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July 10 Live Feed Updates

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7/9/06 9:36 P BBT- BY

Pilates class with Erika starts. Will and Boogie are the learners on this occassion. It's actually pretty interesting that these California guys don't know what they're doing but they seem to catching on relatively quickly under Erika's tutelage. Erika's giving a lot of attention to Will and seems to be focusing on him much more than Boogie (possible flirtation?).

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Kayser had some kind of meat (later announced as Lamb) boiling on the stove for 2 hours...Marcellas and Janelle complained about the smell, and called him inside to check on it. Apparently he had forgotten about it. Danielle was called in to fix it, and she turned it into a salvagable meal.

10:12 BBT Jase, Will & Mike Boogey are sitting out in the yard, talking about the players. Will thinks Janelle is playing him. Will is convinced if one of Season 6 gets HOH next week, they are going up. Mike Boogey says that the three of them actually have lives outside of Big Brother, but the four from Season 6 have nothing else.

They also mentioned that if the season 6 get to Sequester, and one of them makes it to the end, then it's all over, and they will win for sure. Will wants to convince someone to take him to the end, and if he wins, he'll give them 5-10 grand.

Mike Boogey is made that some "coasters" got through. He points out Janelle and Howie as coasters. Mike asks Jase if he had been HOH by himself, who would he put up? Jase skates around the answer, but it sounds like he would have put up one of the season 6.

The boys are bad mouthing Alison, talking about saving Danielle this week. However, they are convinced that Danielle has a deal with James on the side. They also think Erika is on the fringe of the group, probably the first to go when they have to turn on themselves. There is a mention of the Santa Monica Van Boys.

Mike says that if he sees one of the people from Season 6 win, then he'll be pissed. He says that season 6 thinks they are running things, America thinks they are running things, and he's pissed.

Will and Mike want to make sure everyone knows that Season 6 can not make it to Sequester, or they'll dictate who wins. Mike says that while he and Will want to win, they could easily go back to their life, no big deal.

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Jase, Boogie, and Will are ijn the backyard talking about how the Sov6 think they are running things, and that Erika might be with them as the +1.

They think Janelle is the "alpha male" of that group. She's an animal that blew everyone away in the veto comp.

They are considering striking a deal with Allison.

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The boys are now saying they should keep Alison in the game, because she would go after Janelle and do their dirty work for them.

They keep going over the different scenarios, and then says "I hate this f**ing game."

Jase's theory on James - he'll get the 6 to sequestor, and then he'll filter off with Danielle.

Will & Mike are worried about trivia games, because Howie is already starting to practice the trivia. Will says that of the Season 6ers, Kayser is the one he is least worried about, because he hasn' tbeen hanging out with the other ones.

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10:20PM - BY

Will, Boogie and Jase sitting on the astroturf talking about how they hate the fact that there are four people from BB6 are in the house and how much they'd be upset if one of them won.

Boogie and Will now agree that Nakomis is cool. This may lead to an interesting situation if the Howie blow up goes public. Will's worried about Diane playing them. All three seem to agree that Alison's willness to get up in people's faces is admirable trait that they should try to take advantage of.

They decide that they're going to talk with Alison and see what could possibly be done to keep her on.

Jase gets up to go inside to Chicken George's tacos.

They want Diane to do dirty work. Boogie is concerned that Howie thinks Will is throwing competitions and that Will should go balls out on the next one. They are absolutely dead set that Janelle is that biggest player in the game and should be always on their radar.

They discuss the Chicken George situation and Boogie says that they should play him on the paranoid way stating that the BB6ers are totally on to him and that they can offer him some protection.

Boogie and Will talk about getting on the Amazing Race.

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10:40 BBT

Chicken George made really good tacos - aparently they were more like Chalupas than tacos. Mostly everyone has moved out to the hot tub, all feeds on them. Will asks KAyser about his dietary restrictions, hard to hear over Marcellas talking.

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Jase has gone to Alison to tell her that Will and Mike are going to talk to her about how they can save her. They want BBG6 out, and they want Alison to stay in to help them get BB6 out.

Alison went to Diane to tell her what Jase said. Alison said she has to work on Howie and Kayser to go along with the plan to get rid of Danielle inside of Alison. Chicken George walks in, and the conversation abruptly ends.

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10:47 - Bathroom

Jase to Alison that he thinks they have the numbers. They still need George to make this happen and that the major angle to work is that Danielle is in with the BB6 people. Those voting for Danielle to leave would be Will, Boogie, Nakomis, Diane, George. There's also the chance that Marcellas will vote to get Danielle out regardless of the alliance that will be created by this vote. Jase says they'll talk about this situation later.

Diane came out of the bathroom and Alison informs her of what Jase just told her and it seems like Alison knows that this may be the moment she's been waiting for since she was put up on the block. She continues cleaning the bathroom and walks back to the red room and goes over the situation with Diane. Howie walks in and stops the conversation temporarily.

Diane says that Marcellas stated earlier in the day that he would vote where the numbers lie regardless of his personal feelings. Howie walks in again but walks right back out. They're wondering if Danielle has been strategizing. Diane sends Alison off in one direction in hopes that Jase will head into the Red room so they can talk this over.

Ali walks out into kitchen and talks with George and gets him to do some of his bits as a dealer and promoter.

10:58 - Kitchen

Jase is called into the DR for no doubt to talk about this scheme that seems to be brewing.

10:59 - Cam switch to Red room

Diane and Howie are talking about the game and how these nominations aren't personal. Howie's supposedly basing his vote on who is the bigger threat to him. Diane seems to be interested in his answer. Diane states that she thinks both are threats to her. Howie begins to spout stuff that has no real value and always make a point and then immediately takes it back. He's playing a good politician and this seems to be one of the first moments where Howie's being more than the oversized 12 year old facade. Diane and Howie both state that they won't be placing each other on the block which is an interesting statement to say the least.

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Alison is talking to Diane in their room again, telling her that Danielle is in it with the BB6 people, promising them that she will go after Diane and the others if they keep her in. Alison thinks she has Diane Nakomis, Will & Boogie to keep her in, so she needs to find more to keep her. Diane thinks that Marcellas will vote to keep Allison in if the votes are in Allison's favor. Diane said she talked to Marcellas, and he just wants to vote the majority, because everyone just wants to save their own asses. Diane says that it's nothing personal, its just that everyone wants to save themselves at this point.

Alison doesn't get why anyone wants to keep Danielle, because she'll tear up the house. Diane and Alison split up, so they can talk to other people to figure out how the vote is going. Alison has to find more votes for herself.

Alison walks into the Kitchen, with Jase, Chicken George and James. James asks her "what's up" and Alison hesitates, and then says "not much."

Jase says they will all be up all night because they are so wired.

Diane is in the red room with Howie, asking him about the Danielle/Alison situation. Howie says he has to do what is going to get him farther in the game. Diane says she's just feeling people out. Howie said that the goal this year is just to get people out to you can win. Howie said that both Alison and Danielle are great players, and the reason they are going out is because they are threats in the game. Diane keeps saying she hates making a decision, Howie just says you have to think about who is a bigger threat. Howie won't give a complete answer, he says that he hasn't really been sitting around talking game with people. Diane says she is still in the dark a little bit, she hasn't really talked to people about game either.

Alison is talking to James in the Kitchen, Howie walks in. James is talking about working, Howie says that James would be an awesome retired millionaire. James was a personal trainer for a gym that had their own trainers, so he wasn't making very much money there.

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11:06 - Red Room

Alison walks back into the red room and Diane is still there and Alison believes she can get Chicken George and maybe James but that she can totally get Marcellas to vote to keep her. Diane completely sees through Howie's sputtering and states that he didn't say a thing worth the time it took to get it out of them.

Alison states she'll give Howie and Kaysar amnesty for a week because her targets for next week are Janelle and Erika hoping that they will swing these votes in her favor.

Conversation turns to Jase and how he seems to be playing down both sides and the coversation concludes with Alison stating she'll need to campaign more than what she wanted to initially. Alison will go talk with George, James, Boogie and Will tonight to make sure that the ball gets rolling in time for all the votes to be solidly there when the vote on Wednesday comes up.

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Alison is talking to Diane in the red room, she's counting her votes. Diane is recounting her conversation with Howie, she said he's useless and that he'll make up his own mind. Diane says that she called Howie out, saying that he would stick with his people.

Diane wants to know why everyone thinks that season 6 has all this power, and Alison's reply is that it is because they have Erika, so they are 5 strong. Diane thinks that Jase is scared to talk to her.

Alison said that she is going to guarantee everyone's safety, to keep her in. She wants to go after Janella and Erika, and she says she'll even guarantee Kayser and Howie 1 week to save her. Alison is convinced she has Nakomis, Will, Boogie & Diane. She wants to talk to Chicken George, Diane says that she tried to talk to George, but he wouldn't say anything. Alison says that Jase doesn't have any power, even though he thinks he does. Diane thinks he might be trying to pull the wool over Alison's eyes. Alison said she was going to try not to campaign, but now she's going to have to. She thought that Danielle would dig her own hole, but it hasn't happened yet.

Diane points out that Boogie & Erika talk outside every day, and he does the same with Diane and Nakomis, so he's got some kind of agenda, they just aren't sure what (to win, maybe?)

Alison announces, hey, 11:11, make a wish!

Alison says she's on Probation, but she won't say what for

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11:20BBT Alison goes to James, and asks him about the vote. James says no one has come to him and talk to him. Alison says that she is not going to campaign to three different people, because she is going after them. She names them as Howie, Kayser & Erika. James asks why those three, and she says that Erika hates her. James had the bible in his hands, so he said he says he is going to put it down. She said she won't go to Howie & Kayser, because they are in an alliance with Janelle.

James said that if Alison takes out Howie, Kayser & Erika, then she will need everyone else but 1 to vote to keep her. HE asks her if she has them, she says yes. He asks her if she believes them, and she says yes. James asks who she thinks she still needs, and she says she needs James. James says that doesn't make sense, because if she has everyone else, then she doesn't need anyone else. Alison says she wants the majority, so no one sticks out.

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11:24 PM BBT - Red Room

The approach to James by Alison is made now. She lays out the fact that she won't be approaching Howie, Kaysar and Erika fo rtheir votes. An interesting fact is made present when James asks her to come sit closer because she's on the other side of the room and has to yell and she flat out says "No, I'm also doing a lookout." James responds with "Damn you're good."


Come back to Alison stating that James is her wild card. She says she has the numbers because the majority don't want to stick out. Alison plays dumb for a little bit and seems to miscount the votes and James asks her to lay it out and she counts out loud and doesn't state who she's thinking of.

Chicken George walks in and lays down on the big bed. They begin to review their first week in each of their respective years. James states at this point that he's not going to continue this conversation with a third party in the room. They speak in generalities but the communication is definitely there that the tides are shifting and she makes a pretty interesting case about the fact that Danielle will have to target someone and James still can be seen as a fence sitter and potentially the easiest BB6 player to boot.

The conversation ends with James stating "I guess I'll have to think.....We'll talk later."

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11:20BBT ish Alison asks James about how the first person was voted out in his season, he talks about Ashlea, Chicken George walks in, and the conversation becomes more innocent.

Alison tells James that whatever she says, she won't go back on it. If she makes promises, she will keep it. James mentions that since she brought up her targets, she won't have control over it unless she is HOH. Alison makes a stab at James and tells him that unlike him, she actually can go after HOH and win it.

Chatter about Alternative Lifestyles, and old houseguests. No game talk right now. Danielle is making hot dogs, Alison is going to get Marcellas to make waffles.

Diane & Jase are alone, Diane says that Alison is out for blood. Diane asks Jase if they want to keep Alison, and they're not sure. Diane says that it seems like Jase is close with BB6, and he says that they're just using them. Jase says he is most loyal to Diane because they are from the same season. Jase says that Danielle is slick, but BB6 is only tight with him because he's HOH. Jase and Diane are sure that James is on whatever bandwagon will take him the farthest. Nakomis enters the conversation, and they agree that it is best of Alison stays, because she'll end up shooting herself in the foot anyway. It will buy them another week. Jase is convincesd BB6 cannot go to jury. Danielle walks up, and Jase tells her that they're trying to figure out a way to keep her. He tells Danielle that he thinks she is staying.

Nakomis is bothered by the fact that they are wavering. She said that two days ago they were convinced that Alison needed to go, and she already told Danielle that she was safe with her. It bothers her that it is changing now, but she will vote with the group.

Diane is convinced that everyone believes that the BB5 people don't really like each other, but they have to stick together.

Jase leaves, and Diane asks Nakomis if she thinks Jase is just tricking them. NAkomis thinks Jase is being honest.

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Janelle and Marc in the HOH. Marc talks about why he doesn't like Danielle. He didn't like the way she played for someone else to win the first time. Both like Nakomis because they think she won't go after either of them(lol).

Howie comes in and they start talking about BB3. They then start talking about BB6, and what they would have done differently.

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Howie asked Marc who he has an alliance with. Marc says he's trying to ally himself with the 4 of them. Janelle says he isn't going after them, and they aren't going after him.

They are talking about who will win the whole thing, and Howie says there are still 14 houseguests and nobody has left yet. Marc says he will be taken out halfway through and be in the sequester house bitter. Marc says Howie will go out after picking a fight with someone.

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Allison talking to someone in the dark(Boogie?). She says she thinks they have a 7-3 vote to keep her and send a message that they are going after the season 6 people. She then tells Diane the same thing. She tells Diane they have to swing the votes of Marc, George, and James. Diane says Jase confirmed that he was not lying to her about going to the end.

Diane talked to Boogie in the dark about the plan. They assure each other that they are making the right move.

Will, Howie, Marc, Jase,Danielle, Erika, Kaysar, and Janelle are in the HOH room watching Howie make jokes.

Allison is in bed with Nakomis going over the plan. She again says that George, Marc, and james are the votes they need to swing. Allison then starts spying on George in the next room through the door. Every time he gets close, she runs and sits on the chair.

I'm going to sleep. Someone take the next shift.

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1:44 A BBT- Yellow Room

James and Boogie talking about the pending eviction where James is making a strong case on throwing Alison out instead of Danielle. The case mostly consists of the number of people who are going to be gunning for them. James is playing with Boogie's mind by saying that Danielle is on an island alone and if she stays it's only one person to worry about but if Alison stays then you get Diane and Nakomis in addition to Alison going for blood and they can be a strong force. By removing Alison you remove the strongest of the three and allows for Danielle, Nakomis and Diane to go shortly thereafter and get some sense of security for the next week or so.

Boogie appears to have bought it temporarily but you won't know until he talks it over with Will.

James walks out and we find Kaysar doing his evening prayers. James walks into the BY and Diane and Danielle are talking about how Janelle's talking about her conversations regarding the veto wasn't the norm.

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2:08 A BBT - BY

Rules clarification:

James asked in the DR for a rules clarification regarding the HOH disagreement/nominee situation. Here's essentially how he laid it out for Danielle and Diane in the BY.

- 2 HOHs disagree

- They become nominees

- They lose HOH rights (no baskets, no pictures, no automatic food (if it's two teams for food comps, they automatically go to the losing team))

- There is no HOH for the remainder of the week

- If one of the nominees (former HOHs) wins veto and vetoes themself off the block that person gets to choose anyone to replace them.

- Additionally should the former HOH left on the block survive the eviction they are eligible to play for the following weeks HOH.

Diane said that she needed to ask for a clarification regarding another situation but unfortunately my stream cut out when she posed the question.

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2:14 A BBT- BY

Danielle and James go over the conversation he's had with Boogie regarding how to keep Danielle and how she's on her own deal and the Alison "Beast" as they've begun calling her is going to create a ton of problems and targets on their backs going forward. They review the conversation that Alison had with James and James isn't spinning any of this. And begin playing the "who's vote goes where" game.

James states that he doesn't trust Jase and now Danielle and James begin comparing notes and vibes and actions they've been seeing from him. They come to the conclusion that he's telling half truths and that Danielle shouldn't talk with him to try and turn his vote. They expect he'll follow the majority. Combining this with Marcellas statement in the HOH room while he has no use for Danielle he understands that "Ali needs to go" there seems to be a real close vote should the situation remain where it currently stands.

James actually believes (and correctly so) that the Season 6 folks are being honest with him but knows he's the low man on the totem pole in that group of four. He states that he's firmly in Danielle's camp and wants her to be the fifth to the season 6 crew. Danielle and James walk back into the kitchen to have Danielle talk with Erika and firm up that situation. They find that Kaysar and Erika have been talking and Erika's been crying. She called it in "a moment that has passed" and the topic appears to have been about love and the hurt of losing love.

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2:30 a BBT: Kitchen

James, Danielle and Kaysar continue to state that they're being set up for a big shocker. They were given food, the hot tub and the gym, no questions asked. There's definitely something brewing but there's no stating what.

Danielle states that she could really go for a cocktail now and James agrees. The conversation turns to Kaysar's food restrictions including the consumption of or cooking with alcoholic products. Kaysar begins the explanation and then we get FOTH!.

2:37 A - FOTH off

They come back to talking about possible showmances that might develop and the consensus is that Diane and Boogie are the most likely. They decide that the people in the HOH are being way too loud and that they should go check in on them. James heads to bed and the other three head up. The common theme in the room seems to be seasons past and tonights subject is Cowboy.

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