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Wednesday, July 10, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT  Cliff, Tommy, Christie, Jack, Holly, Sis in HOHR 

Cliff is talking about Orwell missing. They are all joking about how the "friends" must have taken it because Cliff talked with them about it in the DR (it's actually been hidden in the HOHR room) 

Don on the speaker- You are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests

Cliff- It's a real "Whooo dunit"

Tommy- Whoooo did it

Christie- Whooo

Cliff leaves to continue looking  for Orwell

Jack- this one...pack your bags Clifford, I'm on to you

Holly- he is looking so hard

Tommy- it may be a f'ing mission (they've been considering that Cliff is Team America)

Jack- he checked my bathroom

Christie- he checked the bathroom; he came out and walked around; he looked like this...and then this so you have to move it because he's gonna check there tomorrow so you have to relocate it

Sis- no way he would look in there

Christie- what would you have done? (if he found it)

Tommy- I would have said, it's a joke

Christie- yeah, you did it...

Tommy- I know

Christie- where do we put it

Jack- under the bed; it's a trundle

Christie- it's got to go somewhere else

Sis- under the bed

Christie...in the fridge

Holly- that's mean

Tommy-it's a doll

Jack- put it in the cabinet

Christie- too obvious...what if we stuff it back here (behind the dresser)

Sis- nice, Christie

Tommy- if he wasn't so attached to Orwell...I think every week he gets a new assignment

Sam rings the doorbell

Sam- maybe he is supposed to keep us up all night looking for it

Holly- why is he looking so hard

Christie- yeah, he's come up twice

Sam- did one of you guys hide it

no...no....no    (laughing)

Sam- did you?   I think someone hid it   (Sam doesn't know that Tommy hid Orwell)

Sis- no

Tommy- no    (to Jack) did you hide it?

Jack- no...why is he looking so hard for it

Tommy- I think it's a mission for him to stay attached at the hip to it for a week
Christie- and gets money

Jack- Bro, he has some kind of incentive with this owl

Tommy- are we just bored?

Holly- Seriously, I am concerned about the missing knife...I want to cut food

*conversation continues on same topic



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1:00AM BBT Ovi and Nicole in Camp Comeback room talking about Ovi thinks Camp Comeback will be America's vote; Ovi tells her he's been trying to talk with people and see who is on board to keep him in the house; they (Sis and Christie) talk about how the camp comeback room is always freezing; if they want to keep me they said they have to have Sam, Holly and Jess on board even if we had the #s with Cliff ; Cliff has the idea that they tried a whole lot less (to keep him)

Nicole- that's true

Ovi- yeah, I know....but that's his game...to make you feel like you are his closest allie (Jack)


1:45AM BBT Kemi, Jess, and Nicole alone in the boat room talking about Nickella and their games

2:32AM BBT Jess talks about how the game is interesting because they just have to go on their interactions with people and won't really know until they get out and watch the show...see what the hell is being said by who and where and what

Nicole- and why...and it's weird because we can't do that with real life  (would be cool, though)

Jess- and I would hate for you, Nicole, to be guilty by association

Nicole- yeah, but I can't keep up a charade all summer...I have to be true to what is in my gut; that's just the way I have to go; if I felt uncomfortable, if I was in a pickle, I would leave


2:00AM BBT- Nick and Bella in RV room having sex


2:12AM BBT- David and Ovi in Camp Comeback room

David- with large gaping holes in it; that would be my gameplan to get back in; to get in their circle; it takes patience and time

Ovi- it's gonna be you or me...I've been seeing what you're doing...you're smart; but I have faith regardless of who gets back in we can make a difference in this game; a Camp Comeback kid will make it to the final

David- I believe that...what might be interesting is if they have a battle back and one person gets back and let's say they have another battle back

Ovi- could be

David- it would be a frenzy


*back to boat room

Nicole is talking about how the vote is going back and forth between Kemi and Jess. Jess was telling nicole how Jack told her that she's safe and the she can trust him, but Nicole assured Jess it's not true

Nicole- I'm telling you, it's not true (the trust, thing)

Kemi- I can't believe Nick said that to you

Nicole- they were upset because Bella interrogated me asking me who I trust...to list them out

Jess- tell me you didn't tell her

Nicole- I didn't answer her...and then I got the same question from Nick, and he mocked me; (Nick accused her of working with Ovi) I told him I don't talk game  he then said "your two people are on the block"...I don't know if he said it to intimidate me; to get me to divulge

Kemi- it reeks of people....they are trying to play on your emotions because they think your personality is like weaker than theirs

Jess- but you don't want to tell them anything

Kemi- if it were me I would have been aggressively passive aggressive with him....like why don't you fuck off....that kind of thing makes him uncomfortable...I don't give a shit


They talk about Nick not being the guy they first met in the game...he's not funny anymore (they really don't like Nick at all)

Kemi-  he is dismissive; the first week I wanted to be around him but now I can't get away fast enough...I don't even want to be in the same room with him

Nicole- I understood he had anxiety, but as the paranoia snowballs and all, and Bella is more blunt....I don't know if it's rubbing off on him....we have all gone through it but his has been a steady decline; I support the two of them...I ship it but he's gonna look back as Nick the player and say damn it, why did I let that put blinders on my so severely

Kemi- it's funny because we were all talking about how they would be on Amazing Race cause they are so funny together

Nicole- Sam is so funny

Jess- he won the 1st and 2nd veto and that's amazing

Nicole- Sam deserves better than that (to camera) Sorry Melissa

Kemi- if I was Melissa I would be so f'ing proud of Sam and if I was a viewer I would vote him America's Favorite Player

The girls continue talking about how much they love Sam and feel bad for him working with Nick. They talk about Bella being reckless and two faced.


3:15AM BBT- Kemi is last one up; she heads to bed in the dark


3:20AM BBT all cameras dark; house is silent





RV rockin.png

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8:00 AM BBT Houseguests on camera are still all sleeping with LOTS of snoring; no other noises in the house

8:25AM BBT There are comp building noises that can be heard, but HGs are still sleeping

8:31AM BBT Cliff is up moving around

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8:38 AM BBT Cliff settles in the boat room for CliffNotes

Good Morning Sharon, Daniel, Kelly....I love you so much. Good Morning to all the live feeders out there. Day 22, officially starting week #4 in the Big Brother house.

*Someone else is up but not on camera

Cliff talks about how it can get so boring with 16b people and he can't imagine how it will be with less HGs.

Ovi is up. Cliff heard him come down the stairs. He checked the time then went to the bathroom.

Cliff said he will try to speak a little more quiet since he doesn't know. Cliff tells us Taco Tuesday was nice.

He mentions that everyone is eating a lot in the house and they will have to roll them out of the house at the end.

"None of us are going hungry in this house." He talks about Michie rationing food.

Cliff says "we have had some interesting occurrences afoot"...says the only good cutting knife disappeared and right before he went to bed, Orwell disappeared. Cliff doesn't think it's coincidental. Maybe the knife was accidentally thrown away....can't find Orwell and they looked everywhere.

He talks about the mouse he made with dryer lint and fishing line that he got from Camp Comeback, "I got Michie best of all" but he feels bad because it aggravated his foot.

He got Nick...he actually jumped on the bench, and he got Kat even though she already knew about it. He mentions that he thought Orwell could be people trying to prank him back (BINGO) but after everyone look it makes him suspicious. He thinks there is more to it.

He said it's either tied to Camp Comeback somehow, that David/Ovi have some kind of task to take things from other in order to stay in the house or fulfill some kind of requirement. This is supposed to be a summer camp, so playing pranks fits. He said David was conveniently asleep in bed when Orwell went missing.

It could be them. If so, we will see what that power allows. It could be some kind of America's Team or America's player tasked with taking things (referring to BB16).

A third possibility is that it could be related to one of the whactivity powers.

He is wondering what will go missing next, and refers to the knife being the most important thing because they need it to meal prep. He has two main suspects for who took Orwell...Michie after brushing his teeth and while he was in the shower  OR  Sam because he came in to shower when he was in there and it would have been easy to take.

Michie is probably his #1 suspect. If he took it he hopes he is aligned close with him for the power to help him. (no sign of eavesdroppers this AM)

"The case of the missing owl. Are we the most boring cast of all?"

He apologizes if the feeds are getting cut too much. They all agreed to try better not to sing and quote movies. Live feeders deserve it because "you are paying for the access".


We have a complete day of downtime now. No certainities. Most people probably don't care who goes other than the noms themselves. He feels like Orwell may magically appear this evening.

"To Sharon, Kelly, and Daniel: if you are out there reading updates and watching feeds and people are saying things about me that aren't your preference, that you don't like. Don't worry about it. Things in the house......even if I'm target #1....I'm gonna play, I'm gonna survive."  He appeals to updaters and feedsters to direct their negatives toward him and not his family. "I know there are haters out there."


He mentions how he and Sam spoke about the HGs and their interest in building their "followers" (Kat, Holly). He and Sam do not have Instagram, MySpace, etc. 

Cliff says he and Sam will enjoy their limited "shelf life" of fame after BB, but he would be happy to go back to anonymity.

He shouts out to all the older players from BB that played with 20-somethings like him "Shout out to the AARP's"  "Special shout out to Kevin" he knows he had medical issues. "Fight the fight, Brother"


Back to Kelly, Daniel, Sharon...what do y'all think? (asking about his goatee)  "I'm a 54 year old inside here playing house, playing dress up" He will shave it for the live show.

Cliff- I'm proud of who I am...a little gray hair...too much belly fat....glasses...too much dad bod...you got to be happy...gotta be able to adapt bu it shouldn't make you feel less of a person"

Cliff mentions that he is trying to run a mile every other day and build his cardio. He wants to run a  5K by the end of the year and  by next summer a 1/2 marathon. "I think it's doable" and he asks the feeders to keep him accountable.  "I never quit"

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He shouts out to Clear Lake and NASA and everyone in the Southeast portion of Houston. He shouts out to George Strait and his song Troubadour.  "We love your music"

Cliff talks a bit about politics suggesting that powers be given to the states "50 social experiments" and his pride for Texas, A&M then offers a last shout out "SKD143" and "bye live feeders" then says he may go back to bed. He falls getting out of the boat because his leg fell asleep. He walks in to Michie in the kitchen.

9:35 AM BBT Michie making coffee; no signs of anyone else

9:37AM BBT WA  CLiff and Michie

Cliff- no sights of Orwell this morning

Michie- oh really

Cliff- I hope we don't spend all day looking for him because it's not that important

Michie- when was the last time there was America's player?

Cliff- I could see it being something like that


9:50AM BBT Michie tells the target bedroom that he heard Cliff delivering his morning shout outs (he wasn't on camera, but he was in the kitchen when Cliff walked out)



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9:53Am BBT Cliff tells Tommy in the kitchen that there's no evidence of "owl play" and that he may send out an "Owl points bulletin"


Those in the target room (Christie, Holly, Jackson) don't know where Orwell is right now. (I think it's still in the comeback room)


10:00 AM BBT Wakey Wakey Houseguest  *feeds cut*



*I'm out for now  -MamaLong

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 8:30am-9:00am  BBT:  Cliff is up and goes to WC then  to KT and now in BRL he says his morning shout outs to his  family. he then  talks about  Orwell being  gone he thinks Jackson might have taken it as he was brushing his teeth when Cliff got into the shower. He then thinks it might have been sam but Sam was in the other shower. He talks about being in the house now and hoping  he can win HOH this week to stay safe. He gives shout outs to Clear lake and NASA and everyone In the South of Houston Texas. He then says a shout out to George Strait for his song Troubadour. He then says he loves his music. He hears someone  walking around and closes telling his family he loves them  and misses them.

9:00am-10:00am BBT: Jackson isup and moving around goes to the WC and then listens in at the door to the BRL as Cliff finishes up his talk. He then goes to the KT and makes coffee. Cliff comes out of the BRL and makes a bowl of cereal and talking about Orwell  still missing. Cliff says there is no evidence of Owl play and that he may send out an Owl Points Bulletin. Jackson goes to the Target RM and tells Tommy and Christie that he is still looking for Orwell. BB says Wakey wakey HG and we get FOTH.

10:00am-11:00am BBT: Feds come back on with HG getting up and turning lights on and in the KT getting coffee and eating breakfast. Just general talk going on in the KT. In the Target RM  Christie, Tommy, Jack, Jackson and Holly talking to Cliff about where Orwell might be.  They tell Cliff it might be a sabatore or part of a twist for the game but they do not know where Orwell is. Alot of theroys where  Orwell might be like in the Boat rm.

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12:00 PM BBT There has been a lot of talk today about votes. Sam wants to vote out Jess knowing Kemi would be better for his game. It looks like they have the 6 votes the need to save Kemi (Sam, Nick, Bella, Tommy, Nicole, and Cliff maybe Christie), but things are changing by the hour


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11:04am BBT:  Sam  and kemi in the STR talking about her being on the block she is campaigning for votes , She says he has not even talked to Jack and sam tells her to talk  to Jack for sure. 

11:17am BBT: Toommy, Holly and Sis in the trget BR whispering  really low. Christie, Nick and bella in the STR whispering about them taking a shot at Jack next week. Christie says  they will have to because she can not do it. Nicole walks in and talk  stops.

11:23am BBT: Bella, sam  and Christie in the WA whispering, Christy is mumbling whisper. They are talking about flipping votes and getting Jack out of the house next week. Kemi comes in and they stop talking then Cliff comes in to get a shower. Bella tells Him that her and sam were about to shower and Cliff says go for it then and goes out of the WA.

11:28am BBT: Sam gets in the shower then Bella gets in the other side of the shower and  he says he would normally wear his boxers 2 days in a row but in here he cant because of the feeders. bella says oh i know. Sam blows his nose in the shower and Bella ask if he blew it at his feet and he says no in my hand and he blows again then rinses his hands under thhe shower water as bella yells ewww don't do that.

11:36am BBT: In the Target rm Christie, Yommy, Sis and Cliff talking about this being week 4. They then talk about Cliff's dog  being a huskey and being a good dog. In the WA Sam and Bella are still in the shower talking about sam's kids.

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1:45PM BBT Michie is in the kitchen and you can hear a lot of comp building in the backyard....a saw or some other heavy duty tool.

1:48PM BBT Kemi, Jess, and Kat talk  in the campsite room (they've been putting on makeup for hours) about how the cheering for Nick's cyst was like a championship game or something ; Jess asked Nick to see as he was heading to DR but it's already covered with a bandage

Nick says the DR told him he has to put Neosporin on it even after Jack cleaned it with alcohol wipes  (good idea).

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3:00 PM BBT Jack and Kemi talking alone in the HOHR

Jack tells Kemi he respects her a ton and that everyone loves how she has handled being on the block

Kemi- I just wanted clarity on where everything began...it was a light hearted comment. I'm the type of person that when I'm asked a question 6 times, by the 3rd time it gets annoying

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3:01 PM BBT Tommy in HOHR too

Kemi was talking about a comment she made early in the game that was said in passing that someone reported to Jack

Tommy- we didn't know each other so when I heard you were saying my name and then it was whoever got to HOH first

Kemi- fair enough

Jack calls her flawless and a queen bee; that she's been honest and how she has acted, shown kindness and compassion; he mentions that she wasn't really pitching in around the house at first, but now she is

Kemi- I appreciate that; it's just after hearing something 3 times I didn't want it to become a thing; I've been a little more uncomfortable with the cameras and such; it's been a lot; if I'm asked about....I don't know how to say it.,...it was just a lighthearted comment and I didn't mean anything by it

Jack- okay, I appreciate that you mentioned that

Kemi- I heard last week that you were targeting me so that's why I 

Jack- I have a lot of targets on my back, but I think having a priority of trying...if you're going to talk...it can come back misconstrued..that's just my comment; If you are going to say something about somebody clarify it with them afterwards so you have your bases covered; but we never talked until 7 days later

Kemi- yeah

Jack- it was arrogant of you to say it (comment she made about making food and how that would keep him safe)

Kemi- yeah, just a comment you say and then I didn't even think to come to you about it


3:07 PM BBT

Jack- so you want to talk about you leaving and camp comeback

Kemi- yeah, to be direct...are you still targeting me?

Jack- you are my biggest competition threat; Jess however is a huge threat to people I care about in this house so it's a last minute decision...you are both threats in this game moving forward

Kemi- right

Jack- if you were to win HOH I would wish you  the best in that; I hope you come back in to the game; I don't know how votes are going to go yet

3:10 PM BBT 

Jack continues talking about how the votes could go either way. Kemi says she wouldn't put him up next week  if she were to stay; Kemi just wants him to consider his game and what would protect him down the line

Jack- things may be going your way

Tommy- you two are amazing at these conversations; you're both straight shooters and I respect that

Jack- I wanted Tommy to be here because people get excited when we talk

Kemi- yeah I just don't know how I am a threat to your game

Jack- girl, you're good; you are stubborn set in your ways, a Cancer like me; you scare the living shit out of me

Kemi- thank you

Jack- I'd like to respect your word

Kemi- all you have in this game is your word...I'm not someone to go back on something like that

Jack- I hope you understand that I'm doing the house moves and Jess is really a threat

Kemi- I'm just on the sidelines

Jack- I can't express it enough...this week, you have rocked it

Tommy- you have...to see this side of you was thrilling; last week Kat was a mess, but what you did this week was unexpected and amazing

Kemi- thank you

Ovi joins the HOHR to use the bathroom; Jack asks him to come back later

Kemi- ALSO, I DON'T want to be in one of those outfits

Jack- I understand but you would rock it


3:14PM BBT 

Jack- you handled your speech really well; I know you will come up with something that will rock it

Kat comes in to HOH to get Jackson's coffee; Jack tells her they are conspiring and Kat leaves

Jack- do you have anything else or should we wrap this up

Kemi- no I just wanted to talk

Jack- I'm glad we cleared things up

Tommy- Kem, just fight....you are amazing...I love Jess too and would say the same to her

Kemi- but just don't  

Tommy- no, we all love each other

Kemi- thanks you guys

*Group hug and Kemi leaves



4:57 PM BBT Christie lectures Jackson about his ankle

Christie- I don't want to sound like a mom but I really care about you and your game...we might have an endurance comp tomorrow...I think you should be more proactive with the healing of your ankle....so go ice that f'ing thing

Jack points at Jackson like "told ya" and the other HGs in the target room agree (Cliff, Nick, Sam)

Nick comments that it sounds like f'ing roller coaster outside.....I don't know what they are building.

They all begin speculating about the competition.

Christie thinks maybe tire swings

Jack- I need to trim my beard

Cliff- that would be horrible

Nick- what?

Cliff- spinning

Jack- it wouldn't be difficult if it was a large carousel....if it's a small spin, yes, but if it's a large one....I'd be stoked if it's a spinning comp

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7:10 PM BBT Christie and Sam in the RV room. Christie tells him that Nick needs to stop throwing names out because it could get back to Jack

Sam- I was getting worried because when we were talking earlier and you mentioned scheming and stuff I thought maybe you were trying to give me a message and then Jackson saw me and asked what's up....I said nothing, why? And he told me he could see my gears turning

Christie- your name has not come up but I fear that Nick and Bella could hurt your game

Sam- well, I'd rather  they be the targets than me

Christie- that's why I stay close to Jack, because he's a bigger target than me

Sam sees a pic and says that's Julie Chen when she was 13 (no...he is joking)

7:14 PM Holly comes in and breaks up the conversation...Sam and Christie start counting the pictures...then Kemi rolls in...then Jack....then Cliff

This conversation is over for now


7:39 PM BBT Jackson tells David in the storage room that he is being cautious of him because he knows he will come after him....I could play with you behind the scenes or you could stab me in the back

David- and then for me I have a lot less to lose

Jackson- or I could work with you or screw you over and you're out the door

David- role play; I could let everyone know I'm coming after you

Jackson- but the week you win HOH and don't put me up that's a problem and if I win HOH and don't put you up that's a problem

David- if I do win HOH  (someone is coming)

Jackson- are you gonna be up tonight

David- I don't know

Jackson- drink some coffee....let's talk in a few hours...too many people are up right now...we have to be patient

7:45PM BBT Target Bedroom Girl chat (Nicole, Holly, Christie, and SIs)

They are talking about Nick and his crap game

Holly- I hated it f'ing pissed me off when he said I have Nicole ...like we might as well keep her around because she is not a competition threat 

Christie- he thinks his words are gonna convince people to just believe what he believes

Nicole- I saw him in the finals and her influence on him??? That's f'ing...Bella taught him to push in front of the bus and he was like great strategy and that's what he is doing with her

Holly- I would fear Sam...he's a great player

*Nick walks in-  All girls' alliance?

Christie- yeah and you can't be here...Christie changes their talk to Michie and his "structural eating"

Sis was just listening the whole time and not contributing to the conversation



7:50 PM BBT Tommy and Ovi playing backgammon in the treehouse


7:56 PM BBT  Sis and Christie in the HOHR  Sis whispers to Christie that they need to talk to Nicole and tell her that me you and Holly want to work with her, but don't tell the guys. Jackson is in the shower and now she's telling Jack that Nicole is on the same page and wants to go after Nickella...so we are all like *F Nick and Bella; but the only thing I don't agree with is the Kemi Jess thing. But, I think Kemi should still be the one to go.

Sis- this is the thing. I get Kemi has to go, but I do believe that if we did keep Kemi she would go after them

Christie- I agreed with everything but I still think Kemi should go

Sis- I agree...we have to win this power, Christie

Christie- I know.....Nick and Bella are the bullies in the house

Sis- I'm gonna sleep with you, I want Jack to have his room for his last night

Christie to Jackson- Nicole thinks Bella and Nick are toxic

Jackson- oh, good



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8:06 PM BBT Christie and Sis are both going to try and win HOH tomorrow. They are convinced it's an eating contest. 

Christie- I'm just f'ing putting it in my mouth, no teeth, just swallow

8:15 PM BBT Tommy is in the kitchen making french toast; Nicole and Christie are his sous-chefs

8:18 PM BBT Jack is called to the HOH room by Don on speaker and then we get Kitty Kam "The Big Brother Houseguests are shooting something awesome."

*I'm out for the night, but I'll catch the early morning happenings

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8:50pm BBT


Feeds return


Nick and Jack in the HOH discussing whether they should send Kemi or Jessica home.


Camera moves to Storage room where Ovi and Holly are goofing around combining their names and practicing a dance move.


Camera moves to boat bed lounge


Sis and Sam are discussing their positions in the game. Ovi starts to come in, Sam sends him away. He says he likes Nick and Bella but will not go down with that ship. Sam says he is watching that closely.


Sis mentioned an alliance without Nick and Bella, Sam says no, he would go with the majority.


Sis says she gets nervous with Nick and Bella and wonder if they did something drastic, then where would Sam be.


Sam says he is not going to jeopardize hs game for them.


Sis repeats that they will do something drastic, that her name was coming up, as well as people who are not in the majority. They have been putting out that people not in the majority should be encouraged to put up the power players. Sis says Nick told Nicole that she should go after them, and he was in the room. Sam realizes what she is talking about, and says that Nicole refused to give a name.


Sam tells her that when Nicole refused names Nick was the one that mentioned Sis and Holly.


Sis insists that she is not that close to Jack...


Nick starts to come in, Sam tells him they are talking about “final 2”


Sam wants to know why Nick is jumping the gun on going after people in the alliance. Sam asks if Jack thinks he (Nick) is associated with this, Sis denies.


Sis tells him that she does not talk game to Jack, Sam says, “Well maybe you should.” Sis shrugs it off.


Sam tells her to say they are pretending to be shady if anyone asks what they are doing in the boat bed lounge.


Sis says that they are taking shots at Jack and Michie by going after her and Holly.


Sis tells Sam that Nick told them in the HOH that Nicole said “Sis and Holly” when he was talking to Nicole, Sam says he remembers that Nick said it.


Sis says she is not sure she can trust the majority when they are “saying my name.” She tells Sam he associates Sam with them because he is always around him.


Sis promises to have Sam's back.....


In the target bedroom Jack and Holly are talking, Michie is leaving the room.


Holly wonders if “he” (?), is being too reckless... she says to ask Christie about it. She tells Jack that she believes that Nicole is good.


Holly says she confronted Nick about insults her put out. (Calling her Sleepy Hollow and a B**ch)


Michie comes back with medication for his ankle.


Jack says he has talked to Nicole, but his game is not to pressure her.


Holly says there was girl talk, and Nicole was expressing frustration with Nick.


Michie is surprised to hear that Nick called her a b**ch, and says that is not cool.


Holly says she is not here to flirt to get ahead in the game. She looks at Michie and says “except you.” Michie laughs and seems to be very happy about it.


Jack is asking if Kat has formed alliances with Nick and Bella, Holly says Kat has done that. She says Kat tells her all kinds of things about her game, and repeats the “genius accident.” they talked about on the hammock two days ago.

Jack says that Nick wants Kemi gone.


Holly says Nicole is advocating Kemi to stay in the game, and that Kemi is not a danger to the guys.


Michie says they should not even consider keeping someone the other side of the house wants to stay.



9:16pm BBT


Holly repeats that Nicole wants Kemi to stay, and they should send her out because that will make Nicole more “dependent on us.”


Michie says again that they should not keep anyone the other side wants.


Jack says keep Kat out of things, she talks too much.


Christie comes and tells them that the french toast is ready, one piece per person.


Michie says someone can have his; he is full. (I swear he said it, I am old and hardly ever lie—Grannysue)




Christie has joined Sam and Sis in the boat bed lounge.


Sam tells Christie that he heard Nick pressuring Nicole about who she would put up, and that Nick suggested she would put up Holly and Sis. He thinks they planted a seed for her to do that.


Holly says they (Nick and Bella) are working on Nicole because they see her as quiet and awkward.


Christie says she knows Nicole is working with Cliff, and that Cliff is dangerous. She says if she wins HOH she would put Cliff up against Jessica. She says “no new blood.” She says Cliff gave her a reason to be his enemy. (she overheard Cliff Notes and found out he has a game plan)


Sam plans to tell Nick when he asks, that they were just trying to make him mad. Sam says the game is getting fun.


Christie is wondering about Orville. Last night they “relocated” it from the shower area to hide it from Cliff. They hid it in the HOH room. (Last I heard it is now in the Camp Comeback room, but that is not confirmed.) He may still be there because now Christie and Sam are wondering if “they” sent it out to get cleaned.


In the target bedroom Michie, Nick, Jack and Kat are hanging out in separate beds. Just general chat, nothing game related.


Camera moves to bedroom hallway.


Holly is telling Tommy her woes about being called a “b**ch” by Nick. Tommy tells Holly that Nick flirted with him and he shut him down. Holly says being called that is “harsh”. They leave the area and go to the kitchen.


General chat.

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9:40pm BBT


In the rv bedroom Nicole and Jessica are having a conversation.


Nicole says she is a straight shooter and she doesn't like it when people come to her and say nice things, when meanwhile their allies are talking about her in a different way.


Jessica says she needs to think about who is talking.


Nicole says she doesn't have an alliance or side, and she feels like she is on a totem pole and they can knock her off later.


Jessica says that is exactly what they did to “me and Kemi.”


David comes in, Nicole says she isn't feeling well, David asks her to try their corn dog snacks. She accepts one and compliments them.

David leaves the room.


Jessica tells Nicole that Cliff and Kat acknowledge her.


Nicole says she has issues with people who tell her she is alone. Nicole says she is not happy that two of her friends are on the block, and she doesn't need reminded. Nicole says that Sam is on a limb too, and he shouldn't be. Nicole continues an assessment of her place in the game.


Jessica says Bella has not talked to her at all but Nick has told her the vote will be unanimous. Jessica is disbelieving.


When Nicole wonders what they would do if they win the HOH Jessica tells her, “you take the jab.” and “hope they don't come back.”


Talking moves to generalities.


9:57pm BBT


Sam and Tommy are in the boat bed lounge.


Sam asks how many people are in jury, Tommy thinks it is nine.


Sam says there are 4 couples including Tommy and Christie (Tommy denies this, saying that Sam and Nick are more of a couple than him and Christie).


Nick, Cliff, and Christie come into the room, Tommy goes for more snacks.


They are talking about going to bed early so they are rested for tomorrow.


Cliff mentions Orwell and Sam asks him if he is still looking. Cliff says no. Maybe someone thought they would spend the day looking for him. Cliff says someone internal moved it and it wouldn't be hard to find.


Christie says Julie will tell them on eviction night.


Cliff says maybe someone got money to do it, he wishes America would have voted him to do mischief.


General talk about past seasons.


10:09pm BBT


Jack is locked out of the HOH.


After a few minutes Jack gets the key to work. Tommy comes in with him.


They check the room to make sure it is empty.


Tommy mentions the Flaming Five, he says he isn't sticking to it.


Jack says that Sam mentioned his association with Nick is a sinking ship. Jack takes credit for planting the seeds.


Tommy says Sam was very quiet when it was formed, and when someone approaches you with an alliance you don't say no. Tommy says that Christie, Sam and he (Tommy) were quiet when it was formed. Tommy thinks that allowing Sam to move into the alliance because he is a good player and may win the game if they allow him to jump ship.


Jack says they are forming alliances left and right.


Tommy says around this time in prior years people start to go nuts and play too hard. He says it is stupid, that patience is a virtue.

He adds that planting seeds just get back to everybody, let them do whatever they want to do right now, it won't matter. Tommy says he will stay true to Jack and the “6 Shooters”.


Jack says he is worried about the “Sis” thing, Tommy tells him not to worry, no one cares. When Jackson mentions a few people, Tommy says not to worry about it.


Tommy reassures Jack that the “Flaming Five” was formed shortly before everyone else came to the room and he has not had an opportunity to mention it to him until now.


Jack asks Michie what he feels about Sam, Michie says he tested the waters and it went well.


Tommy tells them that Sam told him Nick is playing too hard too soon.


Sis comes into the room and crawls onto the bed. They start talking about pheromones.

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9:54PM BBT Ovi, Jack, Christie in the archery room. Cliff just left to eat funnel cake in the kitchen.  The three talk about stress a bit.


9:55PM BBT Christie stretches a bit and Jack says "Wow, wow, how do your boobs feel today?"

Ovi (looking the other direction still) answers, "Pretty good (then realizes)...oh"

Christie then answers Jack's question by saying simply "good."


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10:54PM BBT Kemi and Bella in BRL - Bella is outlining a lot about how they may be able to flip the vote.  She lists off if they can get Bella, Nick, Sam, Christie Kat and then they would get Cliff who would vote with Kat.  [rms- really, Christie?  does Bella know something as she's in the 8 with her]

She goes on about this and then they realize they would have Nicole so really don't need Kat.  Kemi asks if Christie is on board.  Bella says she is, but she keeps referring to "they were saying we..."   [rms - who is the they?]   She says Nick is kinda being swayed by Tommy.  She believes Tommy doesn't want to get 4 new targets on his back just to save 1 vote.  Then they go on about who she thinks has to win HoH and why certain ones can't.  She thinks they need Cliff, Kat or Nicole to win Hoh.  Kemi asks why just those people.  Bella claims she or Nick can't win HoH next week if Kemi is still here.  Kemi asked why and Bella explains that they need to appear to still be good with the 8.


11:00 PM BBT TBR (?) Sam is explaining to Nicole how they keep referring to the 8 and sometimes says 9 so he knows he is the 9th.  He says he wants to lay low until he starts hearing either of their names.  Nicole says that ship is gonna start sinking and Sam says he doesn't want to be on it when it does.


11:19PM BBT Nick, Nicole and Bella in the WA are discussing the numbers again.  Nick lists off some people but he doesn't think they have Tommy or Cliff so they would only have 5 not 6.  [rms- at least people are trying to build a counter to break the 8] 


11:24 PM BBT Cliff is talking to Tommy, saying both Kemi and Jess talked to him but he isn't sure. 

Cliff says that's why he's glad to hear Kemi.  The last thing he would want is a 6-5 with sides against each other.  


11:31PM BBT Kemi is chatting up Kat in the BRL. She discusses how awkward it is to campaign for yourself.  Kat says she doesn't know that this will be a house vote kind of thing.  Christie comes in and convo ends.  potato chips all around.  She leaves and Kat continues that maybe the house own't be voting as one.  

11:44PM BBT Kemi talking to Nicole in CBR.  Nicole says she doesn't think this will be an unanimous vote. She claims she has heard her name as one that may be up next week.  

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