big Blue Couch theme song, perform their song and dance number for Claire and the GoPro while Whit, SB, Big D, Alyssa, DX applaud.




9:11pm BBT Big D compliments SB on her make-up. He says Whit did a great job with all the women and he'd sign up for her make-up class any time. He says Claire looks completely different from her wall picture. Big D submits to letting Whit work on his lips. 



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12:05am MONDAY MORNING....

The party continues, Xavier and Whitney sniping at each other.

(Whitney seems to be upset that Xavier chose Britini over her, I think she is seriously upset by this.)

Bubble returns....

So with this my loves, I am saying goodnight to you.  I have to meet with a nasty doctor tomorrow and he is very bossy and never lets me have my way. 
Be kind...your kindness will out live you!!!!! hugs, Grannysue

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9:44pm BBT Big D tells Hannah he'll flip the house if he wins HoH (many HG boast of making big moves but few win & even fewer actually make a big move). Hannah says no Cookout members will go up if she wins, so she has apparently been officially welcomed to the alliance.

10:00pm BBT The girls have been getting ready for the BB Night Club. After getting their make-up done with Whit, they have dressed up for dinner. Ky has been cooking dinner in the KT. SB makes up a Big Blue Couch style story for the history of her dress.

10:08pm BBT Christian got his HoH key caught in his hair. X has to help him get it untangled. SB asks Tiff about drinking alcohol. Tiff says you look more social when you have a drink in your hand, but she is fine if she waters hers down. Clair, SB & Tiff talk fav drinks.

10:20pm BBT Brit asks Azah if she heard that DX told Whit he & Hannah would still be here next week and it upset Whit. The guys are all in HoH primping up, with X shaving his head and DX ironing his shirt. Azah changes her dress - she didn't like orange. 

10:37pm BBT Azah has changed to a purple dress. DX says the guys need to come up with their own dance routine for tonight. BB announces there is alcohol in the SR! The girls get the drinks and the guys say they have to wrap up and go downstairs. 

10:40pm BBT Tiff asks BB to play the BB theme song so they can have music. Alyssa & SB are the first to the BB Night Club. Big D checks their IDs. Claire is a regular & gets to go straight through. Alyssa doesn't think other seasons hung out together as much as they have.

10:45pm BBT The guys assemble at the top of the stares & all come down together. Big D pats them down for security. Ky is first in & the girls cheer. Christian is next & gets a cheer. DX is told to come last. Big D asks if everyone is ready for chocolate and X comes down.

10:52pm BBT Big D asks the girls if they like very smashed rice and announces DX. The girls rate him a 10. Ky says 5. The HG are all meeting each other as if strangers. It's like Love Island, Big D promotes, and all the HG will be coupled. Tiff (aka Silk) proposes a toast.

11:00pm BBT Ky kisses each girls' hand and tells them he's looking forward to hanging out more. Brit says he has game and her heart stopped. Azah is in the DR to ask if she an have a drink while on slop (no). 

11:01pm BBT The HG are all in character. Big D is Jarrett. Tiff is Silk. Claire is Daphne. Hannah is Naoimi. X is Javier. Brit is Bayleigh. Alyssa is Jasmine. SB is Suzy. Ky is Andre. DX is Blake. Christian is Chandler. Whitney is Alex. Didn't hear Azah's character name.

11:07pm BBT Tiff prepares a toast to the 13 new friends: May you be prosperous in your endeavors. Big D says the guys will have speed dates with 2 girls at a time. They provide wild and twisted back stories, including past life hookups and questionable party manners.

11:27pm BB The speed dating is over; time for the ratings. Big D tells each girl to give him their bottom and their top (he looks to the camera w/a straight face & says he hasn't said that in a long time). Javier (X) & Blake (DX) tied for 1st. Suzy (SB) wins for the girls.

11:51pm BBT Brit & X are playing foosball. Ky tries to seduce SB with a ring from Wakanda. She's never heard of it. He says they like to keep to themselves. SB reveals to Ky she is a chemist. She's really into science & knows Nicole F. This is all part of the role playing.

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