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Tuesday, July 13, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00AM BBT

 WBRB Bubbles on all screens.


12:19AM BBT

Feeds return to HGs in the backyard. Lots of chatter and indistinct conversation.


It's story time. Each time an HG takes a turn they sit in the "talking chair"

Big D- since we are all here we should talk about embarrassing stories; since we are talking about shitting and everything

Everyone thinks about it and Brent starts with a story "I was at at table with 11 of my friends; it's not that interesting of a story, but I'll go first to break the ice..."


We get WBRB Bubbles again (It seems these HGs don't understand that any time they begin telling stories that involve other people who may not have signed a disclosure agreement, production blocks the feeds. Often production isn't sure where their story will go, so we get a feeds cut until it's determined safe)


12:29AM BBT

Azah tells a story of being in a bar when the waitress comes over with a drink pointing out a guy who bought it for her. She decides to go thank him. When she thanks him the guys ays it wasn't for her, it was for another girl sitting near he who also had braids in her hair like hers. 



Big D tells a story about a party for his bday (his next bday party is a trip to Canada November 17)  "I decided to take everyone to the gay bar." He took half of the school and it took 5 buses from Jersy to Philly. He says everyone pregamed (drunk before they even arrived). He said one of the bus didn't make it because some girls threw up all over the bus and he had to go clean it "I was like this is fucking insane....can't even enjoy my bday." Big D said it was chaos throughout the night.


12:34AM BBT

Azah says she has the perfect pickup line "what you do is B2"

Brent- I know this one

Azah- yeah, just say B2....and then say "oh my bad, I thought this was a snack machine."

Brent- I say I was trying to buy a snack

[MamaLong does not endorse this line. LOL!]


Brent- I say "I'm Brent"

They all say "Hi Brent"

Brent- I'm Brent and I am addicted to women

Sarah Beth- me too

They laugh at SB


Brent says he uses his last name (Champagne) to hit on girls "If I like a chick, I work my name into it...I say hey, fun fact, my last name is Champagne. They don't believe me so I take out my ID and show them. I always get DMs later"

Baby D (Derek X) Bro, I try that and I wake up the next morning with a restraining order



Christian says he always waits for a girl to be approached by someone else and then when they walk around he approaches and says "oh how annoying, guys are looking for a good time...make you a deal...next time a guy comes up you just pretend I'm your boyfriend....do not look and make eye contact."

He says his leaves his guys to watch and tell him when it's time to approach. "It always works."



X tells his pick-up story "it's winter and it's two of my best friends from back home. My boy Mike and my boy Garrett" Mike is white and Garrett is Malaysian. "We all had full beards...we go up to a group of women and be like, 'we are Dippin' Dots, pick your flavor'. I wait to see who like me before I like them back."





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It's Kyland's turn and Ky says he needs a partner for his. Ky and Whitney act out a pick-up attempt. (Kyland is wearing the PoV Necklace)


Whitney says "he smiles and I'm okay, where we going?"  


Ky says he will wait for two smiles then approach and ask three questions:

1. are you married or have a boyfriend?

2. do you find me attractive?

3. then, if you are single and find me attractive, is there any reasons you can't give me a kiss before you leave


Whitney kisses h im on the cheek











All the HGs cheer and say his pick-up is really good "must have a 99.9% success rate"


Ky says he has received nos to #2 "some people don't like peaches and cream"


Whitney says she will just go up to a guy and say, 'Oh hey, I just want to meet you but now I need to get back to my friends' SHe says she then waits and he will always come back to her


[MamaLong didn't need a pick-up line for PapaLong. Just the right eye contact was all it took. *giggles]

1:14AM BBT

Claire, Tiff and Kyland are in the bathroom

Tiff- tell me you're talking about me in the house without telling me you're talking about me in the house."

They all laugh and agree they are having the best time in the BB House.


2:15AM BBT

Frenchie is whispering with Brent and Alyssa at the hammock in the backyard over which HGs they trust

Frenchie says he is worried about Christian

Alyssa says she doesn't even know where he stands and they are on the same team

Frenchie- you're so full of shit

Alyssa- You don't believe me. I am being straight ass with you right now. I'm being serious.

Frenchie just shakes his head

Frenchie says if they try Derek, they have to backdoor him

Brent- I don't think so

Frenchie heads inside

Baby D comes out and Alyssa teases him "I'm going home because of you"

Baby D- I know, I was looking at the board and I was like that's for Travis, Travis, Travis (falsely counting votes to keep Trav)

They laugh

Alyssa- Julie will say 'the bull or the big fis?'  Oh wait, what's that? a bullfrog' I wonder if she will use a metaphor for me 'is Alyssa the Big FIsh? Will she puke on live television?...She shits on herself, pukes and winds up on the block....what's that? we need a commercial break, Alyssa keeps throwing up...' and I do my nomination speech from the bathroom.  [the self deprecation is truly funny  -MamaLong]


Conversation continued through most of the early morning.


3:50AM BBT Christian and Ky are whispering in the bathroom

Ky- everyone is going after the HoH

Christian- I don't want to say my target, but I'm sure everybody knows

Ky stumbles around his words and finally gets out "well, we just don't know who is going to win"



4:15AM BBT Ky is the last one up doing his hour long dental hygiene routine alone in the bathroom


4:30AM BBT Ky is finally in bed in the Reef Bedroom. The lights go out and the BB House grows silent.

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9:02AM BBT WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakay

9:27AM BBT

The feeds return to the house lights up and HGs milling about. The backyard is open with Baby D and X alone in the backyard chatting on the hammock



Brent has joined Xavier and Derek X in the backyard.

Christian is talking with Sarah Beth and Alyssa in the HNR




*Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles again



[Heads up to Morty's Live Feed Updaters and readers: I will be out most of the day tomorrow. I have to hire a new principal and have 8 interviews. Wish me luck. Sorry, loves   -MamaLong]

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10:15AM BBT

Most of the HGs are enjoying time in the backyard. The feeds have been bouncing in and out.

Tiffany and Baby D are chatting in the bathroom [the other HGs have no clue how tight Tiff and Baby D are  -MamaLong]





10:25AM BBT Kyland and X are working out in the backyard



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9:00AM BBT Frenchie is up while the rest of the HGs are sleeping. Frenchie heads to the KT, looks in the fridge, closes it and grabs water. Heads back upstairs.


9:28AM BBT The feeds return HGs milling about. The backyard is open with Xavier and Derek X alone in the backyard chatting on the hammock. Brent, Travis and Kyland join the conversation. Today is Kyland's birthday.


9:49 BBT Tiff and Claire talking in the BR. Tiff tells Claire there are some people in this house that have never one time come up to me and have asked me am I good with you, am I safe with you or are you willing to work with me. To me if you haven't then you are not willing to work with me. Brent has never said one word to me about game. My only thing is who do I put up next to him.


10:00 AM BBT Kyland, Derek X and Travis chatting in the BY about Friends (TV show) they are all attracted to Monica. Conversations switches. Derek X asks Kyland if there is one girl he misses the most. I can't answer that. Derek X - say YES then all the girls will think it is them. Derek X says there is one he misses more than the others.


10:14AM BBT Brent, Britini and Sarah Beth talking in BY. Sarah Beth tells the HGs that growing up she was an aggressive kid, always got in trouble. A demon child. Got kicked out of preschool, got kicked out of gymnastics, kicked out of swim class. She had a severe speak impediment. She tells the HGs she had a lot of frustration from it, no one could ever understand her. She would have fall outs, temper tantrums, would do as she was told. Then I just mellowed out. Speech therapy really helped.


10:14AM BBT Whitney joins the conversation and says she played softball growing up, then did dance starting at the age of 5. She did ballet, jazz and tap. She did cheerleading in HS. She tried to do tennis for a bit but didn't  like it. Also did golf for a long time. Took personal golf lesson then got on a golf team and work at the golf course.

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11:05am BBT: Brent and Alyssa talking in the BY about people that are attractive in the house and who might like who. Most HG sitting on the lounge in the BY just talking general talk. 

11:15am BBT  Travis and Kyland in the STR trying to hide in the trash can, Kyland grabs an apple and starts eating it as they talk  about how many votes Travis needs to stay in the house.

11:17am BBT: Christian and Alyssa in the SBR talking  about their first day in the house and about Alyssa getting sick. They then talk about things they do not like about themselves, Alyssa does not like her yellow teeth and she hates her chin. Travis and Kyland still in the STR talking about how they can get Alyssa voted out instead of him.

11:25am BBT: Kyland talks to Azah in the LVR about someone going in the trash can to scare someone and ask if she would be willing to do that , she agrees and ask who he is trying to prank and he says i do not know. he ask who would you want to get and she says Frenchie then says no he would expect it from me then she says maybe Brent or Travis. Kyland laughs.

11:30am BBT: Alyssa and Christian in the SBR talking about Christian modeling and how he does not like telling anyone because he does not like being stereotyped . Kyland and Azah in the LVR talking about how things are in the house and who needs to stay together like herself, Kyland Derek F and Tiffany and who might need to go . They are whispering a lot and can not hear names.

11: 40am BBT: Kyland in the KT talking to Derek X and Hannah about the clocks being different this morning, Derek X says  they usually wake us up at ten so it is normal for the clock to be 30 minutes fast and Hannah says no i think this is the first time we are noticing this and we get WBRB

11:45am BBT: Sarah and Britini sitting in the BY in the sun talking about  the wild card group, Sarah says anything competition based she does not trust herself to win it so she might not play anything. Kyland helps Hannah get in the trash can in the STR Frenchie comes in and walks back out and Kyland stops him  and tries to get him to go back in the STR and he wont go back in he knows what they are doing Frenchie gets others to come in and go to the STR .most HG in the STR making sure Azah is ok after Frenchie said she was down and she says she is ok and Hannah jumps out and scares them. Everyone talking loudly and laughing now.

11:55am BBT: Hg going back to the BY and in the KT, Frenchie and Kyland in the LVR and Frenchie laughing saying he knew they was up to something he says i can tell when all of you are lying. Frenchie says you tried to get me but it did not work but someone today is going to be covered in flour and i will not be around when it happens and  no one will know when it will happen.

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12:39PM BBT  Feeds just returned after being on WBRB since 12:11PM 


HGs are just enjoying their day. No real game talk going on, just discussions about trying to get some pranks together.


12:49PM BBT  Feeds are back on WBRB Bubbles again

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12:00pm BBT: Frenchie and Kyland in the STR talking about votes and if Travis might have the votes to stay, Frenchie says he felt pressured to put Travis on the block but he says he likes the kid. Most HG in the BY talking general talk.

12:22am BBT: HG sitting around BY talking General talk, Derek F and Alyssa in the KT. and we get WBRB

12:27pm BBT: Kyland and Alyssa in the KT talking about the votes for Thursday and Alyssa says when she talks about it she feels nervous so Kyland says then do not talk about it and Derek F says yeah do not talk about it, Kyland says has anyone ever been in a 3 way showmance and Derek F says he is in a 6 way showmance.

12:40pm BBT: Derek F, Kyland and Travis in the KT eating and talking about going outside in the sun and sweating. Frenchie, Azah, Clair and Hannah in the BY talking and Hannah says i feel good about you all here and Frenchie agrees with her. they are whispering a lot about Sarah wanting to win so bad and how she told Frenchie about all of it.

12:47pm BBT: Derek X and Alyssa in the BY by the weights talk and Frenchie comes over and Alyssa says we need to figure out our prank and Frenchie says flour in the shower, Alyssa says ok your pouring it i am on the block and laughs then Frenchie says i will and he laughs.

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1:00PM BBT  We keep getting WBRB Bubbles 

1:11PM BBT  The feeds return to Claire and Big D prepping food in the kitchen


1:12PM BBT The feeds cut again



1:18PM BBT  The feeds return to Frenchie in the HoHR with Hannah and SB and Claire. Big D and Tiff are in the kitchen discussing how to cook the chicken. Tiff suggests a chicken alfredo but there's no sauce. [it's clear this is just cover convo]

Tiff- cook it all up and leave it separate; let people do what they want

Tiff whispers- if he includes...(can't hear)

Big D- could you bring your plate over here so I can wash it (he can't hear either)

Tiffany moves in close and they begin whispering

Tiff- I think I should be upstairs

Big D- over her? with Frenchie?; just go up now; or go up later

Tiff responds but is moving dishes so it's not audible "if he included you, you can't be like, I don't want to be included

Big D- If she like I don't want to be included; that's a dumb play...you just say mm hmm

Tiff- mm hmm  these cards are shown just to get shown

Big D- that's what makes me nervous; every night I've been having to talk to her



*The feeds cut again


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2:09PM BBT Feeds cut to WBRB again

Feeds return to Frenchie and Whitney planning a prank having to do with a flour drop off the balcony




Sarah Beth is talking to herself in the HoHR

SB- oh my gosh...so Brent...bring in Brent and Big D so then literally the only...(giggles and waves at the camera that is moving)...so then the only, okay if I have that alliance and we're bringing in Britini and Big D and we are already on the periphery and I was already not worried about Britini  anyways, so the only people I am worried about are Derek X, Whitney and Brent, so I can't win

She is interrupted by Whitney opening the HoHR door saying she is looking for Ky


SB- I haven't seen him

Whitney leaves

SB- okay, let me finish my thought....oh I should have been looking at the...you can see people coming (spy cam)



So I'm just gonna go through the people. I'm good with all of the Kings. I'm good with all of the Queens. I'm good with Big D. I'm good with Azah. I'm good with Britini. Whitney? I don't know. Brent? I don't know. Derek X? I don't know; and then Travis is gonna be gone. So it's literally only...


Claire is next to interrupt. She asks if SB is trying to sleep

SB- I don't know if they'll let me, so I'm just relaxing

Claire- there are three boys in that room all with sunglasses on and hats low

SB- see, I feel like others can, but I can never get away with it.

Caire-I don't even try because I feel if I start napping, I'd want to keep napping

SB- How do you feel about....

*feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles

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When the feeds return at 2:31PM BBT, today's episode of The Big Blue Couch is already in progress (fake talk show by Alyssa and Big D). This is episode 2.

Big D- how does it feel because I know she broke up with you day 2 and then went with with Brent; do you feel he's competition for you when it comes to Alyssa?

Christian- no...I'm a confident guy and feel now that we're here; well, I hope you didn't come on here with Brent, too

Big D- Do you feel like you need to pop the question with a ring?

Alyssa- I mean you are actually our first guest

Christian- I feel really good about our future...it was a very quick rebound; it was very quick

Alyssa- I mean, we need to work back on everything because we did break up and I rebounded with 3 houseguests

Christian- but we're back

Alyssa- are we official or taking it slow

Big D- Breaking News! They are back (together)...well, it sounds like y'all are on two different pages

Alyssa says that they can't have a conversation because then people think they are married and have children


Big D asks if he has a compliment for Alyssa. He says she has beautiful eyebrows....then adds that a real compliment for Alyssa is that she looks so good in his scarf "it's a statement because people know who it belongs to"

Big D asks if he has a confession

Christian- I think I'm in love

Big D asks if there is anything else he wants to say before they close the show. Christian says that he is glad he was invited. Alyssa and Big D thank him for coming.

Alyssa- it was so hard to with the kids and all

Christian- we have kids

Alyssa- two...boys

Big D- well Christian, we are so happy that we had you here today

Okay, well unfortunately your time is....(Big D pauses) get the fuck out


Alyssa- thank you so much for coming; please tune in to the next episode when we have Brent on The Big Blue Couch


Big D asks Alyssa about X being her type. She says he is too normal for her.


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3:12PM BBT The Houseguests are getting ready for Kyland's Birthday Toga party. Brent already has his toga fashioned out of a blue-grey sheet  [not bad  -MamaLong]


*The feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


3:40PM BBT Tiffany, Azah are whispering in the YBR. Alyssa ais applying makeup in the bathroom. SB is curling her hair. Travis has fashioned his toga out of a dark pink sheet.




3:43PM BBT

Azah is tying a gold armband on Brent



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3:50PM BBT

Christian now has his toga fashioned out of a beige sheet and he's carrying around a broom around like a scepter and tossing his hair as if he is Zeus.





4:07PM BBT

In YBR, Azah, Britini, SB, Ky, and Travis are talking about the togas. Azah says she is using one of Kyland's sheets (he used one of her blue sheets and she's using his pink one). Britini looks zoned out but her eyes are darting around. 



4:19PM BBT

Tiffany is curling Alyssa's hair. In the Yacht Bedroom, SB and Hannah are discussing gods and goddesses and their names for the party.




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4:30PM BBT

Whitney is fashioning her toga out of an orange sheet and SB is struggling to make hers out of a blanket. (it's too thick)

Britini made a blue toga, and Tiff is braiding Travis' hair for the party



Alyssa fashioned her toga, but her ass is exposed. It's a good thing she has shorts on.


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5:18PM BBT Just about all of the HGs are dressed for the toga party in celebration of Kyland's birthday. Tiff and Hannah are still working on their makeup. Big D made his toga from a soft white blanket.



5:21PM BBT Tiffany is finally ready to get dressed, but she offers to braid Hannah's hair first. Hannah tells her she's just going to leave it down.

Tiff- Let's go get dressed

Hannah is still working on her makeup

Tiff- okay, I'm gonna go get my life together  *she leaves to get dressed



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5:26PM BBT

SB helps Tiffany get her toga on. They discuss Frenchie and how messy his game has been. 

Tiff- do I need a belt? I'm cool with whatever you're doing. He has burned himself (Frenchie) 

SB mentions that she feels working with Hannah and Azah will be good for her game

Tiff- He reminds me of Devin because he talks so much and the next thing you know we got 13 people in the alliance

SB- I think me you and Claire are all on the same page

Tiff- if you win, who are you thinking

SB- I feel like Derek would be dangerous for us  [this won't work for Tiffany] 

Tiff- how do you feel about Brent

SB says Brent and Whitney could be an option (for the block)

Tiff says she likes that




Tiffany- That was perfect. It's funny because my friends asked me what signs I would align with and work with. I said other Leos Gemini and Capricorn.

SB- What is Claire?

Tiff- Gemini

SB- look at that! perfect

Tiff- They are all over me. I'm like, 'Hi Guys! You hit The Jackpot'

Both Tiff and SB "Cha Ching"

SB- great, I feel great about that. 

Tiff- you and me and her are perfect

SB says they have a lot of people on the side that run to them for ideas "to run things by them"

They both agree to not ever tell anyone who the target is



5:33PM BBT

Brent is trying to help Hannah get a toga on, but there are only fitted sheets left   [you snooze; you lose]

Whitney is frosting the birthday cake in the kitchen


It doesn't look like Frenchie is participating in the toga party [party pooper  -MamaLong]



5:50PM BBT

X tells Big D he is going to win best dressed "you or Sarah Beth"

Tiffany and Big D discuss Coming to America 2 being "horrible," but the loved the first one

X leaves then Tiff begins whispering with Big D

Tiff- you going to have to make sure; if you want longevity; but you know you got X; that's your #1

Big D- I know; Brent and I been having to take breaks dealing with Fry (Frenchie)

Tiff-whyyyy? Why  Brent?

Big D- it's gonna be hard

Tiff- so not Christian?; he is a fucking beast. Why not pick him up then we kick him out!



Big D says "I know he is" but Frenchie has been hard to deal with. 

But Derek X is like a little ant around here. Why are we taking out him when we could take out a Brent

Big D agrees

Tiff-everything you say to Fry come out so don't say a fucking thing

Big D- I know, I know

Tiff- I would rather keep Fry over Brent. Fry will be everyone's target. I got Derek X wrapped around my finger.

Big D says he would rather get rid of a girl

Tiff- who?

Big D- either Claire or

Tiff scoffs

Big D- I know,  I'm sorry

Whitney comes through and breaks up the conversation


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#BB23 6:12 BBT All the Houseguest are gathered around the Dinning room table eating dinner. They are eating tacos since its taco tuesday. General chat going on right now.

#BB23 6:22 PM BBT The houseguest is going around the table talking about their favorite gifts they have gotten from Family. 

#BB23 6:25 PM BBT Feeds get cut to WBRB for a second and they come back on and the chat about best gifts from family continues on. 


#BB23 6:31 PM BBT Its Frenchies turn to talk about his favorite gift. He says his favorite his daugter listed 100 reasons why he is the best dad ever. He says that is his favorite gift ever. 


#BB23 6:35 PM BBT Dereck X talking about something in a boot and feeds cut off. 


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7:00PM BBT: Travis and Derek X are in the CP when the feeds return, it sounds like they were talking about BB winner, Nicole F. 


7:01PM BBT: Brent joins Travis and Derek X in the CP and they talk about clogging the HOHR toilet. Downstairs, Alyssa jokes around about being a havenot. General chatter throughout the house, BB cuts the feeds from time to time. 


7:13PM BBT: Feeds have been down for almost ten minutes now. Before they cut, most of the HGs were in the KT chatting, while Brent, Travis, and Derek X were joking around in the CP and Xavier was in the gym. 

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7:30PM BBT The feeds are still on WBRB Bubbles

7:49PM BBT The feeds came back for 3 minutes to see the finishing touches going on Ky's cake at 7:37PM then went back to Bubbles.


7:50PM BBT The feeds return to most HGs in the kitchen getting ready to sing Happy Birthday


We get WBRB Bubbles just as they are about to sing 

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The feeds return right after the song. [BB never shows the HB song. I'm pretty sure the Happy Birthday song was proclaimed public domain by a judge and the company collecting royalties had to pay a lot of it back. Maybe it was just rumor. -MamaLong]

The HGs are enjoying birthday cake and ice cream.

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