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Why CBS?


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I thought last year's season was comatose boring too.  Imo, this comes from recruiting so many players/superficial-wannabe-stars.  I lost interest both seasons early on.  It was quite obvious who was going to win both years practically from the get-go.  At least Derrick was a very good, very smart player, with no one catching on to him throughout the entire game, but Van is simply an intimidating bully and the remaining hg's have been far less than intelligent.  I'll watch the remainder of the season, of course, but I won't bother with feeds.  I haven't watched feeds nearly as much this year because it's so frustrating watching stupid people get picked off week after week.  It's not that Van's performance is so stellar, it's just that the rest of them are very easily intimidated and manipulated.  No competition at all really...in S16 and S17.  Ho-hum.  The only way this season could end well is if one of the morons were to get Vanessa out.  That would be worth a laugh anyway.

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