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Thursday, September 24, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:04 AM BBT

Enzo, Tyler, David and Cody are in the PBR. Cody says he really has to take a shit but it won't come out and he doesn't want to force it. David tells him that he should be taking the metamucil. Cody argues that it's for the morning, though. David tells him you can take it at night. (David has been giving him this advice for days, but he does not seem to want the advice)

Cody is excited to get some food with the passing of midnight, so he heads to the kitchen.




12:08 AM BBT

Da'Vonne is in the kitchen finishing off the last of her beet juice.

On Tuesday night Day said to herself in the SR that she was going to drink up all of her beet juice because it is hers. (as if she didn't want to leave it for anyone in the house)




David comes running through the kitchen when he is called to the DR

Kevin: why are you running like that

David: huh?

Kevin: you were called to the DR

David goes off running again 'Yes"  (he is excited for this DR session)

Dani: no way he is a thirty year old man

Day reads the label on her juice "organic beet juice...not from concentrate...fresh pressed....with organic lemon juice"

Dani tells Day that Tennessee loves beet juice, kale and collard greens "she is the best eater ever"

Day: good job mom

Kevin: ew

Talk turns to fast food. Dani says the only fast food Tennessee has had is fries from Chick-fil-A

Da'Vonne says Cadence's favorite restaurant is Red Robin "it might be my fault but she gets the River Whiskey Burger with the caramelized onions"

Dani discusses how when she was little they would go to Hometown Buffet "we didn't have much money and rarely went out....so that was it.....but as kids, so many choices"

During this whole conversation, Cody is eating his pizza

Talk continues to restaurants that are going out of business because of COVID

When Hooters is brought up, COdy finally speaks "It's going out of business?"

Day: I don't know



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1:35 AM BBT

Nicole and Dani discuss possible outcomes with this next HOH in the SR

Nicole mentions that he opportunities have dwindled "because somebody yelled"  *we get stars... of course






1:48 AM BBT

Cody, Christmas, and COdy are in the KBR and Enzo walks in

Enzo: it smells like leather bound books in here

Cody: it does not....and what are you doing? Go get your mic. Don't come in here and get us in trouble. Go get your mic

They begin discussing how the room used to smell so bad Cody says he can no longer smell anything because he is so stuffed up, but the room used to smell so bad. Nicole says it was not her shoes "stick your head in this drawer and you'll see"





1:52 AM BBT

Christmas flirts with the camera "I see you....moving up and down...I love talking to the camera"

Cody: it's checking you out

Christmas: ooooh


1:53 AM BBT

Cody and Christmas are talking in the key bedroom alone about David

Christmas: David is going to be so freaked out

Cody: if it's a double?

Christmas: yeah

Cody: he will get all hyped up

Christmas: he was more playful tonight

Cody: Yeah....well, he was apologized to...talked to a lot...and all that stuff probably made him feel really

*camera abruptly moves to the WA where Dani is sitting alone




2:02 AM BBT

The camera moves back to the KBR

Cody: (to BB) will you turn the lights out please? We want to go to bed.

Christmas: (to Cody)thanks for hanging out with me

They discuss that they enjoy hanging out with each other (not what Cody says when Christmas isn't around)


2:06 AM BBT

The lights go out in the KBR. Cody and Christmas ooh and aw....they say they love how dark it is.


2:20 AM BBT

Dani heads to bed in the PBR and gets in bed. Enzo farts and starts making a big deal of it

Enzo: oh yeah, yeah, I just...OOOF...it was hidden.

Dani: Oh my God Enzo...cover it 

Enzo: It just got out...it got me.  (he moves the covers)

Dani: Stop....don't let it out

Enzo: Oh my God it smells like a llama's ass under the covers

Dani: open the covers toward Tyler

Tyler: fuck off...stay in there...stay in there

David: OOOh......don't open the covers

Tyler: Oh my God...don't open the covers

Dani: Don't

Enzo: It just snuck out...oh my God

Dani: Oh my God! Why are you putting your head in there

Enzo: it smells like hot goat shit.....like hot baby shit

Dani: baby food does not smell like that

Enzo: it smells like honey mustard pretzels and I didn't have that

Dani: I like those pretzels

*the lights go out

Enzo: Thank you...Goodnight BB, we love you....thank you so much

Dani: Goodnight gentlemen

Tyler mumbles....David moans

Enzo: Goodnight BB We love you so much




2:21 AM BBT

The house grows dark and silent

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2:00AM BBT: Christmas thanks Cody for "hanging out" with her. Meanwhile, Dani is sitting in the WA alone, looking off into space. She appears deep in thought.


2:17AM BBT: The house has started to settle into bed. Enzo and Tyler are chatting in bed in the PBR, Tyler has his eyemask over his eyes. Enzi says he's going to stop saying "motherfer." He says he's going to be a better person, he says he loves the vegan world. He's trying to figure out why the "outside world" hates him. In the KT, Dani stands in front of the memory wall and stares at it. Dani walks into the PBR, Enzo has apparently passed very bad gas and Dani sprays air freshener. "Enzo, you need to eat better," Dani says, "there's something dead inside of you."


2:19AM BBT: Dani gets into bed in the PBR and the HGs settle into bed. Enzo lifts his blankets and apparently more bad gas escapes. Dani is very grossed out, she gives him a hard time. David and Tyler laugh in their beds. They tell Enzo not to open the blankets again. Enzo goes on and on about how bad it smells. BB turns the lights off. 


2:30AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB house and everyone appears to be sleeping.



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Week 7 Recap


Week 7 had Memphis serving his second reign as Head of Household. Memphis’ plan was to backdoor David, but he failed to inform his alliance, creating a rift amongst his alliance members. He nominated Kevin and Da’Vonne but told both of them they were not his target.


Zingbot showed up prior to the Veto Competition and Zinged all of the HGs fairly appropriately.


The Tiger Zing veto competition involved a maze and placing alien tigers in their proper cages. Memphis insisted all of the Veto players throw the competition so he could move forward on his backdoor plan. Tyler won the competition and did not use the POV saying “You wanted to be the Alpha, but I’m not your Beta” in the DR.


Day and Kevin both campaigned as best they good, but the plan is really not a secret at all. Christmas already revealed to Da’Vonne that Kevin is the one staying in the house.


The super long feed outage has yet to be truly explained by Big Brother. However, we do know there were wall yellers on megaphones just before the outage and that Da’Vonne was enlightened to the truth about last week’s votes.  


Da’Vonne will be the one evicted tonight, and I expect it to be a unanimous vote. 

9:08 AM BBT

Most of the houseguests are up and getting ready for eviction day




9:10 AM BBT

We have stars

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9:45 AM BBT

David and Enzo are sitting in the kitchen. Dani passes through

Enzo: we have to  be up there in an hour....they woke us at 8:30   (he means HOHR lockdown to prep for tonight)

Dani: why?


Dani wakes Cody in the KBR and asks him to come talk to her in the SR.

Cody is still very sleepy "

*feeds cut to stars

Dani: I asked….like...I'm sorry I had to wake you....I asked them like obviously...the voice... there was some dramatic crap and I asked them like I don’t know * feeds cut 

Dani: you know I have a genuine relationship with Da'Vonne and I'm sad she's leaving 

(feeds switch rooms)





9:50 AM BBT

Enzo: I know what's good for my game and that ain't it, yo

David: getting tricked by Nicole and Dani

Enzo: it's too much

David:...getting tricked by Nicole and Dani... I'm like....Bro...how do you fall for that? They been working against you the entire season

Enzo: too much

David: and it took somebody to yell outside, like I'm sorry...

*Feeds cut 


Enzo: coming at you, yo

David: like she put up too many people

They begin talking HOH comp and double eviction

Enzo: it could be putt-putt (mini golf)...it could be that sliding shit


9:55 AM BBT

Dani is telling Memphis about her power in the HOHR. SHe is explaining how it works

Memphis: do they know who uses it

Dani: no

Memphis: oh, so I could have the power...so obviously if nobody knows you have the power then use it and I can say it's my power

Dani: I would just worry about Kevin. I would assume she tells him everything

*feeds cut to stars




10:10 AM BBT


There is a lot of quiet tension today.



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9:37 AM BBT Kevin goes into the Love lounge to talk to alphonso. He says he dont know if this is his last day in the house tonight. I love you alot there has been a lot of highs and lows. I know you was annoyed before I left. He thanks him for guiding him. He said if it his last day dont worry they still will have a family some day, I have been told i am safe but however,

9:42 AM BBT Enzo and David are talking about Kevin and how they tell him one thing and it spreads fast. Enzo tells David if him or or tyler wins he is safe but it also depends on the type of comp it is. 

9:45 AM BBT Foth for a minute. David and Enzo talk about Day and how she been playing. Enzo says he likes bayleigh better. 

9:50 AM BBT Enzo says that Day tried to tell him how to control his HOH and Enzo says im not like that im a leader and not a follower. David says that Day think he is working against her this whole season and Enzo says she needs to stop this is way to much. 

9:53 AM BBT Feeds cuts to stars. David and Enzo still talking about Day. David asks who he think Tyler voting for. Memphis and Dani are in the HOHR talking. 

9:58 AM BBT David asks who he thinks cody is leaning towards and Enzo says probably day. Then feeds cuts to stars. 

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10:04AM BBT Enzo, Cody and David are in the KT. Talking about eggs and just chatting. David asks Cody who he is voting out. Cody says Day. David says something about not being associated with her. Dani gets called to the DR.


10:22AM BBT IN the PBR, Dani is sleeping under the covers while Enzo collects some clothing. Cody still cooking in the KT.


10:29AM BBT In the KT, Cody, David and Enzo keep singing and BB keeps going to stars and telling them to stop. They continue on over and over and we get stars. They finally listen and talk changes to talking about the COVID tests.


10:34AM BBT Enzo goes to HOH. Memphis is there. They talk about the comp. They think it is the slip and slide. Enzo says he told Kevin that he is voting for him to stay. All of the HG are slowly making their way up to the HOH BR. Xmas brings in her breakfast of eggs, peanut butter and apples. Memphis laughs at it.


10:34AMBBT  Dani makes her way to the HOH BR. Kevin wandering the house. Feeds go to HOH LD.









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12:06 PM BBT Feeds come back on. Day is packing her suitcase up. Kevin is packing in case it his last day in the house as well, 

12:10 PM BBT Memphis is in the key room pacing. Nicole asked about her face cream. Nothing really happening. 

12:15 PM BBT Tyler and Dani in the kitchen. Tyler is making a sandwich. Cody is now in the KBR fixing up his hair.  Nicole said she gave Christmas a hard time in the SR. Cody says she stormed out of the DR and that she said she playing this game for everybody else. Cody said that she was defiantly mad but he not sure at who.  Feeds cut to stars. 

12:24 PM BBT Feeds come back on and Day and Christmas are talking. Day said she just told them that she is play the game and this is how she plays she peeled back some to some player but not all and Feeds cut back off again. 

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12:30 PM BBT Feeds come back on and Day and Christmas talking in the key room. Day says she has this voice on her shoulder to fight to stay to in the house. She said she has a reason to be here she fighting for a different reason and it not for the money she also believe David is doing the same as her. She said she feels like she up against the wall and the odds are not in her favor. She tells Christmas she feels like she could be a asset to her game but that is up to you decide. Day says you got a couple hours to marinate on that. Christmas says wow i defiantly wasn't expecting that turn in this direction but it did. Day says that is me to you as a game player. 

12:48 PM BBT Day and Christmas are talking about Bay. They both feel bad how things went down with her. 

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1:10 PM BBT

David and Christmas are talking in the KBR

Christmas: some people are an emotional player. Like Nicole runs around crying all the time, but she's not an emotional player.

David: uh huh

Christmas: A lot of people get confused and the

David: that's why people were like 'David this David that' and hoping that if she wins and in the height of her emotions (he makes a slashing sound)...it's just crazy

Christmas: yeah

David: just crazy

Christmas: Well, good.  I'm glad we touched base because that makes me feel more confident in my original decision there, you know. I appreciate it. ANd I appreciate you talking  a little game with me too. It helps...keep building, you know

David: I need and HOH, you know? I need a week where I don't feel like

Nicole comes through saying she was looking for Christmas,

Christmas: okay, we are almost done    * Nicole leaves

David: I think there is a push...I see people going around saying "hey, can we keep Da'Vonne"

Christmas: well, just keep that in mind for this week or for next week...like we talked about. I'll confirm before the show. I've already done my work. Thanks David



 1:13 PM BBT

We get stars as David and Da'Vonne are settling into the KBR to chat

1:23 PM BBT

Kevin asks Day in the CBR "are you getting confirmations?"

Day: yes, but it doesn't matter

Kevin: I'm curious who is doing double confirmations, you know

Day: yeah

Kevin: When do you think we find out

Day: about the outfit?...before the rehearsal

They move to the KBR

Kevin: I wonder if Memphis and Dani have something together

Day: why would you say that

Kevin says he saw her go to the HOHR

Day says "she is scared shitless so I don't think so"

Day tells Kevin she doesn't think it was about him

Kevin: these people think we are stupid

Day looks at the outfit on the bed "I am so sick of seeing this fucking outfit"

Day tells Kevin she only has Christmas, Dani and Nicole "I don't have a four"

Kevin: Christmas said she would tell me in an hour....I don't know


1:28 PM BBT

Nicole and Christmas are in the Love Lounge discussing Dani. They say Dani is throwing everyone under the bus. Christmas says she is trying to protect her ass. Nicole says she doesn't understand why she is doing that "like you're my best friend in the house so why would you put me on the block and then tell someone else" (she means Dani) Christmas says she probably thinks they won't talk. Nicole tells CHristmas she trusts her with everything she says

[You should not trust her, Nicole!  -MamaLong]






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Da'Vonne and Cody are talking in the WA while he is shaving

Cody: I always shave, clean up then I missed something.. Like, Of course!  I like to call myself names....you hear me Day

Day: I like to say "Real Smart Genius" when I do something dumb

Cody: like sar-casm (he emphasizes the last syllable).

Day laughs ...Sar Casm

Cody: I don't know why I overemphasized  that  sar-CASM...I am so dumb....I do have an IQ of 10

Day: Eh Eh EH...Don't you do that....don't do that

Cody: My IQ

Day: Zingot is a robot and a hater

Cody: he is a hater

Day: he's a hater

Cody: yeah, fuck Zingbot




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1:10pm BBT: Christmas and David talking in the KBR alone about playing as an emotional player, Christmas says she is glad they talked because it helped her see clear about her original decision about her vote tonight, Nicole walks in and 
 David ask if she needs anything, Nicole says just looking for Christmas, Christmas says we are almost done, Christmas says she is glad she talked to Day and him she will confirm her decision before the show and says i have done my work and they leave the KBR.
1:22pm BBT: Cody in the WA brushing his teeth, David comes in and goes to the WC. IN the CBR Kevin and day are walking around, Kevin ask if she is getting conformations and Day says yeah but it doesn't matter you know, Kevin says i just curious who is saying both names. Kevin says he is all packed up as they move to the KBR and day ask what is wrong? Kevin says nothing.
1:25pm BBT: Kevin and Day talk about Playing charades lastnight and Nicole had enemy of the state and she pointed at Memphis and Dani and dani gave her a look cause she  was going for enemy. Kevin  tells day he wants to check in with Christmas cause she told me that she would keep me but i asked her this morning and she said give me a couple of hours. so i need to talk to her.
 1:28pm BBT: Tyler in the KT cooking, David and Kevin walking around in the KT. Cody shaving in the WA, Day comes in to do her face and talks general talk to Cody.
1:34pm BBT: David and Kevin in the KBR, David tells Kevin do not worry. Kevin ask if Christmas is going to vote for him to stay and David takes a deep breath and says i think she was  but she talked to day. Kevin says if i hear anything i will let you know.
1:39pm BBT: Nicole and David in the KBR talking while Nicole puts a face mask on and Nicole says i was going to keep Day but then she told me, and the feeds cut to the WA where most HG are getting ready for tonight's show talking general talk and rapping.
1:45pm BBT: David and Nicole in the  KBR talking about him talking to Ian alot about emotions and about voting and his heart rate and things like that. Nicole sits on the bed going hmm hmm. David says if he was sitting in the final 2 would people vote like you were not as far along in the season you was in as this one was . David says a stressful week and Nicole says i do not know what we are supposed to wear and David says that is what i am saying. Christmas walks in and they talk about her tye dye shirt.
1:52pm BBT: Nicole now alone in the KBR saying it has been a long week as she finishes up her facial stuff.

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1:40 PM BBT

Da'Vonne and Kevin are talking about butts in the bathroom. 

Kevin: well, you have a badonkadonk and I just have a donk

Day: thank you...because I used to have a flat ass too

Tyler jokes that God said "Be Blessed" and zapped some butt on there

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7:48PM BBT: We still have reels of beautiful animals up for adoption.  It's anybody's guess when the feeds will be back, but if go by what we've had historically this season, they'll be back after the show finishes airing on the west coast.

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