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Friday, October 23, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Thank you!

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12:02 AM BBT

Nicole is in her bed in the Comic Bedroom. Enzo is in the kitchen snacking. Cody is looking for chapstick. He asks Enzo if he has extra Burt's Bees. Enzo says he has 3.

Nicole: Alright, everyone has got to sleep in the Comic Room tonight. It will be fun. It will be fun. Move y our stuff.

Cody: Enzo, are you moving to the COmic room?

Nicole: We can all lay here in the dark and chat.

Enzo: I don't know.

Nicole: Why?

Enzo: Moo-lawn Boujee

Nicole: but it's a dungeon in there (the photo bedroom)

Nicole laughs "No one wants to move out of their room."

Cody agrees to sleep in the CBR with Nicole. Nicole yells for Enzo, but he doesn't come.

Cody: We could all just lay here...(Cody goes to Enzo in the PBR to encourage him to join them)

Cody tells Nicole that Enzo has agreed to do it.


Nicole: Tomorrow we will sleep in one of your two's rooms (sic)

Cody complains that the beds have bad juju because Bayleigh and Da'Vonne went home

Nicole: Oh gosh...there is no curse out here.


12:08 AM BBT

Enzo whispers to himself in the PBR, "Oh my God. My season is over. If I don't win this comp, it's done."


Nicole; This is gonna be fun. Sleepover! 

Cody agreses it will be fun.


Enzo in the PBR whispers, "I don't want to talk to anybody."





12:45 AM BBT

Enzo is eating potato chips in bed. The FInal Three chat about random things. Enzo says he got sick from the champagne.

Nicole: I feel like you didn't drink that much champagne

Enzo: I had a glass...I drank a whole fucking glass of champagne and was like this is not it.

Nicole: They literally told us ten times not to drink much.

Enzo: It was brewing in  my stomach......I was like ehhhh awwwww with the whole huge fucking lobster tail I ate and the three huge bites of filet mignon and all the vegetables...then we get on the thing and spin around. I'm fucking 42 years old. Okay. Fuck man. Why did it have to be spinning.

Nicole: Don't beat yourself up. It was really hard.

Enzo: My hope was that it would be slip n slide. We went out there and when I see that, I knew I would be the first one off....endurance was never my thing. This shit was not fun. I loved the wall The wall I had fun.

Nicole: You think it was harder than the wall? Cody did you? 

Cody: Much harder.... The moon and slamming into that wall made it a whole other aspect....I tried a million different things over the fucking moon. I tried, let's go nice and easy...

*feeds cut to stars



1:39 AM BBT

The FInal Three continue chatting about the competition and talk turns to Tyler and how he never seemed to have his head in the game. They begin discussing potential jury votes.

Enzo: Dave, too. He's a fucking wild card....He definitely doesn't like me and Cody  because we voted him out. Christmas hates me now. We all know that. And Memphis?

Nicole: He won't vote for me. He thinks I was the worst player in the house.

Enzo: Really?

Nicole: He was telling it to my face, Enzo.

Cody has gone silent, so I believe he is asleep.

Enzo thinks there will be a huge fight in the deliberation

Nicole: I think Christmas is going to start a fight

Enzo: I can see Memphis starting something

Nicole: Christmas didn't get along with Da'Vonne and Dani before, so I think....she said she was gonna go in there saying stuff. That's gonna be so bad.

Enzo: That's gonna be bad...Dani is going to come at her...Da'Vonne. It's gonna be a mess.


1:45 AM BBT

Nicole asks BB to turn out the lights


2:15 AM BBT

Nicole and Enzo are still wide awake chatting (lights are still on), but Cody is fast asleep.


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2:42 AM BBT 

Nicole and Enzo finally settle in bed to go to sleep.

Nicole: Enzo are you ready for lights off?

Enzo: YEah

Nicole: Big Brother, will you shut the lights off, please?

Enzo falls asleep with his sunglasses on.


2:45 AM BBT

Big Brother finally shuts off the lights, and the BB House is dark and silent.



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8:09 AM BBT

Enzo moves from the CBR to his bed in the PBR.


8:10 AM BBT

The movement in the room wakes up Nicole.

Cody also moves saying to Nicole that he can't sleep.

It seems there is noise in the walls.

Nicole: It sounds like rolling balls.

Cody is off camera, so he must have gone to the key bedroom.

The house is silent, again.

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9:50 AM BBT

The feeds have been on stars since 9:40 AM BBT


9:52 AM BBT

The feeds return to the house lights on, but the final three are still in bed.


10:00 AM BBT

Nicole is out of bed for the loo, and Enzo is in the kitchen. Cody is still in bed.

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10:00 AM BBT Nicole is up from her bed. She talks about her ring barely fitting from all the salty food she had last night. Nicole says that was not a fun sleepover all her roommates left her in the middle of the night. Enzo is also up. Nicole tells him all her friends left before she woke up and he says oh yeah. 

10:05 PM BBT Nicole in the bathroom cleaning her face up said there was still some dirt on her face. Cody is still sleeping in the KBR. Enzo is also up but not in camera view. 

10:14 AM BBT Nicole is brushing her teeth. She says it feels like a slow morning. 

10:20 AM BBT Nicole has a mask on her face and she says she has one several times a day. She starts singing dont even worry about it about it. 

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10:32 PM BBT Cody is up but to use the bathroom he has some bedhead going on today as well. Nicole said this was the worse sleepover. Cody says he did not sleep good the fan was hitting his face and the air was bothering him. He is now brushing his teeth. 

10:35 AM BBT Cody asks about the SR and if they got restocked. Nicole says they did but wasn't sure what Cody was talking about. Nicole says they got take out. Cody asks what about breakfast as he is brushing his teeth.  Nicole says Cody was talking in his sleep and it scared her she sat up. Cody asked what he said and she said something but about teen. 

10:41 AM BBT Cody is talking about what time he woke he heard some noise he went into the key room and didn't hear it so he slept there. BB comes over the PA and tells Cody to please change his battery. He says to BB oh sorry. Nicole is making some coffee this am. 

10:50 PM BBT Cody spend some time at the sink in the bathroom trying to get this line off and he cannot and turns the water. He thinks if from sleeping on his face. Then turns the sink off. He and Nicole talk about Christmas and Cody says he is going to keep around who he think has better chance of winning against. They talk about what is so loud outside Enzo says sound like a wrecking ball and Nicole says are they setting up a bowling ally. Feeds cut to stars. 

10:57 PM BBT Feeds come back on and Cody asks her about the American vegan cheese that is in the fridge. Nicole tells it good but you got to melt it.  Cody asks about tuna steaks. Enzo says they also got halibut as well. General chatter going on right now.  

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12:05pm BBT: Nicole says she trusted Day and day trusted kevin and kevin listened to her, Enzo says they all 3 that are left had the best social game this year and Nicole says yeah Cody had a great social game and you had a great one and mine was ok i guess. Enzo says you had a good one you had him on your side and Kevin and Ian on your side you had a good social game also. Enzo then starts whispering saying he is terrified of Cody and he just has to think about his kids. They then talk about what the questions might be for the final 3 hoh.

12:08pm BBT: Enzo says that Christmas is gonna walk out there saying this is what was going on in there yo and then Memphis is going to blow up and then Dani will say crap too. Nicole talks about Dani was against the core 4 and Enzo agrees and then says it is over yo. He then says that Memphis would make him upset  as he would go to bed at 10pm and get up early and drink coffee and no one was going after him and i was like he had to go yo. Nicole says yeah he was scary he had to go that is why i wanted to put him up.

12:11pm BBT: Enzo says he is worried about this 2nd comp yo and Nicole says just relax and be patient and you got this. They then say how Christmas would act and about how Christmas got played, Enzo says he did not trust her.

12:15pm BBT: Enzo telling Nicole about Christmas going to his HOHR and waiting for him to get out of the shower and was upset she was on the block and how she did not understand why he did not give her a heads up. He said he just listened to her as he wanted to ask her if she was HOH was he going to go up but he says he did not ask that he just left it alone.

12:21pm BBT: Nicole and Enzo going over  what other Hg have done and said in the game and about how they got Memphis and Christmas out blindsided and how they were mad and probably said all kinds of things. Then talk about the comps and Enzo says he loved the Wall Comp and the puppet master comp because Kaysar went out first he was happy about that.

12:27pm BBT: Nicole goes to the WC saying man what is Cody doing in there and Enzo says i think he is in the room, Enzo goes and checks the room and says he is not in there he must be back in the DR.

12:29pm BBT: Enzo says it messed him up when he was HOH the first time and he did not win one for awhile after that because he had no target then Enzo says he was upset that David took the money in the comp and then the way he ran out of the house, That was messed up yo know what i mean? Nicole heads to the STR and we get stars.

12:33pm BBT: Nicole is making herself something to eat and Enzo says he is going to wash these dishes and then take a nap and relax, He then says 5 more days and Nicole tells him yeah we have a lot to do.

12:37pm BBT: Enzo talking about taking his kids trick or treating and then maybe going to a bar sometimes after he takes them home, Nicole says yeah i feel like if things are open then there might be a lot of parties.

 12:45pm BBT: Enzo and Nicole talking about Halloween parties in different cities, Enzo went to one in Vegas and he said it was so much fun yo.

 12:48pm BBT: Enzo says he feels like everyone is going to want him to do podcast and everything when he gets out of here but  he says i am telling you people i am not doing anything nothing after i get out of here i am going home i am doing nothing.

12: 49pm BBT: Cody comes out of the DR as Enzo heads to the WC and Nicole says there you are, Cody goes and grabs socks and then heads  to the KT. Nicole ask what was going on and Cody says not a lot and he goes to the STR to see what all was restocked.

12:52pm BBT: Cody in the KT making himself some eggs while Nicole sits and watches and he looks at the pan and she tells him it looks like  old butter and he says it looks like a dirty pan look how dirty this is as he shows it to Nicole.

 12:56pm BBT: Enzo ask does Christmas go to the round table today and Nicole says i think tonight, Enzo tells them that is going to be some good TV man you know what i mean? He says Dani will say the core 4 Nicole laughs.

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1:02pm BBT: Nicole and Cody are arguing over if an avocado is ripe or not and she tells him he does not know what ripe means and he says i do too it smells like an apple it is not ripe and Nicole says it is over ripe so it is just righty and Cody says no over ripe is moldy. They continue to argue over who is right or wrong.

1:05pm BBT: Enzo tells Cody that Nicole said he legs were sore from the comp lastnight and Cody says yeah my arms are sore. 

: 1:09pm BBT: Talk about the comp lastnight and winging on ropes and how Enzo was trying to grab the house and they wouldn't let him they made him let go. Enzo says i wanted to sit down on that thing yo it was getting me he says  the biggest endurance comp of the season and it was 15 minutes as he shakes his head.

1:15pm BBT: Nicole and Cody talking about the advantages of the ropes lastnight and the disadvantages and how Cody could pull the rope and dangle his feet so that was an advantage as Cody says i have 90 more pounds on you and Nicole says we was even. Cody says but you didn't hit the wall and Nicole says yes she did and you will see it on the show i did at the beginning. Enzo says i was just spinning and getting dizzy and sick yo. Cody and Nicole start laughing.

1:18pm BBT: Enzo is telling about  them talking about his eyes open lastnight on the rope as he was spinning and he thought production said his fly was open and he was looking, Nicole is laughing hysterically saying  it was so funny he thought they was saying fly and he was looking. Enzo says i should have jumped off after 1 minutes yo it was so embarrassing.

1:21pm BBT: Enzo says he just wanted to sit down  and Nicole says i was laughing you was on the moon and Enzo says i wanted to pull myself up on the moon and Nicole says i heard you say you was going to pull yourself up with the moon and Enzo stands and says he  grabbed the moon and sit on it then went to slide off it and thought let me get off of here i have embarrassed myself enough here. All 3 HG are laughing.

1:32pm BBT: Nicole talking about  her other season she played and how Janelle threw her under the bus and how it blew up her whole game.

1: 36pm BBT: Nicole and Enzo talking about the trust that was broke between HG and  reason why they might have been put on the block and Enzo and Nicole both say that could not trust Day.

1:49pm BBT: HG are just sitting at the KT table talking about other HHg and why they did things they did and then Nicole tells Enzo he was so funny this year then they go back to talking about past HG and Nicole  says she liked watching Tyler on his season and she liked watching Hayleigh and Enzo says yeah she was cute, Nicole says i really liked watching Tyler he was edited good for TV and won AFP and he was just good you know what i mean and Enzo says yeah. Cody gets up and goes to the WA and flosses his teeth.

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2:06PM BBT Cody putting away dishes. Nic taking a nap. Enzo not on cams.


Correction, Enzo was eating. He puts his dishes away and says he is heading off to take a nap.


2:28PM BBT Cody drying dishes.


 2:35PM BBT Cody puts the nice dishes in the SR and heads to the WC. 

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3:35 PM BBT

Enzo is napping in the PBR, and Cody is napping in the KBR. Nicole is still napping in the CBR.

Nicole is startled awake by noise above her, "Oh! What is that? The ceiling is gonna fall through. Oh my God. What are you guys doing up there. You're going to fall through the freakin' ceiling...you're gonna land on me."


[The F3 said they heard construction noise through the night while sleeping in the CBR, but the guys said they didn't hear it in the PBR or KBR. I could clearly hear the loud audible bang that startled Nicole. It sounded like someone dropped something heavy. So, it seems the Safety Suite area is being utilized for an upcoming competition.   -MamaLong]




4:03 PM BBT

BB: Nicole Franzel, please go to the DIary Room downstairs

Nicole stretches in bed, "Okay, give me a second." Nicole begins rubbing her eyes and moaning.

*The feeds switch to stars

When the feeds pop back, Nicole is visiting the loo before her DR session.

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4:08 PM BBT

Nicole applies some blush and touches up her hair, "Okay, I'm done. Cool." 

Nic heads into the DR. Cody and Enzo are still sleeping.



4:16 PM BBT

Cody is now awake, "Oh, what time is it?" He heads to the loo.

Cody heads straight back to bed.


4:33 PM BBT

Earlier I mistakenly identified Cody sleeping in the PBR, but now the camera shows it is actually Moo-Lawn in Tyler's old bed. Cody is sleeping in his bed in the KBR.



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4:54 PM BBT

Nicole is finished with her DR session,. SHe begins talking to herself, "I need to eat something. What was that....an earthquake? What do we want? How about donuts and cider?..I would love some sushi, some donuts. Apple cider is good though. Oh my God that is so good. That's dangerous. Oh my gosh, it doesn't like hurt your throat like most ciders. What do I want to eat?"

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4:00PM BBT All 3 HG are napping.


 4:10PM BBT NIc is called for the DR. She is up and putting on make up. A few minutes later, Cody gets up to use the WC again and then goes back to bed. 


4:44PM BBT Cody and Enzo napping. Nic still in the DR.


 4:54PM BBT Nic is out of the DR. She says she is going to eat something and heads to the KT.




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6:02 PM BBT

Nicole (to Cody): Have you seen the Bible?

Cody: Maybe Christmas took it?

Nicole: I think she took it. Why would she take that? It doesn't make sense.

Cody: That  ain't right!

Nicole: yeah, that's inda not right. There's no way she took that.

Cody opens the nightstand and finds it full of Kit Kat wrappers, "Oh my God. What the fuck?. She had like a zillion Kit Kats."

Nicole: Why would she do that? 

Cody suggests she tell the DR to get another.






6:20 PM BBT

The feeds cut to stars


6:30 PM BBT

Cody and Nicole discuss the Part 1 competition while he makes fried rice. They agree that it was a really cool set up and they can't wait to watch it.

Cody: I hated it, and I loved it.


Enzo is very restless in the PBR....lots of sighs and moving around in his bed. He seems to be muttering to himself, but it's not audible.


*feeds cut to stars again

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6:43 PM BBT

Cody: do you think nobody is coming out for finale night?

Nicole: I really don't By that video it just looked like I'll just be on my home right after.

Cody: I think Cristie is coming out, so you can hang out with us.

Nicole: I just think that my mom won't let me be by myself after...she won't let me, but at the same time, I feel like just want to go home. 

Cody: I gotta be honest, now that it's just us, I have no desire to that thing on Thursday

Nicole: I don't want to. I never did.

Cody: I don't think I will

Nicole: You're just gonna want hang with Cristie

Cody: 100%

Nicole: You're gonna see her and just want to go to dinner

Cody: but if Vic came out I would want us to go



6:50 PM BBT

Nicole: I think I'm gonna go in the DR and ask for donuts. Do you think they'll get them?

COdy: why?

Nicole: We have cider. Cider and donuts

Cody hears building noises in the backyard

Cody: oh shit....what are they doing out there 

Nicole decides to go ask for donuts, "I think they would give them to us"

Cody: you think?

Nicole: 75% yes.....I'm gonna try it...I guess I'll drink my pop first

BB: The DIary Room is temporarily unavailable.

Nicole laughs, "They are like... No"

Cody: no, no, no

Nicole: We haven't had donuts in three months. I never crave donuts, but it's a fall think. You go to a cider mill and get donuts.

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7:39 PM BBT

Enzo has been tossing and turning in his bed for hours just mumbling every now and then about wanting to get out of the house and counting the days. He sighs a lot, and is clearly letting the monotony of the house get to him.

Nicole and Cody are in good spirits playing a backgammon tournament, best out of 5 games.

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8:00 PM BBT

Nicole wins the backgammon tournament, "And I am the champion.....I'm now the best backgammon player in the house."

Cody (in an accent): She is the best backgammon player in the world, people.

Nicole: I have 15 things I'm gonna request...I'm gonna request a Bible, too. Don't you think?

Cody: I def think.....def


8:32 PM BBT

Cody is studying at the memory wall.




8:41 PM BBT

BB: Nicole Franzel, please go to the Storage Room

Nicole: Okay...you guys are the best. Oh my God! Cody, we got donuts

Cody: really?

Nicole: we got four kinds. Thank you Big Brother, you're the best. I have never felt more loved.

Cody: Oh shit

Nicole: Oh my God, that is so amazing. I don't know which one I want to eat first. These apple fritters look amazing. 450 calories. Ha! I don't care. This is so cool. I am so excited!




8:49 PM BBT

Enzo is sleeping in the PBR.

Nicole: Enzo will want a donut with his tea in the morning.

Cody agrees.

Nicole stores the donuts in the fridge, "I'm all sugared up now. I'm not asking for anything else."

[I consider this a fatal error since the donuts are store bought and have plenty of preservatives. I think they'll just get hard. Then again, I wouldn't know, as donuts in my home never last long enough to need any sort of proper storage for enjoyment later.  -MamaLong]


8:57 PM BBT

Enzo is awake now in the PBR, "Oh shit. I could sleep all day. Oh shit."

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9:05 PM BBT

Enzo finally gets out of bed. He folds some clothes and puts them away in the dresser.

9:18 PM BBT

Enzo heads to the Storage Room and rummages through the fridge, "I'm telling you, I'm gonna win this next comp...I'll wile out. I'll tell you that. Watch me. If not, they got me"

He heads into the kitchen.

Nicole: Enzo, is that you?  [They are shocked that Enzo has been sleeping all day, but he really wasn't sleeping most of that time. He was just hiding out.]

Cody: Oh shit. Dude, how are you gonna sleep tonight?

Enzo: I'll take a nice hot shower.




9:25 PM BBT

Nicole and Cody are playing another best of five backgammon tournament.

Cody tells Enzo he has been back there sleeping since 3 PM.

Enzo: I'm glad they let me sleep. You guys had donuts?

Nicole: I did. Cody was too full. He had two servings of dinner (Cody's dinner was salmon and fried rice)

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9:42 PM BBT

Enzo eats dinner then comments that he can't wait to hit the donuts, "I feel like a new man. I can't believe they let me sleep all day."

The begin discussing jury roundtable

BB: You are not allowed to talk abou production.


*I'm out for the night  -MamaLong

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