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Friday, September 18, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Memphis got his HoH Room reveal around Midnight, but all we got was stars. I think it must be in his contract to not have his reveals on the feeds 

[Memphis probably doesn't want recorded history of him having emotional tears. Sheesh, even rocks sweat, Memphis!    -MamaLong]

When the feeds return, Memphis is smiling at his letter on his HoH bed.




12:06 AM BBT

Nicole screams hysterically from the bathroom. Apparently she walked in on Enzo in the bathroom. 

David: I warned you

Nicole: I didn't believe you because you had that look on your face


12:07 AM BBT

Tyler brings up Memphis' special order groceries to the HOHR. 

Tyler: that's all sushi.....I didn't check the freezer

Tyler congratulates Memphis and says goodnight then leaves the HOHR





In the bathroom downstairs, the HGs sing and dance Happy Birthday to Kevin

David: Happy Birthday to you Kevin, in the bathroom...Big 41

Christmas: 41 and fun






2:30 AM BBT

Nicole and Dani appear to be the last ones awake.

Nicole: we can't manipulate people as if they were newbies. All Stars are smarter

Dani: yes we can

Nicole: it's a little harder

Dani: I don't want her up on the block or to go

Nicole: I don't want her to go either

They discuss how to keep Da'Vonne off the block

Nicole: I'll go in tomorrow and explain everything because I'll have a clear mind

Dani: yeah, that's all you can do


2:40 AM BBT

The girls head to bed and the BB house grows dark and silent

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8:43 AM BBT

We have stars

8:46 AM BBT

The house lights are up after Wakey Wakey. The HGs are up and moving about

Da'Vonne: Good Morning Governor  (to Memphis)


8:56 AM BBT

David is sitting in the kitchen with Memphis and comments that he hears noise outside "We ain't getting the yard back"


Da'Vonne and Kevin are looking worried in the CBR.



Day is whispering to Kevin, but we can't hear a thing...no mic


David is chatting with Memphis about River's private school

Memphis: River went to private Montessori since he was like 2 years old; my mom has a school...my sister works there. They closed all Miami schools for the fall so we had to find another school. He is going to  a private Christian Academy. His school before was $1400 a month

David: you want the best for your kids

*feeds cut

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9:20 AM BBT

Kevin is delivering his weekly self deprecation speech to Alphonso in the Love Lounge. "I suck at this game." He says "I guess I am the pawn this season" and that he could not figure out the HOH comp puzzle "my brain was not working...Memphis finished it in like 6 minutes" He adds "I just hope my birthday wish comes true and I don't get nominated"



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9:15 AM BBT It’s Kevin’s bday and he’s sitting by himself in the showmance room lounge talking over possible scenarios for the week and rehashing the HoH competition. He states that Memphis and him had an agreement with each other that they would not put each other up and Kevin is hoping Memphis makes good on the agreement. He mentions his birthday wish is to not get nominated but doubts that  it will happen. He tells the live-feeders that he made it to the half-way point and speculated that there will be a double eviction in the next couple of weeks. He pitifully remarks that he has to keep struggling through this game and then quips that this season of Big Brother is such a “bro-show” and they’re all just getting picked off. 

9:24 AM BBT Kevin tells himself that he really needs to start enjoying himself more and continues to sit in periodic silence followed by more self-reflections of his gameplay this season. 

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9:02 AM BBT David is up in the storage room looking around at all the food they got. He grabs some bananas and leaves the storage room.  Kevin is also up in the Love lounge relaxing looking up in space. David says "what's up bb world?" 


9:10 AM BBT Cody is up. He comes downstairs with a pair of shoes and says it cold. David is back in the SR looking n the fridge for something now. He looks in the cabinets for something and leaves with looks like flower to make something. He getting stuff from the fridge in the kitchen and takes a sip of his coffee. 


9:16 AM BBT David has every possible container out on the KT table it appears to be cleaning out the fridge and reorganizing so it all fits in there. Kevin is still in the Love lounge appears to be talking to himself. He is talking to husband i believe and he says he made it halfway and everyone is speculating, He says it going to be hectic but he seem to be struggling by. he says from his perspective a bunch of guys seem to be running the house and calls it a bro show. He says if this season keeps going this way it going be a bunch of guys at the the end. He says it is what it is. He says he is just tired. 


9:24 PM BBT Kevin says something but with his hands by mouth it hard to hear. He moves them away and he sys with people not thinking about it didn't give him anxiety. He said it like Happy birthday to me but it like bleh  but his birthday dont make him special. David is still hard at work cleaning the fridge making sure everything clean and organized in there. Kevin says god this is going to be so hard though. He says he cant even talk about that. Kevin says that tyler never told him who he was going after and he had 8 conversation's at once. 


9:33 AM BBT Kevin says someone told him they didn't want talk right right now and Dayvone had him feeling like some type of way about then her and some others backed out. Feeds cut to stars. 



9:34 AM BBT  Feeds come back on and Kevin says it his birthday and to make his birthday wish come true. Cody is now in the KT makin him some food to eat Day is also now up she is in the SR getting something and come back out. David is still cleaning up the fridge wiping the shelves down making room for everything to go in there. Kevin stops talking and Feeds cut to stars. 

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9:48 AM BBT Day is in the bathroom putting some facemask on her face. David still cleaning the Fridge. Christmas  is also up and she tells Day good morning. Kevin has left the love lounge and is in the shower now. Memphis is now up and in his favorite hoodie. Day is sitting on the couch waiting on her facemask to finish. Memphis walk by and he says he is trying to take notes from dani being all fancy and stuff. Day says oh crap and laughs as he walks by. 

9:59 AM BBT BB comes over the PA and tells them there are fresh batteries in the SR. Day says oh goodness. She then lays down on the couch with her eye closed. David took out the trash and is putting a new bag in the kitchen. Kevin is out of his shower and Christmas is putting her makeup on. Kevin is straitening  his hair up and talking to christmas about birthdays. Feeds cut to stars for a second then comes back on then back to stars again. 

10:08 AM BBT Cody is in upper lounge hanging out. Kevin is in the Wa brushing his teeth. Christmas still applying make up to her face, David is still in the KT wiping down the table where he took everything out to clean. Tyler Nicole Enzo and Dani are still asleep apparently while everyone else is still up. 

10:13 AM BBT  Christmas has finished her makeup and ready to start her day. Kevin is fixing his hair up in the bathroom. Kevin talks to Day about the HOH and Christmas is up in the HOHR listening to Memphis music. She gets up and starts dancing to it. All cams go to Memphis and Christmas. They are talking about the HOH comp. Memphis says everyone was memorized by the way he was putting the puzzle together. Memphis says that David congratulated him this morning and said it should have been his HOH Memphis says whatever he says is just vomit out of his mouth and says he follows after Day, Camera changes to David and Kevin talking. David he is litterlay trying to play the game every way possible but with the name calling it is hard. 

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10:20 AM BBT Cams go back to Memphis and Christmas and she is telling him her power. Christmas says that she didn't want Memphis to worry about the power and being backdoored. Memphis seems to be okay with it and says whoever  else has the 3rd power will be done next week and Christmas says yes. Memphis says he is not going to tell anyone his plan for the week there are too many people with lose lips. They bring up Cody being one of them. Cams change to David and Kevin talking Kevin says it probablly me and you going up. David said that fine and i will go. David said he tried staying quiet about thing and they still blow up in front of him so he is okay with going.  

10:25 AM BBT Kevin tells Day lets talk some scenarios and they talk about the talk Kevin had with David and says he is ethier big mad or building up a narrative. He thinks Day betrayed him because she went to Nicole and took her advice instead of his. They talk about him throwing them too the wolves and how he is okay with leaving because nothing is going his way now. Feeds cut to stars. 

10:41 AM BBT Christmas and Memphis still talking in the HOHR and Memphis says once he puts  the plan in action  he wants everyone to be in agreement with it. He knows everyone has their own agenda etc. Christmas asks if she is a pawn and he tell hers no. Nicole is up now and she is getting ready for the day appears david took a shower as he is in just a towel. Memphis is talking to Cody now. Christmas goes into the PBR talking to someone in bed not sure who. 

10:46 AM BBT Memphis tells Cody pretty much the same he is not telling anyone about his action plan as he feels there to many chatter going on and there still more game to play before they get to the comette. Cody agrees with him. They talk about dani being one those has lose lips. They talk about christmas and how she think she is puppetmaster. Memphis says something about his plan and says he not telling anyone. Enzo is up and goes to where Cody and Memphis are and Memphis said okay ima rip off the bandaid. 

10:55 AM BBT Memphis shares his master plan with cody and Enzo and says Final 3 is called "wise guys" and they talk about adding Christmas and saying Final 4 wise guys. Christmas comes in and they share the info with her and says Final 4 wise guys. Christmas says are you serious. Memphis says i wouldn't lie i done talked to you. She leaves and they talk about his plan that he plans on not talking to anyone about. They agree to and okay with him not telling anyone they do some handshake and Enzo leaves and then Memphis follows and says that is too easy

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11:03 AM BBT  Day walks the guys and Enzo say this is guys talk man yo this is guys talk they joke around. Memphis says your going to see him butt naked laying on the bed and Feeds cut to stars. 

11:08 PM BBT Day and Nicole are talking while doing facial work. Tyler and Dani are in the PBR talking Christmas comes in and joins them.  Nicole is doing her hair and Day is washing cleaning up from her mask. General chit chat going right now

11:15 PM BBT Dani is up and dressed getting her mic on right by the mirror. Tyler and Christmas are in the PBR talking. Tyler asks if he has a plan and if it set in stone. Christmas tells him she dosent know he is not telling anyone anything. Christmas says he thinks Day and Kevin need to be separated. Tyler says he is offering up sushi and other stuff an says he likes this guy. Dani agrees she like him too. 

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11:23 PM BBT Dani is now talking to Dani and they talk about his photo's he is basically giving the same spill he gave to everyone so far he got a plan but he is not sharing. Dani asked if it a big plan like a backdoor or something and he says no it just my plan and he wants it to go smooth as possible. Dani says she understand and agrees it it his hoh he can do whatever he wants as he deserved it etc. Memphis tells her not to worry about his end goal is to get rid of one of three and that all she needs to know right now. They go back and forth about what if it was a double and Memphis says he will figure something out and to just know that all of the committee is safe. 

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11:34 AM BBT Memphis says it going to be tough couple weeks now we are at halfway point and it only going to be harder. Dani agrees with him and he send her out of the room. Next is Nicole. Memphis says he gives the same speech he given everyone else. Stars come on for a bit and then feed come back. Nicole tells him she appreciates that he is tight lipped she knows he is one of those people she knows that he wants thing in order she like that and trust him that she is not going up. she goes along with and thank him for talking. 

11:40 PM BBT Kevin is the next to come in. He tells Memphis he is glad that he connected early on with him and congratulates him on the win. He tells them the same all except he says he got 6 others he got to think about as well. He says not that the other 4 he close with or anything they will definitely talk before veto and what not. Kevin agrees he appreciates everything that went in order the last time. Memphis says definitely and he says okay and Kevin leaves. Memphis said this is going smoothly. 

11:46 AM BBT Cody and Enzo are talking about what memphis told them and how they really hope day gets to stay. Nicole and Dani are in the Key room talking and Cody and Enzo talking. Memphis is ready for day and she comes in. He ask her how she is she said she doing alright i guess. Day says okay, Memphis says he has been a solo artist in the game. Day makes it clear that she been wanting to work with him she never gome against him in any way. she says ignorant is bliss she dont want to know his plan especially if it involves her in any way. Stars come on and Day agrees with him. Memphis says his plan today is to talk to everyone today before the nominations. Memphis asks what time is noms. Day says usually 1;30 2ish. she says if not we can talk later it fine it nothing important and she says what you 2 or 3 other people to talk to today. 

11:56 PM BBT it gets quiet for a bit then it Tyler turn and im sure it the same speech as everyone. He has a plan and he is not telling anyone his plan because they dont know how to stay quiet. He dont want the feather ruffled so he not telling anyone his plan. He knows he is part of the committee so he is safe. Tyler tells Memphis day thinks David is trying to throw tyler the bus and vice versa. Memphis said they wanted to split the vote. Tyler says i think it best David goes since he is trying to throw day and me under the bus. Memphis ugh they wanted to do this. 

12:00 PM BBT Memphis has a hole different speech with david. Memphis tells him to listen carfully because if this dont go as plan you  will be public enemy number one. Memphis says the plan is if you get picked to play in the veto and you happen to win it not to use the veto at all and keep my nominations the same. David agrees to the plan and the feeds cut for a second. They come back on but it quiet. 

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12:36AM BBT Tyler asks Day if they can talk. They had to the BR. Day congratulates him. She asks him who he thinks his votes were. She tells him she kept her word.  Day tells him she had heard there was a plan to make it a tie so Dani would have to break it. 



12:05PM BBT Memphis is talking to David in the HOH BR. He offers him a deal to stay off of the block if David agrees to not use the Veto if he should win it. He tells him that if he shares the info to anyone, he will come after David and make him public enemy number 1. David takes the deal and shakes Memphis' hand. We get stars.

1:20PM BBT Kevin and Day are talking. He tells Day about the 6 person alliance David is part of with Memphis. He tells her it is David, Memphis, Xmas, Cody, Tyler and Enzo.
1:28PM BT The only talk in the house is Cody about his bowel movements especially now that he is on slop and Kevin talking about how he and his husband flirt in ther workplaces. No game talk.
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1:48 PM BBT

Christmas made cupcakes for Kevin's birthday

The HGs gather in the kitchen to sing a Happy Birthday song.

Memphis brought down the sushi for a full on party.




Kevin thanks Christmas for making the cupcakes and Memphis for sharing the sushi.

"This is the most special, for sure."


1:57 PM BBT

Feeds cut to stars

The HGs are thoroughly enjoying the sushi

David: that's awesome. It's a little taste of the outside world



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1:40PM BBT Kevin talks about that he enjoys his simple life. He is happy to be home with his husband and his cat. He is happiest watching Star Trek and eating ice cream. He says he was attracted to reality TV because he wants to show that he is not shy even though he is insecure.

1:55PM BBT Kevin's birthday is celebrated. Xmas has made him cupcakes and Memphis has shared his sushi. He thanks everyone. Kevin says it has been a really special birthday.
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2:00PM BBT NIc and Tyler in the SR. She says that the 5-3 vote caused Day and Dani to fight about it. Nic says she didn't know it would cause a fight but she feels bad. Nic says it was a game move. Tyler says that Day is throwing David under the bus. Nic says they need to make sure David stays in the house this week.


 2:09PM BBT Xmas and Day talking about their birthdays. Day says her's falls on Mother's Day often so she can't celebrate that day. Xmas talk about how close to the holidays her's is. They talk about how shopping will be different this year for Black Friday.


 2:16PM BBT Day and Dani are talking in the PBR. She says she doesn't know who didn't follow through with their vote. She says she questioned Kevin and Nic and both said they kept their votes. Day thinks it was David and she has to figure out why. Dani says she just feels that David is really bad at this game. Day says she hates that she is getting caught up in the cross fire of his bad game play.


2:29PM BBT Memphis, Cody and Enzo talking about waxing your back. Memphis goes often. General talk about restaurants in the KT.

2:43PM BBT In the LR, Enzo, Nic and David talk about it being Halloween as soon as they go back. David says Halloween is a Sunday this year because it was Saturday last year. (It was a Thursday last year and with Leap Year it is a Saturday this year). Enzo talks about having his kids for the weekend when he gets home. he is excited.


 2:49PM BBT Dani and Cody talking about the HG being messy. Cody says that Enzo has his stuff everywhere. Dani says that Nic left a glass that had milk in it in the WCA. Dani says that she doesn't understand how people are so messy. She and Cody talk about him taking a comforter up to the HN BR. She says Xmas has taken 3 so far and is raiding all the rooms.


 2:54PM BBT Kevin and Day in the WCA. They are talking about things that people eat. Day has eaten chalk and a match. Kevin says that he has eaten paper. Day is giving him trouble that he ate paper. Kevin says that as an adult, he has had a cricket because it was served to him. Day says she is sure she has eaten an ant in the house by accident.



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3:02 PM BBT Kevin and Day  are talking in the WA talking about her pregnancy with Cadence. Cody and Dani are talking in the Camera room about Christmas and Advent calendars. 

3:08 Kevin and Day are talking about cadence how she voiced texted her while she is cookin down stairs cooking. Cody and Dani are talking about voice chats. feeds cut to stars. 

3:19 PM BBT Christmas and Kevin talk about what it was like on thier previous season veres now, Feeds cut to stars

3:25 PM BBT Dani and Cody are in the love longue talking. Christmas is in the WA they are waiting for the Nom ceremony to happen. 

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3:34 PM BBT Christmas and Tyler talk he asks if she is okay she said she is just enjoying time alone, He asks if she has taken her vitmin she said she takes em with juice and tyler goes eww they say that a couple times and he leaves. 

3:43 PM BBT Memphis is telling him about the missippi  river and his dads place there. Enzo and David are in PBR talking waiting on the Nom ceromony to happen. 

4:04 PM BBT Puppy cam for Nomination Cermony

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4:57 PM BBT

The feeds are back after the nomination ceremony.

Memphis nominated Da'Vonne and Kevin

Christmas and Nicole give her hugs in the bathroom




Memphis tells Kevin in the HOHR that it was "an easy out" to put him up because Da'Vonne used the veto on him last week. "RIght now I have to have some excuse. If I didn't have that, it would have been a crap shoot"


In the PBR, Dani, COdy and Enzo are discussing Day being nominated. Dani says she tried to warn Da'Vonne not to use that veto "I tried to save her"


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7:38 PM BBT Memphis, Cody, Tyler, Enzo, Christmas in LR talking about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a lot of football players from other teams. Baker Mayfield and other QBs. Tom Brady moving to TB.  Jameis Winston throwing a lot of TDs and interceptions. Hot takes on other players. 

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7:19 PM BBT

The house is extremely boring for a Friday night.

Nicole has resorted to hiding in the KBR

Enzo walks in looking for a peaceful retreat himself and finds her lying in the middle of the floor. Enzo suggested she move to the other side of the bed where she can't be seen. SHe likes that idea "I just don't want everyone to leave me alone." Enzo says he was looking for hideout , too. "everyone is in the kitchen and alls I want to do is eat and go to bed." Nicole tells him he can hide there, too. He leaves, saying "HIde away, hide away" She asks him not to tell anyone where she is.



Cody and Tyler are playing consecutive games of backgammon. Day and Kevin are doing their own cooking competition. Day actually shows him how to make fried chicken.  Memphis, Enzo, Tyler and Cody begin discussing that COVID has to be better by now. Enzo says he will be devastated if it's not. They begin discussing sports and hope football has started.




Memphis thinks Nicole is in the DR

Cody: she has been in there forever

Dani comments that she has been in there over an hour

Enzo does not reveal Nicole's actual location.




7:41 PM BBT

Christmas walks in the KBR with Bible in hand and Nicole pops up to warn her she is in there "I didn't want someone talking game and then me hiding over here....you can stay though"

Christmas said she wanted to check in on her earlier. Nicole says she's fine she just wants to go to bed. CHristmas says she needs to "check out" too and begins reading her Bible in Memphis' old bed





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