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Thursday, September 19, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:10 AM BBT

Holly and Nicole have painted their nails, and now they are doing silly dances in an effort to get them to dry. Holly is rapping and Nicole is following along. Michie tries to help her rhyme the lyrics.  He then begins rapping an actual song and the feeds cut

Holly- Big Brother, how was our dance...she responds as Big Brother, "Pretty......Shitty!"



Holly tries a new rap- Tweedledee, Tweedledum....dry your nails, this is fun

Nicole- wait, why am I Tweedledum?

Holly- because you're over there..(she sings again) Tweedledee Tweedledum

Michie interjects- Dry your pinky, Dry your thumb

The girls are laughing and having a good time

Nicole- Dry your fingers, dry your toes...why are we running, nobody knows

12:45 AM BBT

Cliff and Nicole are chatting in the HOHR about the latest drama.

Cliff- if he wins I am okay with it. I will shake his hand and say good game; but yeah, I'm gonna use a threat to try

Cliff says that it likely won't work, but if anything it will cause Michie to be unnerved the next 6 days. Nicole says she is not giving up hope until Michie casts that vote. She tells Cliff that if he goes, to please tell her friends she misses them. Nicole says maybe what Cliff said to Michie will make him want to take Nicole to final 2 over Holly given he may feel he needs to secure Holly's vote in jury. Nicole asks Cliff to be a good word in for her in the jury. They hug and say goodnight. When Cliff leaves, Nicole tells the cameras, "I love that man. I really love that man." She then sings...."he's my best friend...my best friend..this house is gonna be awkward....really awkward."





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Michie teases the girls that they won't be able to sleep tonight because they are so hyper

Michie to Holly- Don't blame me if you don't get any sleep

Nicole responds that he will beat them in the HOH Comp because they won't have any energy left

Nicole- nah, this will wear her out and she'll sleep great


The thought of not having enough energy for the comp sends Michie to bed at 1:00 AM


2:00 AM BBT

The lights are off and everyone is sleeping in the Big Brother House


2:20 AM BBT

Cliff is back up and talking to the cameras "I'm not the type of guy they ask back, so this is it for me. I'm not here to cry. I'm here to embrace the Big Brother experience. How amazing it is that out of every person that tried out, they picked me. I'm just a regular guy."


2:30 AM BBT

Nicole is up too in the HOHR practicing the days and wins with the checkerboard and her clever rhyming.



3:00 AM BBT

Nicole finishes her late night study session and Cliff finishes his late night chat to the cameras (same sentiments he's been repeating all week)


3:15 AM BBT

The house is dark and silent again

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9:07 AM BBT

Cliff is the only one awake. He settles in the boat room to deliver what is possibly his last BB CLiff Notes.

Cliff- Good Morning to the live feeders out there and to my amazing, wonderful family who I could not do without.

9 o'clock pacific time; Day 93 here in the Big Brother House and likely my last morning in this house. 

I spent so many of my early days in the mornings in here talking that I almost hurt my game....maybe it did hurt my game. But, I learned. It was all about trying to communicate with people out there. As a fan, I love this game so much and I wanted to share it. 

So, if this is the last morning, I want to spend it here for awhile.........ugh, so close, so close.

I know I have said it a thousand times, but one more time...it's not so much the difference between 4th and 3rd..it's that I could have had my family here in the finale and a part of the Big Brother process. And now it looks like it won't happen. I'm sorry. I wanted to share it with you Kelly, Daniel and Sharon. I fought hard this whole season. In the end, apparently, obviously, I was too trustworthy of people making promises....one person in particular, and maybe I pushed one too many deals and that's what caused my downfall.

Those last deals, I was worried about having a duo in the final 4 and I was worried about Tommy in the final 4. I though I figured out a way to craft a deal that would put myself and Nicole in the final 3. That's where being too trusting of someone else bit me in the ass.


I've watched plenty of Big Brother. I should have known. It's the name of the game, and I'm paying the price. I accept that. 



9:13 AM BBT

Cliff talks about how before he came in the house he said he would play dirty if he had to. Once here, there were many chances that he could, but he just didn't want to. Cliff admits to trying to have it both ways, and it didn't work out.

If Holly had not thrown the HoH I could be final 3, but Holly acted honorably and Michie did not. It is what it is. Yesterday, I hit Michie pretty hard with some observations: how it's gonna look with jury management if he breaks the deal and didn't take me. He was upset. I get it. But, jury management is part of this game. I don't owe my vote to anyone, especially someone who breaks a deal to take his girlfriend to the finals. Not saying I won't vote for him, but he hasn't earned it yet. I will have to do some thinking...talk to the other jurors. It hurts me that I may have lost a friend in saying it. I try to keep personal from game. I don't think it was personal. It's game related to try and get him to keep me here. I don't know if he will see it that way. I don't want to lose a friendship. As upset as he is now, I hope it changes later. The problem is, if I don't vote for him to get the money, he may make it personal. I hope not. God, I hope not. But, I will vote the way my conscience tells me I need to vote.

I love the Big Brother game and the Big Brother experience. I don't want it to end today but I accept that it probably will. Knowing that there's only 6 days left and that I'll see my wife and kids soon helps. It's time to move on and find the next adventure.

There will be additional adventures. I'm not through living life. I'm 54. I've got a lot of years left. Just like this game, I swore I wouldn't go out quietly. I would go out fighting to the end. That's what I'm gonna do in my real life as well. 


9:30 AM BBT

The feeds cut to fish and WBRB for "Good Morning Houseguests! It's time to get up for the day."

[Miracles can happen. I'm keeping the faith   -MamaLong]

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2:10 PM BBT

We may not get the feeds back before the live show (rumor has it production had a 2 hour earlier than usual set call)

2:40 PM BBT

With a 2 PM call time, they could begin filming at 3. For all we know, they could be filming right now. Tonight's show should be very interesting. 

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7:05 PM BBT

[Well, my first question is... Did Cliff follow through and hide Orwell with the backgammon dice and a few playing cards like he was planning? I do hope so.  -MamaLong]


7:52 PM BBT

[The feeds are still out and rumor has it that there was a second audience brought in around 5 PM, likely to film Part 1. I don't expect feeds back any time soon. I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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9:43PM BBT TH Feeds are back. Jackson is in the shower. Holly looks winded and is walking around. No Nicole on cams.


9:47PM BBT TH Jackson and Holly chatting. The comp was a puzzle with chains and endurance. No clear winner yet. Nicole says that she is brusied and has ice on her knee. Jackson talking about he should have let Holly have it because they are worried about PT 2. 


9:53PM BBT TH Jackson has won PT1 of the 3 part comp.

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10:00 p.m. BBT
Holly is in the shower and Michie is outside the shower (downstairs) and they are talking about Nick and people saying they threw comps.  Michie goes to change clothes.

Nicole is in the RV bed.  She’s staring at the wall looking very sad.  Michie is outside the RV looking into a window/mirror at his face and fixing his hair.  He goes into the target room then back out.

Michie calls to Nicole and she says ‘Yea...’.  Michie gets the cards and then goes into the downstairs shower and kisses Holly.  He says she’s a ‘pretty little thing’.

Cameras are back on Holly.  Now back on Michie and Holly in the WA shower. (Cameras are going back and forth - it might be because the shower water is too loud to understand their words).

Michie says he followed Holly to the shower.  He’s leaning over the door and asking her if she needs a towel.

Nicole seems very depressed and sad.

Holly comes out of the shower and Michie is saying how attractive Holly is to him because she has been there for him.  They are whispering (can’t understand what they are saying).  

Holly:  “you know what’s crazy, Day 1, the first 2 people I saw, Nicole then you.  The very first 2 people I saw.  


Michie:. “I was the one who popped the first bottle of champagne.”  Michie says they have come full circle as he saw her in her and Holly , saw Nicole, he popped the bottle of champagne....Nicole says we’ve come so far, it’s all crazy.  I thouoght that was pretty wild.   


Holly:  “And here I am with ‘quirky girl and cowboy’.  I didn’t think I would be in a showmance. Michie says he was 23 and turned 24, Holly says he doesn't need to remind her, he says 8 years difference in their ages.

10:14 p.m. BBT
[wondering if Cliff hid some of the cards and dice with Orwell as he said he was going to do.  Michie has cards in his hand, sort of shuffling them loosely

Holly. - Having it dark out I couldn’t see the difference in the pieces because of the gray styrofoam - you couldn’t see the lines..  Like cause I studied the face, there were diamonds at the top, he had the tongue, the eyes are big with big centers, theres two ears. I knew exactly what I needed.  I studied the face and the little diamonds were at the top triangles on the bottom - like don’t do that.  He had the tongue, the eyes were big with big centers, I knew exactly what I needed.  I was like ‘find the nose’.

Jackson:  The first time I was studied  when they showed it to me it was the fists.  I was looking at the fists and they took it away.

Nicole:  I know, Ok Diamonds on the top, triangles on the bottom, fists, da da da - like I had it all then they showed us that and I was like great, China was on the bottom.  Don’t do that.

Michie:  We were going to change some things.  Holly says it didn't even really matter, like find the nose.’

(Cameras back on Nicole still in the RV Bed staring)

Back to Michie and Nicole.  Nicole says that was so hard, Holy Mackerel.  Michie thinks it was the best all around comp and Holly agrees.  She says when she first started assembling it she thought she might be there all night ‘’this might be incredibly embarrassing”.  

Michie:  “So, I was thinking out loud, so you’re smart.  He talks about Coral Grief being a puzzle  - it was very much a puzzle just not an normal form.  Holly says normally she is good at puzzles and Michie says but body sized puzzles are so much harder than they look on TV.  I was looking at these pieces and it’s hard - all these pieces are laid out, some right side up some are  upside down. Trying to sift through it in a rushed manner and cause you know you are going so the people are (unintelligible).

Holly says again ‘that was SO hard’, I feel like they had some really stupid clips and I’d hold it around trying to get it to fit somewhere — like no, no not, (makes sounds) 

Michie says usually puzzle pieces are durable.   He was not kidding if you break some pieces it might prohibit you from being able to (?).

Hollly says she didn’t hear that part and Michie reminds her she really needs to listen.  She mentions her ADD and MIchie says you have to listen in this next comp.  Holly says I know, I try, I have such ADD.  Michie says she will kill it tomorrow.  They discuss where Michie will be during the next comp.

10:29 p.m. BBT
Michie is still shuffling cards.  Holly talks about how hard it would have been for Cliff in this comp.  Holly says the hurdling across, it would have been really tough for Cliff.  He and Nicole would have had about the same ...

Holly talks about Michie beating her.  Holly says bring back the competitors and let’s see if Nick could beat me.  Also Jack, Christie and Tommy.

(Cameras on Nicole).  Looking worried in bed.  [I’m sure she is missing Cliff and feels all alone- Nana]

Nicole says I could have done better  (mumbles). ”I should have done better that was a ‘Nicole’ comp.  Like I know I should have won but I should have at least done better.

Michie and Holly are on the couches in the WA.  He’s holding her.  “We were in sync, our strategies and strides were so different but  we still made it at the same time.  Cool. ‘Like crashing dow, my body doesn’t make that noise.


Michie “I’m twice your body weight”.  They discuss how they each got down, 25 down and back, 25 coins.  They talk about the next comp and Michie feels the next HOH comp will be more than just push the button type of comp.

Holly hopes so but wants it to be fun, this is the type of comp I love watching, the push the button.  Michie tells her he has faith in her.  She says ‘thanks’.

(Back to seeing Nicole still in bed in the RV room)


Michie and Nicole get up, Holly  picks up some of her clothes and says they are drenched.  Michie says he will clean up in there since he has nothing else to do.  Holly picks up her shoes.



10:35 pm

Michie and Holly go into Nicoles room and Michie lies down next to her.  Holly sits on the other bed.

Michie:  “Nicole I never want you to forget how proud I am of you - always.  Inside this house and outside of it, I’ll always be your #1 fan and your biggest supporter. I will let you be for now and give you time as I know it’s how you operate - it’s how I operate,, but Holly is here for you and I’m here for you for the next 6 days.

Nicole:  “I’m just mad at myself as I know I could have done better and I wish I hadn’t injured myself like a dope.  (Michie still holds on to her tightly).  Michie tells her he’s had his fair share of embarrassing moments this season.  He tells her he loves her and how proud everyone watching is of her, but he  will let her be.  Michie kisses her head and they both say I love you as does Holly.  Holly asks if they want anything for dinner.

Nicole says she might come out and eat something later and Michie again says he’s here for her, he won’t bother her or annoy her [I think it’s too late for this - Nana].

Michie tells her he doesn’t want her to feel alone here, but to please come out and hang out with them.  He says again he doesn’t want her feeling alone.  

Holly says they can have a dinner for final 3 and drink some champagne.  Nicole is crying and doesn’t want to be the one in the F3 and people are saying ‘I don’t know how she got there’.  Holly tells her she feels the same and doesn't want people to think she rode Jacksons’s coattails to the end.  They discuss other comps and how close they were to winning.  Holly talks about wanting people to see her as playing her own game, Nicole goes on about being upset she didn’t do better.  Nicole says her ego is bruised worse than her knew.  She felt she didn’t get enough ‘chips’.

Holly goes on again about not wanting to be perceived as being the girl Jackson brought along with him and wants to play her own game and really wanted to beat him in this first comp of the three.


They talk about their methods and how they did the game.  Their strengths and their weaknesses in each comp.  They discuss the puzzle part of this comp.  Holly talks about the swings as part of the comp (must have something to do with the coins) and how she got backwards at one point.  She says swings were hitting her in front and behind but finally got on the rest backwards.



10:45 p.m

Nicole talks about not wanting to give up on the comp and she felt she should have done so much better and always wants to be perfect in whatever she does.  Holly reassures her it’s ok to want perfection.  However, imperfection is also Ok.


Nicole says ‘it’s a game and I know it’s a game and I’m OK - I’m OK with the expectation you guys are going to take each other.  Don’t pity me - you know what I mean?  Holly says she doesn’t pity her and respects her.  Nicole doesn’t want them in another room talking about her not being good enough at comps or being silly.  Nicole says she is a dope.  She talks about her injury and it wasn’t a big injury.


They both talk about feeling worthless when they don’t win.  Nicole says even with Cliff’s time taking long on comps, she never looked at him like he couldn’t do it well.


10:55 pm
A quick view of Orwell  then back to the girls reviewing the comps.  Nicole is worried about the cameras showing her struggling after her injury.


Holly is thinking about brunch for supper.  Maybe biscuits and gravy.  They begin to discuss when the next comps are and think maybe Sunday and then next Wednesday would be part 3.   They wonder if Thursday would be a recap with them in the DR (BB says you are not allowed to talk about production).  They wonder if the 2nd part might be shown on Thursday with the finale.


They discuss only the winner is talked to on the finale night and the one 2nd and 3rd just walks out but they aren’t really talked to about what happened.

Holly begins snacking.  They are hoping Sunday might have a visitor.

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11:00 pm BBT

Holly and Nicole talk about the jury and Nicole told Cliff to tell Kat she really misses her and wishes she could have hugged her.

Nicole says again it’s a board game and when you lose you shouldn’t act sore.  Holly says she asked Michie at the last minute if he was keeping her instead of Cliff.  She didn’t want to assume Cliff was going.  Holly hates Kat and Tommy left the house mad at her.  Holly felt betrayed by Cliff and talks more about him breaking his promises — They talk about other alliances and being betrayed.


They talk about Kat and Sis going into the SR for a couple of hours talking about their alliance.  They have no idea what they were talking about for so long and then talked about Jess in the boat-room and the yelling in the room.


Nicole brings up again Jess saying she couldn’t trust Nicole and Nicole doesn’t understand why she felt this way.


11:15 p.m BBT

More talk about Kat needing others in the game.   Nicole tells Holly she had been the most level headed of the bunch.  Holly feels Kat thinks Holly chose Michie over her.  They discuss more about betrayals in alliances in the BB house.

Michie comes in looking for his black hat.  

More talk between Nicole and Holly about alliances and people turning their backs on Holly.



11:30 p.m. BBT

The girls continue to go over alliances, who was mad at who else and game moves. Nicole talks about who were targets but people working behind their backs to go after someone else.  They feel Nick didn’t play a game and stick with his alliances he would hint at getting together and then voting out others.


Holly tells Nicole that Nick did care about Nicole and wanted her to do well in the game.

(Michie is in the kitchen cutting up food)

Nicole says again if Holly had won the comp she threw, she could have been HOH.  Nicole feels morally bad Holly threw the comp.  Nicole is thankful Holly kept her word.  Holly still feels very bad she threw the comp and Nicole says she really didn’t think Holly would throw it.

They are all in the kitchen. Nicole says she can’t talk about how she got hurt unless she is in the DR.

Michie tells Nicole how proud he is of her - she says she doesn’t need his pity.  He says it’s not pity, he would never pity anyone.

Orwell is on the table watching Michie cut up vegetables.

Nicole goes to change into her pj’s and will play a game later with Michie.

Michie asks Nicole quietly what they were talking about in the RV room and she tells him they were reminiscing about the game and who left.  

Michie brings up once more to Nicole “What did you mean when you said ‘You’re good...’.   Nicole tells him he’s just very good at the game.  Michie wants more - ‘how so...’.

Nicole to Michie - You had all your duckies in a row and you sniped them one by one.  Michie is grinning from ear to ear.  Nicole tells him she’s impressed by him.  Michie wants MORE explanations.  [Michie needs his ego stroked constantly - Nana]

Nicole to Michie:  “Step one - disarm a lot of people in this house”. She asks him how did you do it - he answers “sis”.


Nicole says, “Then...then....??  Jess?”  Michie nods yes.  “Then luckily in your favor, Christie”.  Michie says no it was not luck
Nicole then says “again luckily in your favor Tommy...   Then rightly so, Cliff.  (Holly is called to the DR downstairs).
Nicole:  “And I’m the next little ducky” (laughs).

They both tell each other they respect each other’s games.  Michie says it wasn’t always best for Holly’s game.

They talk about jury votes.  Michie is hoping and praying for monetary reasons to be in one of those chairs. His goal is to make it to one of the chairs - again for monetary reasons.  


Nicole says she doesn’t expect either of them bringing her to the F2 but to think about what he would say or argue for himself.

Michie thinks Nicole would take Holly if she wins the next comps.  He hopes and prays she would take him.  


Nicole talks about some what ifs - what if there hadn’t been the blow up and Holly had possibly won the HOH.

Michie begins to sneeze and Nicole runs up to him and yells PINEAPPLE stopping the sneeze and he says ‘you got me’!!! (Michie lovea to stop people from sneezing - it’s a game with him this season).

Nicole says her leg is going to be a big bruise.

Michie and Nicole continue to discuss what ‘might’ have happened if Holly hadn’t thrown the HOH and had won the veto.

[A fairly quiet night in the house - I’m out - night all - Nana]


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Thu 10:32pm BBT Jackson has decided to cheer up Nicole by laying on top of her. She turns her face away from him when he moves to the other side of the bed. She just wants a moment before she talks to him. She doesn't want a lecture, but he delivers a pep talk anyway, saying she is not alone in the house. Nicole doesn't want to be the girl carried to 3rd. She's embarrassed and disgusted with herself. While Jackson is in the SR, Nicole opens up to Holly: My ego is bruised worse than my knee. It's going to swell real bad.

Thu 10:47pm BBT Jackson is preparing to cook dinner when BB calls him to the DR. Nicole takes the opportunity to ask Holly to just consider taking her to F2. Holly says she'll consider it - she realizes how much of a threat Jackson is to win. Nicole doesn't want to be that person who loses while limping. They wonder what the Part II comp will be like and and speculate on the memory brunch.

Thu 10:58pm BBT Nicole tells Holly there was nothing against her when she was campaigning for Cliff to stay and she's fine with the F3. Holly admits she's worried about being seen as riding Jackson's coattails. They say the people closest to them are the angriest when evicted. They talk about Kat's eviction and then how angry Jess was at Nicole. Nicole says it's too exhausting to dislike someone. 

Thu 11:16pm BBT Nicole says she never knew where Sis stood and that Sam had said Sis wanted Nicole and Nick nominated together. Nicole says Holly was the most level-headed member of the Six. Holly said Sis was close to Jackson then Christie. She was emotional and always needed a friend. Nicole says Kat & Jess felt she was choosing Nick over them. Tommy, Christie and Sis ignored her for most of the game but not Jackson and Holly.

Thu 11:27pm BBT Holly says Tommy spearheaded the attempt to flip on Kat and led the effort to go after her. You can only burn me so many times, she says. Nicole says she was confused why Tommy never put up Jackson or Holly and was happy when Jackson won Safety and he wouldn't have to. Tommy would tell her they should work together then he'd ignore her for weeks. Holly says she promised Nick to protect Nicole. Nicole says Holly woudl have won F4 HoH if the "flippity jibbity" didn't happen.

Thu 11:41pm BBT Nicole says her knee doctor will be so mad at her, she feels 90yrls old right now. She hobbles to the KT where Jackson says he's so proud of her. I don't need your pity, Nicole shoots back. It's not pitty, Jackson assures her. 

Thu 11:46pmBBT Nicole tells him he was good, his plan was flawless. Not flawless, Jackson insists. It looks that way. Jackson worries to Nicole that Holly has a lot of friends on the jury. Nicole has a lot of friends too, he insists. Nicole thinks jury members will vote Jackson if they vote on game. Jackson sneezes and Nicole thwaps him upside the head, saying Pineapple!  

Thu 11:56pm BBT Jackson is in the WA when Nicole sneezes. Damn, he exclaims, I'm in the bathroom! Nicole comes into the WA to change clothes in the shower and apologizes for the Pineapple.  You got me good, Jackson assures her. When asked, Jackson tells her that if they had evicted Holly and Tommy was F4 and Jackson won Veto, he would have listened to Cliff and Tommy's campaigns and made the decision based on that.


Fri 12:01am BBT Jackson insists to Nicole he was trying to be fair and square with everyone and it meant the world to him that Cliff apologized for threatening him with jury votes before leaving the house. Nicole sneeezes twice and defends herself against Jackson's Pineapples. Jackson says he's afraid of going out 3rd if he doesn't win Part III. He would be content with coming in second though. The $50k wouldn't last long but it would be enough. Nicole says she would also be happy with 2nd.


Fri 12:07am BBT Nicole says she's graceful mentally but not physically. She didn't think HoH Part I would be so physical. She just wants to be considered for F2. Jackson says same for him. Nicole and Jackson head upstairs to play a game of Chess. She thinks she gets worse at it each game she plays. Jackson sneezes and Nicole holds back Pinappleing him. His nose is tickling too. Nicole thinks it's all the jalapeño Jackson was cutting up. 

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Fri 12:28am BBT Jackson checkmates Nicole in Chess. She says she was better when she played Tommy, then reflects that Tommy just wasn't as good as Jackson. They head down to play backgammon and Jackson hits his funny bone on the stairs. Nicole says God was punishing him for whatever he was thinking. She compares Jackson to the villain in Sleeping With The Enemy, but he's learning from her.

Fri 12:33am BBT Jackson is moving around Nicole's soda in the fridge and she calls him out on it. He says it's his OCD, he doesn't know why but it makes him feel better. The chocolate milk doesn't expire until their last day in the house. Holly is out of the DR and Nicole gets called just as she sits down for backgammon with Jackson. 

Fri 1:00am BBT Once Nicole is in the DR, Holly and Jackson compare Nicole notes. She says it was fun to compare game notes with someone she hasn't really played with. Jackson says Nicole was really impressed with his game moves. Holly says Nicole told she hadn't given her enough credit. Jackson thinks she's already given up and they should treat her carefully going forward. 

Fri 2:15am BBT Jackson and Holly join Nicole in the RV. It's snack time, Nicole says, offering them from her HoH basket. Holly says they should go to Mexico to celebrate Jackson's birthday. Nicole says she doesn't even have a passport. Holly says David was a staring contest beast, beating 4 people before facing Christie. Jackson challenges Nicole to a staring contest and she struggles not to laugh. Nicole suggests a 3-way staring contest, and when Jackson points a finger gun at each of them, she tells BB that he just threatened them and should be evicted. He jokes not to make him look bad on live feeds.

Fri 2:39am BBT Holly thinks Nicole was a bird in a past life, that's why she's so afraid of them now. Nicole thinks she was eaten by a bird, and that's why. Holly says buzzards are the only birds that eat other birds. Nicole mentions carrions but neither Jackson nor Holly are familiar with that. Nicole says she would call in sick to work if she saw a turkey pecking at her car. 

Fri 2:44am BBT Nicole says she leaned how to jump on her feet in the comp. Her problem was with the ropes. Nicole heads to the WC and Jackson/Holly are in the WA preparing for bed. Holly says something to Nicole and she yells back, I"I can't hear you. My pee is too loud!"  Holly tells a story about a roommate that was hard to live with. They lived next to a crack den. Jackson says driving in Los Angeles is anarchy. Holly says its worse in NYC.

Fri 3:05am BBT "HG, remember to enjoy yourselves today. These are the good old days," says BB. Jackson says tomorrow is Day 94, the year he was born. Holly tells him to not remind her of their age difference. Could you have picked a better third wheel, Nicole asks? We didn't have a choice, Holly says wryly. It's actually a unicycle, Nicole retorts, and you two are training wheels.

Fri 3:18am BBT Nicole wants to see the jury footage from today's episode. Jackson says it's only 5 days left but Nicole says you're not counting tomorrow. Holly says she looks like she's just woken up all day and has given up.

Fri 3:26pm BBT Nicole announces she's ready for bed but she hears Holly in the RV and thinks Jackson is trying to scare her. He's actually in the target BR and Holly says she was just joking. Jackson is praying in the target BR while Nicole and Holly settle into the RV, Holly taking Jess's bed. 

Fri 3:36am BBT Jackson hugs Nicole goodnight and Nicole says her customary I love you more. No you don't, Jackson retorts. Probably true, she agrees. Jackson acts offended and she says just messing with you. BB says Big Brother Loves You before turning out the lights. Love you more, Nicole says back. 

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