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Monday July 24, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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9:21 BBT Hamsters are moving around. Chrimstas, Josh, and Jason in the bathroom. Paul in the kitchen. Christmas and Jason talking about the Veto competition and Christmas says how she sucked at it. All four cameras on Christmas and Josh doing ADL's. No talking. 


9:23 BBT Paul talking to Jason in the kitchen imitating Forrest Gump and they are told by BB to "Cut that out". They complain about how they are not going to be able to survive the summer without quoting Forrest Gump. Cody comes down from the HOH and starts joking with Jason. Jason is pretending to smash a chair in anger over not being able to quote the movie. FOTH



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9:24 BBT Christmas, Paul, Cody, and Jason talking about the morning music in the kitchen. Portugal Man? Josh still getting ready in the bathroom. Christmas says she was cold last night and Jason says he was sweating to death. Christmas wants protein powder. Jason starts talking about breakfast and Christmas says she needs to wait a minute because she just brushed her teeth. We keep getting FOTH cuts in and out. 


Jason now talking about Air BNB's and he had never heard of them before he got here. BB tells Jessica and someone else to change their batteries. Kevin appears in the kitchen and people greet him. Kevin complaining about not sleeping well and they start talking about something that happened last night. Paul asks where he was and Jason says he was sleeping. (They never go into what exactly happened.) Josh comes into the kitchen and Jason pretends to hush everyone like they were talking about him. 


Everyone drinking coffee standing/sitting around the kitchen bar/island. Cody says he has only had expresso once or twice and he didn't know what to do with it. Paul likes it and that Armenian coffee is the stuff. He says they will have it when they come to his house for dinner. Jason shouts out that his refilled coffee is Mf'king hot! Josh asks if anyone wants more coffee before he refills the pot. He tops off Cody, Jason, and Paul before he starts washing the pot out. 


Jess comes down the stairs with sunglassess on and joins the group. At least half of them have sunglassess on. (Are BB lights just that bright?) BB tells more people to change their batteries. 


General chit-chat and laughing from everyone. 

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9:25 BBT Production says "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." Ramses, who is asleep, opens his eyes, looks around, and goes back to sleep. The group in the kitchen is still just having coffee and chit chat. Nothing game related. 


Production talks about the bedroom lights again and Ramses sits up in bed. Jason comes in and tells Ramses and someone else in the other den bed to get up. (I can't tell how, but I think it's a girl so maybe Raven?) 


Josh and Jason whisper in the SR about what Jason said about last night. Jason assures Josh that he didn't really say anything, but they still don't actually talk about what happened. 





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9:29 BBT Paul in the kitchen talking about how it is Monday and what is going to happen today. They suspect maybe the curse is going to happen today. Paul says it might be a reset. Everyone groans and Jessica says "We will be the first two out!" Paul says, "There is nothing that takes four days to set up." (I guess the BY is closed.) They start talking about how Paul felt better today, he didn't feel well yesterday. Discussion switches to Matt and Raven yelling last night. Paul says he slept through it. Josh said he heard it and jumped up because he thought it was serious. 


Cody starts telling military stories about hearing when people were shooting at him. He says his hearing is all messed up now and he can only hear low tones really well. Cody says it's the one sense that really is affected with being a soldier but as far senses go, its implants and how Rush Limbaugh uses it.  

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9:45 BBT They are still speculating about what is going on in the BY. Reset, Care Packages, etc. They say the producers must be editing double time to deal with all the stuff they are doing. Paul says last season they were doing something every day. Christmas says they are best cast ever. (Debatable...)


Talk turns to Jason messing up the Veto comp. He is laughing at how he messed up the last part, something about ginger. Ramses gets up and walks in and yells, "Man, f*ck ginger!" (Maybe this was the chemistry veto?) Jessica talking about how she counted on her fingers the entire time to help her remember. Discussing how they used to do it and possible strategies to use. Jessica said she talked to production and her explanation confused them so they told her they were going to say something a little different in the show. Christmas said that was the strategy she used as well. Jessica demonstrates what she did and Paul says he is confused as well. They joke how they lasted longer on the discs than they did on remembering things. Alex is waking up in the den bedroom. 


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10:00 BBT  Alex is laying in her bed with the covers up over her head. She peeks out every once in a while. She's mumbling, Jesus Christ Jason, you are so stupid. Josh is so stupid. Jason needs to stop talking. Kevin walks by and asks her how she is, she says her back hurts. Because of the bed. Kevin says for her to switch.

Christmas is out there, Cody is out there, Jason is out there, Paul is out there, Jessica is out there. [she is listening and taking roll] The group in the kitchen is pretty loud. 

POV today, she says. Josh is an idiot. 

She keeps mumbling but it is difficult to understand her with the covers over head. Only her little diamond studded ears are visible.

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10:45 BBT Jason... I'm probably going to get in trouble for this, but ok, so I went to the US Celluar store in the city... Paul stops him and says, "Did you just say that? Don't ever say Cellular! No one says cellular anymore!"

Jason repeats," It was the US Cellular Store in the city, the city was Sheridan."

Paul and Christmas chime in: Don't say that. Not cellular.

Jason: OK, So I went to the cell phone store.

Paul : Don't say cell either.

Jason: OK, so I went to the phone store. I go in and the girl behind the counter, I had hired before to clerk auctions.

Christmas: To what?

Jason: To clerk auctions. I went in one time and she sold me a bunch of shit I didn't need, so I said, Hey... do you work on the weekends? Would you be willing to work if one of my other people bail? She said yes, so I hired her. So we are on a friend basis, and I walk in there and she asks me if I'd be willing to clean her stalls. And I'm like, it's $160 bucks. 

Kevin: What did she look like?

Jason: She's good looking.

Kevin: how old?

Jason: She's married, about 30. So I go to her place, clean her stalls, she's got 2 horses.

Kevin: Is that what they are calling it these days?

Jason, Yeah, I literally remove the manure from the stalls.

Kevin: You get $160 to move shit?

Jason: Yeah, so I go to the store. And she says, Hey. And I could tell she wants to say something serious, and she says, there is this dog that's loose and he's always in the road, and she is like this dog freak with like 7 dogs.

Kevin: and it's your dog?

Jason: NO. She says they don't take care of it. It's always in the road, it's a red heeler. I says, is it a male? Yes, Intact? Yes. So I'm like cool. I'll take it cause I want to breed my dog cause my wife is pregnant, and at the time my female dog was cycling.

Kevin: So your dog is riding a bike?

Jason (laughing) Yes. So she calls me and I go get the dog. I put the two dogs together in my barn and they get locked up, tied together, and it's working perfect. So I keep them locked up together for like three days, and I go to the barn, open the door and the dog shoots out like a bullet and I don't know the dogs name. The neighbor calls about a red heeler and asks if it's mine, cause I run heelers, but mine are all blue. But they didn't get ahold of me soon enough, and they took a picture of the dog and post it on Facebook, THEN, they called me. So I went and got it. Yeah, that's my dog. Then they wrote on FB, we found the owner. So the real owner sees the thing on FB, calls the number and says whoever claimed that dog isn't the owner. So I says, it isn't really my dog but I took it home cause I liked the dog, just give them my number. 

Kevin: So now you are a dog napper.

Jason: Yeah, I'm a f'ing dog napper. So this kid calls and says it's his dog and I'm like OK, what is it's name? And he says blah blah, and I'm like my buddy sold it to me in Knoxville, its not your dog. He's like it is too, and I'm like then why was it in Knoxville, and he says, I dunno. It gets loose all the time. So you don't take care of your dog, I says, and he says, Look man it is my dog. So, I'm like, well, you're going to have to pay me fifty bucks. He says, It's MY dog. OK, but if I find this dog again, I'm keeping it. so I met him and gave him the dog. And I see the gal at the store and I tell her, hey I gave the kid back the dog and I didn't implicate you in the thievery. So guess what? The next week, he gets loose, gets hit on the road and f'ing dies! Damn dog dies. Guess what happens two weeks later?  My dog is pregnant and has a litter of that dogs puppies. We got 8 pups, one got kicked by a horse, so it's instantly 7. They are born snow white. Then they turn colors. I kept one and sold the rest or traded them for stuff. 


10:50  BBT We got kitties, must be VETO meeting time. 



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11:00am BBT: Feeds are on FOTH for the Veto ceremony 

11:59am BBT: Christmas and Jessica in the lounge rm talking... Jessica says thank you for talking to me and Christmas tells her you are the HOH that is what happens. They then go talking about Christmas being in pain with her foot. Most Hg in the WA and the KT just talking general talk.

12:05pm BBT:Jason and Alex running through the house shooting rubber bands  at each other, BB tells them to stop that.  Josh is using a lint roller on his jacket. Cody in the KT washing dishes. 

12:08pm BBT: Josh and Kevin in the HNR talking and Josh says give me a hug man you know i got your back in this game. Kevin says yeah i know you do and they are going to have a conniption when they see the vote will be 7-3. Josh says he hates sitting on the block but you know Ramses is playing their game. Kevin says i know. Kevin says just remember this next week and josh says i will but we have to get those  four out of here , Matt, Raven, Jessica and Cody.

12:13pm BBT: Josh goes to the lounge rm puts his shades on and starts smiling and jumping around.He then says meatballs to the camera. He then says this crazy left Ramses on the block. he then says you messed up Jessica leaving Ramses on the block next to me. he then says you messed up Jessica you are screwed now you did not use the veto and you messed up and now you are going to go home. he says i want that HOH so bad Jessica and Cody has to go. he says then he wants HOH so bad. He then tells the camera that they bought his bull crap then laughs and dances.

12:18pm BBt: Josh still in lounge rm celebrating  all alone repeating himself. Kevin in the shower while Mark and Paul talk general talk.

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12:25pm BBT: Kevin in the shower telling Christmas, Paul, Mark, Jessica and raven that  his bed he started out good in the bed then his legs went between the spikes and if there was a fire he was not moving. They all start laughing. Ramses in the KT making food while Cody washes dishes and Alex is preparing food.

12:38pm BBT: Hg just sitting and laying around talking general talk about socks and sex.

12:49pm BBT: Kevin, Jason and Josh in the BR , Kevin wants Bb to get the BY open already he wants outside. Most Hg in the WA and the KT just talking general talk about when they get home.

12:55pm BBt: paul is making slop for lunch, Josh complaining there is no chocolate milk.

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 1:00PM BBT Paul, Xmas and Kevin talking in the WCA. They are whispering about Alex being angry in one of the BR. They don't say why. Xmas says something about wanting to talk to a "her" before Rams attacked her. Xmas continues telling them that she pulled Jess in to tell her that she wanted to vote Rams out since Josh had her back and wanted to throw Josh one vote to stay.Rams comes in and the convo ends.



1:08PM BBT Paul checks on Raven. She says her gastro is really hurting her today. Paul jokingly asks what GP is and she starts to tell him but he says "oh yeah the placebo disease" and walks out. He and Elena go talk. Elena asks Paul if he is voting Josh out for certain as Jess is nervous. Paul says yes. Elena tells hm that Jess has heard some people being flip/flop about their vote. He says he is voting Josh out.


1:16PM BBT As Paul leaves the BR after chatting with Xmas and Elena he throws an off handed comment that he has tats on his penis, well around his penis and leaves the room. Xmas says to Elena "Paul has tats on his penis"? Elena says she wants to find out.And they laugh.


1:20PM BBT Paul and Kevin in the wave room. Paul telling Kevin that Jess blew her shot. Rams is sneaky and now going out. Paul says they need to take their shot next week.



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1:41PM BBT Paul and Jason trying to peel hard boiled eggs in the KT. All 4 cams on this.


1:54PM BBT In the LR Cody, Elena and Mark taking about the prettiest girls from past seasons of BB. In the wave room Paul telling his story of expensive watches and clothes.


 2:04PM BBT Cody telling Elena and Mark that he could see the wall comp on the monitors in the studio and the cams change to the wave room and Jason telling stories about him supposedly driving with drunk.


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2:16PM BBT Cody, Elena and Mark talking about past seasons. Elena asks if every season the HG think their season is the best and maybe this year they are all just delusional. Cody says every season thinks they are the best. Josh doing the house dishes. He has on gloves and is using them to "scrub" the dishes. Xmas is drying and putting them away.


2:29PM BBT In the wave room Alex says that Mark has to go next. Paul says not before Jess and Cody. Paul brings up the battle back. Calls Cody a name for picking the maze. Cody told Paul that he picked that one because it would take Paul awhile to figure it out. Paul says that it doesn't matter he was right behind Cody anyways on winning.


2:34PM BBT Ramses comes into the wave room. They discuss the popsicles he has made. Paul requests some that are made with some Horchata. Discussion about what is in them.


2:55PM BBT Matt is making some slop for the house. Mark tells him thank you for making it. Matt says he doesn't mind.


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3:10PM BBT Josh getting dress - decides to do his meatball dance and celebrate that he is staying. Making faces and smiles at the cam as he shimmies around shirtless.


3:17PM BBT Josh uses a lint remover all over his sweatshirt and heads out to the KT where is preparing some food.


3:25PM BBT Raven come sinto the wave room. Xmas asks her what she named her disease. Raven starts to say gastro.. and Xmas say no.. the name you call it. The HG discuss different girls names she can call it.


 3:34PM BBT Josh talking to the feeds again. Says that anyone can win BB = - Steve won and he was next to Austin. He says that Cody is going down. He calls Cody a meatball.


3:46PM BBT In the wave room, Kev, Xmas , Rams, Paul and Elena guessing where they would have thought the HG were from at first sight. Paul in Elena's lap  getting his head rubbed.


3:58PM BBT Matt looking through bags of clothes in the SR. It appears that there was a bet and Rams has to wear Matt's clothes. Not exactly clear on the bet or loss.


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4:20 pm Christmas whispering to Matt about how Mark has been angry and aggressive. They both agree it is shady that he went back to Cody when he came back. Christmas says it is stupid to put up Ramses with Josh if you want Josh out. Matt says they need to win HoH to stay in the house. 


4:24 pm Jess gets called to the DR for the second time. "No napping HG" Christmas talking about how big of a competitor Jess is. They (jess and Cody) are good. They wanted their wins. Christmas says it's ridiculous the 10-2 odds for HoH made it even more ridiculous that Jess won. She says the ones who fell off early didn't want it. 



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5:20 pm HG on lockdown outside. Josh and Mark playing pool while Matt watches. Jess and Cody at the jacuzzi. 


534 pm Feeds return everyone goes inside. (Lockdown ended) 


5:36 In the HN room Paul whispers to Kevin about studying the days. He thinks they are the only two studying the days, he tells Kevin to keep that s* to hisself. They recount evictions, HoH. In the kitchen Raven is cooking. Alex is eating. No game talk. 


5:46 pm Cameras change to Kevin and Jason sneaking a chat in the living room while Alex is YELLing a story.

Jason: Paul is watching her like a hawk. 

Kevin: "Christmas?" 

Jason nods. 

Kevin "She's a little [fing] goofy? 

Jason tells Kevin the only reason he wants her out is because he broke her foot and he's tired of watching her and doing her favors she claims he "owes her". Kevin says you can't win that way. 


5:48 pm in the HoH Jess and Cody: Contemplating telling "her" I assume they are referring to Alex. In the RBR Christmas and Elena are talking about adjustment problems living in the BB house. 




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6:00-6:30 all HG outside  doing various activities. No game talk. 


6:31 pm Ramses comes over to Jess to get some guacamole. Jess tells him to sit next to her. 

Jess: If someone comes to you saying they want to throw a sympathy vote towards Josh. Jess wants it to be a unanimous decision against Josh but she is concerned about 3 people. Jason, Alex, and (Christmas?) she tells him to check on them. Jess says Josh is a monster and doesn't deserve a sympathy vote. 


6:34 pm Jess tells Ramses that she spoke to Alex and she told her and other HG she was mad at both Josh and Ramses for each breaking a pair of her glasses. Ramses denies that happened he will double check with her. 

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7:08 pm Paul is cooking. Mark and Elena flirting in the DBR. Raven and Matt working outside with kettle bells while dressed in matching outfits. 


7:10 pm Paul joins Mark and Elena. 

Paul: "Hello friends." "Are we gonna win HoH?" 

Elena says she doesn't want it. Paul says they need the power. They are all 3 saying Cody may want them out. Paul tells Mark they seem cool now and he doesn't feel the same. Paul needs to watch his ass. Paul says it is great he didn't put up this week. 

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4:06PM BBT Jason and Mark discussing cottage cheese. Jason likes it on chips. In the wave room Kevin is telling Elena she reminds him of one of his daughters.


4:12PM BBT Paul in the WA talking to Matt in the shower. He tells Matt someone is grasping at straws. Hard to hear (no one in the house seems to be concerned at the moment). Paul tells Matt he will talk to him later.


4:21PM BBT Xmas and Matt discussing Mark and how mean he is all the time. They are whispering and you can hear the KT very loud. Matt says they have to win HOH.



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10:03PM BBT Cody and Jess scheming in the HoH room watching the spycam of the kitchen.  Cody asks who Paul should be up against. Jess says Christmas, then they realize Paul will need to be backdoored, so Jess muses who should be up with Christmas. Cody snickers "Ramses" and Alex says she can't do that again to that kid. [Not realizing that he will probably be off the table when voted out this week. - BBLurkerPlus] Cody talks about Paul again, and Jess says get over it, she wants Alex out more.


10:05 Cody gets some caramel rice cakes and loudly begins noshing, offering Jess some, but she says she's okay. Meanwhile off the spycam Paul, Alex, Jason and Christmas are in the DBR plotting the vote for the elimination to make it unanimous. Paul says Jesus Christ can come down and tell him to change his vote and he's not having it. Alex exclaims "Done!" and the rest chime in.


10:15PM BBT Paul/Matt playing pool in BY. Raven, Kevin, Jason, Josh, Ramses, Alex in DBR. A number are getting ready for bed.  Cody/Jess in HoH.  Looks like Elena is on top of Mark making out in the far back corner of the BY on the Hammock.


10:16PM BBT Raven is making grilled cheese for herself and Matt in the KT while talking to Christmas. Cody is in KT taking meds or vitamins.  Raven says she doesn't like when paul is a have-not because there's no Friendship toast.


10:21PM BBT The camera zooms in and Christmas is looking very rough. Cutting back on her pain meds seems to be wearing on her.




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10:00PM BBT Jason and Alex talking. Alex telling Jason not to tell Josh anything. Josh is asking about votes etc. Josh and Xmas walk into the BR. Alex tells Josh he has to act sad and stop hanging out with them. Josh leaves the room.


10:03PM BBT Cody and Jess in HOH discussing who they could put up against Paul. Jess says probably Xmas since she can play the sympathy card. They discuss Paul would probably have to be backdoored. Jess still wants Alex out as well.


10:07PM BBT Paul in the BR talking to Jason, Xmas and Alex. They are taking about the vote. Paul says if it isn't 7-3 he is bashing someone's head in.They assure him the vote will be 7-3. They agree it can't be a tie.


10:20PM BBT Raven is making a grilled cheese sandwich in the KT. Xmas Matt eating chips. Paul making tea.

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10:33PM BBT Elena and Mark in the hammock. Elena asking Mark his feelings. He is trying to describe them. Elena not saying anything in return at the moment. In the house, Jason trying to sleep. Alex talking to him. She says she always disliked clowns but after meeting him she really hates them. (They have a joking hate relationship).


10:35PM BBT Kevin and Paul talking in the wave room. Paul says that he is getting rid of Cody next week. Kevin tells Paul what if they got the temptation. Paul says it doesn't mater Jess can't save Cody with her temptation. Paul tells Kevin that this HOH is going to be a mental comp.


10:40PM BBT Cody comes to HOH and tells Jess that they are trying to get the votes for Josh to stay. She says that is what she was afraid of. Cody says he doesn't think they can change Kevin's vote. Jess tells Cody that Paul told her if she kept her end of the deal, Paul said he would keep his and return the favor.


10:44PM BBT Alex and Jason whispering in the BR. Alex fussing at Jason that they have to say they are voting out Josh. Alex asks him if he can lie about that. Jason says yes - he will say he is voting out Josh.


10:56PM BBT Paul, Kevin and Xmas talking about the wake up music BB plays. Kev says he has hated all of it. Raven doing dishes in the KT.

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