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July 8 Live Feed Updates

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Dani & Nak talking (in length) about eye surgery and buying designer glasses vs. "cheap" ones.

George in shower.

Ali taking Vitamins in kitchen or maybe asprin and talking to Nak & Dani about how bad her head hurts.

Ali has ice on her nose. She must of been hit in the V comp.

Dani & Nak think she should maybe get it checked.

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Allison believes that she might ahve broken her nose and wants BB to look at it. george is taking a shower and pampering himself.Nakomos is talking about herself sleepwalking.

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Nak, Ali & Dani talking about James snoring.

It's about 10:11am for them on July 8th-Saturday.

Nak says she is "cool" with snoring unless its awful.

George is using the bathroom.

No signs of anyone else other then Nak, Dani, Alison & George @ 10:12am on Saturday July 8th.

Nak & Dani seem to be pretty friendly and have no problem keeping their conversation going. Ali is being a little more quiet but still talking.

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Nakomis and Dani were talking abotu plastic surgery. Ali came out, adn is complaining about her head bonk from yesterday, said she is havign probs breathing, and thinks she might have snored last night, Nak confirms and said she woke herself up snoring. Dani ask if Ali thinks it might be broke, and Ali says she is not sure, Nak says she shoudl have "tham" check it out.

now the talk is off snoring.. It is confirmed that James is the snorer, not Howie. George says Howie did not snore at all last night, and since they were not in the room, and the snoring was still going, so it is James, and Dani says adamantly, "It is JAMES"

Nak is now talking about how bad the Dons snorign was. and about how snorign doesnt really annoy her, unlees it is bad. Naks dad snored, she snored, adn had to have her tonsils out, and has a deviated septum as well...

Dani is saying she had strep throat alot as a child and really needed her tonsils out. but her mom said you arent cutting on my baby. now she is talking about she thinks she might be allergic to walnuts.

Nak is now telling a story about how she chooses not to eat shell fish from a bad reaction from eating squid and clams.

George has coem outside, and is pickign up all the random towels, clothes, and hats around the BY

Nak is explainign abotu shell fish poisoning, and how thats what she had, Alison looks totally un-interested,a dn is playign with an icepack or soemthign that she keeps putting it on her owie

Ali got up adn went back inside and is looking in the fridge for frozen peas to put on her face.. Dani says she used that for her boob job, and ALi says yeah, she used them for her nose job as well..

Goerge is finishe cleaning the BY adn is now in the kitchen doing everyones dishes...

Nak says she has broken her nose 3 times, and ALi has broken her nose as well..

Feed 2 is WIll in the storage room, changing battereies

Dani: All you internet people, Women, if your man is cheatin, dont gte mad at the other woman, your man is the one that broke it, throw the brick threw his windowm burn his house down, but dont stoop to the other heifers leve.

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Looks like James and Kaysar are up.

Will and Mike are whispering in bed, hard to hear what they're saying.

Most of the houseguests are out back talking, Erika in the kitchen.

10:50am BBT and BB tells the rest of the houseguests to get up for the day.

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Marcellas laying on couch with his eyemask on, trying to sleep more. Will working out on treadmill.

Ali, Kaysar, Danielle, James, George, Nakomis, and Mike on couch in the back yard talking.

Howie's just walking around the house.

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came back to meaningless chit chat and FOTH again.. what the heck!

Jase Nak and Dani in the BY.

Seems like most of the rest are in the kitchen.

james joins the group in the BY, who are now talking about coffee

ali and boogie are by the laundry machine, doing laundry

Dani went inside for a drink

James, Jase and Nak are ni the BY now

Talk is about sneakers, james wondering if the laundry machine will "fuck them up" Jase says no, he might throw his in again because they still smell so bad

marcellas joins the BY

Boogie, James, Marc talk about fitness centers in LA.

feed switch.

will: on our show I was so worried about being clean and I was like... *fire*

feed switch to Erika alone in the bathroom


noon BBT Erika gets in the shower

fire (lots of fire for seemingly no reason today)

12:06 BBT

Diane,Dani, George, Howie, KAysar eating lunch

H: you're all right georgie

Will lifting weights alone in the BY, with boogie who is in the pool

Howie: ahh chicks with big big boobies

George offers Kaysar bacon, Kaysar says he can't eat that.

Janie alone in the workout room on the treadmill

feedman (must be a man) closeups on Janies body and pans down the entire length of it, and back up, slowly

12:11 bbt

Jase, James, Alison,will, boogie and nak in the BY

Will: it's fun to throw weights around the backyard because you can't do it at the gym.

Will sings I want it that way by the backstreet boys.

Boogie wants them to shut down the internet and let them sing or listen to atleast one song


12:18 still fire by the way

12:19 bbt.. finally back.

Howie makes a remark about the live feeders which I didn't hear.

seems the HGs are split into 2 random groups, those eating and cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, mostly Nak and Howie dominating convo.

Jase, Marc, Will, Boogie, Ali and maybe others (its a bad shot) are in the BY.

Nak is talking about Donald, and how he gave her a ring before she went into the house the first time, and it ended up getting knocked into the toilet by accident. BB told her they'd get it, she was mad that not even BB could be straight with her. Nak said she was freaking out and wanted to be off the show. BB told her they;d find it and Nak said "why are you lying to me?! why cant anyone tell me the truth..jsut tell me my ring is gone!"

12:25 bbt

Nak talks about she knew she was leaving because Drew and Diane thing, and the cowboy and drew thing.

Nak said she knew her time was up, she accepted it was her time, and "you just know you are leaving" she accepted she was leaving after she lost the veto "but cowboy..UGHHH" she sounds mad about something he did or said to her.

Diane and Nak talk about how 3rd place is the worst place to get because she didn't get to do housecalls or anything else she did. She said she cried for 8 hours in her room. Diane wishes she left in Nak's spot had she known she would have been 3rd

Diane: nobody can break me down! Except jase..scott...marvin...

h: you're all right georgie

12:26 bbt

janie and kaysar alone in the workout room

no convo from janie and kaysar, they are really working out

12:30 BBT

Diane is kind of upset about her tanning thing in her season, and how people said it in the DR only once and it became some sort of running joke

Diane: Erikas out there tanning every day and I don't see anyone ragging on her ass


Howie is inquiring about his jack shack

Ali says she breaks everything, howie tells her how cute she is.

H: god you have such a cute little everything

A: ahh its only 12:30?

H: why you got plans?

A: yeah I was going to go shopping today..wannago?

H: yeah

Nak's next hair color dye is orange... she said she wants to wait because she's only been in the house 2 weeks.

Ali comments how bad it is to dye your hair that often.

A: you comming outside? its really nice out

Erika: yeah

12:36 BBT

D and Nak alone in the bedroom

D: we need to have a quick pow wow today.

N: all I can say is that Jase is the one who told Janelle everything. that's what im gathering

D: shut the fuck up!

Nak: I need a new tattoo

D: pretend you're doing something

D: Jase is bad news isnt he.... he is way bad news

Nak: uh huh (yes)

12:38 BBT

Diane goes to to change.

Nak is alone in the room

Nak (to herself) lets see.... i wonder if the washer's empty

Nak asks howie if the washer is empty

howie: sad to say I don't know.. i haven't been outside today

Nak: oh that's right.

Nak goes to check for herself if the washer is empty

12:40 bbt

Diane is back

D; i dont think theres anyone in the house. I think its funny jase wants us to stick together. my guts says.. oh by the way anything that comes out of my mouth to you... i swear to god..even if you eventually screw me over i will understand but I swear to god...

D: I stayed up last night talking to will.. dani joined us for a bit. I know everyone wants Alli out , Alli will only benefit us. She is ready to go for blood, and by blood I mean Janelle.

N: we have to stsy tight lipped

D: somehow we need to get Danielle first. I dont know how to do it. Didnt jase say that he wanted Dani out?

D: wait no nevermind he wants Ali out.

N: we dont know how tight he is with them.

D: thats stupid.. does he REALLY think ..

N: maybe hes taking his chances.. or playing both sides

D: well will and boogie wanna take out 6 PRONTO. and umm.. lets see. Danis ready to play she feels the same way. Boogie and Will wantto backdoor James. I think backdooring is the only way to get him out

N: I completely agree

D: the only way to get Janelle out is to backdoor her, then the oppertunity presents itself. I don't know what to do. I honest to god think in any way shape or form if ali can stay, that will buy us more time... it will turn the tables back to her. cuz dani talking last night with will and I, I could see it, she is ready to play. shes a better gamer than Allison.

Nak: right.

george interupts.

G: you're right nakomis it is super hot outside.

george sis on the bed in that room.

N: so what's up chicken george

george:its hard for me to get used to... I was so used to doing so much... its weird shifting gears... I was so busy in vegas. busy busy busy

(sorry for any typos..trying to get in as much info as fast as I can)

fire all 4 feeds- 12:48 BBT

12:53 -Nak and george alone in bedroom now talking about nothing game wise, mostly about installing brakes

most peple are outside.. I count 9 of them in or around the pool. Hard to make out who, but mostly hear Howie, Marc, Ali and Dani

Boogie and Erika are the only ones in the pool, Jase and Dani have their feet in, and everyone else is laying around it

Dani and Marc talk about their season

1 PM BBT- random facts. the first time Ali and her boyfirned exchanged I love you's was July 10th, they said it in a pool. It took them 4 months to say it. They met in a bar. He's 29 and at first he told Ali was an ice cream truck drivers. He found out Ali was on a reality show by ali's friend telling him so, so he went out and bought the season.

ali believed he was an ice cream driver for a month. In her cell phone, he's listed as 'ice cream'

Marc would "do will"

Howie: the feeders are like SEX SEX SEX nudity

James: so get naked for them Howie.

Lots of howie's shirts got taken because he had words on them, he's saying. he plugs his website, howiegordon.com

1:08 BBT

Howie comments how ripped kaysars getting

NaK: looks like you've been running through the tundra (k's hair is a mess)

in other news, Janie can't find her flip flops.

Howie tries to open the secret room, for a second he thought it was open, but it wasn't

1:12 bbt

all are outside by/ in/ around the pool.

talk turns to nightlights and wanting to leave a lamp on. Allison suggests the boys take their nightlight, because they have one

james asks who the best player to ever play bb was (to howie)

howie says will

jase asks who the star of bb7 is, Howie says its will

1:15 BBT

the boys start screaming "word" to each other

(as you can see this is not too exciting)


the HGs are playing with the pool basket and basketball. Still randomly screaming word at each other


Ali still has a headache.


(i'm going to take a break! they're boring me!)

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2:27 BBT

howie and george playing outside with light sabers

Will , boogie jase janie marc and others chatting in the kitchen

howie intently teach george all about light sabers.

Howie says george will be a jedi soon enough, erika is watching

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Last night Janie slept in the green room, because she didn't want to sleep in Chicken georges bed. Will makes a comment about his snoring.

Dani Marc and Will talk about 'bathroom habits', Marc refuses to use public toilets, and even in hotels he brings lysol, clorox wipes, etc.

Marc: did you see datline where they went into hotels?!

Will: but everythings dirty. don't get my wrong my house is maticulous. It's like a freakin museum, ask boogie.

Will to Marc: He'd never last in the house with Kent.. good god he took so many old man dumps. He'd snore and fart and never wash his hands.

Will: actually marc you would not have done well at all with Kent

Marc: he liked bunky!

Will: because nobody else liked either of them, they only had each other.

Will: can you imagine TOP vs. the nerd herd?

Someone: TOP?

Will: the other people - that was our nerd herd.

Mike talks about Shannon and how shannon would list off all chilltowns good traits and mike just nodded along to her

Dani: I liked her..she was balls out.

Will: thats the thing.. with kent she'd be like YOU SMELL. WASHYOUR HANDS OLD MAN!

boogie, will and dani would talk about how awesome she was, and how 'balls out' she was.

Mike tells them about shannon how she was in a model volleyball tournament and she said to someone 'YOU'RE NOT A FUCKIN MODEL. IM CALLIN' YOU OUT!'

Mike: we miss you shannon!!


Janie compares Hardy to cappy when they won HoH contest how they horded there food and protein bars

Boogie and Will talk about the toothbrust incident.

Will talks about how bunky masturbated in the shower thinking of Hardy, and hardy caught him.

Will said one of the rooms was called the masturbation station, and bunky would lay in the bed and do it with a box of tissues.

Will making everyone laugh with these shannon and bunky stories

2:43 bbt:

James says that bb2 had to be the best season ever.

Will and Boogie continue to talk about their season.

they have Dani, Marc, James and Janie cracking up

Will and Boogie talk about how Kent ran out of ciggarettes at the perfect time for Will

Mike is surprised the weekly meeting gotten taken away.

Will said those meetings were always controversial and created problems.

Boogie impressions of Shannon again.. everyone laughing.

Will talks about Hardys fake crying, and how shannon stood up at the nominations saying "YOU'RE A FUCKING COWARD".

will says those were the days, mike says good times

Will says there isnt enoguh psycho's this season, they need to get george on tylenol PMs

Will said Bunky would have never fit into here, especially with the things howie does, bunky would have cryed every day. Howie laughs.

2:49 BBT

Boogie doing dishes

Howie: you're all right georgie

George: you look good today now that I have the force on my side

Boogie: I noticed that.

Boogie talks about how he saw the producers notes when he got voted off and how interested it was to read them, and how much work that goes into it. e said theres categories like 'will juumping over the TOP alliance" with notes in details under it for each segment of the show

2:52 bbt

Janie and James talking very hush hush.. it's difficult for me to hear.

Something about 'she has to go'

oh apparently marcellas was in there during the james convo.

janie memorizing whats on the walls

marc: 22 flordia leaves..

marc: 7 red clocks..

marc: how many chess pieces on the landing?

janie: 4

marc: big horse chess piece at bottom of the stairs.

marc: I won the second hoh it was that comp we had to know stuff. They asked about dragon flies.. I knew it because I knew there were dragon flies on the pot holders...

janie: im so lazy.

marc: this house inspires it.

marc: what else is there to do?

marc: we spend all the days talking about our seasons.. I wonder when we'll talk about all stars. I guess it's glory days for all of us

Janie: this ones yellow the other ones green that one is red.

Marc: whats upstairs

Janie: blue and silver

Marc: I hate the silver in that room. it was a brave choice..but a bad one.

marc: today is such a long day.

janie: yeah.

marc: i like this room though

janie: me too.

marc: whose bed is this normally? whose big ass feet are these?

janie: james.

marc: he wears SKETCHERS? *cracks up* thats not on my approved list of designers.

marc closing his eyes.. nap time?

3:00 BBT

Will, Boogie, Dani and Nakomis realize they forgot a lot at their houses.. they wish they could go back for an hour. Will wants backgammon and a craps table, along with his healies. Nak wants shorts

Will really wants a banner plane

Nak asks if they can move the pool table inside, fire

They talk about the washer and dryers, and almost wish they didn't have a washer and dryer because it would give them something to do (hand washing their clothes)

Dani talks about not caring she was hated, but she wanted to fight someone

Will says Dani was robbed

Mike said the need to be liked is stupid because america liking them doesn't pay their bills.

They're talking about seeing each other on tv and how boogie and will and james are tall in person, and nak is short in person.

Nak said at th wrap party she's chaining Donald to his wrist.

Dani confirmed Jason was asked to do allstars, and Jason said no. Jason is no longer a virgin. They wonder if Jun was interviewed to come back

Dani auditioned for 3 seasons of survivor.



Howie and James say hi to "scare-ah"

Howie says he loves her.

Janie and Marc napping..or trying

Howie: I love your boobies Ali

Ali: me too. they fit in my boyfirneds month

Howie: whens the last time you got play?

James says he looks like shit next to jase. He hopes jase is wearing a shirt because he looks puny and white next to him


bb sounds pissed

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MARCELLAS showering at the moment... not sure where rest of house is

ok most HGs are in the backyard talking about nothing in paritcular.

howie doing an impression of howie's sister banging will

talk is involving howies sister now, and a little bit of chatting about James's sister.

Boogie telling the story about trying to find the gay guy in bb2.

Boogie does a (good) impression of Kent's speech "first it's freaks, weirdos and .." etc

3:30 bbt

marc out of shower

3:33 BBT

Jase now talking about his season and the santa monica band boys.

Marc notices Jase got a sunburn in the spot that Jase missed on Jase's back.

Howie said that as soon as he heard bb7 was allstars, he called his boss up and said he's taking the summer off.

Howie said he knew kaysar, james, will would deffinately be in.

Howie said it would have been a bad business decision for cbs to NOT put him on the show

3:38 bbt

Marc, jase and erika chatting about shoes.

Jase starts to sing and we get FIREEE

Erika tells Jase he has a perfect body.

J/E/M talk about how its time for george to go, and how his stuff "aint flying"

marc: plain and simple...

Erika goes to nap.. marc kisses her on the forehead

Nak says how hot it is out side

Marc gets excited for showers because its something to do

going around the yard asking what people are most thankful for.

Allison says her family, and her boyfirned counts as her family.

Nak says art supplies

marc says 206 pairs of shoes, 3 suits, that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants to

james: sister is getting married

Howie: scare-ah we love and miss you. Marc said the tv and pics don't do sarah justice. James said good idea talk about how beautiful she is and I can't see her for 3 months

ali wants to buy her man a new suit. She compares him to jase but taller.

Janie/ Erika sleeping

boogie says he loves monica and wishes she was here.

Will does the "hello" impression

the rejected HGs got paid a good amount

Howie said that someone will come back without a doubt.

they are now slow clapping for Michael Sullivan

The HGs start shouting out peoples names saying hi to them, amanda, shannon, real life friends.

of course, fire at 3:49 bbt

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Diane lays down to take a nap at 3:51 bbt


James: howie is a fucking nutcase

Ali: he's so annoying

James: you love him, you'd leave your boyfriend for him


The Hgs are discussing who is a producer pick or america choice.

Marc says they picked the producer picks first, howie says no.

argument breaks out

howie calls will a : pale, small skinny mother fucker (to his face)

James and Allison talking

Alli wanted to be in an alliance with Dana, but dana liked justin. Ali wanted to work a deal out with her. SHe wasn't going to go after Dana but she came first.

James says he knows people are gunning for him, Ali said who, James says he won't say.

Allison said to James nobody told her they wanted James out.

James is talking about how stupid howies move was last year.

Ali: what would be important to you in keeping me over dani

ali: i know you guys are personally friends outside the house

James didn't know Dani was on the list. Outside the house they were joking if Dani was on the list James would have to get her out first. Alison said her and Amy knew Dani was on the list.

Alison says Amy was on the list, and so was Jack.

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James and Ali are in the kitchen talking. Ali just tells James he isn't included in anyone's agenda and that she understands why he can't believe her because he has been lied to so often.

James is talking about how he couldn't believe Howie would think James would give the numbers away after Sarah was voted out. Ali says that Jack and Amy were out there for a while and thought they would be on the show.

Now they are talking about what James is cooking.

On another feed, Howie was calling Will names like ET and insulting Will about how white he was. Then the discussion went to how producers had their pick for the All Stars and it became a discussion of Howie claiming he had to be a producers choice.

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James and Ali are now talking about how immature Howie is with his light sabers and his life in general. Ali and James both feel it is sad. Ali ask James if he is going to protect others like he did Sarah, James says no, Sarah was different.

"Protecting Sarah was inherit, it was probably part of my down fall by not giving her enough credit. She felt like this was summer camp, to me.." says James

"who went after her?" asked Ali

James says they went after Sarah because she was with him, everyone was so mean back then and Sarah would of probably won the whole thing without him. The Friendship had a deal that who ever made it to the end, they would only vote for one of their own, which he feels is against the rules, shaving points, rigging the contest. He said the nerds was yelled at by someone because BB felt they were breaking the rules. Feeds change back to outside

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Kay has joined Ali and James in the kitchen.

Ali is telling James how cute her and her boyfriend are together. Ali is telling James how her boyfriend didn't say he loved her before she left. James is telling her that the boyfriend is just nervous. I guess her boyfriend has doesn't say he loves her much. She admits that she isn't a good girlfriend to him, she didn't cheat but she lied about alot of little things. Nic has joined them now.

Nic wants to know if her boyfriend is real protective and Ali is talking about how this one guy gave her a card and she emailed him and her boyfriend got upset. Ali says she wasn't interested in that other guy, he was old, but she wanted to know if she could still get a guy. (if she still had it) She wanted to make sure she was really wanting to be with her boyfriend so she emailed that other guy.

James is now telling how Sarah gets jealous of this girl at the gym. His advice is to only give your boy/girl friend the G rated version of your past. He asked Kay if he agrees and Kay says nothing. His theory is if your boy/girl friend can't forgive your past, there is no future.

Ali says there are mistakes she has made and she doesn't want to admit it to herself, why tell others. Kay says she needs to be honest so others can accept her. Kay says honesty is the most important. Now Kay is talking about psychology. James steps up and says NEVER give that much information the first six months of a relationship. Kay says and then what, come up and say now that we are together here is the truth?

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Ali is going on an on about her relationship.

Her current boyfriend wants to know EVERYTHING about her past relationships. She says she doesnt want to know ANYTHING about his. She said then she will just have to "worry about it"



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They ask Kay why he needs to know about his partners past and Kay says he hopes that he picks a woman who is pure hearted and clean. James ask what a pure heart is. Dani came in and Ali ask her if she would want to know about her partners past? They said something about Dani at 16 and Ali says yeah she never had a childhood. Dani says if you were friends, it is hard when your not friends at first, they want to know everything about them and vice versa............. Kay says that the only reason you don't ask anyone about their past is because you don't want them to know about your past. Ali says her boyfriend had a better past, he didn't drink, she was a cheerleader and kissed boys and drank.

Dani says Ali isn't the only girl like that and Ali says yeah, he has dated worse girls than her. Dani says the past is the past, Ali says she can accept her past, it has made her what she is. Ali tells Kay that he might be waiting for a girl to come down from heaven. Dani says learn about yourself first, love yourself and then find a person. Kay says you can't hide and try to mold yourself to what others want.......Ali jumps up and says she doesn't do that.......Kay says then why not tell him about your past. Ali says it doesn't matter what she did in the past when she met him.

Ali says she doesn't want to talk about this any more.

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