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Thursday August 24, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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8:18 pm BBT Jason and Kev go to get pizza from the SR. Kevin starts to whisper Kevin asks who voted for Matt. He is getting blamed for it. Jason admits one was from him and tells Kevin not to worry about. Kevin is concerned and wants Jason to tell "them" Kevin asks who are you putting up. Jason asks who do you think. Kevin volunteers to be a HN if he doesn't have to go up. Kevin wants reassurance... So the vtes were just to make Mark look good? Jason says yes. They go back to the kitchen. 


8:19 pm Josh and Alex showering. Raven staring in the mirror at her mascara face (wonder if Zingbot's comments are starting to click for her :)) 


8:20 pm In the Kitchen Matt is eating. Paul and Christmas make sandwiches. Jason is making coffee. Kevin is also in there. Kevin says the HoH was fun. 


8:21 pm Matt and Raven are talking in apple room. She whispers. Its hard to hear over him banging a spoon in his bowl of milk. The only thing I can make out from that conversation: Matt: I dunno I think we are in trouble. 


8:24 pm Alex and Josh are done showering (not together obvi) Raven enters the shower. Josh is wondering who voted out Matt. He thinks it is Kevin. Alex says she does too she doesn't believe Kevin (really?) Josh hopes that Jason sees that Kevin stays on Jason like a leech. Alex points out Josh that is still only one vote... who was the second. Raven still in the background showering. 

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8:09 PM BBT Feeds are back and everyone is in the KT congratulating Jason. They also got the smaller table and Raven and Josh are talking about how tiny the table is. Matt says it’s the smallest, weirdest table. Christmas is riding her scooter around the table. Alex is going to take a shower. Matt has something in the microwave and Jason is making coffee. Paul says they weren’t out there very long, maybe 45 minutes. Paul says they finally get to see Jason’s family and his bull. Paul says he looked at a hot dog and almost threw up. They don’t have much food so Paul is going to get cereal. Kevin and Christmas are whispering in the SR. Kevin is aggravated he’s getting blamed for voting out Matt when he voted for Mark. Christmas says she is confused. Kevin tells Christmas if anyone says his name she needs to stick up for him. Josh is talking to Jason and Alex in the WA while Alex is showering and Josh says Kevin is freaking out.


8:15 PM BBT Alex tells Josh he can shower on the other side. Josh says he doesn’t want to take a cold shower, but he doesn’t have a choice. Alex yells at Josh to wait a second because she’s naked. Raven is waiting for the shower next in the WA. Kevin pulls Jason into the SR and he’s asking who voted to keep Mark and he wants Jason to tell everyone Kevin didn’t vote for him. Jason tells him not to worry about it. Kevin says he would have voted with Jason and Alex if they’d told him. Jason says it’s ok, just act like you don’t know. Jason has grabbed 2 pizzas to eat. Kevin is told to move his microphone higher.


8:20 PM BBT Matt is eating a bowl of cereal. Matt and Raven are in the lounge room and Raven says she tried. Matt says they might be in trouble. Kevin is in the KT and says his kids are going to stop watching. He says he could tell the kids he threw it last week to Christmas because she was a beautiful woman. What’s he going to say this week? He didn’t like hot dogs and he jumped out? They are talking about the condiments and Kevin says the mustard didn’t work on him, but he got a lot of ketchup. Josh and Alex are both out of the shower and Raven is now in the shower.


8:25 PM BBT Paul didn’t realize Raven was trying to make a deal up there. He thought she was just joking. Josh and Alex are talking about Kevin. Josh says Kevin started spazzing out to Paul and Alex says we all know who we think the hinky vote was. Josh says Kevin is going to confront him because he told him to child out. Alex says there was still a second vote. BB asks them to clean the mirror above the sink and Paul says which sink? Jason says who’s in front of a mirror right now? BB tells them to clean the mirror above the kitchen sink.

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8:29 pm Kevin asks Alex there will prob only be 2 HN right? So just me and Matt. Alex says yes. Kevin tells Josh he lost weight while he was a HN. Kevin says he can't believe he said he wanted water when Julie asked. He clarifies he meant sparkling water from back home but is still regretful he didn't say something better. Alex laughs and sing says Shit got squirley again. Christmas wheels in and they start talking about the two votes. 



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8:50 pm General chit chat in the den bedroom. Christmas and Alex. Jason and Paul are in the bathroom. 


8:54 pm Camera cuts to Matt and Raven Raven says Jason will have a lot of pressure this week on who to put up. She doesn't think Matt should go up again since he has been up. Raven says maybe Josh I don't know. Maybe me. Matt says that's what I have t make sure doesn't happen. BB: Matt please put on your mic. Raven is excited she gets to dress him the next two days (I assume due to the comment Julie revealed about his shirt). 


8:58 pm Jason Alex and Kev in the bathroom. Paul is in the shower.

A: To Jason put on your mic. Congrats. 

J: What was up with the question on the wall I was confused. 

A: I thought Raven was still on the wall. I didn't see her fall. I didn't understand why he [Matt] was yelling at me.

K: I don't understand why he yelled at you. 

A: I couldn't see her so I didn't know. 

J: Oh she fell after you (to Paul in the shower) ? 

K: Yeah just a few seconds. 




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8:30 PM BBT Kevin and Alex in the green room and Alex says Jason deserved to win. Kevin says he should have told Julie he wanted pictures and Alex says they caught them all off guard. Christmas is coming out of the red bedroom and Alex says things are weird and awkward. Christmas says Kevin pulled her to the side and swore he didn’t vote to evict Matt. Alex says they will finally nail Kevin and Christmas says yeah, he’s just trying to poke the bear. Paul says it’s exciting, he got to 8 and he got to see the shrinking table. Josh is asking about the wrap party at the end of the show.


8:35 PM BBT Alex says Kevin is driving her insane. Christmas says do you think Kevin will rush up there with Jason. Alex says Kevin might sleep up there. Christmas says Kevin asked her when she was HOH if he could sleep up there with her. Raven comes in and points out that Kevin is the only one that hasn’t been on the block. Alex is putting lotion on and Paul comes into the green room. Josh is talking to Matt in the KT about Kevin spazzing again. Alex is talking about backdooring Kevin because if they put him up he will freak out. Raven thinks they should just put him up. Paul is whispering to Jason about the comp when Raven fell. Josh comes in and starts talking about Kevin again. Paul says just to ignore Kevin. Josh wants Jason to stop with the “your mom” jokes and Alex tells him to apologize.


8:40 PM BBT Paul is telling Christmas, Alex, and Jason why Matt called out Alex and Jason during the HOH comp. He says it was something for Matt to say. Josh said before the vote Kevin and Mark talked and they were the last two out of the green bedroom.


8:45 PM BBT Christmas is telling Alex that Mark campaigned to Kevin and that Kevin said he would vote how Alex and Jason voted. Alex says she was afraid Mark was going to screw Jason over. Josh is cleaning out his ears and Christmas is grossed out and tells him to cover it up because she doesn’t want to see it. Paul says so the hinky votes were Kevin and Raven? Josh says Raven is bizarre and Alex says yes. Paul says Raven always begs people to let her win. Kevin is in the KT with Jason and says he wants to have a beer in the HOH because he’s going to be a have-not on Saturday. Jason wants to take a shower and Paul says he hasn’t showered yet because he can’t find his loofah.


8:50 PM BBT Paul and Kevin are in the SR talking and Kevin says Alex and Jason are a formidable team and they have to play better. Kevin says they need to talk soon and Paul says not right now. Kevin tells Paul the last two on the buns are the two who voted to keep Mark. Paul says Jason is putting Matt and Raven up anyway. Paul says they threw his loofah away. Matt is getting his luggage from the SR. Paul now thinks he left his loofah in the HOH shower. Raven is in the red bedroom unpacking for Matt. Paul asks Jason in the shower if the second vote was Alex and Jason says no. Paul says Kevin just told him it was Alex and Jason says he told him it wasn’t. Paul says they are unstoppable and give Jason a high-five.  


8:55 PM BBT Christmas asks Matt who he thinks the two votes are and Matt says obviously Kevin and Alex or Jason. Christmas says why to stir the pot? Matt says it’s annoying. Christmas is going over Kevin’s previous hinky votes, though she has one wrong. She’s blaming Kevin for the Cody vote. Josh says he’s tired of calling people out, but if they keep it up, he’s going to call them out. Christmas tells Matt and Raven she is pretty certain Alex and Jason want Kevin out.

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9:09 pm DBR  Alex to Jason. No one can know about the vote except me, you, and Paul. Everyone should think it was Kevin. Jason says well I need to do some damage control then. I already f up. Alex: What? 

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9:00 PM BBT Josh is worried he might end up as a pawn. Josh is telling Christmas that Alex and Jason were the votes. Josh says he talked to Jason in the WA and he wouldn’t look him in the eye and then Alex came in and checked Jason. Christmas says Jason probably could have stayed up there all night. Christmas says the good thing is Jason does not compete next week. Josh says he has to do massive damage control. Jason, Alex, and Kevin are in the WA talking to Paul while he’s in the shower. Jason is telling them about his conversation with Mark while playing chess. Alex says the crowd went crazy for Mark. Jason says America wants to take the victim’s side and Alex says that’s how Jessica got the hex. Alex says if there’s a temptation and someone gets voted back in, then it will be Mark. Paul says Cody was out of the house and Mark was still defending him and the last thing Mark should have done is defend Cody while he was trying to stay in the game.


9:05 PM BBT Josh is tired of all the fat jokes, they are pissing him off and Christmas says he needs to let it go. Josh says it’s disrespectful. Christmas says Josh is a strongminded person and he is a F’ing clown. Josh says he loves her. Christmas is going to get some cookies. Paul is still talking in the WA and he says they’ve been talking about Dominique since she’s been gone and Mark hasn’t defended her. Jason just realized the pizza was done. Alex says we should sit at the massive table. Kevin goes to talk to Paul again while he’s in the shower and he denies being the hinky vote again. Jason and Alex are in the green room. Alex tells Jason no one can know but her,  him, and Paul that he voted to evict Matt. Alex tells him to keep telling people it was Kevin and Raven. Alex says she’ll tell people she didn’t vote for him and she knows Jason wouldn’t.


9:10 PM BBT Jason looks worried and says oh Alex! Jason says he has to do damage control then and Alex says what? Jason says he F’ed up. She hits him and pushes him and he says he told Kevin the votes and she hits him some more. He says he was trying to get the vote out of him and he told Kevin he was the second vote. Alex says tell him you were lying. Jason says it’s ok, he didn’t tell anyone else. Alex says next time she gets the HOH, she’s not going to throw it to him anymore. She says now he has to play for them. General chatter as people get dressed and get ready to eat.


9:15 PM BBT Christmas is riding her scooter around the table again and Matt and Raven are sitting there eating. Raven says it’s so tiny. Alex is going to make shepherd’s pie when they get restocked. Christmas is talking to Paul in the WA and she wants to know if there will be have-nots this week and Paul says yes, probably three. Alex in the KT and she says every eviction gets weirder and weirder.


9:20 PM BBT Matt and Raven are in the lounge room. Kevin and Paul are in the red bedroom. Paul says yeah, they’re pretty unstoppable. Kevin says Jason told him it was her idea at the last second. Kevin says Jason probably didn’t even know he did it to make him look bad. Kevin says he didn’t do it. Paul says you know I have you. Kevin says everything Paul has asked him to do he’s done and Paul says I know Kevin, you don’t have to check in with me. Paul tells Kevin they can’t make it obvious. Matt and Raven talking about the comp.


9:25 PM BBT Everyone in the kitchen and general chatter going on. Matt and Raven in the lounge room talking about how far they made it and the HOH competition. Matt thinks they’ll get the messages from home next week. Jason and Kevin whispering in the WA and Kevin wants Jason to get Josh off his back. Jason tells Kevin not to tell anyone and Kevin says it’s been 20 minutes, he hasn’t said anything.

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Updating until 11PM BBT


10:03PM BBT In the KT Christmas and Josh talking about the wall comp when Xmas was at the hospital. They tell her it was really tough. They lasted 3-4 hours on it..


10:09PM BBT In the GBR Kevin, Jason and Alex talking about Matt harassing them during HOH about dropping. Jason says aren't they playing a game?


 10:13PM BBT In the KT Xmas, Josh, Matt and Raven bashing past HG. What they did wrong. What is wrong with them etc.


10:23PM BBT In the RBR Matt, Raven and Xmas talking about how easy the comp was for Jason because he rides bulls for a living. We get FOTH.

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10:37PM BBT HG just sitting around chatting. No game talk.


10:56PM BBT Matt sleeping. In the GBR Alex telling Xmas, Josh and Jason stories.


11:01PM BBT Paul comes out of DR. He immediately gets to Jason and is animated. You can not hear him but they are gesturing to the other room where Matt/Raven are.


11:04PM BBT Paul and Alex walk to the KT. Paul tells Alex that Kevin told hm that Jason and Alex voted for Mark to stay. Alex says they are going to spin it and blame it on Xmas.



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11:07PM BBT Alex says that she thiks the plan is to nom Raven and Matt and tell them they are BD Kevin. Alex tells Paul she was trying to make a deal with Jason on the wall because she thought Raven was still on the wall. Paul says why are they putting up pawns. Alex tells him that she asked him what she was going to do.


11:13PM BBT Paul goes in and wakes up Matt. He tells Matt that he thinks Matt and himself will be pawns. He tells him that Kevin is the BD plan.


11:18PM BBT Paul talking to Xmas and Kevin. He says in a few weeks they should have videos from home. Xmas says no disrespect to her Mom but she would prefer her video is from her gym. Kevin says wait until the see his daughters. All beautiful.


11:30PM BBT Xmas rubbing Paul's arm and talking about the two votes to save Mark. Kevin comes in and asks about the tree. They explain it to him how it works.

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