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Monday, July 16 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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9:27am BBt  Haleigh was reading in the WA, very sleepily, with Kaitlyn and Rockstar.  Fessy was on the LR couch.  She finished.  Kaitlyn and Rockstar brushing their teeth, Fess in WA as is Haleigh.  BB told all of them to put on their mics, and get fresh batteries from the SR


9:32 am BBT  We have FoTH


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9:50 am BBT  JC and Rachel talking in bed, lights are still off.  They are talking about keeping Brett and getting rid of Winston.  JC hates to get rid of Winston, but he has to think of his game. Rachel asks what if someone asks what he is doing.  He is going to tell them it is his vote, and he doesn't know.  Rachel said what if they want to split the vote.  He said no, he isn't telling anyone.  They said Kaitlyn has f*d her game.  JC said she likes Brett touching her, giving massages, etc.  They are looking forward to seeing Scottie

s face.  Rachel says there are so many people still left in the house.  Rachel is surprised they haven't yelled at them for not turning on the lights.  JC said in the beginning they were told to take their time.  BB says The bedroom lights must remain on during the day. They don't turn them on, so BB tells them again to turn on the lights.  Rachel said she is in her underwear, can JC do it.  He doesn't, so she gets up and turns om the lights.  He asked why she did that, she told him they (BB) told her too.  Rachel says if she was HOH she would never leave the room.  JC says he would sleep until 11:00 then go back to bed at 1:00.  BB calls Tyler, Brett, Angela and JC to put on their mics, and there are fresh batteries in the SR.  Rachel gets up and switches on the TV.  She gets back in bed, and tells JC that Brett should have won the Veto, and Kaitlyn should be on the block.  They hope the next comp is endurance.  JC said last week he couldn't do it, because he wasn't sleeping well in the HN room.  He is ready this week.

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 9:22am BBT: BB yells "To Read or Not To Read" Haleigh gets up to put on her costume to go read her book as the other Hg are sleeping. Haleigh takes her box and her book to the LVR and starts reading alone.

9:25am BBT: Faysal and Kaitlyn and Rockstar come to the LVR  wrapped in blankets to listen to Haleigh read.

 9:27am BBT: BB stops Haleigh from reading now, as she gets off the box she says she is almost on page 300. She then goes to the WA waiting for Rockstar to get out of the WC. Kaitlyn and Faysal in the WA doing ADL's.

 9:46am BBT: After FOTH we come back to Kaitlyn and Rockstar in the BY and kaitlyn working out with weights. In the HOHR Rachel and JC are awake in bed talking about Keeping Brett in the house this week. Rachel ask him if he is telling anyone how he is voting and he says No Way i am not telling anyone. Back in the BY Kaitlyn tells Rockstar and Haleigh that she knows what the powers are. They ask her really and she says yeah as she shakes her head.

9:58am BBT: BB telling some Hg to please put their mics on and that there is fresh batteries in the STR. Kaitlyn, and Bayleigh in the BY working out as Rockstar and Haleigh watch them and they talk about Brett and Winston and the argument lastnight, They talk about Scottie not trusting them.

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10:07 am BBT  Sam, Winston and Angela in the KT fixing something to eat.  Kaitlyn is back outside talking with Rockstar and Haleigh, while Bayleigh works out.  Kaitlyn said she still wants to talk with him, Rockstar said if that is what she wants, then she should do it.  Haleigh said if she gets HOH, she won't give up her room, you can stay up there with her, but she isn't giving it up.  Kaitlyn isn't sure if Scottie is up,  they tell her he slept with Kaycee, Kaitlyn saw her up, so she is going to see if she can find Scottie.  After she leaves Rockstar and Haleigh talk about evicting Brett.  Haleigh wishes he were gone today.  Rockstar said they should have gone as a group to Kaitln when she was HOH and told her she was making a big mistake.  They complain that Tyler was there for the one on ones (isn't that a 2 on 1?)  Rockstar said people should have listened to her.  FoTH

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10:33 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Kaitlyn is upstairs on couch, talking to Tyler, explaining AGAIN, why she put up Swaggy, how she has to stand up for herself, she feels validated, etc.   She starts whining that she needed to talk with him last night, but he went to bed.  He said she never came to get him.  Tyler says every single day she questions him, she said he questions her.  He said he questions her safety.  She says she was doing it to save people, not hurt people.  Tyler said he has been quiet because he is trying to figure a way to save her. He thinks she should stay quiet, she said she doesn't think so.  Kaitlyn is saying she is going to tell someone about Sam's power.  Tyler was amazed she would do that.  Kaitlyn is upset Tyler knew something and didn't tell her, he said it was only 10 minutes before, and she was in bed and with Bayleigh.  He didn't know Bayleigh told her.  He explains that everyone is trying to save themselves, she asked if that is ok with him, he said that is what everyone is doing.

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10:22 am BBT  Kaitlyn gets called to the DR.  She continues to talk with Tyler.  He tells her to say to his face she doesn't trust him, she said she isn't going to say that.  He tells her again, she said he knows why she has trust issues.  BB calls her again to the DR.  She continues to talk with Tyler.  Kaitlyn is whispering and still crying/whining to Tyler.  She gets called a third time to the DR.  She and Tyler continue talking.  Tyler says she doesn't understand how protective he is of her.  He said he knows it sucks, but this is how it has to be.Kaitlyn pulls the blanket up over both of them, and starts whispering.  We get FoTH

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10:28  Feeds are back.  Feeds 1&2 are on the KT, fixing food and discussing Hamlet (the book Haleigh has to read).  Feeds 3&4 are on the BY couches.  Angela says she has a tan line on her stomach.  Sam said she is going to get more coffee.  Angela said how much coffee can I drink? They go inside.  Cameras switch to Bayleigh , on the bike, and Kaycee talking.  Bayleigh said Kaitlyn is going to tell Scottie that she flipped the vote, and that Sam has a power that she will use on Kaitlyn if Scottie puts her up.  Kaycee said that won't happen.  Bayleigh asks why.  Kaycee backtracks and says this is the first she is hearing of this.  They both say they didn't know you could just give away the power.  Bayleigh said Kaitlyn just wants to come clean.  Bayleigh said Kaitlyn is upset with Tyler, because he didn't take her side last night, and didn't comfort her in her time of need.  Both of them agree that Tyler is in a tough place, and sorry for the poor kid.  We get intermittent FoTH.  Comes back to Kaycee and Bayleigh agreeing that Scottie will be pissed becuase he is all about honesty.  Haleigh comes out, so they switch to working out, being sore, and doing laundry.  They ask Haleigh about her reading, and she said she didn't have to do much last night, which is good.  She then explains the story so far. (of Hamlet)   Now talking about food.

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10:02am BBT: Rachel and JC get up and Rachel tells him to help make the bed, JC says no then Rachel tells him be a good friend and help, He tells her he hurts and she says me to as they start to make the bed. In the KT some hg are making breakfast and we get FOTH.

10:35am BBT: Winston and Brett in the HNR whispering very low, Bayleigh talking to Kaycee about working out her abs and how her legs and Abs will hurt after riding the bike. Haleigh on the hammock eating.

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10:38 am BBt.  Winston is drinking his coffee in the HN room, talking with Brett.  They said people are being real quiet about the powers. Brett said 3 people are being real quiet.  They hope someone pulls a rabbit out of a hat by Thursday.  Brett asks where everyone is. Some are outside, some in the KT.  Winston said he is only doing his own dishes.  He was cooking his breakfast, and people kept coming in asking what he was making, and if there was enough for them, too.  He said he was only cooking enough for himself, and is only going to do his own dishes, no matter how gross the KT gets.  He said he doesn't care. 

Now discussing Kaitlyn, and how she is walking around like she has power in the house.  She isn't HOH anymore.  More whispering about Kaitlyn.  Winston gets up to leave, and Brett said he needs to get some slop.  Brett asks about his hat, then complains he is sore today because of his chest workout yesterday being so intense.

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10:46 am BBT  Sam is brushing her teeth in the WA.  In the KT is Tyler, Winston, Bayleigh, Kaycee and Angela.  They remark how bad the KT looks.  People in and out, no real talking.  Different people washing out a cup or plate. Rachel makes coffee but forgets to put in a filter.  Winston giving her a hard time about it.  Just general chit chat about the day, doing hair, laying in the sun.  Winston is remaking the coffee. 



Gonna go, will be back later)

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11:20 am BBT  Scottie goes upstairs, talks with Kaitlyn and Tyler.  Kaitlyn says she needs to talk with Scottie in his room, she tells Tyler to stay there.  She goes into the HOH room with Scottie, and tells him her story about evicting Steve, how she HAD to use it, to save her group.  She said Sam had the power to put up someone who voted her out, and she had to protect them.  She said Sam will use her power on Kaitlyn, and this is her last week.  Kaitlyn keeps saying she had to do it, it wasn't her choice.  Then she had to put Swaggy up, for herself, not the other side.  Complaining about how JC got in her head, as did the Bros.  She tells Scottie about some of the other apps Sam could pick from.  Kaitlyn said she is 100% sure JC has a power app.  They just need to figure out who has the third one.  Kaitlyn said if Sam doesn't use the power this week, it is done.  Kaitlyn goes back to flipping the vote.  Scottie said he doesn't care about the vote.  Kaitlyn said Brett is going home this week.  She counts off the votes.  She said then next week Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar or Tyler win the HOH and the other will go home.  Kaitlyn state there is witchcraft in the house. They finally get done, and leave the HOH room.  Tyler isn't waiting for her on the couch, so she and Scottie go downstairs.  Kaitlyn starts calling for Tyler.  Scottie goes outside with Kaycee, says he is going to watch her work out, there isn't anything else to do.  He jokes that all of Kaycee cracked.  He decides to join her.

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11:39 am BBT  Kailtyn is with Rockstar in the PBR  BB tells Rockstar to put on her mic.  Kaitlyn said she told Scottie.  Kaitlyn wants to go upstairs to talk.  They go to talk in the HOH room.     They are in the HOH bathroom, Rockstar adjusting her bathing suit top, will Kaitlyn in in the toilet.  Kaitlyn said she talked with Tyler right before she spoke to Scottie.  She said she found out that Tyler was trying to do damage control for her.  Scottie comes up (he was briefly called to the DR)  Kaitlyn said she just told Rockstar that she she told him.  He said he just had to gt the Veto pendant, they asked if they are going to have the ceremony now, he said he just has to hang it on the board.  (should be pretty soon).  Now Kaitlyn rehashing the story she told Scottie.  She said she hates outing someone else's power but she had to.  Rockstar said Sam was asking people if someone had the power would she tell people.  Scottie gets called to the DR again.  Bayleigh comes in, Kaitlyn leaves, Rockstar wants a lower bikini top. 


Kaitlyn finds Tyler.  She wants to go outside and tan.  She doesn't want sunscreen, she wants to get dark.  They head outside.  As they are walking, Kaitlyn casually asks if he loves her, he said yeah.  He said do you love me.  She said, of course she doesn't believe he just asked her.  BB tells Kailtyn to put on her mic (they are outside sunning)  Kaitlyn asks Tyler who he would put up if he were to win HOH.  Tyler said yesterday he knew, but things have changed, and he knows more now.  He said he needs to apologize to Rockstar.  He never answers who he would put up.  Sam comes over, asks if Kaitlyn wants some water, she said yes.  Tyler said he is fine.  Kaitlyn tells Sam how cute she is.  Kaitlyn asking about his reaction to what she said upstairs.  She asked if he was flattered.  He said yeah.  Not real, not real life.  He asked if she is flattered, she said she has no reason to be flattered.  Then she asks if she has a reason to be?

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11:50 am BBT.  Kaitlyn is telling Tyler about a psychic that she went to a year and a half ago that told her she would find someone that's name began with a T, and that she went home and wrote in her journal. She put the name Tyler to the person.  She said she loved, well never mind (maybe Joe pulled his consent).  She hoped she wouldn't run into a Tyler, then there they are.  She tells him the psychic said he would be tall, blond and scrawny.  He protests that he isn't scrawny!  She said she knows.  He said there are other Tylers out there that are scrawny, she said the psychic didn't say Tyler, that was the name she put on it.  She wants to go home and read her journal, it is really long.  She said she tore out the pages where she put what she was told. 

at 11:59, we go to an old episode of BB, must be the Veto ceremony.

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10:50 am BBT.  Sam and Brett in the bathroom.  Winston, Angela, Tyler and Kycee in the kitchen.  General talk in both rooms.  


10:52 am BBT.  Tyler and Kaitlyn talking outside HOHR.  Tyler wants Kaitlyn to understand his intentions are always clear with her.  Tyler said in his head they’ll talk about stuff together and she won’t talk about to other people but then learns she is talking.  He says his 1st instinct is to protect her.  Kaitlyn says as mich as she reacted she has never felt more aligned in her truth.  She says last night it was made bery clear to her.  Tyler says he believes what she says there is a chance she inspiring people.  She says she already feels like she’s won even though that sounds crazy.  She says the highest good may not be her winning $500,000.  WBRB.  


11:00 am BBT.  Scottie joins Kaitlyn and Tyler.  They say he’ll get the snapchat glasses soon.  They say this is a weird time for that.  Scottie says some things have been happening.   Scottie gets called to DR.  Kaitlyn goes back to her whiney voice and it’s hard to hear everything she says.  Tyler says he soesn’t know if he’s hopeless or what but it’s an unspoken understanding.  There is some sunbathing going on in BY, no talk. 


 11:05 am BBT.  Tyler tells Kaitlyn there is always a purpose to what he does and nothing is random.  Tyler is sorry he wasn’t there for her yesterday.  She says now that she’s explained it, she understands.  Kaitlyn asks if what she said to him before freaks him out.  He says yeah.  She asks in a bad way?  He says no.  


11:09 am BBT.  Scottie comes back upstairs with Kaitlyn and Tyler.  Kaitlyn tells them you’re welcome pop tv after dark bcuz she exploded.  Tyler says it won’t make the show.  Kaitlyn says she was completely erratic and irrational but said she is inspiring girls to stand up for themselves.  She saysshe doesn’t want to spaz about men bcuz Scottie, Tyler and Fessy are incredibly good men and if u are a woman watching this and u don’t hop on my friends right after this to date them there is something physically, emotionally, metaphysically literally wrong with u bcuz they are incredible men.  She loves them and is obsessed with them, holy s**t!  


11:13 am BBT.  Scottie and Kaitlyn in the HOHR.  He is trying to get the snapchat glasses to work so Kaitlyn can say this, Kaitlyn tells Scottie that she was the flip vote against Steve and she didn’t have a choice but without going into too much detail, someone was going to use their power and all the people who chose to evict Steve would’ve gone on the block.  She tells him she still has the power and it can be used by this week.  She says it was awful, she starts crying and saying she couldn’t look at him but she was saving them.  She says then I win HOH and America is bugging out.  She says she was upset, she didn’t want that power.   She had the guilt that Steve went home.  She didn’t do it for the other side, she did it to protect her friends.  


11:19 am BBT.  Kaitlyn asks if Scottie is freaking out.  She says this is insane.  (She is very dramatic here in telling Scottie this).  She said the moment she had the feeling she couldn’t send Swaggy home, it was too late.  She says it wasn’t ber place to say who had the power.  She tells Scottie that Sam said when the s**t hits the fan, she would use the power to save her.  Kaitlyn tells him he is the last lerson she is telling bcuz she didn’t think he would understand but she just wants them to alll move forward with authenticity.  Kaitlyn keeps telling about the power but is not telling the correct info about the power.   


#BB20 11:25 am BBT.  Kaitlyn says she feels intuitively that she is being received really well by the world.  She justs wants to be authentic.  She says I’m telling u now so we can restart this friendship.  He says he had a feeling it was her but he never blamed her and wants to make sure they’re (Brett and Winston) gone.  She says she’s had a lot of one on ones in the DR talking to Steve.  She says they made me feel like I wanted it, but I did their f***ing dirty a** work.  Scottie says that’s how they work and that’s why I put them up.  Kaitlyn says this is the last week Sam could use it on me.  Scottie says to your knowledge one of the bros doesn’t have a power?  She says no.  He says so they’ll be sitting pretty on the block all week which is exactly what I want.  Scottie says in a cruel world if one of the bros has a power, he thought about putting Rachel up.  Scottie says he’ll say in his speech that she’s a pawn and if anyone votes for that sleazebag to stay then he’ll come after them and he’s proved all week that he can do that.   Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Kaycee and Tyler whispering.  Kaycee says “she” (Kaitlyn ?) is digging herself a big a** whole.  Tyler says “she” has to go bit if she goes next week what if she comes right back in.  


11:30 am BBT.  Winston and Tyler whispering in the SR.  Winston says “she” is very made at Brett and thinks “she” will convince everyone to vote Brett out and he feels bad for him.  Winston says this is his get out of jail free card and he’s gonna win HOH.  Winstons says he’s gonna lay back this week, shut up and chill.   In the HOHR, Scottie asks Kaitlyn of one of them pulls themselves off and the pawn went home, could Sam use the power and put the other one right back up.  Kaitlyn says I don’t think so but should I ask?  Scottie says don’t dig too much cuz she’ll worry.  Scottie says if we could do that it would be perfect.  He says then we would still have 2 powers to figure out.  Kaitlyn says JC has one, she knows it.  Scottie says so we have 1 to figure out.  Scottie says he tried so hard to get it.  Kaitlyn’s says what else could I have done.?  She asks if Scottie is mad at her?  He says no.  


11:33 am BBT.  Tyler putting sunscreen on Rockstar’s back.  He says he needs to apologize about the rumores being spread about her and that he believes them.  She says that’s all right.   In the HOHR, Kaitlyn says the lower is crazy.  She says Sam said when she picked her power there were 4 icons and the others were smaller so it was like they wanted her to pick that one.  He asks what the other power pictures were.  Kaitlyn says one was a cloud, they think like u could go to the top, be HOH...  Scottie says people are seeing this week that he is pretty blunt and cuts to the chase. 

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1:00pm BBT Back from the Veto meeting… Winston in the kitchen eating a spoonful of pnut butter. Brett playing pool. Fessie and Tyler in the kitchen. Bayleigh and Sam at the washer/dryer. Angela in the WA. Kaitlyn, JC and Scottie in the living room. Angela just said no one wants to campaign for or against you guys. I suppose the veto was not used. Angela says she was sitting next to JC at the meeting and she was having trouble keeping a straight face.

JC asks Fessie to stretch his back. He picks him up, holds him tightly against his chest and bounces him hard.


1:02pm BBT On the patio the Bros talk. Brett says he is not going to campaign against Winston. Just state our strengths. Winston says you are better at comps than I am.

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1:05 PM BBT

JC and Faysal in PBR.

JC tells Faysal this is the perfect scenario.  He says Kaitlyn and Rockstar are making themselves big targets, and if any of the four gets HOH, they’re not thinking about coming for Faysal.  He tells Faysal the only thing he needs to do this week is sit back and eat popcorn, and not to check in or share anything with Kaitlyn that doesn’t involve her.


1:08 PM BBT

JC is now in the BY on the couch with Winston.

Winston says he’s not going to campaign against Brett, but he needs to sit down and tell everyone he wants to stay here.  He asks what JC thinks he should start doing.

JC tells him he should just go with the flow, talk to people.  He says he’s in a tough position.  JC says he feels bad, it must be tough being on the block next to his good friend.

Winston asks JC to keep him in the know.  He says he’ll do a one-on-one with JC tomorrow at some point.

JC asks Winston if he threw the most recent HOH comp.  Winston says he didn’t.

JC says he knew the bro thing was a bad idea and he couldn’t keep up with “you guys” (Winston/Brett).

Winston says that he and Brett would have been targets even if they didn’t hit it off, because they’re both physical threats.

JC explains that they’re just as threatening as a showmance, because everyone knows they have each other.  It makes them a target.  He says he likes both of them a lot so it’s hard.

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1:30 PM BBT

Scottie and Haleigh are in the kitchen crafting fictional tales of their home life.  Haleigh has two adopted children with ridiculous backstories, Scottie owns a petting zoo he keeps underground, etc.  Rockstar and Kaitlyn are listening idly.  It’s kind of cute.  They’re trying to one-up each other’s silly stories and play off each other.  No game talk here, feeds switch after a while of their "yes, and"-ing.


1:53 PM BBT

Rachel and Brett in BY.

Rachel suggests that before the next HOH competition, she could try to gain Faysal’s trust by letting him know he’ll be safe if she wins it.  She says it could help Brett’s cause.

Brett says it’s a terrible idea because Faysal is one of the number one people who are gung-ho about him leaving.

Winston comes up briefly.  Brett says it sucks being on the block, but he and Winston can hang out outside of the house.  Winston says he hopes they will, then leaves.

Brett says he was nervous about his delivery (during the veto meeting).  He says he wanted to be funny, but also wanted to push the idea that “she” is only here for her personal agenda.  He says he lined it up perfectly.  He didn’t want to give away too much and have it be used against him this week, but it will go with what he’s going to say on Thursday.

Rachel asks if he’s going to say anything about the swing vote, and Brett says he will.  She asks what his plan is going forward.

Brett says he just wants Scottie to know he’s not an emotional player.  He’s not going to let someone blowing up ruin the game.

Rachel asks who he would put on the block.

Brett says he would put up Rockstar and try to backdoor Faysal, and then slowly pick off that entire side.

Rachel asks if he plans on trying to regain Scottie’s trust, since Scottie wants Brett out.

Brett says he will, slowly.

Rachel says they need to talk about not throwing HOH comps.  She wants to make sure everyone in their group is on the same page.  She says she didn’t throw the last one, even if it was bad for her personal game to look strong, it was for the alliance.  She says it’s not safe for any of them to be throwing comps at this point.

They start stretching/working out and not much talk after that.

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From 7/15/2018  8:30-9:00PM BBT:


08:33PM BBT Bay and WInston are riding the stationary bikes talking about how both evictions have flipped.


08:34PM BBT Scottie goes down to confront Kaitlyn for misquoting him.  He told her that the only thing she should be worried is if Brett has the power and takes himself off.  She interpreted and repeated it as her being put up.


08:36PM BBT The HG are trying to figure out the source of the recent paranoia.  


08:39PM BBT Tyler tells Kait that he's going to go do some damage control for her.  "But I didn't do anything wrong".  He leaves and she cries to herself.


08:47PM BBT Scottie tells Tyler that the bros came up last night and pitched a F3 deal with him and to backdoor Kaitlyn.  Scottie said no because they'd take each other.


08:50PM BBT Rachel and WInston are in the storage room hugging, and jokingly calling a truce for 24 hours.  


08:51PM BBT Sam, Brett, Angela and Tyler are in the HN room and Rachel is checking out their room, talking with Angela in there. 


08:53PM BBT Angela and Rachel discuss the possibility of approaching Scottie for a last ditch effort at keeping the bros and backdooring Kaitlyn.


08:55PM BBT Tyler and Scottie are still going around in circles up in the HOHR.  Same talk about Brett having a power.


08:56PM BBT Scottie is going to let Rachel sleep in the HOHR by herself for her birthday.  


08:58PM BBT Rachel is going around the house in a beautiful dress, an up-do, and full makeup, doing cheers and having fun for her bday. JC is in the lounge with her and Winston.

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2:00 pm Hayleigh, Sam, Scottie, Tyler, Rockstar and Kaitlyn in the kitchen. General chit-chat. No game talk. Outside, Angela is lounging and Rachel and the bros are working out. 


2:15 pm Kaitlyn, Scottie, and Tyler in the lounge still chit chatting. Tyler says his neck hurts from sleeping in the saucers. Kaitlyn is talking about a heart condition she has. It could be corrected with surgery but she is scared. Tyler thanks Scottie for not putting him and Kaitlyn up. They all giggle. Scottie says he can barely look at anyone when he is addressing the house. Tyler agrees. Kaitlyn asks what she looks like. Tyler says she is usually crying. 


2:23-2:43 pm Fessy and Scottie in the SR. Fessy asks what Brett's speech was about. Scottie had a rebuttal to Brett's speech He said "I gave you guys a chance to fight in the veto, you failed. You guys have been sneaking around here trying to make deals. You go knocking on the devil's door you have to answer to me." Fessy said it was smooth. They start to speculate the possibility of Brett has a power. They discuss Sam's power and that it is scary it could be automatic next week so it could be used this week. Fessy asks if he knows where the votes are. Scottie says it is up to the house, but Brett may be the better one to get rid of. Scottie says "the girls" want to get rid of him. Fessy says it changes every day. Fessy says after what Brett did to Kaitlyn, she should follow him around and talk to people he talks to to ensure he goes. They continue to discuss Sam's power and agree they need to make sure she doesn't use it this week. They both leave the SR while Scottie sings a song about having to use the bathroom. 


2:48-2:55 pm Scottie and Bayleigh in the HOH, Scottie begins to discuss Sam's power. He tells her about Sam using the HOH to have a one on one with Sam yesterday. Scottie is nervous Sam and Brett made a deal. Bayleigh says from what she knows the power expires this week. Bayleigh tells Scottie she found out about the power from Kaitlyn. Bayleigh believes (due to Kaitlyn telling her) that the people who vote against the person with the power would be the only ones eligible to go in that person's place. She also points out that Tyler knew about this power. Scottie interrupts and says that Tyler acted surprised when Scottie talked to him about Sam's power. Bayleigh says Tyler knew about it the whole time. Scottie expresses his concern that Sam could use the power. Bayleigh doesn't think she will use it on Brett, she doesn't like him. They agree that hopefully they can just let the power die this week. Scottie tells her that it is up to the house as far as which vote will go home. Bayleigh believes everyone wants Brett out. Winston isn't a threat to anyone but himself. Scottie agrees and Bayleigh leaves. 








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3:04 pm Tyler and Haleigh in the BY. He rubs her arm. Tyler feels like Winston will be much easier to get out later. Haleigh agrees but fears one of them may still have a power that can be used at eviction. 

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3:15 pm All four cams on Fessy and Bayleigh in the bathroom. She tells him that Scottie is afraid Sam may use a power on the bros. Fessy said there is a possibility they struck a deal. Bayleigh doesn't think the bros have anything to offer. 




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3:22 pm BB: "To read or not to read." Haleigh asks "Where at?" BB answers: "In the Bathroom Stall." She changes and makes her way to the bathroom. 


3:24 pm Scottie is called to the DR


3:26-3:40 pm Haleigh is standing in the bathroom (door closed at first) reading Hamlet in a British accent. JC, Sam, and Bayleigh are there to watch. When she finishes she says she got 25 pages done. 


3:46 pm JC, Rockstar, Bay, Sam, Haleigh, and Fessy in the bathroom. More general chit-chat


3:50 pm Rachel is swimming, Angela is still lounging and so is Tyler. Bros finishing up a workout. 


3:57 pm Kaycee and Brett are in the kitchen discussing the veto comp. Brett says he misunderstood some of the rules and had a hard time due to being so dizzy. Kaycee says it would have been the same for her. 


4:00 pm Fessy is working out in BY next to a sun bathing Kaitlyn. Scottie is running laps. In the bathroom, Sam is still working on Bayleigh's hair while Rockstar hangs out with them. 








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