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Friday, July 6 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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Midnight Scottie, Haleigh & Rockstar in HOH (Rockstar listening to headphones)
H: Who did you vote to evict? The walking dead?
S: Uh, no.
H: Game of Thrones?!
S: Yeah
H: WOW! Scottie! Did you really? 
S: I did what Steve told me to do
H: I'll get past it.
They briefly discuss that maybe there will be a battle back.
(Rockstar is playing with a camera that shows up in the bathroom where Kaitlyn and Taylor are. Then Kaitlyn walks into HOH)
R: Did you catch what I was throwing at you?
K: Yeah.

12:04AM Swaggy, Bayleigh and Fessy playing Jenga and talking about how if they win HOH next week they are set and even if they don't win, they would still have to try to get Fessy out and he's a strong competitor. They think it will be an easy week if they all just stay cool, to include Kaitlyn. Bayleigh tells Fessy he needs to be a good best friend to Kaitlyn this week.
F: Right now Kaitlyn feels closest to Tyler
B: I know which is crazy but when she was mad at us and said we were excluding her she said he was there for her.
F: Tyler is playing the otherside but he's doing a really good job.
B: Tyler has to go.
Swaggy: For sure.
F: In a couple weeks we can put him up as a pawn
B: Easy
Swaggy: Simple as that.
B: And then they are going to turn on him quickly because they don't give a F*** about him and then we'll see. I have any easy way out because he told me he had no other way out, and no other option (to put her on the block if the veto was used)

They spectulate if Rockstar flipped.

1208AM Sam & JC in the bathroom discusing the votes. 
JC: The votes against you were Swaggy, Fessy, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie, and Haleigh those were the six votes.

1232AM Haleigh & JC in bed
H: Today was stressful, I wish I would have listend to you. (Lots of low whispering I can't quite hear) The good thing is that we have the HOH this week
JC: I don't know who flipped
H: You're not telling me things
They discuss trusting each other and then Rachel walks in and they change the subject.
JC says he's going to be trending this week because he's going to shave his head.

1238AM Rockstar crying and Fessy trying to comfort her. She's upset she didn't win HOH and wants a letter. Rockstar said she was super close with Steve because they had the parents thing in common and he understood.

1:40AM Fessy & Rockstar wshipering in pink room
F: Well hopefully she puts two of them (L6) on the block
Rockstar: Hopefully, but Tyler has been in her ear. She's interesting. Hopefully she has some sort of loyalty. I feel like I've studied this game a lot and the people who stick with their group go far. I don't know. Whoever she puts up I'm just going to be like ok. I think Tyler is with the other side and he's in her ear a lot and like it's weird because she felt like there was tension between you, Haleigh, Bayleigh and Swaggy and instead of coming to me to talk she went to Tyler. That's not, I dunno. I have a lot of female and male friends but we're women, we should be going to each other. (Rockstar gets up and leaves the room and goes up to HOHR as Tyler is walking out of HOHR)

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3:02AM Swaggy & Bayleigh making out in bed, meanwhile in the bed next to them Haleigh is JC's big spoon and he's talking about apple pie.

3:15AM All cameras on sleeping people and Swaggy & Bayleigh who are in bed but uh...not sleeping.

3:17AM Fessy walks in, gets in bed with JC. Hayleigh moves over and asks if Fessy saw Rockstar, then Healeigh leaves.

3:27AM Rockstar comes out of the DR, Haleigh was waiting for her in the living room and they walk to the Jenga room together.

Rockstar: I was just in there having a nervous breakdown. I didn't know where else to go, I thought you were asleep.

H: JC wanted me to rub his back until he fell asleep.

Rockstar: I want to feel good for Kaitlyn, but it's rough. She was looking at her picture and reading her letter and like, she just keeps doing that baby voice talking to her boyfriend. I dunno, I'm being a judgy dick I guess. I want to trust her but there's just something.

H: There's a disconnect there for sure

R: She just likes all these guy and I just don't understand. I guess I just haven't figured out how to connect with all these people. The one person I connected with was Steve and I didn't realize he was that important to me because really sometimes he go on my nerves but at the end of the day there was a dude that was married and had kids and wasn't going to be flirting with all of you to keep his game going and it was someone I was kinda bouncing off to be like ok, you know, it's not just about like flirt or fuck. Not to say that's what you guys are doing but there's definitely an aspect of like, laying in each other's laps. I just don't want to. I don't even know if Chris watches this show but God can you imagine if someone was in my lap and I was just caressing their face or hair, jumping on their backs or any of that shit. I can only image that Christ would be like WTF Angela. And then I really believed in our 5 person thing and I really think the only person who doesn't believe in it is Kaitlyn. I don't care how many deals Swaggy is making around this house, I really believe he would have stayed loyal to the 5 person thing.

K: The good thing about the 5 is that even if Kaitlyn isn't on board, we have Bayleigh to replace her. I feel good about Scottie, that's six. That's not enough, we still need one more.

R: I think a lot of these white kids are intimidated by Swaggy.

K: I think it's also his demeanor. Winston listens to country music and shoot guns and he's a trumper, he and Swaggy don't have anything to connect on. They have different backgrounds and then you have Angela and it's the same thing. The same way I can't connect with Winston, we have nothing in common. The problem is everyone has that disconnect with Swaggy except us and Bayleigh.

R: We're all cool people, I really do think he's just cool. Kaitlyn can say she's got her spirit guides or whatever the fuck she talks about and I actually believe in that shit but I think she's wrong about Swaggy. I thinks she's dead wrong about him. I would almost bet 500k on it. You know what I'm saying, I think she's wrong. I think our 5 people, even though he added Bayleigh and whatever, would be loyal. Maybe I'm wrong but I just don't feel it. I'm good at people and I think she has a master plan.

H: Another thing about her is she's so trusting, she wants everyone to know she trusts them. She ust 100% believes everything and she can't be like that.

R: Before she won HOH she said she would put up Brett and Winston and then today it's JC and Kaycee.

h: I don't trust her.

R: I really believe in our 5 people, I think it's a smart mix of people and I do get like bothered that it seems like, it's so strange to me, here's this girl who is in a relationship and she's into all the same things I'm into and yet she's like literally laying-- I mean you can be that way with your girlfriends. I don't know if she's never had tight girlfriends before.

H: Maybe she just feels more comfortable around men.

R: I mean I feel comfortable with men but I'm not all like (she lays in Haleigh's lap as an example). You know what I'm saying.

H: That's another thing that pisses me off about her, she thinks she has everyone wrapped around her finger

R: She really really does.

H: I think our best move is to keep up with the three, as far as this week goes and focus on Scottie and Kaycee and I feel good about Fessy still and we already have Swaggy and Bayleigh because they don’t have anyone else. I don't know much about Kaycee and I think working at that angle we're safe. I mean I already can already guarantee you and I are safe this week 100%.
R: And let me just say it, if she’s trying to put up the two gay people or the two black people, girl, let’s not.  Can we not. It’s really bad. If she’s not thinking about that the rest of the world will.
H: If she brings up JC and Kaycee again I’m just going to pull her aside and really tell her to think about it because if you send another pawn home when I’m HOH there won’t be any and that puts me in a situation. Kaycee and JC could be assets and she’s so blinded by the idea that the other side likes her. It’s pissing me off.  I’m thinking we really have to evaluate her.

3:49AM Rockstar: I wish all these camera’s weren’t on me. I just can’t imagine Kaitlyn’s boyfriend being ok with how she’s acting, I mean maybe he is. I don’t mean to be judgy about it but it’s just hard to imagine, it’s just so over the top. I mean she acts like a single girl.

Haleigh talks about shutting Fessy down on a showmance because he’s a liability, if she weren’t in the house things would be different but he would get too emotionally invested in her and then ignore Kaitlyn.

R: I think Kaycee and JC are on the other side just because they don’t like Swaggy.

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3:58AM Rockstar & Haleigh in the Jenga room
H: Let me tell you what Kaitlyn did. She went up there (HOHR) boo hooing because she thought she saw us talking about her, and we were but that’s irrelevant, she went up there crying for an hour! And he scratched her back and was telling her it’s ok so you know him. He’s fucking pissed at us for putting her in that situation. So in his mind we’re the bad guys who made Kaitlyn cry.
R: Sorry, Kaitlyn was about to cheat on her man, guess we should just let it happen next time.
H: I’m going to, because it will probably be with Tyler. I feel like if I hadn’t have gone up there he would have slept with her. Guaranteed, they were under the covers cuddling.
R: I mean like I said, I guess that’s one of those not my money, not my circus things.

R: This game is so fucked up, I wonder what any of these people are like outside of this. Are they even normal?
H: I don’t even know if Kaitlyn would talk to me outside this house. I would like to think she would. Swaggy definitely wouldn’t approach me.
R: Me either but if he was from where I was from, we would be friends. Me and Brett would never talk. Brett is like loaded.
H: He tells stories about like the club. The country club.
R: Yeah I’m like what is he even doing here.
H: Well his parents are loaded, I don’t think he is.
R: It’s the same thing.
H: Me and Rachel would never be friends. Me and Scottie would be friends.

4:04AM H: Another thing we need to watch is Fessy and Rachel, we need to watch them closely. Did you see them today? It’s all innocent and fun, if he wants a quick fuck go get it but don’t you dare talk game with her. I think that’s another thing we need to work on with Fessy, he’s so lusty that literally any female will have power over him. It doesn’t take much and I’m not saying that to be a bitch, I’m really meaning it. If Angela floated in wearing a crop top and sat with Fessy she would have him in her fucking hand.
R: I saw him with a red bandana on and they were matching
H: yeah I noticed that
R: And I thought damn they would make a really pretty couple if she had a personality… it almost makes you wonder if they (BB production) thought they would be a couple and you and Tyler would be a couple
H: They did. 100% They thought we would be a couple because Katie (BB production) was super into knowing my impression of Tyler the first day, the second day and the third day. Honestly me and Tyler would never date outside this house. He’s not forward, I need like an aggressive—not like aggressive like I’m going to be the shit out of you--
R: But like a little cocky
H: Yeah
R: I like that too.
H: Taylor and I would be good friends but never anything more.

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4:39AM Haleigh exits toilet and Rockstar is on the couch in the bathroom
h: I feel so much better, like just having a bowel movement that isn’t rushed and trying to get done before someone comes in. Apparently that’s all I needed, I feel like I could stay in this house another year. That’s another thing that fucking bothers me, that’s why I wanted to win HOH so I can poop when I want [hahaha #BBWorldProblems -SCRTsqrl]


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9:47AM BBT:  Rockstar is crying in the HOH room, talking to Bayleigh.  She doesn't know how  much her husband misses or if he's upset that she went into BB.  Kaitlyn walks in and is comforting Rockstar with Bayleigh.  Rockstar says her husband kept saying, "I don't know why you're doing this (going on BB)."  and the last thing Chris said to her was, "Okay see you in a few weeks."  Rockstar talks more about how hard it is being in the house with people who are younger than her.  Bayleigh says she doesn't want Rockstar to ever doubt herself.  Right before Kaitlyn came into the HOH room, JC asked about talking to her.  Kaitlyn said she would let everyone come up and talk to her one on one since nominations are today.

9:52AM BBT:  Rockstar is still talking about Chris.  She said she told Chris, "if you make me not do this, i will always regret it.  I want my kids to see when you get a chance to do something, you take it."  Kaitlyn tells her she did nothing wrong and she needs to release the feeling of guilt.  Bayleigh said it will all pay off. 

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9:54 AM BBT Bayleigh says when they get out of the house, Rockstar will have way more followers.  Bayleigh says Rockstar is being a role model because she's the underdog.  Rockstar says she wonders what her 5 new followers are up to and they laugh.  Rockstar says she wish she would hear from Chris, "hey bitch, go get it!" and cheering her on.  She asked for a letter from her daughter because her daughter would love to.  She said she doesn't know if Chris would even write a letter.  She says they have a good legitimate relationship but Chris couldn't understand why she was going out there.  Kaitlyn asks Rockstar if she regrets coming on BB.  Rockstar says no.

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9:57AM BBT Kaitlyn says Chris just didn't understand so every time it comes to her mind, forgive him.  Rockstar says Chris is her best friend and it was hard for her that he didn't understand why he was going on BB.  Rockstar says it helped when Steve was there since he was married and had kids because he could understand.  And every so often, Steve would tell her, "your kids are proud of you and it's okay that you're here." and it helped hearing that from another parent.  Kaitlyn says Rockstar is the cool mom because her kids can say, "my mom is on tv." 

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9:24am BBT: Moat HG in the HOHR and start to head downstairs. Scottie in the STR looking through the food. Chris has gone back to bed. On the screen in the LVR it now says Nominations Today.

9:35am BBT: Tyler and JC in the StR talking, Jc tells him that Bayleigh and Scottie should go on the block today and hopefully Scottie wins the POV and then takes himself off the block and put Swaggy up there. In the KT Sam is making coffee and other Hg are making breakfast.

 9:41am BBT: In the HOHR Angie is talking to Bayleigh and Kaitlyn, Bayleigh says she is just nervous and kaitlyn says yeah there is some nervous energy in there and i need to see what that is. Angie is talking about who ever might get the power app and what it might be. Kaitlyn tells Bayleigh not to worry. Kaitlyn leaves the HOHR and goes to the WA  to brush her hair.

9:44am BBT: Kaitlyn goes to the PBR to get her makeup and tells JC if people want to come talk to me then come up i am not going to people they can come to me. In the HOHR Angie is crying about missing her kids  as Bayleigh comforts her.

9:51am BBT: Angie crying that her husband was upset she left to play this game she says she had to do this to better her life for her kids and family and she says she just feels so guilty for doing this. Kaitlyn tells her she can not feel guilt.

9:58am BBT: Kaitlyn and Bayleigh talking to Angie about how much her kids will learn and grow while she is gone and for her not to worry about them. In the KT Scottie, Kaycee, Angela and sam cleaning and talking general talk.

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10:07AM BBT:  Kaitlyn kicks everyone out of the HOH room because she's ready to talk one on one.  First up is Bayleigh.  HAMAZON DELIVERY can be heard in the background.  Fessy was still laying in bed so we hear HAMAZON DELIVERY again.  he gets up to get the ham.

Bayleigh and Kaitlyn talk: 

Bayleigh:  I support whatever you want to do.  I know you feel a relationship with everyone in the house.  You have complete power right now and I want you to make a big move.  I know you won't put me up.  Whatever you do is definitely going to be a deciding factor in this game.

Kaitlyn:  I want Brett to tell me what his power is. 

Bayleigh:  I want to get your opinion on Angela saying "ok they want to go to war, let's go to war" 

Kaitlyn:  when was this said?

Bayleigh:  it was at like 1 am.  Angela said they have the numbers they can go to war.

Kaitlyn:  Did she not think anyone was listening?
Bayleigh:  I think Scottie heard it too.

the end their talk by saying how bad they feel for Rockstar missing her family.  Bayleigh leaves the room.

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10:14AM BBT:  Brett comes into the HOH room to talk to Kaitlyn.  Brett asks Kaitlyn if she's talk to Tyler yet.

Brett:  I can't tell you what the power is.  It hasn't been used.  What I can tell you is 100% if you had voted to keep Steve and if Sam left, it would have f'ed you and Swaggy's side.

Kaitlyn:  The ppl I care about the most is Rockstar, Haleigh and Fessy. I need to know what the power means. 

Brett:  You do what you have to do.  You made the right choice.  We said you can come over to our side-

Kaitlyn:  No one said anything to me.  No one asked me if they can talk to me. 

Brett:  You've had people on your side in the HOH room the entire time. 

Kaitlyn:  Angela said we have a war, 7 to 7.  She said it in the kitchen.  And they put the beds together and left people out.

Brett:  It wasn't catty to put the beds together.  It was nothing.  All I'm saying is it was your decision to vote the way you did.

Kaitlyn:  I know and i did.

Brett:  Why are you getting mad at me?

Kaitlyn:  I'm not. But I did what you guys told me to and i still don't know what the power is.  I can only put up people who have never spoken an ounce of game with me.  What else am I supposed to do?  I wish there was a way that you could be more clear with me about what the power is.  My end goal is not for one of US to go home. but this power can be used in a strategic way so i don't get blood on my hands. 

Brett:  one thing you have to stop doing is saying "my side and this side"  like saying your side put the beds together.  It's too early to have sides.  It's stupid to pick sides.  We have people we're close to but it's too early.

Meanwhile in the storage room Tyler and Sam are whispering.  It sounds like Tyler is agreeing to say Sam just told Tyler what the power is and she has to promise not to tell anyone.  Tyler is telling Sam about how yesterday Tyler told Kaitlyn how Swaggy and them are against her and she can't trust them.

10:21 AM BBT Sam says she thinks America is behind their group (still talking to Tyler in the storage room).  America's taking us all the way!  Sam leaves the storage room.

Back in the HOH room:  Brett:  What's your exact alliance?

Kaitlyn:  I don't have one.

Brett: but you just said-

Kaitlyn:  there's no other way to say it, it's just the people i'm close to.

Brett:  then who are the people you won't put up?

Kaitlyn:  Rockstar, Fessy, Haleigh.

Brett:  Does that mean i'm an option to go up?

Kaitlyn:  no, i thought we were just talking about other people.  No, you're not going up.


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10:24AM BBT:  Kaitlyn:  you share what you're comfortable with.  But it's very off putting that I didn't know what I was doing and then I voted the way you guys told me to and I still don't know what the power is.

Brett: But I was saving you from a scenario.

Kaitlyn:  and i appreciate that but I'm HOH and I need to know what the power is.

Brett: I understand

Kaitlyn: and i don't know what you want me to do with that.  and how are we supposed to work together if i'm so unaware of what the power is.  i think we're good. do you want to send someone else up here?

Tyler:  it's just difficult because it's not my place to even say. 

Kaitlyn: so maybe you should tell that person they need to speak up. otherwise i don't get how you guys expect me to be so trusting.

Tyler:  I understand your side.  it also looks like to the other side that you're sitting cozy, back where you where.  which you should. i also want to help you out w/ the least amount of blood on your hands.  We get fish.

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10:28 AM BBT:  Tyler comes into the HOH room to Kaitlyn.

Tyler:  I can ease your mind because I just found out some crazy shit. Brett played up all week that he had the power just in case. 

Kaitlyn: who just told you that?
Tyler:  i was under the impression brett had it too.  Sam has the power.  She just told me.  After the votes are revealed, then she could be safe and the other person would have gone home.  Sam is going to come up here and tell you that she has the power. She has it for 3 more weeks.  If you don't put her up there, she will have the power to keep for 3 weeks and can use it on anyone who needs it.  and i told her you were the 7th vote.

Kaitlyn: oh perfect!

Tyler: exactly.  you can make a big ass move this week.

kaitlyn: can i put winston and angela up?

tyler: no

Kaitlyn: why?

Tyler: because they voted to keep sam too. sam will save them.

Kaitlyn:  Well i want kaycee up because she's never talked game with me.

Tyler:  no

Kaitlyn: so do i put up swaggy?

Tyler:  do you want him up?

Kaitlyn: I'd rather it be a backdoor situation.  Ok does the power work this way, "ok so and so, you've been evicted" then Sam can stand up and say "no they aren't. i have this power."?

Tyler says yes.

Tyler: this is worst case scenario:  if someone on brett's side goes home and Sam has to use the power to save them, it's a waste.  But if Swaggy goes home, Sam won't have to use her power.  Does that make sense?

Kaitlyn: yes

Tyler: has swaggy talked to you at all

Kaitlyn:  not yet.

Tyler: you know Swaggy and Bayleigh are the main ones...

Kaitlyn: i need to know information right now.  I need to be able to say, "what i've heard that  you're saying about me, this is why you're going up"

Tyler:  You need to hear it from someone besides me?

Kaitlyn: kinda

Tyler:  he says it to fessy too.  but fessy won't tell on him.

Kaitlyn:  what if i put swaggy up and he gets himself off?

Tyler: that's why you need to backdoor swaggy.  maybe bayleigh to be a pawn?
Kaitlyn: i'm not putting up bayleigh.

Tyler: who's the 2nd person you want to send home?

Kaitlyn. Bayleigh. *silence for a while* I might put up Scottie as a pawn.  One of them get the veto, then i can put swaggy up and say it's because i've heard so many rumors.

Tyler: what if swaggy wins the veto?

Kaitlyn: he's not gonna. let's not put ourselves in that position.

10:39AM BBT:  Brett and Winston are talking in the have no room. 

Winston:  we swore we wouldn't tell who had the power and what the power is. so if he tells him..." (talking about Tyler.. which is exactly what Tyler's doing right now)

Brett: Dude Kaitlyn was being a bitch when we talked.  She said I was putting words in her mouth.

Winston:  i'm gonna go up there. 

Brett:  i think we need to make sure our group knows the worst thing we can do is tell kaitlyn about the power.  I think you shouldn't go up there until Tyler tells you about his talk with Kaitlyn.  I stayed strong and didn't tell her anything about the power.

10:41AM BBT:  in the HOH room, Kaycee and Kaitlyn are talking.

Kaycee:  obviously the house is already split.  there was a lot of negative vibes going on w/ that side and i couldn't take it.  100% i have your back. do you have a plan?

Kaitlyn:  i want my original side to believe to be true that nothing is going to happen until legit the last  minute.  then i can backdoor and be like "i heard you were talking about me"

10:43AM BBT:  Back in the have not room, Winston says, "i told you, we're playing the game with a bunch of idiots."

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10:44AM BBT:  Winston:  brett there ain't not way you're getting  voted out. she loves you.

Brett: dude i've never seen her be such a bitch. she's so emotional.

Winston: i hope tyler didn't tell her. her not knowing about sam's power is best for us. 

10:46AM BBT:  Kaycee is leaving the HOH room. Rockstar comes into talk to Kaitlyn.

Rockstar:  i support whatever you want to do.

Kaitlyn: i think i need to continue to talk to that side.  i think i'm going to put up scottie as a pawn and i will talk to him about it.

10:48AM BBT:  Kaycee goes into the bathroom and tells Angela and Rachel briefly about her talk w/ Kaitlyn.

10:49AM BBT:  Rockstar tells Kaitlyn about a dream she had last night that Kaycee was driving her to a Christmas tree and she successfully knew the best route to the Christmas tree. so do what you want with that.

Kaitlyn: who should i talk to next?

10:50AM BBT:  Rockstar leaves the HOH room. 

Kaycee tells Rachel (who is in the shower) "she mentioned we have to stop being so comfortable." 

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 10:05am BBT: Tyler goes to the HOHR and tells kaitlyn that nominations are today, She ask how do you know and he tells her that it is on the screen down stairs. kaitlyn tells everyone to get out that she needs to talk to everyone one on one. 

10:06am BBT: kaitlyn talks to Bayleigh first . Haleigh is up there also helping make the bed.BB says there is a Hamazon delivery and the girls laugh. Haleigh leaves so Bayleigh can talk to kaitlyn. Bayleigh says she supports her and wants to know what kaitlyn wants from her and she says if you want to keep the Winston thing that would be ok but you have power and can make a big move but i want you to make the move you want.

10:11am BBT: Bayleigh tells kaitlyn that Angela said that if the other side of the house wants war lets go to war. and kaitlyn ask when that was said and Bayleigh says before they went to bed lastnight, Kaitlyn says i did not know that but ok. Bayleigh leaves and  is sending in another Hg to talk.

 10:13am BBT: Brett comes in and Kaitlyn says she can mot talk to anyone till she talks to him. He says i can not tell you cause the  power was not used but i can tell you that if it had been used it would have messed up that side you was on. She says ok i am telling you right now the ones i care about the most are Rockstar Haleigh and Fessie. as long as they do not mess with them i am ok. Brett says ok. 

10:21am BBT: Bret ask who her alliance is and she says she does not have one he ask who she will not put up and  she says Rockstar, Haleigh and Fessie. he says so i am an option? She tells him no i will not put you up. Brett then tells her that it is hard to tell her anything cause it is not his place to tell her who has the power and  what the power is. kaitlyn says ok.

10:28am BBT: Tyler comes in the HOHR. kaitlyn says  she is stressing out because Brett will not tell her what this power is. She says i am now HOH and i need to get the least blood on my hand  but i am HOH and i need to know this stuff. Tyler says no it is not Brett that has it so kaitlyn ask Rachel? Tyler says no. Tyler tells her that sam has the power and tells her what the power is.Tyler tells her that if she keeps sam safe this week and  if you are in trouble  then sam will keep you safe next week. tyler says i just told her that you was the seventh vote that kept her safe so she knows that you kept her now.

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10:52AM BBT:  Scottie comes into the HOH room to talk to Kaitlyn one-on-one

Scottie: i appreciate you being there for me last night. last night was not easy.  tell me what you need from me and i will do it.

Kaitlyn:  where are you now?

Scottie:  right now i feel like i'm going for the bros.

Scottie tells Kaitlyn how he pulled Brett and Winston upstairs and said "hey you said you're going to vote to keep steve but it looks like you aren't"

Scottie: i told them, "if you're voting to get out steve, just tell me, it's okay." and they still wouldn't me.  Winston even this morning won't even look at me.

Kaitlyn:  my target is winston. i want him out. i'm NOT putting brett and winston up together. if winston is safe, i'm going after angela.  i'm deciding who i need to put up next to winston as a pawn. it crossed my mind to put you up. 

Kaitlyn says she likes the idea of putting scottie up as a pawn again winston.  if they get house guest choice for POV, pick Fessy to play.  Then they can take down Scottie from the block and put Angela up next to Winston.  I'm also considering Kaycee.

Scottie: i've tried a couple of times talking to Kaycee, she just doesn't want to do it.

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11:00AM BBT: Kaitlyn talking to Scottie in the HOH room:  My target is for sure Winston.

Scottie:  i want any of those 7 who voted Steve out to go.

Kaitlyn: yeah.  Winston seems to be running them.

Scottie and Kaitlyn don't like how separated the house is.

11:02AM BBT:  I want to make big moves. I don't want to be this cute little girl in a robe (HOH robe)

11:04AM BBT:  Scottie:  how do you want me to act?

Kaitlyn:  like you. be yourself.

Scottie leaves after getting a snack from Kaitlyn and Sam comes in.  Sam gives Scottie a big hug before Scottie leaves.

11:06AM BBT:  Sam:  I haven't gotten to know you well enough but i think you're a smart cookie and we line up well.  I'd like to get to know you better.  I have a lot to offer as far as a team mate. My experience at the beginning was rough but it was also an advantage in a way.  I'm a thinker.

Sam tells Kaitlyn that she has the power. 

Kaitlyn says she knew it.

Sam says it was awesome getting that from America.  Sam tells Kaitlyn it was wise that she voted to save Sam.

Kaitlyn said her guidance and led her to vote to keep Sam. 

Sam:  steve is great.  i connected w/ steve on some levels. but the fact of the matter is, he was up against the wall from the beginning. 

Kaitlyn: i'm in a weird position.  because as far as Fessy and them are concerned, they think the power was used yesterday.  i need an emmy for being able to make them think the power was used yesterday and since they don't know I voted Steve out.  Is there an expiration date on your power?

Sam:  there is one.  it's a ways away.  Nothing bad happens if i use it. 

Kaitlyn: it can be OUR power.  I want to work with you moving forward. but the bros, angela (and rachel?) they have each other. 

Sam:  we can be a part of that

Kaitlyn: we can.. but those 4 are together first. 

Kaitlyn tells Sam that she's using Scottie as a pawn and she's putting Swaggy up as a pawn.

11:14AM BBT:  Tyler and Winston are playing foosball outside of the HOH room.  they're whispering about what Winston should say to Kaitlyn.

11:18AM BBT:  Sam tells Kaitlyn she wanted to tell Kaitlyn about her power so that she can show Kaitlyn that she trusts her.  She wants to be able to work together.

kaitlyn said she wants to have open communication at all times.  Kaitlyn says she she tell tell sam everything.  They discuss Bayleigh. Kaitlyn says everything she had w/ Bayleigh is gone because she and the rest of her crew was talking about Kaitlyn all week. like about being jealous about Fessy and Kaitlyn. 

11:20AM BBT:  Kaitlyn calls Winston into the HOH room, Sam leaves.  Winston uses the bathroom first.

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11:21AM BBT:  Kaitlyn talks to Winston.  "my plan is to backdoor swaggy. and you won't be happy about this.. but you're going to have to go up against Scottie"

Winston: "ok. perfect." (not sarcastically)

Kaitlyn: you have to act pissed.  I need people to give me more reasons to put Swaggy up so she can be like "ok im sorry but i heard this info because that pissed me off and Swaggy, you're going up."

Winston:  just don't forget how pissed you are at Swaggy because he will try to talk you down from it.  just don't let them get to you. i know how long the week will be.

kaitlyn:  i'll do my best

Winston: there's so much more that went on that first week that i'm dying to tell you

kaitlyn: then tell me

winston: there's no point.  there's no reason for me to slander people's names.  we have time and i should be here next week and i can tell you then.

kaitlyn: you have to tell me something right now, are you a f'ing doctor?

winston:  i swear i'm not. i sell to surgeons

katilyn: what do you do?

winston:  i sell to doctors. i just don't want people to know because they'll know i'm smart.  we get fish because Kaitlyn was telling Winston what she had decided last week she'd say in her speech if she ever won HOH and put winston up (this is the speech she thought of while she thought Winston was a doctor).

11:28AM BBT:  Winston: i trust you.

Kaitlyn: i need you to know this. it's obvious there's an unbreakable bond between you, brett, angela and-" but the camera cuts off and we get footage of a past BB season.  It must be time for nominations.

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1:25pm BBT Rockstar/Kaysee/JC in the lounge. JC is working on the peg wall. Rockstar is talking to her 5 followers. Here’s a makeup trick. I didn’t put on makeup so I’m wearing these sunglasses. 
Rachel/the Bros/ Scotty/Sam/Tyler in the BBR talking about the upcoming have-not comp. They hope it is tonight. Sleeping arrangements are briefly discussed, Sam says she will sleep on the crack. 

1:30pm BBT Kaitlyn and Angela have their 1/1 in the have not room. Kaitlyn says she wants to make big moves and be entertaining because this is a freaking game! 
Swaggy knows I want him gone. Angela says Swaggy told her she was safe after the comp and he asked her to be in a showmance within hours of meeting her on the first day in the holuse. Then the next day, Bayleigh promises to work with her and then she puts the final chip in her tube and eliminates her. 
Kaitlyn thinks they will clarify things and realign with everyone this week. Angela says there are people she wanted to be with last week but she couldn’t because the house was so divided. Like Haleigh, but she was so vested in Swaggy and Fessie she couldn’t approach her. 
Kaitlyn does most of the talking and tells her to just trust her. She is going to lie to Fessie and then at the last minute put up Swaggy. Angela says that’s a boss move because Kaitlyn is the littlest person in the house and he thinks he’s this giant kingpin. 

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1:45pm BBT Kaitlyn and Haleigh look for a 1/1 room. The HOH must be shut down. They end up in the have-not room. 
1:45pm BBT Kaitlyn tells Haleigh she has made a decision but she’s not allowed to tell her who it is. I can tell you who I am considering. Winston and Scottie, Scottie as a pawn. She says she asked Winston if he was a DR or a surgeon. He told her no. But she still thinks he is. 

1:50pm BBT Kaitlyn wraps up with Haleigh and looks for Swaggy to have their 1/1. She tells him she is considering Winston and Scottie, Scottie as a pawn. If she gets HG choice, she picks Fessie, She plans on she, Fessie or Scottie getting the Veto so the noms stay the same. If the veto gets used, Angela goes up and they have the votes to send her home. 
Swaggy asks if Winston knows because he seems stressed. She thinks he suspects it. She thinks he will think he is the pawn if he’s up against Scottie. 
Swaggy leaves and she looks at the camera… she laughs, says, OMG! She mouthes, My heart is pounding! God, please forgive me. OMG help, she says. JC enters and she screams, welcome to my lair. You’re not going on the block, can our meeting be over? She asks if he wants to share anything and he says yes… this is not only for my security, because I feel comfortable with you. I really like you. The other day when you were upset, I didn’t know what to do so I got Tyler. 
He doesn’t want to know what she is doing because he doesn’t want that information in his head. He will vote for whoever she wants him to. When you see who is up, she tells him not to freak out. He tells her that there are people coming for you in this house. She tells him that she knows. 

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2:00pm BBT JC tells Kaitlyn not to try to keep things calm in here because next week when they get the power they are coming after you, the 5, you know who. He says they are kissing your ass and they are saying your name. you and Haleigh!

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2:03 pm BBT.  Kaitlyn tells JC that she is gonna be safe & she’s making amazing graces with everyone in the house.  Kaitlyn asks JC who is targeting her, she says guess what I’m in power & it’s funny cuz I’m a little girl with a big d**k.  She says she sees thru people sucking up to her.  


2:07 pm BBT.  JC tells Kaitlyn he’s going to come out of the house all spirrtual & namaste & his friends are going to wonder what happened to him.  He tells her she is safe with him no matter what.  He tells her to be smart & safe.  


We have “we’ll be right back.”



2:09 pm BBT.  Bayleigh & Chris whispering in the PBR (too quiet to hear).  She pops a pimple on his forehead.  Kaitlyn & JC still talking in the HN room.  Kaitlyn wants to know when she can go back to the HOH room, says she doesn't like the main floor peasant crap.  


2:14 pm BBT.  Tyler & Kaitlyn laying together in BBR.  He asks if she likes all the power, she says it’s going to her head.  Bayleigh & Chris still in PBR talking & kissing.  


2:42 pm BBT.  JC & Faysal playing Jenga.  JC says Kaitlyn is straight forward & will probably not back door anyone.  He tells Faysal he thinks Winston is going up.  Faysal asks JC if he trusts the bros.  JC thinks they could trust Brett.  Faysal agress if they can get rid of Winston then Brett would be ok.  Rachel & Kaycee in the bathroom whispering (very quietly) something about having to act surprised. 

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2:47 pm BBT.  Rachel joins JC & Faysal (still playing Jenga). We keep intermittingly getting “we’ll be right back.”  JC says Rachel was his choice (for “f***ing).  JC asks who Rachel would “F” of the girls?  She says she doesn’t like any of them.  She says maybe Haleigh.  He says it’s ok to admit when a girl is hot.  He tells her they could be butt naked & if she danced naked on top of him he probably wouldn’t get hard.  He says of the guys he’d marry Brett.  She decides she should not be part of this conversation & leaves.  


2:50 pm BBT. Faysal tells JC the only game he knows how to play is honest.  They are contemplating who has the app & what Kaitlyn will do.  JC tells Faysal not say he trusts this person or that person and not to pick sides yet, it’s too early in the game.  


2:50 pm BBT. Faysal tells JC the only game he knows how to play is honest.  They are contemplating who has the app & what Kaitlyn will do.  JC tells Faysal not say he trusts this person or that person and not to pick sides yet, it’s too early in the game.  


2:58 pm BBT.  Winston tells Brett the only good thing is if he’s on the block with Scottie then he has the votes to stay over him. He says if he gets HG Choice, he’ll pick Brett to play.  Winston says he doesn’t like having to trust anyone but the original 6.  Brett is aggravated that the BY isn’t open. Brett feels like they are delayed a week.  Brett says he thinks only Kaitlyn could be trending.  “We get we’ll be right back.” (Again)


3:02 pm BBT.  JC is teaching spanish in the kitchen.  Sam is asking how to say stuff (naughty words/phrases).   He says polla is d**k, but if u change the a to an o (pollo), u get chicken.  Then they start saying chicken d**k in spanish.  He says gran hermano how to say big brother.  Faysal asks him to teach him a pick-up line if he sees a sexy cuban girl.  


3:06 pm BBT.  Tyler & Kaitlyn still laying in bed together in BBR.  Winston is asleep on LR couch.  


3:09 pm BBT.  We’ll be right back (again).  


3:16 pm BBT.  Angela is doing Scottie’s hair in the kitchen. She has it all slicked back with a lot of gel!

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