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Wednesday, July 22 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feeds


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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1:11-Feeds back and all cameras on Austin and Liz in BY. They are talking about clothes.

1:13-Austin keeps smelling Liz's hair, kissing her head and touching her stomach. They are talking about how tired they are and staring at Jason.

1:15-Camera's 1&2 on Liz and Austin on hammock in BY talking about various hg's and Camera's 3&4 on Clay and Shelli cuddling on lounger in BY not talking.

1:18-Camera following Steve to HN room. JMac and James asleep in HN room and Audrey asleep on floor. Steve goes back out to BY and showing Clay how to juggle with oranges with Shelli giving advice while she admits she can't juggle.

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1:26-BY Jason smoking in his usual spot, Clay and Steve juggling with Shelli cheering them on and Meg, Jackie and James watching.

Liz, Vanessa and Austin in Kitchen talking and making snacks.

1:30-Jason, Meg and Jackie soaking their feet in hot tub and talking about how creepy Steve is and what advice they have given Steve on how to improve his social game and game play. 

Steve and Beckie enter BY and the conversation turns to what type of candy they all enjoy. 


1:35-Steve begins to talk about how his mother is a music director and was his band teacher in school. He said she was his ride to and from school.

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1:38-Liz, Austin, Clay, Shelli, James and Vanessa in kitchen. Vanessa heads to bed and they all say goodnight, Shelli and Clay are making a dessert with ice cream, whipped cream and banana's(it looks incredible). Liz scampering around kitchen, Austin eating something and James sitting there.They are all telling Clay he knows how to make good desserts and could be on a tv show. They discuss what shows he could do. 

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1:44-Jason, Meg, Jackie and Steve still soaking feet in hot tub in BY. Jason comparing Jackie to Diane from BB5 and BB All Stars because both women don't take crap and aren't afraid to call bs on situations. Steve compares Jackie to Laura from BB11 and Jason says no because even though she's a strong woman, she's sweet and nice about most things and not saucy which makes her more like Shelli and Becky since they wouldn't be saucy. 

Jason saying Meg is one of a kind. Steve then jokes she is like the HG from BB11 everyone hated being asked about and Jason said "Are you saying Meg is a gerbil?" Steve then laughs at his own joke.

Steve then asks who the most hated HG of all time is and suggests Maggie. Jason then says that's all in the eyes of the beholder.Steve then suggests Maggie or Andy and Meg asks why people don't like Andy. Jason said he's a rat because he alligned with Amanda and then flipped on her and used all the floaters to get to the end.

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1:58-Shelli getting ready for bed in HOH bathroom then gets in bed.

Liz, Clay and Meg in downstairs bathroom. Meg brushing teeth and Clay is having digestive issues. Clay heads up to HOH room and brushes teeth. Clay notices camera following him and begins walking back and forth to see what camera will do. BB tells Clay to put on microphone and he yells no. We get fish

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2:07- Clay and Shelli in bed cuddling. She tells him to be "romantical" and he says he can't be in house. Shelli begins talking about convo she had with Vanessa about the 10 year age gap in herself and Clay.

BY-Jason and Jackie talking about BotB ceremony and smashing the pumpkins. They start saying how nobody knows what Steve or Johnny are up to. They say they hope if John won hoh he would just put people up who put him up.

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11:45pm-12:00am BBT: Shelli and Clay are in the BY talking about making a final 4 deal with Meg and jason . Shelli says they will talk about it tomorrow and they talk about them having a realationship outside the house . Liz and austin are on the hammock, Austin is rubbing Liz's leg and they talk about sex is their past  and what they like and don't like about sex. Shelli is telling Clay about talking to Vanessa earlier  about being scared of loosing him after the show. Clay says  he has met alot of women but it is different with you.

12:03am-1:00am BBT: FOTH

1:00am-2:00am BBT:Feeds are back with Austin and Liz in the hammock talking about how Steve can not do anything. Steve asking Shelli if she thinks they should check on Audrey and shelli says no she will not talk to me. Steve goes to check on her but John was in there sleeping so he did not bother her, He said he will check on her in the morning.

2:00am-3:00am BBT: Jackie and jason talking about how weird it is sleeping in the have not room with Audrey. Jason and jackie then talk about the final seven and how good it will be to be there with Becky, Meg Clay, Shelli, and james.They then talk about if they should backdoor Austin or put him up. they decide it would be best to put Steve and Liz up for nominations. Clay and shelli are in the HOH rm under the covers  snuggling and kissing.

3:00am-4:00am BBT:Jason goes to bed and ask Meg if she got his pillow. She says no. Jackie is taking a shower. Clay goes downstairs to get a drink and check the time then goes back to the HOh rm. They are back in bed.Jackie out of shower getting dressed then heads to bed in the HNR.

4:00am-5:00am BBT: All Hg sleeping with the occasional trip to the Wc and washing hands and back to bed.

5:00am-5:30am BBT: BB calls for the Wack Street Boys to go to the BY and they go do their danxce then head back to bed.

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8:42am BBT: BB wakes the HG with Good morning everyone get to the living room for the Wack Street Boys. Jason up getting dressed and is not happy.

8:45am BBT: Jason saying Bb does this to make us miserable, they gonna keep waking us up.the music starts and Jason, John and Liz start dancing. the music stops  and John says yeah they are there as they walk to the STr to get fresh batteries.

8:48am BBt: John sitting outside as Jason comes out to smoke. John starts laughing as Jason says i am going to smoke this then i am right back to bed.

9:00am BBT: John and Jason in the BY general talk going on. All other Hg back in bed.

9:04am BBt: John  in the BY alone, Jason has gone back to bed.

9:20am BBT: meg gets up and goes in the STR for a paper towel then heads back to bed. John still sitting in the BY alone. The rest of the HG are sleeping.

 9:32am BBT: We now have FOTh could be a wake up call.

 9:47am BBT: Feeds are back. Austin and Steve in the Wa doing ADL's. John still in the BY, Becky comes out and joins him. They are talking about sleeping in the HNR and not getting much sleep.

9:51am BBt: Shelli is up and in the STR changing her batteries. Steve goes to the BY and says he is looking for his necklace and john said someone found it yesterday and took it in. Steve goes back inside and tells shelli he is awful of keeping track of his things. Shelli ask him what he lost and he says his necklace and he says he was told that Jason picked it up and Shelli says yeah he put it on the middle table in the BY. Jason says he looked then goers back out to look some more.

 9:55am BBTL Shelli is making Coffee as Austin walks in and says they have about an hour to work out before they go into  lock down. Shelli says why you think we only have an hour? Austin says i am going by the last couple of weeks. Clay comes in and adds more coffee grounds to the coffee pot and Shelli says no Clay that is to strong people are complaining.

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 10:02am BBT: Clay goes to the BY talking to John about the dancing at 5:30am. John ask if he watched it on Netflix and Clay says no. Becky goes inside with Shelli and they are getting coffee then heading  to the BY to enjoy the sun before the lock down today.

10:06am BBT: Austin is working out in the BY. Becky, Shelli, Clay and John are sitting on the BY couches just general talk going on. Steve is walking around the BY looking for his necklace.

10:17am BBT: Becky telling Shelli and Clay how the slop makes your body feel and how tired it makes you feel. Austin is still working out in the BY.

10:31am BBT: Becky is walking around the By picking up the plastic water bottles as Shelli and clay lay on the couches. Austin is still doing his workout.Just general talk going on.

10:39am BBt: Becky and shelli sitting on the BY couches talking about Audrey sleeping  and wondering if she is going to sleep till she leaves. Austin, Clay and John working out on the weights.

 10:48am BBT: Becky in the KT now getting more coffee as Shelli goes to the HOH BR . Becky goes back outside where the guys are still working out.

10:56am BBT: Austin has gone inside  and is getting clothes . Becky, and John playing with a beach ball in the BY as Clay is still working out.

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11:04am BBT Clay looking for clothes to add to his to make load. Becky curling her hair. Shelli taking a shower in HOH. Austin is back in bed.


11:10am BBT Clay goes in WA asks Becky if she is getting beautiful. She says she is trying, the good curling iron broke and she is learning to use a straightener to curl her hair. He walks over by the HN shower area and says something smells like rotten eggs.


11:19am BBT In BY Clay teaches John to juggle pool balls. John changes to oranges, they are softer. John asks Clay if he thinks Audrey will try something. Clay says no he thinks she's down for the count.


11:23am BBT John asks Clay if he has every done Devil Sticks (sticks you juggle back and forth in front of you). Clay says no. John says he wasn't very good at it. John goes in for breakfast. He tells Becky its kinda scary, she (Audrey) is gone, at times.

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11:34am BBT Austin/Liz in bed. Austin has his arm over Liz's chest stroking her forehead. She grunts something and he stops. He pecks her on the cheek. A few seconds later Liz sits up checking her mic pack and folding her uniform. Austin strokes her back. In KT John and Becky talk about allergies.


11:45am BBT Jason on couch in BY, Clay gets in the pool. Shelli adds some laundry to Clays in the washer. Liz brushing her teeth. Becky and John in KT talking slop/protein while she takes off nail polish. Becky says the DR door is locked and the button isn't working.


11:55am BBT In KT: Jason asks John if the sleeps in the outfit. John says yes. Jason says he got in trouble for taking his off to work out. BB called him and Liz in and told them they had to wear it at all times unless they were in the pool. Thats why they got another set. At the hammock, Vanessa tells ClayShelli that Jackie is with Jason, she heard them talking game last night.

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12:02pm BBT Jason upset that he only had about an hour and half of sleep before BB called them to dance. Vanessa says DR was going to call them on today. Jason asks if she (Audrey) was in their room. Becky says no, she was prob in the other room. John asks how my more dances they have left? Jason says they needed two more. John doesnt care anymore.



 12:16pm BBT Jason comes over to hammock to talk with Shelli/Clay. They talk about when they will be locked down. Jason says they did it on Wed last week prob cuz the ppl that had to practice. Shelli says they were just talking about last night convos with the twins and all that. Jason says Steve tried to make a deal with him. He said Steve wont win so he said yeah Steve. Clay says its almost worth it to throw it to him. Jason says if he would win it while the twins were here it would be easy for him.


12:19pm BBT Jason says he would put Austin/Steve up together. Clay says not now that you made the deal. Jason says no and he wouldn't be the target anyway. Shelli asks what the comp was at this time last season. Jason says questions. He goes through the week last season. Jason says he is dieing for an enduro but doesn't think it will be one, not with BOtB. Jason says he wants to back door Austin but might be better to just put him up with so many ppl knowing whats going on.


12:24pm BBT Jason says Austin is big but not a comp beast. He hasnt seen Liz in anything but HOH comps. Jason says if the twin thing was like Season 5, they would evict Audrey and Julie would announce the twin. He says there could be one extra juror so they could save it for the 5th eviction. FOTH

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12:29pm BBT Jason/Clay/Shelli/Becky talking about Steve's game, Dan wrote the book and Steve read it, Steve is playing Dan's game. Female BB: HG can you hear me? FOTH Hammock is empty and they are cleaning up towels etc. Austin/Liz sit in hammock for 3 more minutes. Austin says that after she is gone he will implement plan Jason.


12:41pm BBT Vanessa tells Steve is getting a hair cut tomorrow, but not a buzz. They talk about who had to have a buzz cut as part of a comp. Jason says he has had men crushes on BB HG but cant think of who. Vanessa says she has been with men and enjoyed it but has better relationships with women, she is in a monogamous relationship now.


12:47pm BBT BB must have called IDLD during FOTH, the HG in the BY are coming inside. Vanessa says she is hung over. In the KT: Liz finds pool chalk in water in a red glass. why would anyone do that?! Liz throws the whole thing away.

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12:51PM BBT HG complain that there a sock 


in the dirty dishes. 


12:54PM BBT Most of the HG are making 


lunch in the KT. Vanessa, Jason, and Becky 


are talking in the Purple BR. Jason is getting a 


massage from Austin.



12:58PM BBT James goes into the Comic 


Book BR. 


1:03PM BBT Meg is putting on makeup in the 


WA while talking to Austin. They about rain 


and the weather


1:06PM BBT Jason, James, Steve, and Becky 


are talking about food. Then they talking about 


if they got stranded into the ocean.


1:09PM BBT Becky is talking about a trip to 


Jamaica and partying the whole time. 


1:13PM BBT Liz, Meg, and Austin are talking 


in the WA about BB 16.They were woundering 


if Christine made it into jury. Shelli said she did 


make it to jury.


1:18PM BBT Shelli is doing the dishes in the 


KT. Everyone else (excluding Audrey) are in 


the Purple BR. FotH 


1:20PM BBT All the feeds are on Shelli doing 


the dishes.


1:22PM BBT Jason said he never been in 


love. Then he said "Sorry guy in florida". Then 


Steve adds "Jason you not in love with Julie 


Chen".Jason he favorite outfit Julie wore was 


in Season 11. Clay is talking to Shelli in the KT


1:27PM BBT Clay and Shelli are talking about 


Audrey and how tough it is for her on BB.


1:29PM BBT Jason,Steve, Meg and Liz are 


talking about how weird it is being away from 


pop culture. Jason said it will be wired listening 


to the radio after the show.


1:34PM BBT HG are planning the next Whack 


Street Boys concert.


1:41PM BBT HG are talking about the types of 


way BB told them to stop. Steve said he going 


to no "Stop that" for the rest of the day.


1:43PM BBT Shelli going in the WC. Clay is 


listing to music in the HOH room.


1:45PM BBT Austin is getting a protein shake 


in the KT. Shelli joined the conversation in the 


Purple BR. 
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1:50PM BBT Vanessa is called into the DR. The HG start talking about 


Bennies. They talk about they steal thing from each other.


1:54PM BBT Liz gave Audrey her hat in the Have-Not BR. Meg is in the 


Storage Room. Austin is in the WA. 


1:59PM BBT Vanessa is making a protein shake. Meg is eating breakfast.



2:03PM BBT Steve is called into the DR.



2:07PM BBT Some HG are sleeping. Shelli is going up to the DR.


2:09PM BBT HG can hear the building outside the BY doors. They ask what their building and what next week's theme going to be.



2:12PM BBT Shelli is brushing her hair in the WA. 


2:16PM BBT Liz is putting dishes away. James is making eggs. Vanessa is asking if they could do something today.


2:19PM BBT Vanessa is listing to music in the HOH BR. Clay is sleeping in the same room. Steve is making BLT sandwich. Liz is still putting dishes away.  


2:22PM BBT Foth

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2:27pm BBT Meg doing legs in the LR, Austin sitting to the table, James pours hot sauce on his lunch/breakfast then stands at the beam counter (its chest high on him) to eat it. He finally sits on the red beam. Steve cooking something.


2:37pm BBT In LR Meg asks James if he wants to watch TV. He asks her if she has the remote. Meg asks the ppl in the KT if they want to watch a movie. Meg has bites and James suggests bed bugs, she says they are no where else. James says if she gets any more in that same bed...Meg says EWWWWW. She thinks they are from outside.


2:40pm BBT James says Megs bed it always gross, with substances and bugs. Well two guys doing that in her bed. (John and Jason both had wet dreams while sleeping in Megs bed) James says thats why he stays away from her bed. The comic room is named that because its so funny in there. They are always joking around.


 2:45pm BBT James is playing with the roller pillow, he lays on his back on it and catches his (oops sorry Megs former) hoodie between it and his back. Meg says she would feel funny wearing that hoodie now. James does some moves with it that Meg was just doing and she LOL. Shelli comes in to watch the show. They cant believe its July 22, day 35.


2:57pm BBT Meg says it will feel weird to talk to her mom on the phone. She wants to a restaurant, to go out. Austin/Liz talking in WA, he is stroking the hair out of her face with blue fingernails. They talk about Ian being like Steve. Liz knows how many whales, fish, sea urchins there are.

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3:06pm BBT Vanness/Shelli in HOH. Shelli saying that she (Audrey) was telling them to "come with us" but she was telling others "lets go with them or target them" Vanessa says its quiet, no body campaigning. Shelli goes on to say that Audrey was saying things did make sense. Like her saying that Vanessa should be the replacement nom when Vanessa held the POV.


3:13pm BBT Austin/Liz talk about how Audrey is acting like a toddler, how they are all going to be friends after the show and she wont have anyone. In HOH Shelli/Vanessa rehash what Audrey said to both of them or what she said to others that was not what they said.


3:18pm BBT Shelli says Steve makes deals with everyone that he wont put them up if they wont put him up...then he wont ever in HOH. Shelli says its a good strategy. They talk about how the house knows the twins and can easily tell them apart and know when they change.


3:25pm BBT Liz/Austin talk about his tats. he needed to have the ones on his hand redone, he also has the BB7 logo. In HOH: Vanessa/Shelli talking alliances. Steve is out of DR, Meg gets called to DR. Steve LOL and says he got his new Americas Choice info.

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3:35PM BBT Shelli and Vanessa talking. Vanessa dismisses Steve's wins. She says she has levels of loyalty and would have no problem putting him up.


3:41PM BBT Austin and Liz lying on the bed. His hand is on her thigh and rubbing her leg. He tells her that he won't even watch the season back. Liz says she followed the rules and didn't tell anyone she was going. Austin says he told everyone he knows.


3:42PM BBT Vanessa, Steve and Shelli now in the HOH. Steve talking about Audrey eating. He explains that Audrey eating is getting her penalty votes. Vanessa and Steve leave HOH and Steve asks her if she wants to play chess.


3:52PM BBT Liz asks Austin about if he picked up girls at bars where he was working. He said he did sometimes. They like his tattoos. He said that people all the time told him that he had some sick tattoos. He also is telling about how they would make money by hiding whiskey and then charge people at the door to get in. His manager didn't catch him. It was at Pablo Cantina



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3:59 PM BBT Liz & Austin are lounging on the couch in the WA. Austin tells Liz how he uses gymnastics rings & other stuff. Liz says, guys should have calluses on their hands. Austin talks about the video he sent to the show while he was at work at his gym. Meg & Jason are laying in a bed together in the OBR. She opens her eyes for a few minutes. James is napping in there also. Another HG is in the other bed, but we can't tell who that is.


4:03 PM BBT Jason tells Meg that his arm is really sore from working out today. Meg says, she's excited for tomorrow. Jason says, are you now, are ya? Meg says, it's a new day, new week. Jason says, new stresses start. Meg says, they are all just blase right now. Meg tells Jason it really didn't matter if he was up this week or not. She says, she can't wait for Johnny Mac's speech tomorrow, & he's going to be in his boy band outfit to.


4:06 PM BBT Austin has been trying to get Liz to snuggle with him. She finally turned her back to him. She has her hand flat on the couch, with her left arm up, so it's not touching him. Austin has his left arm around her, & he has his face pressed on her left shoulder. They are talking about movies they've seen. Liz really liked Coming To America with Eddie Murphy. Austin says, The Interview was a good movie. Liz didn't see it.


4:12 PM BBT Austin puts his left hand under Liz' left hand. She doesn't respond by taking his hand, she leaves it flat. She checks her pager right after he does that. Austin gets called to the DR. He says, really, you want to break this up? He tells Liz, she will probably be after him. Austin goes to the DR. Liz starts singing, & then says, sorry, I'm not singing. She goes in the WC.


4:15 PM BBT Liz comes out of the WC, washes her hands in the sink, & dries them. She looks in the cabinet, under the right side of the sink. She uses some dental floss to get something out of her teeth. She goes to the CBR & lays down in her bed to take a nap.


 4:22 PM BBT Meg turns her head, & she is now facing Jason in their bed in the OBR. James is now laying on his back. He has his hoodie on his head, a pillow laying on top of him, & his legs are sticking outside of his blanket. We can only see Liz in the CBR. She is laying on her back, fully covered by her colorful comforter. There's a small pillow laying next to her, on Austin's side of the bed.


4:28 PM BBT Liz turns over in her bed. Austin comes out of the DR. He gets an apple, & is chomping it as he eats it. He walks to the WA to look for Liz, goes back to the KT, & literally inhales the apple in a couple bites. He throws the core away, & then goes to the WC. He comes out of the WC, uses some mouthwash, & spits it out. He doesn't clean out the sink, & he doesn't wash his hands either. He goes to the CBR.


4:31 PM BBT Austin lays down in the bed with Liz. She asks him how it was. Austin says, it was o.k. She closes her eyes. Austin asks her if she's sleepy. She says, umm hmmm, everyone else is asleep. In the HNR, Audrey gathers some clothes. She walks out of the HNR, making sure to close the door quietly. She goes to the WC.


4:33 PM BBT 4:33 PM BBT We can hear Audrey using the bathroom. We see FOTH.


4:36 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Jackie is brushing her teeth in the WA. Meg gets called to the DR. Jackie walks out of the WA, & goes to the HNR. She gets her microphone comes back out. She closes the HNR door gently as well. She looks at herself in the hallway mirror, & fixes her shirt. She walks loudly across the KT area floor, & goes back to the WA. Austin is trying to snuggle with Liz. She has her head back on her pillow, & he is watching her sleep. He kisses her on her chin & laughs.


4:40 PM BBT Austin is laughing. Liz asks him why he's laughing at her? He tells her she's funny. He put his right hand on her face. She opens her eyes wide, & tells him to stop. He keeps on, & she tells him not to tempt her. He puts the covers over their heads, & she says, it's too hot for that, & takes it off.


4:43 PM BBT Jackie is putting on make-up by the sink in the WA. Audrey comes out of the WC & washes her hands. Jackie asks her how she's doing? Audrey says, she's o.k. Audrey asks Jackie if everyone has been sleeping all day? Jackie says, yes, she even slept all day, but she needed it, because it's been rough in there. Audrey asks what the naturally consensus is? Jackie tells her that everyone wants her to be o.k., & that she will have a good time before she leaves.


4:44 PM BBT Jackie tells Audrey that the plan to backdoor Audrey was going on about whatever she did to Vanessa that morning. Audrey says, Austin, Vanessa, Clay & Shelli were already looking for a reason to justify putting her up, they way they did Jeff, & she wasn't going to go for it. Jackie says, everyone wants to talk to her, but no game talk. She says, they want to make sure she walks out of there strong & beautiful. They hug each other.


4:46 PM BBT Jackie tells Audrey, she played one hell of a game, & they all think so, she promises. Audrey thanks her for telling her. Audrey leaves the WA & goes back to the HNR. John is awake & walks out of the HNR quietly shutting the door. Audrey lays back down on her dentist chair. John walks to the KT. He gets a paper towel to blow his nose, & walks to the WA. He asks Jackie, what's up? Jackie says, it's scary in there. John says, he knows, it's so quiet.


4:48 PM BBT John says, he's going to see what's going on upstairs. Jackie says, she will go up with him. Then, she says, she will come up if he doesn't come back down. John goes in the HOHR, & tells Clay & Shelli that he & Jackie are awake. Clay is going to the DR. Shelli asks him to get Jackie for her. She tells John he can listen to music either way, & if Clay doesn't come back, She is going to go to sleep.


4:50 PM BBT Clay & Meg walk into the KT. Meg sees Jackie, & says, hi princess, how are you? Jackie asks Clay if John & Shelli are upstairs? Clay says, yeah, she's laying down. But, he didn't tell Jackie that Shelli wants her to go upstairs. Jackie tells Meg that Audrey came in the WA. Meg runs to get her microphone. She says, they are going to buzz her. Clay is in the KT, getting ready to make him self something to eat. Jackie goes to the KT, & tells Clay that Audrey is packing her stuff up. Meg walks in the KT.


4:53 PM BBT Jackie tells Meg & Clay what she told Audrey in the WA. Jackie says, she was talking about the alliance. Clay says, that's how desperate she is. Jackie says, everyone wants to talk to her, but no game talk, it's over. Clay says, it's ridiculous. Jackie tells them that she thinks it's working, like it worked with Jeff. Clay says, he even went to check on her yesterday. He says, how can anyone play with that little integrity?


4:55 PM BBT Jackie says, she told her she played one hell of a game, & she did. Jackie says, she watched her mind f*ck all of them. Meg gets called to the DR. She says, it's for her meds, & she goes. Jackie says, it is what it is. She is drinking a protein shake. Jackie says, she is packing her stuff. Clay says, he's waiting for an apology. Jackie says, no, no, no, no, you won't get one, & we all deserve one. They go to the HOHR.


4:58 PM BBT Clay asks Shelli if she wants to hear something that's going to make her mad? Jackie tells Shelli she wants to tell Shelli what's going on before it gets misconstrued. She tells Shelli what happened in the WA with Audrey. She says, Audrey told her that she was emotionally drained. Jackie says, she understands that. Shelli says, she wants to talk to her. She says, that Audrey always tell her she will see stuff when it all comes out.


5:01 PM BBT Shelli says, Audrey will see how this week played out, when she watches it. Shelli says, this has been an extremely hard week for her. Audrey comes to the HOHR, & asks to talk to Shelli. Shelli walks out. Clay says, he has no words for her. Jackie says, she knows everything. Clay says, she scares him. Jackie says, woe the cape. Audrey goes in the CRL to wait for Shelli. Shelli went to the WC. Vanessa gets called to the DR.


5:03 PM BBT Audrey tells Shelli, before she goes there's one thing she wants to address with her. She tells Shelli she thought she was her friend. Audrey says, she learned now, way after the fact, that there was an agenda a long time ago. Shelli says, that's not true. (That's not what Jackie told her either). Audrey says, it makes her feel that they put a spin on things. Shelli says, she has got this all wrong. She wants to know who told her things to make her feel this way.


5:05 PM BBT Shelli tells Audrey that she did not start this week as HOH with the plan to backdoor her. She says, she will see when she sees this. Audrey asks Shelli about when they were on the hammock for a big move toward her & Clay. Shelli doesn't even know if it's safe to say anything. Audrey says, she's gone anyway. She talks about a big move that was going to have to be made toward her & Clay.


5:06 PM BBT Shelli tells Audrey, until after all this happened upstairs, she never heard one bad thing come out of Vanessa's mouth. Becky gets called to the DR. Shelli tells Audrey that Vanessa stayed true to her word. Audrey wants to know what justified Vanessa to use the Veto. Shelli says, she gave them enough justification to use it. Shelli wants to tell her everything about the week, but she's hesitant.


5:08 PM BBT Audrey says, she already knew what they were going to do. She says, she talked to Jackie & James. She says, she told them about Sleeper Cell, because they turned their back on her. Audrey can't remember Jackie's name because of her medicine. She says, she went & got on meds immediately after finding out there was nothing else she could do. We see FOTH. Audrey says, Vanessa got to Jackie before she could, & Jackie was able to piece things together.


5:10 PM BBT Shelli tells Audrey she doesn't even know what day it is. Shelli says, she's the HOH. She could have told Vanessa what she wanted her to do with the POV. Shelli says, Audrey went downstairs & talked about her & Clay, & told everyone about Sleeper Cell, so she knew what she had to do. Shelli says, she wanted to talk to people in groups, & Jackie went to get everyone.


5:11 PM BBT Shelli says, there was no plan for an all house meeting without her, but it happened when Jackie got everyone. Shelli says, she hear stuff that she couldn't even believe. Audrey asks about what? Shelli tells her some things. Audrey says, she was told about Shelli thinking she was in an alliance. Shelli says, this is why she can't stand it, why is there never an admission that she something? Audrey tries explaining things again. Shelli says, anything that she could have gone down & said seems like a personal attack on her.


5:14 PM BBT Shelli says, she could only talk about the alliance. Audrey says, she could have talked about Becky, & them wanting to backdoor her, & they told John to throw the comp. Shelli says, yes, she helped her, that was to save her. Audrey starts to cry while talking. She says, excuse her, because of the meds. Shelli says, everything she did was to prove her loyalty to her. She says, she's made it very very clear how she fought for her, & how she deserved another chance with Da'Vonne cornering her, & she laying in the bed for 2 days.


5:16 PM BBT Shelli says, she still feels that way to this day. Shelli tells Audrey what else she was told about her being on the inside, & Audrey being on the outside. Audrey says, she never heard that before in her life. She asks who said those things? Shelli asks if this is something she should really be telling her. Audrey says, she wants to try to put the stuff together. Shelli says, she will tell her, but she doesn't want this to blow up the house. She says, she's already dead, & doped up on Ativan.


5:17 PM BBT Shelli tells Audrey that she knows she has a final 2 deal with John. Audrey asks if John told her that? Shelli says, yes. Audrey says, that's not true. Shelli asks what is true? Audrrey says, she told John she would look out for him if he looked out for her with Steve. Audrey says, of course Steve is like Jesus, & he forgets his name half of the time in the DR. We see FOTH a couple times.


5:19 PM BBT Audrey says, Steve can do no wrong. Audrey asks when this happened? Shelli says, it could have happened when Vanessa or her were HOH. Audrey says, it doesn't make sense for when Vanessa was HOH. Audrey wants to know what else was said. Shelli says, she really doesn't want to tell her. Shelli says, she told Jackie about the Jeff stuff, & that they knew about it before hand. Shelli says, Shelli made up the 5 person alliance, & that Shelli & Clay need to go up. She says, she was told that she (Shelli) would be an easy one to go out. Audrey says, how convenient.


5:22 PM BBT Shelli tells Audrey she has been on her side the whole time, & it feels that she put her back against the wall. Audrey says, she got screwed out of a chance for at least $50,000, & she feels Shelli got screwed out of a chance of $500,000. Audrey asks how many conversations with Johnny Mac & Jackie. Audrey says, she's stupid, because she went downstairs & exploited Sleeper Cell. She says, she told Jackie that it was Vanessa & Austin in the room. She says, how Shelli was told was not how she explained it.


5:23 PM BBT Shelli tells Audrey that she's been told things all along, before she exploited everything. Audrey says, like what? Shelli says, the things she's telling her. Audrey says, doesn't she understand that it's other people putting shadows of doubt in her head against her. Shelli says, yes. Audrey says, Vanessa brilliantly put on a performance & lied. She says, Vanessa will not admit to this, but she said she really can't trust Shelli & Clay. Shelli says, she is just going to have to watch the show & see, because there's nothing she can do.


5:25 PM BBT Shelli says, this has been a very emotional week this week, & she never wanted to be the person to put her in this position. She says, her back was against the wall with everything, & she was left with no choice. Audrey says, she's still not telling her everything. She says, in the past, James was exploited. Shelli asks if it was about Jace? Audrey says, yes. Audrey says, Jeff was exploited as a liar. She says, the only one who hasn't come clean is Jason, because he's a liar.


5:27 PM BBT Audrey says, she's not sure what Vanessa is doing to seem like they can trust her, but she's doing a great job. Shelli asks if Vanessa was the one to help her & keep her safe. Audrey says, Shelli will go back & watch this, & she will see that Vanessa put her through total hell the whole time. Audrey says, the one thing she was told by Vanessa was that she couldn't betray Shelli. Audrey wants to know exactly when things were said. Shelli says, she doesn't keep time stamps, because she doesn't get herself so caught up.


5:29 PM BBT Audrey asks Shelli if it was when they were talking about Steve? Shelli says, she's not exactly sure. She tells Audrey she doesn't want her to quote her, because she's not sure the word are exact. She tells her not to take them as being exact. Shelli tells her that she was sitting with Vanessa, & needs to do damage control that it wasn't recent that Audrey said this stuff. Steve gets called to the DR. Shelli says, that's reasonable, it's not that big of a deal, & they can fix it. Shelli says, Audrey was to upset about all of this.


5:31 PM BBT Shelli says, then she heard about her wanting to get her & Clay on the block. Audrey wants to know who she heard it from? Shelli says, she's already threw one name to her, & she can't keep doing this, she's not going to tell her, because she's still in the house. Audrey says, she only talked to two people that day. Shelli says, then she will have to live with her decision until she gets out of the house. Audrey says, she's literally numb from all of the Ativan in her system. Shelli says, she's not going to tell her, & she fears that she will not think she's her friend. Shelli says, it's not fair to her, because she has to stay in the house.


5:34 PM BBT Shelli says, Audrey is being unfair to her. Audrey tells Shelli, she's only been close to her & she would have through the whole game. Shelli doesn't respond. Audrey says, she can tell her right now. She says, Jackie went upstairs & said that to her, & she can't trust her. Shelli says, the only thing she asked about was their votes, & the fight. She says, they didn't vote for Jeff, & they told Jackie that they knew before the fight that Jeff was going to be the one put up. She says, the fight wasn't staged, & it was a genuine fight.


5:36 PM BBT Audrey says, she told Jackie that the argument was real, but Jeff was baited into it by Vanessa & Austin. Shelli says, Jackie told her that were aware. Shelli says, later, when everyone was upstairs it came out about the 5 person alliance that Audrey told Jackie that Shelli made it up. Audrey says, that's not true. Shelli says, she doesn't know what to do how to fix this on a game level. She says, she's not throwing every single name under the bus to her, to be stuck in the middle. She says, she's not going to talk game. She says, Audrey will see everything that Shelli did for her, & she was basically pushed into putting her up.


5:39 PM BBT Shelli tells Audrey that she wants to tell her that she honestly loves her as a friend, she is honestly upset that things are happening like this, & it's been very hard that she had to do this. She says, she wants to be friends outside the house, to keep her head held high, & go and take the world on outside the house. Shelli says, there's nothing that can be solved to make the game any better.


5:40 PM BBT Shelli says, Audrey is kind of using things from the first week to kind of attach her. She says, if she was put up that week she would have fought for whatever it took to stay there. She says, that was a blip of a moment, & this is several weeks later, & it doesn't compare to everything that's happen. Audrey says, it does compare, because she has to be stuck there another 24 hours. She says, she wants to investigate what happened. Audrey says, she won't drop names in her speech when she leaves. Shelli tells Audrey to talk to everyone individually, because she's already given her to much already.


5:42 PM BBT Audrey tries to drag more information out of Shelli. Shelli says, no, Audrey, I'm not going to do this. Audrey says, was it because you don't want to use Clay's name. Shelli says, excuse me? She says, you don't go to Clay & talk to him about anything, so she shouldn't be using his name. Audrey says, she talked to were Vanessa, Clay & her at 4 a.m. Shelli says, she's been hearing things all week, & who knows what day is what, because they all blur together when you are sleeping a couple hours at a time, up for 24 hours in a row, & having a million conversations. She says, it's impossible to remember when it all happened.


5:44 PM BBT Shelli says, she wants to find out how she's doing on a personal level, & forget the game. Audrey says, on a personal level it feels like sh*t. Shelli says, she has given her chances to defend herself. Audrey says, there are these other people saying things. Shelli says, Audrey can't fault her for what people are saying to her. Audrey asks about the comment that was made about them trusting each other, & now people are planting these seeds of doubt in her head. Audrey says, she has a hard time wrapping her head around anything before yesterday. Shelli says, all this came to her at once. We see FOTH.


5:46 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Audrey laughing. Shelli says, they are not going to reach a conclusion right now. Audrey tells Shelli to look in her eyes, she says, she swears on her life. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Audrey says, she didn't say anything about putting her & Clay on the block. Shelli says, that's what she was told. Audrey says, that's laughable & a f*cking joke. Shelli tells Audrey that she heard she wanted to split them up. Liz gets called to the DR.


5:48 PM BBT Audrey says, she would go to the final 3 with them. Shelli says, she is paraphrasing everything she has heard from what people are telling her. She says, she wants to be there for her, talk to her & trust her as a person. She says, she's not going to remember every single word that someone said, so she can exploit it. Audrey asks when they did that? Shelli says, she just did it yesterday.


5:51 PM BBT Shelli keeps explaining herself to to Audrey, to try & sink it into her head. Audrey sighs. She says, what's the most contradictory thing about that is that she says she heard stuff before the BOTB, & she doesn't know how any of that makes sense. Audrey runs down more stuff. She tells Shelli that she called Jeff a hypocrite. Audrey says, the therapist that's seeing everything, validates a lot of stuff for her. Shelli says, she doesn't need to know what the therapist sees or says. Shelli explains stuff to Audrey over again.


5:56 PM BBT Shelli says, she only heard about Jeff being the male Audrey, because Clay told Jeff that. Shelli says, she did not say that to Jeff. We see FOTH.


5:58 PM BBT When the live feeds come back Audrey asks Shelli about the line. Shelli says, it was about the inside & outside of the house. Shelli has to keep explaining the stuff over & over & over again to Audrey.


6:02 PM BBT Shelli tells Audrey that she would be a fool to tell her stuff, just for it to get used against her. She says, a lot of stuff that she (Audrey) has been saying is conflicting. She gives her an example with Vanessa. Shelli says, one of them is telling the truth, & one is not. She says, there have been several instances of this happening with others as well with her. Shelli says, when it keeps happening, it brings it back to her (Audrey) as the one not to trust.


6:04 PM BBT Shelli asks her why she was so paranoid when Shelli won HOH? Audrey says, it was because Da'Vonne was so calm. Shelli says, did she honestly think she was going to talk game with Da'Vonne & not keep her safe on week 2? Audrey says, because she was already expecting to leave, that's why she was the way she was. Shelli says, she should have felt safe. Shelli asks Audrey why she was upset when she put John on the block? Audrey says, she remembered the conversation differently. She says, there were weaker players that she could have used. She tells Shelli if she came to her with that plan, she could have done that, especially after seeing the BOTB. Shelli says, she wishes they would have done that.


6:06 PM BBT Audrey says, she has a consistent pattern in her life that things always turn against her. She says, she's on the Ativan, because so many people can do this to her for $500,000. She says, she can do this all summer, & she was feeling fine that day until Clay talked to her. Shelli says, when people started talking everything came together. Shelli says, she knows if she was in her position she probably would feel the same way. She says, they all agree that this is not personal. She says, she wants Audrey to have an enjoyable time while she is still here. Shelli says, she's been laying around thinking about all the good times they've had in the house with her. She says, she absolutely adores her. Shelli tells her not to leave thinking any different.


6:09 PM BBT Audrey says, she had an intense panic attack in the DR. Shelli asks why? Audrey says, she feels it was one of the biggest betrayals with her & Clay putting her up on the block. Shelli wipes her tears away, & says, now she's going to turn this to her (Shelli) giving her (Audrey) the biggest betrayal of the summer.


6:11 PM BBT Audrey tells Shelli that she was told that a lot more has gone on. Shelli says, if she talks to the people in the DR, she can go & talk to them right now. She says, they can tell her how much Shelli has been put through. Audrey says, she has to give a speech. She says, she's not doing press day, because it's going to be to much after this. Shelli asks her if she's going to leave & paint this as she (Shelli) is giving her the biggest betrayal of the summer? Shelli asks if this is how they are spinning this? Audrey says, no one is spinning this. Shelli tells Audrey to ask the people in the DR about what she's had to go through with all of this. We see FOTH.


6:15 PM BBT In the KT, Austin is being dramatic, & saying that Audrey was coming after him, which did not happen. Audrey left the CRL, & went back to bed in the HNR. Austin tells John he just miss some crazy sh*t. Austin says, she thought Audrey was going to attack John. John reenacts it. Austin says, that's going to go down in history. Becky says, the girl that scared Johnny Mac. Austin says, she scared him. In the WA, James says, Audrey was all teared up, & looked like she was going to punch a wall. We see FOTH.


6:19 PM BBT Live feeds come back with HG's in the WA saying that's the most upset they've ever seen Shelli. Jackie tells Steve, Jason, Steve, Vanessa & James that she went upstairs with Shelli first. Jason says, they probably ended the conversation at the door & scattered. In the HOHR, Shelli is so upset, she is crying to Clay. Clay tells Shelli, she didn't make the wrong choice. He says, there have been so many things not lining up with her.


6:22 PM BBT Shelli says, Audrey is so good at making her feel like she made the wrong decision. Clay says, she didn't make the wrong decision, not to doubt her decision. Shelli says, when everyone is saying all of this, & she's the only person it goes back to they know she is the one not telling the truth. Clay says, for her to come to talk game this late in the week doesn't make sense. We see FOTH.


6:24 PM BBT When live feeds come back Clay says, when James, Jackie, & everyone else tell them the same thing, it's all consistent with what they are telling them. Shelli says, it was Jeff versus Audrey, because she was trying to get everyone turned against him. Clay says, if this was Audrey's first explosion, she (Shelli) would have every reason to have doubt. Clay says, it's not, & she's had another chance, & she stood by her side through it all. She tells Clay how Audrey moved her glasses, & looked straight in her face, to tell her the stuff was a lie.


6:26 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that she said a sentence about Clay taking her outside & trying to stir things up. Clay says, he was trying to help her, & then he caught her in another lie. Clay says, she wanted for him to swear on his life. He says, she sat there, & straight up lied to his face, because he knew what she had already said. Clay says, if he was doubtful, he would believe her, but he knew already. Shelli tries to see who's coming upstairs on the TV.


6:28 PM BBT Clay tells Shelli that Audrey actually made him doubt things for a few seconds. Clay says, he hasn't trusted her since the beginning. Clay says, Shelli is a much better person than him. Shelli says, she's going to make it look like Shelli betrayed her. Clay says, people watch the show, they will not think that. Clay says, in his journals, it can't be made out that way. Shelli asks why she's doing this? Clay says, because she thinks one way. Austin gets called to the DR.


6:30 PM BBT Clay says, all the information they get from Audrey has to be checked out & verified, because it's always skewed, & you never know where she got it from. Clay tells Shelli that Audrey only wanted Shelli in the game, because she wanted Shelli to take her to the final 2. Clay says, Audrey doesn't realize things. He says, in her mind, she may think she is right in all of these situations, but she wasn't. Shelli says, how is it ultimate betrayal on her end? Clay says, it wasn't. Shelli says, she stuck by her, kept her safe, even to Vanessa. She says, Vanessa forgave her, & saved her as well.


6:32 PM BBT Shelli says, now that she's HOH again, she's kept her safe & been loyal up to this point. She says, she feels bad this decision has to be made, but everyone in the house wants this. Clay says, there's no way she betrayed Audrey, so she needs to get that out of her head. Shelli says, Audrey told her that what people said to her weren't true. Shelli says, she really needed to get out of the room, so she could talk to someone, because she had her (Shelli) believing she was making the wrong decision.


6:34 PM BBT Shelli says, they came over & told them not to use production as a strategy, so she just had to get out of the room. We see FOTH. Clay tells Shelli she needs to talk to everyone soon. Shelli says, they all just saw her come upstairs all upset. She tells Clay that she wants to tell everyone that was upstairs to come back up, she didn't mean to run them off.


6:35 PM BBT Jackie goes in the HOHR with Shelli, & says, team Shelli. Jackie asks what happened, because they saw Audrey flying. Becky says, Audrey went towards Johnny Mac. Shelli says, John needs to come up there to. Becky describes what happened after John said, sketch. She says, Audrey heard him, when he was trying to be quiet, but she came back & charged at John (Becky put the light blue blanket around her to reenact this). Becky says, Austin said Woe, & jumped back. James says, she talked to him, He says, she asked why he flipped on her?


6:38 PM BBT James says, she was trying to start a conversation with him, & Meg went to get him. Clay tells them that Audrey is now saying that Shelli betrayed her the whole time. Becky & Jackie both say that she's been winning HOH's & she helped her. Shelli says, how much percentage of being saved while on the block was Audrey, & how much was Clay? James says, Clay actually saved her.


6:41 PM BBT We see FOTH. Live feeds come back with Becky explaining how Audrey got personal with her, & then she became HOH. Becky says, Audrey wanted one thing, & that was for her (Becky) to remember that she (Audrey) kept her safe when she was on the block. Clay talks about their conversation. Shelli says, Audrey had a hand in conversations that were going on up there that one week. Shelli says, yes, she did, & the house was against her, & she (Shelli) kept her safe, even when it was dangerous for her.


6:43 PM BBT Shelli says, she understands that because she's on the block, & knows she's leaving, she wants all the details. Shelli tells them she started to tell her stuff, & then she says, she stopped, because she has to stay in the house, & isn't going to tell her everything. Shelli tells them what she told them about what Jackie told her about Audrey telling her about the 5 person alliance.


6:45 PM BBT She tells James, Becky, Jackie & Clay about what she told Audrey about the fight with Jeff not being staged. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back with Shelli telling them about her hearing the she wanted to split her & Clay up, & the rest. Steve gets told he's not allowed to talk about production. Shelli tells them what she said to her on a personal level.


6:47 PM BBT John is downstairs in the KT. He asks what the penalty is for Audrey breaking all these rules? We see FOTH.


6:48 PM BBT Live feeds come up for a moment. Meg says, oh my God, the live feeders. We see FOTH again. Live feeds come back. Liz (Julia) is in the WA doing her make-up. Meg, Jason & Austin are in the KT. Meg says, she should really paint her nails. Jason says, his cuticles are bad. Meg wants to know what's in the pot? Austin says, it's the slop. He says, it looks like a cauldron. Jason goes to the pot & stirs the slop. He asks Johnny Mac if he's in charge of the slop now? He says, yeah. Jason says, it looks pretty foul, & he thought those chicks just left it.


6:51 PM BBT John says, they should all play Duck Duck Goose. Austin says, that's using production as a strategy, Johnny Mac. We see FOTH. When live feeds come back Jason tells Meg how Austin follows Liz (Julia)  around like a puppy dog. Austin & Liz (Julia) are in the WA. Austin says, he's going to go lie down in the room & she can just come in. Liz (Julia) says, o.k. He uses mouthwash again, this time rinsing out the sink. He walks to the KT & gets a glass of water. He asks if they are going to play any fun games tonight? He says, it's going to be stressful tomorrow, so he wants to have fun tonight.


6:54 PM BBT Jason says, there are 4 cream cheeses in there. He asks who puts cream cheese on regular bread. Meg asks John about his speech tomorrow. Back in the HOHR, Becky says, there are so many alliances, they can't even say the alliance anymore. Jackie says, she called Audrey out on their alliance. She says, Audrey called Shelli & Clay out on that. Jackie says, she remembers it 100 percent. Shelli says, she's so good. Jackie says, since she called her out, she had to cover her a**. Clay says, she talks so much & talks in circles, so you just don't grasp everything.


6:57 PM BBT Jackie is worried about going to the HNR now, because Audrey may go after her now. James says, Audrey is back in game mode now. Becky says, no matter what happens, everyone in the house was in the HOHR. Becky says, she likes to strike within 48 hours. Becky says, this is a house decision, no one is going to believe her. She says, this is a house decision, so it shouldn't matter.


6:58 PM BBT Clay says, Audrey is hanging onto something from week 2, & she won't let it go. Becky says, she doesn't think this will affect anything. Jackie says, she's angry. Clay says, the best thing to do is just to avoid her. Jackie says, she will go to bed tomorrow. James says, buddy system. Becky says, Audrey will not talk to her about game ever. We see FOTH.

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7:05PM BBT: Becky,James,Jackie,Shelli and Clay are in the HoH talking about Audrey. And Austin and Julia are in the Purple room as talking about Audrey.


7:10PM BBT: Austin is telling Julia that he wants to talk to Jason. Austin is saying he isn't throwing anyone under the bus he's just playing the game. Julia is saying that she is telling people that they aren't close. Shelli is saying that Audrey is saying that she wants Clay out of the game so she (Audrey) can work with her. Becky says that Audrey is being mean. Shelli is saying that Audrey knew that Clay doesn't trust her. Now Clay is talking about when she wanted to backdoor Jason.



7:15PM BBT: Julia says that John threw the BotB. Austin is filling Julia in on what is going on with Audrey. Austin is saying all they have to do is win HoH tomorrow. Telling her that Becky is shady. And that Jackie is a major threat to him cause she an win.


7:20PM BBT: John is called to the DR. James says that he was trying to work with Audrey. Now trying to figure out who the fourth vote was for Jeff. They still think it was Audrey who voted for Jeff.


7:25PM BBT: James figured out that it was Liz that voted for Jeff, Jackie says that Jeff said to her that Liz owned him. And if Liz is the one to vote he would have her vote, but if it's Julia then she wouldn't vote for him. James says that Liz was more loyal to Jeff, I just wish she was honest about it. Becky says she isn't saying anything about it because it would make Austin mad.


7:31PM BBT: Austin and Julia are now done talking, Steve, Meg and Jason are all in the kitchen. Austin is talking to Steve, He says to Steve that they still think that Steve is america's player. Steve tells him that he is not america's player and that he didn't throw the competition. Austin asked him if Liz is the big target next week. Steve says I don't think so. Steve says that they would rather have the twins come in next week, and not someone who has been voted out like Jace.


7:35PM BBT: The HoH group is done talking. 


Julia comes in to talk to Steve, We tells Julia to just tell everyone who she is, everyone knows about already. He is telling her that she needs to let people know that she isn't a threat to them. There are a lot of rumors going around about the twin twist. Jackie and Shelli give each other a hug. Steve says to Julia that they need to be opened to them about it, because it makes them less of a threat, then having one of the others come back into the game. "We don't want that." Audrey is eating regular food when she is a have not. Steve says that she isn't breaking any rules, Steve says that BB told Shelli and Audrey that they can't use production has a strategy and we get the FotH.


7:35PM BBT: Steve is telling Julia what is different about her then Liz. Her nose is smaller and the fake tooth. Julia is asking when she needs to tell them she is a twin. Everyone else is in the kitchen now. Julia is saying that she is scared of Jason putting them up. Steve says "I don't think that he will, he doesn't want one of them to come back into the house. We would rather have both of you come in. We don't want a Jace key we want a Liz key on the wall.


7:40PM BBT: Shelli is called to the DR, Steve is showing Julia where Liz has been sleeping, Becky is cooking slop, Julia is talking about Austin's girlfriend and how this doesn't look good for him. She is saying that she doesn't want to spoon with Austin. But that's what Liz has been doing. Now Julia is saying the serenity pray. Steve is saying that Jackie is so important to this game. and telling her that she can't control it. Now telling her what she needs to worry about what she can control, not what she can't. Now telling her it's a showmance, it's "Liztin" Julia says she's sleeping in a bed by herself. "eyebrows will be raised."


7:50PM BBT: Julia says "I don't want to sleep with Austin." Steve says "Its just Weird cause your the same person but your not." Julia is asking him if Liz was spending a lot of time with Austin, and Steve says "Yes, they are showmancing, Jason already knows you switched. it's public information now." Meanwhile in the kitchen in Meg, John, Jason, Clay, Becky. They want to play BB bowling. They are looking for stuff to play BB bowling with "let's go look in the trash" FotH.



7:55PM BBT: Julia is asking, when the have not

is over. "I don't know" Now telling Julia about Audrey, Steve says they think he's america's player, he's not. Jason is bringing out all the cereal boxes for bowling, now trying to find a ball grapefruit for all ball.


8:00PM BBT: Clay is making burger, and BB bowling has began. Steve and Julia are still talking in the purple room.


8:05PM BBT: Steve is talking about past seasons to Julia, and they are bowling Jason got a strike. Austin throws, Misses. Steve is just talking to Julia about twists, now telling her, worry about what you can control, don't worry about what you can't control. We go to go out there been in here too long. and with that Julia walks out. Steve starts talking to himself. Now looking at a zit on his neck, and is in the bed. cameras change to Audrey in the have not. Steve walks out Oh bowling with oranges, There was a lot of yelling, Audrey is up, and comes out of the Have-Not room.


8:10PM BBT: Steve is back in bed, whispering to himself, He says in his mic, "Im done talking to myself now, I'm just going to lay here for a bit." lots of yelling from the living room , with the bowling.


8:15PM BBT: Audrey is back in the Have-Not room , and bowling continues, James and Austin are resetting the pins. Meg is up.


8:20BBT: Bowling continues, if you hit the Froot Loops you get more point, the shredded wheats aren't worth that many points. frosted flakes are also worth a lot of points. (I don't know if I'd eat that cereal after they bowled it down)


8:31PM BBT: OK last round for bowling, then count up their scores to see who won it. (BB maybe getting an ideal about their next HoH competition from this? they will see who sucks at bowling)


8:35PM BBT: bowling is over now counting up their scores, and the winner James with 55 points.


8:40PM BBT: John, Vanessa, and Shelli are in the bathroom. John has a headache asked for some Advil. He wants to talk to Shelli later on. Meg is now playing with cereal. Vanessa wants to do a pod cast later. John says he has to come up with his eviction speech for tomorrow, Vanessa "you mean your no eviction. speech" Vanessa has her face mask on. Now she is in the wash room alone just sitting there. Everyone else is in the kitchen, Steve is now in there. John, and Jackie, and Austin are now in the wash room.


8:45PM BBT: They are getting ready for another round of bowling, John is talking to Vanessa in the wash room. Clay is now bowling, John says the have not are not getting off at 12AM BBT: tonight or he doesn't think so. The cereal boxes are getting smashed up from bowling and cereal is coming out of some of them, so they are now eating dry cereal, while bowling.


8:50PM BBT: Austin is talking to John about what causes headaches, lots of reason, and bowl continues in the kitchen. John is trying to figure out what day it is. (Its Day 35)


8:55PM BBT: Clay busts open the corn flakes box, they are using Rice Krispies to keep score. They are breaking up the cereal boxes, there is broken cereal boxes all over the kitchen table. And also cereal. and they are having pasta for dinner.

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9:00 PM BBT We see FOTH for a few moments. When live feeds come back Jason opens up a grapefruit that the HG's were using to bowl with. Meg says, it looks like the inside of a pumpkin. Liz (Julia) says, she wouldn't eat that, & walks away. Jackie, Steve, Meg, Jason, James, Liz (Julia) & Austin are in the KT by the glass table. Liz (Julia) says, lets play monkey in the middle. Steve says, f*ck you to James. Jackie asks Steve if he cut his beard? Steve says, no. Meg tells Steve he can go shave his back now. Steve says, "What do I look like, Johnny Mac?" Then he says, he's done.


9:05 PM BBT Austin seems to be sulking in the WA laying on the couch. In the HNR, Vanessa is putting some stuff away. Audrey gets up to pour something in her cup. She gets on her chair again. Vanessa asks Audrey if there's a particular reason she ignored her yesterday? Audrey says, she really doesn't remember because of her meds. She pretends not even to remember the name of the medication, when she told Shelli like 20 times earlier. Audrey tries to say it, & Vanessa says it's Ativan. She says, her ex-husband used to have to take it for depression. All camera views go to the KT area & DT.


9:07 PM BBT Austin has gone to sit at the DT now, & is socializing some now. Liz (Julia) is acting way over the top to try to act like Liz. She is overdoing it just a bit. Vanessa walks to the KT area from the HNR. Steve is in the SR taking Tums out of the cabinet. He clicks his fingers as he chews the Tums loudly. He finds a cucumber in the SR, & he says, he doesn't know what it is. He asks Vanessa if it's a cucumber or zucchini? Vanessa says, it appears to be a cucumber. He says, he's going to put it in the pasta.


9:10 PM BBT Clay is in the HOHR WA. He tells Becky that her microphone is in there as he walks out of the HOHR. Becky puts on her microphone, & goes back to listening to music on the couch. Clay goes to the WA. He tells Jackie it really bothers him that Audrey is saying that Shelli is doing the ultimate betrayal. Clay says, he thought higher of her he guessed. He cleans his ears out with Q-Tips, & throws them in the trash can next to the couch. Jackie gets told to please put on her microphone.


9:13 PM BBT Vanessa is sitting at the DT eating a sandwich. She tells Clay, it's very good, & thanks him for making it. Clay tells her, she's welcome. Jackie has gone to the KT area by the counter where Jason & Shelli are. Liz (Julia) & John are sitting at the glass table. Steve is in the KT making himself something to eat. Austin has gotten up from the DT, & gone into the LR. Clay is laying on one of the couches. Clay says, he wants to f*rt really loud right now. James is stretching on the floor also.


9:15 PM BBT Clay calls Meg to the LR. Clay tells her that James is assuming the position. Meg asks him if that's all he called her over there for? She tells James to stop wanting to f*rt in her face, because he's done it before. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production to the HG's. Meg can't believe it's only 9 PM BBT. Clay gets told to please not obstruct his microphone. Austin & Meg start saying the HG's names the way BB says them.


9:17 PM BBT Meg says, the only country song she knows was on today, & they cut it off. Shelli is sitting at the DT now. She tells Jackie the cameras on her while she sits at the DT eating pickles. Liz (Julia) says, she wishes they had more paper towels. John says, they're out. Liz (Julia) says, this sh*t stains, & she tries to wipe her clothes. Vanessa is juggling limes. Vanessa says, the juggling isn't the hard part, it's when she has to stop she messes up. Liz (Julia) tells her, she's good.


9:20 PM BBT Liz (Julia) says, she's played quittage. She says, someone goes around with a ball literally sticking out of his butt. Liz says, she stained her shirt. She says, f*ck, she has to wear this tomorrow. She says, she really hopes they can change. John says, when they went to wash them, they took that set, & gave them this one. Steve says, it's time for the Whackstreet Boys (except it's not).


9:22 PM BBT John tells Liz (Julia) that he has to pack his suit case. She asks why? John says, for tomorrow. Liz (Julia) jokingly tells John he may go home. Steve tells John that he's making pasta with zucchini in it. So, I guess he figured out it was a zucchini, not a cucumber. Steve tells John is was weird doing his goodbye message. John says, if he had to do one, it would be weird. Steve says, there's not even a possibility for him to go home. John says, there could be a twist. Clay gets told to please not obstruct his microphone.


9:25 PM BBT John says, he's going to play by the rules & pack his suit case anyway. Liz (Julia) asks Steve what he's making? Steve tells her, he's making a bacon & zucchini pasta. She says, that sounds good. Austin gets told to please relocate his transmitter. James gets told to please stop singing. Liz (Julia) is now sitting on the couch in the LR eating. Shelli asks Steve if he's making more bacon? Steve says, maybe, why? Shelli says, she loves how he loves his bacon now.


9:27 PM BBT Steve is the only one left in the KT. The HG's in the LR are talking about the bacon & zucchini pasta that Steve is making. Audrey is still in the HNR.


9:28 PM BBT Meg tells Jason he has to share his room now, since others did last night. He says, he has half of the basement. He says, he has a black headboard, & a Liza Manelli book case. He says he put different colors of duck tape on the walls, so he didn't have to paint. He says, he only has 2 walls that he could hang things on. He says, he used twine to hang stuff. He says, he sleep beneath a gold dollar sign. He says, he has very nice & fresh sheets. He says, they never match the pillow cases of his 9 pillows that are on his bed.


9:32 PM BBT Vanessa says, she recently moved, & her mom made her headboard. She says, it's a big massive looking headboard. She says, she has a queen size bed that is barely big enough for her, her girlfriend, & the two dogs. She says, she has green sheets with a down comforter. She says, Mel got her a sunglasses rack this year for her boyfriend. She says, it's a spinning one. Becky gets called to the DR.


9:33 PM BBT Vanessa says, she has boxes turned upside down for end tables, but they really need them. She says, they have a black dresser. She says, her anniversary was May 12. Vanessa says, Mel made her a picture collage that she hasn't got to see yet, so hopefully it's up before she gets home. She says, she rents a 2 bedroom home. Her dogs are Bear and Maverick. She says, they could've come up with some cool spelling for the names. Vanessa says, Mel is grossed out by the dogs on her pillows, but she doesn't care.


9:35 PM BBT Liz (Julia) asks if one of her dogs snores? Vanessa says, Bear does. She asks if everyone already described their rooms already? Vanessa says, she was in a condo before has dark red carpet, & her room was a lot darker there. Austin says, Jason wants to see the red wine & black room. Jason asks Jackie if she heard about the Palace of Wisdom? Jackie says, yes. Jason says, that's what he's talking about.


9:37 PM BBT Jackie asks Liz (Julia) if she did her room? She says, she did her room. They say whether they have an iPhone or Android for their cell phones. Steve, Clay & James are the only ones who have Android phones. Everyone else has an iPhone. Audrey comes out to go to the DR. James tells her that Becky is in there. Audrey goes in the SR. Meg says, she had to abandon ship. They want to know what happened. Shelli says, "Ya'll be nice." Jason says, they will all laugh with her when this is over.


9:40 PM BBT Audrey comes out & asks who's ready for a takeover, she's the other twin. She has a wig on. Liz (Julia) reads the green BB card. Liz (Julia) says, HG's, it's your responsibility to put the appropriate items in the refrigerator or freezer for preservation. They all find that funny. Audrey says, they should do a DR together. They say, they are discussing subject topics.


9:42 PM BBT Vanessa says, what is everyone's most prized possession. Jason says, his Louis Vuitton backpack. Steve says, not his horn, it's a photo album of some kind. Shelli tells him to be shallow. Steve says, his MAC, because it's massive. Jason says, his computer would be number 2. Liz (Julia) says she got a Go-Pro for her birthday. She says, she barely uses it, even though she thought she would. Everyone wants to know who f*rted.


9:45 PM BBT Steve asks what a Go-Pro is? Jason says, it's what there wore in the phone pic. Liz (Julia) says she got a Nikon camera. Steve says, aside from your cell phone, because everyone would say that. Austin says, his is his gymnastics rings. Vanessa says, here's is a 1976 antique synthesizer she has. Steve guesses the name of it, & is right. Shelli says, she's still thinking. Jason says, bounce. Meg says, she has 2. She says, one is a framed poster of her niece & nephew, & her Michael Kors rose gold watch. Shelli says, she has a gold Michael Kors watch with diamonds on it that her dad got her.


9:48 PM BBT Shelli wants one in every color now, because she's obsessed with it. Jackie says, they may have the same watch. Jackie says, she lost hers when she got drunk one night. They seem to have gotten them around the same time. Liz (Julia) asks if her dad knows she lost it? Jackie says, he knows, but her mom was p*ssed. Meg says, she doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, but she always wears that. Jackie says the same thing. John says, his is his acoustic guitar.


9:50 PM BBT Clay says, his is either his Agi ring or his Bravado watch. Liz (Julia) asks what an Agi ring is? Clay says, it's a Letterman ring from school. Shelli says, his football ring. James can't think of something. Shelli says, her watch was easy for her, because everyone knows she likes her watch. James says, he would have to say his visor collection. He says, he has them embroidered with his name on them, & the girls know not to ask for them. James says, girls will take your hat, & not give it back.


9:53 PM BBT Jackie says, she wants more fried slop, because she's hungry. Shelli asks how her tummy is feeling? She says, amazing. Shelli tells her to go make some more & use BBQ sauce. Jackie says, she did. BB tells Audrey to stop that. HG's think she may be going through people's clothes or something. James says, how do you get a stop that by yourself? They say, Steve has gotten some by himself. Everyone wants to go check on things, bu they want a buddy system.


9:54 PM BBT Audrey walks through the LR cith her hoodie & blanket on. She goes in the HNR. Meg says, she was looking for that lipstick everywhere. Jason says, he has a 2005 old Chevy Cobalt with black paint that's peeling with a crack on the windshield. He says, it has about 4,000 recalls on it. Vanessa says, she has a 2011 White Jeep Wrangler. John says, he has a 2013 white Ford Escape. Jackie has a 2004 Silver Mercedes E-500. Meg had a 2008 black Jeep Liberty in college, but now she uses her feet. James has a 2006 Chevy Tahoe.


9:57 PM BBT James says, he has a Bose system in his Tahoe. Steve says, it's been a long time since he's heard anything good about Bose. He says, they use a lot of trickery. He says, they do a lot of stuff, instead of actually making good speakers. He says, they do a weird thing with harmonics to make it sound different than other speakers. He says, they make it sound different in how it's made, but it's not actually better.


9:59 PM BBT Steve says, he doesn't have a car, & never has. Liz (Julia) says, she has a 2014 Gold Jetta named Scott. Austin says, he drives an old silver Honda CRV that's falling apart. Jason says, he's surprised he fits in anything Honda. He says, Honda's are good & they don't break down. Clay has a black 2007 Dodge Ram 1500. Shelli had a red Mustang Convertible, & that was her baby until she totaled it. She called herself Mustang Shelli. She has a white 2006 Kia Sorento SUV now.


10:03 PM BBT Becky comes out of the DR. She runs to the WA to use the WC really quick. They went around & said what they want for a dream car. Meg says, she never wants a car, ever. The girls want their guys to have clean bedrooms, & no posters in their rooms. Shelli says, she likes them to make there bed. Clay says, he never makes his bed. He says, it's been fun. Jackie says, she stayed at one guys house & there was a dead cockroach, & she stayed over the next week & it was still there. Everyone gets grossed out. Jackie says, he was so hot though.


10:06 PM BBT Becky says, she drives a 2014 Honda Civic. She says, she didn't drive anything in Europe for 2 years, & she didn't have insurance. She says, she saved the money for a big down payment. Jackie says, she saved Becky's slippers from staying outside. Vanessa wants them to say if you can live anywhere in the world, where would it be. She says, they will clear their schedules, & they can elaborate.


10:07 PM BBT Jackie says, she would love to live in Malibu. Jason says, he would love to live in Europe short term for a hot minute. He says, otherwise he wants to live in Britain. Steve wants to live in Orlando, & work for Disney. Liz (Julia) says, she wants to live in Italy, & the food is f*cking amazing. Becky says, she would love to live in Tokyo short term, & long term she would love to live in Malibu (she didn't want to copy Jackie though). Clay wants to experience different cultures.


10:10 PM BBT If Clay had to pick 4 places he would go to Costa Rica, Tokyo, Croatia, & Austalia. When it's all said & done he wants to settle down close to his family. Liz (Julia) says, so somewhere in North America. Everyone loves that comment. Shelli says, Costa Rica short term. She says, she doesn't like to be that far away from home, & she really likes Charleston, South Carolina. She says, it's so southern, pretty, historical, & hands down that's her choice.


10:13 PM BBT Austin says, he would like to live in Morocco, Budapest, & he names others that we can't hear because of his microphone. He says, they are inspirational places to write.


10:15 PM BBT John says, long time he would like to live in the Virgin Islands. Steve asks where they are? Jackie names them off. Audrey gets called to the DR. James wants to visit his home country in Korea, & bang some hot Korean chicks. He says, that's it. He wants to live anywhere near water. He says, Charleston, South Carolina is fine. Audrey goes to the DR. Steve asks if water is more important than forest for him? James says, yes. Vanessa has lived in a lot of cities. She says, friendships that go way back for roots is missing for her. She lives in Las Vegas now. She says, she almost moved to Miami for DJing. She says, the cost of living is pretty low in Las Vegas. She loves that area.


10:18 PM BBT Vanessa says, it's close to so many things, the air quality is very high, you can eat at a different restaurant every day, & never eat at the same place twice. She says, you are near skiing, lakes & more. She says, you aren't far from California or Phoenix. She says, if she had to pick an international place, it would be Barcelona. She says, they don't eat dinner until around 9 PM, which is bomb.


10:21 PM BBT The HG's go around to describe dream rooms. Vanessa says, everything about Penn & Teller's house is awesome, & it's really cool. She says, she would like that. Jackie says, she was at the Donny & Marie Theater. She says, she went to the Pink Flamingo after that. Jackie says, there was an accident, & she almost got crushed, so she left. Jackie says, she comes on a lift from underneath. We see FOTH. ***From BBAD Jackie says, as they were going up the cover was still down, & she had to bust out. She says, it felt like she was going to literally die. Commercial comes on.***


10:24 PM BBT Live feeds come back on. Liz (Julia) says, that's so scary. Jackie says, it was. Meg says, she's glad she's alive. Jackie says, she had to bust through wood. We see FOTH for a moment. James says, he about died before he came on BB. He says, his bike just hugged the road, & he cheated death. He says, he was going about 75 or 80 MPH on his sport bike. James says, some a**hole dropped his ladder off the back of his truck & left it there.


10:26 PM BBT Becky says, someone lost a mattress off their car, & there was a chain reaction of the mattress going on a couple other cars, & then falling. She says, everyone maintained their speeds & didn't crash. Jason says, Audrey probably got called into the DR about the wig, & to see if it was Meg's lipstick she had. Jason says, he was merging onto a highway. He says, he hit a massive puddle on the entrance to the highway, & he did a 360 turn going onto the highway, & then was facing the wrong way. He says, every girl in his car was crying.


10:29 PM BBT Jason says, he did a 3 point turn on the highway. Clay says, so, you're a race car driver then? Jason says, in that instance anyone would be. Austin tells a story about some kid that got stabbed in his neck that was parked right behind Austin's car. He says, he had a broken wrist with a pink cast. He says, the other guy got to his car first, otherwise it could have been him. Meg says, she knows a guy that was mugged in the middle of the day on 43rd street in the middle of Time Square. She says, he ended up with broken arms from it. She says, it's scary. Jackie says, she was just over there.


10:32 PM BBT Liz (Julia) says, there was some trombonist, no not a trombonist, but a saxophonist that was in the French Quarter. She says, someone played the punching game with him, & he fell back & hit his head on the sidewalk & dies from it. Meg says, when did this conversation switch to wa wa? Jason says, he has another story. He says, there was a person that put his car into reverse, & there is a line of people behind him, & then the whole row is going backwards. Jason says, he was screaming. He says, eventually the driver finally realized that he was going backwards & changed. He says everyone was screaming & beeping their horns. All of his stories involve a car full of girls. Everyone laughs.


10:35 PM BBT Becky tells about an experience when she was driving by the Continental Divide, & a freak snow storm came through in August. She says, she had an old Mitsubishi Eclipse, & it wouldn't stop. She says, she was going backwards in the snow because it was freezing, & she slide back & had to get off on an accident. Liz (Julia) says, one time she was skiing she had to go down a double black diamond accidentally. She says, it was scary. John asks her if she fell at all? She says, no, she made it down. Meg asks if she had to pizza her skis? She says, yes, & it was in Colorado.

10:38 PM BBT The HG's talk about how expensive it is to ski. Jackie says, she goes to Big Bear. Liz (Julia) says, she would buy skis if she lived in a place like Las Vegas. Steve says, what about the fun room question, because they never did that? Becky says, this was better. Steve & Vanessa talk about different consoles. John get his suitcase out of the SR, & goes in the CBR.


10:40 PM BBT Jason says, he wants a lot of clothes in a closet. Shelli wants a huge mirrored workout room with all kinds of machines. Steve asks about decor, color & style. Shelli says, she's not that picky. Steve says, that's her thing. She says, probably white & grey. Steve talks about a dream he had about having a circular room with mirrors in it, & you can only get out of it every 20 minutes, because that's when the doors meet up.


10:42 PM BBT Becky tells them that her ex-boyfriend bought a house that someone he knew owned. She says, it was remodeled before her ex-boyfriend moved in. Becky says, he was asked if the stripper pole was still in there? Becky says, they looked, & you can see where the stripper pole was & where the video camera hook-ups. HG's wonder if that's legal. James says, it is in your own home. Liz (Julia) says, that's so ratchet. We see FOTH.


10:45 PM BBT In the WA, Jason & Austin are talking about the twins. Austin says, he feels that he's caught in the middle. Jason asks if he knows their real names? Austin says, yes, he does. Jason asks if this one is Angela? Austin says, no, it's Julia. Jason says, he pretty much figured out the switching schedule, & he's sure he has to. Austin says, he's developing feelings for Liz though, & he doesn't know if she's liking him as much as he's liking her. Jason says, they looked cute last night. We FOTH. Austin says, he just wants to make it to jury with her. Jason says, they were wondering last night about his girlfriend. We see FOTH.


10:48 PM BBT Austin says, this one (Julia) doesn't compete very well, but Liz does. He says, she's a better Whackstreet Boy also. Austin says, he didn't even know until Jeff told him. Jason says, how did he not know. Austin says, he wanted to talk to her for 3 days, & then not for 3 days. He says, he got hot & cold. Austin says, he's not sure how long it is until they both come in. Jason tries to figure it out. Austin says, he wants to take Liz to jury, & leave Julia behind. (I'm sure Liz wants to go farther).


10:51 PM BBT Jason says, he & Jackie has a bet that when the other twin comes in he'll get to f*rt in Jackie's mouth. He says, he wants to keep her here, so he can prove he wasn't wrong. Austin says, he thought he was going crazy. Jason asks Austin if he can tell them apart visually now? Austin says, for sure. Austin says, he wants everyone to know that his girlfriend thing wasn't real. He tells Jason he can tell people that if he talks to them. We see FOTH.


10:53 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Jason says, he feels like a fifth wheel with these whiny little b*tches. Austin says, he likes Liz a lot better, & wants them both her to help get the other people in the house made. Austin is playing both sides of the house now, trying to make deals with Jason now.


10:54 PM BBT Austin tells Jason that he has Liz' ear, & she can convince her what's in the best interest of her game. He says, it will help them. BB says something to James, but they cut to FOTH. They shake hands when live feeds come back on. Austin thanks Jason for talking to him, & they both leave the WA.


10:56 PM BBT Austin goes up to Clay in the KT, & says,Jason wanted to talk to him straight up about the twin stuff. Vanessa & Jackie are in the KT as well. Clay tells Vanessa that Shelli was upstairs crying about everything, thinking she made the wrong decision. Clay tells Vanessa there's nothing she did to her. Vanessa says, there's nothing she can do about it now. Clay is chomping on food as he talks.


10:58 PM BBT Clay tells Vanessa that Audrey was trying to get Shelli to tell her everything. Vanessa asks if she did, & if she said anything about James? Clay says, no, & she's a better person than him, because he couldn't even go in the room with her. Vanessa tells everyone not to watch her eat her orange. She says, she chews it up & spits it out, because she doesn't like the pulp. Clay chomps on his food some more.


11:00 PM BBT Meg gets told to please exchange her microphone with one in the SR. Jackie says, she doesn't get what really happened early. She is sitting at the glass table in the kT. Clay says, what happened, how do you just do that? Vanessa says, that's the thing, you can do that. We see FOTH.


11:01 PM BBT Austin walks to the WA with Clay & says, he'll try to win her back. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Shelli asks about Austin & Liz. Austin says, he thinks they are starting to develop some feelings for each other. Shelli says, Really? We see FOTH again. (Does Liz feel that way?)


11:03 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Austin tells Clay & Shelli that Liz wants him to clear the air about the girlfriend thing not being ture. He says, she thinks he can just be saying that. He says, he understands that, & that's why he's telling people. We see FOTH. Shelli says, it took 3 weeks for her to kiss Clay on the cheek. Austin says, that's where they are right now. Austin says, maybe if Clay wins an HOH. Austin says, he may get the kiss from Liz if he wins an HOH. He says, that's why he's trying to win. Shelli asks why they switched already? He says, he doesn't know, but it pi**ed them off. Shelli asks if they have a set schedule? Austin says, he doesn't know. We see FOTH.

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