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Thursday, August 29, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:02 AM BBT

Nick told Nicole that he knows she wants to vote for him to stay, "don't do it." He also told Nicole she should put up Tommy and Christie if she wins HoH. She told him that's what she would do.


2:00 AM BBT

All HGs sleeping soundly.



A MamaLong Update and Prediction: There hasn't been as much coverage because there really isn't anything new going on. Conversation has basically been on repeat, and game talk for this week's eviction was suspended Monday-Wednesday night. The target has not changed, though.. Nick's campaign was very humorous, and all of his talking points ended up cementing his demise in this game rather than make him more desirable to keep. Nicole and Cliff definitely trust Nick more than Christie, but they will not rock that boat knowing Holly and Michie have their back. It's a sacrifice they are willing to play part in. The houseguests are strongly loyal to each other with the one exception in Christie. Everyone recognizes how large of a target she is, and that is exactly what is keeping her in the game...for now. Tonight, I'm certain Nick will be be heading to jury. The votes tonight will be unanimous, as Nicole adamantly plays this game with her head and just allows her heart to suffer, saying, "It hurts, but I'm not playing that game...I came to play Big Brother." Nicole's compassion for others is admirable in a cutthroat world, but she will not waver. Her one fear is that she will get a negative reaction from the audience tonight as she votes to evict Nick. The house seems to believe his platform of being loved by America. Yet, I tend to believe the viewers voted him prankster solely to get Christie on the block. He is in for a big slice of truth pie.


Nick knows he will be evicted tonight and he doesn't fault the HGs saying, "I know I made strong points. I guess Christie's were stronger." Nick does feel a bit betrayed by Cliff and TOmmy saying they are making promises to people that haven't been loyal to them and that the jury management has been weak. He has promised to bring that up in his eviction speech. Nick has vowed to make huge moves if he gets the chance to get back in the game saying, "They better hope that there's nothing for me to stay because if I come back, it's fair game....it's just funny how disloyal people are," Tonight we will have a  quad of Michie/Holly and Cliff/Nicole  versus the Christie/Tommy/Jess trio.  Holly is very worried about Cliff/Nicole being the next target, but Michie talks her down every time. The thing is, all of the remaining houseguests have solid relationships. The rest of this game is truly dependent on who wins competitions. Michie has vowed to throw tonight's HoH given Christie and Tommy have marked Cliff and Nicole as their targets, and Jess has vowed the same (not first hand, just through Christie...so take that for what it's worth). It's going to be a wait and see situation. Of course, there is always a disclaimer that things can change on a dime and we must expect the unexpected. 


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9:30 AM BBT  All is dark, house guests are sleeping.

9:55 AM BBT  Lights are still off, and HGs are sleeping, though someone is tossing and turning A LOT.  Should be up soon for eviction day.

9:59 AM BBT  Nicole is up and goes to the SR to get some medicine for he back/tailbone. (she fell last night)  She was the restless sleeper.

We get FoTH, probably the wake up call. 

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10:12 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Tommy is in the KT, takes the coffee can to the SR and gets a new one, then back to the KT to make coffee.  Feeds 3/4 on the RV room, with three beds all full of sleeping people.

10:14 AM BBT  Tommy is wearing a gray sleeveless onesie.  He keeps pulling at his underwear.  He fills the ice tray, while BB says there are fresh batteries in the SR.   Jessica is getting up in the RV, talking with Christie.  Just talking about how they slept.  Jess asks if Nicole slept in there last night, as she isn't in there now.  (she got up earlier because of her back).   Jess keeps yawning, these girls are not morning people!


10:18 AM BBT  Tommy is going room to room seeing if anyone wants coffee.  He asks Nick first.  Nicole is sleeping next to him in the room outside the RV.  Tommy goes into the RV next, Christie is telling about yet another dream she had.  Feeds 1/2 on sleeping Nick and Nicole.  When Tommy comes out of the RV Nick tells him he needs a haircut bad.  (maybe Zingbot got to him?)  Tommy agrees.   In the RV Christie is telling a sleepy Jess about numerous dreams.


Nicole is talking to Nick about not sleeping well last night.  He thinks he went to sleep after 4:00 AM.  Nicole says they only have an hour before lock down.  Nick said no, it is usually an hour and a half, Nicole fixes her pillow and stays lying down.  Not much going on.  Jess gets called out by BB to put on her mic.  Tommy can be heard squealing.

10:25 AM BBT  Jess and Christie can be heard in the room outside the RV, Jess is complaining she is run down, and has been eating more cheese.  Tommy was in the WA while Cliff was showering.  Tommy heads back to the KT, appears to be washing some dishes. 

10:29 AM BBT  Christie comes into the KT, says she got thanked for changing her battery.  She said it was so strange.  She thinks maybe it is because she has to get begged everyday and is the last one and today she wasn't last.

Feeds switch to Cliff taking a shower as Christie is in the WC. Tommy can be heard. BB asks for the mirror above the KT sink to be cleaned, then BB asks for the mirror to be cleaned above the bathroom sink.  Tommy is excited, and cleans the KT mirror while Christie gets the supplies to clean the bathroom mirror.  When Tommy gets finished, he asks "How's that?"  No reply by BB.  After he wipes down the counter, BB says "thank you for your cooperation"  Tommy goes back to washing dishes.

10:36 AM BBT  Tommy is looking for the vacuum.  Christie is popping pimples in the WA mirror.  Jess wants to know how she even has an pimples left?  Christie said it is nerves, not in her usual routine.  She can't wait to get home and get back to normal.  She the corrects herself, and says not now, but in October when this is all done.  She says she is strangely at peace and calm, not like last week.  Jess is sitting on the WA couch, looks like she is about to fall asleep again.  Feeds 3/4 are on Nick and Nicole.  Nick is sitting up in bed, Nicole looks to be trying to sleep. 

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10:41 AM BBT  Brief FoTH while Tommy sings.  Nick is up and exchanges his battery.  BB says Nick, thank you.  He says you're welcome.  As he goes to leave, Tommy comes into the SR.  Feeds switch to Holly and Michie still in bed with the lights on, then to Jessica, sleeping sitting up on the WA couch.  (this is as exciting as it has been today).  Christie is now drying the dishes that Tommy washed.  She is talking to Cliff about how Jess isn't feeling well.  Christie says she hasn't been eating right since she walked in the door.  Cliff laughs.  He is fixing himself something to eat. 

10:50 AM BBT  Christie is talking about hearing Nick and Nicole talking last night about Boston Market.  She said it made her think about all the fast food type places she misses.  She said she loves their mac and cheese.  Tommy starts vacuuming, says it smells like a zoo.  He brings it into the KT, and has Christie smell it.  She said it is from the graham crackers and pies they have been vacuuming up.  He said it didn't smell like that last week.  She says it needs cleaned.  Tommy doesn't know how, so she offers to clean it. 

Discussion of the music this morning.  One of the songs was the theme from Friends. 

Tommy starts vacuuming again.  It still smells.  He said he cut all of the hair out of the rollers before he started, and it still smells like a zoo.  Christie said maybe it is in the tubes.  She smells it and says it is really bad.  They joke it might be part of the pranking.  Cliff said it is a gift for season 22 next year. 

10:57 AM BBT  While Cliff, Nicole and Jess are in the KT, Holly and Michie are starting to pack up from the HOH room.  Jess and Cliff ask Nicole how she is feeling, she says better.  Christie comes back into the KT and says there are so many pie crusts left.  No one answers, she says it again and that it scares her. Cliff says it worries him, too.  (they did get called for pies again last night, Cliff mentioned it earlier). 

No game talk, just getting ready for eviction night, cleaning the house. 




(I am out, at least for now)


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11:31 AM BBT  BB calls for a LD in HOH.  They are scrambling to get the backgammon game to take with them.  Also deciding who will shower and who gets their hair cut.  Holly is mad at Jackson for taking all of the coffee without making anymore, and now she doesn't have any for the lock down.


Earlier, a house meeting was called about the toothbrushes.  Tommy found a headband on the floor in dust and threw it away along with a toothbrush on the floor.  They decided to throw away all of the toothbrushes except for Tommy's because he has a special one with a tongue scraper.  Christie jokingly called him an attention whore (from Zingbot).


We have puppy/kitty cams, this will be a while

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1:15 PM BBT  Feeds are back.  Everyone is getting ready for tonight's show.  Jess and Christie are in the WA, Jess goes into the WC, Christie leaves.  Cliff and Tommy are in the TBR getting things together, no game talk.  Nick is in the SR ironing his pants.  Something is on them and he keeps licking his finger and rubbing his pants.  Michie comes in looking into the fridge, Nick tells him he wants to talk with him and Holly.  He says he has a lot of info, and if he is leaving it won't do him any good, so he wants to share it with them.  Michie said fine, they will talk when he gets done ironing.

Tommy is in the KT trying to decide what to eat.  Holly said she brought all of her stuff down from the HOH, there are gushers, cereal, and protein bars are in the SR.  He thanks her.  Tommy decides to make egg-less french toast.  he said his mom used to make it, called it syrup in the middle. 

Jess tells Holly and Christie that they need to crush an aspirin then add water to make it a paste, and put it on the pimple.  It will take the swelling down.  They want to know if Advil will work, Jess said she doesn't know, but she knows aspirin is an anti-inflammatory and works well.  She said to make the paste and just leave it on.  Joking about BB beauty hints. 



( Gotta start dinner, am on the east coast)

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2:37PM BBT Nick and Christie at DT playing backgammon. 

Michie and Holly in WA doing baby talk. [Gag - rms]


Tommy and Cliff in LR. Cliff with unzipped hoodie sharing his chest with the world. They talk about watching the next season and going live on instagram together. Watch BB with Cloff and Tommy. 

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7:03PM BBT Feeds are back!  Everyone is quiet and Tommy is grinning.


7:06PM BBT The HG all agree that this comp is really hard, even after a few minutes.  Jess promises to give everyone massages tomorrow.


7:08PM BBT The cold rain keeps coming and Tommy is laughing.  Nicole is very focused, concentrating with her eyes closed.


7:09PM BBT Tommy and Jess both say that their feet are numb.


7:11PM BBT All of the HG agree that having a flat backside would help with this comp, and they're comparing the differences in the boards for their hand placements.  They are then suddenly hit with a cold blast of smoke/air from behind.  Christie says that she felt like a sharp stab in the back.  Then a repeat blast.  The feeds then go to WBRB.


7:14PM BBT The house tilts forward, with all HG still hanging on.  Nicole is in the zone.


7:15PM BBT Michie takes note of production's signals to make things happen.


7:17PM BBT Jess is going to drop, but is scared.  Screams as she falls and is laying on her back.  She looks like she's hurting so Holly asks production if she's allowed to help her - and the feeds to to WBRB. 


7:19PM BBT Holly is helping Jess up, who is really winded.


7:20PM BBT Jess gets a towel around her with a bottle of water, and is in tears.


7:20PM BBT And now the shout outs to family and friends begins, starting with Christie.  The ghosts then swing down to hit them.


7:25PM BBT There's talk about what they're going to eat later.  Christie asks BB if they can have pizza.  They all remember that they have a frozen pizza they can have.



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The wall was tilted forward for 3 minutes. Now it is upright and raining hard.

Holly- you guys got this

Michie- well, if I was going to piss myself in a comp I picked the wrong one. This one would be perfect. No one would have seen it.

Tommy- pins and needles (singing) wow

They got blasted with cold fog at high speed

Jess- that was cold

Tommy- guys, that was frightening. It scared me. That was so scary.

Nicole is silent...really focusing hard (she has a back injury)



Jess and Cliff appear to be struggling. Christie was barely holding on during the incline. They are upright again.

Jess- guys, I've got to go. I don't want to hurt myself.

7:17 PM BBT Jess is down; she fell hard then the feeds cut



Jess is okay. She says it was really scary, "it was hard."




The ghosts charge them again.

They directly hit the HGs. Tommy said his hits him in the upper chest. Christie says they hit her right in her breasts.


7:27 PM BBT

Holly- there is something in this that is making me dizzy

Jess- the smoke

Holly- yeah

Jess- when I fell in the smoke I couldn't breathe...well, I got the wind knocked out of me

It has started raining hard again

Jess- you've got this guys

Michie- Yeah Buddy

Christie- Nice

Jess- wow...Oh my God

Holly- if they blow more of that smoke I'm going to have to leave....my heart is racing. I think it's from sitting here breathing it in. My heart is racing and I didn't do anything. It's fucking weird.

7:30 PM BBT

Nicole and Tommy look the most solid. Michie is having a great time and looks comfortable.

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7:31PM BBT Cliff appears to be struggling.  Everyone else is holding steadily.


7:35PM BBT Cliff announces falling right before he drops.


7:35PM BBT Christie drops saying she was in the worst position.


7:36PM BBT The remaining HG are Nicole, Tommy and Michie, and all are agreeing how hard it is.


7:37PM BBT Tommy says that his calves are on fire.  Michie says he feels great, no different than when they started.  


7:42PM BBT Nicole drops.


7:43PM BBT It's now between Tommy and Michie.  The others are comforting Nicole, who is visibly upset.


7:48PM BBT Tommy is huffing and puffing while it looks like a walk in the park for Michie.  The wall tilts even further.


7:49PM BBT Tommy drops.


7:50PM BBT Jackson is the new HOH, with lots of hugs from the other HG.

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Cliff- (screams) I love Big Brother

Michie- this is not a joke. I fucking have to piss.

Christie tells him to wait for the rain

Michie- you think I'm going to do that to my mom again. Poor Colleen.

Cliff- alright guys I'm gone...he jumps down

Christie fell

7:35 PM BBT

Michie, Nicole, and Tommy are the last three on the wall....they all look steady



Big tilt forward

Holly- Nicole you look so strong

Michie is breathing hard...so is Tommy


Nicole fell

Nicole- damn it

Holly- you killed it. Don't beat yourself up

Nicole is crying....very torn up

Cliff- I'm incredibly proud of you

Christie- it was so hard


Tommy is shaking


huge tilt forward again


Tommy is moaning

Tommy fell

Michie is the HoH


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8:02PM BBT Jackson tells NIcole she is ok. He says that he didn't want Tommy to win but he didn't want to win either. He tells Cliff and Nicole they have a F4. Nicole is upset at herself.


8:05PM BBT THURS Jackson tells Cliff that it looks bad he won again. He ays that is 5 comps in a row.He comes out and tell Christe that 15 more min. and he would have peed on the wall.


8:12PM BBT TH Jess in the shower complaining about how far she had to fall. Holly in her pink leggings talking about how scary it was.


8:17PM BBT THHolly telling Tommy and Christie that it must have been hard on Nick going to jury knowing they were doing the wall. Christie asks how he knew it was the wall. Holly says speculating. Tommy says well he thought it might be endurance.

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8:20PM BBT TH Holly and Cliff talk. Cliff was hping Nicole would be able to hold on. She did so well. Holly telsl Cliff that Jess and him hung on longer then she thought they would.


8:32PM BBT TH Jackson is telling Christie (who is in the shower) that she is going up as a paw. She asks him "why me" and is shocked. He tells her that she is not the target and Jess is.


8:38 PM BBT TH Jackson and Cliff talking in the baot room. Jackson tells hm that he is putting up Christie and Jess. He says that Jess is better at mental comps and she is coming after them.


8:43PM BBT TH Holly telling Tommy that Bella and Sam saw her get out Nick and she is all concerned. Tommy tells her it's fine. They aren't in jury.



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