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Sunday, September 1, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT

Michie and Holly have been fighting again in the HoH Room. 


Things between them calmed down. Holly owned what she did (calling him an asshole) and apologized. Michie seemed to accept it. But, now he is revved back up repeating all of the same thing.

Michie- am I taking it out on you? Am I calling you a fucking bitch? There's no excuse.

Holly- I am not discrediting you

Michie- whether you want to or not....you are treating me the same way they did (his ex girlfriends)..I'll talk to you in the morning. I'm done with this. I'm sorry you feel the way you feel. I've done everything I can I want you to be happy. I want nothing more than for you to be happy. I'm sorry the last 74 days have not been that for you

Holly- they are and I'm sorry 

Michie is holding her again

Holly- I don't want to be mean to you of all people

Michie feels that everything he does is for Holly and has given everything he has, but it's not enough for Holly. Holly feels that she had a confidant in Michie and she likely just told him too much about her feelings which caused him to feel like the reason for her emotional lows and concerns. She tried to assure him that he is not a regret, it's just that she is hormonal and not herself. Michie wants their relationship to be for the game at this point. He seems convinced that he is making Holly unhappy so he will not play part in that anymore. Holly continues to tell him she is happy with him and that she is very sorry for what happened.

Michie- you will be okay

They both admit they have feelings for each other they never expected. 

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Holly- I want to go to the end of this game with you and I want to make you happy, too


1:00 AM BBT

Holly talks to the cameras and tells us that the game is an experience that you can't prepare for. She says she misses her friends and family but not her cell phone or social media. She misses working and having a purpose...a value.


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1:44 AM BBT

Michie and Holly get ready for bed, with little to no conversation

1:47 AM BBT

They get in bed

Holly- do you want to cuddle

Michie- if you want to

Holly- yep

She moves in to cuddle with Michie. He doesn't seem into it


Holly moves her arm to Michie's stomach

Michie- there's a camera (he points)

Holly- it's your stomach

Michie- (pointing to camera) the camera is right there

silence for many minutes

Holly- what's up

Michie- just thinking

more silence

Michie- don't talk to me like that when we get out of here. Like why do you use me as a punching bag?

Holly- I don't use you as a punching bag

Michie- the one person that is supporting you and you use me as a punching bag. I came in here for myself to find things within myself, to learn about myself, to challenge myself, to grow myself. And I have done that. We are about to go to final 6 and doing shit like that in front of half the house if not more....at this stage of the game jeopardizes things for both of us. But even that aside, I know what I deserve and what I don't. And the fact that it was done on national television....just like you said about every other thing, amplifies it. It's not like you just called me a fucking asshole 3 or 4 times, it was on national television.

Holly- I didn't say you were a fucking asshole, I said you were acting like a fucking asshole

Michie- okay, you can watch the tapes back

Holly- I honestly don't remember

Michie- talk about embarrassing

Holly- I said I'm sorry...I don't know how many other ways I can say sorry

[Michie won't let this go]

They start talking about how Holly went off on him after he told he teased her that she wasn't going to have any hair left because she is constantly picking at her split ends [whenever Holly is thinking or uncomfortable, or bored, her go to activity is to pick at her split ends]

Michie- you just look like a mean, stuck up girl like Sis did. I'm looking out for you. You care so much about what people outside of these walls think

Holly- don't say it like that

Michie- but you do. You say it all the time

Holly- I'm worried about things because of my family

Michie- I know and you say you don't want to be the mean girl... the boring girl

Holly- I know

Michie- at a certain point I'm going to keep my mouth shut

Holly- we are both screwing up at this. This was the one day that I felt you tossed me to the side. I called you a fucking asshole because I felt dismissed

Michie- let's not talk about this anymore

Holly- I didn't want to

Michie- good night

Holly- one day does not trump the last 74 days

Michie- good night, Holly

Holly sighs


Holly- how's the wine  (he hasn't offered any to her)

Michie- it's good

Holly sighs loudly

Holly- I really wanted that date night with you  (no response from Michie)

Holly rolls over and away from Michie

Michie is clearly angry about their fight and the current status of their relationship in the game

Lots of silence.....lots of deep sighs from Holly

2:26 AM BBT

Michie- I want you to be happy more than anything. I have tried to do everything to make you happy. The feelings I have voiced to you about you are the tip of the iceberg about what's inside. You want to know what is inside my head and I am trying to explain things to you. I'm never going to try and spin things. I am simply letting you inside my head so you know where my thoughts are coming from. I'm not gonna put you down. I'm not slandering your name or character because no matter what you are still one of the most wonderful women I've met.


Holly is crying


Michie- Holly you are unbelievably special, but you don't see it and I can't make you see it.

Michie- I will always be in your corner. I will always be your #1 fan. I will always be your biggest cheerleader. I will always be in your corner. I just want to see you happy.

Holly cries harder

Michie- come here

Holly sobs

Michie- it's okay

Holly- this is so fucked up

Michie holds Holly as she cries on and on and on and on

2:45 AM BBT

Fear is like leeches...it will hold you back. The best things in life happen when you are terrified. Some of the worst things, too, but at the end of the day you learn from it.

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 Cliff is delivering CliffNotes in the target bedroom. He says he loves his wife, but being separated from Sharon has made him see how much he really loves his wife.


Michie shares his wine with Holly at 3:00 AM

3:15 AM BBT

Nicole is the last one up. She is in a great mood, dancing in the bathroom and talking to herself in a British accent.


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12:31AM BBT: Jackson tells Holly he can't tell her a lot of things while they're being watched 24/7. Holly says she has things to tell him too. Holly says she's been cheated on and lied to, she says she's never cheated. Jackson says he's never cheated either. 



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3:30 AM BBT

Nicole talks to the cameras from the hammock in the backyard. She says she worries about the way laying in the bed with Nick the other night may look. "The best way I can explain it is that when you spend so much time with the same people in the house for so long..." She says she was trying to console a friend and hopes it didn't embarrass anybody.


Nicole talks about how she is frustrated with Jess after Jess told her she is the one person she doesn't trust. She doesn't want Jess saying anything that will hurt Nicole's game. She talks about how Michie/Holly are working with both pairs in the house and will side with whichever pair (other being Tommy/Christie) gets them further, knowing it depends on competition wins. She says if Christie or Tommy win they will put up Michie and Holly, unless Tommy is blowing smoke. She knows Tommy is smart so why would he want to go to final 3 with a couple. "Me, Christie, Tommy and Ciff are a much more level playing field." (should Tommy or Christie win, she is hoping they see this, too) "I really hope that me and Cliff can pull this out." She mentions that she should go to bed. She shouts out to her family that she hopes they will have a great Labor Day and feeding the doggies hot dogs and hamburgers. She says it's been hard and she is taking it one day at a time. 'I promise I am doing okay. I know I cry a lot, but it is what it is....just know that it sucks that I can't hear you guys and see you guys...it's been 75 days and you're getting more and more distant. It's the scariest feeling. I just miss you guys so much."

3:51 AM BBT

Nicole brushes her teeth and heads to bed


4:00 AM BBT

Everyone is in bed. The house is dark and silent.

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1:15AM BBT: Holly, Jackson, and Cliff are in the KT whispering. Cliff says he's going to tell Tommy he doesn't have an "agreements" with anyone. Jackson says he doesn't want Tommy to be here with him, he wants Cliff to be with them. Jackson says he doesn't want to put Nicole up, because he knows he could beat Nicole. 


1:30AM BBT: The HGs go back to talking about the veto comp. 


4:00AM BBT: Nicole finishes talking to the cameras, explaining her game. She brushes her teeth and then gets into bed. She's the last one in bed and all the other HGs are asleep.


9:15AM BBT: All of the HGs are still asleep. 

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1:10 PM BBT

Cliff knows that he will be the replacement nomination if veto is used. Nicole also mentioned this when she was talking to the cameras around 3:30 AM this morning. Cliff talks with Holly and Michie in the campsite area saying that Tommy told him he wasn't sure if he was using the veto but if he did, Cliff would have his vote. The target remains Jess, but Tommy wants to make sure he can secure safety for his only remaining ally in Christie. [I expect Tommy to use the veto and Jess to still be evicted unanimously....but this game can make crazy things happen. -MamaLong]


Christie is enjoying the pool today. She wants a good tan.


1:17 PM BBT

Holly and Michie seem to be on good terms again, showing mutual affection. However, they know there is a lot to resolve between them.

Holly- we don't have to figure anything out today. Let's just enjoy things. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. You mean way too much.

*Holly gets called to the DR


Holly sees that Michie is sad and tells him she wants him to smile. "I want to see you smile. I want to smile with you...and laugh. I want to do things for you that make you smile."

*Holly gets called to the DR again

Holly- okay! I wonder if this is going to be a quick one or longer. (she begins applying makeup)

Michie- I honestly like those gray ones better than the lulus (the pants she is wearing)

Holly- these ones

Michie- yeah

Holly- I thought they made me look frumpy

Holly is trying to decide on her hair and Michie tells her it looks good. He warns her that she is gonna get called a third time

Holly- sorry Big Brother...I'm coming

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12:59PM BBT SUN Holly is sitting on Jackson's lap talking about her hormones and how she is so proud of him when he won. Jackson says that they just need to figure things out when the show is done.


1:08PM BBT SUN Holly, Cliff and Jackson talk. Cliff says that he understands if he has to "fake" throw him under the bus. He says him and Tommy were talking and Tommy is wondering.


1:19PM BBT SUN Holly and jackson are in bed cuddling and rubbing each other's arms. Cliff and Christie in the pool chatting.





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1:30 PM BBT

Michie has joined Christie, Cliff, Jess, and Tommy in the backyard. 

Nicole is resting on her bed. She looks like she just wants to be alone.


1:48 PM BBT

Nicole apologizes to Big Brother after nodding off, "Nicole went to bed after 4 AM which was a bad, bad idea. But, I will not fall asleep. I'm gonna lay here and think a little bit....do my laundry...get something to eat."

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1:31PM BBT SUN Jackson opens the fridge, eats watermelon while standing in the doors and then heads off to use the WC. He comes out and runs his hands under the water with no soap. Heads back to the fridge and repeats.He is standing with the doors open and slurping watermelon. He finally makes up a bowl and heads to the BY.


1:46PM BBT SUN Chatting by the pool. Nicole seems to be resting in the house.





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2:15 PM BBT  Nicole is in the KT going to fix something to eat.  Cliff is inside, but on his way back out.  He is going to get some Gatorade out of the outside fridge, and enjoy the sun on this Labor Day Sunday.  He tells her that Michie said earlier about how people on previous seasons always seem so mad about getting out of the house 3rd, 4th or 5th, but when they are the final 5 or so, they seem to be happy.  He said that didn't make sense to him, being that close to winning.  Now he understands that these people got to experience a lot of BB, that the others didn't  (During the conversation, the people in the BY were saying they got Zingbot, OTEV, Hide and Go Veto and Slip and Slide, all of the infamous comps) They felt lucky.  Cliff leaves and Nicole is talking out loud to herself, that she is going to go pee before she makes her hot dog.  She is going to eat a hot dog instead of PB&J in honor of Labor Day.  She goes to get dressed for the day, and looks at the clock saying it is 4:00 already (It isn't!!)  She is saying it is 7:00 on the East Coast (only 5:00).  She talks out loud about what she is going to wear, and what color. 


NOTE:  Earlier Tommy said he actually saw the clock move.  He thinks someone is messing with the time in the house, since they don't have watches or cell phones to know what time it is.  The others outside weren't so sure, but heard him out.  Someone said when it is 10:00 on the clock, they need to go to bed and snore and see if they get called out or not.  They are not allowed to sleep before 10 PM.  Not sure why BB is messing with the time, but they definitely have moved the time up about 2 hours.

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2:25 PM BBT

The group in the backyard begins talking about how they are really glad there were no returning players this season. Michie said he read the rumors online about there being 2 or 3 and he was praying it wasn't true. Christie says she thought there were going to be vets until the moment they actually walked in the house. The cameras move to Nicole and there are several warnings from production, "You are not allowed to talk about production."  


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2:26 PM BBT  Nicole is in the WA brushing her teeth.  She shows up her knees that are bruised, she said it was from the Hide and Go Veto comp, looking under things.   BB keeps saying you are not allowed to talk about production.  Nicole says someone is getting chewed out.  Tommy comes into the WA, asks Nicole where Holly is.  She doesn't know, but thinks either DR or HOH rm.  Tommy is going to go look for her.  Nicole is singing to herself while she finishes in the WA.  She continue talking to herself and production while she is getting ready.  She is quite funny.

 ( I am on the East Coast, gotta go start dinner)

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5:08 PM BBT

All of the houseguests are in the backyard.


5:14 PM BBT

Holly has been talking with Michie about how they are still learning each other and figuring things out.

Michie- I want you to be happy. If I can't do it for you....that's what I want

Holly- I'm still going to be working on that regardless of any relationship in my life. That will always be an off and on uphill battle.

Michie- that's why I was giving you space..because I can't force you to be happy. If I have given you everything I have but I can't force you to be happy.

Holly- if that happens again, please don't walk away. I didn't know what it was. I felt like I didn't matter. I know that I am ultimately the one who is in charge with my deep down inner happiness that we can talk more about in 25 days.

Michie- there's a long list of things that I can tell you about

Holly- I'm working on it


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6:00 PM BBT

Make up sex in the HoH Room



Just as things heat up, the feeds move to the backyard.

6:10 PM BBT

Jess, Christie, Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy are talking in the backyard about Michie/Holly. Nicole asks if they are okay. Jess and Christie say they seem much better. 

Nicole rehashes the confrontation that Jack had with Kemi over Kemi keeping her cup in the fridge. [Kemi handled that confrontation really well, remaining Classy Cool Kemi even though Jack's approach was rather narcissistic   -MamaLong]

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7:30 PM BBT

The houseguests are told to go back inside. The outside lights don't seem to be working right. The houseguests notice they can see a sunset and are excited, but they obey and go inside. The gate gets put down, and the houseguests worry they won't get it back tonight.


7:34 PM BBT

Tommy confirms with Michie that he will use the veto to take Christie off the block.


[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]


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7:20PM BBT SUN  Holly and Tommy talk in the KT. Holly tells Tommy that she has had skin cancer and has had it on her lips. She says he mom has had it too. Tommy asks if the skin cancer is genetic.


7:24PM BBT Tommy tells Holly that he understands that she was upset yesterday but he missed everything because he was in the DR. She says they are all good now.  Holly says that they did the math and because they have been together 24/7 for X number of days it is the equivalent of them dating for years. Jackson comes in and says that Jess is giving him dirty looks.


7:31PM BBT SUNThe HG get called inside for a BY LD. Production hasn't put on the lights yet outside and they get to see a sunset. They are still messed up on time because there was a power outage this morningand the clock is wrong. Tommy goes to HOH with Jackson and tells him he is going touse the veto. Jackson says that's fine. It makes it easier on him. CLiff is going up. Jackson says that Cliff nees to go after Jess.

7:35PM BBT SUN Jackson continues to tell Tommy that he feels better competing against Cliff/Nicole then Tommy and Christie. He says he doesn't care who goes up next to Jess.


7:42PM BBT Jackson, Holly, Christie and Tommy talking about threats in the house. Jackson saying how Cliff is a threat and has a resume.


7:52PM BBT Cliff has come into the HOH BR and talk changes to comps. Christie is piling HOH snacks into her mouth and talking a mile a minute and how clear everything is becoming.  Cliff wouldn't mid BB Comic but is hoping they don't do morph.

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8:00 PM BBT Cliff and Christie are talking in the BY. Cliff is on the hammock and Christie is sitting on the ground next to him. She tells him that she gets the impression that Michie is working with everyone. She says that "Michie thinks that he has me. That he did me a favor and I did him a favor. But, I don't feel safe at all this week. He thinks he is good with everyone. If you are working with him, keep that in mind." Cliff says that he isn't playing this game for 6th or 3th or 4th. I know the writing on the wall.


9:07 PM BBT All the HGs are hanging out together by the hammock. Tommy and Nicole are snuggling on one end of the hammock and Holly is on the other end. The rest are scattered on the ground around the hammock. They are playing the name swap game. They joke that Nick could have been a Cliff Smith. Jessica could have been a Bella Wang. Bella could have been a Jessica Milagros. Nicole could be a Kemi Fakunle. Christie says that Holly could also be an Isabella Wang. Holly disagrees and says "Hi, I'm Bella and I'm from Wyoming." The HGs then decide to re-enact their opening intros.  


9:31 PM BBT Cliff and Christie are in the KT. She takes a drink of Coke from her cup and almost immediately starts spitting it out and gagging in the sink. Christie "Cliff....Cliff....what did you do? Garlic?" Cliff is cracking up. He has no, it's beef bouillon. She shows it to the others and that they all try it. He tells her that he put it in there a long time ago and forgot about it until he heard her retching. Michie comes out of the DR and says he was asked by production if Holly and all the watermelon in the world were on the block together, who would he evict. He tells them that he said that watermelon is sweet but Holly is sweeter. He could have lasted 75 days in the house without watermelon but he couldn't have lasted 75 days in the house without Holly. 


10:50 PM BBT All the HGs are sitting on the BY patio together eating chips. They are discussing how the final 4 veto works. Cliff says that he is very happy that they have all gotten this far and things like this to look forward to. They laugh that none of them are losing money but one of them is about to get a lot of money. They laugh and Michie jokes "Mama bout to get a new crib." 


11:13 PM BBT The HGs are still talking around the patio. Holly says that they are going to get out of here and Michie is going to see her for the first time without studio lighting. He is going to know that I really am 31. Crows feet. Nicole "They are called buzzard's feet actually." Holly "Valid." The others laugh and go Zing. Nicole apologizes and Holly tells her that is one of the best ones yet and never apologize for being funny. 


11:19 PM BBT The HGs are on the patio and discuss how they can image how their house smells and feels. Christie says her house smells like a cross between Bob Marley's house and sage. 


11:23 PM BBT The HGs are discussing what they would be doing if they were spending Labor Day like normal. Jess would be getting drunk with his sister. Holly and Christie would probably be working. Cliff would be watching his family play a game like Sorry and watching lightening bugs. Christie isn't really sure because this is the first time she has been single on Labor Day in 7 years. 



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