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July 8 Live Feed Updates

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James: So, you guys met at your wrap party, Diane?

Diane: Yes, we did. And that's the only time we've hung out.

Diane talks about a little girl who deserved to be yelled at, and Alison screamed at her. James says the girl was only 16. Diane says it didn't matter she deserved it, because she looked at her like she shouldn't be with Drew. Ali is laughing.

Feeds switch. Two feeds on the hot tub, and two in the kitchen.

Janie, Howie and Kaysar are discussing how they should not look so close.

Janie says not to refer to her as Jedi Janie, because he refers to himself as Jedi Howie, and that makes them seem like more of a team.

Howie tells Kaysar not to talk to Will, because he will tell him stuff.

Howie says that Will (I think) asked Howie who his alliance was, and he told him "Danielle and Alison."

Talk about how Janie is buxom (from Howie) and Kaysar walks away saying "Oh, God."

Feed switch to the hot tub

Marcellas is talking about how CBS talked to him about questions he was going to hit Ivette with, because she called people sand n---ers, and stuff, and he was going to tear her apart, and CBS approached him about that. He says that he tried to be respectful to them (nerds) and ask them what the people wanted to hear. He says CBS "clipped his balls," and yet after seeing Ivette cry, he wouldn't have said bad things to her. Then, he went home and checked the Internet and he had tons of hate mail, with people calling him epithets, and it wasn't worth it.

Marc: Right then, I was like, I can never be involved with that again. I know I'm black, I know I'm gay. You don't have to point that out anymore.

Will says that people who are like that on the Internet are just jealous.

Jase says that when you go in a bar, and you wouldn't even notice some guys, and yet they hate you. Jase says that you may say you hate that guy, but you don't--you wish you were in his position.

Will: Every single person who said something bad about me--I'm flattered.

Jase: Thank you.

Will: I'm flattered.

Erika: That's the thing--we have to give them something to tune into. Something to hate and something to love.

Marc: That's what I said about the nerd herd, too. You didn't have to like them or hate them, but they were amazing television.

Erika: Like a cult.

Marc agrees, like a cult, but interesting to watch.

Boogie says they were such weak players that they had to turn to each other.

Jase says the same.

Marc says that he didn't understand why Beau and Ivette bonded with Maggie and Cappy--two people who wouldn't talk to them on the street. They would be more likely to get along with Ashlea or someone.

Talk is about how the nerd herd thought they were loved, and they were hated.

Dani says that the nerd herd still didn't get it, after Jani won all of the America's choice, and they still didn't get it. They were shocked that Kaysar came back into the house.

Marc says he thought it was brilliant.

Marc: Not one time did they think, maybe this is a hint.

Dani: And they thought Eric was coming back. I was chuckling.

James is lying down in the big bed room (the girls' room) alone. Not sure why.

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alison james diane and kaysar in big bed room

diane has HOOKER RED lipstick

alison tries to get a dress on kaysar

kaysar has barrettes in his hair

diane is going through her make up bag

james telling about last year when they made howie not swear or say anything derogatory about anyone for 24 hours

james says he did not know how to act or what to do

"just like when he was hoh" james says

diane says that janie says that howie is all talk in real life and doesn't get anywhere with chicks

kaysar "he is like the rodney dangerfield of reality television"

diane tells kaysar he has great legs and skin and that he is so adorable

kaysar has agreed to let them make him up...but says it must be respectable

and the DRESS UP KAYSAR GAME begin

(don't know if he is totally serious or not though)

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Diane wants to get two tattoos after the show, including a pair of lips on her "ass."

Ali says that her friend has two cherries on her thigh, and that's cute.

Everyone is outside, but James seems to still be inside lying across the bottom of the big bed in the red room.

It's like a huge party outside.

Will thinks they are going to bring in four former players. Monica, Nicole, and a couple of others.

Will: Nicole told me that they contacted her about doing a contest, maybe.

Howie: Like, run it?

Will: Yeah, probably.

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In the hot tub, George is asking Mike what the best part is he has had on a show. Mike says he had a great part on "Yes, Dear." He describes the plot, Baby Fight Club. He was the dad of the chubby kid.

I can hear Diane in the background talking about movies.

Howie is talking about sex.

Howie is asking Will which BB girl, of all of the seasons, he would have sex with, and I don't think Will answered. So then he asks which guy he would have sex with, if he just got the urge. Will turns it around on Howie and he doesn't want to answer about the girl, because there would be a lot of hurt feelings. Diane sourly says they already know who he would pick. Then, Howie says that he could pick the guy. Will is great looking overall, Kaysar has great hair, Marcellas has experience.

Talk is about Kaysar, because someone says he is a virgin. Diane authoratatively says Kaysar is NOT a virgin. Everyone else says that Kaysar is a virgin, as a Muslim.

Mike (or Will) is saying that he has an "Internet" idea. He says that if an internet site will run a plane over the house tomorrow, they will go out and see it, and no matter what BB says, lockdown or whatever, he will run outside. He will read it and they will do shout outs several times a day. He says a plane is only about $400, and they will make them thousands if they do it.

One of them says that if they have a plane that says "Howie blows goats," it would make him so happy!

Now, the feeds switch, and Janelle is upset because her leg is really swelling and it is hurt. James tells her that they used the icepack in the first aid kit for Ali already, but he is getting her some ice. Howie and Erika come inside and she shows it to them, and Erika says they should provide knee pads. Janelle says she hit it right on the bone.

Ali comes inside and acts sympathetic to Janelle, offers her Tylenol.

Howie joins them and says they are both hot.

Will comes into the kitchen and says that Boogie just came out of the shower, buck-ass naked.

Howie finds some peanut M&M's that Ali hid, and she admits she hid them. He asks if he can have some, and she says "Yeah, I was looking out for you!"

Howie and James say hello to Sarah and James says they miss her, and Howie says that, too.

James asks Howie to do his "do me, do me" thing for Sarah, and he does. But Howie called her "Scare-Ah" instead of Sarah. He tells her to put on her purple period panties for them.

Ali says it is kind of "freaky" that anyone would wear someone else's panties.

James: You can't talk about freaky. You're Alison!

BB tells someone to put on their mic, and Howie and James say loudly in unison: Dumbass!

I'm out for a while--not sure if I'll be back tonight or not. Happy hamster watching!

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howie and janie talking about that week in bb6 when they were both up for nominations and janelle told the veto winner to take howie off the block because "he's just a big beefcake." now they are talking about that time when beau was hoh winner and explaining his nominations with that that black, gray shade speech.

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Mike doing impressions of Monica.

James talking about the early shows

M: I got in big trouble.. when I went to film my thing, I saw Dianes name on the sign in thing, and I went to call will immediatly and I'm like OM-----


James talking about Jennifers boyfriend and Aprils husband gave him and howie dirty looks.. they also gave marc ones

Janie wonders if its because they called her JBlo.

Howie says they can 'bring it' at the wrap party because hes a jedi and will have his light saber by that time

nothing going on.. all 4 feeds in the kitchen

allison singing, cut to fire.

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James says that April's husband called him and said he was going to kick his ass. Marc, James, and Howie all say that Jen's boyfriend was giving them dirty looks at the wrap party.

The gang in the kitchen get scolded by BB and they apologize when the feed comes back.

Despite a hurt foot, Janelle gets on the treadmill. In the backyard, everyone is asking Danielle and Marc questions about Sheryl Crow.

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feeds come back and ali's apoligizing to bb

now they're talking about guns and roses

all 4 feeds still on kitchen.. james, howie, kaysar and allison

James is mad because he was about to go work out and got called to the diary room

all leave kitchen in seperate directions.

everyones outside wirh the exception of 2 or 3

they;re all talking about who got voted in by america

recent seasons are mad because bb3 got sheryl crow, and bb2 got a car.

past season chatter taking place, about 3 diff convo's going on at once in the BY

Janie and howie in the workout room, feed had janie whispering something to howie, then howie left as soon as the feed got there

back to the BY

chatter centering around sheryl crow in the BY

they're trying to figure out if shes a fan of the show or not. Dani thought sheryl was scared of them. They wonder how howie would react in that situation

Marc's favorite challenge was the dunkin doughnut challenge was his favorite one.

Dani's was the spongebob one.

marc: i wasn't here.

boogie: ok so finish the doughnut story

Marc tells the story about the doughnut challenge

(this is very uninteresting, lol)

danielle occasionally interjects

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Will wants to be sent a banner..he said a website I didn't catch.

howie keeps yelling footbanger.com

Marc talking about how mad he was about the gnome challenge. But, he liked the stripped challenge.

all are in BY but Janie who is working out, and James who is in the DR. all on the red couches

All HGs talking about TV commercials and other various, random things

Diane and Dani love family feud.

Will and Kaysar join Erika and Boogie at the pool table...they want to play doubles

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The gang sitting around talking about The Price is Right, and sailors. Diane wants to be on the Family Feud. Everyone starts talking at once about gameshows. Marc got a call from a game show right before he went in the house. It's a new show from the Deal or no Deal people.

Diane says a friend of hers was turned down for being a case holder on Deal or no Deal because she was too short. Cut to fire.

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Marc , Dani ,Ali, Diane are talking tv, magazine, and tv hosts..

Marc : I Always loved the little boy from who's the boss

marc talking about all the little sons are guy..

m: I wonder if the little boy from family ties turned out to be gay?

Di hates how they switch characters out, like the mom on the fresh prince

they all agree they liked the first mom the best.

Dani: she lost her mind though

Di: did she?

Dani and Marc: yeahhh..oh ya

Dani loved the facts of life, Marc hated tootie.

Dani's fav was Jo.

nak joins them in the BY

pool table crew apparently left, marc asks boogie why but can't hear his answer

all 4 feeds on jase in the hoh room , alone, who is listening to music

Ali uses the hoh room bathroom

Ali: do you have a towel?

Jase: yab right there

Ali: I was looking around and my hands were dripping

Jase: it's ok.. i wouldn't tell dani if you didn;t wash them.

james, janie in the work out room

James is mad the elliptical is broken

James: I'm feeling good about this weeks hoh, i already picked out the cd I want.

Janie: if our side doesnt win, you and me are targets

James: I know.

Janie: or me and kaysar

James: if george asks who we're getting rid of, we should say Danielle

Janie: ya

James: he';ll spread the word, then she can be happy with us we saved her. she's staying either way, might as well spin things. Those 2 women are fucking dangerous. we need more convos about who we want to save.

nak to the DR

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Janie: what did the veto look like as it was going on?

James: fucking nasty. I was so glad I wasn't in that comp. They asked 2 people go up there.. i was like the pbj wasnt bad, the clams were nasty, the 3rd was fucking nasty... the box over your head is gonna be one of my fav screen caps.

Janie: do you think george was trying to throw it

James:oh fuck ya.. he kept saying he was digging too deep

(they had this exact convo earlier)

Janie: was dani going for it hard?

James: oh fuck ya

Janie: you'll vote out alison for sure?

James: ill do whatever we all do.. whatever best for all of us

James: do you think dani will come aftere me next week?

James: I don't know.. she won't tell me because of my relationship with you.

Janie: she realizes I had no choice right?

James: it's a tough choice. I don't think putting both of them up was a good idea

Janie: why?

James: because either way its like AHHH

Janie: I'm such a fatass.

James: you're not a fatass.

Janie: will cornered howie and asked who his alliance was. will also tried to work me in the storage room, did you see that? *Janie retells the convo with Will*

they laugh about it

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Janie went to the by to get weights

Janie: if our side wins, who are we going after? george right?

James: yeah

James: if he wins we're screwed.

James: should we pull him in here and make him think we're on his side...

Janie: no. he tells dani everything.

James: if he nominates us... hes going against jase, and the rest of the bb6ers. he should be scared.

James: put up nakomis and..

Janie: why?

James: she directly targetted us and shes a solid thinker

Janie: I know she is.. I know.

James: I respect every person in here

Janie: ali already packed her bags


Janie: that's awesome

(theyre alone in the WOR...whsipering all this)

(are my posts all supposed to connect together like this?!)

James says all those cameras got to the live feed, vbecause he saw a video where howie insulted James in bb6.

Janie: you won't turn on him will you?

James: nonono.

James: howie is really playing the game this year..

Janie: we're all targets, we have no other option other than to stick together (bb6ers)

Janie asks james if is was bad that she won the veto. she is having regret that she won it and says maybe she should have let jase win.

James saying it's easy to nominate george..

Janie: the noms are perfect, people will come after us, well me..

James: you and I are the first to go.

peop[le start comming in the house.. janie and james stop talking stragey.

Janie: is there alcohol?!

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Cam #2

Janelle is standing in the hall way by the work out room, she is complaining that it is hard for her to work out in front of the camera's.

She's now talking in the hall way with diane, and they are talking about how they are both night owls.

It appears that diane and janelle are bonding a bit, talking about staying up late together.

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Dani: are you done working out?

Janie says it's hard to work out with cameras on her, but for some reason she doesn't have the same problem when she eats.

Diane and Janie are night owls, and Diane says shes sorry she slept late in her season because she missed a lot.

Diane says her cast was the most boring

Diane typically goes to bed at 4 or 5 in the morning, but doesn't want to anymore.. she wants to eliminate afternoon naps so she doesnt miss as much in the morning.

Dani talking about how long it is until thursday

Dani feels like shes been theree for 4 weeks.

Nak: a day = a week in BBT

Dani: who knocked you down in the boulder challenge?

Nak: howie

Dani: who knocked off allison?

Nak: Erika?

Dani: was it kaysar...?

Howie yells at "Diana" to get her bikini

Diane: it's DI-ANN

Dani talk about the uncertainy of the show.

Nak agrees and says she is having a good time

Nak talking about Donald and margaritas

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Diane, Dani and Nak talking about how crappy sequester is and how they were always thirsty

James talks about his season and how it was his last week. James explains backdooring to George

Janie goes to the hoh room, opens the door, at the same time jase walks out. Janie is scared.

George doesn't understand how backdooring works

George: it wouldn't have worked today because we spun the wheel ..right?

James: well it depends who you want out...

James tries to explain it further, george doesn't seem to understand

Jase talking about the dust in todays comp, and how his eyes hurt

Janie says she inhaled it.

Janie was surprised how far behind everyone else was today.

It is Jase/ Janie alone in a bedroom

more talk about the veto comp... Janie said allison was about to tackle her.

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Jase said at first he thought it was going to be a needle in a haystack.. Janie said like 3 were in bags.

Jase said he went through a few trashbags.

Jase: that was the most crfaziest thing i've ever seen. the backyard was a dump.. for real.

Janie tells Jase that allisons packed... Jase is surprised

jase thinks shes kidding, and janie takes him to go see it (the packed bag)

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all 4 cameras are on Janey and Jase right now, they are just talking about the veto comp.

Jase: what time is it

Janey: like 10

Jase: i am not even close to sleepy

Janey: alison has already packed her bag and put it by the door

Jase: really, is it all really packed

Janey: yes, want to see it?

Janey: she put everything there, me and kaysar were here, and she said "it's all done"

Janey: i was like "oh my god"

Jase is telling janey that it would be really neat if they went over to the price is right game lot and played to win a HOH.

Jase: are you bored?

Janey: no i am never bored.

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Jase: I'm so bored.. arfe you bored?

Janie: no.. im never bored

Janie is studying the room she is in

earlier in the day Howie broke something off the wall.. Janie is asking Jase how howie managed to break it.

Janie: god his fucking bed even smells like him.. that fucking cologne

James enters all flustered and talks really fast to Janie and Jase about how George wants to backdoor one of the bb6'ers + Jase.

James says there will be a wrath if that happens bedause nobody will respect the person who backdoors.

James says if that happens again he will "fucking throw someone off the balcony"

James goes to workout again...

Janie fills Jase in on things george has said periodically

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Jase and Janie think the hoh's should be able to compete in back to back weeeks


Janie asks Jase if he fels like the 5th wheel

jase says yes

janie exclaims he isnt. she says please don't feel like that.. you're not.. seriously (she is getting upset)

janie asks again.. he says no

Jase: im going to go set my bag next to allisons! (He is kidding)

Can't tell if he really feels like it or not

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Jase is telling Janelle that he feels like the 5th wheel.

Janelle: do you feel like you are

Jase: no

Janelle: don't feel like you are, please don't

Jase: i am going to go put my bag right by allisons

Janelle: Jase!!!

Marcellas came into the room, i didn't hear what they said, then it went to fire!!!! ( I think im going to get very annoyed of the big brother theme song)

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Jase wonders if theres a book that explains a number

Marc asks if the rooms have names... Janie says yes and names them all off.

Now Marc is starting to count things, numbers and says that he needs to know other useless facts

Janie: how many stairs to the hoh room

Jase: 16

Janie: what color toasters

Jase: silver

Jase: how many of those crests thing are in the kitchen

Marc: 22

Janie: man you guys are good.

James: how many tarenchallas are in there?

all 3 in unison: 4.

Janie wants to name a spider cowboy.

they're naming all the spiders after the HGs who didn't get in

Janie: ohh bunky is the hairy one!!

they ended up naming them Monica, Lisa, Bunky and Cowboy

Spiders are:

Monica- biggest (mouth) and darkest

Bunky: hairiest

Cowboy: smallest

Lisa: prettiest.

James says he offered to cut kaysar's hair, he didn't want one.

2:05 am est-

Boogie, Will, Di, Dani and others in the BY but boogie is talking about "Nate Craig" so they went to fire.

must be a long story because at 2:09 EST they're still on fire

2:11- continued fire.

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Ericka and Janie in HoH bathroom. Ericka tells Janie that the house feels threatened by the BB6ers.

Janie seems like she didn't know this. She asks Ericka if someone told her this and Ericka says no. Says that no one talks to her about strategy.

They start to talk about Danielle and Allison. [Can't hear over the running bath water.]

They start to talk about getting Chicken George out. Ericka laughs and says she feels bad about getting an old guy out.

Janie and Ericka go outside. Janie puts something in the washing machine and goes back in. Camera stays on Ericka as she walks over to the couch with Marcellas and Boogie.

Marcellas is talking about something. [i believe it's someone outside of the house.]


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Janie and Erika in hoh bathroom

Janie: has anyone talked to you?

Erika: she talked to me.

Janie: she wants your vote?

Erika: yeah.

Janie: allison paked her bags today.

Erika: I don't know if she is going to campaign...she seems really defeated. It's so unlike her.. she usually has the fires in her eyes.

Janie: as far as votes... Nak said Allison.. i guess. she wasnt really clear about it when I asked.

Erika: i'll see if I can talk to diane...

Janie: just be like who are you voting for.

Erika: I think at this point everyone will go with the majority because they don't want to ruffle feathers. You got an easy week. If dani's left in the house, I don't think she will really rally troops. I think people feel out numbered by the bb6'ers.

Janie: you think so? think they;re comming after us?

Erika: i don't know.

Janie: did someone tell you that

Erika: absolutely not.. nobody talks game with me

Erika: I think they know you and kaysar and howie together. A lot think James is kinda on the outside...I told you when Ic ame into thie ouse, I told you I would never put you up, i'd do waht I can to protect you. But you have me, marc, kaysar, howie

Erika: If I get it I would push to put up george and dani

Janie: If he got to the end he;d have a great chance to win.. don't you think?

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