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Wednesday July 26, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:54 am  Raven is rubbing something under the covers..camera zooms in on Matt and Ravans faces who both appear to be in utter bliss 

12:56 am Matt moves his hand to cup Ravens Brest and then he quickly pulls sheet to cover their entire heads and body....movement under the covers 

cont to be filmed until

12:59 am camera turns to a sleeping Christmas but muffled kissing can be heard from across the room


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1:22AM BBT Matt is moving in a way that suggests he clearly doesn't want to let Taco Tuesday go just yet. Raven is all about his enthusiasm.


1:24AM BBT Speaking of Raven. She definitely took shop in school because the girl can work a piston. Matt seems to be appreciative of her technique.


1:25AM BBT The undercover stroking hit a fevered pitch and Matt was whispering something barely audible [perhaps "I'm very excite!" - BBLurkerPlus] then Raven seems to have achieved the goal with Matt. 


1:28AM BBT Heads pop out of the sheet cocoon. Matt seems to be laughing about something.  Some light kissing.


1:31AM BBT Something going on under the covers, then a snapping sound and matt starts laughing.


1:34AM BBT Matt gets up to use the bathroom, passing Elena in the KT and Mark in the WA.  Mark leaves WA as Matt comes in.


1:41AM BBT Matt is doing dishes and tidying up the KT, leaving the water running the whole time (while in the fridge, wiping the counter, etc).


1:44AM BBT Matt alternates cleaning dishes in front of the faucet with lifting his shirt and wiping below his belly button with water to clear away...residue.  He does this a few times.


1:45AM BBT Matt does the "residue wipe" again below his belly button and doesn't wash his hands, grabbing a bowl that in the drying rack with the same hand and drying it with the towel. [Eww. - BBLurkerPlus]  He finishes drying the dishes with the same hand, leaving a little bit of Matt on each "clean" dish he puts away.


1:48AM BBT Matt can't shake the sticky feeling and heads back to the WA to do a more complete washing of his below-belly-button area at the sink using water and the green towel.  When done, he throws the green towel on the couch in the WA.


1:52AM BBT Matt back to washing dishes again in the KT.


2:01AM BBT Matt gathers up the KT garbage and heads to the SR.  The camera zooms in on Raven's photo.


2:01AM BBT Matt drops off the garbage and is back picking at his belly button and feeling the area below it - STILL.


2:02AM BBT Matt gets back into bed with Raven.


2:17AM BBT Still some restlessness in the HN and Rose BR, but the house seems to be down for the night.


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01:33 am Matt gets up to go (wash up) to the bathroom.

Matt also spends a few min examining his lip and tongue in the mirror

01:37 am Matt decides to wash a few dishes...aka all the houses dirty dishes

01:44 am Matt standing in front of kitchen sink washing off his abds (uhhhhemm and then feeling to see if there is any sticky)

he then drys his abs off with a dish towel and he then begins to dry off dishes with same towel and put them away.

01:48 am Matt goes back to the bathroom and washes his abs in front of the bathroom sink.

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11:00am BBT: Ramses in the KT preparing food, Cody and Jessica on the hammock watching most of the HG workout. BB warns them to stop singing.

 11:05am BBT: Paul and Kevin talking about doing the laundry as they have to be inside the house for a lock down at noon today. Kevin then says the clothes will sit in the washer now for  four days.

11:13am BBT: Ramses still in the KT cooking, Matt is fixen to cook, Most HG still in the BY laying in the sun and working out before their lockdown.

 11:30am BBT: Most HG in the BY just general talk going on as they lay in the sun and work out waiting for lock down in 30 minutes.

11:39am BBT: BB tells the Hg to go inside and close the sliding glass doors. Cody gets up and Jessica tells him she wants to be the last one in cause if BB doesn't give the yard back she is going to soak up every ounce of sun she can.

11:44am BBT: Hg in the KT talking general talk as BB just locked them in the house. Mark is in the shower.

11:55am BBT: Raven in the LVR working out. Mark out of the shower heading to the BR to get dressed, All other Hg in the KT talking general talk and about asking BB for more chocolate milk.

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 12:00pm BBT: Jason laying in bed all alone in the BR, Jessica and Christmas talking about movies.

12:09pm BBT: Kevin in the lounge rm telling Jason , Matt and Alex how dumb pet rocks were and how he could get a pet rock for free.

12:18pm BBT: Matt, Raven and Ramses in the lounge rm just relaxing while Jason and Alex sit across the room laughing and talking about weight.

12:29pm BBT: Paul and Jessica in the STR talking about what the curse could be this week. Paul says why would they do the curse a week later. Jessica says maybe it is if who ever uses their temptation then the curse would  go into effect. Paul says could be. Then Paul says that Bb said someone took the temptation so we will get the curse unless Dom walked out with it and  took it with her.

12:32pm BBT: Paul says i do not care about the temptation i took it i care about the curse and want to know why it was not played yet. Jessica says that this curse is going to be big i feel like you know this is big brother so i think it is going to be big.

12:38pm BBt: Jessica telling Paul that she needs josh to leave tomorrow she says plus i want to be the one to taker him out of this house and it will be satisfying cause Josh told me i would leave this house before he did and i am happy he is leaving before me so yes it is personal. Paul stands there smiling.



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1:00 PM BBT Jessica and Cody are in the KT cleaning up after they eat. Matt, Raven, Paul, and Elena are in the RBR and they are speculating over double evictions, what the curse might be, and if there will be any more buybacks. Matt says maybe the curse is there is a 7 person jury and not a 9 person jury. Paul thinks the curse will happen tonight or tomorrow. Paul thinks someone is going home today and tomorrow or two people are going home tomorrow. Paul says it’s too early for a double eviction. Cody and Jess go up to HOH and Cody is telling Jess about a conversation between him and Mark. Cody says he told Mark he wants Elena to see him as an asset, not a wild card. Cody says he’d not only protect Mark and Elena, but he’d want to protect Elena’s interests too. Mark told Cody as long as it’s not him and Elena or Paul they have Cody’s back. Cody doesn’t trust them because they wouldn’t have a problem getting rid of him again. Cody wants to make the first move before they do.


1:05 PM BBT Jess says so you still want to take out Paul and Cody says yeah because maybe Mark and Elena will come around. Jess says there are benefits to taking out Paul. Cody says they have Kevin, Christmas, and Ramses and he can have a long talk with Jason and Alex. Jess says you have to win HOH next week, tomorrow. Cody says Mark was throwing Matt and Raven under the bus and Jess says are they even here to play a game? Jess says Paul asked her about the temptation and she lied to him and she doesn’t feel bad about it because he didn’t tell her about his. Jess says Ramses has been sketchy the last few days and Cody says like what? Jess says he was listening to people’s conversations and Cody says that’s sketchy? Jessica says she doesn’t care about pissing people off, people should be more concerned about pissing HER off because this is HER HOH and they should not be pissing her off, and that’s what will happen if Ramses gets voted out tomorrow. She is telling them to vote out Josh. Jess says it doesn’t benefit Mark and Elena’s game to keep Josh. Jess tells Cody Josh was throwing Mark’s name under the bus and Elena gave Jess her word she’d evict Josh. Jess says Paul isn’t concerned about the eviction, he’s concerned about the curse. Jess says the curse won’t hit until after she uses her temptation.


1:10 PM BBT Jess says if Cody takes out Paul this week that will make them the biggest targets moving forward. Cody says they are the biggest target regardless. Jess doesn’t trust Paul to win HOH. Mark and Elena are in the KT. Jess tells Cody to stay focused and not talk to people. Jessica says it sucks they have to get numbers on their side because she doesn’t want to work with anyone else but Cody. There are people on both sides of the house she just can’t work with, like Matt and Raven and Alex. Cody says he might put up Matt and Raven and then take Matt off and put up Paul. Jessica says they have to stay active downstairs today, but she doesn’t want to. Cody asks if he should start talking to Alex and Jason. Jessica says she doesn’t want Alex to win HOH again or she’ll scream. She can only do so much lying or it will tear out her soul. Cody says if he doesn’t win HOH, they don’t have to say crap to anyone. They don’t have to do any arse-kissing because people are going to start blowing up their own games. Jess says if Cody is going to talk to Jason and Alex she wants to be there. Cody says it’s hard to get people in the same place together.


1:15 PM BBT Jess tells Cody Alex wants him out of the house and him being there doesn’t benefit her. Jessica wishes they’d cut the season in half and have two evictions a week and comps every day with no time to campaign. Jess says someone else winning HOH would show her how successful she was in damage control, but the only way to ensure their safety is him to win HOH. Jess wants the HOH after she uses the temptations because then neither of them are safe and them both competing in that HOH would be best and they need a week where they are downstairs. Cody says but do we? Matt and Raven are downstairs in the WA. Cody is in the shower and Jessica is moving stuff around the HOH room. Matt is in the downstairs shower. Most of the others are in the DBR just chatting.


1:20 PM BBT Christmas asks where everyone is and Mark says in the KT or upstairs. Kevin says there’s only Jessica and Cody and Matt and Raven and Paul is in the DR. Mark is talking about boxing movies. Kevin says Raging Bull was good. Elena is told to stop that. She’s sitting on Christmas’s scooter. All cameras switch to Jess and Cody in the HOH. We get to hear Elena, hey! I said stop it! Jessica chuckles. Christmas is called to the DR.


1:25 PM BBT Cody says he told Mark it doesn’t benefit him at all to put up Paul anymore. That’s when Mark told him as long as it’s not him, Elena, or Paul, it’s good. Jess says if Cody wins HOH next week and he BD’s Paul and people come to her she’d says hey, Paul won HOH and made a decision to go after Cody out of revenge and Cody doesn’t have to let that go. Cody says he can’t wait to say it’s just a game to them and he can’t wait to just laugh with them over cake and that’s after making them have-nots. Cody just can’t wait to put Matt and Raven on the block because it would be entertaining. Paul, Christmas, Raven, and Matt are in the WA. Cody tells Jessica you can see her nipples through the shirt and she says she’s been walking around like that all day and he’s just now telling her? Jessica didn’t bring enough shirts here.

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1:30 PM BBT Cody and Jess are upstairs in the HOH. Kevin is in the KT singing If I Were an Oscar Mayer Weiner and we get all cameras on the HOH room again. Elena is called to the DR. Cody informs Jess Mark is outside the door about to play chess with Jason. Jessica is told to put on her microphone.


1:35 PM BBT Cody tells Jess she looks good in everything she wears and she leans over to kiss him and he rubs her. Jessica says she needs to find something she can do to repulse him and he says good luck. Kevin and Paul are in the lounge room and Paul is telling Jessica pulled him in the SR to tell him to vote out Josh. Paul asks Kevin if his vote has changed because it’s very important to get Ramses out in case it’s a double eviction. Paul’s plan if it is D/E they put up Mark and Elena and if Elena comes down they put up Cody and he goes. Paul says Kevin needs to start winning stuff. He says it’s very important to win during the next few weeks and then Kevin can lay low again.


1:40 PM BBT Kevin wants to tell his star story during their Friendship Chat. Christmas comes in and she talks to Paul and we get FotH. Feeds are back and they are all on Paul in the lounge room alone. He gets up and goes to the KT and again, all feeds are on one room. Paul is looking for his bowl.


1:45 PM BBT Josh and Paul are in the SR and Josh wants to call Jess out and Paul says if he does he will vote him out. Matt, Christmas, and Ramses are in the WA. Paul is told to clip his microphone to his shirt. Christmas and Josh are in the WA whispering planning what to do in the event of a D/E. If Josh wins HOH he can put up Cody and Jessica.


1:50 PM BBT Christmas and Josh are whispering that once they get out Cody they have to get out Elena and they want to BD her. Josh is irritated and he’s mad that Jessica is running her mouth and lying about him. Josh says it’s game on. Christmas is quizzing Josh on the plan and she says she’ll whisper in his ear and remind him what to do. Josh says he’s been studying everything. Matt, Raven, and Paul are in the KT. Someone starts singing and we get FotH.


1:55 PM BBT Alex, Cody, and Kevin are upstairs watching Jason and Mark play chess. Jessica and Elena are in the HOH. Matt and Raven still in the KT.

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2:00 PM BBT Ramses and Mark are now going to play chess. Cody, Jessica, and Kevin are watching the new game. Jason, Alex, Paul, and Raven in the KT. Josh is called to the DR.


2:10 PM BBT Elena popped a zit behind Cody’s ear and Jessica tells Cody not to keep picking at it. Elena is painting Jess’s toenails. Cody is putting on pants that Jessica is calling “lady pants”. Cody says he’d wear them out and Kevin says he would too. Kevin wants to try them on too.


2:15 PM BBT Jessica says those pants are feminine. Ramses says he wonders how many gays have ordered those pants. Cody says aren’t gays in fashion right now? Paul says not all gays dress the same. Paul says the pants look comfortable, but he wouldn’t wear them. Jessica says Alex has an identical pair of pants. Jessica would have thought he was still in the closet and Cody says we’re having sex right now and everyone can watch. Jess says you can’t have doggy-style in those pants either. Kevin says tonight Jessica is going to be thinking and tell Cody to go put the pants on. Ramses tells Cody to wear them only at home and Jess says, no I’m home. Cody says they just stereotyped all gay men. Mark wants to play chess again but no one wants to play him. Cody will play checkers and Mark says show me how to play checkers. Elena likes to go to Cracker Barrel to play checkers and the triangle game.


2:20 PM BBT Raven, Christmas, and Alex are in the KT. Cody and Mark are playing checkers. Elena is doing Jess’s toenails. Paul is talking to Jason in the DBR. Kevin is still upstairs and Ramses is watching the checkers game. Kevin starts singing and we get FotH. Paul is telling Jason getting Ramses out is a brilliant move, imagine if Ramses is still there on a D/E. Paul says while he’s here he doesn’t mind making bold moves because if he doesn’t then his game is over. Kevin says we should hang out up here more often, it’s lovely up here. Kevin says he’s losing his mind, he’s going downstairs. Kevin says he wants to use Jess’s bathroom later, what time is good? Jess says any time is good.


2:25 PM BBT Paul asks Mark if he’s playing checkers and Mark says no one wants to play checkers. Paul asks Kevin if he wants to do Friendship Chat and Kevin says yes, he’d love to. Kevin asks Jason about his wife’s birthday, it’s in two days. Kevin wants to know if they can sing and then says probably not. He gets told ten times a day to shut up. He says they can spell Happy Birthday.

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2:30 PM BBT Kevin, Paul, Christmas, Elena, and Jason are in the WA. General chatter. Cody and Mark are still playing checkers and Jess is on a couch upstairs. Jessica is going to get pizza.


2:35 PM BBT Elena says a hand job is a man’s job. She will never give a hand job because she can never do it better than a man. Ramses is glad Elena thinks that. Christmas is called to the DR. Someone starts singing again and we get FotH again. Most of the HG are in the KT getting something to eat.


2:40 PM BBT Paul is asking Christmas about her injury. He asks if she’ll do heavy PT after she’s out of the house. Jessica is called to the DR. Christmas’s favorite thing in the whole world is a foot rub. She didn’t think she’d get a real foot rub until she got out of the house and paid someone. Christmas doesn’t want anyone rubbing her foot right now because it’s weird and gross. Paul is telling Christmas that Cody says the only time he would re-enlist is if they went to war with Russia. Paul doesn’t know if Cody is aware he’s part Russian.


2:45 PM BBT Kevin is cleaning the WA sink. Kevin is talking to Paul about how the military tortured prisoners. Paul says any pedophile or rapist deserves to die. They are changing topics quickly. Kevin says wait until you have kids if you feel that way now. Kevin is asking everyone what they think about the sinks. FotH.


2:50 PM BBT All feeds are on Josh in the KT. Someone is singing in the background so we get FotH.


2:55 PM BBT Christmas and Raven are whispering in the WA and Christmas is discussing “the plan” with Raven about backdooring Elena possibly. Jason and Ramses are laying down in the DBR and Paul, Raven, and Kevin are in the lounge getting ready for Friendship Chats.

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3:04PM BBT Jess and Elena doing their toenails outside HoH.  Jess asks Elena if everything is "solid still for tomorrow." Elena says "Mmm hmm", except the only thing she's heard about is Christmas telling her she was going to wait for Jess -  then Elena adds, "like if you feel comfortable enough to let her" [not sure what this last part means - BBLurkerPlus].  Elena asks Jess if she's talked to Alex and Jason. Jess says she talked to Jason and he said that they were on board. Then Jess adds that she hasn't talked to Alex.  Elena says it scares her because they still don't know who got the temptation and what it was nor what the curse is going to be.  Jess says "mmm hmm" and plays dumb.  Then Elena says she heard Paul speculating that the curse might be a competition where whoever does worst is out.


3:05PM BBT Jess comments that there's too many people in the house and she thinks they'll have a double eviction soon.  Elena agrees and says "who are the next two?" because there are no super-obvious targets. Then she adds, "unless I'm the super-obvious target..." and Jess scoffs, "In which case you wouldn't know."


3:05PM BBT Meanwhile Paul, Raven, Christmas, Kevin, and Jason (who recently came in) are in the wave room.  Paul is talking about how he wants to move to Prague where the loser in a street fight buys the beers and they have sex houses that are not considered weird...

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I am updating between 8:30-9:30PM BBT.


8:28PM BBT: Feeds come back (FoTH for a while) and Paul, Xmas, Kevin, Jason, and Ramses are in the RBR discussing previous HGs (old seasons) coming into the house [sounds like it is for the HOH competition tomorrow]. Each seemed to have tattoos and “volumes” that they are going over and trying to memorize. Elena and Alex join. Josh comes in and Paul tells him to GTFO.


8:32PM BBT: In the HOH, Jessica and Cody are discussing the votes tomorrow, wondering if Elena may vote to keep Ramses. They speculate that Alex may have had the temptation which resulted in them getting the toad punishment.


8:36PM BBT: Paul, Mark, Cody, and Jessica in the KT discussing more of the items to memorize, including barcodes, magazines, and HG ages. It may not have been actual previous HGs in the house but instead pictures of some sort. Mark asked who was in the RBR, and Paul tells him “everyone”, that he had to leave because they were confusing everything.


8:40PM BBT: Paul joins Maven in the Lounge, going over all of the items that they are trying to memorize. The other feeds are on Cody and Jess in the KT doing ADLs, but Jason and Kevin can be seen in the background in the WA talking.


8:45PM BBT: Kevin, Jason, and Alex talking in the WA, discussing the pictures. Paul joins them and Jason asks if they will be in individual booths for the comp and if they will show the pictures for them to compare to. Paul says they won’t show pictures, they’ll ask questions.


8:50PM BBT: The HGs are moving around a lot, all confirming [or most likely confusing] the details from the pictures earlier. Paul is talking with Mark/Elena in the RBR, and Maven have been joined by Xmas, Alex, and Ramses in the Lounge. There is talk of staying up late and studying.


9:00PM BBT: Mark and Elena continue to study in the RBR, while Alex and Jason talk in the WA. Ramses joins Marlena, and Paul, Raven, and Xmas join Alex and Jason. Jason comments “Now you are making me second guess” [which will be the end result for all of this for the majority]. Raven gets called to the DR and Paul says “that’s mean, calling someone to the DR right now”. Cody was also called to the DR.


9:10PM BBT: Elena was beginning to talk about seeing something while she was alone [possibly in the mirrors/windows], and the feeds cut to the DBR with Jason and Alex whispering about the pictures. Kevin joins them and recaps them again.


9:17PM BBT: Feeds catch Josh in the WA saying “it’s a meatball madness!”


9:20PM BBT: Paul and Elena discuss one of the pictures having two playing cards, and ace and a jack (or two aces). There seems to be a lot of confusion around the HGs regarding the two playing cards. Elena and Paul agree that it was two aces and people keep confusing it.


9:25PM BBT: Josh comes out of the HN room and those in the DBR/LR to not f-ing touch his bed. Cameras cut to the HN room and someone had messed with his bed. Paul tells everyone that it wasn’t him and leaves the area. Kevin raises his voice, telling them that this is ridiculous and they are under too much pressure. Paul goes back in to the HN room, and asks Mark if he knew who did it. Mark seems upset but keeps his cool.

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 9:37PM BBT Paul, Xmas, Raven and Matt in the wave room talking. Paul is telling them his plan. He says he wants to tell them so he isn't being devious. They are talking about Elena being blindsided tomorrow. They are talking about having the vote reflecting that she abandoned ship.


9:47PM BBT Kevin, Elena, Rams, Alex and Jason studying for the HOH comp and the pictures they saw earlier.


9:53PM BBT Kevin and Elena talk about Dom and why they didn't get along. Elena feels that Dom came in and wanted to be a dominate personality and Elena didn't allow her to be. Elena says she thought they were fine but apparently they were not. Elena says it doesn't matter, she is in the house and Dom is not.

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9:57PM BBT Alex and Jason talking quietly in the BR. Alex is concerned that Elena says she has  somewhat photographic memory. Alex pulls Kevin into the HN room. She tells Kevin that Elena is giving him false info on the pictures. She corrects what Elena is telling him.


10:02PM BBT Josh goes to talk to Paul. Paul tells him to keep a low profile and not mess with people. Josh says that if Cody wins HOH, he will put him up. Paul says they will save him like they did this week. Paul then tells Josh to get in Cody's face and call him names and tell him how America hates  him. He tells Josh that "they" love this stuff. Josh leaves the room.


10:16PM BBT Studying going on in the house with the exception of Mark and Cody who are playing chess.


10:17PM BBT Cody and Mark have started to study.


10:23PM Pal takes Elena in the RBR. He tells her that she is up in HOH too much. He says that people are seeing her too close to Jess and Cody. Elena says she doesn't feel she has been up there much. Paul says he is staying out of it from now on. He can't help her anymore. Then he asks Elena if Mark is giving Cody info upstairs. She says she doesn't think so.

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10:25PM BBT Paul tells Elena that Jess and Cody are bullying HG for votes. He says he isn't attached to Rams or Josh. He doesn't care who goes. Paul tells Elena that his name is being thrown out by Jess as a red flag. Elena says that she hasn't heard that from them.


10:33PM BBT Paul tells Xmas and Elena that he needs to win HOH. Elena says she doesn't want it and would prefer Paul has it. He has to leave because Elena is eating popcorn and it smells too good. Elena follows him out.


 10:48PM BBT In the KT Raven yelling at Matt for eating the ice cream. Elena, Kevin and Paul studying in the HN room..


10:55PM BBT Alex talking to Jason. She is complaining that Rams is following her. Mark comes in and they try to figure out one of the clues (not sure if Jason and Alex trying to confuse Mark). Mark heads to HN room.


11:01PM BBT Paul heads into the BR with Alex and Jason. He is talking about getting the HG to throw the HOH to him. He says Elena doesn't want it. He tells them they will study more later tonight.

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11:55 PM Paul, Elana and Ramses are hanging in the common area talking about how cool they think they are outside of the house

Kevin...joins.....Alex comings in eating...and Elena asks to share and starts eating Alex food.


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11:59 pm Matt and Raven are flirting and chasing eachother around in the kitchen....Matt goes to the refrigerator and grabs the Ranch dressing and Raven screams not when i have my good hair in....she runs to bathroom to Paul to help her.


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