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Friday, August 28 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT James and Meg are in the HOHR talking to Vanessa. They are talking about last week’s plan to backdoor Vanessa.  Meg thought the veto would not be used.  If the plan was to use it, they would have been worried that they would go up.  Meg says even if she used it she would not have used it because then James would have gone up.  Vanessa backs up and says “well the rest of the house was after me.”  James says that everyone is worried about the number of final five deals that are around.  James is worried that Meg and James are at the bottom of everyone’s totem pole. Vanessa asks them to clarify something about when she was on the block with Shelli.  Vanessa is trying to confirm her instincts. 


12:07 AM BBT Meg tells Vanessa that it’s a surprise to her that there was a plan to backdoor Vanessa.  Hearing about that makes her feel like she wasn’t in on the conversations at all.  Meg had no intention of using the veto.  Vanessa says she is concerned because there was a lot of talk about targeting her and no one came to tell her.  She has issues with so many people in the house, she doesn’t really know what is best for her game.  She says the irony is that she worked hard for the veto for the team so that nominations could stay the same.  It was a hard week.  This week is a re-build, re-set week for her. 


12:11 AM BBT Vanessa asks Meg why she didn’t tell Vanessa about what was being said about Vanessa. Meg tells Vanessa that she feels open right now, but she has felt nervous and intimidated around Vanessa because she is such a strong player.  Vanessa asks James and Meg how they feel about being pawns.  Meg says of course no one wants to be a pawn.  If you are a pawn, you want to be sure of the numbers and if either her or James go up, they technically can’t have the numbers. Vanessa points out that if she puts up one of Austin, Liz or Julia, they won’t have the votes either.  Vanessa doesn’t want to put up Steve because he was just up and it was really close last week. 


12:14 AM BBT Meg says that her and James have really been on the block a lot, and it sucks.  Vanessa understands but explains her position and tells them she is just trying to make this work.  She feels better now than last week.  She has the opportunity to position herself better and she intends to make good use of her HOH.  James offers to go up if Vanessa is planning to put up one of them.  Meg starts crying and says she should go up before James.  Vanessa notes that this is not a friend zone reaction...this is more like married couple stuff!  Vanessa says that she would rather have someone on the block who could beat Johnny Mac. 


12:18 AM BBT James tells Vanessa that whatever she decides they will be okay.  James reminds her of previous conversations and tells her that he is very humble in this game.  Vanessa expresses respect for James and acknowledges the conversations that he is referring to.  Meg reiterates that she would rather be on the block on Thursday than have James be on the block.  James says but initially if you need to put someone up before that, Vanessa can put James up.  Vanessa laughs and tells them they are cute, but they are crazy.  They are lucky to have each other.  James says “best friends” with a chuckle. 


12:21 AM BBT Vanessa asks for a deal ...what do they offer if she doesn’t use them as a pawn.  James says that if he wins HOH, there would be no front or back door with Vanessa.  Vanessa points out that it will mean that James has to put up one of Austin and the twins.  She asks James if he is okay with that.  James says yes...this is all just game, and from a game perspective it makes sense because they are a group of three. 


12:23 AM BBT Steve, Liz and Julia are sitting at the glass counter in the KT.  Austin is getting water from the fridge, and he comments that Meg and James are taking a long time in the HOHR.  Steve says they might be pissed that they are going up.  Austin says he doesn’t think Vanessa was going to tell them.


12:25 AM BBT Vanessa razzes James about the fact that she is the only girl in the house he has not hit on.  She asks Meg and James to send Johnny Mac up.  James reiterates that he should be the one he uses as a pawn.  Meg rolls her eyes.


12:27 AM BBT Meg is brushing her teeth in the WA.  Austin is messing with his hair.  James tells Austin to tell John to go up and see Vanessa.  John is in the DR.  They talk about whether everyone will go to DR.  Maybe not if they didn’t compete.  Austin thinks maybe he can relax but then they remember that BB might want his reaction to his target coming back into the house.

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12:48 AM BBT Vanessa, and Steve are in HOHR when John comes in.  She starts out joking that John is going up as a pawn and they laugh loudly while Steve shushes them.  Vanessa tells John that she was praying for him to come back and she couldn’t ask for a better three-person alliance with John and Steve.  She is ready to go from the bottom of the totem pole to the top.  Vanessa tells John that Meg and James think that Johnny Mac is the target, but that is not the case.  She tells him that Austin and the twins are worried about him.  She advises John that Austwins are looking for him to commit to putting up whoever doesn’t go home.  Steve leaves the HOHR.  John asks Vanessa if he handled the comp okay.  Vanessa said he did great ...she almost wondered whether he was trusting her or not.  She is so grateful to hear from home and she feels bad that he hasn’t yet.  John says he’s okay.  Vanessa tells John that she is in his corner for next week.  Vanessa feels like she, John, and Steve have a real shot.  They just have to be tight-lipped and not make waves.  Even if they end up on the block, they can win comps. 


12:58 AM BBT Vanessa asks John if he has confirmed to Meg and James that they didn’t have a deal at the end of the HOH comp.  John says no, and Vanessa tells him that she needs him to act as if he and Vanessa DO have a deal even though John slipped off.  That gives Vanessa a reason not to go after Johnny Mac.


1:05 AM BBT John tells Vanessa that they have a kind of advantage in having been targeted on the block.  John says he’s even been evicted and come back.  Others in the house have not dealt with how that feels. 


1:07 AM BBT Vanessa says that she is the happiest HOH ever and John says he is the happiest zombie ever.  Vanessa tells him that Audrey had a dream that John won BB.  She says he has a good shot and the applause he got was the loudest she has heard yet.  They talk about being interviewed by Julie Chen, and then about John’s nominee speech. Vanessa says please win the veto.  She really wants to keep the noms the same. 


1:11 AM BBT Julia thinks that Johnny Mac probably hates them the most because they didn’t vote to keep him, and they also influenced Vanessa not to vote for him. 


1:13 AM BBT Vanessa and John are saying that it’s not strategically better to go after Austin and the twins.  John says he was asked who he would target and he said Meg.  Vanessa notes that he would have done the same thing.  Vanessa asks John not to tell Meg and James.  Vanessa tells John that Meg and James were sacrificing for each other, and that kind of loyalty has to be broken up.

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115AM  Vanessa is still talking with JMac in the hoh room about putting up Meg and James.  Austwins are in WA, Julia and Liz say they need to go on slop to lose some weight.  Austin says he will work out tomorrow.  Julia says she has not hurt from working out for a while.  Vanessa gets called to DR.  She is wearing a brown beanie hat and her HoH robe which she takes off, still wearing clothes she wore from Comp. 


120AM  Steve and JMac sitting in purple room talking to Meg and James.  They are discussing YouTube videos.  Austwins and Vanessa in WA, Vanessa is putting on her face paint.  Austin asks about what JMac said.  Vanessa tells them that JMac wants to put up Meg, she also retells the conversation between James and Meg both agreeing to be pawns this week.  Vanessa tells Austin to ask him what Julie said, aren't you curious?, I was dying to ask him, but got called to DR.  Vanessa said she never thought she would win this comp.  8 minutes later Vanessa finally heads to DR.


128AM Liztin take back their bed from Julia.  Julia takes Vanessa's bed.  She points out that this bed in JMac's.  Meg, James, Steve and JMac, discuss that last year this was Zach's eviction night.  Donny was favorite last year.  Meg says last year there were 40 episodes, Steve says 41 for them this year.  BB tells Austin and Liz "in a very stern voice"  Put on your microphones.  They are whispering in bed, Liz says they are going to sleep.  And they both whine about it.  The purple room are still discussing last year's season.  Liz is whispering to Austin about what Vanessa said, She hits Austin cause he says "you were right there did you not listen".  (And the four letter words roll out of Liz's mouth)  Austin says, stop with giving me tone, Liz says "you think I am stupid".  Now they are told "do not obstruct your microphones"  The make out session begins.


132AM  The purple room discussion is about noises they hear at night after lights off.  Liztin are just talking about the fact that they made no moves, JMac came back.  Meg walks in and says "I just want to witness you in the pheasant area again."  Liz says tell James he is not allowed to try to scare us since we are in Julia's bed.  Of course Liz is whining about the "small" bed.  Meg tells Austin that someone is going up as a pawn, Austin says we got the votes.  JMac and Steve agree not to hang out together much, atleast not when everyone is up.  Steve tells Julia to put on her microphone, she then gets mad cause BB calls her out for it, she whines at Steve, and then she gets out called out again by BB.  Julia is whining at the top of her lungs.  Liz whines about the bed being so small.  Steve leaves with Meg to the purple room.  Liz and Julia say they will be HNs, but Austin says no way will he volunteer, Steve pops in and says there is a bunch of stuff in Storage from the HoH room.  Austin says let Meg and James do it.  He says James and Meg need to do it, they will be on the block this week, let them suffer more. 


139AM James in shower.  Steve and JMac talk in kitchen.  JMac says if that was suppose to be a long comp, we suck at it.  Austin explaining to Julia/Liz that they need to deny deny deny the fact that they knew anything about james and meg going on block.  (Vanessa told them first)  Now they are back to whining about the room.  Jmac eating in kitchen while he listens to Steve talk about past seasons of BB.  Austin now is telling the girls what they need to say to Vanessa about Meg and James being HNs.  Julia turns off the  lights, BB says put your microphone on, she jumps.  Steve comes into the room and climbs into bed with Julia.  BB keeps telling Julia to put on her microphone. (about 4 times in a row)  James walks thru kitchen, JMac says vanessa in DR.  James asks JMac about his talk with Vanessa, he says hopefully the talk at the comp comes thru, so he won't go up.  JMac says Vanessa made a deal, thinks she was worried about being put up.  Julia is whining in the Comic Room, saying she is happy they are back downstairs with her.  JMac tells James and Steve they need to work the audience when they leave.  Steve says no more speeches, that was all he had. 


146AM Talking about who's good bye that JMac got to see.  James and Meg talking, James says he can't sleep.  Asks Meg did you take your meds?  She forgot.  JMac saying that Julie called him Johnny Mac, which he thought was cool.  Meg tells James, they going to call us early for noms.  James says he will be up about another hour cause they will probably get called to DR.  James is wandering, but turns off lights for Meg as he leaves the room.  He walks over, opens door to Comic room and slams the door, scares everyone.   James leaves.  JMac, Steve and James are in kitchen, James tells about how he scared the Comic Room.  Makeout session begins.  The twins are being loud about nothing, except for the pillows flying around.  Liz tells James to get the hell away,  James is in the kitchen.  JMac says he got one word answers out.  The girls are screaming, James is throwing pillows, Austin has walked out to kitchen to get a drink, now the lights are on and Steve is in the room talking with Liz and Julia.  (caution, if you listen to this, turn the volume down, the screaming could cause deafness).  Steve leaves room and turns off light.  Julia is up looking around in the dark for James, but he is in the kitchen.  Liz gets up and they both check the room.  Lights are back on now.


155AM Both girls are at the door, Austin enters and they scream.  Liz gets told to put on her mic, they shove Austin out the door, James is behind them.  Steve pops his head in and says "just for the record, James told me to go play in the traffic".  Lights are on, Lights are off.  The twins are running around the room, James and Steve enter, the girls push them out of the room, Julia is in the closet.  Steve leaves the room, but James sneaks back in.  JMac and Steve go after James.  Steve turns the light back on.  James leaves but throws a pillow at Steve.  Julia is hiding in the closet, Liz said she was in WC.  Makeout session begins, Liz starts giggling about James.  Julia is still in closet.  Steve and JMac are by the door listening,  Steve told JMac about Julia being in the closet.  James asks for the AC to be turned up, it is so hot.  Julia rattles the closet door, and Austin yells, she falls out of the closet on top of Liz and Austin, Jumping up and down saying she got Austin.  Lights are on and everyone is in Comic room laughing and commenting on how good it was.

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205AM  We have FISH.  lights are out in the bedrooms and James slams the door to the purple room.  Liz and Julia scream again in unison.  Jmac is in bed now also.  James apologizes to Liz about waking her up.  General chit chat in Comic room.  (the 4 letter words are getting to be normal chat now).  James says he is stressed out, not tired, can't sleep.  JMac announces Story Time with Julia.  Meg says she loves the purple room, she could not sleep in the Comic room, too dark and it is like a shoe box.  Steve walks into purple room, saying he can't sleep after all the excitement, his heart is racing.  Steve says he is going to play chess against himself.  James says he has to let them know who wins.  Story telling continues in the comic room.  Meg asks if James is still in room, he says yes.  Steve headed up to play chess with himself.  Comic room is starting to quiet down.  James pounds the door again and riles up the girls.   HE is at the door talking in a very deep voice.. Julia and Liz are still yelling about James ... JMac says weird stuff happens.  Julia yells "is that the best you got"  James turns and says "gonna have to get them now".  Make out session begins in Comic room.  And James is back at the door making noises.  James is pacing in the purple room, going back and forth to door to comic room, making noises.  James very quietly opens the door, Austin and Liz are propped up in bed watching the door.  James is still standing at the door.  Steve says he won't spoil what James is about to do, how can he help.  Seems the chess match did not last.  Steve wants to try and be James.  Meg says you guys are being so annoying.  James lays back down on his bed, Steve is acting him what do you do when you sneak in there.  James says wait till they are almost asleep, Steve tells James he should do it, cause he is better at it then he is.  Steve walks into HN room.  the bedrooms are quiet. 


222AM James is back up at the door again.  Comic room is quiet.  Austin sees the light thru the door as James opened and closed the door.  James giggles and lays back on his bed.  Meg rolls over and says "omg" James says "I like my best friend"   Meg says "home has been in her thoughts all day"  Her and James talk about how many days have past and how many left to go.  they talk about what Steve told them what happened last year this time in the BB house.  James says he would like to get further than Donny did in the house. They talk about what they have given up.  Where all the cameras are at in the house.  Meg says she might be lonely when she goes home, cause she has had someone around all the time for the past weeks.  James says he will give her space but she can contact him whenever she wants.  James says I won't ditch you, but he feels that she needs time to get back to her regular life and it will be an overload.  They continue to talk about stuff that will happen after they walk off the set and return to life.  Liz getting out of bed, putting on mic,  comes slamming out of room yelling "What are you doing"  James and Meg both just lay there. 


235AM  James and Meg still chatting.  Liz has gone to WC.  James and Meg talking about meeting each other's families.  Steve on bench in WA.  Liz brushes her hair, Vanessa comes out of DR.  Liz whining about James and his scaring.  The beanie on Vanessa's head is from Mel, she is so happy.  Vanessa says she is going to eat some ice cream and then off to bed.  Liz is whining about how rough life is right now back in peasantville.  Liz goes back to bed.  Liz asks Austin if he knows her taste in accessories.  James and Meg are still talking about family.  Vanessa walks out of HN room and James and Meg wish her a Good night.  Vanessa walking around kitchen.  Steve in hallway by WA.  He waves at Vanessa and says good night.  They share a hug.  Vanessa says you all will have to come visit me upstairs tomorrow.  Steve says she needs to come down and spend time with them, she says why? good bed, good food, music and they know I am up there.  She carries her little container of clothing up to HoH room.  James and Meg are still chatting, James acting like he is snoring.  Steve gets hooding and continues his wanderings.  Vanessa in HoH room walking around.  Vanessa now sorting out her HoH basket. 

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254AM  James and Meg still talking about friends, James says Meg is his friend, Meg says you are mine.  Vanessa sitting in the dark in the HoH room eating her ice cream listening to her music.  Turns on TV watching downstairs kitchen.  James tells Meg I know which friend of yours would throw themselves in front of a bus for you.  They then start discussing HGs who have left house.  Meg says they were yelled at when Clay won and they were not all happy about it.  Not being happy when James/Liz won BotB.  Vanessa laying back in bed, looks like she is reading her letter again, but with no lights on. 


305AM Vanessa laying in bed listening to music.  James and Meg have quieted down. 


323AM  Meg is in WA.  Steve is brushing teeth.  BB turns the lights back up.  Meg says she will be ready for DR, James is in DR right now.  Steve says he is headed for bed.  Steve is shown getting in bed.  Meg is doing touch up on makeup. 


344AM James still in DR.  Meg is now eating peanut butter and crackers at glass counter.  All other HGs are in bed sleeping.


350AM Meg has gone back to bed with glasses on.  No sign of James.


4AM still no sign of James, Meg has taken off glasses and seems to be sleeping.

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706AM BBT  Vanessa sits up in hoh bed, watches the TV screen for a while, picks up remote and fiddles with it.  In Comic room we see Austin sit up and put on mic, walk to WA use WC and return to bed.  Vanessa studying the remote in the dark.  (710AM) 


714AM Vanessa still sitting up in bed starring around the room.  She rereads her letter, gets up goes to bathroom, and back in bed all covered up by 721AM.

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836AM BBT  Austin up to WC and goes back to bed.  Vanessa sits up in bed and watches on TV Screen.  Cam 1/2 showing purple room and everyone sleeping.  Cam 3/4 Shows Vanessa sitting up in bed watching TV Screen

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 9:00am BBT: HG in bed sleeping.


9:19am BBT: We now have FOTH as BB may be waking the HG .


 9:21am BBT: Feeds back with HG still sleeping .


9:29am BBT: Liz and Julia up in the Wa doing ADL's.


9:43am BBT: After FOTH feeds come back and Steve is in the Wa with Julia and Liz. Liz ask Steve if he is always the first one up and he says he always gets up when the music plays yeah. Vanessa is in the CBR getting her things to take to the HOh rm. BB tells Julia to please put on her mic.


9:46am BBT: Liz, Julia and Vanessa talking about Liz dancing to the music and Liz tells Vanessa that they can not expect to play music like that and me not go crazy. Julia says  Steve and I was dancing to the backstreet Boys. Vanessa goes to the HOh rm. Liz goes to the DR and Steve and Julia in the WA doing ADL's.


9:49am BBT: Liz now in the KT making coffee. John and Austin in the CBR, Austin getting up to go change his batteries and John lays back in his bed.


 9:52am BBT: Austin , Liz and Julia in the WA doing ADL's Liz says she went to the DR and they told her they was not ready for her now. Meg, James and Steve in the OBR laying in bed talking about eating.


 9:55am BBT: Liz in the KT eating cereal, Julia getting herself cereal, Austin and Vanessa in the KT now and Vanessa tells that every time the lights came on lastnight it would wake me up cause every time  someone got up lastnight BB would turn the lights on. Austin says it was Steve scampering around the house.

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10:00am BBT: Vanessa says i have to make a big move this week and get the least blood on my hands she says there is us then there is those three so doesn't that make  sense ? isn't that logical? Austin says yeas it does make sense. Austin says yeah just have a good speech and we just have to stick together that's all.


 10:07am BBt: Austin says we just have to keep Steve  feeling close right now. Vanessa says yeah i agree.


 10:10am BBT: Vanessa says that James said he was coming after Liz. Austin and Julia if he won HOH. She tells Austin that James has no problem getting blood on his hands like before. Vanessa says ok if James does not win the veto comp then he will be the one going home this week.


10:12am BBTL Vanessa tells Austin about her conversation lastnight with meg and James and how Meg cried and she wonders if they are married. Austin laughs and says that would be a good twist. Vanessa says she feels evil for putting James and meg on the block.


10:23am BBT: Austin in the WA telling Liz about Vanessa plans. they go back to the KT with Vanessa and Julia  who are talking about lastnights comp.


10:33am BBT: Vanessa talking to Julia in the Kt about getting a letter from Mel.


 10:40am BBT: Julia, Vanessa and Austin in the KT talking general talk. Liz in the DR and  other Hg sleeping.


 10:45am BBT: Vanessa talks about no one in this house will be hated this year and Austin says that Steve had a good speech lastnight. Austin then starts talking about past comps they have played in.


 10:56pm BBT: Austin. Vanessa and Julia still in the KT talking about how they played the games all season and how the Beefcakes helped  them dress a couple of times like in the dice game. Liz still in the DR and all other Hg still sleeping.

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11:01AM BBT Vanessa, Austin and Liz talk about votes. Austin says that his only hinky vote was Audrey. He said voting out Jeff was purely personal.


11:06AM BBT Austin tells Vanessa that James tried to have Vanessa BD last week. Austin says that he isn't playing this game for Chloe. Liz and Vanessa laugh.


11:09AM BBT Vanessa tells Julia that she wants her nomination speech to be entertaining like Austin's was. She says she isn't feeling inspired for this one. Julia tells her she is great with her words.


11:13AM BBT we have all 4 cams on sleeping HG.

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11:21AM BBT Vanessa and Austin talk. Vanessa says she needs help because her content is bland. Vanessa says that she is going to say they had the opportunity to give her information they were given from Becky but didn't. Austin says that she can piggy back off of his speech last week that should have been directed at James. That Vanessa was a victim too.


11:30AM BBT Liz asks Austin if they can work out today. She says she wants a thigh gap again. They discuss what exercises they can do. She then tells Austin that Julia heard them and that she told her that she needs to stop because John and herself are not getting any so they need to stop. Liz says she was trying to be quiet. Austin says it's fine.

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11:45AM BBT Austin and Liz talk about what he would like to do when he gets out of the house. He talks about fitness and how he has so many contacts and credibility. He says maybe he will work with his pal Morrison who has a lot too and do fitness and become millionaires.


11:48AM BBT All 4 cams on Vanessa getting ready for her day. She has on jeans, boots, suspenders, a shirt and jacket and a hat. She is curling her hair.


11:56AM BBT Austin is asking Liz if she has any favorite types of jewelry. She says she doesn't like colors. She says she doesn't like emeralds or anything lame like that. She only likes diamond and pearls. She says they have to be real too. They discuss the comp last night. They said it wasn't even an endurance comp.


12:04PM BBT Austin gets called to the DR. Liz says "Noooo" Austin tells her he misses her when he has to go in there. She says she will walk him to the DR. As he goes in Julia calls out that they are so annoying.

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12:05PM BBT Julia is trying to figure out what to wear. She says she is running out of clothes. She gives something to Liz and asks her why she doesn't wear it. Liz says it makes her look slutty. In HOHR Vanessa is sitting on the bed eating chips.


12:13PM BBT Julia and Liz in the WA. Liz asks Julia if she can see that she is wearing petals (she has no bra on). Julia tells her to put her mc away for a second and whispers in Liz's ear. Says something about being nervous and not having something. Says she has to take more. Austin walks in and they separate.


12:19PM BBT Van and Austin in the HOHR. She is practicing her speech for noms. She is going to tell James and Meg that they had info and didn't come to her.


12:25PM BBT Liz tells Julia how Austin's sister has large plugs in her ears. Julia says as expected. Then Julia reminds Liz that his family is probably watching. They start to say it is just not their cup of tea.

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12:35PM BBT Austin refers to victims and chess pieces. Vanessa decides to say that chess pieces have to be sacrificed sometimes. That's it! She will use that she says.


12:45PM BBT Van says that her speech will include that they mistook her for an easy pawn and it's her move now. She goes on and on. She says that a king is nothing without his queen so both of them are on the block.


12:55PM BBT Vanessa say that Meg and James have never been on her side and they deserve to give up. They talk about a rewind week but Vanessa says they just had one so they won't do it again.

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1:00 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia discuss the difficulty of the HOH comp.  Austin thinks it was designed to give jurors an advantage because they are fresh and rested.  They were surprised that James came off so fast.  Austin thought James would have been their best hope not to have a juror win.  Liz dropped off because her feet were sliding and she didn’t have the strength to pull herself up again.  Vanessa says the comp was way harder than it looked.


1:05 PM BBT The group in the HOHR talk about Jackie sitting.  Austin doesn’t even think she slipped.  She just sat like she wasn’t paying attention.  Julia notes that Jackie stayed on the swing for awhile like she didn’t know she was out, and while she was sitting she knocked Becky. Austin thinks it was good that Johnny never had a chance to talk to the other jurors.  Vanessa says it was the best scenario.  Even though they were upset, it’s salvageable.  Johnny has no one else to work with, and he is ready to battle it out. 


1:10 PM BBT Austin comments that he can’t believe that Shelli gave up in “On the Edge” and Vanessa says she learned her lesson from that and was not giving up.  She tells Austwins she would have given it to one of them, but otherwise no.  They talk about Meg and James choosing Vanessa to confide in...wrong person.  Meg and James didn’t realize how close Vanessa was to Austwins.


1:15 PM BBT Vanessa complains to Austin and the twins about John feuding with her when she backed him up earlier when they were continually putting him up on the block and expecting him to throw veto. 


1:16 PM BBT Austin talks about working out with Johnny Mac and “annihilating” him.  Vanessa tells Austin that Johnny Mac is on to him, so Austin will have to be subtle.  Austin has a plan to do some annihilating exercises but fewer sets so John won’t think it will be a big deal.  Vanessa tells Austin that he has invented a new weapon in BB.  No one has ever brandished that weapon in BB before. 


1:18 PM BBT Liz crouches down under a shelf in the Storage Room and waits.  Julia comes in and Liz leaps out and scares her.  Julia jumps and says “I hate you”  Liz says she loves scaring Julia. 


1:21 PM BBT Austin and Vanessa in the HOHR discussing James’ game.  They compare Austin’s HOH win against James to Vanessa’s against John.  That gets them back to talking about the HOH comp and what Johnny learned in his eviction.  Vanessa tells Austin that John said that Austin and the twins are playing the best game.  Vanessa suggests that John will want to work with Austin if he admires his game.  Austin says “or take me out.”  Vanessa suggests John would want to work with Austin until it’s time for John to make a move. They talk about next summer.  Vanessa would like to do Amazing Race with Mel, and it would be cool if Austin and Liz did it too.


1:26 PM BBT Liz and Julia are in the KT preparing food and talking about it being hard to trust the Goblins.  They were stupid last week but everything happens for a reason.  They ponder what would have happened if Shelli came back.  Austin comes downstairs and they ask Austin what they’re doing.  Austin suggests a workout but he wants to eat first.


1:32 PM BBT  Austin, Liz and Julia are in the KT.  Austin is packing around and eating something speared on a fork.  They talk about the back yard is open, but they think it won’t be open long.  James asks if it’s open and Austin says yes, but probably for a limited time. He thinks noms ceremony and then immediately work out.  Julia thinks there should be a reunion show.  Steve comes into the KT and they talk again about how long the BY will be available.

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1:37 PM BBT James is looking in the fridge.  Julia is talking about how happy she is to have the back yard.  Liz is sitting at the glass counter in the KT and eating.  Vanessa is sitting by herself in the HOHR eating a snack.  She puts it away and then goes into the HOHR WA to fix her hair.  She goes back to lay down on the bed.


1:38 PM BBT  Steve is sitting at the DT eating a bowl of mini-wheats.  He tells Julia that he wants to do some dishes, but he wants to swim first while the BY is available.  Julia thanks him.  Julia asks if Johnny Mac is out.  Steve says he hasn’t seen John.  Julia says John is in the DR.  James is washing his hands.  We get Jeff’s Reels.

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2:15 PM BBT Feeds are back.  The HGs are waiting for the door from the BY to open.  They go inside to the KT.  There is giant gum slop on the DT.  Liz tries it and spits it out saying it’s peppermint.  Vanessa is opening an envelope and she reads a bit and tells the HGs they will not like it.  Vanessa reads the card out. “Vanessa, as HOH we have good news and bad news this week.”    Vanessa says this is like Pandora Slop.  She continues reading... the good news is that this is the final week of Have-nots this season.  The bad news is it is your responsibility to name FOUR Have-Nots for the week.  Have-nots will be able to enjoy “gum slops”... gum drops combined with slop.  John volunteers.  Julia reluctantly says she’ll do it.  Meg and James are the other two Have-Nots. 


2:17 PM BBT James goes to the Storage Room to put something away.  Meg says she is hibernating for sure this week.  James says “damn.”  James is mad because it’s Austin’s week to be Have-Not and Austin just looked at James and laughed.  They go to the OBR and Meg says she can feel that it’s going to be an awful week.  James starts moving his stuff.  Meg claims the end chair.  James takes the one next to her. 


2:21 PM BBT Steve and Liz are in the Storage room.  They realize that Steve will be alone in the CBR.  Julia is setting up her chair in the HNR next to James.  She says that she is a bad sport about it but she doesn’t care.  She’s sick of the Have-not stuff.


2:26 PM BBT In the KT, John and Steve are checking out the giant gumdrops.  Austin is making something to eat at the KT counter and says he tried some and they made him feel sick.  Liz comes in and exclaims happily that she and Austin will have a room to themselves.

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2:39PM-3:35PM BBT Jeff's highlight reels.  Noms?  It's been a long time just for noms...


3:42PM BBT Video's back. It was noms. Meg and James are nominees (and have-nots, which James calls salt in the wound).


3:46PM BBT Meg is in HN room saying she knew they were going up last night because Austin and the twins were acting weird to them.


3:48PM BBT James tells Meg he believes he is the target, and Meg says "right behind you, baby"


3:49PM BBT James says if he wins the veto, it puts him in a tough spot. Meg asks why. James demurs...


3:50PM BBT James says he can't understand how JMac isn't the target anymore and he and Meg moved up on the list.


3:51PM BBT Meg is crying again. She says to James, "either I go home, or I have to stay here without you"  - James is trying to comfort her.  Meg says "I dunno, one of us is going home." James says "oh, yeah."


3:53PM BBT James heads out of HN room as Meg says "It's funny that we kept her." - James says "I know" and walks out.


3:54PM BBT Vanessa comes in to HN room to play with Meg's pretty little head. FOTH.


3:55PM BBT Vanessa putting all the bad stuff in the house on Austin and the twins. James walks in to HN room.

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 3:41pm BBT: Vanessa telling James  he could have let her in on  the plans he had but he didn't  so best of luck to both of you. James says well thank you. Meg is going through her clothes in the OBR. rest of the HG in the KT and Vanessa tells James that meg probably wants to calm down before she talks to me so just let her know i am happy to talk to her.

3:43pm BBT: Austin says i wonder why we are back on lock down and James says they are probably going to get ready for the veto comp now. Vanessa is now laying down in the  LVR with James and John. Austin and Liz are cooking. Steve walks through the KT and goes to the STR looks in  then tries to go to the DR.
3:46pm BBT: James goes to the HNBR and tells meg that he wanted to give her a few minutes alone. Meg says i knew that was coming from the way Austin and them was acting. To make us have nots really? James says put some salt in the wound now you know what i mean? meg says yeah.
3:48pm BBT: James says does she not realize that Austin and the twins were trying to back door her before and we never did? meg says i know  and i have never told her anything. Meg says one of us can try to win the POV. James says well what ever we did had to be worse than what Johnny Mack did before. Meg says are you serious?
3:50pm BBT: Vanessa in the KT talking to Steve about her reason for nominating meg saying  she did things to hurt her before so tit for tat you know what i mean. So now i am the most hated person in the jury i have no friends there.
3:54pm BBT: James goes and gets Vanessa to talk to Meg. In the HNBR Vanessa says look i am happy you are willing to talk to me right now and i am sorry you are upset but i want to tell the root that all the crap that happened to me the last two weeks came from Becky And Jackie can verify this ok . So when Becky was hoh  she promised not to tell  about  trying to backdoor Austin and it got out and James knew that They knew  and that i did not know that it got out.
3:58pm BBT: Meg laughs and Vanessa says ok you are just laughing at me now and meg says no i am not i just want to understand. Vanessa says the week that Liz was HOh and Becky went to Liz with a box of fruit loopps and trowed me under the bus. meg says ok and Vanessa says i just want you to know that this is strictly a game move and that is it nothing personal.
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4:02pm BBT: Meg crying in the HNBR while Vanessa says i have to break up a power couple and you guys was it it is a hard thing to nominate but there was a power couple and i had to do something  for that one. We all take risk in this game and you can not come out with clean hands and i know my hands are not clean but i like everyone in this house so neither of you is a target i just made the best decision possible and it might come back and bite me and that's ok.




4:05pm BBT: vanessa still talking to James and meg about When they planned on backdooring Austin and that Austin found out. Vanessa said you knew that Austin knew about it and that you did not tell me that Austin knew  so i could talk to him and set things right. James says no Becky told me and you asked me and i said no i did not tell Austin. Vanessa says well it was bad for me i had to talk to him and fix things but if you guys could play this game in my shoes then you would know where i am coming from and i know it sucks and i wish i could say something to make it better.


 4:12pm BBT: Meg is crying and tells Vanessa that if she goes out of the house this week i will go proud of myself cause i am proud but to tell me  you heard i was making fun of you? I never made  fun of you. Vanessa says as i always say if you did not say it then the cameras  here never lie so if you never said anything then you have the last laugh on me. Vanessa says but i made a strategic move and if you survive this week and it comes back and bites me in the ass then so be it. 


 4:15pm BBT: Vanessa says can not go to Johnny Mack and Steve or even Julia and Liz cause they  told me what was going on and that Austin knew but you two did not tell me that he knew so that was your mistake. James says we kept to ourselves and did not tell anyone anything and Vanessa says  yeah that was your mistake you should have told me. Thats why you are up this week. She says last week i sat in that hammock crying and feeling so alone all last week cause i felt alone in this house and it did not feel good. Vanessa says i wish you both the best of luck. Meg says i am confused about all this and  Vanessa says you should have come to me last week and told me what was going on and meg says last week was John and Steve going home not you and Vanessa says but you knew if one came down i was going up.


4:23pm BBT: BB has opened the BY up again and John  and Austin are working out. Vanessa repeating herself in the HNBR with meg and James.


4:26pm BBT: Meg starts crying again and Vanessa says i am sorry ok and meg says it is fine. Vanessa says is there anything i can do for you? Meg says no and Vanessa says i have a bottle of wine and i will gladly share with you so come get drunk with me and i am sorry. Vanessa leaves the HNBR and James gives meg a hug and says it will be ok.


4:28pm BBT: James ask meg who she thinks came up with all of this? He ask did Vanessa come up with this on her own and meg says no Austin did that's why i am crying and this upset. James says hey people play this game in weird ways and what got us is we didn't go around snitching, We was to quiet and we should have run around telling people everything and being a rat but we made it to final 8 so its good. meg says i hate crying in this house it is so embarrassing. Vanessa in the HOh rm alone saying this game is so hard i did not want to do that but it is so hard in this house.


 4:32pm BBT: Meg and James get in the dentist chairs, Meg put her shades on and  all is quiet. In the HOh rm Vanessa is listening to music.


4:38pm BBT: Meg tells James she thought she would go out next week and James says not necessarily you wont go out next week. James says this has not been an easy battle. Meg ask how many times he has been on slop and he says this i think is my 4th and meg says me too as she eats the  gum drops.


4:42pm BBT: Steve and Vanessa in the KT whispering about her making a good move and why she made it and Steve says we will talk about this later ok and Vanessa says you do want to play POV right and he says yeah so after veto is a good time to talk and Vanessa goes to the DR.


 4:45pm BBT: James is up getting meg some tissues and a drink. Liz and Julia are in the HOH rm talking about if James had won the HOh they would be in trouble . Liz says we have let them ride our coat tales for the last  two week. Julia says we seen Megs true colors come out today and James  is the one that needs to go. Liz says we  need James gone this week then meg we can deal with after. 


 4:49pm BBT: Julia tells Liz that she came to her and told her before that she did not trust James cause he was to quiet. Julia says and who cares what they all think anymore  who we have deals and final 5's with who cares anymore it does not matter.

Meg and James in the Wa  for Meg to straighten up her makeup.


4:53pm BBT: meg and James going back to the HNBR then turn to go outside and James runs out saying whats up you bunch of A-holes. meg laughs as they go by the pool to watch the bees. Austin and John still working out. Liz and Julia still in the HOh rm talking bad about meg and James.


4:58pm BBT: Julia in the HOH rm complaining that she wants a shower but has to take a cold shower so she will just wait till after the POv tomorrow to take a shower. Steve in the POOL talking to James and meg who are laying in loungers by the pool. Meg ask what Steve thinks the POV will be and Steve says an easy set up counting maybe.

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5:03am BBT: Julia and Liz talking about it was good that John came back lastnight and not a girl. Julia says can you imagine if it was shelli that came back?> they say they have to smooth things over with John now and see what happens


5:10pm BBT: John laying by the pool talking to Steve , meg and James as Austin works out. Just general talk going on. Liz and Julia in the HOh rm talking about being on slop and washing her hair. Julia says i wonder if i can wash my hair in the sing and Liz said i tried that once and got yelled at but then Shelli did it all the time and got away with it. Vanessa is still in the DR.


5:18pm BBT: Vanessa comes to the HOH rm and talk to Julia and Liz about Meg and her crying earlier and  she said she told her enough of the water works this is a game. Vanessa repeats all she told meg earlier in the HNBR.


5:28pm BBT: Liz, Julia and Vanessa in the HOh rm talking about James and meg and Vanessa tells them if anyone says anything to them to tell them listen this is Vanessa HOh talk to her. Vanessa says i did what is best for my game which is also good for your game but at the end of the day it was me doing it for my game.


5:33pm BBT: Steve, John and Austin in the BY talking  general talk. Vanessa, Liz and Julia in the HOH rm talking about clothes to wear for the Veto comp. Meg is now walking around the BY and James in the DR.


 5:39pm BBT: Liz, Julia and Vanessa talking about the HOH comp lastnight and how  they were getting dizzy and how the hand would slap them and it hurt. Vanessa then talks about how bad she feels putting the have nots on slop and in that room. Julia says you never see meg wash dishes or take out the trash she is a little princess around here. 


5:42pm BBT: Vanessa talks about having wine to drink and Liz says you should drink it tonight and Vanessa says maybe tomorrow night. Liz says when i was HOH  after otev Julia and i had cheese and  wine we drank it all and had alot of cheese. Julia and Liz head to the BY before it is locked down again and Vanessa goes to bed .


5:44pm BBT: Steve is in the KT making himself some food. Liz is getting herself a drink. Meg, Austin and john in the BY telling stories about movies.


5:51pm BBT: Liz and Julia in the hammock talking about clothes they should and should not wear. Steve still in the KT cooking.


5:54pm BBT: Austin is swinging Liz and Julia in the hammock and then leaves  and they yell at him to come back as he goes in the house. Liz and Vanessa talk about how fat their thighs are. Steve is making himself a BLT for dinner.


5:57BBT: Austin goes to the HOh rm and tells Vanessa that meg is outside talking to them about Movies. Vanessa tells him to tell her that it is Vanessa HOh and we had nothing to do with it and  to win the veto but then we have to hope they do not win it cause then you guys could go up. Austin agrees and says we are on a team.

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 6:00pm BBT: Austin ask if they are taking being nominated ok and Vanessa says James is taking it pretty good but meg is crying alot and  i can tell she is lying to me. Vanessa says they have to respect that i got lucky and won the HOH. Vanessa says that James says to her that meg took the fall because she was not a tale tell.


6:07pm BBT: Austin and Vanessa still talking and Vanessa says i did not mean to play steves game today but he can thank me later but i felt James and Meg was more of a threat to me.  Vanessa says  how can you not come tell me what all was said and i almost got put on the block cause they did not tell me that i was fixen to be back doored. Austin says they are probably thinking of a strategy  with John and Steve saying the can work together so you have to backdoor one of us. Vanessa says unless they come to me with a tape showing the bull shit then i will not be down for it.


6:12pm BBT: Vanessa and Austin talks about how John  hides his emotions unless he is upset and worried. When he is good and not on the block he is good and Vanessa says yeah it is like he is bi polar. Steve comes in and Austin says that is why i made  that deal with James last week cause he may have out me and Liz up and i could not let him do that.


6:20pm BBT: James is now in the By with meg talking about playing pot ball tonight meg says maybe. Julia ion the  hammock resting. In the HoH rm Steve,Vanessa and Austin talk  about giving hugs,


 6:25pm BBT: James and meg in the BY and James says i do not want you to go this week and meg says well me neither but i have a feeling that is what is going on. meg says if i do leave you better not give her what she wants. James says what if she wants Austin thrown up and meg says i do not know and then James says she has got to go.


6:29pm BBT: Meg says why is the BY still open that is so weird. James says maybe there isn't going to be a veto this week and i am out. john laughs.


8:32pm BBT: In the HOh rm Steve, Austin and Vanessa talking about Rachel and her game and how she played strategically and  Vanessa said that Rachel had a knack for it and you know whop else has a knack for it that is Liz. Austin says Liz sure does she wins comps and Vanessa says exactly.

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6:48 PM BBT Liz is out in the BY doing laundry while Julia lays out on the hammock.  John is lounging in the BY sipping a drink. Vanessa, Austin,


7:04 PM BBT Vanessa and Steve chat in the HOHR.  Vanessa doesn’t understand Meg’s reaction.  Vanessa gave an explanation.  Vanessa said she was fine when she was nominated until Becky wouldn’t give her an explanation.  Steve starts to tell Meg’s story of how she got on the show.  Vanessa cuts him off and tells Steve he doesn’t believe peoples’ stories about how they got on the show.  They talk about casting.


7:07 PM BBT Austin joins Liz and Julia in the BY.  Liz tells him that Meg and James are really ticked off and are blaming Austin and the twins.  Austin complains that everyone blames him for everyone who has left.  Julia tells Austin that Meg and James are working Johnny Mac.  Austin says doesn’t JMac realize that if he aligns with Meg and James he could go up? 


7:09 PM BBT Austin encourages Julia to bond with JMac and tells her that Johnny has a crush on her. 


7:16 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa is telling Steve about how his alliance with Austin came about.  Steve asks about what they are going to do, and Vanessa keeps talking about past alliance history.  Steve says he’s not interested in alliances with Audrey.  Steve starts listing the twelve days of BB, including 8 Audrey lies.  Vanessa says that should be a way higher number. 


7:18 PM BBT Steve says he is surprised that Vanessa has been up in HOHR so long and she says she is scared.  She doesn’t like the awkwardness.  Steve says that she did the least awkward thing she could.  Vanessa says it would be awkward no matter what.  Vanessa says that Meg and James said they were willing to be pawn.  Vanessa tells Steve that John said they will always be rock stars but Steve doesn’t remember because he was so busy concentrating on his own speech. 


7:19 PM BBT Austin and the twins are looking for something in the BY.  As they walk around looking at the ground they wonder about the veto comp.  Liz gives up looking and goes back to working out. 


7:25 PM BBT Steve and Vanessa talk about their alliance.  Steve insists that he never had a final 2 with John.  Vanessa says she has told him everything and looking at Steve says “there’s the guilty look.”  They keep talking about their alliances and who they can work with. 


7:35 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if John feels good about working with her this time.  Steve says that John has been reserved but the most positivity that he has heard from John about Vanessa was on Thursday morning when Steve asked John if John trusts Vanessa.  John said yes.  Steve asks Vanessa if she trusts John, and she says she wants to.  They talk about trust between them and affirm that they will tell each other if they have doubts.


7:37 PM BBT Steve wonders who Vanessa would put up if Meg or James win the veto.  Vanessa says it depends which of them win the veto.  If Meg stays up, the pawn better be very weak.  It will be harder to send Meg home.  If James stays on the block, then Vanessa thinks almost anyone could go up next to him.  Vanessa tells Steve that he is the person he would least want to risk.  Steve tells Vanessa that is reciprocated.  Vanessa says that both of them [steve and Vanessa] are terrible pawns because people want to target them. They discuss who would go up as a pawn and what would be the implications of each possibility. 


7:42 PM BBT Vanessa says that probably her best pawn would be Julia because she would have Liz and Austin’s vote as well as Steve’s and Johnny’s.  It wouldn’t accomplish much to send Julia home except to tick people off.  Vanessa would just have to get them to agree to it, but she hasn’t even talked to them. 


7:44 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if he was concerned about pawns because he is wondering if she was going to go for revenge.  She says that she owes him an “F you”.  Steve agrees that she does.  He tells her that when he gave her the hug that she thought was so fake, he really wasn’t fake.  In that moment he was happy for her because he was feeling bad about everything.  He admits to being fake with her, but that moment was not one of those.  They talk more about how Steve doubted her.  She asks why and he says because there was so much consent in the house.  Vanessa says that sort of thing happens all the time in this house.  She says it irritates her that everyone feels that they have to vote with the house.   


7:49 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa about how he was targeting Austin earlier on and that Meg and James were okay with that because they were safe while there was discord between Austin and Steve.  Steve says that Meg and James liked that there was internal fighting and they could sit back and watch.  Then Jackie and Becky happened.  Steve says that the Inside is now outside. Steve says the outside won.  They figure out that everyone that has gone home since Jace was an Insider.

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8:04 PM BBT Meg comes into the KT and asks Austin, Liz and Julia if she can talk to them.  They move to the CRL.  Meg says it sucks and they know this, but she doesn’t want things to be weird.  They still have pot ball games to play this week.  Meg feels played but she gets it game-wise.  Austin says they feel a bit played too because Vanessa didn’t tell them she was going to do that until after.  Vanessa said she had her reasons and it was based on Meg and James saying that they would put them up next week.  Meg says as a pawn.  Austin tells Meg that Vanessa said that James said not one but two, that’s he gotten blood on his hands before so he might as well do it [put up members of Austwins]. Meg says she is glad she is talking to them.  Meg tells them about the discussion she and James had with Vanessa and it includes the possibility that they might have to put up the twins, but that it wouldn’t matter because they would have the votes. 


8:09 PM BBT Meg and Austwins discuss the misconceptions that Vanessa seems to have, and that it all stems from Becky sharing information.  Vanessa felt that Meg was making fun of her because of “the Brass Tacks thing”.  Liz makes a point of telling Meg that she hopes Meg doesn’t feel played by Liz because Meg stayed off Liz’s block.  Meg says she doesn’t feel played by Liz.  Meg wants to bring James in to hear what Austin just said about the reasons Vanessa gave Austwins.  Meg says that Vanessa never mentioned any of that when Meg and James had their discussion with her.  

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