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Monday, August 5, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT  Have-Not Room

Holly and Michie are snuggled up alone in their bed. Holly is examining his face making Michie feel self conscious. He says, "I only let a few get this close to me". Holly reacts with "A FEW.....Do I need to smack a bitch?" Michie says he likes it when she claims ownership. Michie and Holly begin talking about the other houseguests and the latest drama....nothing new.




Holly tells Michie that she is aggravated Christie threw her name under the bus. "just the fact that I am already getting drug is disheartening and I'm worried they are going to try and do something...I'm racking my brain trying to think if they have anything damaging and there's not anything so I worry they will fabricate something."

They discuss that Jess would take Michie down and put Tommy up if things get worse, but she doesn't want to get more blood on her hands.


12:25 AM BBT 

Tommy gets called to travel at the speed of sound. He runs through the house yelling and blowing the air horns. WHen he gets to the Target Room (usually the last one he enters) his air horns are still working well.

Jack- wow they lasted all the way through

Tommy- yeah, all the way through



12:48 AM BBT  RV Bedroom  (Kat, Christie, Nick, Tommy)

Christie tells Kat she hasn't heard her talking about Brett lately.

Kat tells them that she is over Brett...that he had his chance. She took her shot and he did not respond.

Christie- he can't call you in here, Kat

They are laughing       [this is all just good flirty fun to see if Brett will make an appearance -MamaLong]

Kat- he could have sent a drone...or a plane

Tommy- or demanded to host a comp

Kat- yeah...so I'm taking applications boys

Kat says that it's hot in the HOH room. They discuss the snapchat glasses (Kat calls them snap goggles) should be coming soon, and that they are so boring. They hope Allen the Angry Alien comes back to the house for the Snapchat glasses.

Kat has ice a bag of ice on her foot.


[Early Sunday Kat's foot was bothering her. She said it felt like ants were all over her foot but there was nothing there. It stopped hurting when she went inside, but once back outside the pain started up again. The HGs were noticing there were no more ants outside in the turf so they were speculating that they treated the yard with pesticide and possibly Kat was having a bad reaction...she often walks through the turf barefoot, even when it's burning hot. Kat went to the DR to have them check her foot, but I have not heard any specifics about the ailment (I just missed the details that I'm sure Kat shared at some point). She has had it wrapped in a bandage and has been putting ice on it all day   -MamaLong]



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1:30 AM BBT  Target Bedroom (Jack, Sis, Nick)

They discuss Michie and the things he has done this season. 

Nick- I heard that right after I got booted out of the boat room he was saying stuff about me

Jack- yeah....rotten....he is a prankster. He's a good guy to the core, but he is a sheisty guy.

Nick- I didn't think the pranks were all that bad.

Jack- It shows how he is gonna play later in the game.

Nick teases Sis about her armpits 

Sis- are they really that bad

Nick- no I just like seeing your reaction

Nick then says he is going to go cuddle with Tommy


In the RV room Nick tells Tommy that if Jack goes he is going to manifest a battle back.

Tommy- if Jack winds up staying she  (Jess) becomes public enemy number 1....for what?

Nick tells Tommy that she will look good getting rid of Jack. He says they (Jess, Nicole, Kat) are scared of Jack's game play and know he would go after them. Tommy thinks Holly will go after him and Christie. Nick mentions that the girls have said they can just get out Michie later. Tommy says that Jess told him that the deal they are making is going after him, Christie and Sis before anyone else....that's going after all the people that have your back this whole time.  Tommy says he has to have a conversation with Holly. Nick says if Jackson wins he will go after Christie. They discuss that anyone would win the game next to Michie  [which is why Michie is not a threat...he is a shield  -MamaLong]

Tommy- if Holly is teaming up and forming a new side at the drop of a hat

Nick- I think she feels she has no choice

Tommy- yeah, but I want to work with Holly

Nick- Kat is really good. Holly is really good. I don't think Cliff is coming after me yet. I feel good with him...he could make a good move. I am scared of Jess and Cliff the most...Jess because she is so emotional

Tommy- I agree but it's a down the line thing

Nick- I just can't have you or Sis go

Tommy- me either


[Nick continues to play both sides of the house now that his allies are gone (Sam and Bella). He will just move to whichever side is in power, but in the end no one really trusts him or his "loyalty"  -MamaLong]


Jess comes in with the snapchat glasses and they talk about Tommy's punishment and how Nick and Tommy are cuddling because Tommy will be called for his punishment all through the night

Tommy- I'm being punished. I've been bad.


Tommy asks Nick to show him how he cuddles with Bella with the leg wrapped over. They cuddle then Kat joins the pile, then Nicole joins the pile, then Christie, too.

Christie- it's a dog pile    


Nick asks Christie what size bra she wears "what are you a D?"

Christie- I used to be a double D

Nick farts

Nick- that's not gonna smell

Christie- that's a blast off





2:10 AM BBT  HOH Room  (Jess, Nicole, Kat)

The girls are the last ones awake. They discuss Jack being "convincing" in this game.

Jess- like here take this pill. It will kill you but you'll go to Heaven

Nicole- that's exactly what it is

Nicole- he has a very good way with words and when you walk away you're like...what just happened...he has a way of talking that is like thank you for keeping me in this game

Kat- yeah, he's crazy. He is probably a nice guy outside of this house. He is just super manipulative.

Nicole- did you hear my Zing...everyone was like I don't have one for Jack, but I have one

"Jack, everyone calls your showmance Sissy, but you're the one always crying"

Nicole- I cry all the time so I'm not judging that...it's just a Zing

Kat- I've never seen him cry

Jess- mine might be "Jess, you like to make bacon a lot, but the only thing you can't make is a decision"  [I like your decisions Jess  -MamaLong]


2:15 AM BBT  Jess begins pulling her fake eyelashes off with her fingers

Jess- owwwww

Nicole- what the?   oh my God, stop!

Jess- owwwwwwwww

Nicole- why are are you just pulling them

Kat- she likes pain

Jess- owwwwww        OWWWWWWW

Nicole- that's messed up....that is messed up

Jess- it is?....no, it's not   (Jess takes advantage of freaking Nicole out with her removal process)

Nicole- it's like a horror movie

Jess- owwww

Nicole- why are you pulling it like that? what the hell

Jess finishes with just a clam "Okay"

They are all laughing and having a great time.




2:34 PM BBT 

Kat is talking about her toe hurting and apologizes for being dramatic.

Apparently she broke her toe earlier, so her wrap and ice is related to that, not the stinging feeling she was having on her foot

Kat- sorry I'm being dramatic

Nicole- you broke your toe, you're not being dramatic

Kat- well they said I jammed it but I'm going to have them look at it tomorrow.....production, can Dr.  Bob Ross come come look at my toe

Production- you are not allowed to talk about production

Kat- I know but can he come look at my toe in the morning?

*feeds cut to WBRB

The girls crawl in bed and turn out the lights. They share their "love you"s and "goodnight"s

2:36 PM BBT

Jess- I'm sad that we are going to be leaving (the HOHR)

Kat- no, because me or Nicole are winning the next HOH...we are not leaving


The house is dark and everyone appears to be sleeping

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4:27 AM BBT

Michie is up in the kitchen preparing food. He cuts up a large watermelon and eats other various things.


4:30 AM BBT

The feeds cut to WBRB for Jack's punishment



The feeds return to Jack alone in the backyard. He is floating in the kayak with the pool net "How do I get out of this thing?" He manages to get himself out then goes inside to clean off. He sits on the bathroom couch like a boy who lost his puppy. He has sunglasses on and his eyes close (he fell asleep)


6:00 AM BBT

The feeds cut for more punishment


6:34:43 AM BBT

The feeds return to Jack cleaning up in the kitchen. He mobs the floor, moving the furniture out of the way then grabs the broom and a brick falls off to the floor

Jack- WOW (he puts it back in place) sweeps the floor then cleans off the table and throws the trash in the SR; He stays up and cooks some food


7:05 AM BBT

Jack never went back to bed and he is still the only one awake





7:10 AM BBT

Michie is now awake and heading downstairs

Michie stands eating at the open fridge. Jack offers him some freshly brewed coffee but he declines saying he is going back to bed until everyone else gets up.

Michie- I appreciate it

Jack mentions that the pool feels nice today....and the toilets have been scrubbed.

Michie smiles at him.

Jack- he left early though he was done by 6:30 this morning

Jack says he was afraid he was going to come back so he just stayed awake.

Michie says he was in the kitchen when he came in. Jack asked if he came in through the storage room or front door

Michie- front door...I was eating watermelon so I was like "Al what's up dude?" I fed him some watermelon.  He was like "sh"

Jack- I wanted to scare him back

Michie- mine will probably be today

Jack- yeah, I can't even think what yours will be...an arduous process or something

Michie- I'll be a doctor of aliens

Jack- he smashed a couple more watermelons this morning which was awesome...he smashed cantaloupes...poured coffee all over the place...he's such an asshole

Michie- it's literally like college all over again

Jack- he had me jump in the canoe and do some laps...he made aquaman jokes

They are laughing, enjoying this conversation

Jack- then he leaves me alone in the canoe

Michie- how did life get like this

Michie- that's funny. That's good tv right there




Michie heads to the restroom but it's not long before he has back at the open fridge eating some more food. He heads back upstairs at 7:24 AM. Jack stays in the kitchen going through the fridge.


Jack goes in to the SR and finds eggs in the fridge. He grabs them then says "Thank You Big Brother" before leaving the storage room.

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8:00 AM BBT

Jack has been in the kitchen cooking for over awhile now. He has prepared a variety of breakfast foods including two big pans of bacon , eggs, and cut fruit.


[A MamaLong recap: The HGs will likely get a 9 AM wake up since the veto meeting will be today. Jess does not plan to use the veto, so both Jack and Michie will remain on the block. Nicole, Kat, Holly, Cliff, and Nick have all stated they will vote to evict Jack. Sis, Tommy, and Christie will vote to evict Michie. If Nick changes his vote, Jess still plans to break the tie and evict Jack. Nick is a question mark because he explained to Jack that he would need to vote with the majority for his own game, but he still just doesn't seem trustworthy. He could possibly leave this to be a Jess decision so he protects his relationship with Sis, Tommy and Christie. Either way, Jack will be evicted on Thursday unless some other crazy thing happens....expect the expected, as they say.]


8:11 AM BBT

Jack goes in to the target room and wakes Sis. SHe says he scared the shit out of her "oh, my heart"

Jack- I think you should get up. I made coffee and I might have made some other things. You should come out I don't want them to turn the lights on.

I thought we could go sit in the hammock.

Sis- oh that's nice

She gets out of bed

Jack has set up a romantic breakfast outside at the hammock

Sis- thank you so much....this is so nice


Jack tells Sis all about Allen the Angry Alien's demands...he made him tuck everyone in bed

SIs- that was so funny

Jack says he made him clean the bathroom and scrub the toilet. He made him exercise and swim laps. He made him do laps in the canoe using the pool skimmer as an oar. He says Cliff came out but Allen told him to go back to bed. He made Jack cut up melon and he smashed it all over. He had Jack make him coffee then asked what he wanted in it sugar? Allen said yes so Allen grabbed the sugar and poured half the bag in Jack's coffee. He then spit the coffee all over the place and poured the coffee out. They laugh about the Al antics and Jack says they hugged before Allen left.

Jack tells Sis he peeled the apples. SIs- REALLY?  Jack- makes them so much better   SIs- IT DOES

SIs- thank you so much for this (she is enjoying the breakfast)  I wonder what Jackson's will be (punishment)

Jack- I don't know but I hope it sucks...I think I'm gonna get off the block this week unless Cliff screws me

Jack and Sis finish their breakfast and he begins taking things inside..

Production- please lower the outside awnings

Jack- no

Sis- no way...the sun is not even out

Jack- I'm not doing it! Besides, my hands are full


Jack told Sis that Michie was awake earlier from night terrors. 

Sis- but Holly sleeps with him...doesn't it help

Jack- not enough .... he said they are bad....he gets them when he is stressed and he is really stressed



8:36 AM BBT

Jack and Sis begin to lower the awnings

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They then crawl in the hammock and Sis gives Jack a thank you kiss for the "sweet" breakfast.


8:42 AM BBT

Cliff is up and watching Jack and Sis from inside through the sliding glass door. He probably doesn't want to interrupt their alone time.

cliff watching.png

9:01 AM BBT

We get fish and WBRB for Wakey Wakey Houseguests

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9:00 AM BBT  We are on FoTH for wake up call.  Earlier, Jack and Sis in the Hammock discussing their dogs.  Jack told a story about flying with Layla (his dog), and that he is going to put her in a training program Therapy dog I think, but he said service dog, which means she would go to a person that needed a service dog.  He is keeping her, so probably a therapy dog.  Jack and Sis keep saying how nice it is outside this morning, and how they like the alone time.  They hope they can hear the music from outside.  They discuss the pros and cons of Spotify vs Apple music.


Cliff was in the WA taking a shower and shaving in the shower. 

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9:10 AM BBT The feeds are back to a few houseguests milling around

Jack comments on Ed Sheeran's Beautiful People song "Well done Eddie...my boy Khalid

Sis- is it khalid  (cowlid)or khalid (kaleed)?

Jack- nobody knows

Tommy comes out

Jack- it's Tommy Brocket

Tommy- that's a good one

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9:12 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Sis and Jack are still in the hammock.  Sis asks Jack if he is going to tan today.  He said yes, he didn't get much sun yesterday.  Jack said he has to go talk to Jess today.  He wants to know if he is really the target.  Sis said she doesn't think so.  She said Jess told her, and someone else told her that Jess was just putting 2 people up, and letting the house decide. Jack said after the veto ceremony, she won't have any power.  (she is the deciding vote in case of a tie).  Jack said his upper lip and lower lip will be firmly attached to her anus.  Tommy comes out, Jack calls him Tommy Brocket.  Tommy needs Jack to unzip the back of his costume so he can go pee.  When is is done, he is coming back so Jack can recap his final 3 hours with Allen the Alien.  It is now finished. 

Jack said he can't be the first one in the jury house, that is just wrong. 

9:18 AM BBT  Jack and Sis still in the hammock talk about going to Europe when this is done, or 3 months in a hut in Thailand.  All feeds switch to Cliff in the WA, walking through the KT, the only one on the feeds.   Feeds cut back to Jack and Sis.  Jack says Cliff is a super fan, Sis says he has watched this for years.  Jack wonders if Cliff tried out for the show for like 15 years,  BB says "you are not allowed to talk about production".  Jack says understood, say less.  They discuss double eviction, Jack thinks it is this week, Sis said last year Bailey was in the house alone for a week.  He said that they didn't have Camp f-ing Comback.  Sis says true, that was so weird having them live upstairs.

Tommy comes out, says his costume is starting to smell. Sis asked Tommy how many times he had to get up last night, he said one, no two.  Jack said Speed of Sound and Speed of Smell.  Cliff comes out and Jack is going to tell his stories again of what happened with his final encounter with Allen the Alien.

9:25 AM BBT  Other feeds are on sleeping house guests with the lights on.  No talking other than the re-cap from Jack.

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9:35 AM BBT  Jack is finished with his story, so Tommy goes back to bed, he is exhausted.  Cliff goes into the house as well.  They both go into the RV room, Christie asked about Allen the Alien, and Cliff gives a very quick recap.Christie asked how Jack was doing, they both said fine.  They are glad it is the last of that.  Cliff said now we see about Michie.  They are discussing what it might be, but they don't know.  Tommy said he is sick of these punishments.  Christie agrees. 

9:40 AM BBT  Tommy, Christie, and Cliff are still discussing the Alien visit. Nick appears to be sleeping in the bed with Tommy.  Jack and Sis appear to e asleep in the hammock.

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10:00 AM BBT

As Jack and Sis are talking with Christie in the hammock, a bird swoops down super close to them. They all scream

Christie- that was dangerously close

Jack- so close

Jack sees a hummingbird and calls to it to come feel his love

Then a bird drops a birdy bomb on Christie

Christie- yo did I seriously get shit on

Sis- it's good luck

Christie is grossed out

Christie- I can't believe I got shit on


[I think it was Kaitlyn sending Grandpa Lou with a message for Christie who has been talking crap about her   -MamaLong]





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12:17 BBT  We are on puppy cam, looks like the veto meeting is about to start.  Not much has been going on the last hour.  Nick took a shower and went to read the bible. Christie made her way to the HOH room to apologize to Kat, then to the RV room with Sis and Holly.  Holly was putting on makeup, she said she always looks like "poop in a pouch" for these meetings.  Christie said she didn't put her bathing suit on yet, because she feels that is always what she has on when the meetings are called. 

Jess, Kat and Nicole were being lazy in the HOH room, then Jess got ready for the meeting.   Everyone in the house is tired.  Between Tommy waking them up, and Allen the Alien for the last 24 hours, no one seems to have gotten much sleep.  They are also discussing strange dreams they have been having.  Kat about Brett, most about family. 

Very little campaigning, though Jack has been planting seeds with Nick and Cliff.  He told Sis he is going to offer Cliff safety, 3 weeks straight up, 4 weeks if Cliff agrees to not put him up.  Sis said he would be a fool not to accept that.  Jack wants to wait until the last day, so Michie can't counter offer something better. (This was earlier in the hammock)


12:25  Still Kitty/Puppy cam, so meeting must be started.

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12:00pm BBT Holly tells Sis she feels like a lepper since the blowup. They both agree Christie tells tales and makes stuff up so it is hard to trust her. Tommy walks into the BR and they stop talking game.  Christie walks in and they start talking about liking Nick more without Bella. In the LR, Cliff is holding an icyhot to his calf with a glove.  Jack joins Nicole in the WA and they talk about the Alien visit last night. 


12:15pm BBT Holly tells Sis that Michie really was just trying to warn Jack about Christie and he took it wrong. Michie is really upset about how things went down with Jack. Jess walks by and says she's been called to the DR. Holly continues that Michie would have done anything for Jack. Jack tells Nicole he really messed up by not including Jess in on what was going down in the game.


12:16pm BBT FotH. Time for the Veto Meeting!

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1:04PM BBT Feeds are back. PoV ceremony is over.


Everyone seems pretty relaxed so Jess likely stuck to the plan and didn't use her power. 


1:06BBT In the trailer nick and Jack are talking.  Jack is still on the block, confirmed. Nick confirmed that Jackson is still on the block by saying if it's a 4-4 vote it will break in Jackson's favor.


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1:04pm BBT Feeds return. The HG are milling about in the KT, hoping they can go back outside. Jack visits Nick in the RV BR to touch base with him.  The Veto was not used and Jack is going to just let Michie do his thing this week. He'll touch base with Nick and Cliff later in the week. Together we can be untouchable through DE. 


1:13pm BBT Holly, Sis and Tommy gather in the HNR.  Holly says she's been homesick and that's why she's been in a funk. In the RV, Christie says she was nervous before the vote. Nick asks her what the move is if Jack gets evicted. Christie expects she'll be next. Christie leaves the RV and walks past Michie, asking how he's doing. OK, he says, then after she's gone, looks at the camera and whispers, "The fakeness in this house!"


1:25pm BBT Tommy, Sis and Holly clear the air in the HNR as they begin jockying for what they believe will be a DE on Thursday. Christie and Jack join the love fest. Cliff is eating a sandwich at the DT. Jess and Kat are in the KT. Nicole and Nick are in the RV BR. Nicole tells him about the group in the HNR and Nick says interesting they didn't invite him. He goes back to reading his bible. Tommy thinks they need to get Michie in on the convo. 


1:32pm Tommy brings Michie into the HNR and says he's sorry how everything played out. Christie also feels bad the way it was handled and confesses to what she said to Sam. If they had come together to talk about it, they could have headed off any problems. She admits to having taken some things out of context that Sam misunderstood. It's breaking her heart that one of them is going this week - she didn't think it would happen. Nicole, Cliff, Jess and Kat are all at the DT.

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1:35pm BBT Michie says everything he said was the information he had been given and he was trying to figure out what was the truth. He says he never thought he didn't trust Christie but didn't know how much he could trust her. Jack apologizes for violating Michie's trust twice in the game. Michie says he would have died for Jack in the game. We'll never know that, Jack says, but he's sorry and we're still going to Vegas. 


1:37pm BBT Jack leaves the HNR and Michie continues he was trying to not act impulsively but to figure stuff out and keep his word to Sam, that's why he didn't run to tell all of them as soon as he heard stuff. Sam telling everyone else was out of his control.  Jack sits down at the DT and updates the others downstairs about his apologies upstairs. Upstairs, Christie tries to put her spin on Michie's actions and he calmly stops her and says he's saying his peace but he doesn't appreciate her personal attacks against him. He's tired of the hypicrocy in the house and he's praying for her. It all happened for a reason.  Michie leaves the HNR.


1:40pm BBT Christie is silent for a moment then Christie tells Holly, Tommy and Sis that she thinks she and Jackson know where they stand with each other. She was never gunning for him until they were down to the Six. Downstairs, Jack is sitting silently and Jess invites him up to HoH. Holly says we're living in an onion - there are so many layers and it makes you cry like sh*t.  They all decide to leave the HNR and rejoin the house.

1:43pm Michie returns to the HNR and crawls under the bed covers. Tommy comes in and gives his personal apology for how things went down. Michie says it's all game and the two express their bro love for each other. Michie says the show will bear out his story, however things unfold from here. Christie made it personal but he never will. Michie tells Tommy he's a dang good looking rocket. Tommy heads downstairs at the speed of feet, leaving Michie alone.

1:45pm In the Treehouse, Jack and Nicole are feeding the fish.  Nicole has named the fish - Jackson is the aggressive one that eats all the food. Nicole is the fish that is always hiding. Tommy is amazed at how the fish attack the food in the tank.  Jack suggests Tommy talk to Kat about their meeting upstairs. Tommy says he didn't mean for it to be a meeting. He can't do anything right. Jack gives Tommy Brocket a hug.  

1:50pm BBT Tommy and Kat go into the RV BR and clear the air about Kat not being in the HNR when the others cleared the air. Kat says she doesn't want the Bottom Feeders to feel like they are on the bottom. Christie interrupts to grab her blanket. Kat says it's not about him directly, just in general. Why were Nicole, Cliff and her all offered to be #7 of the Six? Tommy says that wasn't him. Tommy you feel you were just a number. Kat says I just wanted to be part of the group.

1:52pm BBT Tommy tells Kat in the RV BR that there was a Six, it is no longer, campaigning is underway to decide which boy stays. Kat says she's not using Tommy as a punching bag. Tommy says he hates that they are on opposite sides now. Kat says there aren't opposite sides, why do there have to be sides? Tommy says he had talked with her and they're good, he was just upstairs trying to clear the air with Holly. Kat says every time a group of people goes into the room she gets paranoid about whether they are planning against her. Tommy says no, it was just about Holly; Kat's name was never mentioned.

1:55pm BBT Tommy says his goal with Holly was to reset after this eviction. Kat says she has heard Holly is voting out Jackson. Tommy says he's heard she's voting out Jack. Kat says she's tired of sitting back and letting things just happen and watching as her name be used for other people's agendas. Nicole and Jack snuggle up in the HoH bed to share the headphones and listen to music. Kat tells Tommy that now she feels bad for bringing anything up. Tommy says she shouldn't - he felt scared at the Veto meeting too. I am trying to play the game with integrity, he says, and am happy to talk everything out, tell the truth, not spin.

1:59pm BBT Tommy tells Kat that the Six have a bond but are no longer working together. Kat tells Tommy that she didn't realize how much the others had felt like they were on the outside until she realized she wasn't part of the Six. Tommy says he feels so guilty. Jack is in the KT doing dishes with Jess while Cliff sits at the DT. In the Target BR, Sis is laying down in the bed and Christie joins her. They are all trying to play nice now, Christie says, but she can't stand how Michie is playing all innocent. Sis just feels sorry for Holly. Christie says Michie thinks he's staying. Sis thinks he thinks he's leaving.


That's it for me.


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4:33 PM BBT

The feeds cut to fish and WBRB

4:38 PM BBT

The feeds return to Jess and Jack talking in the HOHR

Jess- it had to be you and Michie even though I love you both; I'm a big advocate for things being fair and the beginning of the game was not that.....a lot of people outside of that have been subjected to (unfairness) being pawned off and pushed to feel outsiders. But, there still is no alliance (for the outsiders) because I hold true to I believe in personal relationships. I'm here to play and honest and fair game. I just want to stay in this house as long as I possibly can. 

Jack- and you're doing that

Jack tells Jess that she made the right move and he respects her gameplay. He said he would have done the same thing. He thinks her for talking with him and tells her it won't be the last time they talk. They hug and he leaves.

4:50 PM BBT  Campsite Area

Cliff, Jack, and Christie are talking about Robin Williams' movies. Tommy and Sis are there, too, but they look asleep. The conversation started with Cliff saying that Tommy reminds him of the show Mork and Mindy which featured Robin as the alien Mork from Ork (classic tv sitcom). They agree that Bicentennial Man was great, and Cliff was surprised they knew of that movie. Sis wakes up as the begin talking about Sam and how he is probably relieved to be gone before these late night punishments. They all shout out to Sam that they miss him and love him.


5:00 PM BBT  HOH Room (Holly and Kat)

Holly is telling Kat about how the other side is trying to lure her back.

Kat- if you go back to them...they tried to hijack your HOH...just don't let them....just don't lesson yourself to their standards when you could work with people like me and Jess and NIcole

Holly says she does want to work with Kat, Jess and Nicole, and her hanging out in the HOH this week was her way of building those relationships so they can work together from here on out.



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5:52 PM BBT

Tommy and Sis are making cookies in the kitchen; Nick and Holly are hanging out in the HOHR; Michie is sleeping (proabbaly) in teh Have-Not Room; everyone else is hanging out around the kitchen


*The feeds cut to WBRB at 5:55

This could be for Michie's punishment

6:18 PM BBT

The feeds have returned 

Michie has a white lab coat on covered in red and yellow goop. He is washing his hair in the sink.




His lab coat has the Area 21 Space Shuttle logo on it. Earlier Cliff was speculating that he may have to do alien autopsies. There hasn't been much discussion about his punishment other than it lasting 24 hours.


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6:47 PM BBT

The cookies are done and the houseguests are enjoying them, but Sis is in the shower. They used Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in the batter. Christie is putting Cool Whip and cinnamon on top of hers. Everyone loves them.


Tommy says he feels like he will get called for Speed of Smell

Tommy- I got a whiff of it

Michie- is that why they won't let us in the storage room


7:00 PM BBT

Many of the houseguests are enjoying the backyard. Jackson is trying to eat before he gets called for punishment again which he feels could be any minute.

Michie has to "receive the new aliens as they come in".

Nick- they come alright.....all over Michie     


*the feeds cut



7:11 PM BBT

The feeds are back. Jess is massaging Nick's back/neck because he has a lot of pain. (Jess says there is a mass and she hears a bunch of clicks and cracks)

Sis is drying her hair in the bathroom. Kat is resting her foot in the HOHR.

Michie says he feels like he has a sinus infection. The slime went up his nose (maybe he will get slimed every hour)




Nicole says she has a headache and feel nauseous.

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Michie is covered in fresh slime. He says it could be worse...would be miserable if it lasted a week. The slime got blasted at him this time. He made a comment that he will probably be out in the yard all night. Holly is looking for cotton balls to block Michie's nose for the next time he is slimed. Jess asks Holly if he can take the uniform off. Holly- I don't think say. He has to wear it 24-7 and gets just one change.


The feeds keep cutting in and out. Earlier, the HGs were discussing that they know they will get the backyard through tomorrow night because that's where Michie gets slimed. The HGs were watching someone working on equipment above them and begin talking about him

Cliff- Oh, he's got it really secure now

Holly- I like your haircut

Jack or Nick- "Spencer, is that you?"

7:17 PM BBT

*feeds annoyingly cut in and out for about 15 minutes 

7:30 PM BBT

The feeds return briefly to Kat saying her toe looks and feels better

*feeds cut again





7:50 PM BBT

Big Brother has set up an area in the backyard where Michie will get slimed. You can see the yellow slime dripping down from his last slime attack. Michie mentions that he won't go in the house because he doesn't want to track the slime in. Holly says he has to sleep, but Michie says they are going to wake him all night. Cliff suggests he just get a sheet and wrap up in it to head in the house even if it's just a few hours of sleep....then the sheet can just be easily washed. Holly says he should sleep in Sam's bed and she will sleep in the other. Michie agrees. He wonders if he will get the key to the port-a-potty. Holly goes inside to ask and as she opens the sliding door she says "it smells like butt crack." Cliff goes to investigate, too, leaving Michie and Nick in the backyard. Michie hears Nick fart on the other side of the yard and yells to Nick  "bootzy" (code word for fart)

Nick- I pushed that one out hard for you

Michie- I know you did




slime tent.png






The feeds cut at 7:58 and then back on.


[I have a feeling these feeds will be cutting constantly tonight, so I'm out of here. I'll try to fill in gaps in the morning.  I'm due back at school tomorrow (teacher), so my updates will be less frequent, but I will still post whenever I can. -MamaLong]

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2:10pm BBT Jackson jokes with Jess and Holly about scheduling time with the HG to campaign. Nichole is listening to music in the HoH while Nick, Christie, Sis and Jack lay in the Target BR. Kat tells them a story about learning Spanish in college. Jack rudely says nobody gives a f*ck. He's tired of hearing her talk about herself. Christie wishes they could go outside.

2:25pm BBT Christie asks Jack if he's talked with Nicole today and Jack says he cleared the air with her. Tommy, Holly, Cat, Jessica and Cliff are in the other BR talking about Chicago among other things. Tommy goes into the Target BR to tell Sis and Nick what he's learned today. He says Jack is taking the heat for the blow-up. He's afraid he and Christie will be next, and if Christie wins Veto, he'll go home. He needs to win HoH so that people will start telling him the truth.

2:45pm BBT Nick tells Tommy and Christie he is going to wait 2 more evictions before he starts winning. Nick wants to read more of the bible so Tommy and Christie join the other HG in the BR. Nick gives up on the psalms and heads to join the rest. Kat hugs Tommy in the WA and tells him she loves him. In the KT, Sis is eating cereal. Tommy prepares to cook, singing, "Cooking is a dangerous game!"

3:10pm Jessica, Holly and Michie talk about their spinning strategies in the Veto. Nick tells Tommy he felt his "carrot" while they were snuggling. Tommy says that was the fin in his spaceship costume. Christie says she's a prude when she's single but goes all in for anything and everything when in a relationship. She promises to tell Nick a secret after the game.  She tells Kat she's a feeler, and that is why she acts the way she does in the house. She needs everyone to agree with her.

3:24pm BBT In the HNR, Kat says no matter how she votes this week, Michie will still be her target. Christie is trying to sway Kat's vote to target him now. Kat returns to her theme about being used and not included in any alliances. Christie respects her and is sorry for her role in considering flipping the vote last week. Tommy joins them and he and Christie promise Kat that they are cool whatever happens. But they want Michie gone next week.

3:44pm BBT In the Target BR, Jack tells Sis his problem is what he has to offer is loyalty, but he double-crossed both Michie nd Christie. He is still loyal to Sis and Tommy. He doesn't know how to get around that. After Christie leaves the HNR, Kat tells Tommy that she assumes any time the Four (Tommy, Christie, Jack and Sis) get together to talk, they're talking about her. Tommy says he understands. He's made the mistake of assuming things too.

4:03pm BBT Tommy leaves Kat in HoH and Christie returns with Nicole in tow. Christie says there are no teams left and she wants to work with everybody. She says she didn't want to be in an 8 person alliance when 3 pair were couples.  Kat says she knows where Michie's head is in the game but has no clue about Jack. Christie says Jack won't come after her but when pressed, won't swear to it. Christie points out to Michie's rogue vote and that he wouldn't accept Jack's apology.

4:13pm BBT Nick and Sis discuss who their targets will be if Jack is evicted. Nick says his are Christie, Jackson, Jess, Kat, Cliff and Holly, leaving him, Sis and Nicole as Final 3. Jack is talking to Jess in HoH, keeping it light.  After a few minutes, Tommy comes blasting through traveling at the speed of light. Nick says he's so cute, he just wants to kiss him. Jack starts his apologies to Jess, saying he never understood what it felt like being an outsider. He says Michie behaved poorly and he only told Nicole not to talk to Jess because he was going to but then didn't get the chance.

5:55pm BBT Tommy and Sis are baking cookies, Nick and Holly are hanging out in HoH, and everyone but Michie are hanging out in the KT.  FotH.

6:18pm BBT Feeds return and Michie is wearing a white lab coat with a Shuttle logo that says "Area 21". The coat is coated in red and yellow goop. He is washing his hair in the sink and then puts product into his hair. He's also wearing a blue button-down shirt and a tie under the coat. The punishment lasts 24 hours. 

6:47pm BBT The cookies are done and all the HG are eating except Sis, who is taking a shower. They used Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in the batter. Christie adds whipped cream and cinnamon on top of hers. Tommy thinks he is going to get called for the Speed of Smell, there's a whiff coming from the SR. 

7:00pm BBT The BY is open and most of the HG are outside. Jackson is trying to get some sleep in case he gets woken up in the middle of the night for his punishment. He has to "receive new aliens as they come in".  They come, Nick jokes, all over you.  FotH.

7:11pm BBT Michie is in the BY, with green slime added to the yellow and orange.  He wipes off his face with a towel and puts on his black rimmed glasses. Jess massages Nick's neck because he's in pain. Jess says she can hear his vertebrae cracking. Sis is out of the shower and drying her hair in the WA. Kat is resting in HoH. Michie says the slime went up his nose and he feels like he has a sinus infection. He's just glad it won't be all week.

8:15pm BBT It has been generally quiet in Camp BB for the last hour. There has been some whispering but nothing significant.  FotH.

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