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Friday, August 24, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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9:21 am BBT  BB calls out that Tyler and Angela need the bedroom lights on.  Angela moans, and Tyler gets up to turn them on, then back into the HOH bed.  (I thought he was a have not?)  Haleigh goes to get a battery.  She goes into the KT, talks with JC.  He is carrying his mic, can't hear him.  He gets something to drink, while Haleigh leaves toward the WA.

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9:25 am BBT BB calls Kaycee, Faysel, Angela, Brett, your microphone needs new batteries.  Tyler must have gotten his before going to HOH room.  Haleigh and JC are in the WA, then goes to KT.  Sam is in the KT, said she couldn't sleep last night.  She is telling a dream/nightmare she had last night. 

Angela and Tyler are talking in the HOH bed, but the covers are completely covering their heads.  BB calls for Angela to put on her microphone.  Can't hear what they are saying.  Now quiet again.

JC is eating slop cookies and stretching while Sam keeps telling her story.  BB asks Angela, Fessy and Kaycee if they have changed their batteries.  Sam keeps talking, JC looks bored.  Angela asks Tyler what time he went to bed, he said 4:00.  She said when Brett left, she couldn't fall asleep for about 2 hours.  They are still in the HOH bed completely covered.

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9:32 am BBT  Sam is finished with her dream story, JC said he couldn't sleep at all last night.  He seems cranky.  Sam said she couldn't sleep, all of the dreaming was in the last 2 hours.  JC leaves the KT, Sam is taking her coffee and drink to the table.  BB again tells Angela, Fessy and Kaycee to get new batteries.   While Sam is taking her vitamins, Haleigh walks through.  Sam says good morning, don't hear a response from Haleigh.  Sam peels the label off of a canister, then eats her slop cookies.  BB tells the house guests to rise and shine. Sam says ok, even though she is the only one up on the feeds.

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10:02 am BBT  Tyler is back in his saucer.  Sam makes a breakfast tray for Angela.  She takes it upstairs. She apologizes for it being so sparse.  She said they are out of electrolytes, milk and she has the last apple, but it is bruised.  Angela thanks her.  Sam asks if she has any questions for her, she says no.  Sam asked if she could read the part of the letter that Angela left out.  Angela said it was about something that happened in 5th grade when Angela did't want to do a mani/pedi.  They talk about the pictures.  Sam offers to give Angela a manicure and pedicure.  She made a sugar/olive oil mixture, and she is going to pamper Angela.  Angela thanks her.  Sam leaves, saying she loves her and Angela says it back.  Sam pops her head back into the HOH room and said she isn't going to put Angela up, she has her word.  Angela thanks her and says that is all she has, too.  After Sam leaves, Angela looks at the camera and says Sam isn't going to put her up and laughs.  Angela goes to put on her make up.

Feeds 1&2 are on Tyler sleeping in his saucer with a pillow over his face.  Now all 4 feeds on a sleeping Tyler.

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10:12 am BBT  BB just called out Tyler, Fessy, JC Kaycee and Brett that house guests must be awake between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm.  Tyler doesn't move, he is out! All feeds are still on just Tyler sleeping, though feed 1 shows JC also in his saucer.

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10:16 am BBT    BB is getting sterner.  He asks "what do you not understand about please?  WAKE UP".  JC mumbles, Tyler doesn't move.


10:18 am BBT  All 4 feeds switch to Sam in the KT, taking care of the herb garden  Now Sam goes to the SR, while feeds 3&4 show Angela still getting ready for the nomination ceremony.

Angela comes downstairs.  Sam tells her pretty soon  they will have a rude awakening.  Sam says there is penicillin growing in the corner.  Sam said she already fed the fish in Scottie's honor.  She said with him gone, she will have to take the trash out every night.  They both say they miss Scottie.  Angela gets told to exchange her mic.  She thatnks Bob for reminding her.  Sam is puttering around the KT and mumbling to herself.

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9:54AM BBT Tyler comes into the HNBR. He scoops up JC from the HN bed and moves him to another. JC is mock protesting. Tyler lays down in the HN bed he just moved JC.


10:03AM BBT Sam has made a breakfast tray and is bringing it to the HOH room. She tells Angela that the pickings are slim because they don't have a lot in the house. Angela hugs her and tells her thank you. Sam tells her anythig she does is fine and asks if Angela wants to ask her anything. Angela says that she doesn't and that Sam doesn't have anything to worry about.


 10:09AM BBT Sam and Angela talk about pictures and family. As Sam leaves she tells Angela that the offer still stands and she will not put Angela up. Angela says likewise and Sam leaves.


10:16AM BBT BB is yelling to Tyler, Kaycee and JC that they must be awake. No one is moving. BB says "what do you not understand - wake up" and Tyler and JC both move their legs.


10:27AM BBY Kaycee is up. Her hair is down and she puts on a baseball cap. Then she puts her hair up. Same is cleaning the KT.

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10:38 am BBT  Fessy is up, goes through the KT to the WA.  Sam thinks he has a hickey, but it is his temporary tattoo.  Sam tells Haleigh she is cutting up 2 melons, and will cut up he rest of the potatoes, as it is re-stock day.   Haleigh goes upstairs to talk with Angela, tells her it smells good in there.  Angela says it is the perfume she got in her basket.  Haleigh thinks the baskets will get better from now on...feeds switch from HOH room to KT, where Kaycee comes in and chats with Sam.  Feeds go to HOH for a short time, Angela says she is coming, talking about going to the DR.  Haleigh leaves as does Angela.  Haleigh complains she is running out of people to hang out with. 

In the KT, Kaycee and Sam are talking about music.   BB yells for Tyler, JC and Brett to get up.    Haleigh goes to the WA and talks with Fessy.  She says she only got up there for a couple of minutes.  Fessy says he wants to talk with her (Angela) before the nominations.  He wants to know if he should go up before Haleigh.  She says do what he wants.  Fessy wants to get Tyler and Angela together with the 2 of them, and tell them how Brett has been acting.  Haleigh thinks Brett is with them.  Fessy says when people are HOH, others will jump ship to stay safe. 

Haleigh goes into the PBR and talks with Brett.  He asks if she has coffee.  He wants a story about when she first got dropped off at college.

Fessy goes into the KT with Sam and Kaycee.  Sam is telling a story.

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11:14 am BBT  Sam and Haleigh are in the KT telling horse stories with Kaycee in there.  Brett comes in too.  Sam tells stories about a little girl and her brother learning to ride.  Kaycee goes to check on JC, since BB is getting upset.  He is in bed in the PBR.  He isn't feeling well.  Kaycee asks if he is still taking the medicine, he said yes, but he never had cramps like that.    Brett goes in, Kaycee leaves.  JC says he is tired, sore and hungry.  Brett said tomorrow is his last day.  JC is concerned about the veto comp tomorrow. 

Haleigh is in the WA.  Tyler comes in and she asks him if she is going up.  He said he doesn't know.  He suggests that she go talk with Angela.  He said it is hard to justify putting people up, and the back door has been used a lot.  She said it isn't her HOH, so she can't tell her what to do, but she just doesn't want to see her face on the wall.  Tyler said he hasn't talked with her today (yes he did) so she slept on it.   Haleigh mentions Brett celebrating when Angela won.  Tyle sin't sure what that was about.  Haleigh goes into the KT where people are just milling around.

Brett and JC talking in the PBR.  JC is whispering about people needing to step up their game. He says it is just going to get harder.  JC doesn't want to go out there, because of the mood he is in (hungry, crampy, sleepy).  He doesn't want to spend the whole day in the corner.  Brett says he is hungry, JC laughs.  JC says he woke up with his stomach burning.  He then goes over the different stages of hungriness. 


(I am out)

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11:03AM BBT BB continues to tell JC and Brett to get up. In the KT, Sam has asked Hayleigh to tell a story to her about when Hayleigh was little. Hayleigh telling the story of her first horse.


11:11AM BBT Same and Hayleigh continue to tell horse stories in the KT. Tyler listening. BB telling JC to get up. Fessy took a shower.


11:14AM BBT Kaycee goes to JC to wake him up. They talk about his meds making him tired. They talk about him stopping his meds to feels better. Kaycee tells him to lay there but with his eyes open.


11:16AM BBT Hayleigh and Tyler talk in the WCA.Hayleigh asks him if he spoke with her. She says Angela is putting her up. She tells him that she isn't the best person to be a pawn. She says she trusts them but she isn't comfortable with it.



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11:31AM BBT HG are talking about handlers and production people. BB is telling them to stop. They continue. Brett and JC are chatting in the BR. General chat.


11:36AM BBT In the KT, Hayleigh  is telling Fessy and Tyler about her drivers test. She talked about how she parallel parked her Hummer perfectly but couldn't remember if she could turn right on a red so they sat there for the entire red light.


11:42AM BBT Hayleigh talks about her family and cars. She says her Dad goes through two trucks a year. Her dad wants her to get a new car. She says she told her dad there is no need for a new car because hers is paid off.


 11:43AM BBT Fessy is in HOH BR. He is asking Angela what she is going to do. She tells Fessy she thinks Hayleigh is going up as a pawn. He asks her if Hayleigh is next to Sam will Sam go home. Angela says Sam will go home. She says that if she doesn't put up Hayleigh people will be suspicious of her. Fessy says he understands.


11:48AM BBT Angela is letting Fessy talk and bring up Sam is going up. Angela is not giving him anything other then Hayleigh gong up as a pawn. Angela says that she hopes there isn't a battle back. They discuss Scottie and that he is a good competitor. Fessy said he was but that anyone could have won the comps Scottie won.


11:54AM BBT Angela tells Fessy that she can't tell him who she is nominating but it isn't looking good for Hayleigh. He is still talking to her. He says that people give their word it can change. He says no one has loyalty. People jump ship. Angela just keeps saying uh huh.

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11:40 am BBT  Fessy is in the HOH room, talking while Angela is curling her hair.  She said she thinks Haleigh will be put up as a pawn.  She said if she doesn't, people will start to question why since Haleigh put her up.  Fessy asked what are Sam's thoughts?  Angela asks if Sam even has any thoughts anymore.  Angela said it should be an easy week.  Fessy said that is why he put Scottie up, but not Sam.  He was afraid Scottie would stay.  Angela said they are fine unless there is a jury battle back.  Angela is talking about Scottie coming back would be so difficult.  Fessy doesn't think so, he doesn't think Scottie was that good.  Angela said he was good at comps as well as a social player.  Brett wonders if Brett would take Sam off.  Angela doesn't think so.  Fessy doesn't think Sam will win a veto.  Fessy is afraid of Haleigh going home if she is up against Sam.  Angela said she is just about out of options.  She isn't going to put her own game in jeopardy just to make Haleigh feel good.  Angela said she can't say who she is putting up, as it is against the rules, but the keep talking about WHY she would put Haleigh up.  Fessy is reiterating the agreement with Tyler and Angela.  He talks about people that never win anything, and not on the block, wanting them to go after each other, and they just go ahead.  (that is only JC) Fessy said people jump ship to whoever has the power.  He says they have payback power, becuase he didn't put her or Tyler up.  Fessy wants to make it to the top 4, and them working together is the best way to accomplish that.  (Fessy is really pushing top 4, top 4, get rid of floaters)


Now I am really out....gotta get busy

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12:04PM BBT Tyler and Kaycee talk in the HNBR. Tyler tells her Hayleigh talked to him this morning about what will be happening. Kaycee says Angela will play it well. Tyler tells her how Fessy and Hayleigh told him that the four of them are the only ones who won comps.


12:06PM BBT Hayleigh says that the four of them (Angela, Tyler, Fessy and her) are solid. Angela doesn't say a word. Fessy talks about how he built relationships in the house. Fessy says that he noticed when he was HOH that you have to set yourself up for the next HOH.



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12:08 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Haleigh, Fessy and Angela in the HoH. Fessy and Haleigh are discussing their alliance of 4 which includes Tyler. Meanwhile Feeds 3 and 4 show Kaycee and Tyler in the HN Room. They are discussing that Haleigh is going to go after Sam. And Sam is not going after them (Tyler and Kaycee). 


12:15 PM BBT Kaycee and Tyler have joined Haleigh, Angela and Fessy in the HoH. They tried to sneak up to the door and scare Angela when she answered, but Haleigh saw them on the camera and warned her. Tyler then goes up to the camera in the hallway and puts on a brief hand puppet show for them.  


12:22 PM BBT In the HoH Kaycee is listening to Angela's music which sparks a conversation on country music. Brett explains to Angela that Achy Breaky Heart was sung by Billy Ray Cyrus who is Miley Cyrus' dad. Hannah Montana's dad. Frequent WBRB as they keep singing. Meanwhile Sam is in the WA doing her hair while she talks to herself about what her family may be doing at home. 


12:27 PM BBT Brett, Tyler, Kaycee, Haleigh and Fessy are all in the HoH. They are discussing yesterday's HoH. They describe it as a mess. Brett accuses Haleigh of false starting. They probably agree it was screwed up for the live show. Brett says they kept screwing it up because they wouldn't stop talking to production. Angela is downstairs. Sam tells her that she is not avoiding them all, she is just trying to see how her hair is going to do since it was cut. 

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12:35 PM BBT Brett and Angela are in the KT. He tells her about JC complaining about being hungry. He went into detail about the different stages of hunger. He was cussing and saying that he is so hungry he can't even eat and that his stomach hurts. Angela "I don't think JC has been uncomfortable his entire life." 


12:43 PM BBT Sam, JC and Fessy are in the KT. JC says that it is grocery day so BB should be able to save some money on groceries because there are only 5 people eating the groceries right now. He says that is why BB does HN's, to save on groceries. JC and Sam how BB is international. Even Croatia has their own version of BB. 


12:47 PM BBT Brett and Fessy are talking in the WA. Fessy says that the house needs to keep working together and making house moves. It is how they go from 8 to 7. Fessy wants to make sure that Brett is on board with the target being Sam. Brett says that he is on board. 


12:50 PM BBT Brett is in the WA. Fessy is talking to Sam. He tells her that he needs a haircut. Sam "Well, stop getting your hair wet and flicking it all over the mirror and maybe the hair dresser will give you a hair cut." He gives her a hug and she says she is glad it is a dry hands hug. Fessy then says he has to go. He was called to the DR 30 minutes ago. Fessy leaves and she explains that Fessy dries his hands on her shirt just to drive her crazy. Fessy is called to the DR. Sam "Fessy, go to the DR!"


12:58 PM BBT Sam is still doing her hair in the WA. Fessy is with her. Sam describes a night when she was scared to death she was going to be arrested because she was drunk, 18 and passed out in a car. Fessy says he has never been arrested either and with all the parties he attended, it's a miracle he wasn't arrested. The parties were wild with broken stuff and angry neighbors. 

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1:05 PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show JC and Angela in the lounge. Angela tells him that she is going to say in her speech that they (Haleigh and Fessy) waited until day 67 to come to her for a deal and that is only because Fessy can't compete for HoH and they expect it's a double eviction. A day late and a dollar short. He is guilty by his association to Haleigh. 


1:09 PM BBT Angela is talking to JC about her concerns if she sends either Fessy or Haleigh home, what happens if they win the next HoH. JC tells Angela that it is still a good plan. If they targets Fessy and he goes home, then that leaves Haleigh as a big target in the house. If someone like Sam wins, Haleigh goes home next. Even if Haleigh or Fessy win and put up Angela, they have the numbers. 


1:12 PM BBT Angela tells JC that Sam has promised to never put her up. JC "She is a smart cookie. Do not underestimate her. She can be acting all crazy but that makes her look non-threatening. She is a very smart cookie." 


1:15 PM BBT JC and Angela discuss HNs. Angela says Kaycee has only been on it once. She may have them do rock, paper, scissors for it. However those just coming off will not be asked to be on slop again. 


1:19 PM BBT Angela and Haleigh are now alone in the HoH. Angela says she wants to just be with her thoughts so that she can work out what she wants to say. Haleigh does not accept the not so subtle hint to leave the HoH room. Haleigh says she just wants to talk to Angela alone because they haven't had a chance to talk alone because she is such a hot commodity right now. Haleigh asks her if she wants to bounce any thoughts off of her. Angela declines the offer saying she just wants to think. Haleigh "have you talked to Sam at all?" Angela "Not at all." Sam "Think she is going to lose her sh*t?" Angela: crickets. 


Awkward Silence.jpg


1:22 PM BBT Haleigh, finally accepting that Angela is not going to talk game to her right now, tells her that at the end of the day she just wants Angela to know that she can trust her. She leaves Angela to her thoughts and after the door closes Angela says "thank God". 


1:25 PM BBT Kaycee has joined Angela in the HoH. Angela explains her conversations with Haleigh and Fessy today. "They actually think that Tyler and I are going to work with them. They actually think we are working together to the final 4." Angela says that "if history had repeated itself, Haleigh would put me up again. They wait until day 60 something after putting me on the block? Unreal." 

Kaycee Angela.jpg

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1:19PM BBT:  Haleigh burst into the HOH room to talk to Angela and tells her she's sorry for being up in the HOH room so much she just wanted to talk to her.  Haleigh tells her she knows everyone keeps staying up in the HOH room.  Angela says yea she just likes to be alone.  Haleigh doesn't take the hint and stays on the bed.  Haleigh says that she saw JC and Angela talking just now and hinted that she wanted to know what it was about but Angela doesn't tell her anything about it.  Silence for a few seconds.  Haleigh asks Angela if she wants to bounce anything off of her (Angela's thought on who to nominate) Angela says she's just thinking about her speech.  Haleigh still just sits there.  Haleigh asks if Angela has talked to Sam yet.  Angela says no but she thinks Sam will lose her s**t.  More  silence then Haleigh makes herself comfortable and lays on the HOH bed next to Angela and says, "don't stress about it."

Haleigh: above all of it though, i just want you to know that you can trust me. i know that's hard to understand.

Angela: thank you

Haleigh:  i'll leave you alone w/ your thoughts.

Angela: thank you

when haleigh leaves, angela looks at the camera and shakes her head and looks to be annoyed.

Kaycee comes into the HOH room and she's laughing, "they make the announcement and then Haleigh immediately follows you to the HOH room."

Angela: Haleigh says, 'i want you to know that you can trust me.' like get the F out of here. 

Angela tells Kaycee that she was hoping someone would come save her from the convos with Haleigh and Fessy.  Angela: "they (Haleigh and Fessy) literally think that tyler and i are going to work with them.  they took the speculation about the double eviction and have turned it into an alliance.  i'm just going to say in my speech- a day late and a dollar short."

1:27PM BBT:  Angela tells Kaycee her speech will explain to fessy and Haleigh that they're deal they tried to offer does nothing for Angela.  and that Angela is has been loyal to the people she's been loyal to and that's it.  She thinks history would have repeated itself if Haleigh or Fessy would have won HOH.

Kaycee and Angela can't believe how stupid Fessy and Haleigh are for thinking they can offer a final 4 this far along after just recently nominating them.

1:29PM BBT:  Tyler goes into the HOH room, Kaycee tries to scare him and we get WBRB then clips from old episodes.

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