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Friday, August 21 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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1201AM BBT  We find JMac and Vanessa eating at table.  Steve is in DR.  Austwins, James and Meg are lounging in the HoH room.  Not much chatting at table, except for Vanessa making excuses about her leg and her false start in comp.  the chat in hoh is about Vanessa and past happenings with comps.  Vanessa now wanting info about Becky and things she said to JMac.  Chat still continues in HoH with the "5" about who to put up on block and how to get Vanessa out.  Kidding Meg about "her" comp is coming and what would be good for her.  Discussion in hoh continues to questions that might be asked and what Veto might be this week.  JMac is enjoying his food, Vanessa says she is full, he says "I am just getting started" and heads to the nectarines. 


1215AM Vanessa and JMac are talking about dates and happenings in the house.  The 5 are still in HoH, general chat now.  Austin says he needs help with his nom speech.  Vanessa telling JMac about all the happenings causing her to lose past comps.  Austin says he wants "TV" to happen this week and if they put Vanessa up, it might get ugly.  He wants to tell her she needs to go up as a pawn, or just BD her, but they will have to rediscuss it in the morning. (HA!!  it is morning guys--Granny)  Talk turns to who will partner with who returns to house.


1225AM  hoh empties and everyone heads to kitchen for food.  JMac is now sitting at the counter eating.  Discussion about sour patch candy between Liz and Julia.   The candy is from Steve's basket which he is now allowed to eat.  Austin is going thru the fridge looking for food.  Meg says she keeps thinking about her and James being HNs this week and no food tomorrow.  Julia and Liz head to colorful room, Julia is objecting to Austin sticking with James and Meg for F5.  Julia really thinks they need not go after Vanessa this week.  (Julia did not win HoH, hmmm... she really hates Austin-Granny)  Liz says this is Austin's decision.  Julia says James is the one who put up Clelli, he will make another big move, I am putting it out there, he will come after us.  (hard to hear all, but good convo to listen to-Granny)  Austin needs to stop, you can't be Bros with everyone, too few numbers to do that.  Julia says stupid to go after Vanessa, she is not going after any of us.  Julia "let me tell you something" Julia says that Vanessa is a number for us and if Steve is gone so what.  Julia is saying that Vanessa loves us.  Liz says it is his hoh, Julia says you need to reign him in.  Julia says Austin is stupid, he does not need to get rid of Vanessa, get rid of Steve or JMac, keep Vanessa, James is worse than Vanessa.  (Julia bashing Austin is harsh-Granny)  Steve enters room, says he was in DR for half hour.  They all leave room.  Julia tells Steve that she wants something and he says NO.  She whines, but he does not give in.


1246AM FISH  

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1250AM  Austwins are back in HoH, Austin says he needs to talk to Steve, cause he understands the game more than Austin does.  Julia is whining about not taking out Vanessa this week.  James and Meg are in Purple room talking.  Austin is saying that Vanessa is their scape goat cause she is responsible for everything.   They want her to be a pawn.  Steve has joined James and Meg taking back his pull out bed. 


1258AM FISH   Discussion is still going on in HoH with Austin and twins.  Austin wants to  talk to James alone and Steve alone.  Austin wants Steve to know that Vanessa wanted Steve out this time.  Julia disagrees, but then Liz explains that Julia was not there for the conversation with Vanessa in the bathroom.  Julia is back to the Steve, JMac going home cause she is not getting a good vibe.  Austin says NO BD for James and Vanessa is going up as a pawn.  conversation in the Purple room is just general outside of house chat.


105AM  They are so afraid that Vanessa will flip out.  Austin says Steve knows everything including what Vanessa said.  Julia has left the HoH room.  JMac has now joined the conversation in the purple room.  No sign of Vanessa. 


110AM  Steve now in HoH room.  All but Vanessa in Purple room.  Austin is talking in HoH room about not putting up each other.  Vanessa walks into HoH room just as they start talking.  She wants to know where the "Scampers" are at.  She immediately wants to know who Austin wants to target, she will tell him what to do.  Vanessa says you are "serious" about not putting up James and Meg...  she wants him to minimize the blood on Austin's hands.  She keeps repeating what Austin has already said.   Austin says he can put on the "top hat", Vanessa says no don't do that.  she says put someone up that goes up as a pawn.  (this has been discussed with Austwins -- Granny)  Austin is giving out names and scenerios and Vanessa says it makes sense to put JMac up on block and tell him he is pawn, she goes back to this deal you made, no James, no Meg...  what was it?  Austin tries to reexplain it to Vanessa, but she seems to be giving him a blank stare.  She is in full makeup and gear, pushing hard for JMac and Meg to be on block and put up James to vote out if someone comes off block.  You need 3 votes to go home.  Vanessa talking about you control my vote, you have options, keeps repeating it will be an easy week for us, Steve says he has no idea what to do.  Vanessa interrupts again, if Becky or Jackie come back, it is a 3 person thing to work at.  Are we deluding ourself if they won't come after us.  YAHOO!!  Vanessa just said the magic words...I trust you all so I would be willing to go up as a pawn.   You and JMac on block, James throws VETO, Vanessa says just tell him to throw it.  (supposedly he has thrown a lot of comps according to Vanessa-Granny)  Steve is told by Vanessa that you will have to vote against JMac.  Austin says put up JMac and either Vanessa or Steve with James as the backdoor.   They are trying to make Steve understand what the logic is behind Vanessa's idea.  Worst case scenario, JMac would go home instead of James.  the purple room discussion is about general topics and shoes.  Vanessa is dominating the conversation in HoH room about getting James or JMac out of game.  Steve does not want to be a pawn.  Julia this could be the HoH from hell.  Vanessa keeps saying that she would do it, but that means you (Steve) have to promise to vote out JMac.  Vanessa keeps saying she will do it cause she knows they won't vote against her.  (James and Austin made a deal before last heat of comp)  Julia says she is glad Austin won.  now they discussing what time is noms and Austin says he needs to think it over.  The girls leave and Steve and Austin talk alone.  Immediately Steve says "she sure takes over".  Austin is telling Steve he is not going to play her game.  Steve says he is glad that Austin trusts him.  Vanessa has cornered the twins in the Cabana room talking about the fact that she does trust them, Vanessa is saying that Steve is the only person totally safe.  Vanessa says she does not trust James and he has to go or JMac goes. 


135AM  Steve says that him and JMac do not have a F2 deal.  Vanessa trying to convince the twins that the "nose" in Austin's basket means something more than it being just a nose.  you know like "cl"own, "cl"ay "cl" elli.....  Vanessa says that if Austin has made a deal about BDs but that will leave only me and I sure hope he breaks that deal to keep me.  Vanessa keeps saying they need to get rid of James and Jmac.  Steve is telling Austin that James lies too.  Austin says he does not have his mind made up.  James or Vanessa are BDs.  they discuss about the fact that shortly after Steve walked in the door, Vanessa was inside.  Julia interjects her "but that was last week".  Vanessa is doing a good job spinning everything away from her going up as pawn.  she keeps telling the twins she trusts them.  Steve does not want to go up as pawn, Vanessa will go up.  Austin just told Steve that he is going to put up Jmac and Vanessa.  He would prefer Vanessa goes, back up target is James.

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145AM  Steve and Austin still talking about does JMac still trust them?  Vanessa and twins still talking in cabana room.  Austin says Vanessa pushing JMac to go home this week, but he is going to tell her she will be pawn.  Even if he has to put up James as a replace for JMac (depending on Veto) Vanessa is still target. 


155AM  Vanessa now talking to Julia alone wanting to know what James and Meg talked to Austin about.  Julia says Austin needs to put Steve and JMac up and BD James, she has no clue that Steve said NO.  Liz is reporting to Austin about Vanessa and her trust issue with BD.  Julia is siding with Vanessa and everything she is saying.  Steve is still in HoH with Liztin.  Vanessa says Steve is up JMac's butt he has to go.  steve says James will not fight for Veto if Meg and JMac is on block.  Liz says bring her up now and tell her.  Austin says wait.  Steve says she is going to blow up.  Liz says she is closer to Vanessa, however with the info about Vanessa makes it easy.  JMac would be a no blood on the block, but Vanessa has to be target.  Liztin says that Steve will not be up on block.  Cabana room has broken up and Julia reported to James that Steve is upstairs, Vanessa in WA.  Vanessa has scampered up to HoH room, she is now saying if she goes up, JMac will know that he is target.  Vanessa says if you put me up, it will look really funny, then Vanessa says you don't want to have to chose a position between me and JMac to use Veto... (so Vanessa is now back tracking)...  Purple room lights are off.  Vanessa is doing her best to convince Steve to go on block.  Steve keeps telling Vanessa that HE IS NOT okay with going on block next to JMac.  Vanessa really pushing hard with Steve going up as pawn.


214AM  Vanessa still pushing for Steve to go up as pawn.

225AM  Vanessa still at Steve, he is sticking to his guns and DOES NOT want to be a pawn.  Steve says he is done, he does not want to be a pawn, you do what you want.  Steve says he is done talking.  Vanessa says you are not helping the group to Steve.  Austin says he would like to be on same page with his decision.  Austin says no more to Vanessa's request to talk to him alone.  FISH...  


230AM We come back to Julia talking about someone being so loud in the DR.  okay it was JMac and his yelling.  Julia says he is not a dentist, you don't scream in the DR...   Austin says okay, bring him up here now and ask him why.  Steve in kitchen eating.  why does Steve not want to be a pawn, he does not trust Vanessa and we just heard a couple more lies.  Liz says she has to go.  Julia says JMac needs to go this week, she is really pushing this, with the screaming and whatever.  Vanessa thinks that JMac is really a clown.  Austin says SHE LIED to my face and SHE KNOWS... Austin says he is going to do the F he wants.  She needs to admit to what she knew about.  Austin getting wound up and really mad right now.  Julia says it is not good to get rid of Vanessa this week.  Meanwhile Steve goes to Vanessa and asks if they can talk, she says if you have an issue you need to get over it.  Vanessa being mean to Steve-- he needs to be more trusting. 


235AM  Austwins discussing what Vanessa said to them in Cabana room.


244AM Steve is back up in HoH room talking to Austin and Liz.  Vanessa is starring with a pouty face.  Steve asks Austin what is best for your game.  Best for Austin's game is keeping Steve here, he does not want James or Meg to go, Are you controlling JMac? can we trust him.  They are now pushing strong for Steve to go up with JMac, ... Steve is bring new points up to the group on scenerios.  FISH


247AM Discussion continues in HoH room.  need name for group when JMac is in room.  Austin says him, twins and Steve is "the Authority"  Steve says she has done this to herself, Steve did not attack her, he says he almost did, no love lost with BD for Vanessa, and voting her out.  Steve relating a story about Vanessa says that she promised to keep Shelli safe not use the VETO on her, that is the Vanessa with words.  Steve said that Vanessa told him that she was going to save Steve not Shelli.  Austin says something about Vanessa and BD ... we got FISH


255AM discussing what Steve should warn JMac about.  They ask about his last speech before voting.  Steve says it was JMac's funny, you can argue it can be like me and Meg .. it can be in bad taste, but I was trying to have fun.  It is just his warped sense of humor.  Steve has not backed down on him not going on block.  Vanessa is in bed, but she is listening and glaring at the camera.  Steve is leaving to go get JMac.  Julia has left HoH room.  Austin told Liz that HE wants to blow up on Vanessa.


258AM Steve humming looking for JMac.  Julia is in Colorful room talking to Vanessa (I cannot hear).  Vanessa now sitting up in bed.  OH, she told her that Steve DOES NOT want to go on block.  Vanessa is saying it just is not right, why not Steve. 


301AM JMac walks into room and Vanessa stops talking, She asks JMac if he is okay.  Julia talking to Vanessa when JMac leaves about him screaming in DR.  Liztin are making out in HoH  Austin gets called to DR.  Julia says she wants t get call ed before Liz.  Vanessa starts in on Julia about Steve not seeing big picture.  Julia implies that for some reason Steve is scared.  Vanessa is worried again now cause Austin did not even have 3 minutes for her alone.  Gets told to reattach microphone.  Austin leaves HoH for DR.  Vanessa is being schooled by Julia what not to say to Austin, she needs to be careful and not get into his face.  Steve is now talking to JMac.  JMac is telling Steve about Julia and Vanessa whispering ..  Steve says he will leave, but they asked him to return.  Steve says if you want to be alone JMac he will stay out.  JMac says no.  Julia talking about Steve saying him and Vanessa had deal since Day 1.   Vanessa is acting like she is a deer in headlights.  Okay Vanessa is again pushing Steve on block to Julia.  Steve wants to know what Julia would be talking about Vanessa about.  Vanessa says "F you steve you being such a f fake, I ain't giving you no hug, you fake".. (did not catch it all, but it was nothing like she claimed she told Steve she did not want to talk, he said okay, we talk tomorrow and she agreed) 


315AM   JMac is in HoH talking to Liz  Austin is in DR.  Vanessa now questioning Julia about the fact that Austin has no time for her.  (Lots of F's coming out of Vanessa's mouth-Granny)  Julia telling Vanessa Austin is on power trip, Vanessa says yeah, he has no time for me.  Vanessa now saying "Austin lied straight to my face".  Julia has not told Vanessa that she is a target, but Julia is not an Austin fan during this conversation. 


320AM Julia is teilling Steve that Vanessa is pushing hard for Austin to put him up.  Julia says Vanessa keeps asking where JMac is.  Steve says Vanessa will go up to HoH, Julia says no, Vanessa is upset cause no one listen to her.  Julia is repeating to Steve what Vanessa said about him being phony and that Vanessa is already bugging out.  Julia telling Steve to stay out of colorful room, cause Vanessa is having fits and it is safer to stay away. 


323AM chat in WA is over, Steve heads to get some clothes for bed.  Liz and JMac talking about comp in HoH room.  Austin stil in DR.  Julia walking around Steve gets a hold of her in Kitchen.  He reminds her to guess how many people would love to be waiting for a DR session.  Julia reports back to Vanessa that Austin in DR, Steve headed to shower and she thinks JMac is up stairs.  Julia whining about waiting to get called to DR.  Vanessa whines that Steve throws her under the bus and then comes in room and acts like nothing happened.  Steve joins HoH with food for JMac.  Steve crawls into bed with Liz.  Steve says he wants a cuddle buddy.  and climbs out of bed.    Vanessa and Julia are still doing a one sided Steve bash ...  


330AM colorful room chat is now on previous HGs.  (previous season). Julia keeps bring up JMac screaming in DR and he is not a dentist.  (she should hear me scream when I get frustrated- Granny)  Vanessa says you gave me good advice, thank you for saying that...  Vanessa back to pointing out everything SHE has done for Austin.   Chat in HoH is about life outside house. 


340AM Vanessa in WA, in kitchen, Austin still in DR, Liz, JMac, Steve in HoH still chatting.  Vanessa getting BIG dish of ice cream.  She heads to Cabana room to sit by herself.  


345AM Vanessa goes into HN room, now returning to colorful room, turning the light on, then off, climbs back into bed.  She still has mic on, rubbing it with the sheet which she pulls up under her chin.  Physics being discussed in HoH, Steve dumbing it down, still waiting for Austin to get done in DR.


4AM Austin out of DR, he has his Top Hat on .. in kitchen getting a drink, Discussion still happening in HoH room.  Everyone else is in bed with lights off.  The king is back in the thrown.  Liz asks Austin to take the hat off.  Steve is told by Liz to tell him he does not like hat, he says hat okay, pigtail beard is wrong.  Austin Says Austin is no longer here Judas is in the house.  Steve says he learned the story with Judas a while ago.  Season 10 Judas story... Steve says Jerry won Veto, Dan's allies on block, Jerry calls Dan Judas, when he made his Veto speech.  Season 14 when Brittany mentioned the Judas thing during Dan's funeral.  Austin starts about Vanessa saying we need a pawn, gives out 30 reasons for JMac and Steve being up on block.  Vanessa telling them about the reason she cannot go on block since day 2.  steve has Judas tell about the week of Vanessa and Jackie and BD Austin.  Vanessa lied to Austin's face.  Cams 1/2 show up that Vanessa and Julia is tucked in bed.  Steve is talking about all the stuff that Vanessa has done.  Austin says he is going to tell Vanessa she needs to bite the bullet and go up as a pawn.  IF she goes, oh sorry.  Scenerio runs again


425AM Austin and the boys now talking about when Vanessa was going to BD Austin.  Steve says JMac is cool with going up, now who is going up next to him?  put Vanessa up with JMac.  let it be a straight up fight.

 Steve asks Jmac if they are keeping him up, he says no,  Steve still does not want to be a pawn, you can't pawn both of us.  there is no way besides to put Vanesses up and John.   James target, John going home???  (okay I am tired, heard the same stuff said 5mil different ways, moving on-Granny)


434AM  They leave HoH, Vanessa in kitchen getting a drink, says to JMac that he is limping, he says it will be fine by tomorrow.  Steve asked permission to tell JMac about Freaks and Geeks.  Vanessa talking about her face breaking out again.  Jmac flossing his teeth,  She leaves.  Steve comes down after brief chat with Austin and ....   Steve and JMac talking in WA.  Julia up walking around.  Liztin making out in HoH. 


450AM Vanessa gets out of bed puts on her beanie hat, Jmac is getting clothes.   Steve says he is not emotionally able to talk to her, he says he is not in the right state of mind, Steve says he can't talk to her, Vanessa starts to whine, Steve says listen to me, when I am working on a problem that I cannot solve, I have to step away, I just can't talk anymore right now, I am not in the zone,  Vanessa wants to apologize to Steve, Steve than says he is sorry that he heard something else.  He says I cannot listen to you the way you need me to listen to you, I am not capable right now to give you the attention and thought your words deserve, I am just not capable.  Vanessa is making this about her and is starting to turn the tears on and runs to the WC to hide CRYING...  Make out is still going on in HoH room.   (When Vanessa walked away from Steve, she rolled her eyes and there were no tears-Granny)  Steve in kitchen area, walking to WA, stops at HoH stairs, checks windows, walks further down hallway, waiting for Vanessa.  Steve tells Vanessa, May I say something?  she interrupts him  He says "you want to say something"  she stops, says go ahead, he explains again ... he just can't talk game right now.  Vanessa continues that he can understand what she has to say, and goes right into GAME talk...which Steve does not want to hear, he sits patiently listening to her,  they hug.   and she goes right into game mode and whining, Steve backs away  The tears are pouring, Vanessa bashing Austin.  (Steve not buying any of it-Granny) 


502AM Vanessa is still whining to Steve.  Steve is saying nothing but yeah, okay,   hoH is coming up with speeches for noms


510AM Vanessa is still whining to Steve... For promising not to talk game she has not stopped talking game to Steve, repeating the same stuff telling Steve about ALL the stress she is under.

512AM   Make out session in HoH is back on.  Steve and Vanessa comparing colleges.  Vanessa telling Steve about the colleges she got scholarships to and turned down. 


520AM  Vanessa laying on couch in WA.  hoH room is quiet, my bad, Austin is mumbling to himself, Liz telling him to go to sleep, Neither of them can sleep...


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9:00am BBT: All Hg still in bed sleeping.

9:07am BBT: We have been on FOTH for about 5 minutes now as BB may be waking the HG for the day.
 9:19am BBT: Steve in the KT eating cereal, Austin and Liz in the HOh bed snuggling. Austin ask Liz if she wants coffee and she says no , She then says i get the crappiest  time to go to the DR and johnny Mack gets the best time why is that cause it is so annoying.
9:22am BBT: Liz and Austin get up and go to change their batteries. Meg is in the shower and Steve is in the KT.
9:26am BBT: Liz complaining to Meg about having to go to a DR session. Steve is looking through the fridge and Austin has returned to his HOh rm after telling Steve that they would talk later depending how on the time frame that BB gives him. Steve told him to wake him at anytime and Austin says thanks.
 9:34am BBT: Austin telling Meg that Vanessa offered to go up as a pawn  and said that she trusted them to keep her safe. meg says no way. Austin says yeah so why is she so paranoid? Austin says  he caught Vanessa in a lie too and meg says no way he says yeah.He says she is walking around upset and I do not know why. Meg tells Austin that Vanessa was the plan behind alot of things in here even backdooring you. Austin says i know that's why i went to the DR with the top hat on.
9:39am BBT: Austin telling Meg about  who would take who out in the veto comp and he says Steve will take Vanessa out. meg says i think it is so funny that she is crazy. Austin says that Vanessa  told Steve if he had a problem with her then lets go at it now and meg laughs saying what? 
9:46am BBT: Meg says that Vanessa can not go crazy for being on the block cause we have all been there it is her time. Austin says johnny Mack will throw it if we ask him to and stay up against her and we vote her out it is that simple all we have to do is ask him. Liz comes out of the Dr and says Austin laundry and he says  he really does not have any.
9:48am BBT: Liz goes to the CBR and tells Vanessa she is so annoyed cause they call her to the dr after she went to bed at 4:30am and then I get in there and they tell me they are not ready for me yet. Vanessa is doing ADL's in the CBR. In the WA meg is  doing her ADL's.
9:52am BBT: Liz in the KT making a cup of coffee. Vanessa comes in  and says there are ants everywhere. Meg comes in and gets cereal .
 9:54am BBT: Vanessa tells Liz that her word is good and Liz shakes her head. Vanessa says this is all so silly just silly. Vanessa heads to talk to Austin in the HOh rm.
9:55am BBT: Vanessa says at the end of the day you have to make the call and at the end of the day you do not owe me a thing in this game but you have to know you can trust me and Austin says i do trust you and Vanessa says  i know but this is why i am worried  and she says she talked to him lastnight and he said he had no problem with me and then he went to bed and would not talk to me so that's why i am worried. Austin says you do not have to worry.
9:57am BBT: Austin says that Liz is going to talk to Johnny Mack and see if she can get close to him and tell him that he is putting Austin in a weird position. Vanessa says here is my problem they are putting me together with you and i ado not want to be in that position.Vanessa says that he is not a team player and it makes me nervous to go on the block with him  cause he has the tendency to flip and it makes me nervous. Austin says no i do not want that and that is probably why i should not have won this HOH.
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10:00am BBT: Vanessa says shoot straight with me why are you afraid to put Steve up as a pawn? Austin says i am not afraid it is just if we need him next week  to help us. Vanessa says ok he will not win as much in HOh or POV and  he will not help you. I am shooting straight with you I got blood on my hands sending people out the door and so have you but my thing is if things could flip with him and i says you have my word and he says you have lied to me.Vanessa says why would you  keep him when he will keep Johnny Mack? Austin says i get it and i understand why he does not want to be a pawn but no one does but someone has to be.

10:05am BBT: Vanessa says let me ask you this if i go up as a pawn what if Steve wins the POV and takes johnny Mack down and Austin says he wont do it cause last week he wouldn't take  him down either he did not want to play cause he does not want to do any of this stuff. Austin says this is frustrating i just wish you would be more willing. Vanessa says well here is the thing if you are going to ask someone to be a pawn why not ask meg to be a pawn? Austin says that is Steve thing.Austin says  Steve does not understand that i want Johnny Mack out and i do not understand why he went to the Dr and screamed to vote me out i just do not get that. Vanessa says yeah what was with that? Austin says i don't get it.
10:10am BBT: Vanessa says alright if you need to make this gamble then make it but i think it is a dumb move but you do what you need to do. Vanessa says i do not want Johnny Mack here so why would i ever vote Steve out over Johnny Mack. She says what are the odds that steve will go after you  after this cause he will not go after you just like i wont go after you and i am a team player and i hope you see this after this is done cause i do trust you , Liz and Julia.
 10:13am BBT: Vanessa says why cant you go to meg and say  they guys just went on the block and Vanessa just went up recently so why can you not go on the block as a pawn and Austin says i guess i could do that but i really do not want to. Vanessa says that makes more sense. Vanessa says Johnny mack has to go he is not a team player.
 10:19am BBT: Vanessa and Austin repeating themselves alot about putting Steve and Johnny Mack up and let it play out. Austin says that is what i wanted to do from the beginning till Steve got upset  and now i do not know what to do cause i do not want to put James or meg up. Vanessa says i Understand i wish i could help but i want you to understand i am loyal to you and i am willing to play and get blood on my hands and make big moves on your behalf. Vanessa says just look at the big picture and look at the risk. 
10:24am BBT:james in the OBR talking to meg about  he feels like he is going to work today as when he is home he wakes up eats and talks to his room mate. Austin and Vanessa in the HOH still going over who should be a pawn this week  cause she does not want to be a pawn now. She is scared Johnny Mack will win the veto and  then she will go home cause Steve will not vote to keep her. She leaves the HOh rm to go get  Coffee.
10:30am BBT: Vanessa in the WA doing her hair, Austin walking around the house  talking about Irish Spring and Meg and James laughing at him.
10:35am BBT: Austin standing in the KT drinking coffee and Vanessa comes in and he says he is thinking of a story that has nothing to do with nominations. Austin the heads to the HOh rm.
 10:42am BBT: Meg and James back in bed. Austin in the WA in the HOH rm washing his hands. Austin puts his top hat on and heads down stairs.
10:46am BBT: Austin in the KT talking to Vanessa with a top hat and a clown nose and holding a bar of Irish spring and Vanessa is laughing.
 10:54am BBT: Austin and Vanessa in the KT talking about Austins pictures in his HOh rm and where his family got the picture at.He says  maybe his family got it off Facebook .
10:56am BBT: Vanessa says if you do not think i have your back just look at all the stuff i did and when clay outed you  look at what i did to protect you. Austin says right. Vanessa says i do not need the money i am telling you i don't  so we are good and the people willing to be pawns you can trust so you know who you can trust now. Vanessa then laughs and says you look ridiculous in your red nose i can not even look at you and walks away.
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11:00 AM BBT Austin is walking through the house wearing his red nose and Judas hat. Feed 1 is on Meg and James in the OBR. Feed 3 and 4 is on Austin practicing his speech in the LR. He has said that he plans to wear the nose during his speech. He turns to the camera and asks BB to play "Old Skin" by the Olafur Arnalds just one time. Steve asks if he can move his stuff up to the HOHR now since he's up (anticipating LD). Austin says SURE. Austin is pacing waiting for Liz to come out of the DR.


11:05 AM BBT James asks Austin if he has his speech prepared. Austin says he thinks he's going to say something about life being meaningless and important at the same time. Because we all know we are going to die. So what is better to never have been born or to die quickly. That's the intro. Yet to strive forward looking for knowledge. But is knowledge power or do people in power tell you what knowledge is? And guess what? I'M IN POWER! So, to James' question, yes. Austin says... he has thought about it. He says he thinks he will go mostly off the cuff though.


11:10 AM BBT Vanessa is doing ADLs in the WA. JMac has entered the OBR and is talking with Austin, Meg, and Meg. Meg tells Austin that no matter what he does, he doesn't lose the game this week. JMac goes up to the HOHR. Vanessa walks through on her way to the HNR. Austin says he just needs to make a good tv spot. Feeds 3 and 4 are focused on JMac and Steve in the HOHR. James, Meg, and Austin are talking about Audrey. Meg says she can't remember Audrey before the blanket.


11:15 AM BBT Vanessa comes out of the HNR and Meg asks if she's dressed up. Austin tells them that she's been telling him how much he can trust her and that she just threw Julia under the bus, maybe without realizing it because she told him that she would take him and Liz to the Final 4. James says that every move with her is like chess. She sees the game like a chessboard. Austin says he just hopes she doesn't win the veto. Austin says that right now neither she nor Steve want to be a pawn.


11:18 AM BBT Meg asks if Steve has ever sat there on eviction day. Austin says no. He says that maybe he has a final 2 with John and that's why he doesn't want to sit with him. He tells them that last week Vanessa would barely talk to him and now she won't stop. She asked Austin if he analyzed his pictures and he asked what she meant. She asked him if he wondered why his parents sent a picture of him with his gay friends. Vanessa says that it's his parents telling him to stick with his gay friends. She also told him that the clown nose is them telling him to watch out for the clown... James or Johnny Mac.


11:23 We are on Jeff's reels...


12:00 Still on Jeff's reels.

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12:26 PM BBT  We return from Jeff's reels and the HG have a smaller table in the KT. They mention there are no have nots. They are quite excited about both.


12:30 PM BBT  They all sit together at the table and decide they will have a family dinner tonight. The twins say they will cook. Vanessa says it's so weird because you see that part on the show where the table gets smaller and now they are in that part. Steve says the nomination ceremony at this table will be really weird.


 #BB17 12:33 PM BBT  They HG all go their separate ways. Austin goes up to the HOHR with Liz. He says that he needs her to talk to Steve to tell him he needs to go up with John to leave Vanessa open as a backdoor option. Worst case scenario John goes home. Steve walks in and Austin starts talking to him. He tells him that he just doesn't want to put Vanessa up as a front door because if he goes with her as a front door she is going to be so unhappy, especially if she doesn't end up going. Steve says OK. Steve says that one of them can go up, but not 2 of them. Austin asks if he really thinks she would go against them.


12:36 PM BBT  Austin asks Liz what she thinks. She says it's really risky to put her up right now because she has a lot of info on all of them. She tells Steve that he has their loyalty more than John does. Steve says that if they put up 2 of them they don't have the votes. He says if he is used as a pawn he doesn't want to be used next to one of the 5 of them. Austin says what if he put him up against Vanessa. He says he guesses that's a potential. Because he could tell Vanessa that Steve is the target. Steve asks why not John. They bat it around.


12:40 PM BBT  Austin tells Steve that Vanessa is throwing everyone under the bus telling him all the reasons she shouldn't trust everyone, including him. Austin tells the room that Vanessa told him she would take him and Liz to the final 3 (Julia is there now). Steve tells him that he doesn't want to go up against John. That if he's going up he wants to go up against Vanessa. He feels that is telling him that they are with Meg and James more than with him and John. Austin tells him that he is thinking ahead to what if Jackie comes back. Steve says he still does not want to go up against John.


#BB17 12:44 PM BBT  Liz tells Steve that it just sucks that because they made a deal with Meg and James at the last minute. Steve says he just doesn't want John to come after him next week for doubting him. Austin says that anyone can come after him next week for putting him up... Vanessa, James, John... whoever he puts up. The only person he trusts is Steve. He said the worst case scenario is that John goes home. Steve asks if he is OK losing John's trust because he will understand that he's plan B. Steve says he thinks Vanessa will flip no matter what... even if she's safe.


12:48 PM BBT  Liz has left the room to talk to Vanessa. They are in the HOHR. She tells Vanessa that Steve doesn't want to go up against John. Vanessa says to tell him too bad. He doesn't get a choice. Liz tells Vanessa that she needs to tell him that she has his back. Vanessa says she gets it that they needs pawns. She would be one, but how comfortable would they be with Steve voting against John? She really thinks they need to put Steve up. Liz is repeating what Steve said and that he wants to go up against her rather than John. Van says that means he's more willing to lose her than John.


12:52 PM BBT  Vanessa says that Steve isn't a team player. Liz says he would play in the veto and could win it. Vanessa says that she has looked out for Austin since the beginning. When has Steve looked out for Austin? Steve and Austin are hashing out putting up Vanessa and John again. They are talking about how she knew James was supposed to throw the BOTB and she hasn't owned up to it. Also that there was an alliance that she created that didn't include him. John comes upstairs and asks what's up. Austin starts to fill him in on what he's thinking.



12:56 PM BBT  Austin says what would happen if John is up and Steve wins the veto. Will he take John down against Vanessa? Steve says he will promise not to if he doesn't want him to do so. Austin says he might want him to. Then he can put Meg or James in their place and they are all safe. Then he's honored the front door deal. Steve says again that he doesn't want to go up against John. Austin says then he just has to put up Vanessa right away. Liz is sitting on the couch now just chewing her nails. Vanessa is in the KT with Julia.

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 1:02pm BBT: Austin, Steve, John and Liz talking about Vanessa whining and how hard it is to listen to her. Liz says you have to understand where we are coming  from Steve . Steve says fine put me up against her then i do not care i just ask that i have the three votes to stay against her. Liz says yeah you will have our support.

1:05pm BBT: Liz asking John if they can count on him for the vote to get Vanessa out cause she is always saying i have had you back and blah blah blah. John says I have no one so yeah you can count on me. Austin says this is a bad week to have HOh i am in a bad spot. Liz says you are in a bad spot.
1:08pm BBT: Steve says all i ask is if you do not put 2 from the alliance up together cause if you want to be safe next week then you can only put one of us up. Austin says ok and Liz says and he will be safe next week? Steve says yeah.Austin says ok it is going to get ugly. Liz tells Steve i want you to know that we have your back Steve just know that. Steve says i know.
 1:11pm BBT: Austin tells Steve that he is going to do this and he needs Vanessa to play ball now and so now i am deciding between Vanessa word and your word now and Steve says are you?  Steve says i am not telling you not to put me up against her Austin and Austin says i know and whoever i put up against her  they are safe. In the WA Vanessa tells Julia if Austin puts her up then that is  crazy cause i have been loyal to him
1:20pm BBT: Austin and Liz cuddling in the HOH rm alone saying this ism annoying and Austin says that he  just wants to spend time with her and not worry about all this. he tells her you told me to win so it is all your fault cause i can not tell you no.
1:26pm BBT: Liz sits on top of Austin and says the best  thing i think is to put u[p johnny Mack and Steve but if we do then Steve is done.Austin says i know. Julia is going to there HOH rm now and says i feel so bad for you Austin i just had to come tell you. Austin ask where is Vanessa at now and Julia says  she is in bed. Austin says i can not put Steve and Johnny Mack up together cause they do not know where Vanessa vote is.
1:29pm BBT: Julia says Vanessa made a good point saying she has been loyal to us all this time and lastnight i got called to the DR and Steve and Johnny Mack was in the WA talking. Austin says but if we put Vanessa and Johnny Mack up and Vanessa comes down then we put Steve up. Julia says then Steve will not trust us so why not put meg up and Austin says i do not know and looks at Liz and says this is all your fault you told me to win this and if you had said  not to i could have taken my foot off and let James win this. Liz says stop.
 1:34pm BBT: Julia says it just sucks you have to put them up and not James or meg cause they have not played with us  at all and the others have. Austin says i understand but you could have kept your hand on that button lastnight. Liz says  stop Austin and he says i am kidding. Julia says i need to win next week and i have no blood on my hands so i need to make a big move next week.
1:40pm BBT:austin tells Liz to go get vanessa and Liz says you gonna tell her and austin says yeah what are we going to do blind side her?
1:43pm BBT: Vanessa in HOh rm, Austin says Steve will not play ball and  he said if i put him up against johnny Mack i lose his trust and he thinks i am with James and meg sop he made me promise to not put them up. Vanessa says  so put them up and send Steve home  johnny Mack is more loyal that Steve then. She says  i have been loyal and  he is not if you put me up what if i  go out i have been loyal so why put me up?
1:45pm BBT: Vanessa says if he is not willing to go up against john and would rather go up against me then i will go home and  Steve is not loyal to me i will go him  i will not have the  votes and this is not the time  for this it is to dangerous. Austin says so what do i do bring him up here and tell him he is going up and Vanessa says i am not telling you what to do Austin but i am telling you i will go home and i can see this a mile away and i am a number for you  and no body else. you know i am a number for you. 
 1:48pm BBT: Vanessa says that Steve is smart and if you think he will not go against you then think again he is smart and if i go up then i will leave. I do not know what all he is telling you but he knows things. Austin says i do not know what to do so what do i do?  someone tell me what to do. Do i call him up here and tell him  he is going up and  he can come after me next week. Vanessa says he does he put up against you? Austin says you. Vanessa goes quiet. Vanessa says at the end of the day you have to do what is best for your game. Austin says i do not know what is good anymore. Vanessa says look at my actions i will not mess with your game so look at that .
1:51pmBBT:  Vanessa and Austin in the HOh rm alone and Vanessa says i will tell you the plan and i want to ask you when you seen me cry when i was in power and i was so hurt? he says yeah and she says i was in on it to backdoor him and i did not do it but if it was something important i would have told you but aT THE END OF THE DAY I WAS WITH YOU.
 1:55pm BBT: Vanessa says she has all the important  information and I have your back. Austin says let me ask you this did you go down and tell Shelli  about the 8 person alliance? Vanessa says i did not tell her and  she was mad at me for not telling her  and i will swear on my mother that i did not tell her that. The only person i told  and i told you i was going to tell about ti was Steve.
1:58pm BBT: Austin says so what do i do pull Steve back up here and tell him that he is going up and i told him that if things went wrong  then Johnny Mack would go this week or what do i do? Vanessa says either one could go but Johnny Mack can go first.
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 2:58pm BBT: Feeds are back and Steve talking to Liz in the Wa and he says i should have gone home Thursday but someone made a mistake. Liz laughs. John laying on the bed in the CBR. Steve goes to the STR and Austin and Liz are in the HOH rm. He says he  had a long talk and called Vanessa out. Austin says weather we trust her or not  we have to trust her and Steve will have to understand he is not going home.

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3:01PM BBT Vanessa is in the HOH and crying thanking Austin. Austin says he went Edgar Allen Poe on Steve. Vanessa crying that at the end of the day she was keeping her word.


3:03PM BBT Steve comes into the PBR. He tells Meg that she just dropped a huge grenade and then corrects to he. Meg says its all Vanessa.


3:04PM BBT Austin says that it won't make sense to anyone why he wouldn't put Steve up. Julia says that they have to win veto and put John out.


3:07PM BBT James and Meg talking. Says that they know it was all Vanessa. Talk about that Vanessa just came up to him and told him she is trying to protect him. James says that he knows Vanessa is trying to throw him under the bus.


3:09PM BBT Steve is in the HOH. Austin telling him how terrible he feels that he had to put him up. John is called to the DR.


3:13PM BBT Austin says he is bathing in the blood and snow there. Liz agrees. Austin says that they told him they heard rumors and then we get FOTH.


3:14PM BBT In the HOH Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Steve talk. Liz tells Austin that him throwing the hat during the nom  ceremony makes for good TV. He says he knows and he has plenty more in the tank.


3:15PM BBT Vanessa says that no one knew what he was going to do. Austin says he had no idea what he was going to do. Steve asks a general question about nominations and we get FOTH.

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3:23PM BBT Steve in HOH talking to Julia and Austin. Austin says that now he can keep Vanessa quiet for a few days. He sees Austin as a target ahead of them. Steve trying to come up with a good analogy. He is comparing past HG and winners who had targets ahead of them.


3:29PM BBT In the KT Liz yells upstairs for Austin to come down stairs and he is so annoying! She asks him how many eggs he wants and he says 4 and some egg whiles. Everyone in the KT getting food.


3:31PM BBT In the KT Liz talks about hoping that BB doesn't make up a reel of their blonde moments. She doesn't want to be embarrassed. Then she says that she already embarrassed herself.

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3:38PM BBT Austin and Meg in the SR. Austin asks if James was worried. Meg says no. Austin says that he will not put him up no matter. He says that Vanessa will whine if she goes up. Meg says she understands. Austin says his speech was all about Vanessa.


3:41PM BBT Julia concerned that BB will show them coming down for the smaller table. Says she looked foul. No make up, bad clothes and a big pimple. Austin tells her to always getting ready on a Friday. She says she is really pissed that they would show that.


3:55PM BBT Liz is trying to make Austin an omelette. Julia teases her that she has to be the fry cook now that she isn't HOH. Liz says she is trying to make it pretty so he doesn't kill her. (it is a it of a mess)

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4:01PM BBT HG cooking and prepping food. Vanessa in the WA putting on pimple meds on her face.


4:03PM BBT Vanessa heads to bed for a nap. She pulls the green beanie over her head and face.


4:12PM BBT Liz says that Austin is so nice that he waits for her to eat but she doesn't want to torture herself and wait to eat so she is eating without him. She says he can microwave. Julia says he has been in DR for while. Sorry not sorry.


4:22PM BBT In the KT HG discuss the difference between Aardvarks and Armadillos.

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4:28PM BBT In the BR Vanessa tells Julia thank you for everything. She knows that she and Liz helped. Julia says that Steve is being really good about it. Vanessa says that she hopes that POV is not a mental comp. They know Steve will try and win it. They said worry about it tomorrow and head out of the BR.


4:35PM BBT Steve is pacing back and forth. He is whispering to himself but you can not hear what he is saying. He then says something to Vanessa who in in the toilet. She comes out and says that she is embarrassed because she was going "number 2". She rinses her hands in the sink and starts to chat with Steve. She says she is gaining weight in the house and it disgusts her. Steve says she is not fat but she says she feels fat.


4:48PM BBT Austin exits the DR and Julia tells him Liz ate her omelette with out him. He says it's not a problem because he was in there forever. He microwaves his omelette.


4:52PM BT Vanessa and Steve finish talking. She tells Steve thank you for letting the bathroom air out from her before he went in to use it. After she leaves, Steve whispers "she's good" and we get FOTH.

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4:58PM BBT Liz and Austin in the HOH. They discuss that John waned to talk to Austin. He says he would talk to him. Austin says they have a lot of options. From Vanessa, to James to John. He tells her that he had to think about her. They kiss and tell each other how they had to be there for each other.

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5:00 PM BBT Liz and Austin are making out in the HOHR and chatting intermittently.  Austin tells Liz that putting up Steve and Johnny Mac will make Jackie happy in jury...she will see his loyalty to Meg and James in case Jackie comes back.  Becky and Jackie both have other targets (Vanessa and Steve, respectively) if either of them come back into the house.  Shelli would have to align with Vanessa if Johnny Mac is gone, and Vanessa is now “locked and loaded” so they are all covered.  Unless Johnny Mac win’s veto.


5:07 PM BBT James, Julia, Meg, and John are sitting in the KT.  They chant “devilled eggs” and James says they are going to be great.  In the HOHR, Liz and Austin are still making out.


5:11 PM BBT In the KT, they are talking about pizza crust.  James swears when he bites into his piece of pizza because it’s too hot.  Liz and Austin cuddled together and talking about what a good position they are in and how well Austin handled things with Vanessa.  He made her beg for her life the way that she made him beg for hers, and that put them back on an even footing.  Austin tells Liz about the conversation he had with Vanessa, and her response to his questions about what she told Shelli and Clay about the 8-person alliance. Austin thinks that Vanessa is telling the truth and Johnny Mac might be lying. 


5:15 PM BBT Austin says it’s so bizzare “in there” [DR] when Johnny Mac is targeted.  Liz says John is so awkward she can’t stand it.  He’s annoying and they don’t have fun with him.  He’s dead weight and sleeps all day.  Neither John nor Steve help Liz when they saw her struggling to take out the trash.  Austin asks “they didn’t help you?” and says that’s justification for them to go up right there.  Liz complains about how long Austin was in DR and suggests that he was flirting with Amy.  Austin says he knows she has flirts in there too and Liz admits she likes Robert.  Austin tells Liz that she’s his girl.  Liz wants to shower, listen to music, and nap.  Austin says it’s her week and she says that no, it’s his week.  She will cook for him. 


5:18 PM BBT In the HOHR, Austin talks about eventually having to sacrifice one of their alliances.  Liz complaining to Austin about Steve...why are they afraid of him?  He’s a nerd.  They discuss Vanessa being obligated to them now, and if Austin gets put on the block at some point he has three votes.  They talk about if Johnny Mac came right back in the door.  Austin sees him as the least of his worries in terms of the potential returning jurors.  Liz says he would have to pay the consequences, “and that’s me!” ..she snaps her fingers.  James, Meg and John are sitting at the DT while Julia and Steve go to the Storage room to look for baking powder.   


5:27 PM BBT Vanessa is sleeping in the CBR.  John is still sitting at the DT, Meg and Steve are at the glass counter in the KT, and James is standing at the stove.  Julia is screaming in the Storage room, and Steve goes to her. 


5:32 PM BBT Austin and Liz have joined the group in the KT.  Everyone telling Austin they love his shirt. Meg is asking James what he put in the devilled egg filling.  Mayo, mustard, and bacon?  James says it’s delicious.


5:34 PM BBT Austin is doing stretches on the LR floor while Julia and James test/sample the devilled egg filling.


5:36 PM BBT Julia wants James to put Worcestershire sauce in the filling. Meg and Julia keep saying “Worcestershire” over and over, trying to get it right.  Vanessa comes into the room and grabs a piece of pizza sitting on the DR.  Austin is doing push-ups on one of the DR couches. 


5:38 PM BBT Meg is reading information about vitamins that she is taking that she feels are helping her.  Austin comments on the new smaller table.  Now they have so much room to pelt each other.  James says he knows and he can hardly wait!


5:41 PM BBT Johnny Mac has gone to lay down in the CBR.  Steve is laying down in the OBR.  Most of the HGs are chit chatting in the KT area.  Austin goes to the CBR to talk to John.  Austin says that even if Vanessa wins it, she’s gonna use it if Austin tells her to.  John says to just put on a show, and he knows he is okay.  John stands on the bed and gives Austin a hug.  Austin repeats that everything is okay and then leaves.  John lays back down.  A few moments later, Vanessa comes in and settles into her bed for a nap. 


5:47 PM BBT Austin joins Meg and James in the KT.  They are talking about Edward and Jacob, characters in the Twilight movies. 


5:50 PM BBT  All is silent in the CBR where John and Vanessa are snoozing.  Julia is sneaking up on Steve in the OBR trying to tickle Steve awake.  She wakes him abruptly and then says “I scared Steeevvvuh!  Yes! One point for me! Zero for Steve!” and then she leaves the room.  Steve hides his head under the covers.


5:54 PM BBT  Meg complains of being bored.  She is ready to play pot ball, but that’s not for a couple of hours.  Julia wonders what it’s like outside.  James talks about “peeping tom” and that it’s an actual crime to look into peoples’ windows. James has seen it in the police blotters.  Julia thinks it’s creepy.  Meg and Julia agree it’s scary.


5:56 PM BBT Meg tells Julia and James about not realizing her window was across from a public library and she didn’t have blinds.  Once she realized it, she made sure she got blinds for her window.


5:57 PM BBT Austin works out using chairs from the DT.  They talk about working when they leave the house.  Austin says even if they win the money, they’ll be paying lawsuits to Irish Spring.


5:59 PM BBT Julia complains that James is putting the devilled eggs on the table already.  She wants to save them for an appetizer when they eat, and it’s too early.

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 6:04pm BBT: Julia doing her nails at the KT table, James sitting with her eating. Liz and meg cleaning up. Austin walking around the LVR and KT. Just general talk going on about playing pot ball. Meg says that is still 3 hours.

6:09pm BBT: Julia asking what  the date is today as she looks at the dates on the breads and meg says it is the 21st Julia asked if she si sure and meg says i am 98% sure i been counting. Julia ask have you been counting since July 4th? meg says yeah.
6:11pm BBT: Meg and James are heading to bed ion the OBR and James says  nap time i am tired and meg says i am not sure if i want to go to sleep. Vanessa walks in and  talks about the song  that BB played for them.Liz is in the KT cooking and Austin is doing head stands against the LVR wall.
 6:15pm BBT: Austin telling Vanessa that after the comp tomorrow he is going to no carbs and work out work out  and work out but if Zing Bot comes in it will throw things off and i am going to put a Zing on his a**.
6:20pm BBT: Liz says hello live feeders if you are interested in a chocolate war tune in around 11:30pm  it will be fun. Austin says yeah maybe the feeders will give us more chocolates or maybe king size candy bars. Liz says i would not play then. Austin says can you see grandma (Meg) getting hit with a baby Ruth bar. Liz laughs and James and Meg start laughing.
6:29pm BBT: Liz is marinating meat for dinner tonight as Austin walks around the KT drinking a protein shake, meg and James in bed talking about Halloween.
6:35pm BBT: Austin goes upstairs to the HOH rm  and stops and ask Liz to please get his water she says it is nasty and she will wash it for him since it has milk on it. he says ok and goes into the HOH rm.
6:40pm BBT: Liz and Vanessa in the Wa talking about Austins nominations and Vanessa said people play this game different than i do and i respected his game cause i could have ruined his game before and i didn't. I didn't.  Liz says i know Austin was worried. Vanessa says i know but i always keep my word. Vanessa says i hope i can play Veto so Austin doesn't have to get blood on his hands and then i wont have to either. Liz just agreeing with her as she says i am a team player so i hope i can play.
 6:48pm BBT: Liz and Austin going to the HOh rm to lay down. Vanessa says have a good nap. In the HOh rm Liz says i am not going to lie  i was bitter about you wining HOH  at first but now i am happy for you. He ask why was you bitter and she says because i was scared for you so shut up. Austin says best case is James or meg wins the veto and not use it then John leaves or if John  wins it then its ok we go with the plan.They now lay in the bed snuggling.
6:51pm BBT: Liz says you killed the speech today and Austin says oh yeah i just wanted to make you proud. They then talk about how  Austin talks when he is Judas. Vanessa was in the WA after a shower and all other hg in bed sleeping.
 6:56pm BBT: All is quiet in the BB house  and in the HOH rm  Liz and Austin are snuggling and kissing.
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7:03pm BBT: Austin and Liz make out in the HOh bed. Liz giggles and Austin kisses her.


7:05pm BBT Steve is now up  and heads to the wc.


7:11pm BBT: Steve walking around the WA brushing his teeth. Austin talking in the HOh rm to Liz about  gabby being home yelling at the screen  to do something else. Austin says  do they want me to BD Vanessa or do they not we really have no way of knowing.  I want to roll with meg and James right now but in here the weeks go by slowly and meg and James are fun and it is important to have fun in here but Steve does not think so he wants to bring Johnny Mack in to  the alliance so now we are with Johnny Mack and Steve and one with meg and James.


 7:15pm BBT: Steve in the KT making himself something to eat. Austin and Liz still going on about why they made the nominations they did and says Vanessa could still be back doored this week we just do not know yet but the decision came down to  putting Johnny Mack and Steve on the block cause we do not trust Johnny Mack.


7:18pm BBT: Austin says we fixed it if Johnny Mack accidentally goes Thursday and he comes back and he might not come after us if he comes back in the house.


7:22pm BBT: Austin and Liz in the HOH rm talking to the feeders while Steve is in the cabana rm talking to the feeders about Austin putting him on the block and not Vanessa.


7:25pm BBT: Liz now going to sleep and Austin still talking about Johnny Mack thinking he is a pawn  but he is not unless he wins veto but then again he has Vanessa on board now so he needs to keep her there now. Steve now heads up stairs to the hoh rm. he ask Austin if he can come hang out since everyone else is sleeping. Austin says that's fine and ask how he is feeling and Steve says ok.


7:28pm BBT: Austin says i want to try to figure this red clown nose thing out i know i seen it in someone else HOH basket before and  then says maybe it was Howie's. Steve says what is your obsession with Howie and Austin says i love Howie.


7:30pm BBT:  Austin and Steve talking about past BB seasons and how old they was when they watched the seasons.

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7:34pm BBT: Austin and Steve talking about hugs in the house and Austin says that Johnny Mack hugged him after the  nomination meeting. Steve says looks like you trust Vanessa cause  she got to you  right before nominations and Austin says we laid everything on the table is all and i need her here one more week. Steve says so Someone comes off you putting James up and Austin says  him or Vanessa  I am just not sure ye


 7:38pm BBT: Austin and Steve still talking about  who needs to go  before who and how one person is coming back this week after the  eviction. Austin says that James comes to him and tells him that Vanessa wanted a meeting with  him and Liz says yeah i heard that.He tells how Vanessa made everyone promise that she would be safe and no one would be backdoored and that's when Becky got mad. Steve says really? Austin says yeah that was through double eviction and Vanessa wanted us to keep Shelli.


7:45pm BBT: Austin telling Steve everything that has happened the last  few weeks and how paranoid Vanessa was through all the weeks. He says Vanessa told him not to roll with Steve and Steve says she asked you not to go with me? Austin says  yeah she says do not trust you he knows more than he  says he does. Liz says YEAH SHE SAID THAT. Steve ask can i go to her with this and Austin says i wouldn't cause i probably shouldn't be telling you this.


 7:51pm BBT: Austin says best case scenario is Vanessa leaves  then you and Johnny Mack can win a question comp.  and then you have to think that if Johnny Mack leaves this week then he could come back. Steve says lets not stress till after veto. Austin agrees. Austin says i think it might be a counting comp. But when does Zing Bot come in and Steve says that will be a puzzle one and Austin says yeah and you can win that right? Steve says yeah.


7:55pm BBT: Austin and Steve  decide not to stress till after the veto comp and then they will talk after that. Austin says  we will see what happens but i can still backdoor Vanessa we will see. Steve says you made the easy decision today and Austin says i did make an easy  one today i made my decision not Judas. But Monday that Judas  hat comes out then you will know what is happening.


7:57pm BBT: Austin and Steve now talking about past Hg and comps  and how Will and boogie and Janelle  beat each other all other HG in bed sleeping.

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7:59 PM BBT Austin tells Steve there's no way he will leave this week. He says, he wouldn't have put him up if there was a chance. He says, he had Vanessa by her balls, to make sure he had her vote. Austin says, Vanessa needs to calm the F*** down. He says, once she saw the clown nose her head must have been spinning. He says, the point of Big Brother is to understand the social patterns, that's why they are taped 24/7.


8:01 PM BBT Austin & Steve both say they have exceeded their expectations of where they wanted to be before being evicted. Austin says, he can't wait for the wrap party. He asks Steve if he will go to Rachel's wrap party at a club? Steve says, yes, he & Jace will be drinking heavily, & that's a promise. They both shout out to Jace. Austin tells Steve he needs to help him watch the twins, because there will be a lot of guys trying to take them. Steve says, he doesn't know anything about the Rachel party. Austin says, he does, because he went. We see FOTH twice. Austin says, that Jessie is very attractive.


8:04 PM BBT Steve wants to hang out with Jace out of the house. Austin says, he wonders how Jeff is doing, & if he's bitter. He says, he was just upset because he was making advances toward Liz, because he liked him. Austin says, that wasn't why he helped him go out the door, it was strictly game play. Austin says, he kind of burned bridges & he couldn't believe anything he said. He says, Clay would tell him all the time that Jeff was saying things, & he wanted to confront him.


8:05 PM BBT Steve says, this game is hard. Austin says, it's not that hard, if you don't want to make decisions, don't win HOH. Steve says, you have to win HOH to win the game. Austin says, you do. Much like camping. Steve asks Austin if his hair do is a recent style, because he feels that it looks stupid. Austin says, it looks good, & he would tell him if it didn't. Austin keep snapping his fingers, & they are talking about Bro Code tips.


8:07 PM BBT Austin asks Steve if everyone was thinking something weird was going on when he came out with the top hat on? Steve says, they were just shocked, but they know it's him. Steve says, Jerry screwed him over. Austin says, the same thing. We see FOTH. Steve talks about interviews. We see FOTH again.


8:09 PM BBT A little bit ago Austin asks Steve if he would have told the house that his wrestling name was Judas, does he think he would not have lasted this long? Steve says, he's not sure. Steve talks about Donny when Live feeds come back. Austin says, Joker's is his web page when he's out home. Steve says, he likes Big Brother Updates, & he's a huge Joker's fan. Austin says, he lives on the West Coast, so he finds a stream to watch it when it airs Live.


8:11 PM BBT Steve talks about Donny being such a BB historian. Steve says, his social skills were much better than his. Steve says, he talked to his family that he would be happy just not to be evicted first. Austin asks Steve if he thinks Jason is at home watching the feeds right now, or is he still bitter, & having a hard pill to swallow, because of it? Steve says, he doesn't know. Austin asks Steve if he would be watching? Steve says, he doesn't know.


8:12 PM BBT Austin says, he's not going to be in a hurry to watch when he gets home. Steve says, he's not either. He says, he will probably watch the two premier shows. Steve says, because of Disney...We see FOTH. Live feeds bleep for a moment, & goes to FOTH again. Steve says, he's not made any personal attacks in the game. Austin says, he can't believe that they don't have an Amanda this season.


8:14 PM BBT Austin says, a lot of big personalities went week after week. Steve says, Jason was kind of a bully to him. Austin says, he was kind of a bully. Steve says, he can't believe that someone who didn't have social skills made it further than him. Austin says, he may be the one making personal attack comments on people. Austin wonders if he will be o.k. & want to talk to them after this.


8:15 PM BBT Austin says, Shelli & Clay thought they were locked & loaded, & they are gone. Austin says, the best thing that happened to him was Jace leaving. Steve says, he has a college friend that is a layed back version of Jace. Austin says, Jace was hysterical, but he is just not BB. Steve says, Da'Vonne is sort of a super fan, & she applied.


8:16 PM BBT Steve says, him, Austin & Liz are recruited. He says, Audrey is a super fan all the way back. James applied, but only seen season 12 up. Jeff recruited for both shows. Austin asks how Jeff lucked into that? We see FOTH. Steve says, Shelli saw from season 12 up & was found to apply. He says, Hayden Moss was found the same way. BB says, You are not allowed to talk about production. Steve says, Vanessa is a super fan. He says, Clay was recruited, & the rest were found. BB dings them again. Steve counts that 7 of them know BB. Austin says, that means 10 people don't know what the f*** they are doing.


8:19 PM BBT Steve says, he made jury, so he's still going to play, but if he leaves he leaves. Austin says, he has things to prove because of his career & injury. Steve says, this is the first time he has actually been liked. Austin says, this is the first time he hasn't bailed. Austin says, he's home sick. He says, a part of him has been done since day 3. Austin says, he's afraid for this to end. Steve says, he's ready.


8:21 PM BBT Austin says, he doesn't mind the camera's on him. He says, working out is a good outlet for him. He says, Liz is a good outlet for him also. Steve says, hello to his mom. Austin says, you can align with someone, & they will flip it. He says, it's so hard to make a decision of who to go with, because at any point it can change. Vanessa is in the WA wearing her red satin pajamas.


8:22 PM BBT Steve says, he was wondering if Austin was BSing him this whole time. Austin says, he wasn't. Austin says, James may try to take out Austin & the twins because then he would want the money. Austin says, he can see the other side that he may be afraid to go after them to lose jury votes. Steve says, he wishes he could have won it. Austin says, it if was Steve with him in the final 2 of the comp, he would have given it to him. Austin says, James was going to throw a deal either way. Austin says, John was the favorite, & he can't believe he didn't win.


8:25 PM BBT Steve says, he knows he's not making the finals. Austin says, he was thinking about everything every step of the way when he was casted. Steve asks, last year? Austin says, yes. Steve gets excited. Austin tells him to calm down, because he will get in trouble. Steve asks Austin to guess who Chima was an alternate for? We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Steve says, he was grilled more than once. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Austin says, he may have been intimidating to the HG's last year.


8:27 PM BBT Steve tells Austin that he's not as abrasive as other people that were on the show. Steve says, his body doesn't match his personality. Austin says, he looks like a beast, but he's not. Steve says, he has a friend that they call Mr. Clean. He says, he's never dropped a swear word in his life. Austin says, he knows a lot because of his History degrees. Steve says, he does math. Austin says, he does stories, creativity, & love.


8:29 PM BBT Steve says, Jesse is Mr. Pectacular & that's all that's there. He says, Austin has layers. Austin says, if he didn't hear back for this summer, he was going to be locked in his room live feeding. Steve says, all he did was watch BB. Austin says, the same. Steve says, he didn't have a social life until college. Austin says, he didn't go to school, so he didn't start dating girls under 19 or 20. Steve says, he was 18 when he had his first relationship. Austin says, they are similar. Austin says, he made a lot of mistakes on the way to figure shit out.


8:31 PM BBT Steve says, it looks like his last semester of college will be covered. Steve says, his life probably won't change much after this. Austin says, he hopes he gets something from this. Steve says, it will be interesting to see how his Grad School applications will be. Austin says, he wonders how much of a big deal this will have to do with his wrestling career.


8:33 PM BBT Austin says, he went to Grad School at the college he attended. Steve says, he's not. He's wondering if anyone there will know him from the show. Austin tells Steve that he will get stopped for pictures. Steve says, yes, but it will probably die down within a month. Steve asks Austin if he knows Dominic's story? Austin says, no. Steve says, he got a call from his agent to go do a casting call, & that's how he got on the show. Austin asks how long he made it? Steve says, he was third out. He asks, & he married Danielle out of that? Steve says, yep.


8:35 PM BBT Steve says, he is Steve on the show because Steve is more chill than Steven, there was a Steve on season 10 & Ian Terry. Steve says, he can't complain because Julia went by Liz for a month. Austin says, he almost called himself Judas so many times, because that's what people call him for wrestling. Steve says, Jerry put him in a nasty spot. Steve says, part of why he didn't tell people about him was because he went to an Ivy League school & transferred out of an Ivy League school. He says, that sounds so sketch. He says, his college advisor thought it was sketch also.


8:37 PM BBT Steve tells Austin that the Ivy League school have what he needed academically. He says, his GPA sky-rocketed also, which was a plus. Steve asks Austin if he believed him? Austin says, he knew he was smart. Steve says, Vanessa was the only one to question him about it. Austin says, Vanessa questions everything. He says, she questioned him about the score he got on his IQ test. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Austin says, he's probably the biggest guy to be on the show in BB history.


8:42 PM BBT Austin toots his horn about the layers he has & also being a super fan. Steve says, he's a super fan & smart. Steve says, he just told him everything in terms of casting here. We see FOTH.

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8:43 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Austin says, he knows Da'Vonne isn't a school teacher. He says, he knows enough about the school districts in the area that she was talking about to know. He says, he thinks that she's a poker player, or dealer. He says, he doesn't think anyone else lied, but maybe Audrey. Austin says, Vanessa is straight up telling people that she played poker & went to Law School. He says, that's straight up ballsy. Austin says, Becky doesn't stop talking about Abercrombie & Fitch. Steve says, she works there.


8:46 PM BBT Austin tells Steve he knew for sure he wasn't America's Player. Steve says, it's weird to see the small table. Austin says, let's pelt chocolates at Zingbot. Steve tells Nicole, Ha Ha, he made it to Zingbot & she didn't & he sticks his tongue out making raspberry noises. Steve asks who will get offended? Austin says, he will. Steve says, there's another twist this season. Austin says, they aren't supposed to talk about it. He says, it's the reset. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Austin says, he can't believe that someone may come back this Thursday.


8:48 PM BBT Austin & Steve discuss how long other HG's made it when coming back into the house. Austin says, it will depend on what happens. Steve agrees, & says, they made it to tiny table. He tells Austin, at least he gets a while to figure things out, & didn't have to do it all on the live show. Austin says, he really would like to have it go quicker. Steve says, he made a bold move. Austin says, he did make a bold move. Austin says, whoever he has to send home this week, he can probably stick it on her. He says, she's the Marcellus. He says, no one believes her.


8:51 PM BBT Liz wakes up & can't believe that they are still talking. Austin tells Liz it's almost time to make dinner. He says, they have been talking about an hour. Steve checks the time & says, it's 8:50 PM BBT. Steve says, Janelle was a very emotional & erratic player. Liz says, they say that about her. They talk about Janelle's game play on her season.


8:53 PM BBT In the OBR, James & Meg are napping. In the HOHR, Liz has her light blue bandana covering her eyes. Steve asks Austin if he watches BB Canada? Austin says, no, only US. Steve talks about BB Canada. Steve says, if you have to win to survive, there's something wrong with their game. Austin says, he didn't need to win this week, but he did anyway. Steve tells Austin that 42 is the answer to anything that you can't figure out.


8:56 PM BBT Liz gets up & goes to the HOHR WA. Steve tells Austin that he can't believe he's met girls in bars. He says, he's never struck up a conversation with someone he doesn't know at a bar. Austin says, everyone calls him Jesus, & he says, it's Judas, & they make fun of his appearance. Steve says, there's really no one in the house to talk to about religion. Austin says, Vanessa. They discuss her reading his Bible, & they thought she was going to swear on the Bible.


8:58 PM BBT Steve says, any James' that have played in BB have had a significant role. Austin says, this James has 2 HOH's. Steve says, 1 1/2. Austin says, & maybe 1 Veto, if he didn't mess the nom's up. Steve says, he still can't get over the tiny table. He says again, they made it to the tiny table. Austin says, much like camping. Steve says, no, not much like camping. Austin says, he thought it was going to be impossible to get the twins in & then once they were in he thought one of them would be gone. He says, that's a lot for having a bunch of recruits.


9:01 PM BBT Steve asks them if they want to play a game of chess with him? Austin says, he will after dinner. Liz says, they are making steak for dinner. Steve says, he wonders if Pot Ball will still go on tonight since it's 9 PM. Liz & Steve leave the HOHR to go & wake up Julia. Liz goes in the CBR. She says, "Wake up Bitches it's time for Pot Ball, it's 9:00 PM." She leaves the CBR. Steve tells Julia, Vanessa & John that it's 9:00 PM.


9:02 PM BBT Julia says, she's so out of it. Steve says, he's fulfilling his brotherly duties. Julia says, by eating Fruit By The Foot. Steve moves her comforter back and forth to get her up. Vanessa & John leave the CBR. Julia gets up. Meg is screaming that it's time for Pot Ball, & she's calling them roly poly's. Steve gets called to the DR. He says, that was terrible timing. Meg says, they have to set up, it's Pot Ball time.


9:05 PM BBT In the KT, Meg says, they all napped for 2 hours. Liz tells James his deviled eggs are delicious, & she doesn't know what came over him. Austin tells him to make pigs in a blanket. Austin & Liz complain that it's cold in the KT, & it was so hot in the HOHR. Julia says, she wants another egg. Liz tells her they're gone, but they are on the DT. James says, he made 36 of them. John says, they are the devils eggs.


9:07 PM BBT Meg says, she was so out. James says, he was also, he was in a deep sleep. Liz says, she needed it. Austin asks James if he slept in the HN chair anyway? James says, he was thinking about it. Julia is dancing around saying Pot Ball.


9:08 PM BBT Liz says, she practically won last week. Austin says, it took her a week to realize that. Liz says, "Screw you James & your glory hole." James tells Meg to have a young whipper snapper to help her. She talks in an old lady voice about vegetables.


9:10 PM BBT James asks Meg if there's a lot of prostitution in New York? Meg says, she doesn't know. John says, there are prostitutes everywhere. James tries to remember a TV show. Liz thinks it's CSI. James says, Law & Order with Detective Stabler. Meg says, she wants chicken nuggets. Liz says, the grocery shopper screwed them again, but not getting chicken nuggets. Julia comes in & wants the last deviled egg. She gets it. She says, she wants pizza. Meg says, she's going to be so hungry.


9:12 PM BBT Julia says, she told Liz to wake her up at 7 PM BBT, because they all went to sleep at 6:15 PM BBT. She says, it's 9:00 PM BBT now. They talk about making food. Vanessa is primping herself in the WA, & puts a ball cap on backwards.

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9:15 PM BBT We see FOTH for a moment. When Live feeds return Austin goes to the WC. He comes out of the WC, takes his hair down from his bun, & puts it back up. He doesn't wash his hands. Austin goes back to the KT & helps Liz with cooking their steak & vegetables. Liz is eating as she's cutting the vegetables up. Austin runs water to rinse his hands off & wipes them with a paper towel, but he doesn't use soap.


9:19 PM BBT Julia says, Meg's cookies are good, but they scones. Julia asks John if yogurt is good for you? John says, it is. Julia says, she's heard it's good for your breath. John says, he's not going to endorse that. Vanessa sits down at the DT & eats a yogurt. Julia says, she's going to make crepes with Nutella for dessert.


9:22 PM BBT HG's are setting up for Pot Ball & are talking about brass tacks. James says, he might as well wash the big egg plate, since there aren't any eggs on it. Julia is already saying 7th Generation commercials. Meg says, Steve is still in the DR. Julia reads something about 7th Generation, & Austin says, it was because of the white man that came over on the ship. Liz starts to practice Pot Ball.


9:26 PM BBT Vanessa gives Julia a tip, & Liz wants to know what it is. Vanessa says, grab your balls & don't go back for another one. James talking about Becky making shots. James needs to make more balls. Austin says, Becky is a little out of this world.


9:28 PM BBT Steve comes out of the DR. James says, there's Boi. Austin says, his sister is talking about the 7th Generation crap. James says, his mouth was washed out by Irish Spring. Julia wants to use the Swiffer, but they are out of the cleaner. They put the broom across for the line. Steve asks Austin if he can have some of the vegetables they are making? He says, he will eat some of that then. Meg says, she loves Triscuit crackers. She says, they didn't buy the dill ones this time.


9:31 PM BBT Meg asks James if he wants some tuna? James asks, what do I look like a cat? Meg says, yes. Liz asks if they got alcohol last week at this time? Austin says, not on Friday, it was Saturday. Austin doesn't think they will allow Zingbot to come in this year. Liz says, she's scared. Austin says, you have to scare Zingbot. Meg takes a couple practice shots for Pot Ball. Austin does as well.


9:33 PM BBT Austin & James use M & M's to take their practice shots. They want to use M & M's to play. Liz tells them to clean them up, so they don't make a mess. Steve tells James they need to clean them up. He asks if they are playing with them? Everyone says, no. James uses one of the cookies that Meg made today. He says, we can use mom's cookies to. Meg gets upset & tells James she's over him today. She says, he's not allowed to touch stuff anymore. She says, she's cranky when he's rude to her.


9:35 PM BBT Julia & Liz tell James & Austin they made a mess with the M & M's & they need to clean them up. The water has turned yellow. James says, oh, the water is yellow, it reminds him of grandmas pee bag. Liz tells James to clean up the M & M's. Austin says, they need to leave them there so when Zingbot comes him he slips and falls. He says, they could use baby powder on them. James says, he probably has body guards.


9:37 PM BBT Julia sings the Meow Mix commercial Then she sings, Pot Ball repeatedly with James repeating her. James & Julia take more practice shots. James says, they are going to win this time. Julia whispers the same thing. Julia starts to sing the Meow Mix commercial again. Meg asks if anyone wants any tuna? Julia says, not right now. Meg says, she's putting it in the refrigerator for now.


9:39 PM BBT James checks how many of his practice shots he made. He made 5 of them. Julia does another 7th Generation commercial. James tells Steve, Boi, she just said 7th Generation. Steve says, he will not associate himself with anything like that, & he knocks the stuff off the glass table against the wall by the front door. Julia says, Pot Ball is sponsored by 7th Generation. Austin says, he will never support that crap.


9:41 PM BBT Steve tries to knock the stuff off the glass table again, but Meg stops him. She moves the stuff. Steve takes the paper towels to use them on the floor. Liz asks someone to get more paper towels from the SR. Steve says, he has them for the floor. He says, there's another roll out there also. John jokingly says to get more paper towels, because they don't have enough. James asks for someone to get the dust pan for him.


9:44 PM BBT Julia comes back from the SR with 2 more rolls of paper towels & the dust pan. James says, he's sweeping so when they have their chocolate fight they won't have hair in it. James starts to sing Danger Zone, & Julia starts also, but stops herself. Julia screams when James drops the broom on the floor. She says, he dropped it on her foot. Julia says, "7th Generation is the official sponsor for Pot Ball, & there's nothing Steve or Irish Spring can do about it."


9:46 PM BBT James & Austin talk about how the game is set-up & they fix it, so it's set up correctly. Austin says, he wants to just go for the glory hole, but grandma won't let him. HG's joke with Meg about playing slots. Austin says things are much like camping a few times. Meg is playing with the refrigerator & it's making noise, so that's why they are saying she's playing slots.


9:49 PM BBT Julia is trying to figure out what Meg did to the refrigerator. They are going to play Pot Ball after supper time. The HG's talk about the TV show Whammy. Steve tells them how one guy broke the show that was before Whammy with it being luck based. He can't remember the name of it. He says, he memorized the order of things & won a lot of money. (He's talking about the TV show Press Your Luck.)


9:51 PM BBT Austin talks about somewhere where Kelly Ripa's name was being pronounced incorrectly. Meg says, The Price Is Right is a good show, & so is Jeopardy. The HG's are beginning to eat. John & James are trying to figure out the refrigerator now. Julia says, they aren't going to get any ice out of there, her & Meg already tried. Meg asks James if he got ice? James says, he doesn't need ice.

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9:54 PM BBT Steve is still talking about his obsession with the table being smaller. He says, he can actually see the person across from him now. He says, it wasn't to big on day 1. Steve says, his name is with a ph & his brother has the v. Steve asks where Vanessa is? HG's say she's still in the DR.


9:57 PM BBT HG's talk about the names they are calling each other. They talk about other seasons of BB also.


10:00 PM BBT Steve says, Meg would have made out with the stud in the cat hat from Season 17. Meg says, Steeevvvveee. She tells him to get a hobby. Austin says, it's o.k. to be independent, but not at the dinner table. Steve tells John he's not in their pretend family. John says, he's Scott the dentist. He says, he's salary, he doesn't give a f***. They wonder if Vanessa wants any food, but she's still in the DR. Steve says, it's weird that his feet are hitting the bar in the center.


10:02 PM BBT Liz tells Austin she's sorry they are so broke they had to get a smaller table. Austin says, he got rid of the secretary like she asked. James says, his probation officer is coming by tomorrow. Austin says, you mean Zingbot? James says, yes. Meg says, if Zingbot doesn't come tomorrow she's going to be upset. Julia asks Steve if Zingbot will come tomorrow? Liz says, it's always final 8, what the hell? James says, it was first 8 last year. Julia says, it was a hard Veto comp with the wires that had to be connected.


10:04 PM BBT Julia says, baby Zingbot is everything. Austin doesn't think that it will be a hard competition like that again this year. They talk about other Zingbots that they should have. Meg says, she hates all of the pretend family stuff. Julia says, Pot Ball will start in 5 minutes while she is still eating & talking with food in her mouth. James takes some more practice shots.


10:05 PM BBT Steve asks who came up with the name Pot Ball? Julia says, Meg did. Steve asked if she came up with the set-up also? Meg says, she did, she created Pot Ball. James says he made 20 points on that practice round.


10:07 PM BBT HG's talk about there not being HN's this week. They say that Liz & Julia can not win HOH again, because they have next HN's. They think there may only be 2 HN's next time. Liz wants HN's to go away. Meg says, they would have said on the card if was done, but it said only not for this week. Austin is already talking about ice cream.


10:09 PM BBT Liz says, she's glad there's no photo booth Sunday this week, because she hates it. Meg says, day 65 Pot Ball begins. Austin takes his first time. He says, there so much space in between the pots & bowls. Austin wants a redo, because everyone else will get it better now. Liz says, let him go. Austin now complains that it's not straight. He takes his first turn over again, & makes one in. He snaps his finger & says, his take that.


10:11 PM BBT James makes his second shot. Austin says, a fiver not a tener, & say's he's still in the lead. Liz makes a score of 10 on her second shot. John asks where Vanessa is? She's still in the DR. John asks if he should do over hand or under hand. BB tells them to stop humming. John makes his second shot that bounces out of one silver bowl to another. Meg makes both of her shots, & scores a 25. They say, she's back in the game.


10:13 PM BBT James takes Vanessa's turn & misses both shots. Austin says, as expected after each shot. Steve makes his second shot. Meg says, people are getting better. John misses both of his turns. Austin goes to take his turns, leaning his whole upper body over the broom, & makes his second shot. James misses his next two shots. Liz is up & Austin tells Steve to call her Ma. Liz misses both of her shots.


10:15 PM BBT John gets 15 points on his first shot & misses his second one. Meg makes her first shot earning 5 points. Julia misses both of her shots, & asks why she is doing horrible after her first shot. Steve makes his second shot bouncing his shot from one bowl to another to earn 20 points. Austin says, that wasn't supposed to happen right there. John gets 10 on his second shot. Austin leans forward again, getting called out by Liz, & he misses both shots.


10:18 PM BBT James misses both of his shots. Liz misses both of hers. Steve asks if anyone has made the glory hole during the game? Austin says, no, because then you have to beat it. John misses his next to shots. Meg's team is in the lead at this point. Meg misses both of her shots.


10:20 PM BBT Julia misses he shots. James put the paper in the glory hole. Steve makes his first shot this time. Austin says, Boi, fix your glasses. He does. Austin says, good Boi. Vanessa is out of DR & takes her turn. She misses he two shots. Austin leans way forward again, missing both of his shots. James misses both of his overhand shots. Liz misses both of her shots.


10:22 PM BBT John makes his first shot & his second one bounces out of the pan. Austin says, let's get back to brass tacks. Meg misses her next two shots. Julia makes her second shot, scoring 10 points. She says, yay, they finally got one. Steve says, it's all in the left leg, & misses his first shot. Vanessa says, he's copying Becky. Austin says, copying that maid, we told you not to copy her. Steve makes his second shot.


10:24 PM BBT Vanessa makes both of her shots for 20 points. Austin makes his second shot. Meg says, they need to make big big points. James misses both of his shots, as he still is using the overhand technique. Liz misses both of her shots. Austin says, she didn't wait for the court to clear & it costs her.


10:25 PM BBT John sinks his second shot. Meg sinks her shot, & her second shot bounced out. Pandemonium starts. Austin wants an instant replay. Julia makes her second shot. Steve makes his first shot. Julia does a 7th Generation commercial. Vanessa misses both of her shots. Austin makes his first shot, but misses the second one. James makes his first shot, missing his second one. Liz misses both of her shots.


10:29 PM BBT John misses both of his next shots. Julia says, team Ma sucks, just kidding, they are intimidated. Meg makes 20 points on her first shot & she also makes her second shot of 5 points. She scored 25 points that turn. Julia makes both of her shots in the big pan this turn. Steve misses both of his shots. Julia finds ants in something. Austin says, to leave it to put on Zingbot. Vanessa makes both of her shots, scoring 10 points.


10:32 PM BBT Austin makes his second shot. Liz misses both of he shots & says, f***. Liz says, they aren't doing bad because Steve is making shots. John misses both of his shots. Meg misses both of her shots. We see FOTH for a moment. Julia misses both shots. Austin says, as expected. Steve adjusts the pots. Austin says, if he makes it now, he's going to say something's up. Steve misses both shots. Liz says, Austin cheats by leaning forward. Vanessa makes 10 points on her first shot, & misses her second shot.


10:35 PM BBT Austin makes it in the 20 point cup, but it fell over. He misses his second shot. He keeps the score, because the ball didn't come out of the cup. Austin gets called to the DR. He says, it's really bad timing, guys. James misses both of his turns. Liz misses both of her shots. Steve tells her to wait until James sits down to take her turn.


10:37 PM BBT Austin comes out of DR to change his shirt to redo stuff from earlier. John makes both of his shots. Meg misses both of her shots. Julia scores 10 points on her turn. Steve's first shot bounces out & he misses his second shot. Vanessa misses both of her shots. Meg makes her second shot. James misses both of his shots. Liz misses both of her shots.


10:41 PM BBT John makes his first shot, & misses his second one. Meg makes her first shot & misses her second one. Julia misses both of her shots. Steve misses both of his shots. He says, he's getting there. Vanessa misses both of her shots. She says, it rolled off her hand. She complains that the blow hole is hard. Meg makes both of her shots. Vanessa says, she's killing them by herself tonight.


10:44 PM BBT James falls trying his shots that he misses both of. Liz makes her second shot. She says, finally. James says, Meg has more than everyone. John misses both of his shots. HG's want to go for the glory hole because Meg is so far ahead. Meg misses both of her shots. Julia misses both of her shots. Steve makes his second shot for 10 points. James was doing push-ups with the chairs in the dining room. Vanessa makes her second shot for 5 points. Julia says, the crapes are on fleek.


10:47 PM BBT Meg makes her second shot. Everyone tells her they hate her in this game. Meg says, she wants to play beer pong so bad. James makes his second shot for 15 points. Vanessa tells Meg she needs to start further back for a handicap. Liz misses both of her shots. John says, let's go big, & he makes the glory hole for 50 points on his first turn. Vanessa says, they automatically win period. Meg says, people need to make 2 glory holes to beat them. They argue over the rules of the game.


10:49 PM BBT James practices & misses both shots. Vanessa tells Meg she needs to let Meg win sometimes. Meg says, Austin is going to be so pissed & he's going to fight it. Liz takes 2 shots & misses. James says, they won that game fair and square & they want to play another game.


10:52 PM BBT Austin comes out of the DR. Meg tells him that their score was all the way across the table. James wants to play again. Austin asks, what's the point of playing again, they aren't undefeated anymore. Liz says, she has to go to the DR. James says, she's not important anyway. Austin says, what? James says, she can't score anyway. Austin tells Steve that Zingbot is going to get pelted & knocked on the floor tomorrow.


10:55 PM BBT Liz tells Austin that she misses him when he goes to the DR. Austin tells her he felt the same way last week. Julia is talking with her mouth full of food. James says, he can make shots all day long when he practices. Steve says, this will be Zingbots sixth appearance.


10:56 PM BBT Vanessa asks why they stopped doing Pandora's Box? Steve says, they stopped doing it a couple years ago. Vanessa asks if they get a button should they push it? She says, it was a reset button last year. Austin says, he wouldn't push it. He says, it's always bad, except 1 time. He says, if it's open season someone will push it. He says, if it's just HOH that gets to do it, it won't get pushed. Meg says, if a whole week resets, that would be so annoying.


10:58 PM BBT Meg says, the crepes are banging. Austin says, they should have used Nutella. Liz says, Austin is HOH this week & he does what he wants. Julia tells Liz to go to the DR. Liz says, no, she needs another crepe, because they won't be making them when she comes back out. HG's want to do a glory hole round. Vanessa pouts about them winning & Austin saying no.

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