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Friday, September 18, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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7:51 PM BBT live feed 1 David talking to Cody in PBR said “she literally referenced Uncle Tom”.  I followed the game plan.   Feeds cut away. 

Feeds  jumped to Memphis and Day in KT talking about chicken that was made for a competition and then back to David. They started talking about fried chicken. Had they ever made it.  It doesn’t look to hard. 

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8:05 PM BBT

Enzo has been trying to get some Preparation H from the DR for hours how

Cody is complaining about his stomach and that his gas smells like diesel

Tyler: where is Nicole

Enzo: she is hiding in that room

Cody: she's hiding in there with Christmas...yeah, you're going in that room. What are doing? That's weird

Enzo: cause it's out in the open

Cody: it's like she's staying close to where Ian slept

Enzo: Like America hates, you, Yo, just accept it  (talking about Nicole)

Cody: that's fucked up

Tyler: that's fucked up

Cody: repeats what Enzo said...'America hates you, yo'...just move on




8:10 PM BBT

Enzo is laying out some "bars" while Cody and Tyler listen 

Enzo: *vocal noises*......final beat.....*whistling....up, up, up... I'm been

Tyler: oooh I'm a rebel just for kicks 

Cody: you trying to create raps right now....you doin raps?

Tyler: what was that bar right now

Enzo: yeah, sometimes bars just come to me

Cody: let's hear it

Enzo: you silk satin in spin classes while I'm been laden with pig Latin [I'm honestly not sure about these lyrics...it's what it sounded like to me]

Cody: wow

Enzo: yeah...this shit just comes to me, man. I love words. It just comes to me

Cody: Silk sackin"

Enzo: satin

Cody: what's silk satin

Enzo: yo! These bars are over your head, man

Tyler: the fabric, right?

Cody: so it's soft

Enzo: sitting there in your silk satin in spin classes while I'm been laden with pig Latin

Cody; Yeah 'cause pig Latin makes no sense

Enzo: pig Latin....that's what I'm trying to say

Enzo: yo this is bars......it's rappin....it's an art form

Cody: I liked it...this is art?

Enzo: yeah, you ever go to lSubway...they make your sandwich...it's art

Tyler: Enzo is a lyrical artist

Enzo: a lyrical monster

Enzo complains that he is hungry


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8:37 pm Big Brother Time


Davonne and Kevin are in the downstairs lounge; they are talking about the votes for and against Ian.


Davonne says she is worried about whether or not she was able to cover up her vote to keep Ian.


Cameras change to kitchen area where Danielle hangs onto the side of the counter while David, Cody, Tyler, and Memphis cook and clean up.


Memphis made a poke bowl  for everyone to share around.


Camera moves back to downstairs lounge with Kevin and Davonne.


Both of them are upset that they were nominated because Davonne used her veto to save Kevin.  Kevin is expressing that he is so frustrated with the people in the house, he is tired of being scared in the house.


Davonne says if she let her hair down the house couldn't handle it.  She says they would call her names. She says if she told them all about themselves the house would shake, she will be cute until the veto ceremony.


Kevin says it is taking all his spirit, and he is very frustrated with Christmas.


Danielle comes into the room, she is making remarks about Christmas. 


Kevin calls Christmas a poor sport, he hopes America sees that she is off kilter.  He wonders why she is mad about being picked to be a have not.


All of them are making funny comments about it.


Danielle tells them as soon as she saw Davonne's photo come up in the veto meeting she knew Kevin's would be next.


Davonne says Cody, Enzo and Tyler are the core, David is on a seven day trial. They agree that Cody is comfortable this week.


Talk goes back to Christmas and her behavior.  Kevin is not impressed by the birthday cupcakes, he knew it was because he was going on the block.


Davonne tells them that Christmas was being nice to her right before she (Davonne) was put on the block.


Kevin is so done with this, he is making jokes about being on the block again and just not caring.  He says he is just going to go with it.  He makes comical comments about production asking him questions.


Danielle wonders if OTEV is coming, Kevin says he hasn't heard any big construction outside, Danielle says the ground was not pre-prepped. Davonne says they just picked up little cans with tweezers so who knows.


Kevin says he is just going to go have fun with the last comp, he is not going out like Ian.


When Danielle asks if Davonne has talked to David, Davonne says she is not talking to him.  Kevin wonders if Nicole F voted Ian out, Danielle says Nicole F would not have done that.  Davonne says she wanted to know in case she was bashing him and was wrong. (Davonne, Kevin and David were the votes to keep Ian, Davonne is trying to avoid being blamed so is making noise about who might have done it, thus the mention of Nicole F and David as two possible votes.--just an opinion here, stay tuned --Grannysue)


Danielle asks if it was a weird power to swap votes. (She knows this is not true, she knows about Christmas having a power, she knows she has a power she has not used).  Davonne says she knows Christmas has a power, and it is some kind of voting power.  Davonne says it is a cancel, but has not said swap.


Kevin says Christmas may have told her she (Christmas) could cancel the veto in order to prevent Davonne from using it.  Davonne says she didn't listen to it anyway.


Kevin says he is just going to enjoy himself and not act like Ian. Kevin says Ian was just a nervous wreck, and he (Kevin) saw him in the key bedroom crying because he thought he had the votes to stay.  


Camera moves to kitchen after blinking several times.


Enzo, David and Tyler are  clowning around at the kitchen counter.





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9:14 pm Big Brother Time


Enzo, Tyler and David are in the kitchen goofing around.


Kevin, Davonne and Danielle are still gossiping in the downstairs lounge.


9:32 pm Big Brother Time


Enzo has completed his comedy bit in the kitchen and is in the washroom cleaning his teeth.


David has joined the group (Danielle, Kevin and Davonne) in the downstairs lounge.


Talk goes to diary room sessions and...


We get stars


When feeds come back the group is talking about the fried chicken and macaroni and cheese they made earlier.


They talk about different fast foods and sponsorships on other shows.  Davonne says on her season they got Outback and had to plug the bloomin' onion.  She says they never got it, they got steak, fries, veggies and beer, but had to make a big deal about the onion anyway.


Davonne and Kevin decide not to campaign, instead they will ask people what they can do for them (Davonne and Kevin) to earn their jury vote.


Christmas sticks her head into the room (they predicted she would do that). She leaves after seeing who was in there.


David says she is checking the rooms to see where everyone is.


Christmas goes to the HOH room with Memphis, she is complaining about being on slop.  She says she needs to stop being an a**hole to everyone, Memphis agrees.  Christmas says Danielle gets to do it and no one says anything.


Memphis talking about The Committee and how well it has worked out for them.  He says they have one or had input into every eviction.


Christmas says "nice speech" to him, Memphis thanks her.


Memphis says he told Kevin that he was on the side because Davonne used the veto on him; he says he told him that was the reason for the veto, and he used it to avoid stirring up other people.


Christmas says they shouldn't use the veto unless they are working together, Memphis disagrees, he thinks Davonne used it so David would "owe her something."


Memphis says the vote really didn't matter because Ian left anyway and that was the goal.


Christmas says people thought Nicole F and she (Christmas) would vote to keep Ian, but Christmas says she didn't.


Memphis says Danielle is a really smart player, but he can't really get a read on her.  Memphis says Danielle is trying to save herself because she had to put so many people on the block.


Christmas says Danielle is very close to Cody and Nicole F and is trying to help them put something in the bank for later.  


Memphis says Cody and Danielle are almost joined at the hip, two peas in a pod.  Memphis says that if they did have something they would both be smart enough to not be joined at the hip.  They would not be together all the time on purpose.


Christmas says when all three of them played the game in the past they always had a person from the beginning they were connected to during the entire game and are not comfortable doing it differently.  Christmas says she is suspicious that when it comes to eight people, and not six, they will take a shot at them (Memphis and Christmas). Christmas says she just wants to make sure they are looking at that.


Memphis says he doesn't want it to work out to be on the block with Christmas.


Christmas says Tyler and Danielle have not really buried their problems.  Memphis thinks things will follow the HOH and nominations for eviction in a straight path.  Memphis says Danielle talks and that will continue; Christmas says she (Danielle) throws people under the bus. Christmas adds that Enzo was furious when Davonne tried to twist what he said.


Memphis laughs about a talk he had earlier with Enzo.  He says he had to be organic when Enzo was in the room with Christmas.  Memphis says he told Enzo he would not put him up, he says they had earlier conversations before with Enzo and that made it work well. Memphis says Enzo is like a chameleon, he can just mix in the house and that is a good thing for them.


Memphis says he wants to control the house as much as possible because it is going to "pop off quick".  Christmas says she thinks it will be a double eviction this week.  She mentions the possibility of a short week during the next five weeks as well.








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10:07 pm Big Brother Time


We have stars coming and going.


10:09 pm Big Brother Time


Feeds return.


Memphis is telling Christmas that people are acting weird today.


Danielle and Nicole F come into the HOH room


Christmas tells Nicole F that every time she came to look for her she was asleep.


Danielle tells them that the conversation in the downstairs lounge is about what the competitions might be. She says they are wrong every time.


Just general chat in the HOH, all cameras are focused there


Danielle tells them that Davonne and Kevin are laughing at being on the block. She says nothing "juicy" was said.  Danielle says Kevin has been on the block four times now, he is over the game.


Cody comes into the room.


Talk is about state nicknames.


Kevin and David have been in the downstairs lounge for quite some time.


Kevin is telling David that he has no more options, he has nothing left, he has nothing else left to do.  He says that unless something magic happens it will just go on like it has been going.  Kevin says it is "stacked" this year.


David agrees, he says he tries every time to the max.


Kevin says he hasn't been able to throw a competition, even when he knew he was safe against Kaysar.


Kevin leaves the room when Davonne comes by, the cameras move to the washroom.  Kevin tells Davonne to just hear David out. She says she doesn't want to.


A few minutes later Davonne goes to the downstairs lounge.


David tells Davonne that he cannot prove how the votes went, and that she will see what happened at the end of the season. (So will David). David tells her he tried hard to win the HOH but Memphis got it.


We get stars...


(While we have stars, I need to clarify some earlier assumptions I had about the eviction votes.  I thought Davonne was upset that David voted to evict Ian, she is really upset because she thinks David did NOT vote to evict Ian. She thinks the votes to keep Ian were her, Kevin, and Nicole F, not her, Kevin and David. (I was corrected by some of my pals on the live feeds, so thank you youngns'!)--Grannysue)


Feeds come back and David is insisting that he voted the way they agreed to vote.  David says that Kevin told him during the time they were making the plan some things about Tyler and he locked into it and voted Tyler out.  He repeats, "I. voted. Tyler. out. of. the. big. brother. house."  David says Davonne will believe Nicole F, not him, he understands that she doesn't trust him.  He tells her he appreciates her apology in the kitchen.


We get stars.....


When we come back David is telling Davonne that he knows the game is difficult to play, but he doesn't think it is over.  He tells Davonne she is still here.


Davonne says she is on the block because of what she thinks David did.  David tells her it is because Memphis is on the block.  Davonne continues to blame David. David tells Davonne he isn't trying to be condescending to her, he tells her if it comes across that way he doesn't mean for it too.  He also tells her that every time they start to build any trust it goes backwards for him.


(David is trying very hard in this conversation to get Davonne to hear him, but she is not buying it at all.)


(We are getting stars pretty often during this conversation, possibly because some of the information being put out there is production related and off limits to feeders.  There is a delay between the small screens and the large screen of about 10 seconds, so we are not hearing this in "real time."--Grannysue)


Davonne says if she is right, David has compromised her safety and his.  Davonne says Cody and Tyler and Enzo are still comfortable with her, she has been working since day one.  Davonne tells David he was supposed to go before Keesha and Janelle, but she was working for his game because she was okay in the game.


Davonne says she went on the block with Baleigh so he would not be on there, she claims to have positioned herself to do that. Davonne ends the conversation by saying, "I hope I am wrong" before walking out and shutting the door (a little loud).  David stands there with his hands behind his head for a few seconds, then goes to the lavatory.


















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11:11 pm Big Brother Time


Davonne and Kevin are in the kitchen, she notices that the HOH camera is on them so they wander off to the washroom area.


They ask David if he remembers the name of the wall competition.   Kevin thinks if it is a quiz for veto, that might be something they need to know.  David starts picking up dirty dishes in the washroom, Kevin is startled at how many they are.


Davonne says she really thinks tomorrow will be OTEV.  Kevin says there isn't enough history, but Davonne says it will be about pre-jury or competitions.  


Davonne goes to the downstairs lounge, she says she needs to make David feel bad, she needs him to go fix it.  She says she isn't really mad, but she isn't sure if he voted as he promised. She says she felt bad for him and wanted to hug him, but she needed to be a b**ch just now.


David goes into the key bedroom followed by Nicole F and realizes how empty the room is.  He notices Ian's name on the pillow and turns it over so it is hidden. David tells Nicole F that he thought he was going up, and it is stressful.  Nicole F tells David that she wanted Ian to stay, she related so well to him and they connected so well.


David says there are so many stories in the game, and to make it to the end and win...David says the players' egos don't want anyone to win again, or for someone who barely lasted a day to go far.  (David has a habit of half sentences).  


Nicole F tells David he is doing very good.  David says he would like strong personal relationships, but as the game goes on....He says last week was his most comfortable week in the house.


Nicole F says she is not coming after him in any way if she were to win HOH.  She knows they don't talk a lot of game, but she doesn't talk game to very many people because she worries that things are repeated.


Nicole F says that because she won people look at her as a good damer, and she is being watched in the house.  She says Ian wasn't playing hard at all, and now she is really scared in the house.  She is looking for a point where she feels comfortable talking game to people.


They agree that a double eviction is scary, Nicole F says it is so fast you don't have time to think.  David says you just have to hope someone you like wins and you aren't a secret target.  He says Nicole F is not a target to him, but he doesn't even know if he can win to make anyone a target.  Nicole says they both can win.


David says he was surprised that Ian left, he liked him.  David apologizes to Nicole F for talking mean to her after the nominations.  Nicole F says she felt that David did not believe her when she said she had no power over Danielle's nominations.


David says he is concerned about how he is being perceived in the outside world, trolls worry him.  Nicole F says he is a very sweet guy, he calls himself "decent".


Cody and Christmas come down, say Tyler and Enzo have crashed.


David says the have not room is quiet, only ghosts in the walls.  He says he stayed up all night the last night of have nots but got to eat at the halfway party.


Nicole F says she wants to sleep in this room, but it is jinxed.  Cody says it is not really, it could be said about any room in the house.  Nicole F says it's not a real thing.


Cameras move to the washroom area.


Davonne says she has levels of discipline for her daughter, Candace.  She says she has never "officially" spank her yet.  Davonne doesn't seem to be a big "time out" kind of parent.


Cameras move back to the key bedroom.


Cody is still talking about liking the room. Nicole F says she is thinking about moving into this room. Cody offers to scare her.


Cody tells David he is making him a have not again next week, he is wanting to play tag.  Christmas asks what kind of deal David can make, Cody tells him it is between him and David.  Christmas offers to be a manager, but she can't help David.  David says "all right you're fired."  Everyone laughs.


David tells Cody that hot chocolate is soothing when you are a have not.  Christmas tells Cody that whole milk is a good thing to use because it is balanced.  Cody says a whole milk protein shake will help him make it through the night.  David says he made hot chocolate, 2 parts skim chocolate and 1 part whole white milk.


Christmas and Nicole F leave the room.


Cody asks David what Memphis said, David says he was surprised not to be put on the block, that Memphis told him he would find out downstairs.  David mentions that it is the fourth time Kevin has ben nominated.


David and Cody start talking about video games.


The building shakes and Cody and David head for a doorway.


(possible earthquake?????)


We get stars






11:51 pm Big Brother Time


Feeds return, all is well in the Big Brother house.


Just general talk about what Ian is doing, and if he felt the earthquake and is afraid.


12:00 am --Saturday


Goodnight Dears, It is bedtime for old ladies.

hugs from Grannysue



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#BB22 5:02PM BBT Memphis and Kevin talking. Memphis tells Kevin that since Day used the veto on him last week, it made it easier on him to nominate Kevin. 


5:40PM BBT Day and Kevin agree not to campaign against each other. They say there is no reason to.


6:15PM BBT Tyler, Cody and Dani talking. Tyler asks Cody why he pees sitting down. Cody says his dad taught him to so he and his brother wouldn't make a mess like they were. Tyler tells him his dad taught him to be cleaner but forgot to tell him he would be made fun of for it.


7:00 PM - 8:00 PM BBT No game talk. Enzo and Dani trying to think up Zings for the hosue. Enzo thinks of one for Nic. That she has dated as many guys as Dani had to nominate. Memphis, Cody, Xmas and Tyler talking about football in the LR. Nic trying to get some quiet time and hiding in the KBR. Xmas goes into the KBR to check out a bit. Nic pops up to let her know she is in there. She tells Xmas she just didnt want anyone to talk game not knowing she was there. Xmas wants to read the Bible.

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