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Thursday, September 24, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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10:19pm BBT Enzo says the comp took so long because things weren't working. Cody noted that Dr. Will said they would see him again. There were apparently different lanes for prizes vs. HoH. Cody says he got a Hole in One, so maybe miniature golf. Enzo got a mulligan.


10:25pm BBT The prizes won were not revealed to the other HG, so there's a lot of speculation & finger pointing. Enzo and Cody tease Cody he won HoH and the money. Christmas said her game got progressively worse. Nicole said she was so bad she had no choice for prizes.


10:27pm BBT Enzo, Tyler and Cody all admitted to having played the prize lane. Memphis tells Dani he thinks Tyler won the money. One of them had to have (if they are the only ones who played the prize lane). Dani thinks Enzo is lying. Memphis thinks Nicole won a prize.


10:30pm BBT Dani tells Memphis that Nicole is the only one who hasn't won anything - vote her out. She's surprised because Nicole was so good at comps in her past season. Dani is happy Cody will get a picture of his grandfather. Memphis says it will be an easy week.


10:33pm BBT Cody scored a 2 to win HoH. Dani thinks fans hate the season. Memphis wonders who Charlie Moonves is (10yr old son of JCM). Memphis speculates on what Veto will be (it will be OTEV). Memphis says with only 4 wks left, it would be harder to get a call from home.


10:36pm BBT Nic & Xmas are playing backgammon in the KBR. Dani & Memphis are in the PBR. 4 HG went after the prize money - $10k split between two winners. Memphis did compete, so Dani used her power. Tyler, David and Enzo are in the KT. Memphis goes to talk to Nic & Xmas.


10:47pm BBT at the DT, David says if he wins America's Favorite Player, he's donating it to BLM. Enzo says he's giving it to his kids. Enzo says he (Dr. Will) said there would be prizes in the Veto comp too. In the KBR, Nic hopes the Veto prize is more than just money.

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In the kitchen the competition is being re-hashed.  Sounds like rolling a ball down a curve to get points.  


When Enzo mentions Davonne being in the jury house, we get stars, camera comes back to David cleaning the refrigerator in the storage room.


Nicole F is in her bed in the comics bedroom, Christmas is at the closet finding something to change into.  Nicole F asks if Christmas wants to play backgammon, Christmas agrees.


Cameras move back to the kitchen. 


All the guys are laughing about the competition.


Danielle is in the photo bedroom, staring into space. Looks like she is thinking. She gets up and leaves.


Camera moves to key bedroom with Christmas.


Boys in kitchen still general talk.


Nicole F joins Christmas in the key bedroom.  Nicole F is talking about one of the boys winning money, she says three of them are saying they went for it.


Danielle and Memphis are talking about who possibly one the five thousand dollars.  They say there are two people who won it.  Seems like a big mystery.


Danielle reminds Memphis that Nicole F hasn't won anything.  Memphis says he was teasing her about it, but has quit because she really wants to win something.  Memphis says this will be an easy week, Danielle says everyone needs to try for the veto.


Nicole F and Christmas are talking in the key bedroom, Nicole F is mentioning Davonne's speech.  She wants to know what Davonne meant. Christmas tries to explain it to her.


Memphis comes into the room. He says he did not win the money, he would have told them. (This means Danielle used her power to allow him to play HOH this week.)


Cody is in the diary room, Enzo says he told Cody he would do the have nots if Cody wants.  Enzo says Cody will probably get a letter from his father.


Cameras move back to the key bedroom.  Christmas, Nicole F, and Memphis are talking about the upcoming veto competition.  They assume it will be for prizes as well as the win.


In the kitchen Enzo, Tyler, David and Kevin are talking about whether or not America is voting for something.


Just general talk in the kitchen.













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11:01 PM BBT

In the kitchen 

Kevin: that was such a long speech...she was like

Dani: I thought for sure Julie would cut her off way before

Kevin: well, I'm glad to know the powers are done so we can stop obsessing about that [this means Dani used her power allowing Memphis to play in the HOH]

David: what's the new twist gonna be

Kevin: we will find out next week unless we get a comp tomorrow

Dani: no chance

David: there was a suite and a basement so what's the next room

Dani: attic

David keeps repeating over and over "what's the other room?"

Dani: penthouse?

Kevin: that's too similar to the suite though

Dani: it's probably a dungeon

Kevin: well, he did say we would see him again

Dani: I thought it would be something more enticing





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10:50pm BBT David says his dad will tease him about being bad at golf because he's all about basketball while his dad watches gold. Tyler says he was taking hockey swings. Enzo scored a 16 on one hole. In KBR, Xmas tells Memphis She (Dani?) is trying to get her nominated.


10:55pm BBT Nic and Dani join the KT crowd. In the KBR, Xmas asks Memphis who to pick for HN. He says Kevin because it's been a while. Tyler wants to get to bed. Cody is in HoH so he may get his room soon. Kevin says glad powers are done. David says until the next ones.


11:05pm BBT Kevin tells David & Dani in the KT that Natalie from his season invited the whole cast to her wedding but he was the only one who went. Dani thought JCM would cut Da'Vonne off but she kept going (with her eviction speech). Good for her. 


11:08pm BBT Dani says in past seasons if you won $$, the HG would hold it against you. Kevin got a 5 but knew it wouldn't cut it. Dani thought a Hole-in-One would be easier than a. Kevin wonders who his 2 votes were. Who knows, Dani says. He wants to visit Dr. Will's house.

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11:17 PM BBT

Cody comes out of the DR proudly wearing his HOH key






11:22 PM BBT

Christmas says she doesn't want to pick Kevin for Have Not because he is on the block every week. "I feel bad for the boy. He is like a bruised fucking banana."

Cody: it's the fucking worst


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11:15pm BBT In the CBR, Enzo tells Kevin & Nic he thinks he'll be picked for HN. In the KT, David got an ice cream sandwich and is talking w/Dani. Out of the DR, Cody, Memphis and Dani are in the KBR with Xmas. Tyler says Cody was the only one to beat Kevin & David.


11:22pm BBT In the KBR, Cody, Xmas & Tyler talk noms. Cody likes fire Cheetos but has a bag of lime flavored he hasn't tasted yet. Cody asked for a 18 song album Golden Hour (Kygo). Cody didn't get anything last time he was HoH. Tyler says Cody's face looked like he won.


11:35pm BBT Tyler admits to Cody & Xmas that he won $5k. Memphis comes in and says his HoH was successful. David & Enzo in the WA say the comps are hard. They hope it's be slip'n'slide next week. Memphis has a portable air purifier - the sound helps him sleep. 


11:43pm BBT Memphis thinks Veto will be the graveyard. He'll give up all the prizes to win Veto. Cody and Memphis agree. David, Tyler and Kevin chill in the WA, Enzo going over how close he was - if he didn't flub it. Cody to the DR.  FotH.

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11:06pm Big Brother Time


General talk throughout the house.




Cody is called to the diary room


We get stars


12:00 am ------------------------Friday morning


We still have stars


Feeds return at 12:03am


Looks like Kevin and Enzo are the have nots.



It is that time , Grannysue is going to go for the night.


It has been such a good day.  Make sure today is special for you!!

Goodnight dears.---hugs from Grannysue











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