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Thursday, January 24, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Celebrity_Big_Brother_2 USA_HG_Reference_Sheet.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
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Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)

5th Avenue Bedroom (5BR)

Celebrity Building Bedroom (CBBR)

The 20th Century Limited Lounge (LNG)

Upstairs Lounge (BCNY)

Hotel Bedroom (HOBR)
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and let's just call the gym, GYM
Here are pictures of the rooms

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Thank you!

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12:00AM BBT: Tom is still giving a tour of the house. He pauses in front of the monitor wall and talks about The Mooch. He says there's a "great group of people" in the house. 





12:19AM BBT: Tom is still giving a tour while he showers. He takes his clothes off in the shower stall and tells us that his underwear is very comfortable. 



12:35AM BBT: Tom has finished his tour and shower and all of the HGs are in bed. The lights are off and all is quiet. 

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7:30 am BBT 

Tom is trying to get production to get the piano sound working 

Kato is in the bathroom 


7:35 am 

The cameras came back from a WBRB 

All  cameras are showing the bedrooms

7:43 am BBT 

Tom and Kato are having a "talk show" in the HOH room 

they are discussing saving Kandi 

Kato says Dina is being a trick player and keeping off the radar 

He she says they need to watch her - Tom suggests a side alliance

7:48 am Tom discusses the mood of the house if Jonathan gets evicted

Tom asks if Kato has talked about post eviction strategy with anyone

Tom states that his plan is to play it cool and not talk strategy and not make himself a threat 

7:54am Tom says he has a better feeling about Natalie than Ricky 

He also says Ricky has been yelling at him sometimes.

Tom says he is confident it is going to go the way he thinks ( That Jonathan is getting evicted)

Tom says if the others lie then they are next on the list

Tom discusses asking Lola who he should vote for

Kato says the others are saying that they are voting Jonathan off

Tom asks why Ryan is trying to save Jonathan 

Kato discusses that he thinks Ryan put up Joey to get votes away with Jonathan 

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8:00 AM Tom asks what he should do.

Tom suggests starting a crazy drama  and throwing people under the bus 

Tom and Kato discuss a fake blowout and have a safe word

8:03 am Tom is discussing a talk show to keep the house from being bored

8:07 am  Kato and Tom are asking the camera questions 

Kato says he is going to nap.  Tom says he is going to nap as well

Tom and Kato are changing their batteries

Tom says he had a conversation with Tamar and her and Kandi (makes a motion) basically not getting along

8:11 am the cameras are back at the bedrooms 

Tom and Kato go back to sleep

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9:397AM BBT 

All the Cameras switched to WBRB

9:43 am 

Kato , Tom and Kandi are waking up in the celebrity br 


Natalie is awake in hotel bedroom

Tamar and Dina are in the SR ( Jonathan just left ) 

Tom is getting coffee Kato just entered the SR

Jonathan went into the hotel bedroom to talk

9:48am Tom and Joey are in the bathroom

9:49 am Dina and Jonathsn are in the 5th ave BR

9:52am Ricky , Lolo and Ricky are talking about the lighting 

they are also talking about how weird it would be out of the house

9:55 am Ryan, Natalie, Joey, Tom and Jonathan are in the Bathroom 


Note I'm headed out for about 2 hrs.  Be back ASAP. 

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11:53AM BBT Kato tells Kandi that he really believes she's safe (since he talked to Natalie and they agreed to vote out Jonathan).  Kandi thanks Kato.  The conversation was short. 

11:56AM BBT Ryan and Jonathan are lifting weights int he weight room.  They talk about how they're ride or die, Joey is great but he didn't come in until later.

11:56AM BBT Kato and Tom talk in the celebrity building bedroom.  Kato tells Tom that he told Kandi about how she's safe and that Kandi is thankful.  Tom says to be careful because if Tamar finds out that they're keeping Kandi safe, Tamar will be upset.  Tom likes both of them and says it's up to them to resolve their issues.

11:57AM BBT Jonathan and Ryan talk about how they thought Kato was with them but it turns out he's against them.  Jonathan: "which means.. we need to move kato into the guesthouse."

11:59AM BBT: Tom and Kato still int he celebrity building bedroom.  Tom says he doesn't think he's going to say anything to anyone today.  He doesn't want people to feel forced to talk about it (game?).  Tom says he's going to keep pretending that he's not good at pool (they laugh because he's not good).

In the storage room, Lolo, Tamar and Natalie are talking while they collect food.  They argue about how to spell dandelion.  Tamar says it's with a Y.  Natalie says she thinks it's with an I as in Dandilion.  Tamar says she wasn't trying to through shade earlier.  Talk immediately changes to food. 

They walk out of the storage room and flip out over how good dina looks in her workout gear (sports bra and tight pants). 

12:12PM BBT: Kandi to Dina in the kitchen:  "you just gonna walk around all fine all day?" referring to Dina looking good.

Kandi's washing dishes.  Lolo, Tamar and Natalie are talking about food/prepping food to cook after their workout.  Jonathan and Ryan are still working out in the weight room.  Ryan shows Jonathan that if they look in the window, you can see blue lights.  (I saw them a lot in the reflection last night around midnight EST).  They take mats out to the hall in front of the HOH room to do abs. 

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12:33 pm BBT.  Tamar, Kato, Ricky, Kandi and Ryan in the KT cooking and cleaning.  Natalie, Ryan and Lolo were in the SR getting stuff and then went into the KT.  Not much talk.  

12:37 PM BBT.  Dina is exercising by the pool table. Lolo and Natalie go into the workout room. 

12:39 PM BBT.  In the KT Ryan says Joey has been in the DR for an hour.  Tamar is cooking beef stew.  Lolo and Natalie are working out in the gym.  

12:44 PM BBT.  Not much going on in the house. Cooking and working out are the 2 things going on.  

12:44 PM BBT.  Lolo tells Natalie she had a dream that she left the house and had less followers.  In the KT, Tamar says she cooks a lot but her boyfriend doesn’t like her food.  He says it’s too fatty.  Ryan says this is the most water he has ever drank in his life.  He says if he was stranded on a desert island he would want a 12 pack of pop b4 water.  

12:50 PM BBT.  In the KT is just Tamar and Kandi now.  They aren’t speaking.  Kandi hasn’t said anything for the past 20 min in the KT to anyone.  Dina said she was going to shower a little bit ago so she is most likely there.  Joey may still be in the DR    

12:53 PM BBT.  Ryan, Jonathan and Dina are in the pink/green bedroom.  Jonathan leaves.  Ryan says he is going to shower.  Dina says she will after him.  

12:56 PM BBT.  The house is pretty quiet.  Tamar and Kandi in the KT still and still not speaking.  Lolo and Natalie in the gym working out with just some general talk about working out.  

12:58 PM BBT.  Ryan is heading toward the shower.  Tamar says she is going to do her elliptical soon. 

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1:04PM BBT Dina is talking to Jonathan about how she needs to work out starting every day soon if she wants to be "on that show".  She talks about a friend who is a dancer.  Then she talks about the show again and says, "well if it's still going to be on".  Jonathan said, "that show isn't going anywhere" and referenced it being a dance show.  It sounds like Dina will possibly be on dancing with the stars.

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1:03 PM BBT.  In the pink/green BR, Dina and Jonathan are talking. Dina says she needs to go into the gym every day if she wants to do that other show.  Dina says as long as that show is around next season.  Jonathan says it will be.  Dina wants to be a judge on a dance show.  

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Tamar says she needs to clean before “uncle Joe” sees the kitchen 

she asks Jonathan where he is , he says he is in the bedroom recovering ( I think from Diary) 

1:18 Pm Kandi is now reading an iPad 

Jonathan and Kato play pool

Lolo and Natalie are in Gym

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1:25pm Jonathan says he hates being on the block for so long


cameras 3 & 4 cut to Dina, Tamar and Jonathan are in the bathroom stating what they are grateful for

1:28 pm

Jonathan is giving Kato makeup lessons


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I don't see where anyone wrote about Tamar and Tom's conversation early this morning (around 6:30am bbt).  Tamar told Tom that one of Kandi's best friends wrote a book about Tamar.  I'll Tom asked, "a BOOK?" Tamar says, "well a chapter.  about me."  I'll go back to it and write it up:

Tamar:  outside of this house, Kandi and her friends were able to tell people I'm someone I'm not.  They bullied me and she continues to bully me.  I don't want to play with someone who's a liar.  And in here, lying is a huge skill."  Tom's listening and saying a lot of "yeah yeah". 

Tom:  I didn't know that was what was going on.  i thought you guys were arguing about something that happened on tour ten years ago."  Tamar: well it wasn't ten years ago.  It was eight months ago.  The manipulation is a form of abuse. Tom:  that's a bummer.  There's a couple of people i had a few issues with over the years and i thought how it would be weird if so and so came into the bb house.

Tamar: one of her best friends wrote a a book about me.  Tom:  a what?  Tamar: a book about me. Tom: a book?  Tamar: well a chapter. and LIED.  Completely lied.  And that's what i'm saying.. it's abusive. And she keeps bringing those people up around me and how amazing they are.  And why would you want to do that when you're a bad person?  People make bad decisions but there's bad people.  I can't eat, I can't sleep. it's bothering my spirit.  This is beyond me not being able to get along with someone.  This is about mental abuse. 

Tom:  There's no way you can ignore it?

Tamar: how can i ignore it? You're an accuser, an abuser, then you watch people be able to manipulate people.  People actually believed them.  Then to bring that up in this house (the tour stuff).  tom:  i haven't had detailed conversations about that. Tamar: it's not about personal issues.  it's who you are as a person, it's hard for me to watch someone who has lied to everyone around them.  it took me down yesterday.  I'm the loud one, I'm the person who people tend to believe less because my emotions are worn on my sleeve.  Tom:  I want to keep you positive.  your humor.. there's not a lot to do around here and you crack me up.  you and Kato have me cracking up.  Tamar: remember when you were on the block and you were down in the dumps?  I'm not even on the block and i feel like that.  tom:  i guess there's no way for you guys to patch things up? Tamar: no because it's not person.  it's easier for her game to make me an enemy because once people know the truth about her and her character, then her game is ruined.  don't be manipulated tom.  I'm a nice bubbly person.  I can't even do that now.  i can't sleep.  i can't eat.  it's a lot for me to witness.  Tom: well what do you want to do about it?  Tamar:  um i don't know.  it's not good for me individually.  and it's not good for anyone else.   just keep your eyes open is what I'm telling you.. from personal experience, don't be manipulated.  tom: she's been pretty quiet with me but she's always very nice to me.  we don't talk game.  I've tried to have conversations with her but she's not that kind of person.  Tom:  Were you surprised when you walked in the house and saw her? Tamar: I was completely thrown off.  that's why i picked her though to be my partner because i didn't know what to do and i knew where she stood because it wasn't too long ago when she was on Live and attacked me. I'm going through a divorce because her other best friend told me that my husband was having a kid and he wasn't. it's intense.  And it's heavy. And it's hard for me to watch her to do that to other people in the house. 

Tom: it's not a big house either so it's kinda hard (to avoid people).  don't avoid hanging out with everyone, because we're having fun, you know?  Tamar: I'm not. I'm in agony.  I'm in agony because it's happening again.  because she knows she can't do it to me anymore but I'm watching her do it to others.  I struggle with talking to other people about who i know she is because i don't want people thinking this is a game move, I don't want to pay her back, I'm not out to get her.. It's a lot.  I just can't sit back and watch this.

tom: you probably just gotta ride it out a little bit.  when something is bothering me, I just turn that area of my brain off and distract myself.  people are talking about each other.  I'm sure people are talking about me. Tamar: no one is talking about you, everyone  likes you. (Tom never shades Kandi or takes sides. He listens, offers advice and tries to make her laugh. and asked how he can help get them to come together)  Tamar:  Yeah it's real. It's happening like today in here.  Tom:  so there's no way i can bring you two together and help resolve this? there's two ways of going- there's war and there's peace. peace is an option.  Tamar:  Peace is always an option.  Tom:  I can go to Kandi and tell her how you're feeling.  Tamar:  She knows how I'm feeling.  You can protect your friends.  You need to protect the ppl that are around you.  tom:  why is she against my friends? Tamar: um. yeah. she is.  tom: like who?  Tamar: she's just a master manipulator, just be aware of what's going on.  tom: what specifics can you give me?  Tamar: she's very manipulative. it's not for the good side. it's not good. maybe I've said too much.  i feel bad.  because there's bad blood and I'm just not that kind of person. I'm just not a mean girl. I'm sorry tom. *cameras cut to HGs sleeping.*

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1::37 bbt Ryan is in the KT and Kato enters 

Tamar joins Natalie and Lolo in the Gym

Tamar starts talking about someone lying and she is like Jesus in the Middle East. 

Tamar starts talking about Ricky

and that he has the ability to pull the wool over their eyes

Tamar starts talking about approaching Kandi and Natalie checks her. 

1:43 pm Tamar states the girls are being played by the boys and that includes Ricky

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1:37PM BBT:  In the workout room, Tamar joins Natalie and Lolo who have already been working out.  They speculate what the next competition will be.  Lolo and Natalie think it'll be endurance.  Tamar: no it'll be a puzzle.

Tamar:  ok we're not forgetting the fact that Jonathan and Ryan tried to play everyone.

Natalie:  we're not forgetting.

tamar: and we're not forgetting that ryan tried to play me.  that dude lied point blank yesterday (saying he didn't go into a room to talk to Kandi right after the veto ceremony when Tamar claims she saw it).  Tamar:  why did we offer tom and kato a week of safety when it should be the other way around?  Lolo:  i'd rather be humble enough to ask for safety.

tamar:  ricky said he was a master manipulator.  he was a player. he had a baby on his wife.  he has the ability to pull the wool over your eyes.  i'm just saying, yall real strong women.  you cant keep letting him manipulation.  even at this point, i'm willing to have another conversation with kandi since they (the boys) are coming against us.

natalie: ok well you need to get your s*** together.

tamar: i do-

natalie: no you listen!  every time you say youre gonna make it right, you flip out.

tamar: because every day she changes.  one on one isn't working (with kandi) and maybe we can have a conversation together with kandi.  in my gut.. i just feel like all of us girls are being played by these boys.

natalie questions Tamar about the argument with Ricky again.  "are you sure you saw Kandi in that room when ricky walked in?"

tamar: ON GOD.  i keep telling yall.  see look at him, he's got yall questioning me when i've never lied.


they talk about talking with kandi all together.  natalie:  what's gonna happen is, every time kandi says something, you're gonna disagree.

tamar says she won't. they agree to go now to talk to kandi (but they're still working out).


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