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Thursday August 24, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother After Dark observations and screen captures here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
The Rose Bedroom (RBR)
Storage Room (SR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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Updating until 4PM BBT


11:00 AM BBT Raven in the KT eating. We get FOTH.


11:07AM BBT Xmas is waking up in HOH. She says maybe Josh will bring her coffee. Jason in HOH saying he needs to figure out why the vacuum cleaner isn't working. Josh comes to HOH and Xmas says "no coffee"? Josh says he will bring it up later. Xmas says you have told me that 4 times. Josh tries to give her a hug. He says he will go now. He asks if she wants it iced. Xmas says Hot and yells after him HOT again.


11:14AM BBT HG heading up to HOH and others grabbing food before heading up.


11:21AM BBT Alex goes into the HN room and wakes up Mark to tell him they are in HOH LD. He heads upstairs.


11:23AM BBT Xmas invites Mark to lay down on the bed next to her. BB says "this is a lock down" and Paul yells at Production that they are already f'in there. We get kitty cam and HOH LD is on.



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12:53PM BBT Feeds are back and the HG are getting ready for the show.


12:57PM BBT Xmas is leaving the HOH room. She has her sherpa Josh helping her carry everything down the stairs.


1:07PM BBT Paul complaining that a woman took his tweezers because men don't use them.


1:35PM BBT HG just doing ADLs for the show.



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1:40PM BBT Xmas has Josh in the RBR. She tells her she wants to study more so she starts going over dates. Josh doesn't seem to realize Xmas can't play in HOH tonight.


1:53PM BBT Jason trying to unclog the sink. The HG has forgotten to put the drain strainer in.


2:06PM BBT Just HG getting ready in the WCA.


2:18PM BBT Josh is in the WCA using the electric shaver to shave his chest and his armpits. Paul tells Josh to let him use it for his pits as well.


2:40PM BBT Raven telling Matt that her ex was engaged while they were living together. Matt says how did she know. Raven says she saw the girl's Facebook page.







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3:03PM BBT Xmas eating int he KT. Raven and Matt still cuddling and chatting in the wave room.


3:09PM BBT Xmas finishes eating and leaves her dirty dishes on the sink and heads to lay down in the RBR.


3:18PM BBT Xmas is giving Josh a pep talkand telling him he has to hold on even if his finger nails rip off. He has to be a warrior.


3:22PM BBT Feeds down for live show.

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BB19: Julie tells us the end is in sight! The targets have shifted and now it’s either play or be played! Welcome to Big Brother!


BB19: Previously, on Big Brother, after becoming HOH during the D/E, Jason was given some big news from back home. With three pairs still in the game, Paul positioned himself with all of them. But after deciding Joshmas to be his ride or die duo, they planned their perfect final five. With the house gunning for Mark, HOH Christmas put up two pawns. At a must win veto for the Buffalo Brute, it was a slippery affair, and the rodeo clown was fastest on his feet. Mark made a compelling argument to Josh and Christmas, but at the veto meeting Christmas put Mark on her naughty list. Tonight, will the house send Mark packing, or will they take the opportunity to split up Maven? Plus, the battle for power begins again. All this live!


BB19: It’s day 65 inside the Big Brother house, and in the wake of last week’s D/E everyone is starting to plot their path to the end. And with the duos beginning to take aim at one another, Mark could become a valuable asset. Will Mark be reunited with Elena in the jury house tonight? Or will Matt be walking out the front door? We’ll find out before the house is up. For most of the summer a large group has been running this house, but with less than a month to go, friends will now have to turn on each other. Let the games begin.


BB19: We pick up after the veto meeting and Jason tells us he pulled himself off the block and Christmas put Mark up and he’s relieved. He feels like if he hadn’t won the veto he might have gone home and he has a few days to relax and they’ll be saying good-bye to Mark on Thursday.


BB19: Christmas says even though Mark campaigned aggressively to put Alex on the block, his disloyalty to herself, her alliance, and everyone else is why she stuck to the plan. She feels like she’s had a pretty successful HOH this week, she has two targets on the block, and she has solidified her F3 with Josh and Paul. Mark tells us first it was Jessica, then Cody, then Elena, and he’s the only one left out of the group, he saw it coming. But he’s not rolling over and dying just yet.


BB19: We see Paul, Matt, and Raven talking in the HOH and they are planning to take the first shot against Alex and Jason. Matt tells us if Alex and Jason win HOH this week there’s a good chance they’ll take a shot at Maven and Matt says it’s important they win and take the first shot. Paul tells us since he decided to solidify a F3 with Christmas and Josh, his goal has been to get the other two pairs to start taking shots at each other and Matt already had them on his radar without Paul saying anything. Now Paul has to go see where Alex’s head is.


BB19: Paul makes his pitch to Alex about Matt and Raven. Alex tells us with her, Jason, and Paul as the strongest competitors in the house and Mark going home this week, the next strongest is Matt. He’s in the last showmance in the house and that’s dangerous so he needs to be the next target on the hit list. Paul tells us he’s had a secret alliance with Alex and under the right circumstances he’d like to take her as far as he can. But because she’s such a strong competitor, if he takes her to the end he could get stuck with second place. Again.


BB19: Alex and Jason are whispering at night and they are talking about the pecking order and Alex tells Jason that the targets Mark, Matt, Kevin, and Raven and she’s ok going to the F3 with Jason and Paul because they deserve it. Alex doesn’t think Paul has betrayed them and Jason doesn’t think he will.


BB19: Paul comes up to talk to Christmas and he fills Christmas in on the plans with both other pairs. Paul tells Christmas she and Josh need to lay low because they are way down on the pecking order. Paul says then when they get to 5 they can steam roll them.


BB19: We see a clip of Kevin and Paul with the swans around their waists and they are playing “bumper swans” at Jason’s request. Jason is telling them to chase each other and Kevin chases Paul around the pool. Jason says it was totally worth it.


BB19: Mark knows the whole house wants him out this week and the veto is over but he’s not leaving without a fight. He’s going to have a few conversations and he’s going to start with his man Jason. Mark says the stars have to align perfectly for him to get 4 votes to stay, but he’s not giving up. Mark then goes to talk to Kevin. Kevin says he votes how Alex and Jason vote and tells Mark to get Alex. Mark makes his pitch to Alex and Jason in the lounge and they discuss things.


BB19: Mark talks to Paul and tries to see if there’s anything he can do to get them to break up Matt and Raven. Paul tells us he feels like he has enough influence in the house he can make anything he wants to happen. So do they stick with the plan and get Mark out or change things up and get Matt out now. They were thinking about doing it next week, but they could do it now. Julie tells us coming up Matt or Mark? Who will be the next HG sent packing? The next live eviction is just around the corner.


BB19: Let’s head to the living room and talk with the HG. Julie asks Christmas when she first got hurt did she ever think she’d make it this far in the game. Christmas says no, she literally thought they were going to give her the boot but she just wanted to make jury.


BB19: Julie tells Matt it’s good to see him wearing a different shirt tonight, but viewers want to know what it is he loves so much about the orange sleeveless t-shirt that he constantly wears. Matt says it’s the only sleeveless shirt he brought and he doesn’t like wearing full sleeves in the house.


BB19: Julie turns to Alex and says they heard her complain a lot about her punishment, but are there any positives she will take away from it? She says she has experience with backpacking now and she was able to give all the have-nots a good meal that wasn’t slop. Julie asks if she will go camping now that she can build a tent and Alex says no.


BB19: Julie turns to Kevin and says he hasn’t yet become HOH, but if he does win HOH what does he hope his family sends. Kevin says some bottled water and a nice letter. They all got a visit from Zingbot and Julie says Josh was particularly pleased to see him. Why does he love Zingbot so much? Josh says because he gives more disses than him and he zinged them better than he could. Julie shows them clips from the veto competition.


BB19: Julie turns to Mark and says that veto competition looked painful for him. Mark says it wasn’t that painful because he spent so much time on his hands and knees trying to get up, but that was not a good final comp for him. He was too big for that.


BB19: Julie congratulates Jason for winning veto and a huge congratulations that he’s becoming a father for the second time. She asks how it feels to get that news while inside the house? Jason says he couldn’t ask for anything more and he didn’t know before he left for the show and he was overwhelmed with emotion as he read. Julie says it was beautiful.


BB19: Coming up the news that Jason’s wife is expecting surprised Jason and the other HG, so what was it like her watching from home? And who will be the third member of the jury, Mark or Matt? Live eviction is just moments away.


BB19: This week Jason changed life-changing news from the outside world and his family had a front row seat to his emotional reaction. Jason is in HOH and he feels like this game is teaching him to pay attention to stuff. He’s been with his wife for 12 years. We see Gatlyn and Holly says Jason is a great father and he knows he’s missing him. Holly says he’s a hands on dad and he likes to take him everywhere. We see a clip of him reading the letter and Holly tears up and she says she found out she was pregnant 5 days after they moved into the BB house. She says they were trying pretty hard before he left. His mother says they were excited he finally won an HOH so he could read the letter. They were afraid he would never know Holly was pregnant. Holly says he was under the radar for a long time, but he finally started winning comps and he’s got a new focus. She’s really proud of him and she says Jason couldn’t have picked a better ally than Alex. Holly says Jason calls Alex his BB wife and she says that’s totally fitting and he needs her. She feels like Jason is going to win BB because he has a baby coming and another mouth to feed.


BB19: It’s time to find out if Matt will be saying good-bye to his girlfriend or if Mark will be saying hello to his. They each have a final chance to sway votes. Matt is first. Matt says one of their previous HG said the only thing Matt can do is lose. It may sound harsh and if they keep him there he will eat copious amounts of cereal, shower excessively, and continue to be a good loser. Mark says the summer has been a blessing. He started watching with his mom 10 years ago and he gives shout outs and he says he loves each and every person. He came to play the game and he loves them all.


BB19: It’s time to vote.


Raven votes to evict Mark.

Josh votes to evict Mark.

Kevin votes to evict Mark.

Jason votes to evict Matt.

Alex votes to evict Matt.

Paul votes to evict Mark.

HG, the votes are in. By a vote of 4-2 Mark has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


BB19: Julie says 4-2 and asks if Mark was surprised. Mark says no Alex told him it wouldn’t be zero. Julie asks if it was a sympathy vote and he says yeah maybe. Julie says he owned up to the fact he was a flip-flopper. Mark says he came into the game and he wanted a power alliance and a showmance and that was his strategy. He says Elena caught his eye. Mark says Cody just ripped apart his game. Julie asks if the flip-flopping is what cost him his game and he says most likely. He says the rest of the house was floaters and they just came together and when they seen someone on the ground they jumped in and started kicking them and that’s not him. Julie asks if he had any real loyalty in the game and he says if he’d won HOH, Jess and Cody would have been safe. Julie asks who the biggest threat to his game and he says Christmas, but Dominique was the downfall to his game.


BB19: Julie says let’s talk about Elena and she says they seen a lot of tears this week and does he think his relationship was more important than playing. Mark says he was naïve in the game and he really thought Ramses was safe against Josh and he says the game was harder than it looked. Julie says what about Josh? Mark says Josh really is a great guy and he does not back down and he wasn’t wrong. Mark says he played a poor game, but with the people it’s nothing personal. Mark says Josh turned it around from the first week.


BB19: Time for the good-byes:

Christmas says it was no secret he was her target and some of the decisions he made made it appear he was a flip-flopper and she appreciates he didn’t take it personally.

Paul-I think you aligned with the wrong people and it really hurt to see him turn against Paul but he’ll miss the chess game and thanks for helping him work on the biceps. Put a good word in for him in jury.

Jason-he can’t say he’s glad to see him go and he thinks he’s a stand-up dude. He’s not sure if it was his mouth or someone else’s that got him in trouble.

Josh-You big meatball, you aligned with the wrong people, you showed disloyalty, and you played the middle. But look at the bright side, you get to spend time with Elena in jury, huh? Huh? Mark says Josh was a character and it was a great summer. Julie thinks Josh and Mark should go on The Amazing Race together.


BB19: The HOH is back up for grabs. Welcome to the BB Stadium. As you know, we’re in the middle of baseball season, which is why this competition is called Everyone’s a Weiner. And the rules are simple: Stay inside your hot dog bun as long as you can. If you fall, you are out of the competition. The last wiener remaining in his or her bun will win the competition and become the new HOH. Does everyone understand? Excellent, because this competition begins now!


BB19: Julie says looking good everyone, but hold on to your buns everyone. Because the grounds crew has a little work to do. They start to spray water. Paul is screaming. Julie says up next…what’s a hot dog without the condiments? Stay with us!


BB19: The tree of temptation is still in play. Time to rejoin the HG in the backyard. Julie asks how everyone is doing. Julie says there are hundreds of ways to dress a hot dog. But here at BB, they like things the traditional way. Paul yells mustard sucks. Josh hates mustard. Julie says ketchup with you later HG!

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7:03 PM BBT Patiently waiting for the feeds to return. We still have kitties.


7:08 PM BBT Still waiting. *sigh


7:09 PM BBT Feeds return. It appears everyone is still hanging in there. The buns are leaning far forward now and Paul is saying his arms are already pi$$ed. Kevin falls at 7:10 PM and cusses. He slipped. Josh tells him good job and Kevin tells him to shut up. 


7:11 PM To the Tune of "This Girl is on Fire" Jason is singing "My Ankles are on Fire" and we get bunnies. Kevin walks in front of all the buns and the HG get a glimpse of what they all look like. Paul "Damn Kevin". The buns move and it startles Matt who falls at 7:13 PM BBT.


7:13 PM BBT The HGs look like they have acted out the shower scene of the movie Psycho. Alex's face is completely covered. A mosquito is stuck to her and she has a small freak out. She can't figure out where she wants to put her hands. Raven appears to not know where to put her feet. Jason is leaning heavily to his right. Alex to production "Just watch my eyes please." "Please, my eyes." 


7:17 PM BBT There is a loud bang and the HGs are sprayed with what looks like relish. Christmas "It looks like Christmas colors." Jason "Pretty impressive whatever it is." Jason "I am going to run out of dry spots in a second." Alex "That's what she said." After a minute Paul gets the joke and laughs. Alex "You just now get it?" Paul "Yes." 


7:20 PM BBT Christmas "Looks like some strong wieners out there." Jason "I was born a strong wiener." Alex says they are getting some more torture ready for them. Raven is not saying a thing. She is all focus. Jason asks if he can change buns. He screams "Oh Sh*t." Apparently he almost fell. Alex tells him that he needs to relax.


7:22 PM BBT Paul "I remember the last time I was between 2 buns. I was equally dirty." Christmas gives him a thumbs down for his attempt at being funny. The buns lean even farther forward and Josh falls at 7:23 PM. 


7:23 PM BBT Paul sings the Oompa Loompa song and bounces while he sings it. Raven finally speaks up. "Paul, are you bouncing? Stop bouncing before I f**k you up." Paul "That was mean." 


7:25 PM BBT Paul says his tutu is destroyed. Jason says "Correction, that's my tutu." Paul shouts out to his mom saying he hopes she is proud of him. Christmas says she is sure she is. Paul keeps saying his shoulder is pi$$ed. Paul says his legs are okay. Josh tells him to shut up. Everyone's legs are mush. He said he can't feel his feet so maybe he is passed that point. 

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7:13 Brief Foth as Paul mentions framing the red and yellow stained carpet and selling it to "Lackma?" 


7:14 Matt falls off. He says he got startled as the hot dog moved. Kevin says of course he has to be reminded on national TV that he hasn't won HoH. Kevin says Paul's little feet fit right in the holes. Paul says he wears size 10. 

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7:16 pm buns move again. Remaining HG are Alex, Jason, Paul, Josh, and Raven. They all take turns making cheesy jokes...


7:18 pm After a brief Foth Alex begins a hail mary and the HG are RELISHED! Paul asks what else can you put on a hot dog? 


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7:23pm bbt Matt, Kevin and Christmas on the bench while the rest of HG making weiner jokes. Paul starts bouncing and singing oompa loompa which trigers Alex to yell at Paul to knock it off because he's bouncing EVERYONE. 

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7:28pm bbt Alex, Jason, Paul and Raven still weiners. Paul says he's already lost 500 grand so he asks Alex "So are you hooker? Alex replied "Was I or am I?" 

7:20pm bbt we get foth

7:31pm bbt feeds back and HG get sprayed with water. 

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7:29 PM BBT Raven's mascara is running all down her face. BB gives them a heavy spray of cold water. Jason is using the water to wash the condiments off of his hand holds. 


7:31 PM BBT The buns lean far forward again. Paul says there is group of gnats coming his way. Alex tells Jason to follow everything she says with Pea Green Soup. Alex "What did you have for breakfast?" Jason "Pea green soup." Alex What did you have for lunch?" Jason "Pea green soup." Alex "What did you have for dinner?" Jason "Pea green soup." Alex "What did you do last night?" Jason "Pea green soup." Josh "I don't get it." 


7:35 PM BBT Paul says he isn't going to be able to beat off for like 3 weeks. Jason "Same". Paul says his separated shoulder is not happy. Jason tells him to hang in there. Christmas "Friendliest HOH ever." Paul "There is a f*ing breeze. Oh, it's cold. Is that a bat?" Christmas "It's a f*ing bird." 


7:36 PM BBT Paul "This position is f*ing gumpy, can we change it?" Christmas "That's what she said." Paul "It's cool. I don't need my shoulder."


7:39 PM BBT Christmas tries to entice them to start dealing. Raven says she really wants a letter and may not get to see her mom until October. Nobody bites. Christmas "I think you guys need more ketchup." Paul "This position is gumpy. I get it. This is hard. You want 500K you have to be a wiener. I get it. Last year I had to be a cat. This year a wiener." Jason "I had to wear a f***tard suit." Paul "That was on you." 


7:42 PM BBT Feeds are in and out. We see Alex doing a sort of twerking motion in her bun with her rear banging up against the backside of her bun. Paul "Who is f*ing in their bun?" Alex "America, why didn't you give me the hex. Why did you give it to Jessica? No boys."


7:44 PM BBT Raven is asking what the others want. Jason says he wants to win. Raven "Come on, I really want a letter." It must be too early for Let's Make a Deal. 


7:46 PM BB gives them a reprieve and leans the buns back a minute. Less than a minute later, it starts to go forward again. This causes both Paul and Raven to both fall down. 


7:48 PM BBT Jason and Alex are now the only ones up there. Alex wants Jason to come down and he won't do it. He keeps egging her on telling her that her parents are going to see her bail. Jason "How bout you rub my back for 48 hours." Alex "I am not about to give you something so that you win." Alex "What do you want? I want to be HOH." Jason "Same." Alex "I hate you. I hate you so much. I hate you morning. I hate you all the f*ing time." Jason just whistles and dances in his bun. 


7:52 PM BBT Alex to Jason I am asking you, you dumb pri** for safety and a jury vote if I make it to the end. Jason says that is okay. Matt "Seriously, why do you even have to have this conversation right now." The rest of the house just wants one of them to jump. Jason agrees to her terms. She also asks for him to pick her for veto if he gets player's choice. Jason agrees. Alex refuses to jump because she says it is too high. If BB lowers the bun she will jump. Jason is waiting for her to get the courage to jump. At 7:53 PM Alex finally jumps. Matt "You guys are so weird. You could have done that in 15 seconds." 

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7:40pm bbt Raven says "come on guys you know who I want out" Paul says who she says "None of us you know I want a letter from my mom, I may not here from her till October" ... no one replies

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7:43pm bbt Alex starts bumping her butt against the bun and Paul yells "who's fucking inside their bun" everyone laughs.  

7:45pm bbt both Alex and Paul asking America why they have Jessica the hex. Paul says "and she went home the next week". Raven yells "what do you guys wasn't?" Paul yells "sex!" Raven again... "Come on guys, i want a letter from my mother "


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7:50 pm Matt speaks. He says are you seriously still up there. This is shady stuff right here. He knows he got two votes against him. Alex and Jason ignore him and make jokes about how they could make a deal. 

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7:47pm bbt Alex and Jason only 2 left.  Alex yells "I want safety and a jury vote" ... Matt points out its just them just and one of them needs to end it. Alex wants something and Jason will not let up. Matt says come on guys this is shady,  jump off and lets go inside for pizza... I know I got 2 votes then accused Jason of pointing at Alex.  Alex keeps saying she'll jump off but she wants something.  Matt keeps encouraging them to jump.  Both keep saying they want hoh.

7:52pm bbt Jason almost slipped off. Alex is begging Jason for safety and a jury vote... Jason says ok safety and a jury vote... Alex still holding on and asking bb to put it down so she can jump then says Jason i want to be picked for veto and Jason says cool... Matt still confused why they are renegotiating...

7:54pm bbt Alex jumps... Jason wins hoh 

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