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Thursday, July 4, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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Washroom Area (WA)
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Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
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Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

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6:24AM BBT Cliff Notes



Cliff settles in the boat room and puts on his mic. Good Morning everyone. *he sighs loudly (it's cold). Good morning live feeders. Good morning to my amazing wonderful family, I love you so much! I wanted to get up before anyone else so I could make sure to have some live feeds on me and apologize to my family for forgetting to give my shout outs to my family. I had it all planned, so let me get this shout out now that I planned for with yesterday's vote: "I with a sad heart vote to evict Ovi, SKD143" I feel horrible. I was going to shout out to my family to say how much I loved them, but I forgot about it.

6:26AM BBT  Right before the live show we were talking about...and i time I said Judy Chen...and all the sudden my mind started racing... was so focused on not screwing up and saying "Howdy Judy" national tv that my mind just went blank. I'm sorry....I'm sorry. So please, websites that do the live feeds updates, please put a note to let my family know:  "Cliff expresses sorry for forgetting to give shout out to his family during live vote". It's amazing how the little things can get to you. I don't have any communication with my family. That live eviction ceremony is the one time that people back home are watching.

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6:20am BBT   Cliff is up, pottied and on his way to the boat room to begin today's version of Cliff's Notes. Wearing his patriotic boxer shorts and his Texas A&M hoodie, he settles in to the comfy seat, pulls up the blankets and begins his soliloquy... Good morning live feeders and my wonderful amazing family. He wanted to be sure to get up early this morning to insure he had live feeds on him to apologize to his family for not giving them a shout out during voting yesterday. He feels horrible, he had it all planned. And it went like this... I with a sad heart vote to evict Ovi. Escapee 143. I feel horrible, I was going to shout out to my family during the live vote. He said JUDY Chen once during the show, and this caused him to forget the shout out because he was too worried about saying JUDY Chen again. He asks the live feeders to let his family know that he's sorry. 

He feels bad about Ovi fighting all day yesterday to stay in the house. He wanted him to know he was going home but he couldn't tell him. Jack and Jackson were telling him that he was safe and he hates that they promised him that because it was untrue. 12-0. Cliff is happy it was 12-0 because had there been any votes to keep ovi it would have cast suspicion in the house and the house doesn't need that. 


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6:40am BBT Happy 4th! Cliff hopes everyone gets fried chicken and potato salad and mashed potatoes and watermelon and sweet tea. He wishes they would get something too so they wouldn't have to cook. 

He feels bad about Ovi and is happy he has a chance to fight his was through and maybe come back to the game. He thinks having Ovi in the house is good for his game because he has a good relationship with him. Ovi wanted to make an alliance with him but he doesn't think its a good idea. He will tell him that when/if he gets back in they can talk about an alliance. He thinks Ovi will be so excited and start bugging him with names for their alliance. 

He was worried when Julie started talking about a twist, he was worried that an alum would come in the house. Not Paul! Nooooo. 

He is happy that David gets to experience things in the house too. He doesn't know what it is about David but he has absolutely rubbed Cliff the wrong way. He says they are all Type A personalities so he doesn't know why David gets to him, but he does. He thinks David is dangerous and a threat to all of them. He says he seems to have close ties in the house despite only being in the house a few hours. 

As far as the HOH, he went in thinking he really didn't want to win, so he was happy to throw it, but he didn't throw it, he honestly missed that question. Had he won, he had targets though, and would have put up Kemi and Jessica. 

He got nervous when he realized it was Jack and Jessica as the last two because he doesn't know where Jessica's head is. He said they have talked about her being the plus size gal and he being the old guy. He is happy Jack got it and Jack has already told him that he is safe. He believes Jack, he has other targets besides him and he'd be shocked and a little perturbed if his name showed up. He thinks they have the same targets though. 

He has to get to work today. Talk to every single person and be friendly to them all. It is working so far. He asks for thoughts and messages if any of the houseguests in there don't like him. 

Davis has already gotten under Michies skin and maybe because Michie was responsible for Daving being banished. He is worried that Michie will clash with David and that would be bad for Cliffs game because he (Cliff) is aligned with Michie. [?]


7:00am BBT Cliff says when he came in the house his plan was to create bigger targets than himself, and he has accomplished that. He thinks the other HG are comfortable with him and feel safe with him. It's hard though because there are 16 people in the house to please. It is day 16 and he feels like he is entering the middle game. He's not coasting, he's stabilizing and maintaining relationships. He feels like he is no longer the old guy target anymore, he has gotten past that.

The showmances and relationships are forming. Nick and Bella are an item and assumes they are a voting block. Jack and Sis seem to have a relationship, and hes comfy with Jack but sees him as a scary player because he was deceptive to Ovi so he could do it to him too. He doesn't necessarily trust Christi, but he's ok with her. Kemi talks enough to him that he doesn't think he would be her primary target. Nicole and he have a final two so he's OK there. [?]  His core alliance right now is Michie and Holly. Kat is in there but she is just not meant for this game. Cliff says she had all these followers and she's not a fan. Holly isn't either and she is playing the game with emotion because she doesn't know enough about the game to play it any other way, but he is OK with her. 

He tells feeders to go back and look at 4:00 to 4:45 PT.   Michie talks about telling Kat that he can't work with her anymore. At 10:01 this morning he is going to pull her aside and tell her he can't do it anymore. He says during a commercial break after the votes had been cast, Kat was squeezing his hand, he was sitting next to her, she was asking, am I good? Am I good? She was so paranoid, so nervous, so unsure of her position. He says she is going to be like that every time they have nominations. He feels bad for her but he doesn't want to work with her. maybe she is fooling all of them and shes the brains and playing all of them. He doesn't think so, but maybe. 

Cliff has noticed Kat and David in the boat room talking one-on-one. He thinks this might be a thing to note because he knows David is coming after Michie and he knows Kat is looking for a showmance and she shouldn't be talking to David alone. Michie noticed it and others did too. 

Michie talked about the RV group last night. He doesn't think it's an alliance, but it is Kemi, Jessica, Nicole, maybe Bella, maybe Sis. He thinks Michie would target Kemi and Jessica first. he wants to protect Nicole and bring her in as a floater. No one would suspect that they are tight. He needs to make sure they are on top. He has to do what he can to protect her the next few weeks and keep everyone from finding out they are working together. 

Synopsis he says: Michie is worried about Kat. David is a potential threat. game talk: Jack called a house meeting and told everyone that we are not going to talk to David and Ovi about game strategy. we are going to keep them in the dark. He told them is the house meeting in front of them which he thinks might not be a good idea, but he (Cliff) told David that he'd fill him in on game talk. He wants to cover his bases and make sure David has bigger targets if he comes back. 





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8:25 AM BBT  Cliff an David finish up in the boat lounge.  Cliff was saying there isn't a hue divide like there was last year.  He was explaining who went up, and a few of the things in the house, mainly how he gets up and does his camera updates.  As they get up to leave, David mentions that last year there was a big group, and the smaller "tribes" were picked off.  They move to the KT  David is cleaning, Cliff leaves (said earlier he was going back to bed), and Jackson walks in.

8:29 AM BBT  JacKson goes to the SR looking for food.  He settles on a banana, and eats it as he goes back to bed.  David is still in the KT, wiping down counters, tables and the stove.

During Cliff and David's chat in the boat room, David said he doesn't believe the Kumbaya story that the house is all happy and friends.  He said there are too many people and personalities for that.


No one else seems to be up other than David in the KT still. 

8:47 AM BBT  David finished the KT, goes to the WA, gets ready for the day, then goes to the BY.  He wishes everyone a happy 4th of July.  He takes his cup, goes to the end of the pool and sits on the couch. 

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8:00-9:00pm BBT: Holly Jack and kathryne talk in the BRL about David coming back in the house.Kathryne is worried he has had no one around him in several days  and she does not like him being back in the house. Holly says that kemi will be in Davids bed before the week is up then says well maybe not if kemi is leaving  this week, Jack tells her kemi is not leaving. Kathryne thinks David will go after Jackson since Jackson is the reason he left in the first place.

9:00-10:00pm BBT: Nicole talks to kemi about all the touchy feely in the house and how it is weird to her because she is not a touchy feely person she does not hug alot it take awhile to warm up to people and get to where she can hug or snuggle with them. HG are all making food as Bb has given them food for the night. Holly and kathryne talk about how Bella gets upset with Nick for hugging other girls in the house. Alot of general talk going on as they eat dinner and tell David  about the first week in the house and the challenges they did.

10:00-11:00pm BBT: Clean up from Dinner has  started as Hg move about the house talking general talk. Jack gets Bella to do a challenge of drinking hot dog water with mayo. she chugs it down and everyone yells as Jack is called to the DR. Hg all wait in the KT area and jack comes out yelling Who wants to see my HOHR. Jack has pictures of his dog Lela and and a letter from his co-worker. He reads the letter and starts crying, He puts shades on because he says he does not know why he is crying as his co-worker is his best friend at work and is keeping his dog for him. David leaves to go shower and ovi is in the DR. Jack tells everyone do not talk game to Ovi or David so they can not use anything against anyone if they come back into the house to play the game.

11:00pm-12:00am BBT: BB opens the BY and Hg scream and run outside saying the get the yard for the 4th of July and can lay out and have a fun day now. They get a new corn hole game board and  Hg shout out thank you to BB as they start throwing beanbags. The hot tub is also on and the girls get their feet in the hot tub and sit  and talk general talk as the guys play cornhole.

12:00am-2:00am BBT: Hg still in BY just general talk going on about home and families, Some HG get up and go inside as they make Tommy look like Jacques Pierre and then make him look like Joe Dirt. Hg are laughing and just playing around.

2:00-4:00am BBT: Christie and Jackson in the HOHR with jack  talking about who to put on the block this week, They agree that Nick needs to be backdoored as he can not shut his mouth at all. They will talk about it  more tomorrow. HG start to get ready for bed. HG are in bed and going to sleep and lights are off.

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9:04 AM BBT  The camera pans the BY, as David gets up and goes to the pool table to play a game alone.


9:05 AM BBT  The pool game didn't last long, David goes back into the KT, sits at the counter and is reading something, looks like powdered drink mix in a stick

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7:20am BBT  Cliff says OVI confided in him yesterday that he was Student Body President at college. He sees this as an accomplishment and will keep his secret with the HG. He thinks it may have been a mistake for Ovi to tell him though, because if he can campaign and win at a huge school like Tennessee, he might not necessarily want to sit next to him in the final two making arguments about who should win. Knowledge is power!  [Cliff is certainly thinking ahead. ~Monadyan]

He says he hopes he is entertaining and that people see him in the right light. A guy that is playing hard and having fun. He thinks he probably portrayed as the dad figure. 

David used a word last night to describe the mentally challenged. That doesn't seem smart at all. We are all being careful with what we say. He says They all called David out on it and he didn't apologize. 


David is up and walking slowly from the bedroom upstairs. He pauses a long time at the top of the spiral staircase than moves slothlike down the stairs and strolls gingerly to the WC. Cliff hears him walking and pauses his thoughts. 


7:30am BBT  David exits the WC, washes his hands with soap and dries them. Cliff hears him and says, "washing their hands, that's good". David moves out into the back yard where he stretches and rubs his eyes. 

Cliff talks lower. More about David saying "the word". He hopes he will never say anything like that but if he were to he would apologize and is shocked David didn't. Cliff wants him to own up for saying it. People out there heard him say it, screenshotted it and are talking about it. 

He hears the person and says he's not going to talk about game play anymore. He's going back to bed. He shouts out to his family and apologizes AGAIN for not shouting out to them last night. He gives a shout out to TexAgs. We know things! Shout out to George Strait and says what he wouldn't give to hear Troubador right now, to remind him of who he is and why he is there. He'd love to hear a George Strait love song right now, the Pure Country Soundtrack. 

His playlist: Anything by George Strait. Robert Earl King, look him up. Gringo Honeymoon, Merry Christmas From the Family is hilarious. The Road Goes on Forever. Roger Kreeger, Corey Morrow, Clint Martin, Jerry Jeff Walker.

Cliff shows his patriotism by pulling the blankets down and showing his white star covered navy boxers. He says we are in a great country. What happens between consenting adults is fine, but he will leave that one for another discussion. He remembers the bicentennial in 1976 and thinking about the year 2000 and how far away it seemed at the time. He recalls 53 years ago celebrating the 4th of July in a house in Rockwell, TX, that is no longer even there, thinking about a time that is now 19 years in his past. What a journey his life has been. 

Happy Birthday America! The stuff you do well, you do incredibly well, the stuff you don't do so well, I think will change faster than anyone else out there. He has seen a lot of changes, most of them for the best. 

Who would think that a gay broadway dancer and himself would be so close and that he would be close to a bi/lesbian woman from NJ? He never even met anyone from NJ. He loves the diversity of this country and believes that is what makes us strong. The house is diverse and everyone has different beliefs, they don't talk about the political ones, but he knows there are different beliefs. He says he is a Libertarian and he knows people think different from him but they aren't evil. They might be misinformed. He says a terror attack would bring the country together again. He hates that thats what would do it, but... 


David is in the kitchen washing dishes. David speaks out loud a minute and says that the room upstairs really sucks, it's cold, he feels sick and he doesn't want to sleep up there every night. 







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9:11 AM BBT  David makes himself a bowl of cereal.  We WBRB, possible wake up call.


9:28 AM BBT  Feeds are back, Cliff is updating Jack on his talk with David.  He said David asked who Cliff has in mind if he is HOH.  Cliff said he has an idea, but would rather keep it to himself.  David asked if Jack and Jackson are tight.  Cliff said there has only been one HOH, so he isn't sure.  David also said he is good at body language, and he knows there is division in the house.  Cliff said he enjoys his alone time, but he wanted to let Jack know what David is doing.  He is targeting Jackson, and seems to be trying to stir up trouble and looking for cracks.  Jack said he doesn't understand that, David can't do anything for a couple more weeks. 

9:31 AM BBT  Tommy comes out and joins Cliff and Jack.  David also joins them.  Jack mentions that David can see all of his artwork.  David asks if Tommy or Cliff have any tattoos.  Cliff said no, but they are going to get a BB21 tattoo together.  David said he has to get into shape first.  Jack said they work out here.  David is complaining about his bed, and how uncomfortable it is and difficult to sleep.  BB asks for the awning to be lowered.  Cliff takes David to show him how to do it, leaving Tommy and Jack to do the other side.  Jack tells Tommy happy 4th of July.  Jack said Tommy will do big things when he gets out.  He said he was great last night.  Tommy doesn't know.  Jack said he does, that Tommy will do big things.  Jack will take credit for the facial hair.

(Sorry, gotta start cooking for  4th, out for a while)


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9:12am BBT: BB says Good morning HG it is time to get up for the day!
9:26am BBT: HG up and changing batteries or just laying in bed. Jackson lauing in bed with Holly and Sis eating a banana.

9:27am BBT: Christie and Nick in the STR talking about David coming back in the house and how she thought her  HOH was a waist and then she says it is not her hands are clean now. Nick says david is going to start so much crap i can see it now as they walk out of the STR.

9:28am BBT: Cliff and Jack in the BY talking  and Cliff says he is worried about these little groups that are forming. then Cliff says he was laughing about the house meeting that  jack called lastnight about not talking game to david and ovi. Cliff says he thinks that was a good idea. Cliff tells Jack that david is wanting to stir up stuff and jackson is his big target.

9:37am BBT: Jack, Tommy, Cliff and david are putting the awnings down in the BY Just general talk and teaching david how to do the awnings.

9:43am BBT: Jack, Cliff, David, Tommy and Nick in the BY just talkng general talk. Holly, Sis, Christie and bella in the BR whispering low. (hard to hear).

 9:45am BBT: Girls in the BR talking about wearing their bikinis today and laying out. Christie leaves as Jessica says jack is outside.

9:52am BBT: Bella has now joined the BY crew they are all talking general talk about the pool and working out. Nicole, Ovi,Sis,and kemi in the Wa doing ADL's.

9:58am BBT: HG talking about working out in the BY, Kemi and Sis getting coffee in the KT.

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10:07am BBT: HG just sitting around talking General talk  about what to do today and working out, Jackson starting his laundry.

10:20am BBT: Most Hg sitting in the BY drinking coffee talking general talk about taking pictures. Jackson in the kitchen dipping raw carrots in peanut butter.

10:28am BBT: jack, David and sis working out together. Jackson lifting weights alone. Most Hg sitting on the boat lounger talking general talk and laughing.

10:40am BBT: sam and Bella sitting in the BY on the lounger talking about people snoring. Sis and jack stretching in the middle of the yard. Most Hg just sitting around drinking coffee.

10:48am BBT: sam and Ovi talking about  the HOH comp, Sam explaining to Ovi what it looked like since Ovi was not allowed to watch but could only hear it.

10:55am BBT: HG making breakfast. Christie says she does not know if she wants eggs that the earthquake made her feel so funny. Sam says he hears sirens and an accident outside the fence. Cliff says it made him feel a little funny too and the pool table was shaking. Cliff goes up behind Tommy and shakes his chair and Tommy says do you feel that shaking with a shocked look on his face and they start laughing then he realizes Cliff was doing that. he said that was mean but was amazing. that Cliff is good.

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11:02am BBT: Jackson and Cliff talking alone about David saying to Cliff that he will find out groups today. Cliff says he told David that today is a holiday and we are just going to relax, He says David says he can read body language and he can tell who the groups are by who everyone talks to. Cliff then says he just wanted to tell him that. Jackson says thank you but he will not dictate what i will do . Cliff says i was just doing shout outs and he came in the boat room.

11:06am BBT: Kemi and Nicole are walking the BY, Kathryn and Holly are sitting together and jack and David still working out. Jackson and Cliff still talking about David and Jackson says if David wants to play chess instead of play checkers then lets play chess and they go  to the KT.

11:22am BBT: Hg sitting around the BY talking about the earthquake and in the KT cooking and eating breakfast.

11:38am BBT: IN the KT Kathryn,Jackson, Jack and Sis talking about the Wacktivia comp. Jack says he is gonna win and is not telling anyone then he has an evil laugh.  jack thinks wacktivity comp is tomorrow then Noms right after that.

11:43am BBT: Holly talking to Sis in the WA saying she is upset that she couldn't tell her dad where she was going when she left cause her dad would tell everyone and how this is when he is most busy and she just left. Jackson comes in and Holly turns around. Jackson sees she is crying and hugs her. Then she tells Jackson why she is so upset. Jackson tells her that they will understand and be proud of her and Holly says i hope so.

11:55am BBT: Hg are just sitting around the house and BY talking general talk and getting ready to lay out for the day. and Jack thinks they will get a big spread of food from BB later since it is the 4th of July.

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12:00pm-1:00pm BBT: Sis and Holly talk in the BR about how happy they are they did not vote Kathryn out lastnight but Holly says she is going to have to go soon because she is driving me crazy all the time. Holly is missing her family today as they all get  together for the 4th of July and have a big celebration. Jackson talks to Kathryn and tells her he has to separate himself from her for game purposes that feeling got in the way to fast He says he is doing this for his own game and for no other reason. Kathryn asked if he is doing this because she is the next target and Jackson says no it is for my game.In the KT Tommy, Nicole and David are fanning the toaster oven as it is smoking and we get FOTH.

1:00pm-2:00pm BBT: HG laying around the pool talking general talk, Cliff , Jessica and Nicole talking about  talking to Jack one on one but jack said he is not talking game today it is a holiday. Jackson in KT eating and David comes in to get water and an apple.

2:00-3:00pm BBT: Jackson comes out of the DR upset but tells everyone he can not talk about it. He tells jack that if he talks about it they will go back and look and Jackson gets uoset and stops talking. David wants to match pairs up and play corn hole, Christie thinks its a set up so he can see who is paired in the house. Most G still in the pool and laying around the pool enjoying the day.

3:00-4:00pm BBT: David talking to Sis in the BY as they lay out in the sun and Christie and jack talking on the lounge watching David talk to Sis. Christie and jack talk about missing their exes. Sis telling David she thinks he likes trouble and wants to stir things up, David says how can i stir things up when i dont know  what it taste like as he smiles. sis gets up and joins jack and Christie. HG have gotten Pizza and are sitting around eating and general talk.

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6:39PM BBT They finished with the slip n' slide. All (Cliff went twice) but Jess, Bella, Sam, Nicole, and Kat slid down (some with really great twists and turns. However, they were all out there having fun together. :-)


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6:04PM BBT-  Ovi suggested that they make a slip and slide in the BY, so Christie and David went to work lining up trash bags on ground, held together by weights and the cornhole beanbags.  Most of the HG are in the BY, while the others are in the KT preparing dinner.  They are thinking about using baby oil or soap to make it slippery.


6:09PM BBT-  Nicole and Jess are in the WA chatting.  Jess is uncomfortable with Nick being in their room now and that they'd prefer it to be Christie because Bella is acting weird.  


6:30PM BBT-  Tommy, Christie, Cliff, Jack, Sis, Nick, Ovi and David all go for a spin on the slip and slide while the others help by holding it down, or spraying it with water.


6:40PM BBT-  The slip and slide finally called it quits and some of the HG got into the pool, and then back out.   Christie and Jack stayed in the pool, and Ovi and Nick stayed in the hot tub.  The other HG headed inside to clean up, except for Sam and David, who are sitting on one of the lounge chairs.  


7:00PM BBT-  Feeds go to the kittens with the notice that the HG are "shooting something awesome".

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8;29pm bb time


Camera one


Michie is changing his pillow cases and is alone in the target bedroom. He is not talking to the cameras. He sprays freshener for about 20 seconds before leaving the room.


Move to kitchen where Jack and Sam are sorting through pizza boxes, a few of them say “Joe Peeps”. Soda bottles are littering the counter top on the island, and Sis is stacking plastic containers of salad while she whines that she wants cheese pizza.


Jack is trying to throw out pizzas and the other house guests are telling him not to do that. Sam is insisting that they need to throw them out, then says maybe they will put them in the storage room. When David suggests they freeze it the house guests says they don't want to bag them up. Quite a process, this pizza sorting/discarding/saving/tossing.


FISH for a few seconds


Camera 3


Christie, Kemi, Nick, Nicole, Jessica are in a group in the back yard.


Christie is trying to make arrangements for all of them to meet in New Jersey. Tommy (who is in the yard, but not sitting with them), offers his home as a meeting place. Nick says he is planning to see Christie once a week. He tells her she needs to stock men's clothes, and he will support her female line. He really compliments her style, and it is very sincere.


They spot a drone above them and we get FISH.


When we come back Camera 3 is in the bedroom where Ovi is speaking to Jack. Jack says he had some tough DR sessions and is missing home. Ovie tells him he will be back in the game in two weeks. Ovi goes to the bathroom area and speaks to someone off camera (Michie?), asking him if he is okay, he knows he had a tough day too.


FISH for a few seconds (singing in shower)


Camera one is in kitchen, Nick and Sis are talking, Nick is trying to talk Sis into giving him a kiss, it would be the first one in the house. Sis tells him he has already kissed Bella, she knows it. He continues to tease her, denying that he has kissed Bella. He tells her she has something in her tooth and probably will have to floss. Nick is telling her she needs to be confident, she says she is, but not in guys. She says guys like her for her looks, she wants them to like her for her personality.


Other house guests are packing and carrying pizza boxes, maybe to the storage room while David eats at the counter (he may be listening in).


Jack and Ovi are back in the bedroom, Ovi is asking Jack if anyone else knows about the power. Jack denies that anyone, with the exception of Christie know about it. When Ovi asks him if Christie has told, Jack says, “eh.”. Ovi says maybe taking him out was a shot at Jack, and Jack agrees, saying he had to win HOH, even though he did not want to. Jack says David is burying himself, and that Ovi can beat him. Ovi's question is unclear, but he leaves and says, “I just wondered how it happened is all.” He seems satisfied with the answer Jack gave him.


Ovi goes to the bathroom lounge to join the others, Sam, Christie, Jessica, Ovi, Holly, Isabella, and Cliff are in the room. Just general chit chat.

Christie and Sam are fussing at each other about compliments, it sounds like Sam is making fun of her toes. Ovi tells her that her feet are beautiful. (riveting).


Camera 2


Kat and David are talking in the kitchen (anyone notice he has a Barak Obama voice??, Startling)

David tells Kat he was f**ked before he could play the game. He says he needed to come back in the game with power to play. Kat asks him if he has a power, he denies. He tells her the only thing in the game he has is Ovi. He asks her if she came into the house singe, Kat says, “yeah, you interested?” David says, “no”. Kat says she can't handle that, then says she can. She mentions that her dad's birthday is tomorrow (Happy Birthday Kat's Dad), David continues to ramble about playing Big Brother. He says he is here to play BB, Kat tells him he has a better chance than “the other” She says she has something she can tell him, but she will tell him later. When he questions whether or not she really has info she says she does. Kat tells him she has no friends in the house, she was on the block for two weeks.

David asks her if she wants to see the “ugly room,” Kat mumbles as he leaves.


Camera moves to boat bed lounge.


Kat says the cameras are following her, Isabella looks at the camera and yells “hi”, Nick asks her questions about her need to have private time. Cliff comes in. Nick says he doesn't really notice the cameras, he just keeps in mind that “hot topics or words are not okay.” He says he goes to the hammock or hot tub and stares at the sky, that is how he gets his self care time. David has come into the room and is standing at the foot of the bed. Nick says he likes hearing the world outside, it helps him keep in mind that they are on a set and the real world is just outside.


Camera moves to HOH, Jack is on the bed leaning on Sis, and Holly is laying at the foot of the bed. Jack says he has created a family here and he doesn't like to think of anyone leaving. Michie comes into the room. Jack is talking about a snack they are eating, Sis doesn't like it.


Bob tells the house guests that the storage room is temporarily unavailable, (probably to pick up leftover pizza)


In the bathroom lounge room Christie, Sam and Ovi are talking about bathroom hygiene, nail cutting, sterilization of nail clippers and cleaning tubs. She says she didn't take a bath in the HOH because the tub might not have been clean enough. Christie tells them thank you for watching her do her toes.


Bob says: “Please come to the storage room.”


the pizzas are gone, and have been replaced with several pies from POP TV.

The house guests thank POP TV for the pies and take them to the kitchen.

They enjoy the pies, some add ice cream.




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Nick and Isabella have escaped to the boat bed lounge room.


Nick asks what David was about to say. He was talking to David and refused to talk to David unless he returned to the game. He is telling Isabella David may not even come back into the “house”. He assumes that person who returns will have immunity the week they come in. Nick is counting house guests and trying to determine the eviction schedule. He says after 4 weeks only 3 people will be evicted. Nick tells her that Jack told him he is good, but that he needs to win the veto. Nick says that Jack has waffled a little in the past few weeks, and that he (Jack) needs to earn Isabella's trust again.


Isabella says, “yeah, well we'll see.”


Nick is talking about back dooring, he plans to tell Ovi to remember that he (Nick) was honest with him about the votes when he was evicted. Nick says the original plan was to go to the 8, then go from there. He says one person will go up at 9, and if he wins the HOH he would not put up Sam.

David comes in and asks if it is okay for him to come in. Tommy follows him into the room.


Nick says Holly took the best blanket and hasn't brought it back, David says he thought about it. Nick gives him permission to take it if he brings it back.


Tommy asks David if he is happy to be there, David says yes he is, and he thinks he will sleep good tonight. David says they just ate all the carbs and in a few they will pep up. Tommy asks if there is bathroom in their room, but it there is not. Tommy says he thought they found a secret room, but it was not and him and Ovi were yelled at.


Camera moves to target bedroom, Christie is making her bed while Sam watches. Christie says the mattress is really a burlap covered matt. Christie continues to perfect her bed.


Sam says that Sam thinks Jack will put up Kemi and Kat with Jessica as a replacement option. Sam says that he did not help look for Kemi, He says they all are going through some s**t, and she was so disrespectful of the rest of them.


Christie wonders what will happen when Kat, Kemi and Jessica are gone. Sam says Jack mentioned sending Cliff home at some point before jury so he can see his family.


Christie, “He likes to play the hero.” Sam snorts.


Christie says Jack and Sis will have a target on them soon because...(hand signals).

Sam makes fun of Jack, Christie makes more hand motions, and says she didn't think he was smart like that. Sam says Julie was unsure what color he had flipped.


Tommy comes into the room and Christie tells him it is Kemi and Kat, with Jessica as option. Christie wants to win a competition, the third one is the one she wants, Sam says she should throw that to him. Sam mentions bottom feeders, Cliff and Nicole. Christie laughs.


They think a double eviction will happen the first week of jury.


Christie tells them that Kemi knows she is going up, plans to not suck up to Jack, and will win veto. They are mentioning trips at the next veto so it must be the musical chairs one coming up (Or they think it is). Kemi says she will come back into the game if she is evicted.


Camera moves to tree house.


Nicole and Ovi are talking, Nicole tells him that she has had to back pedal when discussing Ovi's eviction and she hopes he knows she loves him but had to protect her game. Ovi is trying to figure out how far back his name came out, and they both wonder why Sam played the veto. Nicole says Jack was in Christie's ear, Christie told Sam not to use it and he did anyway. Ovi says he may have been duped. Ovi says, “They think I am a stupid genius and that's just not the truth.” Nicole, “and they think I am an athelete, hahaha.”



10:02pm BBT


Ovi and Nicole continue their checkers game. Ovi says he hopes he gets back into the game. Nicole says there is more to this Camp Comeback than is visible. Ovi says they were told that the HOH competition might become important to them. Ovi thinks the information they need will begin this week because David just came back. Ovi believes he will have the best chance to get back into the game. He tells Nicole to deny talking game. They are going over the HOH competition. They are using the pieces from the backgammon game to figure out the order house guests were eliminated. Cliff comes to the tree house and Nicole asks him to pretend to teach them the game, but to help them with the order of elimination. Cliff says there were several people that went out with him.

Cliff says he will ask around. The three of them are forming a solid plan to figure it out. Nicole says if one of us (Cliff or herself) is evicted one of us will come back. Nicole believes it will be a general question, not names.

Cliff reminds them not to ask these questions when David is around.

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10:15pm BBT


Tommy comes into the tree house, Ovi tells him Cliff is teaching them how to play backgammon.


Nicole mentions the drone that came into the yard, Tommy says it scared him because he wasn't sure what drones do.


Camera moves to HOH room.


Christie says she thought Ovi used the power on eviction night but he told her did not.


Camera moves back to tree house.


Tommy is talking about the wacky competition coming up, he feels he doesn't have a chance. They agree that there is no way to know what the competition will be. Nicole says “chaos” sounds like multitasking.


Christie comes over to join the others in the tree house, asks who is in the boat room. She says she might come back up there after she gets dressed.


Cliff mentioned the HOH, Tommy spills the list of people who went out in his round. (Cliff and Ovi are soooo slick). Jack comes over and asks if anyone fed the fish. They say they are four of them.


Jack says he is lonely in the HOH, Tommy tells him he needs to sleep alone, he deserves it.


Ovi says the Come Back camping room is uncomfortable, but he has done his best to make it okay. He says David is very uncomfortable.


Jack stays in the tree house room with Ovi and Nicole. They are pumping him for information about the HOH competition, and he is just telling them everything. (This is amusing me so very much). Jack continues to share everything he knows with them and remains clueless.


Jack thinks when Nick says he is in AC, that he means Atlantic City. (It is adolescent counseling)


Jack says he is going to make his rounds and “check on this David guy.” Jack says “he is already talking game...”

Ovi, “I don't even know what game is.”


Nicole sings a ditty about “Let's wait until he goes downstairs....” and the camera moves to the HOH away from them.

10:44pm BBT


Jack stands for a few minutes in the hallway by the HOH door. He hears nothing. He goes to the downstairs bathroom and leans on the sink.


With the coast being clear Ovi and Nicole start going over the names again. Ovi makes the names into a rhythm beat of names. They decide they need to clarify what they are memorizing. Ovi is making up questions they might ask about this competition.


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11:00PM BBT Kat and David in Storage Room

Kat- Just be careful; and I'm telling you that because I'm looking out for you

David-but,  I guess...(couldn't hear)

Kat- yeah, but you want to be 

David-Damn, that's why nobody wanted to play; I was wondering

Kat- so that's the meat stuff (getting things out of fridge)

David- I was just going to make random teams; like me and Jack; Let's play

Jack walks in "y'all bitches are conspiring against me?"

Kat- we are....and we're getting pizza

Jack- reheat it?

Kat- no I love when it's cold

Jack goes to get chocolate because there was none in his HOH basket (thought you didn't want to eat all that sugar and fat, Jack) He says he asked for sour patch stuff. He goes for a handful of milk chocolate

David- I heard there's Benadryl...my nose is all jacked up right now

*they look for the Benadryl

Jack- how are the allergies in that room?

Kat- is that dust really that bad?

David- no it's just cold

*Jack leaves and heads up to HOH

11:01PM BBT    Tommy, Jackson, Sis and Holly

Jack- did y'all see me looking at the cameras?

Tommy- what happened?

Jack- Kat was just getting pizza but Dave was looking for a conversation; I interrupted the conversation; I said "are y'all bitches conspiring against me?

Tommy- nice

Jackson- what did she say when she was in the kitchen

Jack- she was just talking about wanting pizza with marinara

Jackson- that's all we have

Jack- no, she was eating that vegan shit

Jack- I want the team to come up

Tommy- I know; you'll never be able to get Nick away from Sam

Jackson- the only time Nick is not with Bella he is with another girl

*they are watching the spy cams and talking smack about David

Tommy- has anyone confronted him about the book?

Jack- no I'm saving that 

Jackson- I can't wait to throw that like a f'ing bomb... right, like how did your read in Mexico go? How to Be  a SIgnificant Leader? (David told them he was reading in sequester)  

11:05PM BBT *feeds switch to treehouse where Nicole was playing checkers with Ovi, but no talk going on... then immediately to boat room

leftover pizza.png


11:54PM BBT RV room Kemi, Jess, Sam, Nick, and Nicole

Kemi- (to Sam) do you have any stories from your early 20s that you're ashamed of?

Sam- *smiles really big Cheshire cat "not on live feeds...no I think I already told you"

Jess-  tell me the story of when you first met Nick

Kemi- no that's boring; we were all here

Sam- I thought he was a douchecanoe

Jess- I've never heard "douchecanoe"

Kemi- I say douchelord

Jess- I like douchecanoe

*They start talking about how annoyed Nick was when when they were waiting to first enter the house and people kept going in and out of the house forcing them to move their bags.

Sam- I was like you're about to be on BB; shut the f up

Nick- I was just really nervous

Kemi- no I want to hear stories from your 20s

Sam- like when I was a bouncing?

Jess- you used to be a bouncer? 

Sam- that's when I got beat up?  by my wife's exboyfriend

Kemi- something else...like have you ever taken a trip

Sam- no I didn't have $...I was living paycheck to paycheck

11:58PM *feeds switch to HOH when Nick heads to go up...Gr8ful is finally all assembled (Nick/Bella Jack, Jackson, Tommy, Christie, Holly, Sis)

Jack tells the 8 he is putting up Jess and Kemi; he will  tell Jess she's a pawn; if veto is won by either he would put up Kat...but Jess goes before Kat

They do their flying 8 fingers as wings before Nick/Bella head out (Nick/Bella are on the bottom of this alliance because when they left the 6-Shooters did their  gun sign); the rest declare they are heading to bed and spread their "love you"s to each other

Tommy is sleeping in HOH with Jack




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