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  1. 10:37 am BBT: sam in kt cutting cantaloupe melons. Haleigh getting coffee. Fessy in bed in pbr then walks through kitchen. Sam tells Fessy whatever is on his neck looks like a massive Hickey. Fessy heads to br to wash it off.
  2. 9:19am BBT: hoh room has lights on. Fessy alone in bed. Looks like he fell asleep staring at his family picture.
  3. 10:52 am BBT: Kaycee and Fessy in hoh room. Fessy in tub. Talking about loyalty in the game. Fessy wants the house unified in their vote so next week the vote is easy as well. Kaycee says she understands he must be upset because people were lying to his face. Sam and Brett in the joined bedroom. Sam is cleaning around jc who is still sleeping. Talking about music.
  4. 10:17 am BBT: WBRB 10:27 BBT 2 cameras on Kaycee in bathroom. ADLs Other cameras in hoh room - no movement.
  5. 8:43 am BBT: Lights off, all hgs still in bed. Scottie and haleigh in hoh bed.
  6. 7:17 pm BBT: Rockstar in pbr and Kaycee in bbr with the wall open. Rockstar giving Kaycee advice for packing. Rockstar packs early so she can walk around house to look for her items she didn't know were missing. She also packs something comfortable (flip flops) because she isn't sure where they go after they leave the house. Kaycee keeps saying "okay, thanks. Oh, yeah?" All other hgs in kitchen - some eating the sauce with meatballs and beef hotdogs that JC made. 7:23 pm BBT: fessy in (narrow room with the weird yellow wall that they write things on with the couches along every wall... whatever that room is called) alone doing ab exercises on the floor and squats. JC in kitchen, just put away leftovers. Angela sweeping the kt floor. Rockstar and sam in hoh room. Sam in the shower as Rockstar paces complaining that Tyler was busy all day and when she confronted him he said he was doing one-on-ones all day. Sam asks why that's a big deal and Rockstar lists the people he talked to (Kaycee, Angela...) Says Tyler is campaigning for "her" (Kaycee) to stay. Sam says she didn't know that.
  7. 6:31 pm BBT: Rockstar packing her clothes in the pbr while haleigh and Sam watch/chat/pick out clothing of hers to borrow to wear tomorrow night. Fessy laying on bed behind haleigh.
  8. 9:15 am BBT: lights still off. No cameras in hoh, all hgs asleep. Fessy sleeping alone.
  9. 11:55 BBT: Haleigh and Scottie in hoh laying in bed discussing next week. “Let’s win hoh then...”
  10. 9:03 bbt: feeds are back B.B. alerts houseguests to fresh batteries in SR. Looks like Fessy has moved to a bed in the pbr
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