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July 10 Live Feed Updates

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before she went into the dr was

i was WITH CBS PRODUCTIONS IN THAILAND watching people eat bugs

now they all say that she said that she WORKED for cbs productions

and they think she was some kind of mole

now they think since she figured out the bug thing

she gets some kind of immunity

now they are all freaking out more about her picture

which is still GONE

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K says that he knows from James that E is on Ali's radar so what is the point in keeping her.

Howie and Will and Jase being hilarious about K losing his virginity to E.

K says to have E go up to Dani and say, "If you want to stay, swing Chicken G." He said Dani will do all the work.

K says Ali needs to go 100%

E going to find Dani to talk to her. She walks away from Kay

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erika goes in big bed room where marcellas is and she shuts the door (its one of the pull from the door jam doors...why doesn't anyone else do this?)

and says to marc

between me and you

this goes no further

because we are friends

...do we break up the 6?

marc says

we HAVE to break up the six

marc says to keep jan and kay get rid of how and james

erica says, she is never gonna break from howie

marc says she has to...he makes her look bad

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marc says that if janelle is up and he won veto, he would take her down

says they have to get rid of howie and james

marc and erika decide marc will go talk to janelle

and say that danielle has to go...he cant keep her here

they are planning for erika to go up to janelles room

then marc will come in and tell them both that dani has to go

they don't want jane to think they are turning on her

they want to protect her

marc...HOWIE is a nightmare

erika says that she thinks janie is looking for a way out of her alliance with the 6'ers

because it puts too much target on her

jase comes in and opens the door

marc says...we are talking about being scared of "the four"

jase....to E

so you and kay...SHOWMANCE?

..erika would tear him up

marc...he is trainable tho

jase..yeah you could be, no this is how you do it


its naptime

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Feeds switched to F1 & 4 - kaysar laying on the grass under the hammock

F2 & 3 - howie and will teasing kaysar that he and erika are going to be the new showmance and they they will have kaysar "virgin no more"...acting all crazy gettin buck naked at the pool - kaysar is just on the ground laughing running his fingers through his hair

Feed switch again - all feeds on he living room area at the photo wall. Diane and Nak talking about how the pictures are diffferent.

Switch - All feeds showing kaysar and erika doing some strategy talk.

E - you really think it's safer to keep....?

K = it isn't safe to keep either

E - i know (they both laugh)

K - but i dont like the fact that Allison's game play is so bad, she'll do anything. Shes athletic, she's sneaky. They are both strong players, but my guts telling me that Allison has to go

E - <silence)

K - Allison 100%

E = what?

K - I said 100%....Allison

E = <silence>

E - where is danielle? I need to talk to danielle

K - what?

E= i havent talked to her yet, i talke to her a little bit this morning.

Erika leaves and it seems she is going to find danielle.

Kaysar still laying on the grass going through his hair.

As Erika walks into the empty kitchen she says "OMG I'm having a fucking heart attack" (sounds annoyed)

She goes in and crawls into the big bed in the red room. Marc is there sleeping on nhis couch thing.

M - it's crazy bball starts in this bitch

E - whispering to Marc. - do you think we have to break up the 6?

Marc -= we HAVE to break up the 6

Marc - we break u the 6, but we make sure janelle stays. we pick janellle up and kaysar and then we are the 4.

E - she (janelle) will never turn on howie

M - she has to, he's acting crazy which makes her look bad

E - isn't janelle gonan be pissed that we changed our minds? you gotta talk to her and explain why we changed our minds. i wanna go with the house and it seems the house wants allison to stay

m - i''ll just tell janelle i cant keep danielle because she has james


M - dani definitely yas dani and she definitely has james

E - she has george?

M - i think she does. you just tell janelle that you want to protect her

E - i DO want to protect her. should we go to her together? I know she's gonna freak

M - janelle is a smart girl, i think she is looking for a way out of that

E - yeah it makes her a huge target

M - and i think she's looking for a way out of that. And if they put her up and i won the veto i would take her down cause i wanna see howie or james go before her

E - ok

M - we just can't be ..the word on the street is blah blah blah. I will just go to her now and tell her that Danielle has to go, i just can't keep her here. We could even work it like you two are in the room and I come into the room and be like 'listen guys, i need you to cosign this..danielle needs to go:

E - ok.

M - howie is a nightmare. If she was up with howie i think they would give it to her and not howie cause they wouldn't want that in thhe sequester house

Jase walks in and askif Erika or Marc want any Mac 'n' Cheese

Quick feed shows will in the dR and then immediately to fire on those two feeds.

M - it's nap time (6:41pm - BBT)

Marc whispers to Erika...it's early in the game to start scumbagging people, but i'd LOVE To send Danielle home first

Erika laughs and says " I know...I know you would"

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james howie alison (yes she is back) will and diane are all in by getting ready to play something

a bird lands in the yard

oh look....somebody feed him quick



by...kickball 15 minutes

feeding the bird

james is telling howie that will gets all the camera time

howie is going to go give will a kiss to get cam time

howie gets called to dr

a minute ago will says that in the dr he is either always getting reprimanded or asking for clothes

but said that on his last trip in there he had to do a voice over ed.??

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All four feeds on the backyard with will telling a little about his diary room experiences. He says mostly they call him in there to bitch at him or take his clothes away, which btw he says he got back. He said he just had to do a voiceover this time. A bird has come ino the backyard and Will screams "feed it..quick"...

brief fire

we come back to Howie trying to kiss on Will and Will tells him you smell horrilbe, what is that? Whoregasm?

E - I cant take him seriously

H - when i blow my load you'll know i'm serious

E - oh way to turn me on...

W - strong move there howie, strong move....very effective i'm sure

computer on fire.....

Feeds back to yellow room with james changing his shirt and Howie is in there with him.

H - I came in here for a reason..oh yeah, my shoes

DAni and marc talking strategy about keeping janelle.

Marc announces that it's about to be a fifteen minute lockdown ( I think they mentioned playing the kick/baseball game)

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yellow room Kaysar asks James if he thinks they will really have to eat bugs. James says he doesn't know for sure, but he will be pissed if so. Jase cooking something in the kitchen and James seems to be getting stuff from there to have during the lockdown.

All four feeds now on Howie doing handstands in reps against the outside of the HOH room door. Marc throws howie UP a pillow to put back in the HOH. Howie tells Janie who is in the HOH that there is a lockdown in a few minutes..

Jan- really???

Howie - yeah

Jan - ok, i'm coming....

Howie grabs his tennis shoes and heads outside passing Jase and James in the kitchen.

Jase yells to Janie as she comes down HOH stairs...."geez janie, hurry the fuck up"

Janie = wow, ok, i'm coming

Jase - smiling - i was just kidding with you. Why do you always take me so seriously.

All feeds outdoors backyard - gathering for LD

Some talk about doing sprints around the yard 'til the game starts (Ali, Will, Howie)

A - i gotta do it cause i'm sore as shit...let's go half speed....

and off they go.

BB: HG this is a lockdown...please go outside and close the sliding glass door

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Chicken George calims that he want to join Howie's force. Howie agrees. Oh and for those who haven't caught on by now, Will and Mike are working together as an aliance to get rid of the BB6 HG's.

BB: HG'S. This is a lock down. Please close the windows and slide the glass doors.

Right now, they're playing kickball in the BY.

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Marc & Boogie talking about $, they aren't going to play. Jan & Nakomis aren't either.

Boogie talking about how the woman in his life are shallow. That's why he's single.

Marc tells people to take off their shoes so the ball can't go as far and go over the roof again.

Jase is eating something, I can't tell what. The kickball game is going. E is pitching.

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8:29pm bbt

F1 & 2 - alison, and diane in the hot tub, nakomis sitting beside the hot tub talking to them. I just saw erika and james around that area too

F3&4 - Marcellas, Janelle and Jason having conversation in the HOH

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Kaysar, Howie (sleeping?), Mike, Will, CG on the red couch - james talkin to them from sitting on the fire pitt. Talk turns to how many women Mike has/can hook up with in his environment. Will says sarcastically that he had to go to DR 15 times today. Others say they haven't been called to the DR hardly at all.

Will talking about some of his business...plugging...keeps saying "go to coffeeclub.com"...fire for a sec. James talking about maybe getting in on some of the investing in their various projects. Or getting in on the ground floor of some project or another. Mike tells him maybe "tin pin" and james says he doesn't wanna work there and Mike tlls him it's gonna be great. As a bartender he could go home with $300 a night. Will says he can make cash cash cash....

More talk about businesss and Howie suddenly "wakes up" and comments how it's become his new hobby - sleeping and eating.

g2g for a while

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