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Saturday, August 22 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:00 am BBT Liz, Meg, Steve and James are in the BR talking about going to bed early because “they” (BB) said it is going to be an early day tomorrow. James is lying by Meg and teasing her. Steve said that James just wants a cuddle buddy. Liz said she thinks James likes Meg more than Meg likes James. James was lying in the bed and rubbing her back then Meg told him to stop being weird. Meg got up then James got up so Meg jumped back into bed and James put the covers over her and jumped back into bed with her. Meg told him to get out of here because she will have no dates after this. James said that “they” (BB) will have a montage of me getting into bed with Meg and they asked me what is our relationship cuz it seems kinda weird and I said it’s day 64 and she really hasn’t really shot me down so what she tells me is I still have a chance. He ended that conversation by saying that he is not going to give up.

12:05 am BBT Meg asked Liz what Austin is doing and Liz said that he is up in the HOH getting some alone time listening to his music. Julia is in the WA taking a shower while Steve and Vanessa are by the sink doing their nightly ADL’s getting ready for bed. Julia told Steve and Vanessa that she hopes she gets picked to play in the veto comp because she has not played in one single one. Vanessa could not believe that and said that she has played in almost every single one. Liz and James leave the BR to go and find Julia to scare her. Steve is in the BR with Meg and told him that she is breaking James heart. They discuss that if the spark is not there then it’s not going to work out. Steve talks about a girl that really liked him and she would have been perfect but he just did not like her.

12:10 am BBT Steve and Megs discussion continues with college and dating and they discuss performers interacting with technical people in the theaters. Julia is done taking a shower and she tries to scare James but it did not work. Julia, Liz and James head back into the BR with Meg and Steve and they talk about Julia not being able to scare James. We see Austin in the HOH room flipping through the channels on the spy screen and looking puzzled because he does not see anybody else in the house.

12:18 am BBT Julia took Steve’s Swedish fish candy and started eating it. Liz told Julia to give her some so Julia handed some to Liz and that was the end of the candy so Liz said sorry Steve and threw the wrapper on the floor. James, Meg and Vanessa head to the WA to do their nightly ADL’s and Austin walked in and asked where everyone is and what is going on. Meg told Austin that Liz was trying to give him his space to listen to music and Austin said that he can’t be alone because he will commit suicide if he is alone so he leaves the WA to go looking for Liz. When he found Liz in the BR he asked her what she was doing and she said that she was giving him alone time and he told her he does not want alone time.

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12:21 am BBT Julia is hiding under the covers to try and scare James. Liz told Austin she will be up soon and thanks for coming to find her and Steve asks Austin if he can work out a couple of knots in his back and Austin said sure.

12:26 am BBT Austin is going to get tuna to eat, Liz heads up to the HOH to listen to music, Meg and Steve are both getting into their own beds when Meg said that she really hopes it is going to be Zingbot tomorrow. Johnny Mack walked through the BR and Meg told him goodnight and asked if he came from the DR, he did not respond to her at all. Steve got up and went to the KT to talk to Austin about fixing his back while James went into the BR to fix his bed so it looks like he is sleeping in it with pillows under the covers then he ran into the other BR where the lights are off and Johnny Mack and Vanessa are sleeping. He crawled into the closet in an attempt to scare Julia.   

12:30 am BBT Julia went to the HOH room to say good night to Liz. They discuss the PoV comp and agree that they should throw it to Austin; they don’t want to win it. They both agree that Steve and Johnny Mack are working together and they have to be split up. They discuss Johnny Mack and how they do not like him, he just sits there. Then they begin discussing the men that do not do any work in the house and they would not even help Liz take out the trash. Austin walked in the HOH room and Julia changed the discussion to Steve and Johnny Mack being up at 4:45 am talking.

12:35 am BBT Austin said the best case scenario is if Vanessa, James or Meg wins the PoV because they will keep the nominations the same and Johnny Mack won’t be mad at them if he goes home.

12:49 am BBT Julia makes her way down to the BR where the lights are out and she got into bed. She started hearing tapping noises and asked real loud what is that waking both Vanessa and Johnny Mack up. They speculate that the noise is coming from the other side of the wall and BB is doing it (James is still in the closet).    

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12:52 am BBT Julia still hears the taping noise and asked again what that is, then James comes crawling out of the closet and scared Julia and Vanessa. They all get a laugh out of it.

12:57 am BBT the scare is over and the lights go back out downstairs as everyone gets into their beds to sleep. Up in the HOH room Austin and Liz are making out.

1:15 am the feeds show the house guests in bed with the lights out. We see Vanessa lying there with her eyes open but there is no talk going on.

1:22 am BBT the feeds switch to the HOH room and Liz asked Austin if he is ready for bed. Austin said yes and that they should do another dinner date up in the HOH room this week. Liz agrees and said they should have saved the wine bottle. Liz turns out the lights and Austin told her thank you. They discuss taking out Johnny Mack and hope he does not win the veto. They watch Steve walk around the house on the spy screen.  

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1:28 am BBT Liz and Austin talk about making breakfast in the morning to get a good start for the comp. Liz said that Steve is getting feisty and he needs to check himself. They continue to watch Steve on the spy screen and speculate that he is thinking. Austin thinks that his family is stressed out watching other people going behind his back and talking about him.

1:35 am BBT Liz and Austin continue to watch Steve on the spy screen and review the what if’s about the PoV. Liz said that they could just decide what to do tomorrow.

1:50 am BBT Steve finally crawls in bed and it looks as if everyone in the house is now going to sleep.  

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9:00am BBT: All Hg still sleeping.

 9:33am BBT: Hg still sleeping soundly.
9:40am BBT: We now have FOTH as BB wakes the HG .
9:44am BBT: Austin up in the Wa doing his hair
 9:48am BBT: Austin has gone to the DR and all other Hg are sleeping.
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 10:05am BBT: Austin out of the DR and Steve is now up in the KT then walks to the WA and goes to the WC.

 10:07am BBT: Austin gets back in bed and snuggles with Liz saying he is cold.
 10:10am BBT: John went to the WC as Steve is brushing his teeth and we get a brief FOTH.
10:25am BBT: We are on FOTH  so maybe this time BB is waking the HG.
10:39am BBT: Hg are up doing ADL's and getting ready to pick players for the POV.
10:41am BBT: John in the HOh rm talking to Austin about who to pick if he gets HG choice and Austin says think meg would be a good one to pick yeah meg do ti that way. John says alright sir and leaves the room. Austin says he has to get his hair done real quick.
 10:46am BBT: James in the shower and John sitting talking to him in the WA. Meg in the OBR getting ready and telling Steve  she has a towel on her head and Steve laughs and says you have a towel on your head a mystery i will never understand.Steve says  your hair is all up in that towel i do not get it. I will never get towel wraps.Meg leaves the room laughing and Steve covers back up in bed laughing saying he will never get that.
10:49am BBT: Austin and Liz in the KT  getting things together to make steak and eggs for breakfast. Liz is starting the coffee.
10:53am BBT: Vanessa in the Kt and Austin says they did not tell me anything i have been in the Dr twice now and they  didn't say anything so i hope they give me a warning.  Julia and Liz walk into the KT and Austin ask Liz if there is any mushrooms. Julia and Vanessa talking about James scaring them lastnight and how they screamed. Liz says she did not hear them.
 10:56am BBT: Hg doing ADL's and cooking and waiting for coffee to be ready.
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11:00 AM BBT John is in the shower and Meg is putting on makeup.  James says that it would suck to be a woman.  They have so much to worry about healthwise and they have to put on makeup.  Meg says that James has to worry about being an a**hole all the time. Both John and James say they don’t have to worry about that...it just happens. 


11:07 AM BBT  John and Steve talk in the CBR.  John asks Steve if he talked to Austin last night.  Steve responds but doesn’t have his mic on.  He puts his mic on.  Steve says he saw Vanessa leaving the HOHR before the nomination ceremony, so he’s learned the importance of being the last one in Austin’s ear.  Steve thinks the replacement nominee will be either James or Vanessa.  John asks Steve if he thinks anyone else will use the veto on them.  Steve says James and Meg want Vanessa out, Vanessa and them want James out, so they think the others will use it, but Steve says they can guarantee it if they win it themselves.   


11:15 AM BBT Vanessa, John, Meg, Austin, and Liz are sitting at the DT.  James is in the KT.  They wonder whether they will see Zingbot and what door Zingbot will come in.  James says when Zingbot comes, high energy!


11:19 AM BBT James says it will suck if they think Zingbot is coming, but he doesn’t come until the SECOND 8th.  They continue to talk about how the zings are so perfect.


11:23 AM BBT The HGs in the KT and at the DT agree that when Zingbot zings Steve, it will be EPIC.


11:25 AM BBT James, Vanessa, Meg and the twins are talking about the order that HGs went home in BB16.  James wonders why they wanted to get rid of Donny.  They talk about how Donny was an underdog and that he was Americas’ favorite.  John has gone back to the CBR to lay down, and all is quiet there.

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11:33 AM BBT Austin is in the WA using a small straightening iron on his hair.  Vanessa is also in the WA doing ADLs. 


11:36 AM BBT Austin and Liz hug in the HOHR.  Liz remarks that it’s weird how late it is and they haven’t even picked plays.  They lay down to cuddle.  BB tells Austin to relocate his transmitter.  Liz asks who they call to DR for the veto picks, and Austin says it would be him.  They start making out.  James and Meg are at the DT.  Julia is sitting at the glass counter, and they are talking about Shelli getting a banner “I love you S” when Shelli and Clay were on the block.


11:44 AM BBT In the HOHR, Liz and Austin are talking about the worst case scenario of John winning the veto.  Liz says the best case would be to have Meg, James, or Vanessa to win the veto.  They start talking about the jury and that the jurors are bonding and there is probably growing animosity toward Liz and Austin.  Austin speculates that they are wondering why no one is taking Austin and Liz out when they are running the house. 


11:50 AM BBT Julia is eating at the DT and talking to James and Meg.   John and Steve are still resting in the CBR.  Liz is in the OBR folding an outfit.   Julia comes in and Liz makes a hand signal to get her attention.  Liz gives Julia a whispered warning that Steve is in Julia’s bed.


11:57 AM BBT Liz and Julia are cleaning up in the KT.  Meg is laying down in the OBR and talking to James. James is talking about how career-driven New Yorkers are.

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12:00pm BBT: James in bed talking to meg about dating. Austin, Julia and Liz in the KT. Julia complaining about Steve being in her bed asleep and now she has no where to lay at.

12:04pm BBT: Liz is cleaning the KT talking to Julia about winning the POV and if Johnny Mack wins and takes himself down what they will do. She then starts looking  for walnuts to refill the bowl on the counter.
12:07pm BBT: Austin says everyone got up today what the hell? Meg said everyone wanted to be ready for this. Austin says there was nothing to get ready for i guess. Meg ask if he is ready for the pov and Austin says yeah i guess. James saying maybe they have to balance teddy bears on a spindle. Meg says what is that and James  says like one of them things over a babies bed that balances things.
12:11pm BBT: Austin , Meg, and James in the OBR talking about past season comps. Liz  still cleaning the KT and filling snack bowls. Vanessa in the KT washing her hands.
12:13pm BBT: Liz, Julia and Vanessa in the WA and Liz tells Vanessa that they need to win the POV and keep the noms the same. Vanessa says yeah i know and then they talk about Steve and how he was cursing yesterday. The are shocked he was cursing. They are now getting their makeup and hair done and BB tells Julia to please put on her mic.
 12:19pm BBT: Liz is now cleaning the bathroom area and mirrors as Julia and Vanessa are talking about winning  the POV and the HOh next week and they are afraid if Steve wins thew POV that he will remove Johnny Mack instead of himself. Julia says that the screaming in the DR by Johnny Mack was scary and the way he stares at me makes me very uncomfortable.
12:26pm BBT: In the OBR with Austin, Meg and James they are talking about going camping and meg says she has never been camping. In the WA Liz, Julia and Vanessa talking about cleaning and how the twins do everything together.
 12:35pm BBT: Vanessa talking about past  HG to Liz and Julia and  how she likes them being real like Rachel was real.
12:41pm BBT: Vanessa, Julia and Liz in the Wa, Vanessa says she wants to win this POV unless you do Julia do you want to win this and Julia says yeah of course i do. Julia says when she goes up she does not want to leave with unanimous vote i have been loyal to people and i do not believe in this crap vote with the house.
12:47pm BBT: John is now up in the WA brushing his teeth. In the OBR James, Austin and Meg still talking camping  as meg says when is Zing bot going to get here? James laughs saying she wants to go camping with Zing bot.James says damn camp stories and meg  says ZING. 
12:50pm BBT: Meg says when are we going to get this day started. John comes in and  James ask is 70 days to long  to go without camping in this house and john says no not for me anyways. John then says he has not been camping in a year and a half. James tells meg  she needs to go camping with John and John says no  i am good without camping.
12:55pm BBT: Liz leaves the WA and Julia says we are good talking . Liz gets a drink then goes to the OBR where Austin is  and James tells her we are trying to get meg to go camping. Liz says Austin and I started camping and meg and James laugh. Liz says no no i mean we started camping and meg says this is good as James says we know now  and they are laughing.
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 1:00pm BBT: Liz, Austin, john and Vanessa talking about the weirdest place you would want to go camping at and Liz says do not say church or a church parking lot. Austin says wow lets see then Vanessa says a drive in movie. Austin says  in a forest standing up.James says in a dressing room and Vanessa says there are cameras in there and James says really? Vanessa says they are  allowed to do that. Meg comes in and is asked  where her craziest place to go camping at and she ask do we really have to say and Austin says yeah.

 1:10pm BBT: Most HG in the obr still general talk about camping then Austin starts telling a story. Julia in the Wa alone doing her nails.
 1:25pm BBT: General talk still going on about camping as the HG wait to pick player for the veto comp.
 1:29pm BBT: Steve goes to the Wa and tells Julia tat they are literally talking about self pleasuring so i am coming in here. Julia says i know i was literally talking about camping and i had to leave too.
1:35pm BBT: Steve is talking about Zing Bot and repeating what all Zing bot said last year to Christine, Liz and Julia in the Kt eating.
 1:38pm BBT: Liz ask Austin what he is going to have for lunch and Austin says i do not know. Liz says we can have steak for our date night tonight. Julia says i think i am going to make myself some turkey pasta tonight. 
 1:43pm BBt: austin is going to marinate the steaks for tonight while Liz goes to the WC. Steve is looking in the fridge then goes to the STR. Liz comes back from the WC and helps Austin prepare the steaks for tonight's date.
 1:48pm BBT: Meg, James asleep in the OBR. Liz, Austin, Julia and Steve in the KT eating and prepping food for tonight . Austin goes to put pepper in the marinate bag on the steaks and the lid came off and dumped alot of pepper in it.He says he can scrape most out of it. Austin then says spicy steak  tonight and Liz says very spicy.
 1:56pm BBT: Julia, Liz and Steve talking about what their dream was in the BB house and Liz was to play in OTEV and see the small table, Julia's was to play in OTEV and Zing Bot.
1:58pm BBT: Austin complaining that BB bought so much stuff last week and did not buy much  this week at all.
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2:02pm BBT: Liz and Austin talking about Christmas and snow. Liz says she loves a snowy Christmas.Steve says snow is cold.

2:08pm BBT: Julia cleaning the Kt after eating lunch. Steve eating his sandwich and Liz and Austin hugging.Julia says i just hope i get picked to plat the POV.
 2:18pm BBT: Austin and Liz in the HOh bed while john lays on the HOH couch listening to music and Liz keeps saying no to Austin. Steve walking around from the WA to the KT blowing his nose.
2:21pm BBT: Steve goes to the CBR and gets a pillow and goes to the OBR and gets in bed to take a nap. Austin now putting his hair in a ponytail while Liz talks about her being in acting school  and cheerleading
 2:28pm BBT: Liz and Austin in the HOH bed telling stories about their life, All other Hg in bed napping.
2:40pm BBT: Liz and Austin talking about going to college and kissing. All other Hg  sleeping.
2:45pm BBT: BB calls Austin to the Dr and  Liz yells yeahh. John says  finally we can pick players for the veto comp now. John ask do i pick Meg and he says yeah if it is HG choice.
2:47pm BBT: Hg getting up and getting ready for the Picking of the POV players.
2:50pm BBT: Hg talking about they may have woke up for nothing. Steve says i think it will be Zing bot. Hg are snacking in the KT while they wait and James says Johnny Mack is pulling my name today not Megs.
2:53pm BBT: James goes to the LVR with a bowl of chocolates and Steve says i request that i do not get pelted with chocolates. James laughs and says ok. Liz is sitting in the LVR waiting looking at her nails. Vanessa is still in bed sleeping.
2:57pm BBT: Liz sitting in the LVR saying Austin hurry up. James says he is probably reading that card like ten times. Liz says no he needs to hurry up.
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3:02pm BBT:, Hg still waiting for Austin to come out of the DR. general talk going on as they snack and chant Zing Bot Zing Bot.


3:12pm BBT: Liz is getting impatient waiting for Austin to come out of the DR. John, Steve, james and meg telling Stories  in the LVR and we get FOTH. We now have Jeff Reels.

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3:32pm BBT: feeds are back. JOhn says he picked megs chip.Vanessa sitting alone in the OBR alone looking worried, John ask julia what she is going to wear for her first veto. 

 3:35pm BBT: Steve is walking around  the house , all other Hg except Austin in the KT talking about  what veto comp they have been picked for before. Julia says my first veto oh yeah. Liz is making cookies in the KT.
3:40pm BBT: Vanessa is  smiling talking about they need to start changing clothes huh. Vanessa, meg and Julia were picked for the veto comp.
3:42pm BBT: Steve in the CBR talking to John and he says he is just worried about this 6 person alliance them 4 and James and meg. john says yeah,. Steve says i am h=just worried that is where i stand. Steve leaves and goes back to the Kt and says if we do not have Zing bot today then Liz will probably host it.
 3:47pm BBT: Steve says he wants to take a bag of slop home with him. Liz says would you eat that? Steve says yeah and meg says you could  sell that on eBay. Julia says Steve thank you for picking me today and he says you are welcome. Julia says Steve if you was a booger i would pick you. Steve says thank you i guess that is a compliment or at least i am taking it that way.
3:52pm BBT: Steve, James and meg at the KT table talking general talk. Vanessa at the KT counter eating a peach and Julia and Liz  mixing cookie dough as they wait for the veto comp to start.
3:56pm BBT: Julia and Vanessa join meg, James and Steve at the table. John at the counter sitting and Liz making cookies. They yell Zing Bot and Liz says it is going to be a couple more hours i bet guys. Steve says you think and Liz says yeah. Julia says if it is the balancing thingy i am going to be mad it being my first POV.
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4:02pm BBT: Vanessa teaches the Hg how to do arm wrestling and and they all take turns doing it and laughing. John and Vanessa  were going at it and  john says Vanessa is strong.


4:08pm BBT: Hg playing around and Steve sweeping as they wait around. Austin has been no where in site as he must be in the DR.


4:12pm BBT: James and meg are throwing chocolates at each other and yelling ouch. Julia says James you better pick all of those up. Meg says yeah before Zing Bot  gets here and trips.

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4:15 PM BBT Vanessa suggests a jumping contest. She outlines a space where they can take a run at it and a line they have to jump from.  They’ll use a chocolate to mark the distance they jumped.  Steve wants Meg to go first.  Julia likes the idea and tries it first. Meg says she can’t do it, but she’ll watch and cheerlead.  James is next.


4:18 PM BBT James takes a long leap and falls awkwardly.  Vanessa says that he gets style points.


4:19 PM BBT We get FISH briefly and when we return, the HGs move to the LR.  Steve and Liz sit in the nomination chairs, Julia and Meg are on one couch, Vanessa and John on another couch.  James is pacing.  John starts asking questions...looks like they are playing 20 questions again. 


4:25 PM BBT  John exhausts all his questions without guessing the person, and they give him some hints.  He finally guesses that it was Robin Williams.  Liz leaves the room so she can ask questions next.    


4:28 PM BBT Liz guesses after only 3 questions and everyone is convinced that she heard them, but she swears she didn’t.  Liz gets to go again.

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4:33 PM BBT Liz is still asking questions.  Steve is tracking how many she has asked.  When Julia tells her the name has been said in the house, Liz guesses it right off.  James tells Meg it’s her turn.


4:38 PM BBT Meg is asking questions.  James wants to give her a hint but Vanessa says Meg can get this.  She just has to ask the right question.  She knows who they mean, but can’t think of the name.  Meg thinks they pick hard ones for her.


4:40 PM BBT Julia takes a turn.  After asking a few questions, Julia starts guessing names and they tell her she’s not even close.  She should ask more questions.


4:43 PM BBT Julia makes another guess and she’s so far off that James says “we got her on this one”  Liz tells Julia that she isn’t asking good questions.  Meg says it’s a hard one, but Liz doesn’t think it is.  Julia is swearing because she can’t figure it out and Liz tells her she has said the name while in the house.  Julia wants to give up so Liz gives her a hint and she gets it.


4:48 PM BBT Vanessa is taking a turn at asking questions.  Mostly the girls are answering the questions and the guys are listening in.  James lets one go and Julia throws a pillow at him.  Vanessa finally guesses it.  They want James to guess next and send him out of the room.


4:54 PM BBT James is cooling his heals while they try to choose someone that they think he will know.  James says he didn’t realize he was so dumb that they can’t find one they think he will know.  They finally come up with one and James comes back and starts asking his 20 questions.  He asks four questions and takes a couple of guesses.  He takes one more guess and gets it.  They tell him he must have heard!!  They can’t believe he guessed Hulk Hogan so fast.  He says he would put his right hand on the Bible that he didn’t hear it but they insist he has to go again. 


4:59 PM BBT James goes into the CBR to wait this time so that there will be no question of him overhearing the person they picked.  James starts making guesses before even asking a question. 


5:02 PM BBT James asks if it’s Hannah Montana’s dad and the twins think it’s cute that he knows “Hannah Montana” but not “Billy Rae Cyrus”.  James would rather guess than ask questions so they ask him to ask more questions.  Austin complains that he didn’t even hear who it is, so Vanessa goes over to him to let him know. 


5:07 PM BBT Liz grabs some chocolates and says that she is going to throw one at him every time they say no to a question. James takes ages to come up with a question and they complain.  Vanessa suggests a line of questions to prompt him.  James has still only asked 10 questions and they are picking Steve to be next.

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5:13 PM BBT James still hasn’t guessed it and they are starting to give him hints.   BB warns them not to quote dialogue from movies.


5:15 PM BBT James has no idea and they can’t believe he hasn’t gotten it.  As he gets hints, James says “fits like a glove” and they think he will get it but he still doesn’t know.  Meg says think about it...glove, car, news, football player....??  John says if someone said those five words, he would say this name.  Finally James guesses O.J. Simpson.


5:18 PM BBT It’s Steve’s turn to ask questions.  He asks several questions about what the person is known for.  Unlike James, Steve is asking a lot of questions, and since he is the one who usually counts, no one actually knows how many he has asked.  They think he’ll die when guesses who it is. He says he feels like he should know this person, and they say he does. He figures out that it’s a BB17 cast member.  He finally guesses Jace and everyone applauds.


5:24 PM BBT  Steve thought they picked a great name for him to guess.  Austin and Liz are in the KT hugging.  John steps away from the LR for a bit.  Liz asks what time it is and they comment that it’s significantly later than OTEV.  They start talking about veto competitions.


5:27 PM BBT Meg says it’s taking so long!  Julia asks why they can’t just tell them when.  Steve suggests that they play chess.


5:29 PM BBT James is asking BB to give them something to do.  Liz shouts that the camera is turning....Zingbot is about to come in!!!  Austin says “no, they would tell us”  Everyone is complaining of boredom.  Austin asks “what if they do a 2 am comp? They’ve done that before.”

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 5:32pm BBT: Julia says if zing Bot does not come today i will be sad and meg says me too. Julia says i am not napping again maybe we should play pot ball and Steve yells yeah pot ball. Julia yells can we have alcohol again tonight please.

5:36pm BBT: Hg walking around making food and going to the WC while they wait for the POV comp to begin. All of them wanting Zing Bot in today.
5:38pm BBT: Hg are talking about Zing Bot will ring the door bell and James sneaks up the stairs and rings the HOh doorbell and  the girls jump and then realize it is James and yells at him. Austin and James are laughing.
5:45pm BBT: James goes and rings the HOH rm doorbell again and Meg says James we hate you. Steve and James going to play chess. Liz still baking cookies, Julia  is eating and meg just sitting at the KT counter. Austin is walking around the KT and Vanessa and john must be napping as they are no where in site.
 5:51pm BBT: Julia keeps yelling Zing Bot with a full mouth  then says they are so bored then she yells Zing Bot we hate you. Austin says lets all just go to bed and see what happens. Liz and Julia ignore him.
5:55pm BBT: Austin tells Liz her cookies are not done. meg says they are good but they do not taste like chocolate chip cookies. Julia  keeps yelling about Zing Bot and then doing her zing zing zing zing zing.
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6:00pm BBT: Austin and Liz in the Cabana rm talking about Johnny Mack knew that Becky was the backdoor so this week johnny Mack or Vanessa has to leave  do you want to be in the final 2 with Johnny Mack and Vanessa cause we will loose so i think this week i need to do something about it but i will make a decision tomorrow .


 6:03pm BBT: Austin says unless we make the right decision this week then you pr I  will be gone next week. Liz says probably me. Austin says yeah put the twins up and vote you out. Liz says yeah.


6:06pm BBT: Austin says here is the thing if they ban together and go after us it is going to be bam bam bam  one two three we are all out all they have to do is win one and we are out.


 6:08pm BBT: Julia walks in the Cabana rm and ask what they are doing and Liz says just going over some things. Austin says just win today just win. Julia says ok. Austin tells her here is the thing if Vanessa leaves this week then they four of them will team up and then they become four and we are only three.


6:13pm BBT: Austin says we have to watch what we say and ask people now protect us. Julia says we have to take them out and i do not think that Vanessa will put us up cause she wants to win and that would be three votes against her and Austin agrees. Austin says i can only put up James or Vanessa this week though so what do i do? James rings the doorbell again and Steve says James you are bad.


6:16pm BBT: Meg is now in bed  taking a nap, Vanessa is up in the Kt with  the rest of the HG talking about CD's and cleaning the KT.


6:20pm BBT: Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia in the KT talking about music and cleaning. Meg, James and John are laying in the OBR taking a nap. Austin starts singing and we  get FOTH.


 6:22pm BBT: Vanessa and Steve talking about giving each other a wedgie and Steve says if you gave me one it would be ok but if i gave you one it would not be appropriate so we will not do that and Vanessa agrees. Austin and Liz at the KT table eating.


6:26pm BBT: Steve says nominations at the little table was so weird and Liz agrees. Steve says we have finale in a month. Austin says i think the POV is going to be in the middle of the night. Steve tells about the night comp in all stars.


 6:30pm BBT: Julia is rubbing Steves back at the Kt table. Julia tells him everytime you save me from a  scare i will give you a back rub then we get jeff's reels maybe time for  POV comp.

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11:20 PM BBT FEEDS are BACK and Vanessa has won PoV and has NO plans to use it.


11:21 PM BBT Vanessa, Austin, Julia and Steve are in the HOHR.  They are wondering why Meg is crying so hard.  They wonder if she thinks she is being backdoored.  Austin and Vanessa leave the room, and Julia tells Steve that she thinks Meg is upset because she thinks Vanessa will use the PoV on Steve and that Austin will backdoor either James or Meg.  Julia tells Steve that Vanessa hasn’t said whether she will use it.  Steve is comforted because he has the votes to stay.  Steve is surprised that they combined face morph with Zingbot.  He likes it as a fan but not so much as a player.


11:26 PM BBT Most of the HGs are in the KT.  James is silent, leaning on the glass counter and propping his head up with his hand.  Austin and Liz are making food.  John, Steve, and Julia are milling around the KT.  Vanessa is in the WA talking to Meg.  Meg is having a shower and is still emotional.  Meg is really embarrassed and feels like she looks like a ditz on the show.  Vanessa tries to comfort her and wants to give her a hug to comfort her but can’t of course because Meg is showering.  Meg apologizes saying she didn’t mean to take away from Vanessa’s win.  Meg didn’t recognize her own face in the face morph.  Vanessa tries to give perspective by reminding her that they are all in a parking lot.  Vanessa tells Meg that she actually did really well.  Meg came in third overall.  Meg says she’s okay, and they all leave her to have her shower in peace and quiet.


11:29 PM BBT Vanessa, Liz and Julia are in the HNR talking about cycles and birth control.  Julia asks Vanessa if Steve expects her to use the veto.  Vanessa tells the twins that she told Meg that the plan is not to use the veto and she thought that Meg cheered up a bit.  Vanessa doesn’t feel obligated to use the veto on Steve because he never talked to her about picking her for HG choice.  They talk about whether they should John or Steve home.  Vanessa reminds them that Austin wants Steve around to help them study for the next HOH.


  11:37 PM BBT  Vanessa and Steve chat briefly in the OBR.  Steve tells her she did something right... six somethings actually.  Vanessa is really happy.  She tells Steve that she wonders why Meg was crying.  They both think Meg thought there would be a backdoor.


11:38 PM BBT James and Julia are in the WA brushing their teeth.  Vanessa is in the HNR folding clothes.   


11:42 PM BBT In the KT, James, Austin, Vanessa and Julia are chatting about how bad they are.  Julia says Roberta Kennedy told them to have fun. We see FOTH


11:46 PM BBT In the KT, Steve says this is the earliest they have done face morph.  Austin says he’s excited because that means there are new comps.  Austin says if they did the face morph on the body, that he and James would have had it.  Austin says yeah...blindfolded, by feel.  A Body Morph comp.  James says it could just be butts and he and Austin would get it all.


11:49 PM BBT Meg is out of the shower and putting on make-up while she talks to Vanessa and Julia. 


11:53 PM BBT In the KT, Steve suggests to Meg that a game of chess would cheer her up.  She laughs.  In the CBR, Vanessa is now asking John why he thinks Meg was crying.  She asks John directly if that was the plan...to backdoor Vanessa...is that why Meg was crying?  John tells her that he was just told that he was a pawn.  John said that he told Austin okay because the Austwins are all he has.  John tells Vanessa that Meg was crying because she might lose James and that’s all she’s got. 


11:55 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that she is going to do whatever Austin wants her to do with the veto.  She and Austin had some words this week and she feels she owes Austin.  Vanessa abruptly changes the subject and starts telling John about her cycle.  They talk about the comp a bit and John tells her she killed it.

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