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Thursday, August 2, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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8:50 am BBT  Sam is now up, goes to the WA, then to KT for some coffee.  JC comes in.  He is talking to Sam in the KT as she makes her coffee, but he is carrying his mic, hard to hear him.  JC starts talking game.  Said "they" are expecting the vote to be unanimous to vote out Brett, but it is not.  Sam asked if it is unanimous for Rachel to go, JC said no.  It is him, Sam, Tyler, Kaycee and Angela voting out Rachel.  He said there is going to be some shit going down.  They stop whispering, and talk normal voice about the comp, and if it is memory, Sam thinks it will be her or Scottie. JC said he hopes it is her.  She said you never know what it will be. JC goes back to bed. Sam gets called to the DR.  It startled her.  She finishes making her cup of coffee and takes it with her to the DR.

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9:51 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Sam and Bayleigh are hugging in the KT.  Can't hear what they are saying, as their mics are covered.  They talk about a song played this morning, and how Fessy came bouncing into the KT dancing.  Fessy goes by and they say good morning.  Sam is still working on her crafts at the table.  Brett now in the KT  They talk about not sleeping much last night.  Brett said he got called into the DR, and had trouble going back to sleep.  Sam said he was up with her when she couldn't sleep.  He said once he fell asleep he was fine.

Brett found a container of candy that is infested with ants.  Sam said that was Angel's granny's cookies.  Brett said the seal wasn't tight on the container.  Sam takes it to the back door, slides it open, slides up the metal door a little and dumps the candy out there.  She said to enjoy it. 


Feeds switch to Haleigh in the HOH room.  She is training HARD for the comp.  She is going over hats, clothes, what people are wearing and holding in the video/posters they were shown yesterday to prepare for tonight's HOH competition.  She is very detailed!

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10:08 am BBT  Kaycee is in the WA, putting her hair back up and washing her face.  Rachel gets out of the shower, and Kaysee said it is almost over.  Rachel agrees.  Kaycee starts going over the order of the poster/videos, but only the order, which she isn't doing well at.  Rachel gets called for not having on her mic, Kaycee scoots out saying she is going to get some coffee.  Brett is in the KT, and Kaycee says good morning to him.  Rachel is looking to see what is going on when the feeds switch.  Brett is going to make some potatoes, Kaycee is going to help him cut them up.  They find a bunch of ants on the counter.  Sam is distressed about the ants.  She found an entire trail of them on the counter.  Sam is cleaning up the ants while Brett and Kaycee work on the food.

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9:51am BBT After wake up call Sam and Bayleigh are hugging at the table. Fessy is walking thru the WA. Sam is working on  a dream catcher.


9:56am BBT Brett finds a container of candy wasn't sealed tight last night and its ant infested. Sam takes it, opens the slider and sets it outside the door. (they are IDLD so we can see the curtain that down outside door) She tells production to not eat those!


10:01am BBT Haleigh/Bayleigh studying in HOH. In WA Rachel (from the shower) tells Kaycee they need to go over stuff today. BB says "HG" (interrupting Hayleigh, she waits a sec and then starts talking again) BB: "there are fresh batteries in the SR" (interrupting her again) She waits....asks if they are done....She starts talking...BB: "Thank you." She glares at the cam. 




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10:18am BBT More ants!! Sam is back to the war on ants. she is throwing things way and  carefully spraying with Raid. Brett and Bayleigh are making breakfast. WBRB


10:29am BBT BB still trying to get them out of bed. General chit chat...Haleigh likes Red Hot Chili Peppers. Rockstar thanks Brett for making breakfast. 


10:43am BBT Angela is called to SR. In KT Angela says oh my contacts are in. In HOH Bayleigh/Rockstar say that was a strange request...very strange request.


10:55am BBT BB trying to get Fessy and JC out of bed. Tyler and Rachel studying in WA.


11:30am BBT we have past season reels. 









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3:02 pm BBT- Scottie, Hayleigh and Tyler sitting and sprawled out on sofa on landing near HOHR door. Silent. Appear to be sleeping. 


Rock star and Fessy in kitchen. Rockstar telling Fessy how to prepare something he is microwaving to eat. 


Can hear others talking in background- (JC)  no one else on cameras. Rachel called out by BB to put on her microphone. 

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3:07 pm BBT- Rock Star and Fessy join the group on the landing outside HOHR door. Tyler silent and ?pretending to still sleep. Whispering by Scottie and Hayleigh and Rockstar- studying events and numbers from the season. Fessy sitting in chair observing and eating. 

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07:20PM BBT Feeds are back up.  Rockstar is sitting in the PBR trying to figure out what just happened.  Angela is cooking with Haleigh in the KT. Fessy and JC are talking about the vote.


07:26PM BBT Rockstar is crying in the storage room telling herself that she's so stupid.




07:28PM BBT Sam tells Brett and Ang that she's so confused.  Ang tells her that they had to do what it took.


07:30PM BBT Sam tells Angela that Haleigh will be so far up her asshole that she'll be able to taste what she eats, so she won't be around her much.


07:36PM BBT Tyler and Kaycee celebrate in the Jenga lounge.  JC joins them and the silent celebration continues.  




08:03PM BBT Rockstar tells Tyler that she's mathtarded, don't do math, has a math disability, doesn't understand numbers.   But she's good with words. 


08:06PM BBT Scottie tells JC in the SR that he doesn't understand the vote.  He assumes that he'll be going up on the block.


08:07PM BBT JC says that when he cries, he goes off into the corner by himself.  With others, they do it in the KT.


08:09PM BBT JC tells Scottie in the SR that he's not sure if Brett and Rockstar are super enemies or super friends.


08:11PM BBT Fessy and Brent talk in the HN room about Rachel's eviction.  Brett tells him that he has no clue what happened because Rachel lived up in the HOHR, so he's surprised.


08:15PM BBT Scottie talks to the camera in the SR that he has no idea going on, and that he loves it!




08:19PM BBT Rockstar tells Scottie in the SR that she has gotten the vote wrong FOUR times, and how could this be?




08:37PM BBT Feeds are currently on previous seasons.


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08:44PM BBT Bay tries to explain her power to Sam, who appears to play dumb and believe her.  Bay is annoyed that Brett brought her power to light.


08:45PM BBT Bay says she feels like she just got morally screwed in her butt.  Sam tells her that she's fine, that there's no control now, and she likes it.  


08:52PM BBT Haleigh tells the other that they now need to think about this power and how it works.  


08:48PM BBT In the HN room, Haleigh clears up the Maneater comment with JC, Scottie and Fessy.  Rockstar explains further that it's no reason to flip a vote. [?]


08:54PM BBT Angela is curling her hair in the WA while KC sits on the couch and talks with her.  Ang says that she thought that Scottie would win.  They're happy that there's no battle back.


09:02PM BBT Haleigh and Brett hug in the SR.  She tells him that they can't make out because people are paying way too much attention.  She leaves the SR and Brett does a happy dance.

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BB Time 9:17pm


Angela and Brett in Have Not Room


Angela and Brett are talking about the competition. Brett says their kids need to inherit her brains, but he will wait until after the show. They are trying to figure out what Baleigh can do with her power, is it just for nominations, or can it be used for the replacement. Angela says they need to back door Baleigh this week, Brett says if Angela puts him and Baleigh up together she would have to pull both of them down. Angela says it is too risky because they aren't sure how it can be used.


They are talking about the extra vote to evict Rachel, Brett says people are bouncing all around trying to figure it out. He is amused that Rock Star is crying. He also says Baleigh admitted telling Faysal and Rachel about the power, during a conversation shortly afterward Faysal denied to Brett that he know. He also called Baleigh out for not telling him. He says he called her “honey” and she yelled at him to never call her that again. They go back to the vote, and they want to make sure JC is not discovered. Brett is worried that Baleigh will use the power, but Angela says Baleigh won't use it to save another person, she would only use it to save herself. Brett thinks the power forces her to use the power to put up two people, but cannot be used for only one person. Angela says she thinks Baleigh will not use it this week, she will save it for next week, there is always a back door possible.


Angela tells Brett about her goodbye message to Rachel, and Brett shares his.


Fish for a few seconds, then returns


Angela is going to tell Baleigh that Rachel made a final two with her and Kaycee on the same day, using that as an excuse for her vote.


Kaycee and JC come into the Have Not Room


JC: They think that it is Scottie.


I couldn't understand exactly what he said, but it seems Haleigh is mad at Rock Star because Rock Star said Haleigh voted against Rachel. Rock Star is crying. JC tells Angela how happy he is that she won HOH. They are all laughing about the reaction that Brett was saved, JC says he felt sad for Rachel, but it was a funny moment. (Bretts speech). JC leaves.


Angela: I did not understand any of that.


Brett explains that the other side is imploding because they are all blaming each other voted against Rachel. Brett says it is doing exactly what it was meant to do.


Angela says she is thinking of putting Scottie and Rock Star up, hoping Baleigh will be happy with that and not use her power. Brett is glad she is not putting him up. Brett says he is glad Rachel is not in jury, and Angela agrees.


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BB Time 9:38pm


Tyler and Baleigh


Tyler is encouraging Baleigh not to use her power on this HOH, especially if Rock Star is nominated. Baleigh is mad at Rachel for screwing up her game on the way out, she says she is glad she is gone. Tyler tells her to make sure Angela is not going to put her up, she agrees that she should talk to Brett, but she doesn't know what to say. Tyler repeats that she should make sure she is not going up, and if she is, she should use the power. Tyler is gently trying to pry more info about the power from her. Baleigh finally tells Tyler it is good until there are 8 people, he agrees to not tell anyone. (Granny chuckles—this young man is good!!).


Tyler: This s**t is crazy.


More Rachel talk...


Tyler: then stormed off like a victim, and messed up your game too.


They are talking about Tyler not using the veto and how Rachel reaction was too it. Baleigh says she was thinking when Rachel was talking:

Your time's up anyway.” Tyler tells her to be cool with everybody, Baleigh is worried they will put her up because of a power they know nothing about. She has not talked to Faysal, she is worried he will expect her to use it on him.


Tyler: You can't do that.


Baleigh is going to try to figure out where she fits in, Tyler tells her to stand by Rachel talking herself onto the block. He tells her to see what Angela has to say, and to tell Brett she understands he was trying to save himself. Tyler tells her he will think more and let her know before she says anything, and Baleigh says she needs his help.


Camera 1 9:48pm


JC and Angela in the Have Not Room


JC is talking to her about their status in the house with the other guests. JC says her idea of Rock Star and Scottie on the block is a good one. JC says if she wants to get rid of Baleigh, it would be best to not put her up. JC says he would worry that no one would bring either of them down and that would ruin a back door, he wonders if Haleigh and Rock Star would be better because Faysal would use a veto on her. JC says it is beneficial to get Baleigh out, but putting Scottie up could cause him to retaliate against her next week if he wins.



Camera 4



Baleigh and Haleigh are talking about Rachel telling about Baleigh's power. Haleigh says if she would have kept her mouth shut she would still be here. Baleigh tells her that she can replace the noms before they are named, that it expires. (she doesn't say when, but she did tell Tyler when) Haleigh is really upset about the “man eaters alliance” being called out, but she thinks they can still do it, there are 5 guys and 6 girls. Haleigh says the power could be useful, she is going over scenarios where people are at odds in the house that will work to their (her) advantage .


Camera changes to sky walk where Brett and Tyler are whispering. (unable to hear, but they are smiling)

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BB Time 10:03pm


Angela and Kaycee


Angela is telling Kaycee that she is planning to put Scottie up with a pawn with the idea in mind that she will back door Baleigh so her power will go out the door with her. Angela tells Kaycee that she was to be the replacement nomination this week, Kaycee wants to know what Angela will tell him, and Angela has a public story for him, but he will know. Kaycee says if she does that Scottie won't really trust them (his side of the house) because he will realize that people have said his name to her. Kaycee tells Angela that Rock Star is trying to find the flipped vote. Angela thinks Baleigh is using her brain on that side, and Faysal is the muscle, that Scottie and Rock Star are just there, so they need to split up. Angela is not bother by sending Scottie home if nominations stay the same, she is equally good with Faysal or Baleigh going home, but prefers Baleigh.


Angela might agree to put up who Baleigh wants in return for not being put up next week. She plans to talk about next week so that Baleigh doesn't pick up on a back door plan. (They have mentioned the “hacker” several times, so they are aware that it could change nominations)

When they talk about it, we get FISH.



Faysal and Baleigh


Faysal says he called Scottie out, wanted to know if it was his vote that flipped. Scottie denied, said he went with the plan. Faysal knows for sure JC did not vote for Rachel to leave. (he did). They are talking about Rock Star coming into the game and not be loyal, and Faysal is questioning her vote as well. Baleigh seems stumped. Baleigh wants to talk to Angela and see who is going up. Baleigh refuses to take the blame, that Faysal doesn't have to take any blame. (there must be a hacker comp, since Faysal says he is/wants to play in it). Faysal says things are going to get crazy regardless, there will be nomination changes unless one of the other side wins it. Faysal plans to talk to Angela so she will not put him up, but Baleigh thinks Angela will put Scottie up.


Baleigh: Don t tell anyone you will go on the f***ng block, that's what got Rachel's f***ng arse on the block!


Faysal is rehearsing the speech he will give Angela.


Faysal: with this hacker comp I have two chances to...I have a good chance to win. It's anonymous so you don't get blood on your hands.(these are the things he is rehearsing for Angela)


we get FISH


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BB Time 10:29pm


Angela and Rock Star are talking about her targets, Angela tells Rock Star she has no real targets in the house. She is telling Rock Star that she would rather try to back door someone with a power. Rock Star says the hacker might change veto to cause problems for the HOH and not really care about either nominee. They have no idea what kind of a competition is. Angela says she will put up someone she does not want to go home. Angela says if someone goes up this week, they will probably come down because there are so many variables.


Angela tells Rock Star she will not put up a close friend, Rock Star says she hopes it is not her, but Angela does not respond, she changes the subject and goes on without validation. Rock Star is worried about who the hacker will be, and hopes she is not in the running, Angela still deflects, tells her “I know you are not coming for me.” Rock Star agrees, then Angela starts talking about the competition they had today and Rock Star allows the diversion and tells Angela what her strategy was.


Rock Star: At least you're safe.

Angela: This is the only thing that keeps you safe (she lifts the hoh key)


Rock Star says again she is hoping to not be on the block, and Angela deflects (This young lady is really really good at shifting a conversation)


Rock Star encourages her to make the best move possible. Rock Star tells her again she hopes she won't be nominated, Angela hugs her and tells her to send in someone else.



Baleigh comes into the have not room for a talk with Angela. Baleigh gives her a pep talk about being HOH. Baleigh is upset that Rachel told other people about the power. Baleigh tells Angela she had every right to vote Rachel out.


The door opens and there is a house meeting called by Sam.


All the house guests are in the kitchen. Sam says “we are officially a jury!” Sam says everyone is really worked up about what has happened, she says her word is good, she will not lie, and is here for everybody. She tells them they can plan that someone will use it, or they can allow Sam to win it. They can give her the win and she will not use it, so technically it will not exist.


JC says if he has the opportunity to have two chances to get off the block he wants it.


Sam says it does not ensure safety. She repeats a vow that she will not use it. The hacker has to take a vote out, and choose a veto player. She is willing to not vote, and will just stand there during the veto. She tells them that they are all the jury now, so they can do it, she tells them that they can control the game again. She says that will avoid chaos. Rock Star says that will give Sam control, but Sam says it will give the house control. Sam tells them it set up to pit them against one another. Sam tells them there are two hacker comps, one this week one next week. She repeats her promise to get it, not change nominations, and not play the veto (by standing there). She says that allows everyone gets to keep playing. She says they are all guaranteed jury now.


JC wants to know if they trust the two people who are nominated to be honest in this. Rock Star says there are people who have lied in our faces, someone could agree, then do it anyway. Sam tells them they are all part of each other's future, they can play on as normal, she will technically be out of the house for two weeks. They have decided to do an anonymous vote. They give everyone a piece of cereal and an M&M. They will put an M&M is an agreement to do as Sam suggests, if they put a piece of cereal in the cup, they do not agree. Majority wins. Sam shows them the empty cup, she will not vote. They are putting foil over the cup to hide the previous votes. Sam tells them to take this serious, this is a way to make it like it never happened.


Rock Star says this is not about trusting Sam, it is about trusting everyone else in the house. Haleigh says if someone goes against their word after the vote they will not know who lied. Sam says it is shifty eyed now already, so they either all agree or not.


Rock Star shuts it down by saying she does not trust the people in the house, JC doesn't like the idea of shutting down.


Sam agrees that Angela is right, it is too tempting to cheat.


Camera goes to geometry room


JC, Faysal, Haleigh Baleigh Brett are laughing about Sam's idea, Haleigh says she was going to replace all the cereal with M&M. Faysal says that would make Sam safe for two weeks. JC thinks Sam would not throw a competition. They are talking about how hard it was not to laugh, JC is comical.


People are coming and going in the room so conversation is eclectic:


Faysal: This week will be f***ng insane. I am just glad I am here.

Brett: none of you have even been on the block.

Faysal: if you are on the block, the guy who is not on the block can send you home.

Faysal: we are not playing the game for fun we are playing for 500k. It makes sense that if you win that comp ….but it doubles your chance. It makes sense that if you win it....


There is more conversation about Sam's offer, and Angela says she is just going to put two people up, and that's it.


Faysal: on your HOH your BFF could potentially go home.

JC: but you control the veto? They take the person off, you put them back on if you win veto.


Faysal says this would be a possible way to back door someone. Angela says that if you are on the block and you have the chance to save yourself, I cant think you would throw it. They are surprised they were told they made jury. Conversation slows.

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BB Time 11:46pm


Baleigh and Rock Star


are going to continue a conversation they started earlier. Baleigh walked out on it, and Rock Star came to find her and continue.


Baleigh starts in on Rock Star, telling her she is conniving and she is not authentic, that she takes pleasure in receiving pity from her tears. Baleigh is very harsh with her. Rock Star is trying to tell her that she is telling her the truth. Baleigh wants to know who voted Rachel out (Baleigh has been telling people she doesn't care that Rachel was sent out) Rock Star is telling her she is being honest, and she was embarrassed by Brett on her daughter's birthday. Baleigh says Bret said Rock Star had a one' on one with Brett, Rock Star gets up to go get him, and Baleigh stops her, telling her she is done with it. (seemed to be odd that she was adamant, then backtracked). Baleigh says she was never included in plans until she was in the HOH. Rock Star says that is not true, the two of them have shared and talked about the game. Rock Star does not trust any of them, she has no idea how this happened. Baleigh insists that Rock Star and Scottie are master minds, she doesn't want to know. Rock Star says when you watch the show back outside of here, I want us to be friends, you will see I am telling you the truth. Baleigh says she has never come after Rock Star, she doesn't understand how people could lie.


Haleigh comes into the room, she says six people have told her (Haleigh) that Rock Star and Brett have a secret alliance. Rock Star tells her that she (Haleigh) lays on his lap all the time.

Rock Star:Tyler and Brett were hugging and laughing on the couch, it could have been Scottie.

Haleigh insists that Rock Star and Brett could have made a secret alliance two weeks ago, Haleigh says Brett and Rock Star were in the have not room, Rock Star stops her geometry room/have not room??? Baleigh quickly corrects Haleigh—Geometry room... Rock Star says all she said to him was that she would like to be in the jury, she adds that she called herself she was an adviser but he never asked for advice. Rock Star says he never approached me this week and I was afraid he was going after me again. She says she wanted Brett out of this f***ng house.


They say a vote was flipped every single week in the house, Haleigh says that Kaitlyn flipped to keep Brett. Rock Star says she has not lied in this game, she says she did not question Haleigh. Baleigh says we all questioned each other, lets keep this honest. JC's name comes up.


Faysal comes in.


The girls ask him if JC, Brett and Faysal had a nice conversation.


Camera moves to peg wall.........

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12:03am HOH room is open


Everyone follows Angela in, they are looking at her pictures and a basket of snacks, everyone is looking at the photos, they are impressed with how tall Angela's father is, the photo was taken in the Bahamas on her first trip. Lots of chatter, and questions flying around. Haleigh has a picture, pretends to look at it, then gives Tyler a sneaky peek....He doesn't see it. She got sushi, brussel sprouts, sunglasses


she reads her letter, she stops a few times and breathes, but is very composed. (granny is proud!)


she also got wine, cinnamon toast, a Hilton Head sweatshirt/hood thing that zips. She opens a box from POP TV –it is cookies.


When she sees pancake mix she lifts it up to Sam. (I thought that was sweet). She got black shorts, lots of snacks, she hold them up and says she is going to get fat this week. She gets a few toiletries, but puts them down to pick up the snacks. She gets donut cereal, Sam says you can only find it in convenience stores in small packages. --captain donut crunch-- Angela finds chocolate and shares it with the others, Tyler is eating the cereal, he looks a little sheepish and closes the box. Peanut butter and chocolate pop tarts show up, and fingernail polish that Haleigh commandeers.


(I was wondering, does BB let 78 year old ladies in the game???because I reallly want that basket)


Rock Star looks tense, Haleigh looks excited for the wine. Baleigh puts her cup out first, they are all sharing a cup. Sam tells Angela she is leaving to go downstairs, hugs Angela and congratulates her. Haleigh also leaves the HOH room after saying good night, Faysal follows, Rock Star also leaves. Angela wants to set up one on ones, Sam tells her she will talk if she wants, but Angela knows where her head is. Tyler Scottie Baleigh and Angela are still in the room, but Scottie takes his leave, Tyler right behind him.


Angela and Baleigh are alone in the room, Baleigh settles in.


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BB Time 12:03


Angela mentions Baleigh's app, and Baleigh says she has to use the app before the nominations, she says it is not as big a deal as it sounds.

She cannot change them after nominations. Angela says she is not nominating Baleigh, and Baleigh thanks her. Baleigh is upset that Rachel tried to make her look bad in Angela's eyes. Angela says she can trust Baleigh more than Rachel, Baleigh says her game is not to give out information. If the power had been anonymous no one would have known she used it. They talk about the hacker, Baleigh will tell Angela she has it so they can decide what to do. Angela says she is not putting up Faysal either, and Baleigh is very happy with that. Baleigh adds that Rachel dug her own grave, while Angela repeats she is putting up people who said her name. They continue the back slapping.


Angela tells Baleigh she wants her to win the game and be the first black woman to win the game.

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