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Neeley Jackson - Houseguest Discussion

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Age: 33 | Hometown: Forth Worth, TX | Occupation: Sales Associate


Are you a fan of Big Brother?



Actually! No, for real, for real! When it first started when i was like I baby I started watching a lot and you know like most shows you fall off and I got back into it a few seasons ago. 

Did you apply to be on the show?

I was recruited. [They found me on] social media. 

If you weren't recruited, would you have applied?

No. When you're someone form Fort Worth, Texas or wherever you're from, it's not something you would think would happen to you. I just never thought it was something that could really happen. 

Who has been your favorite winner over the years?

I have two. Rachel [Reilly] is probably the person I say i identify the most with because we're both really big personalities. But then I love Derrick [Levasseur's] play. That was some savvy shit! And Dan. The funeral his second season, that was the most OG shit ever! 

Who are your three favorite players from seasons 17 and 18?

Obviously they won't tell us who won. I don't know who won last night.

I can't tell you.

I know! So from season 18 I don't really care for Nicole that much. Paul is dope! I like Da'Vonne! Da'Vonne is cool. Who was I feeling season 17? Da'Vonne was on season 17 as well. Who else was I digging? No one is ringing a bell!

Are you a confrontational person?

(Laughs)! I don't believe in being passive aggressive. That's counter productive. If I'm feeling some kind of way, why harbor it in? I'd rather deal with it and be done with it. Nobody got time sitting there worried about, "I'm mad at you!" Child, bye! Let's just talk about it.

Do you think you will be targeted early on?

It would definitely behoove me to not be so confrontational. You definitely don't want to be the super sassy, all up in your face girl, up front. But I feel like there's a time and a place for everything. There's always a time to state how you feel. Say you make an alliance with someone and you know for a fact they're backstabbing you. You have to confront that. You can't let that slide.

Why will fans root for you and why might they not?

People would be a fan of me because what you see is what you get. You're going to get the for real, for real Neeley, no matter what! Whether the cameras are rolling or aren't rolling. No matter what. You're either going to either really like the fact that I'm really outgoing and crazy or you'll be like, "She doing too much!"

Will you win competitions?

For sure! I used to be 80 to 90 pounds heavier and so I work out all the time. Don't think I won't shmooze up on the guys that are real strong! (Laughs). 

Are you looking for a showmance?

I'm very open to it. Hell yeah!

You're going to miss the election if you make it far. Do you care?

I do care! That's so funny you brought that up because I do care. That's probably the biggest thing. This is the biggest election we've had in a long time. The country is so divided right now. I'm a Democrat. I'm very liberal. 

What types of people will you not get along with in the house?

Probably on the flip because I'm from Texas so people who are super conservative. We can have different political opinions, as long as you're open to listening. People can exude a certain thing until you're in this tight bubble in this house. You forget. I'm sure after the first day you don't even notice the cameras are there and the real comes out. If some sassy black girl is all in your face and you don't like black folks, the real will come out. 

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Neely has a good voice. A bunch of singing last night from the Back Yard Jamboree group


Lots of people are voting for Neely to get the next America's Care Package. The Veto one 

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