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July 8 Live Feed Updates

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2:21 - fire

Erika and Jase talking about 'her' (?)

Erika said : have her download the application and we'll talk after (survivor application)

Jase: that would be like her dream.

Jase is ibn hot tub, Erika is sitting outside and talking to him

Jase: where are you from originally?

Erika: Chicago

Jase: oh really?

Erika talks how she went to school in NY, then moved to chicago and finally to CA. She loves CA

Erika: LA is hard, the traffic is tough

Talk about how hollywood is congested

Erika: where are you living now?

Jase: Illinois. I want to get a little house.. right now we live in the west end, but the little town next there is a really good school, get a nice house for a good price. I'm just a small town guy, you know?

Erika: I yearn to be in a small town again.. SO. carolina is so beautiful. the only thing I don't like about SC is the politics. they still hang confed flags. I don't know where I'm going to end up.. it's kinda scary

Jase: I can't do the LA thing and be happy

Erika: its hard..esp when you grow up in a small town.

Jase: theres a lot more to do.. but it's just....


2:33 not much going on but chit chat.

looks like all are outside, most on the red couches but jase and erika who are by / in the hot tub

george on treadmill

will complaining about the lack of sleep he got last night.

dani complaining that will woke him up by yelling at george

Will mad he couldn't take a nap on the couch

2:40 AM- not much going on at all so that is my queue to exit.. night all

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It is 5:17 BB time and all is very quiet in the house.

Not a creature is stirring.

Jase and Janie in their bed, the girls all snuggled in their huge bed,

Howie , Kaysar, Mike, Will, Chicken, James have also settled down for a long deserved nap!

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6:52AM BBT: They're all still sleeping. Thank god!

mod mark

7AM BBT: Someone just peed. Think it was Jase.

My eyes are fuzzy, did ANYONE see who that was?

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7:13 BBT

Cam 1 on beds in the Yellow Room

Cam 2 on Kaysay in bed

Cam 3 on beds in Yellow Rooom( oppsoiite angle as Cam 1)

Cam 4 on Jase and Janelle in the HoH( I think??)

Everyone is still Asleep.

Someone farted a few mins ago.

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7:30 BBT

We have movement... Literally.... and nose blowing... James is up and in the bathroom

7:35 am BBT

Short lived James went back to bed

Loud noise when he went back to bed, don't know if was a sneeze or someone said "Dude" really loud

Some one has a very stufy nose


Alot of coughing, a brief interlude of some loud music....

7:44 BBT

Looks like Marc is up

someone says good morning, sounded like James

Marc heads to bathroom

Opens door and changes sign around on bathroom door

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Since noone else posted this I thought I'd pass it along

At 3:00am BBT, Will, Kaysar and Diane were all up and chatting about Season 2. Will was mentioning how Monica knew he was lying and how he had to go into the diary room and how it was shown on tv him laughing and admitting that Monica was right. Seemed that Diane was doing a little flirting with Will telling him often how funny he was and how she would have to put him on her top 5 funny people list. Kaysar was saying how he doesn't find himself attractive.

315am BBT Will moves from the bedroom thru the house before heading outside where he tried to send a message to the interent live feeders telling them that he wanted a sign of who they wanted to win before the flames cut him off.

320 BBT Will, Diane, and Dani in the bathroom discussing stratergy. Will keeps trying to emphasize he doesn't want to go to sequester. They discuss season6ers and what a big alliance that is and how it needs to be busted up. Will says that he is there for Boogie and to get him as far as he can in the game before he gets kicked out.

Sorry if this isn't the proper way to update I am new to updating and happen to be a night owl lol

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Nak goes to the bathroom to blow her nose and check herself in the mirror...uses bathroom.

Danielle in the storage room and i think that she is changing her battery to her mic...checks the frig and freezer...

nak washes her hands

Dani and Nak talk about batteries and nak brushes her teeth

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Dani making coffee chit chatting about flip flops that Dani bought at the store being so comfortable. Will told them that the over the counter products like Aveeno are the best. Dani is wearing her husbands pants.

Nik: Talking about Donald and she took some of his clothes and would he be mad if they got deep fried.

Funny if Marc white robe got taken.

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Nakomos and Danielle sitting outside chatting about nothing,about how boring the day will be and then it will be over. George came out and helped fold the laundry, Nakomos is worried about her cough, thinking someone might have brought in a bug. Danielle says it is the dust from yesturdays challenge. Danielle is talking about Amy and how good she was just like Janelle.

George is sitting just listening. He didnt like the upstairs it is too dark. He would like to see the sun come througha window or a clock.

Howie was a gentleman and didnt try and cop a feel.


George cannot believe how great Janelle is in the competitions. They are shocked at her speed she was just a digging in the mess for the items.

Danielle could not handle the dust at all. Cannot believe Janelle got the power of veto. FLAMES must not have been suppose to talk about it.LOL

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