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I don't know any sites which have it cross referenced .. but that would be an interesting list to compile. Hmmmm. Might make a good addition to the BB pages, mods if anyone wants to put that together?

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I went through Morty's Archives and this is what I found:

Chicken George ? HOH 0 POV (did not have them in Season 1)

Bunky 0 HOH 0 POV

Will 1 HOH 0 POV

Monica 0 HOH 0 POV

Marcellas 2 HOH 1 POV

Lisa 2 HOH 1 POV

Danielle 1 HOH 1 POV

Erika 1 HOH 0 POV

Dana 1 HOH 1 POV

Alison 1 HOH 2 POV

Jase 1 HOH 2 POV

Cowboy 0 HOH 1 POV

Nakomis 2 HOH 1 POV

Diane 1 HOH 3 POV

Howie 2 HOH 0 POV

Kaysar 1 HOH 0 POV

Ivette 2 HOH 1 POV

James 0 HOH 4 POV

Janelle 2 HOH 2 POV

Hope this helps

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Out of interest, can anyone complete these HoH stats.

Basically, I want to know how far the FIRST HoH has progressed in each series, and whether the LAST HoH went on to win the series.

I only really started watching in BB4, so need you to fill in the blanks:


1st - Nathan definately won, was evicted at the jury stage

Last - know it was Alison, Jun in the last two, but can't recall who won the HoH - think it was Alison

BB5 -

1st - Jase, evicted before jury stage

Last - Drew, went on to win the series

BB6 -

1st - Rachel, evicted Jury stage

Last - can't recall whether it was Maggie or Ivette who won the last HoH.

Can anyone give me the details of BB2/3 -and confirm the last HoH of BB4/6!

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bb6 last was ivette

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These websites tell who won HOH and when they were evicted

http://www.cbs.com/primetime/bigbrother3/show/vh.shtml - season 3 - Lisa won the first and last HOH

http://www.cbs.com/primetime/bigbrother4/show/vh.shtml - season 4

http://www.cbs.com/primetime/bigbrother5/show/vh.shtml - season 5

http://www.cbs.com/primetime/bigbrother6/_show/vh.shtml - season 6

http://www.angelfire.com/fl/JackCraig/BB2EVICTIONS.html - season 2 - Nicole and Will were in the final 2. Nicole was the final HOH and Will won

I'm not sure how season 1 worked so I'm not posting anything for it.

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season 2:

Week 1, They all win food for the week

Kent wins a new car.

Mike wins HOH,

Sheryl and Nicole are Nominated

Sheryl is evicted 5 to 3.

Week 2, Justin is expelled from the house.

Krista wins HOH.

Food comp is between Men and Women.

The men win, and the women are on PBJ

Autumn and Kent are nominated.

There is a Mechanical Bull Riding compeition which is between men and women again.

The girls win, and their reward is a Texas Style BBQ and a night without PBJ.

Autumn is evicted 7-o

Week 3, Hardy wins HOH

Will and Shannon are Nominated

The Food comp is an all household comp, with them winning various foods thrown over the wall, that they catch.

Shannon asks to be the one to go from her houseguests, and is evicted.

Week 4, Kent is HOH.

He nominates Mike and Krista

Mike is evicted.

For the food comp, Nicole wins Veggies, Hardy wins Meats, Monica loses Dairy, Mike wins The Starch group, bread, rice, etc. Will wins seafood, Krista misses the fruit question, Bunky wins sweets.

Week 5, Hardy is HOH

For the food comp, they have to eat their favorite meals blended. They're all sucessful except for Krista. So they had food for every day but one that week.

Hardy nominates Will and Kent.

The houseguests get a new pet, Ophelia.

Kent is evicted.

Week 6, Nicole is the new HOH.

Nicole nominates Krista and Monica

The group has to spell words in a giant cereal bowl to win food items.

Krista is evicted.

Week 7, Hardy is the new HOH

The HG's have to find bottles of peanut butter around the house. Julie offers them money, to stick the rest of the house with PBJ. Bunky and Hardy both took the deal, but since the number on Bunky's jar was lower, he won the 5,000 and the HG's are stuck with 4 days of PBJ.

Hardy nominates Will and Bunky, and Bunky is evicted.

week 8, Monica is HOH

Shop 'til You Drop. Each HouseGuest is given four minutes to gather food from the stocked shelves of the food triangle, then navigate a backyard obstacle course. Whatever food they are still carrying at the end and can drop into a shopping cart, they get to keep. They win food for the week.

Hardy and Nicole nominated.

Hardy is evicted

Leaving Monica, Will and Nicole as final three.

Week 9-10, Nicole wins the final HOH

She votes to evict Monica, leaving her and Will as the final two.

Well that's from season 2 .. I don't wanna go through th rest of the seasons right now

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so i was right WILL 0 HOH

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That's one thing that will DEFINITELY be different this season.

In the past where you don't know all of the HG's, you don't want to win the first HOH most of the time because it puts a target on your back, but because they've already played, these HG's will WANT to win ALL they can, because there could be some hatred, they have more of a chance

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for folks like WILL, ALLISON, JAMES if they win first hoh they may be gonners

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