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Sunday, March 14, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:54 AM BBT Loveita asks Tim to come up to the HOHR to talk.  She confronts him about the fact that he knew the options that she was considering and Loveita heard later on that Tim was saying he wanted Cassandra to stay. 

Tim says he hasn’t decided anything.  He hasn’t told anyone his thoughts.  Others assume that he would vote to keep Cassandra because they are good mates. 

Tim tells Loveita he likes that she plays the game differently.  Loveita tells Tim she was mad at him today.  He insists that he hasn’t decided anything, and has been waiting for someone to want to work with him.  Loveita tells him that she, Mitch, and Joel would like to work with him.  Tim says he would love that. 

Tim elaborates that he likes to work with the people in the middle who tend to be the misfits.  Loveita points out that Cassandra is working with Jared, Kelsey and Raul.  Loveita and Tim talk about the brothers and Nikki and that they would rather work with them than with either Jared/Kelsey/Raul or Dallas/Maddy.  Loveita says she would not back-door the brothers, and comments on the fact that they value that she has kept them safe. 


1:08 AM BBT Tim tells Loveita that it has to be an alliance based on mutual respect.  There is no dictator and every has equal power.  They don’t turn on each other.  Loveita says yes and at the end it’s competitions.  He and Nikki want to work with people who are lovely to them and deserve to win the game.  Tim tells Loveita that he doesn’t think Nikki and him are floaters.  They’re the opposite.  They’re more like rocks.  They’re solid.  When the tide is going back and forth, they are the ones who aren’t swayed.  If all these rocks come together, they’ll have something pretty solid.  They agree not to let on to others that they are working together.  Tim says he will stop giving advice the way he has been doing.  If Loveita sees Tim talking to them, it will purely be social.  Tim repeats that it’s the people in the middle who are his people and that’s how it’s always been.  Tim and Loveita agree that the people in the middle like Mitch and Joel are wise and real.  Tim tells Loveita to let him know if she needs anything from him.  She tells him that they need to get Cassandra out.  They talk about whether Dallas will use the veto and Loveita says that Dallas asked what she wanted him to do. 


1:16 AM BBT Loveita tells Tim that Joel is her best friend in this house.  Tim and Loveita that in order for this to work this alliance has to be deep under wraps.  Loveita is confident that Joel, Mitch and Nikki won’t tell, but the brothers might be more of a risk so she won’t bring them in right away.  Tim agrees that they should wait and see.  They are interrupted by Cassandra coming into the HOHR.  Tim leaves to go check on Joel.  Cassandra is walking around with an iced pack.  She landed hard on her left ankle during the competition. 


1:18 AM BBT In the HOHR, Cassandra tells Loveita that she thinks that the two of them are going to make a lot of TV this week.  Their conversations could probably take a whole episode.  Loveita asks where Cassandra is at.  Cassandra says she would like to fix things with Loveita but she’s not sure how.  Loveita says she is going to wait and see what Dallas does with the PoV.  They talk about how they think the votes would go. Cassandra thinks she has votes from Jared/Kelsey/Raul, Mitch (pretty sure), Tim, maybe Nikki, and hopefully Joel.  Cassandra thinks Dallas, Maddy and the brothers would vote for Christine to stay.  Cassandra asks if she is Loveita’s target, but Loveita declines to say.  She points out that her nomination speech gave a clue.  Cassandra keeps trying to find out what Loveita wants, and Loveita repeats that she doesn’t know and she wants to know first what Dallas is thinking and go from there.  Cassandra agrees that they can’t really figure things out until the veto.  Loveita asks how close Cassandra is to figuring out her puzzle, and Cassandra says not very close.  At least Cassandra has all her pieces.  Dallas comes into the HOHR, and the conversation breaks up.  Loveita wants to get some water before she talks to Dallas.  In the KT, she sees Phil and tells him that she hopes he knows that she loves him and his brother.  She whispers to him that things have been said about them, and she indicates that he should come talk to her later. 


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1:26 AM BBT Dallas and Loveita talk in the HOHR.  Dallas tells her that he’s been talking with Jared’s side of the house to see if they would be onside.  He is thinking of the brothers, and asks if she is working with them.  She tells him that she is not working with anyone.  Joel is her best friend since she lost Shar.  Dallas talks about the brothers being split and playing as two people and starts telling her why he thinks that will happen. 

Loveita interrupts him to ask if he likes Cassandra.  Dallas replies that he doesn’t care if Cassandra goes home or not.  Loveita offers advice for Dallas’ game.  She’s a superfan and she knows that what people want in this game is for you to do your dirty work.  People plant seeds about who they want to go home.  She doesn’t think the brothers are going after him.  Dallas says that they are.  Loveita tells him that Cassandra is more of a threat to him. She is in with Jared.  The trio wants Cassandra to stay, and they don’t mind if Dallas gets blood on his hands.

Dallas doesn’t want to save Cass, and doesn’t care about Christine either.  Loveita asks him why he wants to get blood on his hands then.  It’s too soon to get dirty.  Loveita says she wants Cassandra out, but is she going?  Dallas says no.  Loveita points out that if Cassandra stays, she is still after Dallas.  Dallas is insistent that the brothers are trouble. 

Loveita tells Dallas that the brothers are probably floating and she is sure that they would not put him up next week if they were HOH.  Dallas thinks Cassandra will be picked off in a couple of weeks, but Loveita says that she is following them, so they will keep her, and the rest of them will get picked off.  Loveita reiterates that she is a lone ranger and has no one, and this is her HOH and all she wants is Cassandra out.  Otherwise her HOH is wasted.   

The conversation goes back and forth and neither of them is convincing the other.  Eventually Dallas does admit that getting Cassandra out would be beneficial to his game, but he feels that the brothers are a bigger threat.  

Loveita keeps pushing Dallas to talk to the brothers and use the prospect of going up as a replacement nom as leverage to make a deal with them, and then the feeds go out (at 1:47 AM BBT)

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3:11 AM BBT Feeds come back and Phil has joined Dallas and Loveita in the HOHR.  Phil says that he is loyal to Loveita, and that Dallas wasn’t on his radar until recently.  Dallas says that he’ll keep things the same.  There are bigger fish to fry.  Loveita asks Phil if he is going to fry the big fish?  Phil says he will do what he can.  Dallas asks Phil for a handshake that they won’t target him for the next couple of weeks.  Phil tells Dallas that he is not even the brothers’ target, and that they are good.  Loveita says that she’s a witness.   

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4:58 PM BBT All the HGs are gathered together on the blue couches.  Joel confirms that everyone is there, and then proceeds to explain that today would have been his older brother’s 35th birthday. His brother (Matthew) was an artist who worked in NY City.  He passed away in Oct 2011.  Joel’s family likes to get together and have a drink or treat and call each other in order to have a minute to honour his brother’s memory.  Joel thinks his brother is happy looking down and seeing Joel with his new family in the house.  The HGs ask him to tell them about his brother.  Joel tells them that his brother was fun and outgoing.  Joel was jealous of him because girls would come to Joel to ask about his brother, who got a lot of dates.  Jared asks if Joel got his love of the arts from his brother.  Joel says a little bit... from some drama classes that he went to with his brother.  Joel shares more about his brother, answering some of the others’ questions, and then Joel lights a candle on a treat and asks everyone to sing Happy Birthday.  Joel blows out the candle and then they share a moment of silence/prayer.  The HGs thank Joel for sharing with them.  Dallas goes to Joel and tells him that Matthew would be “hella proud” of him.  They hug. 

5:26PM BBT Feed leak showing Dallas, Maddy, Loveita and Joel filling up on an "EPIC" amount of candy and sitting on a massive gold couch ready to watch the movie.


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 8:22 PM BBT: Jackpot is going off. Tim points out that the sign is blue rather than it's usual red. Tim asks where Jared and Loveita are. Tim goes into the HoH and says that noise is going off and asks Loveita what is. She honestly thinks it's a distraction, and then laughs. 

8:25 PM BBT: Feeds cut to Nikki and Loveita discussing in the HoH room. Nikki says she'd do anything to be HoH next week. Loveita thinks this next HoH will not be just luck. Loveita says she is just done and she's done taking about the game. Nikki asks her about if she is stressed when making noms and what the High Roller room is like. Discussion turns to the large amount of candy Loveita got with her HoH. Loveita asks how everyone else is, Nikki says that everyone is just lieing around and not doing much. Loveita points out how weird it is that both people on the block got hurt in the veto comp.

They then talk about Cassandra lieing. Loveita says that Cass told her she would vote out Kelsey if the veto was used on her and that Kelsey is supposed to be her friend. Loveita says she doesn't trust her and that Cassandra would backstab her. 

Loveita remarks about how stressed she was with the first noms. Nikki asks her if Mitch wants to work with Jared/Kelsey. They discuss about who they can trust. Loveita says she likes Nikki Tim, Sharry, Joel & Mitch.

Nikki asks her why Paige went out. Loveita responds by saying Paige was so quiet and no one knew her well. They then discuss why Kelsey was nominated because of her connection with Jared. Loveita says she respects Kesley for talking through everything with her. She says she's not mad at her.  

Nikki asks if Dallas will use the veto. Loveita says he thinks he won't. Nikki asks if Dallas saves Christine, who Loveita would put up. Loveita says she doesn't know and that it would be a blindside to her if Dallas uses it. 

Raul, Jared and Kelsey are going over all that has happened on each day this season so far, repeatedly.

8:35 PM BBT: Nikki says she likes Christine. Loveita says she has already told people that they are safe (doesn't say who). Nikki suggests to put up Joel or Mitch up because they wouldn't go and everyone loves them. Loveita says she couldn't. Loveita thinks the house would vote out Joel. Nikki says there's no way she'd vote out Joel over Christine.

Loveita asks Nikki if she thinks Dallas will use the veto. Nikki responds by saying she hopes not since they are friends. 

Nikki says there hasn't been much campaigning yet other than Cassandra coming to her earlier today and putting her arm around her.
 Loveita says people are waiting for the veto ceremony to see what happens.

8:45 PM BBT: Phil and Nikki are chatting/flirting.

 Joel and Cassandra  are discussing about seeing Joel seeing the movie earlier today in the washroom. Joel says it was good to get some food and he wasn't really focusing on the video. Joel, Tim, Cassandra and Jared are now discussing the movie and possible game twists that were hinted in it. 

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9:00 PM BBT:  Loveita, Tim, Joel and Cassandra are in the washroom discussing about being tired. Tim says that watching movie always make him tired. Audio goes silent. Lovieta leaves the room. 

Cassandra whispers that Loveita told her Tim is being too nice to her.

Tim tells Cassandra that Loveita is 100% set on getting her out. Tim says that Loveita can't be trusted and that she must have gotten the chance to see some footage of what Cassandra said. 

Cassandra says she can't be a have-not again next week. She says she does well in the challenges. Tim says she didn't do well in the veto comp. Cassandra says she hurt her ankle early in the challenge but still competed anyway. She says that she thought Loveita was after her in the first week too. She promised not to nominate Loveita for three weeks to avoid being a possible nomination.

Joel asks about the veto. Tim says that he thinks Christine is going home. 
Tim says she is defeated. Cassandra agrees that it's not like her to give up. Feeds again cut to Nikki, Ramsey and the brothers in the main room.

9:00 PM BT: Other feed showing Maddy, Loveita and Dallas talking about the veto. Loveita asks if he will use it. Dallas says no. He thinks Cassandra is a safe bet to go home but He'd be open to a bigger backdoor too. Dallas says that he thinks Loveita has a deal cut. Dallas says it's time to make a big move but he's fine with Cass going and waiting until he gets power to make the move. Loveita says that she doesn't feel very safe going forward. Maddy asks her why doesn't she go after those people who are making her feel that way. Loveita says that because she can only get one person out, they're still be a group of power players in the house. But Maddy says that  would still be one "duck down".

 Loveita says being fake to her is most important to her and that's why she wants Cassandra out. Dallas says it makes sense. He hopes that next week is a double eviction and he gets power. Maddy says she's scared they will get picked off if they don't get one of them out now. Discussion turns to Jared being the best social player. They agree everyone likes him and no one wants to put him up.

9:10 PM BBT: Dallas says he wants the head honco out (Jared). Loveita leaves the room. Maddy and Dallas discuss about having Tim on board to vote out Jared. Dallas said he would pull off Christine so they'd have her to vote with them. They agree that they'd think Jared would go home over Cassandra. Both get excited about how Loveita may be open to the backdoor and that they need to convince her to make the move. Maddy knows that they'd have the numbers and also that Cassandra would campaign hard to stay. Dallas said he would tell Christine he'd use it on her. They agree they'd have Tim, Christine, Ramsey, Dallas, Joel, the brothers to vote with him.  Dallas says that they will talk to Loveita tonight. Dallas says they'd use what Jared said about the brothers against him once he went up to get their vote.




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9:20 PM BBT: 

 Maddy and Loveita are now in the HoH Room. Loveita says she'd rather get rid of Raul. Maddy says you have no idea how bad she wants one of those three to leave. 

Dallas has now joined them.  Dallas says he just talked to Christine about using the veto on her. Dallas goes over the votes again needed and that they have them. Dallas says it's win-win if either Cassandra or Jared goes home. Dallas says that Jared is their leader. Dallas says they owe this to Sharry. 

9:25 PM BBT:Dallas and Maddy are now listening to music. Loveita has left the room. They continue to go over their potential backdoor plan. Dallas says he is sure that Mitch is with Kelsey/Raul/Jared. Maddy asks if Loveita is telling Jared now about their plan. Dallas says he doesn't think so.

Dallas and Maddy leave the HoH room and now Tim is talking alone with Loveita. Loveita asks Tim what a good move for her would be. Loveita tells Tim that Dallas wants to take out Jared and that everyone likes him.  Tim says that Jared is the core of that side of the house. Tim says it's a very big move and cements her as being a power player. Tim says it's not a bad thing because people will want someone they know who will make big moves.

9:33 PM BBT: Maddy and Dallas now discuss the veto plan with Christine. They tell her that Raul and Kelsey are the only two peoplw who would for sure save Jared. Dallas tells Christine about their talk with Loveita getting to put up who he wants if he wants to use the veto.

9:45 PM BBT: Tim and Loveita keep discussing about weighing their options about the veto. But Loveita says she's not cut out for making the move and gives reasonings for wanting Cassandra out still. 

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10:00PM BBT: Joel and Cass in the chapel talking strategy and come up with the classic, "We really gotta win HOH." They have been talking the votes and who they would nominate next if they had the power.  They share the complaint of being really drained from being on slop for the second week in a row as she leaves the room.  

Over in the bedroom Kelsey and Jared are chatting on the orange bed with Raul their third wheel not far away. 

Downstairs Tim, Nikki, Nick and Mitch are talking about travel.

Kelsey is pulling hairs from Raul's toes and he is screeching. Jared will not allow her to touch his. Raul screams again and she tells him he is bieng such a baby.  

Travel talks continues with Ramsey Tim and Nikki sharing the most.  

Plucking, screaming and laughing continues upstairs ad Kelsey sets out to attack Raul's other foot. Raul leaves and Kelsey turns towards Jared but he fends her off.  

Downstairs crew still talking about travel in Europe.

Feeds switch to Dallas and Love in the HOH where she is calling Cass shifty. She is debating still about whether to play the POV or not and Dallas lobbying still for her to take out his major threat, Jared. He claims he does not want to stress her out, but he lists off all the votes they would have to evict Jared.  She wonders what will happen if Kelsey or Raul wins HOH and he tells her the odds are less without their leader and physical threat.   As she is saying she will think about it and POV will be later in the day since they did not have a food comp as the sound cuts off the feeds.  Video stays in HOH now with audio coming from the kitchen where they are still talking about travel. Nikki wants to do South Africa (I know some folks who would chip in on her ticket. - DRG) 

Love comes back to the HOH and tells Dallas he is making some good points and then complains that now everyone comes in her room.  Dallas continues to sell Jared as the "backdoor of the century." He says worst case is the house flips and they get rid of Cassandra, but the votes are there and the house will not flip.  Mitch joins them in the HOH saying he is going to bed soon even though it is only a bit after 11. 

The trio in the other bedroom has progressed to crunching away on snack food. 

In the HOH Dallas remarks that last night was the first time he heard BB say "Good night, houseguests." Mitch says goodnight to Dallas as he leaves to go cook some more pasta. Love and Mitch start talking about how there are so many options now. She say she is so scared about whether she can trust the trio to keep their word or not.  Mitch says he does not know what is best right now and she says there are a lot of smart people just floating right now.  He feels the floaters have their targets but the time has not come yet and new lines will be drawn when the time for their fights come.  She makes a special  point to tell him that she really likes him as a person and a player and he thanks her and returns the compliment.  


Kelsey telling a story about mice she and a friend had in high school.


Mitch and Love laughing about all the rumors running through the house and joke about calling a house meeting.  Mitch goes on to say he does not really even know who everyone wants out. She says she is done for emotionally and he agrees but says her espeically since she has been HOH twice and on the block already.  She says you need to stick to your guns or you come across as too wishy washy and not able to make good decisions.  They comment that there are too many angles and possibilites to calculate them all in advance.  

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10:30PM BBT: Mitch and Love still talking as Ramsey joins them.


Jared and Kelsey under the covers now as Christine comes in the bedroom in her non matching leopard print shorts and top.


Ramsey asks Mitch what Queen street was rated number one most X by Vogue Magazine. Mitch says most trendy or hip and Ramsey departs. Mitch says that he and Tim just started talking today about some things in the house like the Jackpot. He feels Tim is still unpredictable and he can't tell what he and Nikki really want from the game and what they will do. Both feel the foreigners want real relationships in the house and want to help some people do well in the game.  He says he feels like a floater even though it is not intentional.  She says she wants him to know he wants him to latch on to her and he allows as how that has probably already happened,  She thinks there are some folks they can trust, but they are behind and there is a strong trio in the house.  Nikke enters saying she is ready for bed and they tell her what they said about herself and Tim. Nikki allows as how she can just about see herself getting through two more weeks. They think there may be 8 more weeks til the finale.  


General chatter going on the the other bedroom. with folks under the covers but the lights are still full on.


Nikki talking about having been in the blue bedroom and being asked if she was sleeping in the HOH tonight. She noticed Jared giving Kelsey a look and someone who has entered says everyone is getting so paranoid right now. Nikki wonders if what she said was bad or not. They tell her no, its on them how they take things.


Other feed switches to the kitchen with Tim Joel and Cass are talking about what they think Love wanted to do with the noms and who she really wants gone. Mitch has now come down to the kitchen and listens as Tim and Cass complain about Loveita's sense of entitlement and how she is snippy with everyone because they are not doing what she wants them to do.  Tim wonders what happens next when one of the two alliances takes a hit. Tim thinks putting Cass and Christine up has just bought Love another week in the game as opposed to if she had put up one of the two alliances or the other.  


Kelsey continuing to tell pet stories from her past to Jared and Raul who are on top of the beds now.


Tim continuing to plot a course for what will happen to their new "alliance in waiting" depending on who is HOH next.  


Upstairs Kelsey thinks the whole house would backdoor Cass next week.


Tim is saying he does not think they could backdoor Jared this week and how Love really does not want to work with the brothers. She has not made any alliance with Jared and the other two.  The floaters are now getting scared to be unaligned because of what happened to Christine this week.  Tim says they have three days now and it will all come down to one vote and the house is no longer acting as one like they did with Sharry.  


Kelsey saying that if you want to backdoor someone you have to pick someone that everyone wants to get out. They all agree that Mitch talks with everyone and is playing a really good game. They will have to turn on him one day as they would all pick him to be the winner if asked right now. They wonder who Dallas would put up and Jared thinks it would be Kelsey.  


Downstairs Cass asks if she could get Nikki to vote for her and Tim replies that it is really personal with her and the problem would be if Nikki thinks Cass is close with the trio or not.  Tim does not think that Dallas could be defeated if Jared does not have the numbers.  They wonder about where the brothers stand and Tim says that they and Nikki are the swing votes between the two alliances.  Cass thinks they are more with Dallas. Joel says the brothers are starting to be afraid of going up and feeling they need to start making more attachments. 


Upstairs the trio is wondering why Love did not backdoor the brothers this week and Jared says she told him she is working with them in so many words. They have never done anything against me. blah blah blah..... He continues to relate his conversation with Love which ended like his conversation with Kelsey about who do vote out, "You do what you want to do." 


Tim again says it might come down to one vote this week after Ramsey joined them at the counter.  Tim says to Cass that she will just have to do the campaigning and she plans to go to the brothers tomorrow.  


Feed swithces tot he brothrs in the bathroom where they are whispering and saying they need to keep being very careful. Phil thinks that no one is going after them next week from what he can tell and they take their stealth whispering out the door. they run into Tim on the landing and tell him that Cassandra is in deep after the POV is not used.  





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11:00PM BBT: Ramsey has gone up and joined the trio in their bedroom and when asked about the vote he says he is clueless and that he talks game with no one and basically has nothing in the house compaired to them.  He says he wants to talk pros and cons about the vote with people but he can't and he has no idea what is going on.  On this note the brothers enter the room. Kelsey starts talking with them about their different retainers and Tim comes in.  


Down in the kitchen Cass, Joel and Mitch are looking around at the ceiling and talking about the Jackpot alarm and what changes in the house when it is activated.  They wonder if there is something about or in the spaceship or something about the fringe above the counter and or the mirror on the ceiling. Mitch keeps wandering about looking up.  Cass complains to Joel that Love straight up lied to her and is making up stuff about her so she can't be trusted. Mitch says goodnight and heads up the stairs.


Bedroom groups shows how they clap to get BB to dim the lights before bed and then start talking about baking a pie then how long they have been away from home.  Kelsey says how much better Raul's toes look.  She thinks she could paint her flip flops one day and they will have to request more nail polish. They ask Ramsey if he is rich on the outside and he says no but he likes to save up and treat himself to nice things once in a while.  Jared allows that if he did not drink booze he would save a lot too.  Ramsey talks about how he is conservative with money but Kelsey says she is reckless and an impulsive spender. Jared talks about spending money at strip clubs. Kelsey says she feels weird when she has gone.


Downstairs Cass and Joel are alone now at the counter where she is telling him that she is a foodie and then wonders what time it really is. (May I suggest bedtime???? - DRG)  He thinks early morning like 1 or 2 o'clock.  She asks if Love has gotten snippy with him and he says she does not come at him in an aggressive way, She thinks they will be safe next week as the alliances will go after each other but then again they might decide to go for floaters again.  She is going to try for HOH and he might. He does not want blood on his hands but he is worried about where he stands in the house and wants folks to start coming to talk to him and if he was HOH that would happen.  He does not want to have to keep walking in on things in order to find out what is going on. Jared and Ramsey come bounding down the stairs. Ramsey grabs a water bottle and heads back up while Jared gets something from the strore room and puts a plate in the microwave.  He comes back for the food and states he just eats when he is bored and bounds upstairs calling out to Kelsey.  Upon arrival he tells her lets go for a cigarette as the BY is open and the word gets passed through the house. 


Joel and Cass go sit on the red couches.  Mitch wanders about saying he misses the back. Ramsey comes out and starts playing pool. By the pool Mitch and Raul are talking about what Love might do and if there would be the numbers to make a move against one of the alliances. Mitch thinks Dallas is hard to understand and he thinks that he is trying to make the big power move right now. (Give that man a cigar! - DRG) Nick says they will see tomorrow at the Veto ceremony.  Mitch wonders if Love is going to work with the trio or with the others. Raul thinks that she owes him. He thinks she needs to get out of this house.  Mitch asks between the current nominees who does Raul want out and Jared joins them and the whispering gets quieter. Jared complains that the brothers are so sketchy and he had to ask Phil a question three times just to get an answer.  





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