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July 8 Live Feed Updates

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4:22 BBT - BY

Howie, Nakomis, Marcellas, Danielle, George, Boogie, Will and Jase sitting on the red couches. Conversation is focused on life outside and anything but the game. The conversation is fraught with awkward silences and the HGs continue to wish that they had some cards to play texas hold em. Howie's lamenting that he doesn't have coasters to play.

Nakomis asks about what kind of new car they would buy. Marc says he'd buy a hybrid. Jase says 1979 Trans Am. Boogie says he wouldn't buy a new car. Nakomis says she'd get an infiniti FX. No one else adds anything substantive to the coversation.

Howie continues to run his line of "Half man, half amazing". George asks if he should start searching for what's for dinner. Boogie asks if it's that time already and George says yep and walks into the house.

Howie asks what people are missing from the outside world. Marc says he's missing his TV and really misses Law & Order. Conversation floats to who won an emmy from that show.

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Howie, Nak & George now in the kitchen

Most of the gang out on the red couches.

George asking intently "are you going to make meatloaf" to Alison.

Nak pushing her bowl away from her and walking away. Howie asking if she works out.

George outside the HOH room now waiting...saying "Hello" quietly. He is opening the door.

"hello, hello" says George.

George is getting his tennis shoes. He is leaving the HOH room.

Lots of good convo on the red couches still.....Jase, Dani, Marc....Nak enters ... James leaves to go into the kitchen.

Howie is walking around with his work out gloves on.

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James and George talking about Season 6. How many times Janelle/James had been nominated.

James said Howie and Eric sucked at competitions.

Howie, Boogie and Jase chit chatting in BY.

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Nakomis asked Janelle if she could listen to her CD. She is in HoH room.

Marcellas and Dani on red couches chatting.

Jase James Boogie and Howie chatting by pool

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Dani & Marc sitting on the outside sofas critiquing somebodys work out (MBE Howie?). Marc says he has oldman's ass (earlier Marc gave Dani a lecture & told her not to talk bad about people behind their backs :rolleyes: )

Erika & Diane in the bathroom primping

Ali, Jase, Janelle, James in the kitchen cooking/eating

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Fiiiiyah over finally

feeds pop back in for a sec. Big crowd of HG inside (too fast to see if it's everyone) & somebody (Jase?) says something like--everyone stays in the backyard & we watch the skywriting til the show gets cancelled. Someone says it sucks. Then fiiiiyah

(sorry was said too quick & when I tried to rewind & hear it again my feeds got mad & cut out)

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10:32 BB time


Erica & Ali in bedroom...

Ali is changing her shirt and says 'I wish they would talk about something else'.

Erica-Are you going to work out.

Ali-Yea, but I might wait until my food settles first.

Back to the Kitchen...

HG's talking about previous season HG's.

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Everyone has finished eating dinner. Danielle is plucking her eye brows and james is brushing his team.

Most of the other houseguest's are in the kitchen talking, ( cameras are switching between the conversation and fire)

Ali just started to work out.

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back--cleaning up after dinner going on

James/Erika/Dani have a brief theological debate about butter

Will: (talking to BB) they can't win. We will just complain all day. You guys want the NH or the cool kids club. or we can have a good time. We will all volunteer exit & you can bring in the NH & have 600,000 viewers & the show will get cancelled.

They (mostly Dr. Will) make fun of many of the past HG.

The fire is cutting in & out (dunno why but is more than the acceptable norm)

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Howie, Erika, Jase, and James are sitting in the living room. Erika was doing stretches while Howie was making rude comments about how flexable Erika was. He asked her what her favorite positions was with Robert, she hushed him and said enough. I think it was Will in the other room asking Howie why he uses condoms to "relieve" himself. (not thier words, I am just a lady and won't use them). Will asked Howie if he didn't trust himself.

Now James is talking about past seasons and how votes took out a whole team. James was telling Howie how Howie gave the Nerds a free ride to sequester. Howie wants to leave the past alone and talk about the current mess ups this season.

Feed change to Ali and Nic in the backyard. Ali is talking about who wants her out and is drilling Nic for what she knows. Nic tells Ali that Marc wouldn't benefit from losing Ali or Dani right now. Ali wants to know what Kay and Jani will do? What will George do? Nic said something funny, but I couldn't understand her.

Now they are talking about sore muscles after working out. Nic says she is a two day sore.

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Erika standing (fishing for compliments :rolleyes: ) in the LR doing stretching exercises right in front of Howie

Erika: Howie you are such a beefcake

Howie: Howie you are such a beefcake

Howie: (yelling) Marcellas Marcellas why are you mad at me Marcellas. Give me some cheese Marcellas

James: (to Howie) what are you going to do when BB doesn't exist anymore Howie get a job

Howie: Marcelles why didn't you use the veto you dumb MF

Marc: don't make me come shove a...

Howie: you know I am just kidding, kinda?

Now...Erika outside teaching a Pilates class to Will, Nak, Boogie, & Ali

Dani & Kaysar in the Bathroom cutting up & laughing

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Dani and Kay are in the bathroom, I think, ducks are on the wall. They are talking about surveys they had to fill out and concerts they went to. Erika, Nic, Ali, Will and I think Boogie are out in the yard doing pilates.

Kay is telling Dani how he went to a Yani show and was ashamed to admit it. They seem to be getting along well, laughing and really relaxed. Kay is showing Dani how Yani plays all five keyboards while looking so serious and laughing so hard. Dani is telling Kay how he is killing her. Kay is so relaxed and really having fun. Kay just told Dani they had to go see Yani again someday. LOL

Dani is admitting she doesn't take time to see how others are feeling, she just gets angry. Kay is now explaining how you have to understand feelings and stuff. Dani says she doesn't say she is sorry much, she is hard headed. Kay's theory is it is harder during the honey moon phase. Dani says her and her husband were married with kids, so they never had time together alone. Her first time of taking time for herself was BB 3. She says it is always about the kids. Dani is looking forward to the kids being on their own without the kids and still being young. Kay wants to know if she regrets not having a life as a young adult. Dani says she has time to do that still, they almost have their family raised and they are still young. She is 34 years old and was 16 when she had her first child. She had to grow up fast. Her husband is 37. She said it was hard to see her friends going out to the clubs while she had to go home and take care of kids.

Kay says that he doesn't go to clubs and do those things, but his thing is, when you get married he wants to take his wife out on dates and have personal time. Dani says it is important to have date nights when married. Kay is really asking how to make a relationship work when kids come into the picture. Dani says some focus on the kids so much when the kids leave the couple is left wondering who they are married to. Dani says don't rush into marriage, Kay is right to be picky. Kay also thinks that people feel someone is the right one and fall in love and then it is over and they are left wondering what happen. Divorce is to easy, people think once it doesn't work, you walk away. Kay says it is a constant effort from year 0 to year 40, your still working on marriage just as hard or it will turn into nothing.

Dani says mutual respect is very important between her and her husband, keep being picky and don't compromise. You can't pick who you fall in love with, but you can pick who you marry. You can love someone but not respect them. Just more talk about marriage and love between Kay and Dani.

Now Kay is talking about how men not wanting a woman to challenge you and be equal to you is a big form of disrespect.

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Dani is telling Kay about how close her and Amy have become. Amy calls Dani alot and talks about issues. She says Amy isn't the same Amy that was on the show, she is young and immature but she is really growing up fast.

Jason was a wonderful friend to Dani and inspires her to be a better person.

Kay says his mother told him not to surround himself with people who make him laugh, be surrounded by those who will tell you the truth and try to build you up in life. He really seems serious now and appears to really be connecting with Dani on a moral level.

Jani comes in and Dani ask her if she misses people at her job. She says yes. BB tells Jani to put on her microphone. Now the three are talking about being so tired. Dani says Jani sleeps alot she never sees her, Jani says no, she only took a nap today and slept till 11 am. Dani wants wine.

Kay and Dani are talking about how tan they are getting. :lol: Nic comes in and says the guys are passed out in the living room. Kay says no wonder, they are all talking all the time. Jani says this house is exhausting.

Dani says they all have type A personalities. Dani was talking about how they all just shut up and Kay and Nic at the same time said "yeah go ahead Will" and then laughed.

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7:39PM BBT (yes, 7:39PM, I logged this 1 hour ago)

Erika stretches.

Howie: No, I'm being serious. I like that you've got flexibility. That's awesome. If I had flexibility like that I'd never leave the house again.

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Now it's just Howie, Ali and Jase talking about cuddling. Feeds to FOH when Howie says "You guys are gonna get married, you're in love" Ali says "Yeah"

Feeds back to Ali saying she likes cute things like that for a wedding.

Howie: Like opening up a fortune cookie and the fortune says Will you marry me

More FOH

Mike, Will and James talking about girlfriends, and FIRE again! grrrr

I think everyone else is now inside sitting on the red couches eating and chatting about money

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