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Monday July 31, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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12:00 AM BBT Jessica and Elena are still talking and Elena says people genuinely like Jessica, but they feel bad for her because of what Cody is doing to her game. Jessica says she thinks it’s funny they are 40 days in and Cody is still there. Elena says you guys can play for HOH next week, but they are going to keep trying to get Cody until he’s gone. Paul tells Josh is going to bed and heads up to HOH. Mark says Radiohead was pretty good and unique. Paul is going to play one of his favorites and Mark says it’s soothing.


12:05 AM BBT Paul and Mark are in the HOH talking about Victor. Paul says Victor was a better competitor than anyone in the house this season. Paul thinks Jessica is a far better player than Cody. Mark says he needs less stress. Paul tells Mark he knows what the temptation is because Jessica told him. Paul says the week will be a dud, no eviction, and a new week starts. Mark says so his safety will be void if she uses the hex. Paul says yes. Mark says so no one is safe to jury if she uses the hex and Paul says yes.


12:10 AM BBT Mark asks Paul how long it took him to get over his last ex. Elena still working on Jess’s eyebrows and Christmas has joined them. General chatter.


12:15 AM BBT All four feeds are on Elena, Jessica, and Christmas. Not much chat other than general chatter about their day. Paul and Mark are still talking about relationships.


12:20 AM BBT Kevin pops in on the girls in the RBR and they ask him who won the pool tournament. Kevin says not him, he scratched on the 8-ball. Cody comes in as Kevin leaves and he gives Jess a kiss.


12:25 AM BBT Mark and Paul are talking about Josh and his pots and pans and him throwing the pickle juice on him. Paul says Christmas was very mean to Josh because of the pots and pans incident. Mark says he’s just going to seclude himself, maybe talk to Kevin because he’s funny, and Jason and Paul. Mark thinks Alex is going to get extra feisty because of being on slop. Matt has come upstairs to the HOH with Mark and Paul. Matt has forgotten his microphone. Paul laughs and says he can’t catch a break.

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12:30 AM BBT Mark thinks he is one of the most boring people on the show. Raven comes upstairs and says the bathroom is the cleanest it has ever been. Mark asks what happened and Paul says how did it start. Raven says Jessica started it with shaving cream. Elena and Jessica talking again. Elena says people are worried about jury and that’s why they want her not to use her hex. Jessica says she doesn’t think Elena should worry about jury. Elena says she’s not worried, but she’s on the outs with everyone and you just never know what will happen moving forward. Elena says if you do use the hex, people are going to be less receptive to working with her and they are going to be pissed. Elena says that’s their selfish thoughts, but that’s just how the game is.


12:35 AM BBT Jess is talking about the pros of not using it which is everyone in the HOH room earlier will go after Alex and it could potentially save Cody from a blow-up which could affect his life outside of the house. Jessica says the pros is that people think Cody is ruining her game, but there are multiple ways to play the game and she didn’t come into the game wanting to do what the house wants to do. She says winning the grand prize is just that and a bonus for her. She’s using the show to play the game and be in the center of as much as she can, in a positive way she hopes, and she wants to make big moves. She says she’s watched the game so long and there are players she respects and she wants to follow in their footsteps. She says they are kamikazing their way through the house. Jess says this is going to be stressful, but she’s a character on a tv show and she thinks people will respect her outside of the house. She wants to make a name for herself in the game. Cody comes in and he has taken a shower. Cody asks where Mark is because Elena and Jess are doing the girl thing and he wants to go do the guy thing.


12:40 AM BBT Matt is squirting stuff on Raven while she’s in the HOH shower and she’s yelling at him and she yells he’s going to die! The guys all leave the HOH room and Raven says yeah you Dhead! Leave the room! Mark says that was funny as they head downstairs. Paul comes into the HOH and asks why the guys ran out and Raven says because he threw crap on her. Matt and Paul head back into the HOH. Matt yells at Raven and says babe are you ok? She says to go away! Elena is talking again about how she is “perceived” in the house. Paul talks to Matt and he starts to strategize if this is a D/E coming up. Paul says if Jess uses the hex, then put Cody and Jessica back up and they vote Jessica out. Paul says if she does use it and they have to act like they are backdooring Alex. Paul says Jess wants Alex to go home. Paul says put up Mark and Elena and say they are pawns that way Jessica is appeased. Then they could put Alex up and stack the votes on the other person. Matt says the hex isn’t good after that anyway so it doesn’t matter if Alex doesn’t go home.


12:45 AM BBT Matt says the three of them are looking real good right now. Matt says people want Christmas, Elena, Mark, Cody, and Jessica gone. Matt says people want Josh gone except us. Paul says we have to keep Josh in the game as long as possible. Matt is ok with Christmas hanging around as long as she follows the rules. Paul says you two need to boot strap and win some HOH’s. Matt says who are you worried about winning HOH and Paul says you never know. Paul says you never get comfortable. Paul says we have to make power moves right now in order to be in the position we’re in.


12:50 AM BBT Jess wants to take Paul out and see what the house does. She doesn’t think Cody is bringing her game down at all. Jessica thinks Paul is playing a very good game and would deserve the win. Elena says yeah he’s going to win if he makes F2 and she says she’d vote for him if she’s in jury and he’s F2. Jess says Paul is very intelligent on rewarding them when someone does what he wants and manipulating them. Elena says he does really well socially too.

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1:57AM:  Mark is truly missing Elena.  Elena attempts to reinforce her decision.  He said he wears his emotions on his sleeve; and doesn't understand why she want to separates though he sees all other pairs in house.  He even refers to her ripping his life jacket off; ans she mimics, "...so I'm your life jacket..."  Mark states he doesn't want to ruin her opportunity; but say he doesn't understand what he's done to that's jeopardizing her game. (Gee, in my opinion, Mark is the kinda guy that would stalk, because he can't handle rejection on the slightest scale.)  Elena just simply listening to his rant for the most part.  Mark said the little things is what he adores; he just want to understand what went wrong.


2:10am:  Elena said she don't know what to do; but she gives up on a emotional things very quickly.  My tank is very small; I been like this my whole life.  I get emotionally exhausted way faster than most people.  She walks away from things if she's exhausted. If I'm exhausted by things, I leave. I'm not saying me and you are emotionally exhausted.  The situation I'm currently in with the house, game vs. personal.   Like me and you isn't draining; and trying to find the words to make what I'm feeling clear to you is hard as I try to find the words.  I move very slowly; like with the guy, I move very very slowly. I don't make snap decisions.  I try to be clear the way I see things in a game point of view, and how I see other people are seeing it.  I tried to be clear and gentle about my concerns in the beginning.  She's reassuring no ill intent towards Mark.  She 100% him and his personal feelings.  At no point did I want to hurt you.  I understand you think a lot more emotional, and I think a lot more logically than you do. And because of that alone, we see things quite differently.  Mark still requires further clarity.   (...the lost of his parents could have a lot more to do with his sensitivity than a little bit...-Twisted 5)

Elena asked him to please don't go out his way to make her feel worst than she already do.  So now they discussing distancing.


2:17am:  Mark and Elena full exchange on actions and perception ensues.  He see her distancing and then concern for him confusing. 

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2:23am-2:28am:  Elena finally admits Cody made their togetherness an issue.  Mark wanted to know why she didn't tell him.  She said would that exchange anything.  He said the same as he didn't talk to Dominique.   Elena admits that the Cody and Jess separation is harder because she genuinely like them.  Elena said she hinted it was a problem; Mark insist that she should have set him down and been honest with him, because clearly he was missing the hints.  Mark is stating she want nothing to do with him in the game.  Elena reaffirms, "...THAT IS NOT TRUE..."   Mark iterates,  "...And yet, Matt  Raven Paul lied about the votes, Paul was going to use us as a pawn, and yet Alex is the target, Alex and Jason are crazy and has targets on their back, Josh is a wildcard, and everybody loves Kevin..."  I'm trying to understand the people's perception in the house she is trying to change.  He stresses she obviously know what she want to do in the game; He not going to stop her, He can't.  She's a strong independent women, she going to do what she want to do.  He wish that before it came to this, she came to him.  He would have said a final speech to Cody as he did Dom, and it would have been him and her.  Elena just sits there. 


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2:29-2:35am:  He further reminds her Paul stated the same thing about her time spent with Jody.  Elena said he wasn't blind to her hint.  Mark keeps reminding he has a difficult time reading her; and has asked her if she would ever open up; and now their at this stage.  Rather than having a conversation; she rather keep her distance.  Elena admits it was her mistake; perhaps he should have been clear and used her words better.  Though, she don't think that would have change anything; and Mark states then you don't know me at all.  Elena stated maybe its more complicated than that; and Mark said maybe its just a scapegoat.  And Elena reacts, "..It's not, so please don't say that.  I understand your upset, slightly confused; and I'm trying to still show I have clear concern for me.."   Then she signs in frustration.

Mark asked how her giving him concern going to do for either of them.  Elena feels shows signs of acceptance, and state she can stay away and move forward.  Mark reiterates confusion, but want her to just say, she doesn't want to kiss and hug, why don't she just say it.  Elena, "I've been saying that..." and Mark says he still don't get it.  And up walks Paul.

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:7:23amBBT: All four cameras showing sleeping HGs.


7:25amBBT: Matt heads to the WC, stopping to check the time in the kitchen and listen at the door to the BY first, then heads back to the RBR taking a drink before climbing back into bed with Raven.


8:33amBBT: Cody up in the RBR kisses Jessica on the back of the head and then heads towards the WC. Walks through the kitchen, checking the time, and then to the door to the BY where he checks to see if it's open (It is) and then finally makes his way to the WC. [EDIT: at 10:40am, Cody comes out of the WC and asks Christmas and Matt why the BY is closed. ~PaganMom]


8:36amBBT: House lights are on now. Cody heads back to the RBR, climbs into bed with Jessica and goes back to sleep.


9:02amBBT: Christmas is up an scooting her way around the house and heads to the WC. COmes out and washes her hands, scoots through the KT, checking the time then off to the SR for a new battery. Back to bed in the HN room she goes.


9:08amBBT: WBRB just as Elena was leaving the HN room. Wake up call?



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9:19amBBT: Feeds up.. On sleeping HGs. BB says, "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day" No one moves.


9:21amBBT: "Rise and shine. Wakey wakey house guests. There are fresh batteries in the storage room. Rise a-"


9:27am BBT: Kevin, Josh, Mark, Raven, Jessica, Jason, Cody. There are fresh batteries in the storage room." Raven gets up and changes batteries then heads to the WC.


9:28amBBT: The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." Raven exits WC, takes a swig of mouthwash and starts swishing then walks back to the RBR (without washing her hands). BB reminds them again about lights, Raven crawls back into bed.


9:39am BBT: Jason moving around a lot. His legs from the just below the knee are off the bed. Oh and he is up and curled into a ball on his head/arms/knees on the bed with his hands covering his face.


9:42am BBT: Jessica is up, wraps a throw blanket around herself and heads to the WC. Everyone else, including balled up Jason, still asleep. Jessica out of the WC and heads back to RBR (without washing her hands). Stops in the SR to grab a new battery then heads into the RBR.


9:45amBBT: "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." Jessica gets under the covers and ignores BB. Jason is straightening the blankets on his bed and then gets shorts on. Heads into the SR to get a new battery. 


9:47amBBT: Jason comes out of the SR, grabs what looks like a toiletry kit and starts to leave the DBR. BB again says that the lights need to be on, so he turns back, flips on the GBR light, and heads to WCA. 


9:47amBBT: Jason comes out of the SR, grabs what looks like a toiletry kit and starts to leave the DBR. BB again says that the lights need to be on, so he turns back, flips on the GBR light, and heads to WCA. 


9:48am BBT: "Paul, Kevin, Josh, Mark, Cody. Please exchange your battery for one in the storage room." "


9:50amBBT: Jason realizes someone has painted his toe nails. He asks Kevin who painted his toes. Kevin says he didn't see anyone do anything.

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9:52amBBT: Mark makes his way to the WC as Jason is finishing up ADLs. Jason heads back to the DBR where Kevin is back in bed. He told Jason in the WCA that he hadn't slept all night. Kevin asking Jason if he's alright. He says yeah. Kevin tells him to try to get more sleep before they call them for PoV. Jason says he doesn't know what he is going to say at the meeting. Kevin jokes and does some "auctioneer-ing" and Jason laughs and says he may just do that. 


9:56amBBT: "Cody, there are fresh batteries in the Storage Room" "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." Cody ignores the light when heading into the SR for a new battery. Jason is still trying to figure out who painted his nails. Cody returns to the RBR as BB again says the lights need to be on. He turns the light on and then crawls back into bed, covering himself and Jessica from head to toe.


10:01amBBT: "Houseguests must be awake from 10am until 10pm." Kevin now telling Jason that his dream last night was that he was a trainer, training Alex for her first fight. We get brief fish and when the feeds come back, Jessica has poked her head out of the blankets with sunglasses on. BB tells Kevin to put his microphone on [No wonder I couldn't hear him so well ~PaganMom] Kevin & Jason talking about the wake up songs. Jason says they were epic terrible.


10:09amBBT: Silence has fallen in the DBR as Kevin and Jason attempt to go back to sleep. We have cameras one and two on the RBR where no one is awake and cameras three and four on the DBR where they are still trying to sleep.


10:20amBBT: All was quiet until BB repeated that HG's have to be awake. Then the Fbombs fell from Kevin and Jason. They are now talking about when you were sick as a kid.


1024amBBT: "I'll ask again nicely. Please no napping. Pretty please?" Paul was up feeding the fish. More movement in RBR now.


10:28amBBT: What do you not understand about please? Wake up! Kevin asks Jason if he wants to just get up and get coffee. Says "This handsome man in the sky just wants us to get up" Jason laughs.

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10:30amBBT: Cody in the KT making coffee after getting more out of the SR. Christmas comes out of the HN room and Jason says "good morning" and Kevin asks who he is talking to. Jason says "The Christmas" and Kevin says good morning tree". Not sure where she scooted off too as she vanished from DBR cameras and hasn't appeared on the KT cameras yet.


10:35amBBT: Cody heads to the SR and takes some asprin or ibuprfen (I think) and heads back into the KT. Kevin asked why the door closed and Jason said Christmas went into the RBR to get some clothes. Cody to WC. Christmas trying to get clothes, Matt up and moving around now.


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10:40 AM BBT Matt is in the WA doing ADL’s. Jason, Kevin, and Josh are still asleep. Quiet all around the house. Cody is upset because someone put Vaseline on the scoop for the coffee grounds.


10:45 AM BBT Matt chuckles that everyone slept through the wake-up call. Cody says it’s an odd morning. Matt asks if it’s Monday. Christmas is called to the DR. Cody asks Matt if they still have real eggs and Matt says they’re good on that.


10:50 AM BBT Cody wants to saute some veggies this week. Cody, Matt, and Christmas are the only ones up. Christmas is in the WA doing ADL’s. Cody is getting ready to cook in the KT.


10:55 AM BBT Matt is in the shower. Christmas is washing her face. Cody is prepping food. Everyone else still laying down. Christmas asks if it’s 9:30 and Matt says it’s after 10:00. Christmas says she’d keep playing get up over and over until they did. Matt says he’s surprised “he’s” quiet right now.

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11:04AM BBT Xmas putting on make up. Matt showering The rest of the HG sleeping.


11:08AM BBT Paul and Jason whispering. Paul put vaseline on the coffee scooper inside the coffee container. They think it is hysterical. Now they are planning their Veto speech.


11:11AM BBT We have puppy cam. Possibly Veto Ceremony.

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12:06PM BBT We are back. Paul and Josh complaining that Cody didn't give a speech on Veto. Paul says he had more chances then anyone (Cody) and not doing anything about it. Jason wearing the veto.


12:11PM BBT Jess confirms to Cody she is using the hex. She tells Cody if they don't win HOH then they are out but they need to have the chance.


12:23PM BBT Matt and Josh in the KT. Josh says he has never heard of being able to make the week dead. Matt says they will just send Jess home before Cody then.


 12:28PM BBT Jess is starting to pack her things. Jess and Cody talking about Jason's speech. They said that they are pretty sure Jason said what Paul directed him to. Jess says telling her she is wonderful while saying terrible things about Cody isn't right. Cody says by not giving a speech it really bothers them.

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12:40PM BBT Matt and Raven talking. Matt says they know they can't get Cody and Jess out this week. Raven is upset at that.


12:44PM BBT Raven, Jason and Kev talking in the GBR. They still don't believe Jess will use the hex completely. They all agree she would be an idiot to use it.


 12:49PM BBT Raven has pulled Jess and Cody into  the wave room because when she walked into the KT the convo changed. She is trying to say she was talking about the metal in the veto. Cody asks her why she is against him in the house. Raven says because the entire house is against him. Cody says so that's the only reason? And she says yes She loves both of them and wasn't conspiring against them and needs them to believe that.


12:53PM BBT Cody telling Raven that she is her own person and can do what she wants. Raven says she can't and has to stay with the house or she will put a target on her and she can't do that for herself. Raven trying to tell them that she was only talking about the veto.



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12:53pmBBT: Jason, Mark, Alex and Paul in the KT talking about raising cows that have no hormones injected and are grass & grain fed. Paul asks if that means Jason can send him meat and Jason says yes, then BB tells Jason to put on his microphone so he runs back to the BR to get it, screaming.


12:53pmBBT: Raven hugs Jody and kisses them on the cheek. Jessica does not look happy and doesn't seem to even look at Raven. Raven leaves the lounge and Cody starts to talk to Jess, "Before you yell at me-" and Jessica cuts him off. "I'm not going to yell at you. She is never going to go against Paul and you in here talking about him is wasting energy on her." "Okay, okay." "I literally just walked into the room and she's pulled up a chair between Jason and Kevin's beds, they are all whispering and I walk over to my stuff and in the reflection in the mirror I see Jason go like this (pointing) to acknowledge that I've walked over there. I pulled Raven into the side room and said, 'I see you. Not only did you lie to my face last Thursday, now this whispering and like.. I'm done playing like I don't see anything. Bite me"


Cody: Can I say something real quick? Jessica, can I just say that I am glad you are the queen of controversy?
Jess: I don't want to be the queen of controversy.
Cody: I really really like that you take verything head on and there ain't no (freaking) ounce of fear in your body. Gosh, it makes me proud to be your boyfriend. 
Jessica: Chuckles then silence for a few seconds before, "God I'm tried of her fakeness. Drives me bonkers.


(Copying Raven) Jessica: 'I have no power. I have no say' I'm sure you say a lot behind closed doors, Raven! (Silence for a few seconds) "Now I'm sure she's going to tell Paul and Paul's going to panic some more. I love it! I think it's great. Watching Paul squirm all week is making me very happy. 
Cody: And then it will all be for nothing. 
Jessica: If he thought he was going to convince me to uh try really hard now because he's really freaked now. He is going to be like "Raven you (flipped) it!"
Cody: Watch, he's going to be like, "So uh, the other day Cody said you're a really bad person."
Jessica: Laughing, "Okay, noted, thanks."


12:57pmBBT: Cody: Glad to have you back, Jessica. Glad to have you back.

Jessica: When did I leave? Cody: Just for brief moments. Not controversy, confrontation, that is what I meant.

Jessica: I don't want to be confrontational.

Cody: You're not. You just face it head on. It's funny because people expect you to back down.

Jessica: Trust me, there's plenty of times that I haven't confronted people who deserved it.

Cody: If you did you'd spend all day confronting people.

Jessica: Yeah.

Cody: So it's-

Jessica: I'm just so tired of her thinking she can just get away with just running her mouth behind closed doors. It's time for somebody to call her out. She was like 'I never lied to you' You flipping lied to my face on Thursday. 'Oh well now I understand where you're coming from'. Jess sticks out her tongue and blows raspberries. 


12:58pmBBT:  Jason comes into the wave room/lounge and tells Jess & Cody, that Raven is crying and thinks Jessica is blaming her. Jessica says that when the whole house is conspiring against her, but pretend they aren't, it agrivates her. Cody asks Jason what he ever did to him. Jason is trying to cover his rear end, saying that he thought he could trust Cody and Cody says his actions have shown that he has never gone against Jason and asks about his speech. Jason says it's just that since you came back something isn't right. 


1:00pmBBT:  Cody telling Jason that everyone wanted him out and if he had put him up week one he would have been gone but he didn't put him up. Now he has thrown that all away. Jason says it's because he was solid with it and then everyone else came down and ditched and it made him wonder. He says everyone is full of crap (Jess starts laughing and says its because she agrees). Cody says there was no point in Jason making that speech that made Cody look like a piece of crap. [Man, I want to see this speech now! ~PaganMom]

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1:05pmBBT:  Kevin comes in asks Jess what's going on. Asks why Raven is crying. Says that no one was talking about her earlier when they were in the DBR. Jokes and says he will talk about her tonight. Jessica chuckles and says ok. Kevin leaves. Jason back to defending himself. Alex comes into the lounge asking Jason if she can talk to him and he says yeah. 


1:10pmBBT:  Cody saying that he is glad Jason finally picked a side but he can see where everyone is coming from. Josh comes in looking for his bible. Jessica says the whole house is paranoid now. Jason saying the whole house wanted Jessica out, even Alex but he said that he told everyone to put up Dom and flip that thing. Alex comes back in to get Jason "NOW!" because Raven is crying. She leaves, Jason laughs and says "See, they think I'm talking." Jessica says she has never seen 11 people so afraid of 2 people in her life. 


1:12pmBBT:  Paul in KT talking to Alex, Christmas and Josh about what is going on and them bullying Raven. Christmas says they should basically make their lives a living hell: Steal his clothes. Paul says she's going home. lounge clears out. Jason, Cody and Jessica walk out and go through the kitchen. Paul asks Cody why Raven is crying. Cody says he doesnt know. Camera goes to SR with Alex and Jason. He is recounting the entire conversation.


1:12pmBBT:  Camera switches to DBR and Josh is telling Raven that he will torment Cody the rest of the week. They tell him no don't. He said that he doesn't have a beef with Mark anymore so he can take it out on Cody. Jessica walks in and asks Raven why she is crying. Raven says she wasn't doing anything. She was asking how they cut out the veto (the empty spaces in the circle) and the boys were explaining it. She says that Kevin can confirm. She said she was feeling how heavy it was and that it was all she was doing. Basically Jessica tells her to calm down. They are sick of when they walk into a room where people are talking.. and then changes to Jason was in the room talking to us, defending you and then everyone came in and tried to pull him out because he isn't allowed to talk to us.


1:13pmBBT:  Jessica says that the whole "don't talk to so-and-so needs to stop. Raven saying she talks to everyone and was just talking to Cody last night when he was cooking. Others start to come into the DBR (Was Matt, Mark, Josh and Raven originally). Jessica doesn't like that the "whole house" has shown up and asks Raven if they can talk privately. They move to the RBR.


1:13pmBBT:  Jess asks Raven to please put herself in her shoes. Everyone has been conspiring against her since the jump. The speech Jason made was uncalled for and went too far. Raven tries to speak and Jessica keeps cutting her off. Raven finally gets to speak and says I have not treated you like you have lepracy. We were talking about the PoV about it being brass and how they scrape it out. We weren't talking about you, I promise. Jessica doesn't want Raven to cry. Raven says she is and emotional person and when she feels things she feels them strong. Swears she is not attacking or plotting against Jessica and tells her she can take it or leave it.


1:19pmBBT:  Josh joins Jason & Alex in the SR and asks what happened with Raven. They tell him that they accused Raven of being sketchy. Josh says he is done with him and gets upset. Kevin/Paul come into SR and ask what the heck is going on. Tells them that it had to do with the PoV speech. Cody asked why Jason was personally attacking Cody. Jason says that as of now I am declaring that as of today he is not with this guy. Christmas joins the SR. Paul wants to know if there was any inkling of her not using the Hex and he said no. 


1:20pmBBT:  Jody in the WCA. Jason, Alex, Josh, Christmas, Kevin, Paul all in the SR talking to Jason about what happened in the lounge when he was talking to Jody. Jody go back into the wave room. Jessica: Paul is unifying the troops. Cody: To do what? It's like Kevin said, it's just a bunch of noise. Now silence for a minute or so.


1:23pmBBT:  Raven has joined SR and explaining her one on one with Jessica in the RBR a few minutes ago. Paul says game play initiated. Go ahead, use the hex. You are now public enemy number one because you have kept 9 people from jury. They are talking about making Jessica public enemy number 1. Matt joins Jody in the wave room. 


1:28pmBBT:  Matt defending Raven now too. Jessica saying that it's not that, she just got really upset about the fact that while Jason was defending Raven, the door was closed and Paul, Kevin and Alex tried to get him out of there. Again rehashing Jason's speech and how they didn't like that he complimented Jessica and put Cody down. She says that it was personal and not game and that she doesn't think it came from Jason but that it was provoked by someone else.


1:32pmBBT:  Raven pulls Matt from the wave room and asks what that was all about. Mic cuts off and Jody start talking again. Matt goes back to DBR and talks about the conversation he just had Jessica and Cody. Says he is not saying anything is wrong with what Jason said at the meeting but that he understands why Jess is standing up for Cody. More than one conversation happening in the DBR and it's hard to hear Matt & Raven now. Brief fish when Alex says how many times people have tried out to be on the show but that "he" is a dud player and it's not fair.


1:40pmBBT:  Jessica & Cody in WCA: Jessica says that no matter who you are, you are going to get attacked and needs to learn to block it out. Cody says that all he has seen is that Jessica refuses to be bullied, refuses to back down. Jessica says that without Paul the house would be completely different. Cody says more chill, way different. Cody says he was wrong about Jessica, he didn't expect her to be this strong.


1:48pmBBT:  Whispering going on between Christmas and Paul, but hard to understand. Now they are telling Jason to call Cody out on his military career so that he will flip out about it. Josh decides he is going off because he is bored. The rest of the house follows him to the WCA.


1:48pmBBT:  Josh grabs his pot & pan and starts in with his music, dancing and slamming them togther in the kitchen. Jessica telling Cody to be very careful asserting too much agression and to NOT lay a hand on Josh. FISH


1:50pmBBT:  Feeds back and no talking. Jason and Kevin laughing by the fridge. Alex offers to do Kevin's nails and he said no. Jessica in the WCA putting on her makeup. Elena looks like she is making a protein shake (or is that slop?) Paul heading upstairs where Matt & Raven are in the HoH and he starts talking to them and Christmas. Trying to find out why Jessica is so upset about having to use the hex. Why does she want 2 weeks of safety? Because she doesn't want to use the hex.


1:55pmBBT:  Josh goes into use the WC and asks Jessica when she will make the casserole again and she says that they only get 2 cans of Cream of Mushroom soup a week and she used both. Said that as soon as they restock she will do it again. Josh says good because it was delicious.


1:57pmBBT:  Paul: What is the one thing she doesn't want? For us to attack Cody. I've done it before, Josh has done it before and Jason can do it. Matt says they need to really do it, 24/7. Paul says that's fine but they need to not go around and pat Jess on the back. Says that Cody has already opened his mouth and talked about transgenter, and others. 

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2:10PM BBT In the HOH room there is a "harrass Cody" meeting. Paul is deciding what kind of words they will use to make Cody flip. Paul will then tell Jess to put a muzzle on her dog. Paul says Cody is a bully for getting in Raven's face in the wave room (he didn't he just asked her why she wasn't playing her own game).

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Sorry..updating until 3PM


 2:12PM BBT In the HOH Xmas telling Josh what to do as well to harass as well. Josh is so excited he says he can't wait to start.


2:15PM BBT Paul telling Josh that if Cody even takes a swing at him then he is out. Josh heads out of HOH to go instigate things. Xmas says she hates Bullies (referring to Cody)


2:18PM BBT Matt in HOH telling Xmas that someone is going to get hurt and that behaving this way is not working. Raven says they don't like conflict. Xmas says that she feels the same way but Cody has made this necessary. Matt says he understands Jess attacked Raven (she did not - she simply said she didn't want to say anything).Xmas says she only came on the show to further peoples understanding of their worth.


2:23PM BBT Xmas tells Raven that she doesn't want anyone to get physically hurt but she wants to prove Cody is capable of it. She is upset that "he" lied to her and tells Raven he needs to back off.


2:32PM BBT Matt talks to Raven in the KT. Matt says he isn't going to do anything but he feels Xmas shouldn't be speaking to him as she did. (She got upset at him because he felt that Josh going off on Cody did not help anything). Raven says she understands.

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Updating until 4BBT (as best I can) 

(There is a plot in the house to basically push Cody over the edge. Matt is not happy about it still, but he's going along with it)

2:45ish BBT Jess and cody are in WA talking with one another about whether or not to use the hex. Jess suggests if he doesn't want to stay he can think on it and let her know. He wants to stay because he "needs one good week before he goes." 

Josh is beginning the taunting, telling him he should have let Cameron win because the house wouldn't be divided etc. 

Jess and Josh attempt to block it out by kissing. 

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2:36PM BBT Raven and Matt in the RBR. Matt says he isn't going to do anything but he doesn't need her in the game (Xmas). He says she can apologize if she  wants but he will not apologize. He feels it is wrong. Raven says tensions are high.


2:43PM BBT We have Raven and Matt kissing on half of the feeds and Jess and Cody chatting on the other 2 cams.


2:46PM BBT Jess tells Cody that her biggest fear in using the hex is Cody. She says she doesn't want to use the hex if Cody wants to go home. She doesn't want to keep him in a situation that may not be best for him. She says for him not to make a decision today but to really think about it.


2:47PM BBT Cody tells her that he needs a good week in the house and does not want to go out like this. He says he promises that no matter what anyone says to her in the house, he will not say anything. She says just be smart in what he says.


2:50PM BBT Raven and Matt still talking. Raven tells Matt that she trusts Paul. She says Paul knows her outside of the game. She says that she can't tell the HG that they know each other outside the game but that is why he stands up for her.


2:53PM BBT Josh is yelling things to Cody and Jess. She is telling Jess that he knows where you can buy a leash so Cody can roam the house. Josh tells Cody to put up with hell or self evict. Cody and Jess ignoring him.


2:58 PM BBT Josh continues and Raven and Paul watch. Josh is saying that Cody has no respect for the fans by not giving a speech.

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3:00 BBT  Josh is in his green tutu. Alternating between being quiet and taunting Cody. 

Kevin in WA with Jess non game talk. 

Paul is talking to Elena about whether the hex will be used. Only strategy talk. He's sort of "Vetsplaining"... again. 

Jess and Cody still holed up in WA mostly quiet (upset because back yard not open). 


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3:02 BBT Group is cooking in the kitchen (all but Jody). 

Jody still in the WA... Jess asks if it's illegal to give food poisoning because "I'll cook for you" 

Cody brings up how vaseline was in the coffee, all over the machine etc. they "don't know who'd do it." 

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2:04 No game talk going on. Big group in kitchen. Jody on couch in WA. 

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3:05 Jess triggers a WBRB because talking about DR. 

Back and Jody are talking about where they will sit on the block on eviction night and what they will say. 

Jess wishing food poisoning on the others who are debating whether something they've got in fridge has gone bad. 

Cody: what do you want to ask me? 

Jess: nothing. I'm just thinking of all the things i want to do that are normal. I want a dinner with the girls to vent about the days. And I will get completely drunk. And I will tell them I don't want advice. I really can't wait to go to Disneyland and Six Flags. We'll get a hotel room at Disneyland so we can spend as much time as possible. (extended plans on what they will do together after the show). 

Josh begins his taunting again yelling from the other room. No effect on them. "Jess,  quietly jokes to cody: Josh you also don't even know how to wipe your own ass." 


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