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Wednesday, January 30, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Kato, Dina, Tom and Joey are at the firepit, the topic of the night is “who has the power”, followed by general chit chat about behavior in the house, followed by more “who has the power”.


Kato and Dina are alone in the yard after Tom and Joey go inside, and Dina makes jokes about being on vacation, and is just “the help”. She says she is having fun and playing games. She says her kids wonder who that person is.


Dina tells Kato that Kandi could have the power, she made a comment about her room mates, and Dina does not remember Kandi actually saying she does not have the power.


Kato wonders what the power is, Dina says they don't know, maybe “they” tell her what to do, it could be a show power or a personal power, but no one really knows what the power is.


Dina says she just left her house, she needs to tell production to call her son and contact her publicist if he is not traveling. She wonders if the veto will be a physical competition.


Kato says if it is live it will have to be a short one, since the HOH took hours. Kato asks Dina if she has had the sniffles recently, she says a couple of days.


Dina is giggling, she says she has hurt herself in the house, jumping up in bed and such. She is worried about the girls—assume girls in the house--. She wonders if Lolo has the power, but Kato says it is not her.


Kato mentions Kandi and others, he is just not sure.


Dina just doesn't know. She tells Kato to shut his brain off and win the veto. She is sure the power expires, they told her that.


Kato did not know that the power expires if you don't use it in the time frame.


Dina says maybe even tonight, they don't know if it is the HOH, the veto or something else, and if they are scheming that's the thing to do.


Kato tells her to tell Tom, he played to get the HOH, and this takes away from the hard work to earn the HOH. He wonders if they can choose to put someone else on the block and the HOH cannot.


Dina says if it expires it may not be used, and things are moving at a rapid speed.


Kato is still wondering what it could be, he says Tom has mentioned not being able to be evicted.


Tom comes out to the fire pit, and Dina tells him that the power expires, maybe even tonight.


Tom thinks whatever it is can last up to two weeks, he has seen it.


Dina decides to go inside, Tom says he will follow later.


Kato tells Tom he is bothered by the power and what it is. Tom says Ricky's description of the diary room visit seems to fit well. ---Ricky said, “haha whats the power” Production says “we can't tell you and you don't have it”.---


Tom doesn't believe Ricky is working with Lolo and Natalie for his new scenario, and if he puts Ricky on the block with Kandi with the excuse that he thinks Ricky has the power. If he has it, Ricky will use it, if he does not, they vote him out. With the belief that Ricky is not working with Lolo and Natalie. Tom says “that gives me the excuse to put him on the block.” The down side is they will no longer be in an alliance if he is wrong, and they will have to pull people in to work with them. If Ricky comes off the block in this scenario, he would put Tamar up instead. Tom really does believe Ricky has the power, and everyone will be mad at Ricky for not telling.


Tom “We don't many shots like this.”


Kato asks what he would do if he knew Ricky did not have the power.


Tom, “I would still pretend that I think he has the power, no difference.


Tom asks Kato if he would feel safer if Ricky were in or out of the house, Kato says “out”.


They decide to tell the two girls in the morning.


Tom “If he has the power he's gotta go. If he doesn't have the power he's gotta go.”


Tom says that Joey and Dina are with them, and not getting rid of Ricky is not a good idea, and the only chance Ricky has to save himself is that if he does have the power is to tell them he has it. He adds that he doesn't want Ricky to tell him, because he plans to get him out using his excuse.


Kato tells Tom that Ricky telling him about the diary room conversation is the only reason that could be used to refute it, and it would only be considered a dumb move. Kato says he has spent time with Ricky and he has never tried to make plans with him. He thinks Ricky will not be surprised if they do this.


Tom says they have to remind themselves that they have to get rid of everyone in the house at some point, so they may as well do it now. He says no one else in the house will take the shot. He says that the girls need to vote with them so Ricky is voted out and Kandi stays.


Kato says Joey and Dina will vote with them, there will be 6 votes, if it is 3/3 Tom breaks the tie. Kato says if it is 4/3 they will know the girls are with Ricky.


Tom says he thinks the power is to remove yourself from the block. He says if he is right and Ricky has the power they will not evict him and he remains in the house. Tom will cover himself by saying he knew Ricky had the power, but then h

e can tell Natalie and Lolo that Ricky lied to them and they can not be in an alliance with them.


Kato thinks Ricky knows they have narrowed the power down to Tamar or him.


Tom says they don't need a five member alliance, it could blow up in their face because Ricky would choose to go with the girls instead of them. He says if the girls argue against it they will know what is up, but they will evict him anyway. Tom does not want to tell the girls before the veto challenge because they may tell Ricky and he will work harder to win. It would be better to wait until after the veto.


Kato tells Tom that Lolo encouraged him to go to Ricky and say, “we know,” but he did not do it, Tom tells Kato not to do it.


They know if Kandi or Joey win the veto they will use it. Tom says that they have to tell the girls before the veto competition because they would have to know to use the veto on Joey or Kandi to allow them to vote Ricky out.


They come inside and Tom is called to the diary room. He tells Tom he will wait for him.


Tom stops in the kitchen and chats with Lolo and Dina. He tells Lolo they have a plan, but she tells him she is going to bed. Tom tries to get her to to stay up, but she declines, then changes her mind.

They step outside to the fire pit.

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10:55PM BBT: Dina and Kato are in the BY talking about who they think has the power. Joey is brushing his teeth and Tamar is sitting in the WA. Lolo is in the KT, Tom is pacing in the LR.

10:57PM BBT: Tamar takes Kandi into the SR. "They came up to you again?!" Tamar asks and Kandi tells her Kato and Tom approached her about who has the power. Kandi's irritated because the house is divided.
She says she doesn't have the power, but Tom and Kato don't believe her.

11:02PM BBT: Lolo walks into the SR, Tamar goes to the KT and Kandi says she's going to shower. Natalie is in the KT, Tom, Dina, and Kato are still chatting in the BY. Lolo walks into the KT and says "Sh*t's getting real in the Big Brother House."

11:02PM BBT: Dina leaves the BY, Tom and Kato chat about the power. Tom says he feels like they've managed to build a lot of trust with the other HGs today. Tom's thinking about taking Joey off the block and putting Ricky up, if they win the veto. He thinks Ricky may have the power and wants Ricky to go home. 

11:15PM BBT: Tom and Kato are still talking about the power while also trying to figure out the votes. They want to tell Natalie and Lolo that Ricky has lied and that's why he can't be in their alliance anymore. 

11:20PM BBT: Tom and Kato agree they are willing to put Ricky up, knowing they may be wrong about him having the power. They both agree he is a liar and needs to go home.

11:21PM BBT: Lolo, Kandi, and Natalie are in the WA. Lolo asks Kandi if she thinks Ricky has the power, Kandi kind of says no, but doesn't give a firm answer. She says everyone has been asked today and everyone has said no. Kandi says this is a Witch Hunt.

11:26PM BBT: Lolo and Kato are in the BY, they talk about the HOHR. Lolo says she's ready to go to bed so she can "process the whole day." Kato doesn't want the after party to be right after they leave the BB House, he thinks they'll be too tired to celebrate. 

11:35PM BBT: Tom and Lolo turn off the fire pit and go inside. They say good night. Dina, Natalie and Tamar are in the KT. Lolo and Natalie go to the HOBR, Ricky is in bed, but is awake Natalie and Lolo are talking about their extensions. 

11:53PM BBT: Lolo tells Ricky that things are spinning out of control. She says, "we're trying to prevent a def con." She says Kato thinks everyone has the power and he keeps saying he can tell when people are lying. Ricky says Kandi and Joey have their backs against the wall and they don't. 

11:55PM BBT: Ricky tells Lolo not to freak out until the veto meeting. Ricky says everything is going to "shift and change," after the meeting. They all agree it's time to start picking off strong players. 

11:58PM BBT: Natalie doesn't want to break up their five person alliance. She says Tom is paranoid and he thinks Ricky has the power. Ricky says Tom hasn't even asked him if he has it or not. 

11:59PM BBT: Ricky says something along the lines of "if we don't use the power..." and Lolo thinks Ricky has the power. Ricky says it was just a hypothetical situation. Lolo thinks Ricky has the power, Ricky says he doesn't. 

12:03AM BBT: Ricky, Lolo, and Natalie agree that it doesn't matter what the power is, because they have the numbers. 

12:14AM BBT: Tamar and Kandi are talking in the LNG, Tamar doesn't want to go to sleep in the HOBR with the other three in there. She calls Ricky fake.

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10:04AM BBT Kato and Ricky working out on all 4 feeds.


10:17AM BBT Kandi has received her clean clothes from BB. She is putting everything away. Her and Dina discuss if BB is washing them or sending them out. Dina is telling her about the time she had the perfect cleaning lady. Kandi says she needs to get one. 


10:25AM BBT We currently have reels.


11:09AM BBT Feeds are back. Lolo and Tamar talking about that they have 45 minutes untl the Veto. She is debating if she can get a work out in. 

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11:10AM BBT Tamar isn't playing in the Veto. Veto players so far are Tom, Joey, Kandi, Natalie and Lolo.


11:28AM BBT Tamar is upset she isn't playing in Veto. She says it could be a luxury one. Lolo tells her they do not do that in CBB.


11:39PM BBT Tamar goes to the HOHBR to listen to music. Tom sets it up for her. He and Ricky are playing pool. Tom still trying to figure out if Tamar has the power. Dina cooking.


11:51AM BBT Natalie and Tamar talking about if Tamar goes up if she has the vote. Tamar says she doesn't have the votes. She says that she hasn't been able to talk to Tom.

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12:01PM BBT:  Feeds were cut but when they came back, Natalie finished her sentence: "and then what, am i using it?"  Tom: "yeah.. let's see who has the power".  referring to if Natalie wins the POV, what to do w/ it.  Natalie says ok and goes downstairs to the kitchen.  Ricky and Kato are playing pool while Tom sits on the couch to watch the pool game.

12:04 PM BBT:  Lolo to Natalie:  they were both very clear (tom and kato) that they were not going to back door anyone. so I've been thinking.. you ready for this?  at the end of the game, they're forgetting that 12 people have to vote for who's going to win.  tom has back doored tay (if he puts up tamar if someone wins veto and comes down).  kato back doored ryan,

natalie: why do they want to backdoor tamar?  i don't think she has the power.

Lolo and Natalie says they're willing to put up w/ Tamar and that she needs to stay.  They say they need to talk to Tom and Kato soon.  Lolo says she needs more prayer time first.

Lolo:  and how did ricky get out of this (tom's target)

Natalie:  I don't know but he's up there now playing pool with them.

12:07PM BBT Joey's talking to Tamar in the weight room.

Joey: he's pissed off everyone (not sure who he's talking about)

tamar: the girls says they don't think you want to go home. they think you want to stay.

joey says he's good with whatever God's plan is for him. but i'm certainly not going to say i'm ok with going home. 

12:12PM BBT:  Natalie and Lolo are in their bedroom.  Natalie says "we throw this bitch." so they don't get blood on their hands.  Lolo tells her to read her bible.  Natalie reads outloud per Lolo's request a part of the bible about competitions.

Lolo: if we throw it, we're still safe. but if someone else wins it.. what happened to the plan just being the plan.  honestly can i just ask you, who did you want to go home this week?

Natalie:  probably joey

Lolo: why are we overlooking this?  he's a back up plan for tom and kato because he's closer to tom and kato.  if we're thinking game wise.. maybe we're underestimating Tamar.. she's a threat in the social part but not physical.  now tom wants to win the whole thing. 

natalie: now he's being crazy.  he's someone who doesn't need power because it changes him.

lolo: i was happy for him to get the victories but the back to back victories..

natalie: i was happy for him too to get the veto. but now he's beeing looney toon.  we all need to talk for sure.


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12:19PM BBT Tamar: if i go on the block (as a replacement if someone wins POV and comes down) just because someone thinks i have the power, i'm going to be livid.

Joey and Tamar talk about how crazy it is that Tom put people up on the block just because he thinks they might have the power.

12:21 PM BBT Lolo, Tom, Natalie and Kato are in the lounge talking.

Tom:  are you guys promising that it's just us (4)?

lolo: yes but here's the problem. we had a plan tom and you shifted it 4 times. i think you guys are so good that you're forgetting your strengths

tom: *says something*

Lolo: TOM you do this every time. you let me speak for a few seconds and then you always cut me off. i will go to war for you guys but my voice has to be heard.  you guys decided yesterday within 24 hours that you wanted to backdoor ricky.  at the point, he's not our alliance.  so that means at any point you guys were ok with backdooring an alliance member.  we had two teams. a 5 and a 4.  then you decided to get rid of ricky.

tom: can i give you some info that you might not have?

kato goes out to check to see if anyone is at the door, ricky comes in. 

ricky: i think tamar has the power

lolo: i do too

natalie: i don't. tamar asked me if she was the target if someone wins the veto.

lolo: originally you said you wanted joey out.  you wanted to give him the chance to fight it out and not be back doored.  you said in the long run, if 12 people have to vote for you to win, i don't know how.. the only thing that shifted was this magical power.  from that, i heard so many other different names.  we have strength in numbers.  so how did it now get to tamar when we expressed that she has moments where she can trigger people. even knowing that, she can't win competitions.  you said i get it, you told us to keep it. this is why i like you tom, you think about everything. but it's hard to keep up with it because you're all over the place.

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12:07PM BBT Lolo and Natalie talking. Lolo says that they had a meeting in the beginning and agreed no back dooring. Lolo says that they have had to put up with Tamar. She tells Natalie that she has to get a shake. She is allergic to eggs and it causes her to have reflux and makes her sleepy.


12:15PM BBT Lolo and Natalie talk about that they are safe even if they throw the Veto. 


12:34PM BBT Kato goes to the WCA to tell Lolo and Natalie to go to HOH to talk. Lolo goes up and back out. Kand goes into the HOH to use the Bathroom.



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12:34 PM BBT Tom went to his HOH room to think after his talk with Lolo.  Tamar tells Natalie in the bathroom that if she goes up on the block, she's going to be livid.  Natalie tells her to go talk to Tom.  Tamar says she's not going to go talk to Tom. 

Joey goes up to the HOH room to ask Tom if he can use the bathroom but he tells Joey that Kandi's in his bathroom.

Tom leaves the HOH room to go talk to Lolo who's outside his room on the piano.  But Tamar comes up at the same time.

Tamar:  tom what did you mean when you said "i think we both know"

Tom: what do you think i meant

tamar: at first i thought it meant i was good.  i thought about it in the gym and i thought to myself that if you put me up that you'll make good on your threat to me. i don't have this f***ing power.  and i'm going to be furious. 

kandi comes up and ask what yall have going on.

tamar says nothing. 

tom and lolo go into his HOH room.

tom: i've been wanting to talk to you all morning.  this is very complicated. it's not easy but it'll be the best for our end game (The 4). i want you to understand how i work about being loyal to people.  the ricky thing was something i suggested to ricky early on, he said no.  at that point, kato won HOH ,all of a sudden, Ricky went from being not nice to me, to being very nice to me. i knew what he was doing.

lolo:  ricky has made a lot of people mad in the house. i think personally you or kato would want to be against him in the end because he's made a lot of people mad

natalie rings the doorbell and comes into the locked HOH room.  Tom, Lolo and Natalie are in the HOH bathroom.  Kato and Joey try to ring the doorbell and Lolo freaks out saying to give up the alliance. 

tom: let me talk really quickly. please trust me.  (they didn't open the door for kato and joey)

tom rehashes how he doesn't feel like ricky is officially in his alliance since he didn't start being nice to tom until kato won the HOH.  i want to back door ricky right now, okay. it's not going to be easy. it's going to be a tough move.  i said tamar was going up on the block earlier just because Ricky was right there.  we don't know who has the power.  we have a chance to get a strong player out now.

natalie: the only problem with that is that's one less person for us next week in the HOH and you can't play.

Lolo and Natalie freak out saying Joes doesn't like them, he only likes tom and kato. 

Lolo: we're doing best for whats YOUR game.

tom: you choose who goes up next.

lolo: joey's  mad at us for sending ryan and Jonathan home.  he's not cool w/ us. he told me last night that there's an energy thing between us.

tom: so we'll get rid of him.

lolo: if next week joey wins, he will put us up (lolo and natalie)

tom: we have enough votes to keep yall safe


tom: trust me lolo.

lolo: i'm trying to tom.  i don't have a good feeling about joey.

this is what i think you're over looking.  america voted. ricky has barely been on tv.  who's going to play more on america's heart strings. joey had his boys sent home. if i were watching, i would feel bad for joey (and give joey the power).

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12:37PM BBT Lolo heads into the HOH BR. Tom tells her that he has been waiting to talk to her. Tom tells her that it will benefit their end game. Tom says he offered Ricky being part of F5 and Ricky turned him down until Kato won HOH. Now Ricky is being nice to him. Natalie joins them. Tom tells them that Ricky wants to be in the alliance only to get him to the end. Tom tells them that Ricky is the biggest threat and he wants to BD Ricky. 


12:44PM BBT Lolo is arguing that it only benefits Tom's game. She is not agreeing with the plan.


12:48PM BBT Lolo is telling Tom that he s only benefiting himself. She says that Joey will put them up if he wins. She says that they need to get rid of Joey. Tom says he doesn't think they will get this opportunity again. 


12:51PM BBT Dina is the final Veto player so it will be Tom, Joey, Kandi, Lolo, Natalie and Dina.

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12:47PM BBT:  Tom tries to talk and Lolo says no.  she says joey is an actor. 

tom: joey's my next target. ricky today.  then ricky next.

lolo: he'll put us on the block

tom: then we win veto

lolo: *super heated* AND IF WE DON'T, IF WE DON'T, ONE OF US WILL GET SENT HOME (natalie or lolo) THEN I'M GOING TO BE PISSED. If joey wins HOH and puts me and Natalie up on the block and we don't win veto to take ourselves down, how can natalie and i be safe. please tell me. if you can tell me that, i'll agree to your plan.

tom: i think that we can do this. immediately, if you decide to go with my plan-

lolo: right now i'm not sold. i'm not saying no, but i'm not safe with joey.

tom: think about this, if you natalie, myself or dina could win POV. lets say you, natalie or myself win it. you take joey off the block. he's going to be really thankful for that.

lolo: no.

tom: it'll help

lolo: as much as you don't trust ricky, i don't trust joey.

tom: everyone's trying to win.  everyone outside of our 4 shouldn't be trusted equally.  already joey likes me, i will steer him in the direction of not putting you or Natalie up

lolo: this is how good of an actor you are, he doesn't even like you. he bitches  about you constantly. he bitched about you spilling coffee, leaving your underwear on the floor..

tom: i know, he's a germophobe.

lolo:  now you want to work with him?

tom: i don't want to work with him.

lolo: natalie isn't down with him either.

tom: so he doesn't like me.... see it's just as much of a risk for me.

lolo: he told other ppl in the house that the girls are running the house. he didn't even give you and kato credit for sending the boys home. so next week, if he wins HOH, he puts natalie on the block. i'm not saying no.  i'm just saying. 

tom: there's other elements of this. we don't know who has the power.  we win veto, we take joey off the block, he's now grateful for us.

lolo: grateful for you not the women

tom: you're gonna win veto and you're gonna take him off the block.  so, lolo, here's what i wanted to say. we take joey off. trust me this isn't going to be easy for me when i put ricky up. sure he was rude to me but now we've had a lot of fun together. but ultimately, he's going to win this game if we don't

lolo: no he won't. he will not have the votes.

tom:  we need to get him off while we have the chance.

lolo: you keep saying this and then you dismiss my points like your plan is better than my points

tom: i think ricky could have the power. he's going to say surprise i have the power. he'll pull himself off the block.  then we have to put up tamar or dina.  but then, now we know the 5 person alliance that he thinks we're in, he didn't tell us he had the power.. so we'd be upset

lolo: i'd be furious (if ricky had the power and didn't tell them)

tom: right. then everyone is after ricky because we know we he's lied.

lolo: we didn't think about that part. good job tom. but i'm saying, if i win the veto, im not using it on joey unless you convince me.


1:00PM BBT Tom and Lolo discuss who would vote out Ricky.

Tom: i'm a team player. i'm willing to not do it if you don't want to do it

Lolo: yeah let me talk to natalie. because joey wants natalie and me gone.

1:01PM BBT:  Remember it doesn't matter if Ricky has the power. if he has the power, we know he's lying to us.

lolo: how do i know you're not going to start working w/ joey

tom: i swear.. i know i'm not supposed to swear to God

lolo: yeah don't do that.

tom: but i swear on my life

lolo: no don't do that

tom: i promise!  we can do whatever we want right now. we have so much power. ricky knows what's going on.  he knows that i know (i think about the final 4 between Lolo, Tom, Kato and Natalie). Ricky is buttering me up like crazy because he knows this is the move i need to make (putting ricky up as a back door).

lolo: you forget that marissa won last year and she didn't win anything. joey hasn't won anything

tom: let me make you a deal.  if you pick ricky off right now, i will let you decide who we pick off the rest of the show

lolo: i dont want that

tom:  well you can have the final say. i would suggest we get joey next. even if he does win the next hoh, i believe we can socially manipulate him to get ride of tamar or someone.

lolo:he gets along with tamar now. he gets long with dina and kandi. those are his people now. i don't see it happening tom. we have the opportunity to get rid of him this week. i just want to go talk to natalie. you're not a target for joey. and you're asking us to overlook that.  you're overlooking that someone has a target on natalie and me.

1:24PM BBT Natalie and Lolo have been talking in their bedroom.  Lolo and Natalie say the only reason Tom wants Ricky out is to get ricky out of the picture for Lolo and Natalie.  They think Tom and Kato are worried that Natalie and Lolo are working w/ Ricky so.  They say if Joey stays, that leaves Natalie and Lolo wide open.  Lolo gets called to the DR.

1:25PM BBT Tom and Kato are talking in the HOH room.  Tom tells Kato that they need to work on a scenario about what to do if the girls don't agree to put Ricky up. 

Tom: if Lolo or Natalie wins the veto and they don't use it, that means they're in alliance with joey.  and then we need to find a way to save joey. but i don't think that's it. i think they're just scared of joey  (Tom's mind is everywhere).

Kato tells Tom that he also talked to Natalie about why they should back door Ricky.

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12:56PM BBT Lolo and Tom still discussing. Tom says that his plan is to take Joey off and BD Ricky. He says that Ricky has a chance at winning. Lolo says that Ricky can't win. She says that it doesn't matter about the end. Tom says if Ricky takes Kato to the end then how does it benefit them. She says that he isn't listening to her points. That she and Natalie are on the line.


1:03PM BBT Tom says that he will make a deal with Lolo. If she lets him pick off Ricky now then she can decide who the rest are that go for the rest of the show. She says she doesn't want that. 


1:09PM BBT Ricky and Kandi talking. Kandi says she never had an actual alliance but there were a couple of people she was cool with and she thought they wouldn't vote for each other. Ricky is talking to her about playing the game. You can't just sit around.


 1:16PM BBT Ricky asks Kandi what is her plan is for today. She says she doesn't care about the power but she hopes to win Veto. She says if she does, that's cool. She would take herself off. Ricky asks her who would go up. Kandi says that most likely Tamar would go up. She says that she, Joey, Tamar and Dina aren't in an alliance so they will be picked off. Ricky says that if that's what she thinks, why doesn't she talk to them about being an alliance.


1:19PM BBT Lolo and Natalie talking in the BR. Lolo tells her that Tom wants them to save Joey. Natalie says that it will leave them wide open. She says Tom tried to tell her that he will protect them but she says they can't be protected.


1:24PM BBT Lolo tells Natalie that Tom must think the have a F3 with Ricky. They are upset that tom wants to leave them wide open.



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1:30 PM BBT.  Kandi and Ricky talking in the parlor.  Tom and Kato tking in the HOHR.  Tom thinks he can manipulate and change Joey’s thinking than Ricky’s.  Tom thinks Ricky would blindside them and put Tom and Kato up if he won.  He says then he is running the house.  Kato says Ricky is also the only person who wouldn’t share the HOHR.  Tom says the only way we don’t do this is if Lolo freaks out and makes it impossible for him to do it.  Kato says what if they don’t use the veto?  Who goes?  Tom says if they don’t use the veto like we asked then we have to save Joey.  

1:31 PM BBT.  Tom tells Kato he learned aome stuff from Lolo about how they’re worried that Joey would put up Lolo and Natalie.  Tom tells Kato to go tell Lolo that they will ask Joey if they save him then he needs to protect Lolo and Natalie.  

1:33 PM BBT.  Tom is wondering when the veto ceremony is.  He wonders if it’s live.  They say eviction is Saturday.  Tom is worried about how long they’d have to live with Ricky freaking out after they put him up.  He says if the veto ceremony is tomorrow then we have to live with a VERY angry Ricky for 24 hours.  

1:35 PM BBT.  Kato says Ricky keeps saying it’s a game.  Tom hopes Ricky reacts like that and says u got me.  He says that would be the classy thing to do.  Kato says it was awkward playing pool and stuff with Ricky today.  Tom says bcuz he knows, he can tell.  Tom says maybe Natalie told Ricky.  Tom says if this doesn’t work then we need to get rid of our alliance with the girls and recalibrate.   

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1:36PM BBT: Tom: if this plan doesn't work for any reason, we need to break off our alliance with Lolo and Natalie.  it's important for us to be in an alliance who won't mess up a perfect plan. but we don't need to threaten them.

Tom asks Kato if he can gets Natalie to come up to talk to him sometime. 

Kato:  here's where we have to be careful. let's say the girls betray us.

tom: there's a 60/40 chance that they're betraying us. why else would they be fighting us so hard?

kato: joey, if he's safe... i don't think he's gonna put us up no matter what. we have joey, dina, you, me-

tom: yeah they would rather have joey out today.  ricky will get wind of this. even by just looking in our eyes.

kato: i feel like the honest play if he stays here is to tell ricky that we don't want to be in an alliance with him.

tom: yeah, to be honest with you, i want to do it now. i want to tell him  right now. but the only reason i won't is because he might cause a scene or might explode.

tom: i'm not going to tell him that i'm putting him up is because we think he has the power. because that's dishonest. i'm putting him up because he's the best. and a strategic thinker. i would like to be able to speak to natalie and i would like to see if you can speak to lolo.  all will be revealed if they win veto and don't use it.

kato: what if they win the veto and dont use it, you want to break the alliance with lolo and natalie? because it's kinda late in the game

tom:  if they don't vote for ricky to leave and we do, then there is no alliance. that's what they need to understand.. we either all decide to vote joey out this week or we decide to vote ricky out.

kato: i think we need to talk.. all 4 of us.

tom: ok go get the girls

kato leaves to see if he can get natalie and lolo.  kandi and ricky are in the lounge room alone.

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1:38 PM BBT.  Tom says there is a 60/40 chance they (Lolo/Natalie) are betraying us.  He says why are they fighting so hard?  Tom says the honest move after this if Ricky stays is to say to Ricky they don’t want to be in an alliance with him.  Tom says part of him wants to do it now but then he has time to try to convince people not to use the veto.  Tom says I am telling him he’s being put up bcuz he is a strong player not bcuz I think he has the power.  Tom wants to talk to Natalie and have Kato talk to Lolo.  

1:41 PM BBT.  Kandi and Ricky still talking in the parlor.  Kato says if Natalie wins the veto and doesn’t use it then u wanna break the alliance with the girls right?  He says it’s kinda late to do that if Joey is voted off.  Tom says we could do it before he’s voted off and get the votes to vote Kandi off.  Tom says they have to understand they all have to vote the same or it’s not an alliance.  Kato says I think all 4 of us need to talk.  Tom says go see if u can make it happen without Ricky noticing.  Kato leaves.  

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1:46PM BBT  Kato goes into Natalie's room (She's in there alone) and asks if she and Lolo and come up to tom's room to talk to them. she says yes but lolo is in the DR.  Natalie says she'll come up now anyway.  kato tells her he really thinks this is the game move (ricky going).  Natalie says, "i don't think it is".  but they agree to go talk to Tom's room.

1:48PM BBT Natalie comes up.  they talk about the finale, trying to figure out if it's 5 at the finale.  tom says he asked in the DR. feeds cut from tom's room and all cameras go on kandi and ricky. camera goes back to tom's room.

tom: all i'm concerned about is ricky destroying us at the end

natalie: what i'm worried about is we get destroyed before we even get there

tom: i think if ricky wins hoh next week, he's going to put kato and me up.

natalie: no way

kato: he would. he hasn't talked to me all day

tom: you're gonna win the veto and you're gonna put it around joey's neck

natalie: no. i don't like that

tom: then if you guys are against it, we won't do it

natalie: it's not that i'm against it. it just leaves lolo and me open.

tom: i believe we're open right now (ricky targeting kato and him)


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1:45 PM BBT.  Kato goes into the HOBR and asks Natalie if her and Lolo can come into the HOHR.  She says yeah but Lolo is in the DR.  Kato says this is the move.  She says I’m not sure it is this early.  He leaves and goes back to the HOHR.  

1:48 PM BBT.  Kandi and Ricky still talking in the parlor.  Natalie comes into the HOHR.  Tom starts telling his case to Natalie.  Camera switches to another room.  

1:56 PM BBT.  Back to the HOHR with Natalie, Tom and Kato.  Tom says to Natalie I hope u roll with us and do this.  Natalie says if I win HOH then we don’t have the votes bcuz I can’t vote.  She says Dina isn’t in our alliance so we can’t always count on that.  The guys say we have her vote that’s what matters.  

1:57 PM BBT.  Natalie is concerned about how it looks that they’ve been all fun 5, team fun and then this.  Tom says I have never been fun 5.  He says Ricky wanted nothhing to do with it until Kato won HOH.  Then it was all “hey let’s be fun 5”.  The guys say if Kato wasn’t HOH then this 5 wouldn’t exist.  Natalie says that’s true.  Kato says we are doing this to save the 4 of us.  He says anything can happen but we go with the more probable thing to happen.   

2:01 PM BBT.  Tom says the only lerson I don’t think I can convince them to do what I want is Ricky.  Tom says he scares the hell out of me.  Tom says he’ll win.  Natalie and Kato say he’d get 2nd, he wouldn’t win.  Natalie says so u think Ricky is a master manipulator?  They say yes.  

2:04 PM BBT.  Lolo goes into the parlor with Kandi and Ricky.  Tom tells Natalie he could tell Ricky that he’s lutting him up bcuz he thinks he has the power.  Natalie says that’s a good way to do it.  Tom says the other way and what I think I’m gonna do is do the honest thing.  I’m gonna tell him that he is a strong player and he needs to go.  Natalie says as long as u have our backs going forward bcuz we lose that number.  

2:07 PM BBT.  Kato is telling Natalie it’s just a game and Ricky keeps saying that.  They say Ryan went out gracefully.  Dina rings the doorbell and comes in.  Natalie said I’m going to bathroom and went in b4 Dina came in.  

14:10 PM BBT.  Dina tells the guys that Ricky has been with Kandi for a while.  Tom leaves.  Dina wonders what they need to wear.  Natalie says they’ll tell us.  Natalie leaves.  Dina says I’m going too but stays.  We get WBRB.  

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2:13 PM BBT.  Lolo and Natalie in the HOBR.  Lolo says why would America give him the power?  Natalie says why not?  Natalie asks what Lolo thinks.  She says I agree with Tom but he is hard to work with. Natalie says that’s why we need to be on his team.  Lolo says so he can slice and dice us?  Natalie says we just need to get to the final 4 and then we slice and dice them.  Lolo says they can guarantee all they want but they are trying to BD an alliance member.  Natalie says we are between a rock and a hard place.  Natalie says I believe that Tom and Kato won’t screw us iver until final 4.  Lolo asks Natalie if she wins veto would ahe feel comfortable taking Joey off.  She says yeah, we had a good conversation this morning.  

2:18 PM BBT.  Natalie says she trusts Joey more than Kandi if ahe wins veto.  She says Kandi already suggested me to go up.  Natalie tells Lolo that Tom said that Ricky had deals with Ryan and stuff.  Lolo says that was to get info for us.  Natalie says yeah but I couldn’t tell Tom that.  They say they wish Ricky would tell them if he had the power.  Lolo says if Ricky told
us I would pick that side.  Lolo says otherwise we send an in icent guy home.  Natalie says we could tell him do u have the power bcuz if u do you’re gonna need to use it.  

2:21 PM BBT.  Natalie says the guys think now is the only time to get rid of Ricky.  Lolo says there is so much game left.  They say they are pulling Dina in and will continue to.  Natalie says we need to decide what to do and if we tell Ricky.  Lolo says he knows.  Ricky comes in the room.  They girls ask if they should win the veto or throw it.  Ricky says throw it.  Ricky asks if they talked to Tom.  Natalie tells Ricky that Tom thinks he has the power.  Ricky says so he wants to BD me?  The girls say we told u that last night.  Ricky thinks Tom won’t do that on a hunch.  The girls say and if he does?  Ricky says then I go home.  Ricky says hopefully he puts Tamar up.  Ricky asks if they think he has it.  They say no.  

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2:38PM BBT Joey is talking with Lolo, Natalie and Tamar. They are discussing that Tom went rouge. He says Kato is smart and was upset at Tom yesterday for not keeping it together.


2:43PM BBT Ricky, Kato and Tom go to HOH to talk. Ricky says he feels that the power in the house has caused a dent in their loyalty to each other. Ricky says that their plans have gone according to plan. He says that 5 go into the finale and that is what he feels. He says that no matter what happens today, they are fine. He says that there are still 3 people who are no in their alliance that can go.


2:50PM BBT Joey, Tamar, Lolo, and Natalie talking. He is telling them about positive energy. They discuss as long as Kandi is still on the block, they have the numbers to get her out.



2:56PM BBT Joey tells the girls that Kato is the one to get out because Tom would unravel. Natalie falls off of the bed and Lolo jumps up and down. 


3:04PM BBT Joey tells them that he threw the comp to Kato. Lolo says she did as well. Joey says he may throw the Veto. They want Kandi out.


 3:08PM BBT Joey says if he does win the Veto, he won't use it to respect that they put him there. He tells Lolo and Natalie that if they want him to win to give him a signal or is they want him to throw it.


 3:11PM BBT Tamar is talking to Lolo and Natalie about how God gave her the word on Sunday. Lolo says she knew her spirit was off. She felt it. They change to using the F word and saying they are tired of the guys coming at them. Lolo says they are getting rid of all of the male chauvinistic in the house.


 3:21PM BBT Natalie telling Ricky in the lounge about Tom wanting to BD him. She tells him that if Joey wins the Veto he is gong to leave it the same. She says that f she or Lolo win the Veto that they will keep it the same and send Kand home. She says they do not want to win it.



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3:26PM BBT Ricky tells Natalie that if she or Lolo win the Veto, that they should keep it the same. She says that they will know that they are not following the plan. She says that 3 outweighs the other two.


3:38PM BBT HG in the KT eating and looking for creamer for coffee. Tamar asking BB for the lamb cops she asked for yesterday.


3:56PM BBT Ricky and Joey go into the SR. Joey tells Ricky that if he, Lolo or Natalie win, they will leave everything as is and they need to send Kandi home. Ricky tells him that he is the one person he trusts.


 3:58PM BBT Natalie and Ricky talking. Ricky says that if they win HOH, they need to make a new F5. Natalie agrees. Natalie says she has no idea how Ricky got in their heads (Kato and Tom). Ricky says he doesn't think that they think he has the power but that in F5 he will not include them.



4:02PM BBT Lolo, Natalie and Tamar talking about that Lolo is messy. Lolo says her side is clean as she dumps everything off of her bed onto the floor. (She had stacks of clothes and other things on one side of the bed). Lolo tells them that she hasn't brushed her hair in 3 days. Natalie says they can tell. 


4:09PM BBT Kato goes to the HOH. He tells Tom that he walked in on Lolo, Ricky and Natalie together. He says he doesn't know what they were saying. Tom asks Kato if he wants to vote out Joey. Kato says he is leaning that way. 


4:12PM BBT Tom says he is okay with voting Joey out if they are too afraid to vote out Ricky. Kato says he will get the girls. Tom says that if the ladies feel it is too hardcore then he is ok with Joey going. Tom says he feels they no longer have an alliance. 


4:21PM BBT Kato goes downstairs to get Natalie. He had Dina get her and ask her to go to HOH. She does and Tom asks her what they want to do. He asks her to sit down and she says she isn't staying that long. Tom asks her what she and Lolo want to do. She says they haven't had a chance to talk. She says they need to bring up Lolo. He says they are cool with what they want to do. They want to know what they are doing. It is either Joey or Ricky.


 4:26PM BBT Natalie goes downstairs and tells Tamar, Lolo and Ricky everything about what happened in the HOH. In the HOH, Tom says that they need to win Veto, take Kandi down and put up Tamar. Tamar will use her power and he will put up Ricky.




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 4:33PM BBT Tom tells Kato that they no longer have an alliance with Lolo and Natalie. He says that Natalie just lied to them that they haven't had time to talk and it has been all day. Both girls come to the HOH room. Tom says that he just wants to know what the girls want to do. Lolo says that the house is very angry with Tom. She says that the house feels like it was a witch hunt and Tom persecuted them. She says that her and Natalie's decision keeps going back and forth.


 4:42PM BBT Tom, Lolo, Kato and Natalie keep going round and round. Tom says that Ricky is very manipulative. Lolo says that Ricky isn't being manipulative and that he has gotten into it with everyone. Tom says he doesn't want his decision to screw up their games. 


4:49PM BBT Lolo is upset and telling Tom and Kato that she went along with the vote even when they sent home her Olympic team mate. She says the Olympic team mate who spent the night with her when she got 4th and had the worst day. She tells them that she stayed with her alliance.


4:57PM BBT Lolo and Natalie come downstairs to the WCA. Natalie goes into the WC and asks Lolo to turn on the water so people can't hear. Natalie comes out and Lolo goes in to use the WC. Neither use soap and just quickly rinse their hands. They are trying to decide if they are going to tray and win Veto. Lolo tells Natalie that no one better say she isn't a loyal player in this game.


5:06PM BBT Lolo and Natalie talking about if they should win the Veto. They don't like that Tom and Kato keep changing their minds on what is happening. Lolo says that they have stayed true to the house alliance.

5:13PM BBT Tamar is called to the DR. Kato gets up in the HOH room and tells Tom that this will be in. She will come out and make the announcement for the Veto.


5:15PM BBT Tamar comes into the BR. Joey tells her that Lolo and Natalie were threatened in the HOH by Tom and Kato. Tamar still hasn't gone to the DR. She leaves the room and Lolo asks Joey if she and Natalie should play to win. He says they should.


5:24PM BBT Dina and Tom chatting about life in general in the lounge. Joey, Lolo and Natalie just rehashing and rehashing conversations.


 5:25PM BBT We have reels.. should be veto time.

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 9:24PM BBT Lolo and Natalie in the SR congratulating themselves and going on about how they (sarcastically) just needed to bat their eyes. HG coming and going in the SR. Tamar comes in nd fake cries that she didn't get her lamb chops.


9:29PM BBT Ricky and Lolo talking in the BR. Ricky tells her that he knew she was throwing it. She said they were both throwing it but then Lolo decided they both couldn't throw it. Lolo says that Natalie has a difficult job now not using the Veto.


9:37PM BBT Lolo and Natalie discussing how it was them two F2. Sounds like an elimination competition. Lolo tells Natalie that she didn't leave her hanging out to dry. Natalie says she knows.


9:40PM BBT Lolo says that she pulled an Omarosa and pretended her asthma acted up. She says that she could have told Joey "here is how you act". She says … and the Emmy goes to. They both laugh and say "scene and fade".


 9:49PM BBT Natalie says she should shower. Lolo says she is going to work out. Natalie decides to go work out with her. 


 9:53PM BBT Tamar tells the girls again that she doesn't have the power. Lolo has lost one of her work out papers. She says she had it upstairs and Tom came in and she got frazzled.



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10:00PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the GYM working out, Lolo is talking about the live feeds and how you know more if you watch them. Lolo says this is the first day she's realized she's "playing Big Brother."

10:07PM BBT: Tom, Ricky, Kato, Kandi, Dina, and Joey are in the KT, Tom's asking Joey about the different people he's worked with. He says he's trying to find someone Joey hasn't met or worked with. 

10:22PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are talking in the GYM, Lolo is upset with her alliance. She doesn't think Tom and Kato are really part of it anymore. "He's got to go," Lolo says. 

10:24PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie finish working out and join the others in the KT. Tamar and Kandi are in the WA, Kandi asks Tamar how she wants her steak.

10:32PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the HOBR. Lolo thinks Tom is being "so weird." Lolo tells Natalie not to talk to Joey so much, she says Natalie's talking to him too much. Natalie says, "I know," and then leaves to shower. 

10:43PM BBT: Ricky and Kato are outside around the fire, "it's a chill day for me," Ricky says. Kato agrees. Ricky says if you go to sleep before 10PM, they won't wake you up to go to the DR. BB tells Ricky not to talk about the DR.

10:52PM BBT: Kato and Ricky are trying to figure out if Saturday will be a two hour episode or not. Joey walks outside, talking about his beer bottle. He says the cap won't pop, even though it's supposed to. 

10:57PM BBT: Ricky and Joey are still trying to open the beer bottle. Kandi is cooking, Tamar, Natalie, Lolo, and Dina are in the WA. Tamar can't find her wig.

11:03PM BBT: Ricky successfully opened the beer. He and Kandi are in the KT cleaning and cooking while the other HGs walk around. Dina joins Kato outside, they're talking about the Super Bowl. Dina tells Kato they can't call it "Super Bowl" and have to call it "The Big Game."

11:10PM BBT: Tom is in the LNG, tweeting and talking to the camera. He tells the camera that he's had a "change of heart," about what "the right move might be." He tells us we'll have to wait and see and he hopes it doesn't, "blow up in his face." Although, he says, "going out in a blaze of glory," is fun too. 

11:14PM BBT: Tom joins Dina, Ricky, and Kato in the BY. Kato didn't realize they were actually outside, he thought they were on a sound stage. 

11:34PM BBT: Tamar is cleaning up the KT, Dina and Tom are chatting at the table. Dina is explaining Rummy to Tom. Natalie and Lolo are drying their hair and getting ready for bed. 

11:43PM BBT: Joey and Natalie are in the 5BR, whispering. Natalie tells Joey that the HOH doesn't have full control. They're trying to figure out the votes. They fist bump.

11:48PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are sitting in the WA with Joey. They start whispering, Lolo tells Joey not to change up his routine so no one is suspicious tonight. They whisper about the Veto comp for a few minutes.

11:55PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are trying to figure out if they have to go into the DR again and if they need to do their make up or not. They clean up the WA. Lolo says the laundry goes out tomorrow, so they go to gather their dirty clothes.

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