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Thursday, January 24, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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6:53PM BBT  The feeds have returned after almost two hours.  Ricky and Tamar are discussing the planets and how they affect your life and relationships.  Apparently Saturn is in the 8th house?  


6:59PM BBT  Joey, Kato, Jonathan, Dina, Lolo and Ryan are hanging out in the KT, discussing what

to do when they're bored  - such as playing games or taking naps.


7:00PM BBT Jonathan goes through the studying of days with the others, starting with Day 1: Bubbles.  Day 2: Slept in, nothing happened.  Day 3: "The Nominee" comp with blocks.  Day 4: Giddyup challenge.  They laugh at Ricky calling his horse "Lightning" and then forget the studying.  


7:11PM BBT All feeds go back to Ricky and Tamar's deep discussion about the planets.  She is just nodding to everything he says.


7:19PM BBT Lolo and Natalie are in the bedroom discussing how the chili will be affecting them later.  Lolo said she brought the wrong version of her Bible, King Standard. Natalie's got her husband's Bible, which has explanations of what things mean.


7:23PM BBT Natalie thinks there will be a double eviction tomorrow, but Lolo reassures her that it will be just one - with a bit of a wink


7:33PM BBT Jonathan joined Lolo and Natalie, trying to bring up positive things in their lives that they're grateful for.  They had a touching moment, and then they trashed him as soon as he left the room.


7:39PM BBT  Joey and Jonathan join Natalie and Lolo, discussing Joey's resume of acting.  His goal/dream is to play the next Batman.


7:43PM BBT Natalie, Joey, Lolo and Jonathan talk about how they like to stay in shape all time, but have had a couple of months to prepare for BB since they found out they had the job, so were prepared.


7:46PM BBT Tom, Ryan and Kato play poker at the KT table.


7:53PM BBT Kandi and Dina are playing pool upstairs.


7:57PM BBT Lolo and Natalie are practicing their goodbye messages for each of the other houseguests.  Apparently they're all going to be recording them tonight for each of the noms.


8:06PM BBT Jonathan and Kandi joined Kato Tom and Ryan playing cards at the KT table.


8:10PM BBT Feeds have gone to WBRB status.


8:19PM BBT Ricky and Tamar are discussing the benefits of keeping Kandi over Jonathan.  Ricky is singing Kandi's praises, and Tamar says they need to get her out.


8:23PM BBT Natalie went to the BR and was bothered by a little lie that Joey told about Jonathan's whereabouts, and has confirmed with Tay, Lolo and RIcky her vote for Jonathan to leave.  Ricky said he agreed and that Kandi is next.


8:28PM BBT Kato and Tom are in the BR talking about possible team names.  Tom wants Team Fun.  Kato wants either Team Immastay or Team IWantStay, but Tom said that might not be politically correct.


8:30PM BBT Tom and Kato are wondering how to find out if Ricky believes that he's in an alliance with them, or if he has no idea.  They talk through ways of asking, but without directly asking and putting pressure on him.


8:38PM BBT Tom tells Kato that at night he goes out to the KT and flaps two boxes of cereal until he's lifted off the ground - and calls it Cereal Box Osprey. 


8:45PM BBT Ricky told Kato that his veto speech was condescending and obvious that he was trying to cover his alliance with Tom when he took him off the block.


8:53PM BBT Joey and Ryan discuss the eviction tomorrow night and that Jonathan told him that Ricky, Lolo, Natalie and Tamar were whispering when he walked into the room - so they suspect an alliance there.

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9:30PM BBT Kato, Jonathan, Natalie and Tom are playing pool. Tamar and Lolo in the KT. They are having a discussion over that Lolo must have cooked someone's chicken.


9:43PM BBT Tamar eating a hot dog. BB calls her into the DR. Pool game still going on.


 9:54PM BBT Tamar and Dina talk about kids. Dina says she was so young when she had hers. She started at 21. We get FOTH.


10:04PM BBT Ryan got a gift from POP TV for being the first HOH. The feeds are all on the pool game but you can hear Ryan read the card. Sounds like they were socks. The HG chant to "put them on".

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Tom, Jonathan, Natalie and Kato are playing billiards on the skywalk. Kato is encouraging off the table shots, saying there is a net over there.


Tamar is in the kitchen cooking, Tamar says she is going on the Kato diet, if it is not in a bag or package she wont cook it. Kato comments from the skywalk.


Ryan is at the table fooling with the card deck and Lolo is rinsing dishes. Tamar yells to Natalie that there is dandelion root tea.


Ryan is called to the downstairs D, and Lolo notices there is lipstick on all the cups.


There is a lot of chatter between the billiards players and the cooks.


Lolo tells Tamar that Ricky is with Dina in the workout area when Tamar asks where he is.


Lolo claims she will not cook again in the house, then laughs and says after she makes the salmon tomorrow.


Tamar shouts out a huge laugh, it seemed to have come from nowhere, everyone pauses or jumps, depending on their nerve level. Tamar says the photo on the wall does not look like her she wore a wig because she did not know the photos were for the wall. She says she does not take very good pictures.--she is very beautiful in the photo--


Tamar continues to cook and laugh, we can hear the skillet sizzling. She shouts out to her beau, makes a little poem about him being her fella. She sings, but BB tells her to stop. Lolo asks her to sing the Star Spangled Banner, but Tamar says no because there is no check waiting for her on the other side of the door.


Joey comes in and fusses about onions with hot dogs. He munches on cereal while Lolo talks about liking a junky room. Joey says he doesn't judge, except for common places. Common places should be neat. He says Lolo has the most expensive pile of clutter he has ever seen


Upstairs the billiard players continue to use their extended knowledge of engineering, displacement of mass and angle probabilities to call the wrong pocket for almost every shot.



In the kitchen Joey munches on cereal, and mentions washing his own car. Nathan is shocked, he does not understand why he would was his own car.


Talk moves on to the perfect cereal. The house guests say all they do is eat food in the house. Tamar is eating hot dogs and grilled onions, Tamar is called to the DR, and the boys are making fun of the look on her face when they called her. They encourage her to take her hot dog with her. She adds bbq sauce to the hot dog and finishes it at the counter and leaves to do touchup makeup before going to the DR.


Joey putzing in the kitchen, then goes to watch Jonathan admiring his 385 pack.--yes, I realize it is normally 6 pack, but you didn't see this.---


The kitchen is the hub tonight, people pass by or slow down in that area, Ricky has added hot peppers and cilantro to the chicken chili Lolo made earlier. We can hear a card trick in the back ground, I only recognize Lolo's voice. When someone asks how he does it, Kandi tells.


Joey and Ryan come into the kitchen area, Joey says he is hungry, Ryan is waiting for the yard to open.


In the bathroom Ryan and Dina are telling Joey that their workout was nude—it was not--, Dina said it was so good she fell asleep. Tamar comes into the bathroom, they are surprised she is done in the DR already, she is in and done.




Joey and Jonathan admire their faces in the mirror while Dina talk about her children. She says she cannot see her life without them. She seems very proud of her family, says others probably wish they had done as she did.


Cameras move to billiards 9:54


Tom and Natalie are whispering in the corner. He tells her when he as a best friend in the house he will tell her. Tom goes to take his turn and Natalie steps over to Kandi and seems to reassure her.

Kato sits down and tells Natalie that things are better than good, he is talking low, but he does say, “John”. Natalie tells him only one goes home tomorrow, she asked them in the DR. Lolo joins the group and cheers the players.


We can hear card players downstairs, they are playing a Chinese game, the winner has the lowest hand.

Card players are making jungle noises, drumming tables, singing. Tom yells “house guests no singing”. Kato adds, “No joy ever”


Ryan is called to the storage room and is given a gift of socks from POP TV.


The game is over, the house guests are chatting on the skywalk, all cameras are watching them.

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10:19PM BBT Ryan and Lolo are exercising in the BY. Natalie and Tamar are at the KT counter. 


10:23PM BBT Lolo, Natalie and Tamar talking about GB messages. Lolo says she was trying to figure out what to say. We get all feeds on the guys working out in the BY.



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Tom is in the eternity pool, Ryan is adjusting the speed for him. Jonathan is watching the progress. Tom says it is good but tiring.



In the bedroom Tamar, Lolo and Natalie are talking. There is a lot of laughing about yesterday when Tamar was in the bed and someone came in and asked for a final two with one of the other girls.


The girls decide to go to the fire, Tamar doesn't want to go outside, she hates ants. She follows the out of the room saying she does not want to go outside.


Tom is still swimming. Kandi and Ricky are playing chess and the back yard is filling up.


Tamara is dancing in the kitchen yelling that she has lost three pounds. The other girls are laughing and half dancing. Joey tells them he will send gifts after he leaves tomorrow. Just general chitchat, house guests are leaving the back yard for the kitchen with the exception of Ryan, who is about to swim.


Kato and Tom are talking in one of the bedrooms, Kato seems unhappy with the way Ricky is treating Tom, and is planning to mention it to Ricky. Kato thinks it can be done diplomatically.


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10:30pm BBT: Tom is finishing up swimming in the BY. Kato is asking Ryan different questions about the pool and how it works. Ryan eventually gets in the pool and starts swimming. Ryan says the temperature is better today.

10:36PM BBT: Tom and Kato are talking in the CBBR, BB catches them mid conversation. Kato tells Tom that "it won't be a problem." Tom wants to know if he should talk to Ricky. Kato wants them to tell Lolo how they feel about Ricky.
Tom doesn't understand why there's been so many "jabs tonight." Kato says tomorrow is going to be "really hectic" and he doesn't want to stay up late tonight. Kato says they should talk to Lolo and Natalie first and then he exits the room.

10:39PM BBT: Tom finishes getting dressed in the CBBR, he starts packing. Tom eventually exits the room and says, "crazy sh*t...crazy stuff." Ryan is swimming in the BY.

10:43PM BBT: Kato, Jonathan, Tamar, and Natalie are in the KT. Tamar asks about who wants to be on her show. Lolo is in the LNG trying to figure out what to tweet, Tamar walks in and asks if Ricky and Kandi want to be on their show. Natalie walks in.

10:45PM BBT: Jonathan and Kato are in the BY talking around the fire. Joey asks Jonathan and Kato if they want any tea and goes into the KT to do so. Kato says he's exhausted and heated, he says he needs "four hours solid." Dina walks up and joins them outside.

10:48PM BBT: Natalie is called to the DR. Tamar and Lolo are in the LNG. Tamar gives the camera a rundown on how their show is going to work. Lolo leaves to get their guest, Jonathan. 

10:48PM BBT: Outside, Dina is asking everyone who their favorite on BB is. Kato says the "voice of Big Brother," is his favorite and that he can, "relate to him." Dina leaves to change microphones. Jonathan and Kato continue to talk about the voice of BB.

10:50PM BBT: In the LNG, Lolo says Jonathan is talking and instead she's asked Joey to join them after he finishes making tea. Lolo comes up with a drinking game for Tamar's noises. Tamar promotes her concert. 

10:51PM BBT: Jonathan explains the GBM to Kato. Tom joins Jonathan and Kato around the fire. Joey brings Jonathan tea, he says he'll join them after he goes on Tamar's show. Jonathan leaves with him. Kato tells Tom he's been "thinking a lot."

10:56PM BBT: Tom tells Kato that Ricky is the smartest one here. Kato asks Tom who he thinks is Ricky's final four and final two. Tom says they asked Ricky to be on Team Fun, but he said no. Kato wants to see how Lolo and Natalie feel about Ricky. 

11:00PM BBT: Kato says Ricky wants to get rid of Joey. Kato thinks it's an advantage that Ricky doesn't see him and Tom as threats. Tom debates on if they should be villains or not. Tom doesn't want to look like a "pr*ck."

11:03PM BBT: Kato says he sees a window and it sounds like he's wanting to send Jonathan home while they have the chance. Tom says Ricky is going to win the whole thing. Kato and Tom try to figure out the order everyone will go home.

11:05PM BBT: Kandi joins Tom and Kato in the BY around the fire. All game talk stops. Ryan finishes swimming.

11:18PM BBT: General conversation outside in the BY. Tamar, Natalie, and Lolo interview Jonathan and then Joey on their nightly chat show. 

11:32PM BBT: Kato and Dina are playing cards in the KT. Tamar, Natalie, Lolo, and Joey finish their show and walk into the KT. Jonathan joins them, he gets upset about potentially leaving. 

11:50PM BBT: Things get heated with Ricky and Tom outside about stand up comedy, Ryan and Tom leave to join Jonathan, Natalie, and Lolo in the KT. Kato is outside with Dina, Ricky, and Kandi, he's talking about the OJ trial. Kato says he was a "pawn" and "being used" for both sides. 

11:53PM BBT: The fire goes outside in the BY, Dina wants Tom to tell BB that the fire went out. Everyone leaves the BY. 

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