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July 10 Live Feed Updates

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In the BY Janelle, Howie and Kaysar are talking about Jase and his feeling like a 5th wheel. They all think Jase is great and totally in with them. They are talking about where Marc fits in with them.

Howie starts talking how he does not like Nak.

Talking about breaking up Diane Boogie and Will

Talking about who to send home first Nak or Diane

Kaysar thinks Nak is a bigger threat than Diane

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4:34 A BBT - BY

Janelle Howie and Kaysar sitting in backyard talking strategy. They've solidly placed Marcellas and Erika in the BB6 camp and are weary of Jase. The most interesting statement made was that Janelle is seriously considering using the veto on Danielle and replacing her with Will to force Alison out. Could make for an interesting Veto ceremony in the next couple days.

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4:57 A BBT

All HGs appear to be asleep but I suspect Kaysar is still up but the camera crew doesn't want to show him sitting alone for few minutes until he can do his morning prayers and then head to bed.

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Its 5:48 BB time,

Will got up to shake George to stop him from snoring.

However it wasnt George snoring.

George then took his pillow and left the room he was sleeping in the SNORING is still going on and loud. Not sure of who all is sleeping in that room.

Cameras did not show were George is now sleeping. I suspect the couch but they are not showing it as your not supose to sleep there.

Who ever is snoring is very congested.


FLAMES :angry:

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:blink: George is back in his bed, one of the male guest not sure who has this contraption wrapped around his head padded near his ears. I think to cut out the snoring.
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i am sorry if this is out of order, but i have to add to a late night feed update for clarification

last night james asked alison if she was really in love with her boyfriend

she said yes, very much

james told her that she should not waste any time and she should ask him to marry her when she gets home

alison said she would...but she is ON PROBATION with him

james asked her what for and she said for being mean

james said, that is what you girls do before you leave or we leave...you get mean and pick a fight and we feel like sh**t

this was the reason and basis for alison saying she was on probation

it is relationship probation

not the kind with the police and a probation officer

just wanted to clear that up before a big rumor started about alison being a criminal


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8:44am BB time.

All Hg's still sleeping (Looks like even our two early birds, Dani & Nik, are sleeping in today)

Oh and on F4, which is the girls big bed bedroom, one of them is snoring horiffically!!

(My kids are listening and think its hysterical)

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Looks like Dani is getting ready to have a shower, and Mike is making breakfast..I think the camera man was expecting something good to happen with the toaster, because he kept that shot for a few minutes! lol

(my son actually asked me why the camera was looking at the toaster! :D )

The camera man just zoomed in on some coffee drink that mike is making, then panned over to the pb&j jars, and back to his drink..(He did this a couple times)

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Mike is in the backyard alone having breakfast and talking to himself....

He just said "Hmmm, I could vote one way and have Will vote another.That would Reeeeally get them thinking".

"Alison, who would you vote out?,Diane who would you vote out?"

(He is obviously strategizing)

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10am BB time

Nik,Dani,Diane & James,Ali all in the bathroom getting ready for the day.

Nik, has about 10 different colored barrets in her hair today.Dani applying makeup.

James asking if he snored again last night.

Dani telling him "Yes, and when you get on a roll your loud"

James- " Oh God, you should have woke me up-----are you sure it wasn't George you heard maybe?"

Dani " No, it was you".

James- 'I had a weird dream last night. Little monsters that looked like dogs and other small animals, even people.And they chase you.There were billions of them and they were taking over the world.Millions of thelittle fuckers, andand they were battling a army.Then they were chasing all of us, and I tried to hold a door shut against one of.He got in and I started choking him until he passed out.Then I felt bad for it...."

Dani-"Soo its like men in black vs.critters?"

James -"Yea,like that."

James- 'so I found out they eat people.....but they save some for later"

Dani- " So you got all this from a dream?"

James- 'Yea....So, Janelle comes by"

Dani- "Janelle is in the dream?"

James-"Yea, wait theres more.......I'm trying to decide what to do, because if this little fucker I choked wakes up hes gonna tell his leaders I tried to kill him.

Then Howie comes comes in..."

Dani-'so whats the moral of the dream?

James- "Theres no moral......I don't know, between this and the vampire dreams I think BB is putting something in my food or something"

Dani-Laughing, walks away.


10:15am BB time

Diane walks into the bathroom, obviously annoyed at the camera men.

She says 'God quit following me camera!' and goes into the toilet area.

Then we get FIRE :rolleyes:

10:21am BB time

Back from FIRE......BB must have worken everyone else up:

George and Will talking in bedroom about George's snoring....

George- " I'm sorry Doc.....I tried to sleep upstairs and they threw me outta there to. I tried to sleep on the couch and BB said YOU CAN'T DO THAT".

Will- "Maybe tonight you can sleep in the pool!!!"

George- "Damn, to bad they threw out all that duck tape.You'se guys coulda taped me shut".

Will doesn't reply.

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Nakomis Danielle and Chicken outside.

Talking about alliances.

George is telling us that James is not liked by BB6 group but will keep em til, the turn

Kaysar is the leader, Howie is a lap dog annd Chicken thinks Boogey and WIll are in alliance with them.

Danielle says that is why Nakomis and her are sticking together cause they are in no alliance.

They have it totaly wrong Danelle seems to think he might be wrong but is not sure.


Said JAmes said that the if the 2 HOH dont agree that they both loose all priveleges and compete for the power of evto but if one wins the power of veto they pick the replacement person to go up.

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11:05 Lockdown

Will is pretending to be "Howie Gordon's webmaster." Using this high pitched, nerdy voice. "Light saber sales are up." (He's cracking me up)

At 11:11am, Diane is asked to go inside to get her microphone.

Everyone is outside, eating breakfast, waking up.

James and Mike are talking about hockey. Bogey says live games are awesome (yea they are!)

Now, they're just chitchatting about the lockdown itself... (Sorry... I think they're just waking up)

Will: Can we have a quick house meeting about the snorers? Whould anyone else like to have them sleep outside?

James: Well, I'm bothered because I dont' think I normally snore.

Will: See, theh problem is that the snorers don't think they snore.

Everyone starts talking over each other, Chicken G, howie, james... (Whoa). Now they seem pretty awake!

J: If I snore, wake me up.

M: I have a problem segregating people.

J: What level of snorking is acceptalbe?

(??) None.

M: There are a couple pretty girls in my room who snore.

James seems pretty paranoid about his snoring; CG is laughing good naturedly at himself.

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11:35am They are still outside....

Will mentioned the banner planes again. And a few minutes later a plane came by... They all got really excited and thought that it was going to drop something.... false alarm.

Will said that it would be really cool if someone dropped a package of breathe right strips for Chicken George.

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James talking to Kayser, says Alison is acting desperate.

James asks Kayser what he was doing talking to Danielle for 2 hours last night. Kayser says they were talking about her game play, her relationship with Jason from her season. James says he doesn't think she's bad person, that she's a really good person. Kayser told her he hasn't talked to anyone about his vote, she asked if she was safe, and his response was "I don't Know"

Kayser said that they must be putting on a pretty good act if the others trust James enough to talk to him. James said he has to keep acting like he really doesn't like them, he's only sticking with them for the numbers,

James said, the only thing that is certain is that they are coming after season 6. Kayser said, "clearly"

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Lockdown over:

12noon BB time

Kaysar and James talking while laying in their beds.

James telling K what Alison said to him last night regarding who she thinks should go.

Kaysar- "She said that? Is she that stupid?"

James- "Well, its desperation"

Kaysar- "Shes got to go, <BIG SIGH>"

James-" What did you and Danielle talk about for like 3 hours last night?"

Kaysar- After a long pause " Oh, game play, her strategies, stuff like that"

James-"Oh, that took all of 2-3 hours?"

Kaysar"Well....she just talked about how she stuck with Jason til the end, she kept her word".

James-" Yea, thats true loyalty"

(Missed some things)

James-" I'm , like, I don't know who to talk to.....I got stabbed in the back last time, Im not letting it happen again".

James" Sigh.......well the only thing I know for sure is that they are coming after season 6"

Kaysar-"Yea, clearly they are.

James-" We have to stay alert--the moment you relax, you go home"

Kaysar-"Yea, you can relax on your couch at home".


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I missed the beginning of this conversation....

James and Kaysar were whispering in the bug room.

Kaysar: We'll see what happens.

James: What did you and Dani talk about last night for two hours?

K: Her game play, relationship with Jason, um. that's it.

J: That could take up a couple of hourse.

K: Yeah. She just told me about how she wants to redeem herself.

J: REdeem herself, shit. She got second place alst time.

K: She doesn't want to be seen as a bad person.

J; I never saw her that way....

Kaysar is recapping what Dani was saying about her game- that she was loyal to Jason to the end and shouldn't be called a backstabber.


James is talking about his conversation with Ali yesterday, about how George came in and he said that he wasn't going to discuss anything in front of other people (in that case, George). Kaysar thinks that they are putting up a good front. James agrees, saying that every chance he gets he is talking about how he hates the BB6ers because they f-ed him over. Kaysar says they have to keep it up as things change daily.

James says that the only thing they know for certain is that "they" are coming after Season Six. Kaysar says that's very obvious. James says that having them back in the house together is sending them in with a huge bullseye on their backs. Kaysar thinks that is part of the challenge, but they can't get comfortable or think they are safe.

James: You relax, you go home.

James asks Kaysar if he misses anyone from home, and Kaysar says he misses a close friend from home... (He's very vague about it!). James says he misses Sarah but tries not to bring her up, although Howie makes it difficult by bringing her up every five seconds.

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