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Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Celebrity Building Bedroom (CBBR)

The 20th Century Limited Lounge (LNG)

Upstairs Lounge (BCNY)

Hotel Bedroom (HOBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
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and let's just call the gym, gym
Here are pictures of the rooms

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12:00AM BBT: Dina and Kandi are playing cards in the KT. Lolo and Tamar are in the HOBR. Lolo says the veto "doesn't mean sh*t" unless you with the next HOH. Ricky walks in.


12:04AM BBT: Lolo says her lungs hurt, they talk about having to pack tomorrow. Ricky just kind of hovers near the door. General conversation in the HOBR and the KT. Lolo and Tamar don't feel well. 


12:11AM BBT: Ricky works on Tamar while Lolo takes her shoes off. "That boy is talented," Tamar says after Ricky is done. Ricky leaves the HOBR. Dina and Kandi finish playing cards. Tamar goes to sleep.


12:20AM BBT: Kandi is getting her things together to get ready for bed. Tamar is asleep in the HOBR. Lolo is showering in the WA. Kandi says she's going to shower upstairs in the HOHR.


12:22AM BBT: Kandi walks into the HOHR, but it sounds like Ricky is showering. Kandi plays pool by herself while she waits for Ricky to finish.


12:36AM BBT: Lolo finishes showering and gets her things together, she takes an armful of clothes and shoes to the SR. She gets into bed in the HOBR, BB turns the lights out.


12:56AM BBT: Dina walks into the HOHR with her bag, she's coughing also. The shower is occupied so Dina sits on the lounger and listens to music. Kandi finishes showering and Dina tells her she loves the song she's listening to. Kandi tells Dina good night and Dina gets ready to shower.


1:18AM BBT: Dina is out of the shower, she leaves the HOHR and goes downstairs to the 5BR.


1:27AM BBT: Dina blow dries her hair. All of the other HGs are in bed with the lights off. 


1:33AM BBT: Lolo is up and out of bed while Dina continues to dry her hair in the 5BR. She walks to the WA before going to the KT to eat cereal. Dina gets into bed in the 5BR.


1:38AM BBT: Lolo talks to Orwell while she eats cereal. After she finishes, she takes Orwell upstairs and drops him off the balcony. "He dead," Lolo says.









1:40AM BBT: Lolo throws Orwell back upstairs. She finishes her cereal and walks to the LNG to tweet. Orwell is still on the ground upstairs.




1:45AM BBT: Lolo is back in bed, the lights are off in the BB House and all is quiet.

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7:45AM BBT The HG are getting up for the day.

7:50AM BBT Lolo tells Tamar and Ricky good morning as she leaves the bedroom to go to the SR.  Tamar says, "one more sleep."  In the storage room, Lolo says to herself, "I do not feel good right now."  She goes back to the bedroom and asks Tamar if she feels ok. Tamar says her ear hurts.  Lolo says she doesn't feel good.  Dina is upstairs in the HOH bathroom.  Ricky and Tamar go into the SR to change their batteries.

7:53 AM BBT:  Tamar and Kandi are in the washroom. 

Tamar:  You need to tell people what they want to hear.

Tamar leaves the washroom as Ricky's walking in. Ricky and Kandi tell each other good morning.  Kandi asks Ricky how he's feeling. He says pretty good.

Tamar and Lolo are back in their beds.  Tamar asks Lolo why does she think she's nauseous.  Lolo doesn't know.  Tamar asks Lolo if she needs to get the medic.  Lolo says no, it's only when she moves too fast.

7:57AM BBT Tamar is out of her room.  She asks Dina and Kandi if they've ever had an ear infection.  Dina gives her advice about her ear.  Tamar's blowing her nose a lot and says her ear is killing her.

Kandi and Tamar are whispering in the washroom.  It's hard to hear but it sounds like Kandi says she has Ricky's vote and i THINK tamar says she has her vote to stay too.  Before Kandi leaves the WR, Tamar says, "but don't tell them that."

Tamar puts on her makeup in the washroom.  Lolo gets out of bed.  She tells Kandi and Dina "morning, guys".  Kandi says good morning but Dina doesn't say anything.

8:19 Lolo's in her bed fixing her makeup.  Ricky's sitting on his bed.  Kandi's in the hall fixing her makeup at the mirror.  Dina's at the mirror in front of her bed fixing her hair.  Tamar is likely still putting her makeup on in the washroom.  Not much talking going on.



8:31AM BBT Tamar's back in her bed.  She complains that it's not even 9AM yet. 

9:00AM BBT not a whole lot of talk has gone on this morning.  Tamar asks Lolo and Ricky "have they talked to yall about doing press?"  Lolo says yes. Tamar says no one has said anything to her about it.  The feeds cut and then old episodes of CBB1 play.  The HGs were told they'd be on lockdown at 9:30.

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11:42AM BBT Feeds are back.  Kandi is in her bed.  Lolo, Rick and Tamar are in their beds.  Dina's in their room talking to them about the fake Natalie in the bed.  It was very loud on on the feeds, like noise from others outside of the HGs.  now it's cleared up.

Tamar, Dina, Lolo and Ricky talking about baggage and flights.  Ricky asks Dina what kind of work does she do.  Dina says a lot of marketing stuff will be happening when she gets out of the house with Allie and Dakota.  She says Lindsay and herself are doing things overseas. 

11:51 It's super clear that Lolo's trying to get Dina to leave their room.  Earlier she said, "well Dina, can you tell me when you make coffee later" and just now it was, "alright.. dina, can you wake me up in like 40 minutes?"  Dina says yes.  and she's still standing their in their room.. talking about a girl helping her pack her bags before she came into the BB house.  no one is responding.  Ricky's playing with some type of string.


11:52AM BBT Lolo gets up to go to the bathroom.  Dina's still standing in their room, saying the bathroom is far away from their room.  Then she talks about not being so aware of the cameras at one point of the game.  Then she says she it felt weird people watching her on pop tv/live feeds.  She says now she feels ok about it.  She says she feels freer.  She says she always felt protected and guarding her kids.  Now she feels like when she was a kid.  Ricky tells Dina he would love to look at her chart.  Dina says she would have to give him her birth time.  He says he could do the year.  She says she could have to tell him later.  Then she says she's not sure what year she was born because of some type of mix up.  It's one of two years and she's not sure which year. (I googled it- she was born Sept 15, 1962.. 56 years old).  Dina says she doesn't even miss her phone. 

Lolo comes back into the bedroom and says twitter's down.

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12:10pm BBT Lolo is alone in the lounge tweeting when Dina comes in and starts talking through the game with her, sharing some of her observations of Lolo and the other HG. Lolo says she wishes they had talked earlier in the game. Lolo confirms she couldn't save anyone or Tamar would have gone on the block. Kandi is snoring loudly in the other BR.


12:15pm BBT Dina tells Lolo that she wanted to see Lolo and Tom working together. She says Tom really respected Lolo but Natalie had a stronger personality, and Tom was overshadowed by Kato. She thinks Natalie had more conversations with people but she had conversations with the right people. 

12:17pm BBT Lolo says she was told that Ricky and Tamar don't want to take her to F2 but now they say they do. Dina tells her to not be manipulated but go with her heart. Apparently the Final 5 earned an extra $5k in their contracts. Dina seems to be making an indirect pitch to stay in the game as Lolo's friend. She says her life has always been being protective.

12:20pm BBT Dina says she's a good judge of character - she was raised to trust but learned you can't trust everyone. Dina is talking life but there are game implications as she encourages Lolo to open her heart. Lolo turns it to Kandi and how tight she is with Tamar and Ricky. Dina says Kandi doesn't have an alliance with Tamar but they have so much connected outside.

12:25pm BBT Lolo says she wishes she had talked to Dina before the Veto meeting because she might have saved her. Dina says Kandi and Tamar would probably take each other to F2 because they have so much connectivity outside the house. Dina didn't even know she had a Veto speech. Lolo suggests Dina talk game with Ricky for his vote. Dina says Kandi will deny it to stay in the game.

12:30pm BBT Lolo says Kandi makes more money in 2 episodes (of Real Housewives) than she makes in a year. Dina says Tamar is tight with Ricky too. I'm the odd man out, Lolo says, I went through a lot of sh*t to get to the final. Lolo wants Dina to feel out what Kandi would do if she wins HoH. Dina says she already knows what Kandi will say. Lolo tells Dina to tell Ricky the same story she just told him and she'll have Ricky's vote.

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12:01 PM BBT Lolo and Dina go into the kitchen.  Dina started talking but Lolo said they'll go into the twitter room.

12:03PM BBT Dina goes to the bathroom while Lolo waits for her in the twitter room.  Lolo says to the camera "having coffee with dina.. even though i wanted to sleep.  she wanted to talk and there's no way around it. gotta respect moms."

Dina joins Lolo in the twitter room.  She tells Dina that the twitter is working now.  Dina says she couldn't think of Lolo's name last night (only the 4th most common last name in USA...)

Dina tells Lolo she didn't know anything about the show until she came in besides watching some bb during sequester.  She said everything was so fun in the beginning and then people got confused at their own games...

Dina:  and i was just floating.  and when i saw that, it upset me. and i knew it wasn't real. i saw in your situation, when you would get angry, you couldn't go anywhere. you can't leave.  i'm not the type of person to bust into a room.  i give people their space.

she talks about Ricky and being interested in his astrology.  she said yesterday Kandi asked Ricky what he was thinking about.  Dina said probably nothing, he's just thinking. he's a Gemini.  She says she's observant..  (this conversation is going EVERYWHERE so it's hard to type what all she's talking about).

Dina: you're very sensitive, like extremely.  and so am i.

Lolo: you handle yours better though

Dina: you didn't see me crying.

Dina talks about when Kato slammed his hand on the table twice.  She talks about how scared she was.

Dina: i wanted to get you alone so many times

Lolo: what did you think of tom?

Dina: tom really cares about you.  he really cares about you

Lolo: what did you think about his game play

Dina: i wanted to see him without kato and you without Natalie. 

Lolo's just agreeing and saying yeah a lot.  The conversation is insanely hard to follow because it's still going everywhere.

Lolo: so you really think they were talking about me?

Dina: i dont think they were talking about you. i was just making an educated guess. i just wanted to tell you, and i think that's why tom said to Tamar 'tamar you're lying' and she was trying to cover it.  first Natalie and ricky came into my hallway, and Natalie was like what have you been doing. Ricky just said he didn't say anything. and i kind of get what he's thinking now, and I'm just a good reader of people. Natalie started saying, "Lolo doesn't have anyone to go home to and i have a husband" and I'm just listening.  and Natalie said "and i told her that and i just want her to win." and then she said , well Tamar said to me "why are you saying that? why are you giving up?" and then Natalie changed her mind and wanted to win.

THEN i'm upstairs and Tamar was up there w/ Kandi.  i walked in. and then Ricky came pretty soon after.  so i was like ok something's going on here. so then Tamar and kandi were talking and Kandi said, "well you know my decision." and i knew mine too but i wasn't going to say anything. bc it's my decision.

Lolo: yea you've always voted with your heart

Dina: and it was you. and i didn't think i owed it to Natalie bc i didn't know her. and my heart goes out to you. i don't know a lot but i've heard from other people what you've gone through. and people think "Oh i have millions of dollars and-" No. it's been real hard.  dammit i had tissues.

Dina fights back crying.

lolo: don't cry.

Dina: people think i live in LA.. i was here to work. i've always lived in NY. it's just such a misconception.

lolo: i just wish i would have talked to you before.  i knew if i saved someone (with the veto today) then Tamar would have went on the block.

Lolo checks the door to make sure no one is at the door.

Lolo: i kinda thought that's how you guys felt and you warned me and tom warned me

Dina: he was being honest

Lolo: i know. i didn't talk to anybody.

Dina: well they were on you

Lolo: they were. before tom left, i felt like we both needed to talk.

Dina: a lot of guys felt that way about you. they wanted to talk to you but you were always with Natalie. you were focused in the games too. that's what you do and that's your mindset.

Lolo: Ryan and Jonathan were the first ones to go. Ryan i didn't need to talk to as much because i knew his story. mooch i didn't get any time to talk to at all. kato and tom, especially tom, i had quite a few  conversations with tom. i know Natalie had more conversations with people but i had conversations with the right people, the people i needed to have conversations with. Tom became a very powerful player.. had I spent my time with some of the other guys.. they were the ones who went home.  i did spend a lot of time with my room(mates) and i did trust them and that was very hard to hear-

Dina: i just wanted you to know what was up

lolo: i still don't know what's up. we play in the final HOH tomorrow. and obviously tom said the same thing you said.. that ricky and tamar didn't want me here. then who do i pick for the final? if they both didn't want me here but now they're saying they do.

Dina: well, what else are they going to say?

Lolo:  let me ask you this- who's kandi taking to the final? have yall talked about that?

Dina: since day one, I've always said.. TO GOD.. the person who needs to the most will win. and I've always thought you. since I've heard so much hardship with your stories.

lolo: well you said you're going through it too. first and second get money though.

Dina: i didn't know second gets money. all i remember is the extra 5.

Lolo: Kandi doesn't care about that, that's like five dollars to her.

they talk about how kandi doesn't care about the extra money they all get.

Dina says she's always been a survivor. she mouths stuff to Lolo but i can't quite make it out. it's all stuff that's public record that she's writing about in her book.  they couldn't release the book at one point because her ex husband tried to stop it.  she says she still has pain that's there but she had to bury it and be strong for her kids. she says menopause doesn't help an d it's all new to her right now. she said she saw herself become different, not better or worse, just more emotional because she was always there to protect her kids and forgot about herself.



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12:35pm BBT Lolo heads up to HoH to get Ricky and bring him to the Lounge to talk with Dina. She comes downstairs empty handed, looks in the SR, looks in the BR, then returns to the lounge and says she can't find him. They think he's in DR. Dina says Natalie was nervous about telling Lolo about Kandi and Tamar's relationship. 


#BBCeleb #CBBUS2 12:40pm Dina tells Lolo she thinks Tamar wants to go F2 with Ricky but is OK with Kandi. Dina says Lolo would have her vote and Natalie's vote. Lolo would have to win Final HoH though. Dina thinks she would have all the guys' votes because they would respect her for voting them out. Lolo says Ricky and Tamar have been offish ever since on the wall Kandi said Lolo would have the votes.

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12:22 PM BBT Dina says he can always tell when someone is lying or not.  Lolo says she can't.

Lolo: so when kandi was talking to tamar, what else were they talking about? bc kandi didn't vote for me. i like kandi because she's very straight. 

they talk about how tight tamar and kandi are.

dina: tamar said things like, "i'm friends with her, we have each other's back." and i asked her if they have an alliance and she said no.

lolo: do you think if kandi wins HOH that she'll take Tamar?

dina: i don't htink she has a choice

lolo: i wish i would have known that so i could have saved you today and then you could have been in the final 4. because the conversation i had with kandi .. i told ricky and tamar that kandi has a relationship with Tamar and she's played chess with Ricky.. so why would she take me to the final

dina: i'll talk to ricky and see where he is

lolo: i think you should tell ricky that kandi is obligated to tell tamar. if you tell ricky that.. then that means, why would we take her (Kandi) to the final

dina: and tamar would take kandi. because it's bigger than this house.

lolo: this is a conversation you need to have (with Ricky). and ricky's in a good place. he likes to talk about game. But dina you should have told me and i could have saved you today.

dina: when?

lolo: you should have pulled me to the side.  i'll ask kandi later straight up if she's taking tamar

dina: she's going to say no

lolo: what's frustrating is kandi doesn't need the money. she makes more money in two episodes than I make in a year.  i'm just frustrated because you should have told me this.

dina: i didn't have time.

lolo: so basically if i don't win (The next HOH) then i'm not going to the final.  maybe have another conversation with kandi

dina: i know what she's going to do. if i'm not here,  it's tay. she knows those guys aren't going to vote for tamar.

lolo: it sucks because ricky's  probably going to keep kandi. the only way ricky's going to keep you is if you have that conversation with him.

dina: i'm gonna go tell him right now.

Lolo goes to get Ricky and Dina says she'll wait in the tweet room.

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#BBCeleb #CBBUS2 12:45pm BBT Dina says silent bullying is worse than verbal. Dina doesn't like the backstabbing in the game. Lolo says Dina needs to tell Ricky how Kandi has been playing him in Chess to curry favor but is always going to stick with Tamar. She says Dina is right on with her observations. Tamar is up and grabs something out of Kandi's BR then heads to the WA. She pauses when she hears voices out of the lounge and listens in. 


12:48pm BBT As Tamra is listening to Lolo and Dina through the lounge door, they are talking about Ricky so Tamar moves on into the WA, fighting sneezes and trying to be quiet. She returns to the door where the two are talking about how Ricky manipulated Tom into saving him with the Veto. Dina says that we always thought Ricky was pulling strings with the women.


12:50pm BBT With Tamar listening outside the door, Lolo tells Dina she has to go to Ricky and tell him he doesn't have Tamar. Tamar keeps tip-toeing between putting makeup on in the WA and listening in at the lounge door. You can't break something they've had for 30 years, Lolo tells Dina. Tamar returns to the BR, blowing her nose, sneezing.

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12:33 Lolo comes back to the tweet room to tell Dina she can't find Ricky.  They go look for him.

12:36 Lolo and Dina are back in the tweet room talking about who would get whose votes. 

Lolo: the only other thing i can do is that i will plead with whoever stays-

Dina: she's a great competitor

Lolo: i just think ricky's not going to believe you when you talk to him. I've felt like a weird energy the last few days

Dina: i think she wants it to be between her  (Tamar) and Ricky.

lolo: i thought Ryan and Jonathan like Ricky

dina: no way. i'll give Jonathan a look.

they count more votes.  Dina says Tom and Kato would vote for Lolo if it's down to Lolo and Ricky.

Lolo: what kandi said out there the other day is what hurt me because it made Tamar and Ricky not want to take me when kandi was telling me how many votes I'd get. now ricky and tamar have been offish towards me.

Dina: when you and Natalie were both on the block, Tamar and ricky were rooting for Natalie.

lolo says she was better at the social game because when Natalie wouldn't talk to tom, she would.

Lolo: what exactly did they say?

Dina: when she was talking to Tamar, kandi said she wanted to vote Natalie off. Tamar said 'i think we need Natalie because she's a stronger player than tom.'  i saw it as backstabbing. because they said they were going to vote together and that yall were going to figure it out.

lolo: i'm over that conversation. the most important thing is if you really want to stay, you need to talk to ricky. 

12:44PM BBT Tamar stands outside of the Tweet room and listens in on Lolo and Dina's conversation as Lolo tells Dina what to say to Ricky about Kandi. Tamar listens for about 20 or 30 seconds then goes to the mirror in the washroom.

Dina tells Lolo that she doesn't think Ricky has Lolo's back.

Tamar's back at the door listening.

Dina: ricky was the one we thought was pulling the puppet strings.

tamar walks back to the washroom.

tamar's back at the door listening to Dina and Lolo while this conversation happens:

Lolo:  even today i told ricky that dina's gonna go talk to everyone. so go talk to him. you have to let him know that it's no longer an option. not only does it remove kandi, but it also removes tay. so he needs to rely on either me or you.

lolo: let's say it's ricky, kandi, tay and me in the final. he's go ttwo ppl not going to pick him, right?  if it's me,you, tamar and ricky.. then who knows.  dina just say, "your best odds are with lolo"

tay goes back to the washroom. then runs past the tweet room to her room to blow her nose and sneeze.


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12:55pm BBT Lolo exits the lounge and finds Tamar walking back to the WA from the BR. Tamar doesn't let on what if anything she heard. Lolo asks if she knows where Ricky is. Lolo returns to the lounge and whispers to Dina that Tamar is out in the WA. They both leave the lounge. Dina asks if Tamar has to go into DR and Tamar moans yes.  Dina hits the WC, flushes and washes her hand. Lolo is back in the KT looking for food.


1:00pm BBT Lolo asks Tamar in the WA if Ricky had a problem with her Veto speech. Lolo worried that Ricky was upset she kept it fair to both Dina and Kandi. Tamar says Ricky thought it was funny but she didn't know what was funny. Lolo says she has to pray on who to vote for. She says she's going to read her bible then wants to talk to Tamar later. Dina says it's cold and puts on a robe. Lolo makes a sandwich.

1:02pm BBT Tamar wakes Kandi up in the BR and whispers that Lolo and Dina have been talking and she can't trust them and not to tell them anything. Dina says all her showers except one have been in HoH. Tamar is making some hot tea with water heated in the microwave. Kandi starts to get up. Tamar is sneezing loudly throughout the house.

1:04pm BBT Kandi joins Dina and Lolo in the LR. Tamar in the KT. Ricky has been in the DR for a long time. With everyone together, game talk has ceased. And FotH.

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12:50PM BBT Tamar talks back to the bathroom while Lolo passes by and asks if she knows where Ricky is. Tamar shakes her head. Dina's waiting in the tweet room to see if Lolo can find Ricky. Lolo goes back to the tweet room.  Lolo says Ricky's still in the DR so they'll talk to him later.  The girls leave tweet room.  Dina asks Tamar if she has to go to the DR.  Tamar says yes while she finishes her make up.

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1:06pm BBT Ricky is out of the DR and talks with Dina in the BR. Dina starts laying the groundwork and Ricky interrupts her, putting her off balance. Lolo, Tamar and Kandi are in the LR. Dina eventually gets to the point that Kandi and Tamar will pick each other. Tamar interrupts in the BR looking for her mic pack. 

1:08pm BBT She leaves and Ricky says he's talked to everyone on the show a lot and he's known everything that's going on in the game based on his conversations. He tells her Dina is basing her feeling of Kandi and Tamar choosing each other in F2 is based on incorrect information. He explains to Dina how the new HoH will pick one person to be in the F2. Dina says and Tamar will pick Kandi.

1:10pm BBT Dina says for their public images, Tamar and Kandi may never settle their deal privately but they will pretend for the show. Ricky says Kandi has to make F4 first and she hasn't made a deal. Dina says are you sure? Ricky is basically just deflecting everything Dina is saying, implying that Dina is just saying these things to have a chance to win. Dina says not everyone here is in it for the money.


1:15pm BBT Ricky says if all you want out of CBB is to win the money they are losers. He says everyone has their own strategy though he doesn't know what Dina's was. In the LR, Lolo asks Kandi if she's going to take Tamar to the final because of their relationship? Kandi says no, it's not been a great 20 years. She says if she and Tamar will be cool after the game, it won't matter who she takes to the F2.

1:16pm BBT Kandi says she's done the numbers and doesn't think she can win. Lolo jokes she's bad at math. Kandi says she has no relationships in the game. She names Lolo 5 easy votes for her. Lolo counters with 5 votes for Kandi. Kandi won't say she'll choose Ricky either, saying she just wants to make it to the Four. In the BR, Ricky continues talking in circles and confusing Dina.

1:20pm BBT Kandi and Lolo head to the Memory Wall and start counting votes Tamar would have. Lolo tells Kandi what Dina said and Kandi says she never told her that. Kandi said she thought about taking Ricky but thought Ricky, Tamar and Lolo had a pact. Lolo says she doesn't have Joey's vote - they had a falling out and she didn't warn him about his eviction.

1:25pm BBT Lolo tells Kandi that Dina is talking to Ricky now. Basically she's lying, Kandi says. Lolo talks about "The House" making the eviction decision as if there were more than just 2 HG voting. Lolo says Kandi is a lot like her only calmer. Kandi says she and Tamar don't want to be in a situation where one loses to the other. 

1:26pm BBT In the BR, Ricky seems to be taking credit for pushing everyone else's game at his own expense. Lolo is trying to find out from Kandi whether Tom really was trying to get Lolo out. Kandi says Tom listened but never actually said he wanted Lolo out. Lolo says Dina in the final is a nightmare because of her life story. Kandi counts the votes for Dina and Lolo agrees Dina could win the Jury.

1:30pm BBT Kandi continues to downplay whether Tamar would take her or even vote for her to win. She hasn't even thought that far ahead. They both agree that if Natalie was still in the game, she'd have won because he never fought with anyone and talked with everyone. Kandi says she didn't realize it wasn't just eliminations after the Final 5, that you could still be voted of. Lolo says neither did her.

1:35pm BBT In the BR, Dina continue rehashing the house past trying to push her point that Ricky can't depend on Tamar to take him to the F2 but Ricky is a master of deflection. Lolo now thinks she could have a fair shot against anyone. Kandi says Tom has such a love of country, he'd never vote against someone who represented the USA. Lolo worries what he might see on the DVR. 

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12:50PM BBT Dina tells Lolo production took her curling iron and moved it to the bathroom because they don't want a fire in the bedroom.

12:52 PM BBT Lolo goes into the washroom where Tamar is. 

Lolo: did Ricky have a problem with my speech earlier?

Tamar: he said that veto was funny so i asked him what part was funny

Lolo: i think he had an issue with me being graceful to both of them. what's funny about that

Tamar: i don't know he didn't say anything to me. i wanted to know what part was funny.

lolo: I've been thinking about a lot of things. i can't say it because i need to listen to the holy spirit and take time and pray and figure it out.

12:58 PM BBT Tamar goes into Kandi's room.  

Tamar: do not trust Dina, do not trust Dina.

Dina walks in for a second then leaves.

Tamar: she's getting in her ear. she was just in the room with Lolo lying to her. do not trust her.

Tamar leaves and goes into the kitchen where Lolo and Dina are.

1:05PM BBT:  Dina goes to talk to Ricky alone in his room. 

Dina talks about how hard it was to talk to Lolo because she was glued to Natalie but she still should have tried to talk to Lolo. 

Dina: i had a conversation with Lolo recently.. i know if it's you, Kandi, Tamar and Lolo left, Tamar and Kandi will take each other.

Ricky: that's what you think

Dina: that's what i know to think

Tamar comes into the room looking for her mic. then she leaves.

Dina:  you have your thoughts and i have mine

Ricky: you don't talk to people, i do. so mine aren't thoughts. 

Dina: but i watch people.

Ricky: but I've been watching too but I've also been talking to people. and for the most part, I've known what's going on. you're basing your stuff on incorrect information. why don't you just tell me what you feel. because you telling me stuff that's not true, isn't helpful.

Dina says who she thinks would put who up on the block next

Ricky corrects her and says the person will get to pick which person they're taking to the end. Not putting someone up on a block.

Dina tells Ricky why she thinks Tamar and Kandi will go to the end together.

Ricky: i'm asking you in your mind, how can Kandi make herself be there in the final four

Dina: she's a tough competeotir

Ricky: have you seen her win anything?

Dina:... no. you're right. but I've seen how bad she wants to win.  in cards..

Ricky: it's cards

Dina: it's cards.. it's pool..

Ricky: just because someone wants to win what does that mean? What's your end goal here?

Dina: my end goal.... i never came in.... i mean.. everybody would like to win.. but if i know that's not the most important thing, i would want to be there for someone who wants to win

Ricky: what does that mean to be there for someone who wants to win

Dina: everybody is in a situation.  i'm in a situation that i don't even talk about. *feeds cut for a few seconds*

Meanwhile, Kandi and Lolo are talking.

Kandi: i don't think i would win against Tamar

lolo: kandi you don't think you'll win against anyone. you're playing a very Marissa game.

They count the votes.  Kandi shows her she only has 4 votes maybe against tamar.

Kandi: i'm just going to be honest with you, i don't want it to be just me and tamar at the end. because i would play myself because i already know what the numbers are.  i feel like hands down dina's gonna beat any of us.  with me, tom and kato we're cool, but when dina's there, tom and kato are voting for her.


1:18PM BBT Lolo and Kandi go to the memory wall and talk about who would vote for who.

1:35PM BBT Lolo says tom's gonna watch the DR's and be pissed.





1:58 PM BBT Lolo and Kandi have a pretty good talk about who would vote for who.  Lolo thanks Kandi for talking to her because she realized Dina's been lying.  At the end of their conversation, Lolo says, "I can't believe I'm thinking this but i think I have a better chance with you than Ricky."

Lolo and Dina go speak in the Tweet room where Dina tells Lolo about her conversation with Ricky. 

In the kitchen, Kandi asks Ricky if he has time to talk.  They agree to go into his room to talk.

Kandi tells Ricky that her conversation went really good.  She said the cool thing about talking to Lolo is they keep it 100% with each other.

Kandi: lolo asked me if i had a pact with tamar to have a final two.  we absolutely do not have a final two.  one, i've already done the numbers in my head and tamar would beat me.

ricky: who do you think you wouldn't lose to

kandi: it's a toss up between you and lolo. the reason being-

ricky: you don't have to explain. just who would you have a better chance between me and lolo?

kandi: you.. just being honest.

ricky: why don't you think lolo? because she thinks she would lose to you

kandi: i just showed her who would vote for her and she agreed.

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1:40pm BBT Kandi says she has an uphill battle because whomever she goes up against (Ricky, Lolo, Tamar), she'd going up against their whole room. If she doesn't pick Tamar, she won't get Tamar's vote, but if she does, she looses to the rest of Tamar's room. Lolo says Natalie would vote for Ricky over Tamar. Kandi thinks she'll only get 2 votes. Lolo says if you win that last HoH, you could flip everyone. She calls Kandi a true warrior. 

1:45pm BBT Ricky tells Dina to keep it real and keep it moving. Dina says her strategy for F2 is to win HoH even though she hasn't won anything yet. Ricky keeps turning the discussion into Dina's life strategy and lessons she should take from the game. He basically has ignored her attempts to win a tie breaking vote. 

1:48pm BBT Kandi reveals that she and Tamar met through mutual best friends. Lolo encourages Kandi to talk to Ricky. She says Dina is either helping her case with Ricky or burying it. Ricky likes to talk game, Lolo assures Kandi. Kandi says ultimately, other than Ricky, I'm your best chance for a Final 2. 

1:52pm BBT Lolo says you don't need the money. Kandi laughs, I know that. They talk about Kandi's restaurant projects and Kandi says she's putting a lot of people to work. Kandi talks about Dina asking how Lolo doesn't have health insurance but owns rental properties. Lolo says she bought her first property instead of a car and the rent barely covers the costs. She grew up homeless, so owning homes is important to her. 

1:54pm BBT Lolo owns 2 rental homes. She wanted to go commercial with her training mates but couldn't put it together. She says she's going to use their F5 bonus to buy health insurance. Back to game, Lolo says again she has a good chance against Kandi. Dina has been telling stories about raising and managing her kids and her ex and what it was like being filmed in her "actuality" reality show. 

1:56pm BBT Kandi jokes the first time she saw Lolo on the treadmill in the Fitness Library she knew she had to go. Lolo is glad they talked. Kandi says it's so funny Dina believed she and Tamar were so tight. Ricky and Dina are now talking about her "Facebook Friend". My "friend" friend, Dina corrects. She's used to being asked and rarely the aggressor. But everything's changed now.

1:58pm BBT Lolo tells Kandi she can't believe she's thinking this but she's got a better chance with Kandi. Ricky and Dina leave the BR and head to the KT. They're hungry. Ricky checks out the freezer in the SR. Lolo and Dina head to the lounge where Dina says she had a good convo with Ricky. Ricky walks past but doesn't stop to listen in. Dina says he's 50-50 how he would vote. 

2:05pm BBT Kandi tells Ricky in the BR about her convo with Lolo. Dina gets off on talking about her life story again, distracted from sticking to her convo with Ricky. Kandi is carefully repeating for Ricky the arguments she made for Lolo, with Ricky peppering her with questions about what Lolo thinks now. Dina tells Lolo she told Ricky she wasn't playing the game for herself but there's still time to fix that. Lolo is glad Dina and Ricky talked. Dina thinks Ricky is on the fence.

2:10pm BBT Dina tells Lolo she told Ricky she's winning just by making F5 and Ricky says no one expected her to last this long. Dina is worried the jury is going to go home and watch thing and their whole view on the game will change. All feeds on Kandi and Ricky as the camera operators get tired of listening to Dina. Kandi says she can't see Dina winning but everyone's brought her along. 


2:21pm BBT Feeds come back and Lolo, Kandi had been talking, and Dina and Tamar had been talking and we didn't get to hear any of it. Kandi tells Ricky she never thought how the game would end because she never thought she'd get this far. Ricky jokes he knows she never thought she'd get this far. 

2:24pm BBT Kandi pitches to Ricky he has a better chance to win against her with all his room voting for him. Ricky claims he hasn't thought about the numbers, he thinks his game play will win him votes. Tamar still sneezing and invites Dina to come talk to her in bed. They commiserate over being sick and the lack of fresh air. Tamar thinks its allergies. Rick thinks he's ticked people off and can't win.

2:27pm BBT Dina jokes she's never reading Cinderella to her grandkids. Tamar can't wait to get out and return to work. Dina says she's never lived in Hollywood - this isn't her life. The two rehash Tom and Tamar's arguments and FotH.

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2:35pm BBT Dina tells Tamar she knows which of her 4 children are in need and you just gotta go when they call. Her nest is always full. Kandi tells Ricky that after talking to Tamar and Lolo, they are both in it for themselves. Ricky says that if it comes to a tie and I vote to keep you, I would appreciate your taking me to F2.

2:45pm When feeds returned, Kandi, Dina, Tamar and Ricky were all in the Hotel BR.  Kandi leaves and then Ricky follows a minute later, leaving Dina and Tamar. Kandi and Ricky are in the KT. Dina and Tamar are talking about what a difference FaceTime makes with their families. Kandi wants BB to drop of some food. Something she doesn't have to cook.

2:50pm Kandi gets a big bowl of prepared salad, picks something off the top, then pours in the dressing. She is alone in the KT. Ricky comes in and Kandi wonders out loud how Tom was received in the real world. She says he may be the star of the show. She hopes all the HG get a boost in their careers from the show. In the BR, Dina says after the show will be busy and they won't have much time to ponder what the show meant to them.

2:54pm Ricky is cleaning out some coffee cups - left over from when Tom was in the BR. Tamar and Dina are wondering where the studio lot is for the CBB House. They just dropped us in it, Dina jokes, like Dorothy. Tamar says the Hotel BR is too dirty. Dina says she had to keep her BR clean because it was in the open. 

2:56pm BBT Dina says that Kandi was a last minute replacement for 2 other HG who dropped out. She had signed to come on the show a long time ago. Ricky has made tea in the KT as Kandi eats her salad. Dina is thinking about what she wants to eat when she gets out of the house - KFC or Outback Steak. In the KT, Ricky says he wonders how she convinced Lolo to keep her.


2:59pm BBT Lolo is out of the DR after apparently taping a bunch of HoH stuff for production. Tamar is cold and still blowing her nose. Kandi is in the KT finishing her salad; everyone else is in the Hotel BR. Lolo is packing.  Ricky is watching, Tamar is tucked under the covers and Ricky lays to rest.

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4:40PM BBT Tamar is snuggling in bed. Dina and Kandi playing cards and Ricky watching.


5:00PM BBT Dina is making tea. Kandi and Ricky still at the KT table. Lolo and Tamar sleeping.


 5:20PM BBT Lolo and Tay still in bed. Kandi and Dina still playing cards. Ricky has gone off to work out.


5:34PM BBT Lolo finding food to eat. Chicken nuggets in the microwave. It looks like she has frozen pizza as well. Ricky never made it to work out. They discuss the Bible. Dina called to the DR.

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6:03PM BBT: Ricky is sitting by himself upstairs while Kandi and Dina play cards at the KT, along with Lolo who is eating with her Bible open on the table. 


6:07PM BBT:  Tamar joins the ladies at the KT table.  Dina talks again about how she thinks Celebrity Big Brother will really take off like Dancing with the Stars did, and then gets called away by production.    Ricky heads to the PBR and continues to sit by himself.


6:17PM BBT: Kandi asks Tamar if she does her own makeup on the road, and she says she'll typically find someone local unless she's just doing a concert, then she does it herself.  She finds it to be relaxing "me" time.  Kandi said that she heard the same about Tina Turner.


6:20PM BBT: Lolo and Tamar are in their BR and Lolo says that she can feel Ricky acting differently towards her and flat out asks Tamar if they have a deal. Tay says no. She tells her that Ricky talked to her about why she was there, and then says "well if you're here to win the money, you've already lost".  They both agree that they've been walking on eggshells around him.


6:22PM BBT: Lolo asks how Tamar feels about tomorrow, and is Kandi staying.  Apparently Dina is turning them off for them to keep her.  Tamar continues to pack, and they agree to figure out before tomorrow what they're doing.  Lolo is asking Tamar how much the F2 each receive at the end, and are there only two.


6:27PM BBT: Tay and Lolo try to figure out what the next comp will be. They are analyzing and reanalyzing who has a deal with whom. Tamar tells her to get out of her own head.


6:31PM BBT: Lolo and Tamar have concluded (for now?) that nobody could beat Dina in the finals, so there's their answer.  They feel that Kandi could only beat Ricky and that she'd take him and never go up against Tamar, because she'd never let Tay beat her at anything.


6:36PM BBT:  Tomorrow's schedule according to Tamar and Lolo is wake up at 8am BBT, live feeds cut off at 9am BBT, and then lockdown at 10:30am BBT.  


6:57PM BBT: The ladies are all in the KT wondering if they need to study anything else in the house prior to tomorrow.  Apparently they all came up with different numbers for the jewels of the big crown.


7:01PM BBT: Ricky continues to lay on the floor of the gym, his usual workout.

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7:13PM BBT: The ladies talk about dating people in their field. Lolo said that's not convenient for her because they areas where they train changes up often.


7:47PM BBT: Kandi tells the others that the singles in Atlanta aim to stay single, that it's a party town.  Tamar adds that the AIDS rate is higher than Africa.  Dina says "you mean they're older?".   


7:28PM BBT: The ladies are all now in the KT looking for something to eat. There's just light chit chat.


7:39PM BBT: The ladies are still in the KT, now talking about good deals on travel.  Lolo says she knows all about travel prices, so she can tell them if they got a good deal. Kandi tells them of a website she uses to find deals and Tamar told her she just did a commercial for free.

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8:00PM BBT: Kandi and Tamar explain to the others how the Red Light District works in Amsterdam. Lolo said she goes to that city every year, but has never been.  Tamar also goes over what you can order in the coffee shops.

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8:11PM BBT: Tamar wonders how much fun it is for others to be backstage during a concert, because it's not for her.  Kandi said that she enjoys it.  Dina said it's fun to be back there and watch.  Kandi tries to get to a few at Phillips Arena and get a suite and invite their friends.


8:15PM BBT: The ladies continue to pass the time in the KT as Tamar and Kandi clean their makeup brushes in the rubbing alcohol.


8:31PM BBT: Lolo goes upstairs to workout in the gym and is happy to have her "last workout in the b*tch", and can now run outside and breathe without being on a hamsterwheel.


8:49PM BBT: Ricky stirs the pot  (the one on the stove) and then heads back to the BR where Tamar is laying down.  She asks him what he's thinking and he says what, I'm just making tea.  He tells her that he had a flashback at how Tamar said it would be a mistake to leave Kandi in the game. He disagrees with Tamar thinking that Dina could win against anyone.

9:06PM BBT: After getting a seed planted in her ear about Kandi by Ricky, Tamar heads up to talk with Lolo in the gym.  They weigh the options between Kandi and Dina again.  Tamar said she doesn't want to send Kandi home because Tay's not a hater. They walk through who can win the comp, who needs the money, who deserves to win, etc.


9:10PM BBT: Lolo is talking Tamar into taking their chances with Dina going forward.  Tay looks like she's taking the bait. Lolo said she's given up her training, her month, etc.and deserves a better chance at winning, especially if Kandi has already told them that she'd take Ricky to the final.  Tamar just shakes her head yes.

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9:30PM BBT: Lolo, Dina, Tamar, and Kandi are upstairs talking about Air B&B's vs. hotels. Ricky is in the HOBR by himself. Lolo says she's tired of going to the ESPYS and not being nominated for an award. She says her goal is to host it. She's frustrated with models holding the awards.


9:40PM BBT: Lolo leaves the girls to go downstairs. Kandi reads off the tablet. 


9:50PM BBT: Lolo walks into the HOBR. Lolo tells Ricky she talked to Tamar and Tamar is still on the fence. Lolo is a little frustrated, she says she told Tamar that Ricky is giving them a "second chance." Lolo says Tamar is "lucky" because she "escaped the block three times." 


9:52PM BBT: Lolo talks about what it's like to be on the block and also have to compete in veto. She doesn't think Dina will be able to handle that. Lolo tells Ricky what she told Tamar, she says they all need the money except for Kandi. 


9:54PM BBT: Ricky says he doesn't see the advantage of keeping Kandi at this point. He says she doesn't believe in alliances and that all she cares about is herself. He says her veto speech reflected that also. Lolo agrees.


9:55PM BBT: Ricky says he'll get blood on his hands for evicting Kandi. Lolo supports that, Ricky says they don't need Tamar to be on board with what they're going to do. Ricky and Lolo say it'll be the first tied vote of the season. Lolo says she doesn't want a "Marissa type situation," where someone who hasn't done anything wins the last HoH. "Plot twist!" Lolo says.


9:58PM BBT: Lolo tells Ricky that Tamar thinks Dina is going to win the last HoH. Ricky says he doesn't see how that will happen, but he says if she "pulls that one out, she deserves it." They talk about previous comps and how close Dina was to potentially winning. 


10:00PM BBT: Lolo and Ricky agree to keep their plans as is. Lolo says she'll talk to Ricky tomorrow "right before." "We're going to split the vote!" Lolo says as she gets up. "I love it," Ricky says. Lolo leaves the HOBR. She says she's going to eat and then shower. Ricky says he wants to go to bed early and "get a good night sleep." Lolo is called to the DR.


10:04PM BBT: Lolo is back in the HOBR and changing so she can go into the DR. Ricky asks what the veto comp was yesterday, Lolo says it was "veto heist." Lolo wants to go over dates, Ricky says if he's still awake when she gets back they can. They briefly go over a few dates. Lolo leaves.


10:11PM BBT: Lolo is making a pizza. Dina is in the KT with her, Kandi is napping on the couch upstairs. Tamar is in the SR, there is a gift from POPTV. She exits the SR and says, "Hey Guys! We got a special gift from our friends at POP!"


10:13PM BBT: Tamar reads the card: "Congratulations to everyone for making it to the end! From your friends at POP." She says they have chocolate covered strawberries, cheese, crackers, figs, and wine. Everyone thanks POPTV. Everyone enjoys the gift.




10:20PM BBT: Kandi asks Ricky if he used to dance in the end zone. Ricky says "no, never." He says they were penalized if they did that back then. Lolo wants to "do a cheers." Ricky goes to get the glasses. 


10:28PM BBT: The HGs toast, Ricky leads it. He says "Let's toast to all of our fallen brothers..." and they toast to the evicted HGs, themselves, and Big Brother. Tamar says "it tastes like communion," and then proceeds to gag.




10:30PM BBT: Tamar and Ricky are in the HOBR. Ricky tells Tamar he "feels much better now." Tamar says she doesn't. Lolo walks in.  Lolo is frustrated, she doesn't want to "be up all night" doing her hair for the DR. Ricky and Tamar suggest a bandanna, Lolo says, "I guess" and then ties her hair back. Lolo tells Ricky he did a "good toast." They wonder if Joey is still watching. Ricky thinks Joey watches the show, but not the live feeds. Lolo leaves.


10:36PM BBT: Tamar showers, Lolo is putting her make up on in the KT and Kandi is playing solitaire. Dina sits outside by the fire for several minutes before going to play cards with Kandi in the KT. 


10:55PM BBT: Ricky works on Tamar in the HOBR. Kandi and Dina play cards in the KT. Lolo is in the DR. 


10:59PM BBT: Tamar asks Ricky if he and Lolo talked today. Ricky says no. Tamar says Lolo said Ricky is mad at her (Lolo) and that Dina thinks Tamar and Ricky have a final two deal. Tamar says Lolo would "set the house on fire," if Tamar told her "that." She never says what "that" is. 


11:02PM BBT: Ricky tells Tamar that "between the two of them" they're good. They talk about how Marissa won. Dina is in the 5BR getting her things together to shower. Lolo walks into the HOBR. 


11:05PM BBT: Kandi, Lolo, and Dina are all in the WA. Kandi takes her make up off and Lolo and Dina prepare to shower. Lolo makes a comment about the showers and how it's the "Big Brother experience." Dina likes the HoH shower. Dina says everyone was ok with her showering upstairs, except for Tom. 


11:12PM BBT: Lolo says it takes her "two hours" to dry her hair. They talk about tomorrow's schedule. BB will wake them up at 8AM, they say good bye to the live feeds at 9AM and then lock down at 10:30. Dina asks if Ryan's wife is a model. Lolo says she's a "playmate."


11:16PM BBT: Dina realizes that the BB Live Feeds can see them when they shower. "Not cool," she says.


11:24PM BBT: Lolo, Tamar, and Ricky are in bed. Tamar asks if "Dina knows she's staying." Ricky and Lolo say she doesn't. They want it to be a "natural reaction." They try to decide how it will go tomorrow, Ricky wants it to be a tie. Lolo thinks it'll be good for America if they keep Dina, because she's a mom and "52." Tamar says Dina isn't 52. Tamar doesn't like their plan, but she's a "team player."




11:27PM BBT: Tamar says "everything will go down the way it's supposed to," and Ricky and Lolo agree. Dina dries her hair in the WA. Kandi finishes her shower. Tamar wants Ricky to make her tea, he gets up to do so. Lolo and Tamar reminisce. 


11:54PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo chat in the HOBR. Tamar says she wants to walk around the French Quarter and bar hop on Valentines Day. Lolo says they party in Baton Rouge for two hours and then drive to New Orleans and party for two more hours. Dina does her hair in the 5BR. Ricky returns with Tamar's tea.

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