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Tuesday, July 21 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Meg tells a story that she was once asked for her number and she replied “I’m like really busy!” because she couldn’t think of an excuse not to give her number.  James laughs saying he’d probably say something like “It’s ok….I only have a week to live….”


12:02 AM BBT Out in the hammock Liz and Austin cuddle chatting about something said previously in the house by Liz.


12:05 AM BBT In the LR James tells Steve, Shelli, Jackie, Johnny and Jason how to pick up girls with Clay responding to James when he asks him.  Clay responds “You infiltrate the group!”.  The girls and Jason disagree saying girls wouldn’t do that because the moment the guy leaves the girls for the night the girls would tell each other that the guy gave them both the number.  Clay wanders over after a couple of minutes and joins the conversation.


12:09 AM BBT Austin and Liz continue to cuddle in the hammock with Liz giggling while Austin strokes his hand up and down her arm.


12:13  AM BBT Becky shouts from the KT that she caught a pizza on fire.  The LR room turns and looks in her direction.  Clay gets up to go check on her and the camera switches to a pizza sitting on top of a stove that looks like it’s been dropped.  Becky says she dropped the pizza on the “heating thing on the bottom” when she was pulling it out.  They question whether the pizza is salvagable.  Becky thinks so it’s just charred.


12:14 AM BBT All four feeds switch to the BY with Austin and Liz in the hammock.  Jason shouts from his perch “Is it Liztin or Laustin?”  They agree Lizstin is better because it has Liz in versus the other option which only has the L.  Jason can be heard talking to other HGs telling them how he came up with their showmance name.


12:17 AM BBT Feeds switch to Jason at the backdoor shouting to Liz and Austin again asking about Austiz?  Liz likes that and Jason says it’s official and goes back inside.  Talk turns to how people (Jason) probably notice that Liz and Austin are much closer than Julia and Austin are.  Austin thinks he can use this to his advantage because he can play into this and act vulnerable when he gets separated from Liz every three days.


12:21 AM BBT Liz says agrees and they begin to discuss who Austin should tell that he was finally told about the twin twist by Liz.  Two feeds switch back to the LR where Vanessa asks Steve to accompany her to the WA so she can take a brush to his hair.  She thinks he needs a mother figure.


12:23 AM BBT Vanessa asks him to sit down on the lounger so she can play with his hair some.  He says she smells good.  She thanks him.  She continues to brush/mess with his hair and he comments that it feels good.  She laughs and tells him not to enjoy it too much.  He laughs and questions why not.  She says because he’s like a little brother to her.  She thanks him for letting her brush it.  She wonders how long it’s been.  He says he hasn’t brushed it yet because he “didn’t bring a brush or anything like that…”  They rejoin the LR group and talk is about wine.


12:26 AM BBT Out in the BY Austin continues to lead the conversation he plans on having with Jason about Austin getting told about the twin twist by Liz.  A low flying plane/helicopter can be heard flying overhead.  They say it’s the closest helicopter they’ve seen.  Austin says the helicopters are coming to take pictures of them tonight.  Liz wonders if they should tell Jason or Johnny.  Austin thinks he can tell Johnny separately.  BB asks Austin to relocate his transmitter.  Clay called to DR.  They comment on the fact that Clay is in DR a lot.  Austin wonders if Clay has a whole different angle that no one knows about.  FoTH.


12:32 AM BBT Feeds back and Austin and Liz are discussing flights/distance from cities before all four feeds switch to the LR crew where wine/alcohol discussion continues with Jason, Meg, Johnny, Steve, Shelli and Vanessa.


12:34 AM BBT  Two feeds switch back to Austin and Liz and they’re discussing beepers and how old they are.  Austin can’t believe Liz won’t be around for any of the comps this week.  Austin says they’re screwing him up this week.  Liz asks if they’ve had alcohol this week yet and Austin says know.  Liz mentions Audrey can have her wine before realizing she’s a HN.  Austin mentions Audrey can break a rule and take a penalty vote and have some wine we get all four feeds put back in the LR with alcohol talk continuing.


12:36 AM BBT Feeds back on the hammock and Austin is mumbling something about being yelled at.  Feeds briefly switch to the KT where Jackie, Becky and James are talking about Audrey.  James says this “is worse than last time…”.  Talk about her sleeping arrangements and Jackie points out that she can probably sleep wherever because she’s already been eating whatever and all four feeds get moved back to the hammock in the BY.


12:41 AM BBT Liz wonders if he’ll be able to her apart from her sister when she gets in.  Austin says yes and he can tell by their eyes.  Feeds briefly switch to the KT and James says “she needs to be home with her family” and all four feeds go back to the BY.  Austin continues the eye conversation by saying Liz has a sparkle in her eyes.  Austin says they walk different and smile different.


12:44 AM BBT Talk in the hammock is back on beepers.  Feeds in the KT returns to James, Becky and Jackie.  Idle chit chat about the house/game.  Becky points out that Clay has not been on the block, not been a have not and not been nominated.  FoTH.


12:47 AM BBT All four feeds back on the KT and Becky, James and Jackie continue to chat.  Becky currently leading the chat on general BB gameplay (who should put whom on the block).  Becky points out that HOHs promise to keep people off the block in exchange for keep themselves off the block the following week and that’s why the same people keep going up.


12:58 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues around the house.  Grapes are being flung around the house now by James.  BB calls James out to stop it.  Steve is up on the skybridge and starts to retaliate.  Steve gets called out by BB to stop it.


01:01 AM BBT Feeds switch mid-story and Austin tells about a renovation that was done on his house that his grandfather built a room on.  The project sounds like it ultimately was a failure for various reasons.  Austin says it’s a show that’s supposed to air on the Do-it-yourself network.  Austin doubts the episode will ever air because he was cussing quite a bit and ripped something off the wall that they hung up.  The hosts didn’t want to work with him.  Austin was trying to act like a jerk so he could get a bad edit and production didn’t care for it.


01:06 AM BBT Steve joins Jason outside while he’s smoking.  Steve comments on how weird it is that Audrey didn’t come to veto meeting.  Steve wants to help her but doesn’t think he can do anything to help her.  Steve wonders if this is a campaign maneuver.  Jason doesn’t think so because they wouldn’t have taken the have-not rules away from her.  Steve thinks it’s odd that they did that for her.  Steve agrees.  Liz and Austin get up from the hammock and Liz heads inside.


01:09 AM BBT  Austin wanders over to the couches and asks what’s up.  The guys fill him in on the conversation they just had with each other.  Austin wonders what they mean.  Jason tells Austin that they suspended the HN eating rules for Audrey so she could be made a pizza.  Austin wonders if she’s out of the room and we get FoTH.


01:10 AM BBT Up in the HOH Clay and Shelli are cuddling on the couch.  Talk is about Audrey.  Clay doesn’t like the way she’s taking the whole thing.  Clay says she did this to herself.


01:14 AM BBT Talk continues in the HOH about Audrey with Shelli playing devil’s advocate saying that clearly something more is going on based upon the way she is reacting.  Shelli is upset with her based upon her actions yesterday and she recommends Clay try to not scowl or jump on her case immediately.  Shelli points out that none of them in the house will ever be able to experience what she’s been through.  Clay understands and agrees.


01:17 AM BBT Shelli says that she was never out in public really and she lived with her parents and this is the first time she’s been in the public eye and it’s not going how she hoped.  Clay points out that she’s right but this morning he tried to check on her and she said “You need to leave.” and that does bother him.  Again he understands what Shelli is saying and it does put things into perspective, but still she put herself in this position.


01:19 AM BBT Shelli points out that her (Audrey) and Clay’s lives are so insanely different.  Clay understands but she’s still human and he wouldn’t talk/treat people like that….  Shelli hopes things will get better over the next couple of days.  Clay says he’s not going to talk to her but she needs to apologize.  Shelli asks if Audrey apologizes if he’ll be nice.  Clay will.  Shelli doesn’t want him to rattle off the list of things that she (Audrey) did wrong to him.  Clay understands


01:22 AM BBT Talk in the HOH turns to the title of the season “Is it Twists and Lies?  Did Julie tell us that?”.  They wonder about what the twist will be this week and whether or not they were supposed to have a takeover.  Down in a darkened OR we have Vanessa and James are talking about home.


01:27 AM BBT Shelli is ready to lay down for bed.  Clay tells her to get up and carry him to bed.  She says it’s gonna be tough and tries to pick him up.  Down in the OR Vanessa and James continue to chat.


01:29 AM BBT Clay says back home the right side of his bed his.  Shelli says it’s hers at home as well but as long as they’re in the house it’s hers because the left side feels like it’s secluded (not being close to the door).  Lights are off and they’re now laying down.


01:31 AM BBT Vanessa asks James about the kind of girls he likes.  He likes Caucasian girls.  He wouldn’t mind dating an Asian girl but there aren’t many near where he lives.  He says there are some near him but they’re super culturally with their ethnicity so they are completely different.  Vanessa asks if he ever thought about going to S. Korea to see what it’s like.  James would and if he wins first or second place he’ll go to Seoul to track down his family.


01:32 AM BBT Meanwhile up in HOH Clay comments on Becky, Jackie and James hanging out a lot more.  She has noticed it.  She comments that Audrey is making their side fall apart.


01:35 AM BBT Becky, Jackie and Steve chat out in the BY.  Steve was sleeping on the ground apparently.  Becky tells him to go to bed and then he’ll end up on a routine sleep schedule tomorrow.  They all plan to swim and tan tomorrow.  Steve heads in.  Becky points out that he’s like a giant baby (this was not a mean spirited comment).  Jackie agrees and says they noticed it last night as well when he was splashing in the pool.  Steve called to DR.


01:38 AM BBT Talk turns to whether or not he’s acting child like.  Becky thinks he’s been throwing HOHs but he won veto when he needed to.  Feeds switch to Liz, Jason, Austin, Meg and Johnny in the WA with Liz doing her nightly ADLs.  Jason comments on what he said in DR.  As a super fan he realizes what is being done/how she is acting is way out of the norm so he can be sympathetic to that cause.  But as someone who fought hard to be in the house he figured someone would go out with a bit more dignity.  FoTH.


01:44 AM BBT Austin, Meg and Johnny in the WA just hanging out.  Liz and Jason walked out separately.  Back in the darkened OR Vanessa and James continue to chat randomly.


01:47 AM BBT Out in the BY Jason, Becky and Jackie discuss who they’ve made deals with and  about the twin twist.  Austin is working with the twins.  Becky heard Jeff talking to one of the twins one day, trying to collect information.  Jason says Meg walked in on Austin coaching one of them (Julia) about how Liz made him mashed potatoes.  “He was referring to her as ‘she made me mashed potatoes…’”  They agree to keep the twins at this point and let the other one in because they don’t want a juror to come back in.  Jason isn’t sure.


01:52 AM BBT Jason discusses Liz/Julia faltering on telling each other information.  Jason hadn’t realized they even swapped until he called out to one of them today (Liz) and was asking her when they were going to do laundry together and she was clueless about the conversation that had just before she went into DR.  Johnny wandered out and says they’re trying to break up the band.  Someone comments that they band may gain a band member.


01:57 AM BBT Talk continues in the BY.  Jason knows Austin likes this one (Liz).  Jackie asks which one he likes.  Jason points out that it’s the one currently in the house, she’s the one that made him mashed potatoes.  Johnny says he’s going to go lay down with Audrey.  They laugh and tell him goodnight.


02:04 AM BBT Talk in the BY Jason, Becky and Jackie continue to chat discussing various BB twists and what kinds of twists are happening.  In the CR room Austin and Liz are discussing pizza types.

02:06 AM BBT Steve comes outside with something to eat and talk continues about various CBS TV shows and what they’d like to do.  In the CR Liz and Austin chat about various things that happened in the house.


02:09 AM BBT Talk in the BY turns to pre-production interviews and we get all four feeds on Liz and Austin (Note to self:  Vote a punishment for Becky, Jason, Jackie or Steve should the opportunity permit - Niteslacker).  Liz and Austin continue chatting in the CR as they wait for the lights to dim all the way.


02:15 AM BBT Random chatter in the BY.  Meanwhile in the CR Liz and Austin whisper 


02:17 AM BBT We have feeds 1 and 2 on the BY with Becky talking about her job and pre-production time frames.  (Interestingly for a feedster we get feed 3 briefly on Shelli rubbing Clay’s bare back and feed 4 on Liz/Austin talking.  Feeds switch 1 and 3 show the same Shelli/Clay feed and 2 and 4 show the same Liz/Austin feed.  FoTH.  The screens turn green briefly and we get BY feeds again before going back to FoTH.)


02:21 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH/room hopping as Becky continues to talk about pre-production.  Feeds finally settle on Liz and Austin with Austin asking about why her back hurts so much.  She’s not sure.


02:24 AM BBT Austin now talking to Liz about the BotB comp.  Austin says Jackie was shaking pumpkins to hear the key because they were so difficult to break open.  BB reminds HGs that they’re not allowed to talk about production.  They say it’s not them.  Austin says he would have crushed that competition.  Feeds return to the BY.


02:26 AM BBT Talk has returned to the twins and discrepancies in how they act/respond to things.  Jackie mentions how terrible they are with the mics and says “clip the f****** things on” FoTH.


02:27 AM BBT Feeds are back and they’re discussing their mics.  Jason says “they said GinaMarie’s mic has been through h**** and back”.  Talk continues about mics.  Jackie peels back tape on her mic and sees the name Michael.  Jason says that’s probably from Season 6.  Steve peels back his tape on his and doesn’t find a name.  Either does Becky.


02:30 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY about the mics still.  Jason wonders what Jeff’s mic said since they were the last two in the house they might have….FoTH.  Jason says “…alternates…” FoTH.  Meanwhile Austin and Liz continue to chat in the CR.  Nothing game related.


02:35 AM BBT Becky is spraying Raid in the WA because they found ants.  Jason finds them on the lounger/cushions.  Becky begins to spray around the lounger.  Jackie runs all the way to the end of it and finds them down towards the shower as well.  Jason says they’re on a black bikini and Clay’s underwear.  Jason says it’s rancid.  Over in the CR Liz and Austin continue to chat.


02:40 AM BBT Jason says he’s never seen ants in a bathroom ever.  Back in the OR Liz and Austin continue to chat about Austin’s past.


02:45 AM BBT Steve and Jackie chat idly about Amazing Race on the couches in the BY while Becky and Jason stand in the HT chatting randomly.

02:50 AM BBT All four feeds on the BY crew now discussing the POV and how Vanessa has really good memory.


02:54 AM BBT Talk in the BY has turned to last year’s season.  Austin and Liz have placed bandanas over their eyes and have stopped talking.  Lights are still partially on in the room.


02:59 AM BBT Previous comp talk continues in the BY.  Jason says he told Da’vonne it wasn’t the best idea to open all the camera lenses in the BotB they competed against each other.


03:04 AM BBT Jason said he tried to steal Jackie’s pumpkin in their BotB.  On Liz’s feed the beeper can be heard going off.  Liz grumbles repeatedly oh my god!  Austin chuckles and laughs.  Jason runs inside to get dressed.  Johnny warns everyone not to loose BotB competitions.  Jason asks if they have their headsets.  Johnny wonders how else they would communicate with each other.


03:07 AM BBT Jackie offers coaching from the KT area while they wait for the music to play.  Music starts and they start to dance.


03:09 AM BBT Everyone heads back to the respective corners of the house.  Steve just noticed how filthy the stairs are and he’s going to clean them.  Jackie thought he was tired.  He was before his DR.  Steve and Becky now in WA brushing their teeth.  Over in the CR Liz tells Austin that Jason had told her they were going to do the lift but they didn’t.  Austin says they changed the dance routine just to mess with them.


03:13 AM BBT Steve announces he is going to attempt sleeping.  Jackie and Becky tell him goodnight.  Jason is outside smoking in the BY.


03:18 AM BBT Jason in the BY reciting numbers (days of events in the BB house?).  Liz, Austin and Steve in the CR laying in the bed with the lights partially on still.


03:21 AM BBT Jason in the KT and heads back outside to join Jackie on the couches.  Jason points out that Austin got up for this performance but he didn’t get up for the other twin (Angela is what he is going to start calling her to see if she responds).  Jason points out that she acted shocked when they woke them up tonight.  Jason points out that they’ve done it the past three nights.


03:27 AM BBT Jackie says she has to win comps.  She can’t blame anyone but herself.  Over in the CR Steve gets up and Austin comments that Steve’s batteries must already be fully charged.


03:31 AM BBT Steve is standing at a mirror in the KT attempting to latch a necklace he has around his neck?  Out in the BY Jason and Jackie continue to chat about who targets whom.


03:34 AM BBT Steve back to bed in the CR.  Lights still partially on.  Out in the BY Jason and Jackie continue to chat.  They agree that Austin is super fake and even easier to read.  Jason says he’s just trying to take the Jesse (BB Seasons 10 and 11) route and get picked up by wrestling.  Both agree that Liz, Austin or Vanessa need to go.  They can’t vote her out next week  and they’d like to see her make it to jury because she’s very cool.


03:38 AM BBT Both agree that Austin and the twins cannot stay in the game together because they will be a terrible force to be dealt with.  They begin to run HOH scenarios.  Austin is Jason’s biggest threat.  Jackie agrees.


03:43 AM BBT Talk in the BY is about Jeff and Jackie and their relationship.  Jeff has lots of female friends and he knows not to mess with Jackie.


03:47 AM BBT Talk in the BY has shifted to Audrey and how she thought she ruled the roost that first week.  They laugh thinking back to that first week or two “It feels like a whole ‘nother house and time”.


03:52 AM BBT Jackie and Jason continue to chat in the BY.  They agree that they wish Audrey could stay in the house.  She’s doing a beautiful thing but she played the game poorly and that’s on her so she has to go.  Shelli is afraid people will be upset with her for putting her up but Audrey did it to herself.


03:56 AM BBT Jackie doesn’t want two twins after her.  Jason agrees and understands.  Jason says after next week a twin may be a viable option for a backdoor.  They point out they haven’t really seen her play many games so they don’t know if either of them are beasts.


04:00 AM BBT Jason says Audrey talked game to him before Jackie even got in the house.  Audrey said Jason had to win because she was afraid that James would put her up.  Jackie is shocked and wondered why she thought that.  Jason says it was likely because of his bracelet (I believe it’s been noted he wears a “What Would Jesus Do” bracelet.


04:03 AM BBT Jason called to DR.  Jackie says she’s gonna head to bed.  She stops off in the WC first.


04:07 AM BBT Jackie into the HN room and gets in her chair


04:12 AM BBT Lights dim and turn off in the CR finally.


04:21 AM BBT Feeds switch to the DR door briefly before Jason comes out and heads into the WC.


04:25 AM BBT Jason out of the WC and washes his hands before heading back outside to smoke another cigarette.


04:29 AM BBT Jason begins to run dates/events quietly in the BY.


04:34 AM BBT Jason heads in for the night.  All four feeds currently display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


05:00 AM BBT Feed 3 switches to the LR and then the SR briefly.  Becky is up and gets medicine out of the SR cabinet.


05:03 AM BBT Becky heads into the WC.


05:04 AM BBT Becky heads back into the darkened rooms.

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06:20 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display sleeping HGs in darkened rooms.


07:06 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show sleeping HGs in darkened rooms.  Someone is snoring away.  Austin? judging by the rise/fall of his chest in sync with the sound.


08:09 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


08:38 AM BBT Meg is up and out of the WC and wearing a bikini.  She heads out and has a seat next to the HT before slipping in.

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9:00am BBT: Meg is in the STR getting Advil and then feeds go to all sleeping HG.

9:30am BBT: HG are all sleeping. Have nots are restless and keep shuffling around.

 9:39am BBT: We now have FOTH as this could be the wake up call.

9:52am BBT: Steve in the KT eating cereal, Shelli and Clay snuggling in bed.

 9:54am BBT: Steve out in the BY walking around with a beach ball. John comes out and they sit on the couches and talk about staying up till 3am. Shelli is now up and in the WA of the HOh rm brushing her hair.

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10:09AM BBT Austin and Liz in bed whispering. He has his arm across her. In the HN room, Audrey gets up and heads to DR.


10:15AM BBT Liz goes back to Austin to tell him that Audrey has gone back to the DR. Austin says it's ridiculous and is she going to be in there another 4 hours. Liz says she guesses Audrey is only staying so she gets her money.


10:21AM BBT Audrey has returned to the HN room, pours some water and then crawls back into bed. Someone asks her if she needs anything and she answers that she is fine and thank you.


10:33PM BBT Clay and Becky and John are in BY talking about Alliances. Becky says she is not in any alliance. Clay talking about Audrey has accused him of being in many alliances. Says that he can't have an alliance with everyone.

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 11:00am BBT: We now have FOTH

 11:02am BBT:Becky talking to Clay and john in the BY about Bb telling them to keep the bedroom lights on during the day and we get FOTH.

11:04am BBt: Liz, Austin and James talking about making omelettes, Austin ask Liz what she wants on her omelette and she says mushrooms and onions.

11:09am BBT: James tells Austin that Clay hasn't gotten  to the eggs yet so Austin gets up to go make Eggs before Clay gets then. James says Clay eats 7 eggs a day. Liz says that is crazy. In the BY Becky, Clay and john are sitting on the couches talking general talk.

11:18am BBT: James and Steve talking about what all James did this morning from eating to showering. In the BY Jason, Clay, Becky and John just talking general talk as Jason is smoking a cigarette.

 11:24am BBT: James and Steve still talking alone about Audrey and  why she is acting the way she is and they wonder if she will get up for Thursday and get pretty and go to the eviction.

11:29am BBt: Jason goes inside with Becky and they are looking at Jason clothes so Becky can try some on.James and Steve still talking about the day they have been in the house and Steve says next eviction we will be on day 43 and if we survive the next eviction we will be at the half way point and James says then we will be in jury . James says i do not know about that.

 11:39am BBt: James and Steve talking about their Facebook pages and their email accounts, Steve said he shut his Facebook down before he came in the house.Jason and John are in the BY just general talk as Jason smokes again.

 11:42am BBt:, Liz and Austin are eating the omelettes Austin made them in the KT and talking about marinating meats and  cooking other things. Clay comes in as Liz is saying garlic makes everything taste better.

11:52am BBt: Vanessa is now up in the BY walking around. Jason and john are talking about animals. In the KT Austin,Liz, meg, Clay and James are talking general talk and we get FOTH.

 11:55am BBT: Becky comes out to the BY wearing Jason clothes and Clay's blond wig talking like Meg and Jason laughs and calls her Meg. She then goes inside and Meg laughs they tell her to show Austin. Austin comes out and says my god and backs up. Becky starts laughing and takes the wig off.

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12:01 PM BBT Vanessa and Austin in the WA doing ADLs and talking about contact lenses.  Austin says he’d like to make a truce with Meg, James, and Jason.  He plans to talk to Jason today because Jason said something he connected with about being a super fan.  Austin heard from Steve that Jason can tell the twins apart, and he wants to counteract that. 


12:09 PM BBT  Jason and Becky talking about the twins and saying that it’s obvious.  They begin talking about Steve.  Jason has told Steve that if he is everywhere, people think he is just gathering information.  Becky points out that Steve mostly listens but he doesn’t talk about things so people don’t know where he stands.  They think Steve is playing defensively and just trading information. 


12:09 PM BBT Steve and James are lounging in the Comic Book Room.  Shelli and Vanessa are in the WA talking about Audrey and thinking they won’t see her again this week.  Shelli is brushing her hair and talking about what she should put in her HOH blog.  Vanessa says she said what she was thinking about the house.  Shelli is worried about giving out spoilers so she made her first blog very vague.  Vanessa asked when she did hers and was told not to worry about spoilers because of the live feeds.


12:16 PM BBT Shelli is going around the house taking pictures with her HOH camera.  Shelli does a selfie with Austin …she is standing in front of Austin so the picture shows how much taller he is.  Shelli heads out to the BY to take more pictures.


12:21 PM BBT Clay is in the Hot Tub in the BY, chatting with Meg who is sitting by the HT.  Meg thinks will be an easy target because he isn’t really with anyone.  Clay asks about Jackie and Meg says Jackie is fine…she would be targeting Austin/Vanessa/Liz.  Meg says that if she won HOH, she would put up Steve and Austin.  Austin because he put her up and she has a speech she wants to give.  She wouldn’t backdoor anyone.


12:25 PM BBT Shelli is still taking pictures.  Jason and Steve are still chilling in the Comic Book Room.  Steve is trying to figure out where he stands with people in the house.  James just hopes he doesn’t get nominated.  Steve figures John will probably go up.  Steve has a zero percent chance of eviction, but a 90 percent chance of nomination.  They start counting how many times each person has been nominated.


12:27 PM BBT Steve lists off those who have not yet been nominated…Shelli, Clay, Liz, Vanessa, Austin… just as they say his name, Austin walks in.  He’s been in the HNR to get some shoes, but he took three people with him.  Audrey was sleeping.  Austin thinks they are just giving her meds to get her through until Thursday.  James and Steve point out that Jocasta missed a ceremony because she was sick.  They put a bow tie on the seat to represent Jocasta.  Austin says they could put Audrey’s hat in her chair.  Austin leaves and James goes back to the list of unnominated HGs and asks if Steve would target any of them.  Steve says it’s possible, but he isn’t sure he wants to start talking about targets yet.


12:36 PM BBT  Clay comes into the Comic Book Room to change.  Steve leaves and James tells Clay that Steve is interested in people who haven’t been nominated.  James tells Clay that he was trying to get targets out of Steve and that Steve replied with a list of people who haven’t been nominated [not quite how the conversation went…Steve mentioned who hadn’t been nominated and James is the one who brought up the question of targets and that it would be fair for people who haven’t been nominated to take a turn]. 


12:40 PM BBT  Clay says that he understands that not having been nominated is something that could make them a target.  James tells Clay that he isn’t targeting them.  James thinks that James, Jason, Meg, Shelli and Clay would be a good group and they can work together.  Clay tells James that he seems kind of skeptical the last few days with Audrey.  James says he has no doubts about Shelli and Clay.  Clay encourages James to come to him with any concerns. 


12:49 PM BBT Austin, Vanessa and John are putting up awnings in the BY.   Austin begins working out.  Several HGs are in the KT.  Meg, Jason, Liz, Jackie, and Becky are talking about clothing. 


12:56 PM BBT Vanessa is working out on the elliptical trainer in the BY.  Most of the HGs are in the KT area.  Shelli, Austin, Liz, John, Jackie, and Becky go into the HNR to take a picture.  Audrey is laying in the chair and covered up by a blanket.  They apologize to Audrey saying they are just going to take a picture and don’t worry, you won’t be in it.  Audrey pulls the blanket over her head.


12:58 PM BBT  Shelly, Jackie, and Becky are the last to leave and they turn the lights out as they go out.  Audrey remains covered up for a bit and then sighs and pulls the blanket down from her head.  She is wearing sunglasses and a hood, so she is still almost completely covered. 


1:01 PM BBT More pictures in the Ocean BR.  Meg taking one of Shelli, Clay, Austin and Liz.  Vanessa and Jason are looking on saying how cute it looks.  Shelli asks Vanessa to take a pic of all of them.  Meg and Jason find a spot in the picture.  Austin and Clay are holding hands.  Vanessa says it’s a cute picture and hands the camera back. 


1:04 PM BBT Shelli and Clay are going through all the pictures they have taken and picking favourites.  Clay is thinking about in future when they will be looking at these pictures.  They take a selfie and it’s so bad that Clay says “delete that immediately!!”


1:06 PM BBT In the BY, Vanessa is laying out in the sun while Austin works out.  Jason is jealous of Vanessa because he can’t lay out in the sun in the clothes that he has to wear for Whack Street Boys performances. 


1:10 PM BBT In the KT, Liz is doing dishes while Steve mills around.  John and Meg are sitting at the counter and drumming.  Becky comes through on her way out to the BY.  Steve tries to join in the drumming and they stop. 


1:14 PM BBT On the BY couches, Becky tells Jason about a dream she had when she and Shelli were both HOH.  She dreamed that every time she turned around there was a different person where Shelli was supposed to be. Every time she found Shelli, Shelli’s face would change.  Jason shares a dream that he had too, where Jackie was Susan Sarandon. 


1:17 PM BBT In the KT, Meg and Jackie are talking about slop.  Jackie is measuring it into a cup.  Becky walks through and they talk about frying some slop. 


1:19 PM BBT Jason and Clay are on the BY couches.  Jason tells Clay that he calls Julie something different each week in the DR.  Jason says he keeps forgetting who he is supposed to nominate.  Clay agrees that he has to keep saying the name in his head before he votes so he doesn’t say the wrong name. 


1:21 PM BBT  In the KT area, Jackie says that making slop takes so long.   John agrees that it’s like watching water boil.  Meg comments that slop is annoying to have to eat, and also to make.  Jackie says that’s why she makes a big batch.  John says “everything is annoying to Meg… all food is annoying.”


1:26 PM BBT Liz is still doing dishes in the KT, while Jackie makes slop.  Shelli is slicing something and then looking in the fridge.  Out in the BY, Jason is hanging out in the pool and talking to Steve who is standing at the side of the pool holding a beach ball.  Becky is laying at the side of the pool and soaking in the sun.  They are talking about the pool and how small it is.


1:28 PM BBT  Steve starts to come into the pool.  Jason accidentally calls Steve “Ian” and then laughs.  Steve claims to be offended.  They make comparisons to Ian.  Steve tells a story about seeing Ian’s picture and admits that they do look somewhat alike. 


1:33 PM BBT By the pool, Jason and Becky are talking about vehicles, and the kind of vehicles you need for snowy weather.   Jason says “a sedan in the snow is no go.”


1:35 PM BBT Jason gets out of the pool and stretches out on the ground near the pool’s edge.  Becky is commenting on Clay who was doing a move called a “scorpion”…she asks Clay to do it again so Steve and Jason can see.  Becky thinks it looks cool because Clay is so flexible.


1:37 PM BBT Shelli and Jackie are eating in the KT.  Jackie is saying the slop is better after it sits in the refrigerator.  She’s philosophical about slop being like being on a diet.  It’s harder with all the food around.  James ate an omelette, and the smell of it made it harder to be on slop.  Shelli asks if anyone James brought it in for Audrey.  Jackie says yes.  Jackie says “she’s had pizza and omelette, so if I’m surviving, so is she.”  Jackie thinks Audrey should be able to come out and get her own food.  They have talked to her to ask if she needs anything, and she thanks them but says she’s fine. 


1:42 PM BBT  The Whack Street Boys get set to perform in the BY, we get Fish


1:45 PM BBT John and Jason are lounging on the BY couches in their white outfits.  Austin and Clay are working out.  Shelli and Jackie are still in the KT.


1:51 PM BBT Jason says it figures that they called for a Whack Street Boys performance while he was sunning by the pool.  He complains that he is so pale that his friends won’t believe he’s been in California.  Shelli and Jason agree that they couldn’t work out in the sun like Austin and Clay are doing.  Shelli says she is enjoying the view. 


1:53 PM BBT  Shelli, John and Jason are on the BY couches.  Shelli says she hashtagged “Liztin” and Jason tells her that they have re-named what they are calling twins.  Jason says there was mention of an “Angela” in Liz’s HOH letter who could be the twin, so that's what they are calling her now.  John points out that they could have an older sister with that name. Jason tells Shelli that Meg walked in on Austin telling “Angela” about his date with Liz.  He was telling one twin about the other twin, so obviously he knows.  Shelli asks where it happened (CBR) and if he stopped when Meg walked in.  Jason said Austin didn’t stop talking.  Shelli is shocked.  Jason says you can tell he’s helping them out.  John says that maybe Austin just figures everyone knows anyway. Jason says that they know but are speculating, but he thinks they have told Austin.

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2:00 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Jason says, he hopes they don't pick HN's by who gets called out the most. The HG's in the BY say they here Liz, Clay & Steve's name a lot. Shelli says, Johnny Mac gets the award for the least, & Jackie is a close second. Shelli says, she put her microphone in one place, & then when she got up, it was behind her on her bed. She says, #BBGHOST. John gets called to the DR. Shelli says, in the beginning of the game Jace had his name called the most, even up to the point now, where they are. Jason says, Jeff had a lot of microphone problems.


2:03 PM BBT Meg says, the couch in the BY stinks. Jason says, it's more that couch, than the one he & Shelli are sitting on. Shelli says, she can't really smell it. Meg says, it stinks. Meg goes in the house. Jackie is still sitting on the couch they were sitting on. Jason says, Austin probably gets called out more than Clay, because he talks about beef cakes all the time. Shelli says, you are not allowed to talk about production, jokingly. Shelli says, she #Liztin today, so it's out there. Jackie says, I'm sure his girlfriend is really happy about that. Shelli says, sh*t, I forgot about that, now I'm the b*tch that did that.


2:05 PM BBT Jason says, they (Liz & Austin) are just a flirtmance right now. Shelli says, she would be p*ssed. Jackie says, she would be upset. Jackie says, she is still tired from not sleeping last night. Jason says, Meg is a hard core sleeper, & he stays awake next to her a lot. Shelli says, there may only be one night that she didn't sleep good in the house. Jackie says, she should go & sleep by her next week. Shelli says, the HOHR bed is not that comfortable. Shelli says, she misses being downstairs.


2:08 PM BBT Steve walks over to the couches, & asks  if the HOH has to sleep upstairs? Jason says, no, remember Gina Marie didn't want to sleep up there. Shelli says, everyone has been nice about giving her bed back to her. Steve says, there's an empty bed in the CBR. Steve says, he washed towels. Jason says, he washed every d*mn towel in the house. Steve says, he did, because he had nothing better to do.


2:10 PM BBT Jason says, he lives in the basement at home, so he washes his clothes all the time. He says, he never lets his laundry pile up, even though he has so many clothes. He says, he still has clothes since 5th grade that fit him. He says, he keeps all of his clothes if they fit him. Shelli says, she wishes she put more in her blog. Jason says, even if it's not on the show, the live feeders have spread it via Twitter. Shelli says, Vanessa put everything that was going on. Jason says, they  (audience) know.


2:12 PM BBT Jason says, he wouldn't even know what to put in a blog. He says, what is a blog, & how do you even start it? Shelli says, she's touched on some game stuff, but she's reached out to her family. She says, you only have 1 hour, & everything goes by so quick. Jason says, the 1 hour with the camera goes by quick also. Steve asks if the blog is always on Tuesday. Jackie figures things out, & says, yes it is always on Tuesday.


2:14 PM BBT Shelli says, she wishes you could have the whole day to do the blog. She says, she took a whole paragraph to tell her mom what clothes to send to her, since she's sick of wearing yoga pants in the house. John comes to the couches, & sits between Shelli & Jason. John asks if both HOH's get to do the blog? Shelli says, only the one that is left. Jackie says, she accidentally said her condominium name. Jason says, Zach gave his address & everything. Steve says, Zach got fan mail. Jason says, that's because he gave all his information. Becky gets called to the DR.


2:16 PM BBT Jason says, Becky says, she's only been to the DR about 10 times since she's been here. Shelli says, she's lying. The HG's on the couches talk about how many times they've been to the DR. Clay is working out with weights in the BY. Liz & Austin are lounging in the pool. Liz asks Austin what he put for his job title? Austin says, he put Professional Wrestler. He says, they asked him to put Professor, but he wouldn't do that, because it's a lie.


2:19 PM BBT Liz says, Cody, from last season, was a Sales Account Executive. She says, that's a long title. Austin agrees. Austin says, he wants to shout out to some of his wrestling buddies when he talks to Julie. Back by the couches, Jason says, he told one of the twins about his boyfriend in Florida. He says, one of them says, they know where Stewart is. Jason says, she should have known, because he already told her, but it was the other one. Camera views all go to the pool.


2:22 PM BBT John says, he feels a nap coming on soon. Jason & Jackie both say, it's dentist time. Jason asks Steve if he's napped yet, because he looks like he's about to fall asleep. Steve says, his sleep schedule is so messed up, & he went to sleep early last night. He says, he's going to take a nap. Jason jokes with his about the Shellphone. He grabs the Shellphone to take it, & Jason tells him to call from the Shellphone inside & they'll answer. John says, they have the pagers, they will be o.k. Steve goes inside the house.


2:24 PM BBT Jason & John talk about their pagers. Jackie asks how many performances they've done so far? John & Jason both say, they haven't kept track, but they probably should have. Jason says, he keeps getting asked about them, but they are all running together. Jackie says, they probably will be done tomorrow. Jason thinks they may go to tomorrow or Saturday. Jackie says, she needs to know when slop will stop also. She wants to ask the DR, & says, whoever goes in next should ask. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production.


2:26 PM BBT Jason says, if the HN's get off slop on Wednesday night, they will be lucky. Jackie says, she kind of feels guilty, but it's still not fun. John agrees. Jason says, if they have an endurance competition this week, they could make the first 4 people off the HN's for the next week. John says, he wants to do all of the competitions. Jackie says, you can't do them all. John thinks he may have hit a record. Jason says, not a season record yet, but for the first 4 weeks he has.


2:28 PM BBT John says, he's played all of the competitions so far this season. He says, he's won 3 out of 12, which is respectable. They all talk about the competitions they've played & won. Jason says, he's not good at intelligence tasks. Jackie says, she feels that the same people are always playing. Jackie says, she was trying to figure out when they stop the BOTB. She says, last season the 7th & 6th place were double evictions. Jason says, he thinks it ended after the first double eviction last season. He runs the names down from last season.


2:31 PM BBT Jason finds Steve's chain on the ground in the BY. Jason says, he keeps track of Steve's clothes for him. He says, he was telling Steve where all of his stuff was that was scattered in the BY. Jason says, his mom has never cleaned his room, & it's a disorganized mess. Jackie wonders how he knows where everything is. Jason says, he remembers where he puts thing, even in the dirty clothes. He says, he paints nail polish on his lighters also.


2:32 PM BBT Jason says, his fear of coming in the house was losing sh*t. He says, when he doesn't have a lot of sh*t, everything you own is precious to you. Jackie says, she is wondering where her TAR bandana is. Shelli & Jason say, it was found. Jason says, he & Meg found it. Jackie thinks it may be Jeff's but she'll take it in case. She says, the one thing that means the most is that bandana. She says, she will take Jeff's because he doesn't really care about it.


2:35 PM BBT Jackie says, her bandana wouldn't have been by Jeff's bed. Jason gets called to the DR. Shelli asks him to ask for clippers. Jackie wants him to ask about the HN's. Jason & Jackie walk away. Shelli asks John how he's doing? John says, he just doesn't like being stuck on the block this week. Shelli asks if he's talked to Audrey? John says, he said hi to her, but all she did was grunt.


2:36 PM BBT John says, Audrey can dish it out, but she can't take it. Shelli says, that's a good statement. John says, he doesn't feel bad, because he already did, & then she started the same stuff again. He says, she may really feel bad this time, but how does he know, because he can't trust her. John says, she was going to mess up their game. Shelli says, she already was. John says, it was good that she held that meeting. Shelli says, she didn't want to be the one to have to put her up, but she felt it was necessary at this point.


2:38 PM BBT John says, if she feels it's personal, than she needs to get over it. Shelli wonders if she will attend the eviction on Thursday. Shelli asks if she's even allowed to turn it down? John says, that pi**es him off, because when other HG's knew they were in trouble, they were there. Shelli says, since it's something chemical, it may be on a level that they don't even understand. Clay sits on the couch across from them.


2:40 PM BBT John & Shelli both say they are going to work out tonight. Clay says, he invited John to come upstairs, but he won't do that for some reason. John says, it reminds him of office space. He jokingly says, I don't think I'm going to come in today. They bring out movie references. Shelli tells Clay, he was just coming out of the womb. John says, it's Horrible Bosses. Clay says, Jennifer Aniston gets better with age. Shelli says, James gave her that compliment. Clay says, they are around the same age. Shelli says, she's going to kill Clay for saying that.


2:42 PM BBT Shelli & Clay say that make-up & lighting make a difference in how you look. Clay asks who's going to request alcohol? Shelli says, Vanessa says, it looks promising. In the HNR, Audrey has sunglasses on, with a hoodie pulled up, & she's covered with a blanket. She has the lights off, & is sleeping. You can't hear anything Liz & Austin are saying in the pool, because neither one have their microphones on.


2:46 PM BBT The conversation in the KT with Becky, Jackie & Jason is about when the HN's will be able to eat real food this week. Jason says, they (BB) told him they don't know yet, so they may want to ask again tomorrow. Liz & Austin are still whispering. Austin says, he's scared of something, but it's very hard to hear.


2:48 PM BBT Austin says, he wants to make sure people don't target a couple. He says, he may just put Steve up. Liz says, she really hasn't been able to talk to anyone. Austin says, the Audrey thing can only last for so long. He says, they better enjoy tonight, because they don't know how many more nights they are going to have. Liz says, that sucks. Austin says, we have to think logical, it's probably going to happen. Austin says, they probably should make deals with everyone.


2:50 PM BBT HG's on the couches in the BY are talking about 90's country. They run down all of the country bands from them. Clay says, he wishes they had a 90's country station. Shelli says, they do in Atlanta. Jason says, they do on XM Radio, & probably on iHeart Radio. Jason says, he wants to her Blonde in the morning. She says, she has 2 songs, & he wants to dance to it. He says, she may not even be a girl, but it's so good.


2:54 PM BBT Shelli, John & Jason start naming other 90's band that aren't country. Jackie chimes in, but Clay is just sitting there. Shelli says, she loves the Beastie Boys, & she doesn't know why. Shelli says, if she could choose one thing she could have she would choose 5 minutes with her mom face to face, so she can see her & hug her. Jason says, they did that on a luxury comp for BB Canada this year. She says, it was Ashley & her mom, & they barely said anything.


2:57 PM BBT Clay says, he would have to do a phone call, because it would be to hard when they leave. Jackie says, 5 minutes isn't long enough. Shelli says, o.k. a phone call from her mom & 5 minutes with Ringo. She says, she would go crazy if he came out the back door. Jackie talks about her dog that she has since it was 3 months old. Jackie says, she went to Miami with her, & she took her to Las Vegas with her. She says, she was just big enough to put her under the seat.


2:58 PM BBT Vanessa comes out to the BY during their conversation. Someone gets called to the DR, but you can't hear who it is over the talking. Meg comes out, sits on a couch, & says, eww, this is wet. Vanessa gets up to go inside. Meg moves over. Jason says, when he moves out of his mom's house he's going to get some pets. He says, they had a golden retriever forever. He says, it's been like 2 years without a pet, & he's getting lonely in the basement.


3:00 PM BBT Shelli asks Jason how he feels about cats? Jason says, he likes cats, but doesn't have good luck with them. He says, his mom has recently become severely allergic to them, so cats are out for him & his mom. Austin gets called to the DR twice in a row. Jason talks about a dental experience he had, & how he didn't get any meds. Shelli says, her & Clay are going to have fights over her sunglasses. She says, those are hers that Clay keeps wearing. Clay says, they fit him perfect, they are his now, & he's going to put them in  his bag.


3:03 PM BBT Clay says, his look like Austin's, with tortoise shell colors on them. He says, he hasn't seen them since the first day. John says, it's 3:03 PM BBT. John references a band named 3OH!3. John says, all of their songs are borderline annoying, & he thinks that's what they were going for.


3:06 PM BBT The conversation on the BY couches has been going on about other singers. Clay says, Brad Pitt may be a swinger. He says, he saw it on a magazine. Jason says, Angelina Jolie is a little out there also. Jason says, she used to wear Billy Bob Thorton's blood around her neck. Jackie says, she really changed. They can't believe that she went from Billy Bob to Brad. Jason says, there was a movie that Hallie Berry was in, called Swordfish. She says, she flashed her boob's for a second & made a lot of money.


3:09 PM BBT Clay says, days like this remind him of floating the river. Jason says, what the h*ll is float the river? Clay says, they go on tubes & float down the river. He says, they have coolers with them that has speakers in it. Meg says, that sounds so awesome. Clay says, that was their family vacations. He says, some people would go to Disney or whatever, but they would go to the river with other families. Jason says, he may get back in his bathing suit. He says, they let Liz stay in hers for a hot minute.


3:12 PM BBT Meg says, she hopes that there will be time to go to the beach when they get out of the house. Liz gets called to the DR. Shelli says, going back to real life sucks right now. She says, when she is making her HOHR bed, she misses her job. Meg says, she misses the fast pace. Jackie says, when she listens to music, she misses it to. Jason says, f*** all of the stuff at the grocery store.


3:14 PM BBT Shelli asks Jackie what's going on with the gravy? Jackie says, nothing. Becky may use it today when they fry slop. Jason says, it has to be boiled to be good. Shelli gets up & walks away. Vanessa is in the LR using her arms in the push-up position to work out some. She says, O.K. & gets up. She puts a blanket on the couch, & walks to the KT. Vanessa is making herself a protein powder shake.


3:17 PM BBT In the BY, Austin is stretching by the couches. Clay talks about an old wooden roller coaster that looked like it was going to fall down. Jason says, Six Flags in Mass is o.k. Jackie says, they have a Six Flags. We see FOTH.


3:19 PM BBT Live feeds come back to the BY with more amusement park conversation. They all agree that Cedar Point is a great amusement park. Meg says, the haunted stuff is awesome. Austin agrees. Jason says, he used to go to haunted corn fields. Vanessa is sitting on the couches in the BY now also. She talks about her experience with a haunted place. Becky comes by the couches also. Jason says, one haunted corn field they went to had roadkill hanging around. He says, they were real dead animals.


3:22 PM BBT Jackie says, her favorite time of year is Halloween. She says, her birthday is October 24. Clay says, he'll still dress up & go Trick or Treating. Austin says, he did last year. He says, he went as someone from Jeepers Kreepers, & who's going to say no to him? Jason says, if he saw a 9 foot tall man dressed up like someone from Jeepers Kreepers he would say he just ran out of candy. Becky gets a chair to sit by the couches.


3:24 PM BBT Jason says, Jackie has a microphone pack that has the name Michael on it. He says, there hasn't been a Michael in the house since season 6. Jason says, unless there was a Michael that was supposed to be there now, but isn't. Jackie says, Michael, sorry. The HG's start talking about Meg's name & liking Maggie better. Becky asks what they would change their name to if they could? John says, Robby Mac. Becky says, he looks like a Chris. Meg says, she can see that.


3:27 PM BBT Vanessa says, she like Alexa. Clay says, he was supposed to be named Hunter. Jackie says, she would have been Rachel. Jason says, if he was a girl, he was going to be named Rachel also. Meg says, she would haveBe been Max if she was a boy. Austin says, that's a good one. Austin says, he would change his name to Leopold or Lancelot. Becky says, she would go with Samantha. HG's say they are surprised she's not a Becka. Her name is Rebecca, but her parents just started calling her Becky on day 2.


3:29 PM BBT They continue to talk about names. They all agree that you have to be fat to be a Bertha, Helga or Olga. Vanessa says, they are big Norwegian or Swedish names. She says, those women are strong. Meg says, it's weird to think about old people's names, & how they are going to be the next generation of old people names. Becky says, a lot of the next generation of names will rhyme with Aiden.


3:35 PM BBT Austin, Clay & Liz are in the KT getting something to eat. Jackie is standing by the DT eating a pickle, & Meg is sitting at the DT. Meg talks about getting pickles served to her at different diners. The girls say they like eating when they are drunk. In the BY, Jason says, there have been very women on the show that have had small boobs. Jason says, people that would apply to the show are probably extroverts, & they most likely have enlargements or enhancements. Jason says, some of them may be F's.


3:39 PM BBT Becky says, Rachel Riley's boobs make hers seem small. Jason says, her's are big em's. Pagers go off for the members of the Whackstreet Boys. John says, he's going to go to bed after this one. The announcement says, everyone get to the LR. John says, perfect, it's on the way. They get up from the BY couches & we see FOTH.


3:45 PM BBT Live feeds come back, after the Whackstreet Boys do their performance. Liz, Meg, Shelli, Clay & jackie are all in the KT. Steve walks to the WA. Jason comes in the KT. John & Becky are in the HNR laying down to take a nap. Jackie comes in the HNR next to lay down to take a nap. Audrey must be behind the dentist chairs, sleeping on the floor.


3:49 PM BBT In the KT area, Austin is sitting at the DT. Clay is standing by the DT, putting a shirt on. Steve & Shelli are in the KT. Jason is standing by the glass table. Meg is sitting by the counter near the back sliding door. Steve says, he's eating the only meatesq sandwich he can have. Meg says, James has been sleeping all night. She says, he went to bed early last night. Jason tells everyone to get ready, because James will probably be up all night tonight now. He starts singing the ham, bacon, eggs, sausage song from Vine again.


3:52 PM BBT Jason says, he's going to send everyone the Vine when he leaves the house, so they all believe it's real. He starts singing the song, & we see FOTH.


3:53 PM BBT Live feeds come back. The HG's in the KT are talking about the word shirt, & how it's being said in a different way. Everyone says, once they start saying it you can't stop that. She says, she will keep saying it outside the house. Some HG's start singing the Ooo Yeah song for the Whackstreet Boys. They talk about the different phrases are used in the BB house. Meg says, she's never heard shut it down outside the house. Austin says, it's totally made up. Shelli says, her mom would threaten to turn the car around.


3:56 PM BBT Meg says, she can't imagine what will come out of her mouth to kids. Meg says, her mom hates tuna fish & milk. Meg says, her dad would eat it, & her mom would say, if you eat tuna fish & milk you will throw up. Meg says, she convinced them not to buy white clothes, because they would stain them. She says, when she grew up, she could finally buy a white shirt. Meg says, she used to make up truths of what she thought. Jason says, he would make up a whole bunch of lies. He says, they lied about Santa Claus for how many years.


3:58 PM BBT Meg asks what time it is. Three different people tell her 3 different times. They say, 3:56, 3:57 & 3:58 PM BBT.


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4:06PM BBT HG just chatting. Talking about how they are all requesting alcohol. We get FOTH.


4:12PM BBT Jason goes into the HN room and asks Audrey if she needs anything. Audrey tells him no thank you. Jason goes out to the KT and reports what happened.


4:13PM BBT Austin jokes about it being Weekend at Bernies. Austin says that he doesn't buy it. It sounds like BB has spoken to the HG in the DR. Meg says that it has been made to seem that it is something more serious.


4:17PM BBT Shelli and Vanessa talking about Austin sharing details of his HOH date with Liz. Meg walked in and Austin didn't care.

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4:21PM BBT Audrey comes into the bedroom and Vanessa asks her if she is okay. Audrey doesn't answer. Vanessa upset. Says she has only been nice to her. Shelli asks if they are not allowed to talk. Vanessa says they can talk about whoever they want. She says she will always rise above and be the better person.


4:38PM BBT Feeds on Shelli listening to music in HOH and in the KT there are drunk stories from the HG.


4:45PM BBT Clay and Shelli in HOH talking. Clay tells her about his conversation with James about those who have never been nominated. He says James told him that Clay and Shelli do not have to worry about him.

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4:52PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that no one should put her up because she did what everyone wanted and people should honor that. She says her only request is that no one puts up Clay either.


4:56PM BBT Shelli tells Clay about Audrey coming into the bedroom. Shelli doesn't understand why Audrey won't speak to them. She says that Audrey had the chance to come talk to them out of it. Shelli now tells Clay that she gave a shout out to Clay's family in her blog.

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5:14PM BBT Clay and Shelli discuss their favorite animals in the HOH room.


5:26PM BBT Jason, Jason, Austin and Liz talk about Elisa from BB. Talk about how much she worked out and what an awesome body she had. Jason says he would have liked to watch her work out.


5:31PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that she is worried about the next week. Clay tells her that if anyone brings it up that she can tell them that she did something the house wanted that she didn't want to do and she did what they asked.

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5:43PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that her brother should model. Clay says that he is the first to say if a guy is good looking. Says he may be crushing on her brother. Shelli says they look identical and at first it was weird.


5:53PM BBT Shelli continues to tell Clay that her brother is so talented. He can play any instrument and that there isn't a voice out there better then his. He should be a director and producer and a model.

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6:00 PM BBT In the BY, Austin helps Liz by pushing on her back to help her stretch. Jason comes out to join them. Liz tells Jason he can use the baby weights. Austin is telling Liz & Jason how to do stretching for their backs. We see FOTH.


6:05 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Vanessa, Clay & Shelli in the HOHR. Vanessa says, they may have to break some agreements coming up in the future. Vanessa says, she doesn't have an obligation to put Meg or Jason up this week. She says, they have an obligation not to put her up though. Clay is painting Shelli's nails. All camera view are on the HOHR now.


6:07 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that her nails don't have to be perfect, but keeping her fingers out for so long is uncomfortable. Vanessa says, there's not much validity in things with the other side of the house. Vanessa says, she told Jackie she was sorry for getting Jeff out of the house, who was her closest ally. She says, she told Jackie she would make a deal with her about Jason. She wonders why she wouldn't make that deal. Shelli says, she didn't want it, because she may want to put her on the block. Jason gets called to the DR. Liz gets called to the DR.


6:10 PM BBT Shelli is telling Clay how to do her nails. Shelli shows Clay how he should take the excess nail polish off the brush. In the BY, Austin is showing Jason how to use weights in the push-up position for his core.


6:18 PM BBT Vanessa says, there are so many people staying in the game that are floaters. She says, they shouldn't be allowed to stay in the game if they aren't going to be doing anything. Clay says, John is not a floater, because he's played in every competition so far in the game. Vanessa says, it's only because he was put up as a pawn. Clay says, he & Shelli could be considered not with anyone, except each other. Shelli says, Becky, Steve, John & Jackie don't seem to be with anyone, & it makes her uncomfortable.


6:21 PM BBT Vanessa says, a lot of big players have left so far, & if they keep taking out big players, then the only people will be left are the floaters. Clay says, they can look at things, & what if the other 4 win down the line, because they can make deals with the other side of the house. Vanessa says, that's a good way to look at it.


6:23 PM BBT Clay brings up scenarios of things that can happen with the other side of the house, & hoping people come up to them & say something. We see FOTH. Feeds come back with Vanessa asking Shelli & Clay if they agree with her about the big players being sent out each week so far. Shelli asks if it's time to get the floaters out? Vanessa says, they need to make moves, & see what they can do, otherwise it's not fair. (This game is not fair). Vanessa asks Shelli if any of them have come to them to make deals with her? Shelli says, no, & she's a little worried about that.


6:26 PM BBT Shelli says, she kind of wanted to do smaller groups for the meeting the other night, but Jackie brought everyone up there, so she doesn't know where everyone stands. Vanessa says, there's some risk going into next week, but their alliance is competitively stronger she thinks. Vanessa says, her & James are probably the most questionable, but everyone will know where she stands when she's HOH again. (Boy, she has confidence.)


6:28 PM BBT Clay is worried about who they talk to about information. He says, people have connections to other people in the house, & they may not know who they are. Vanessa says, anything that has got out in the HOHR, she's assuming that other HG's already know about it. Again, she's saying things are fair. She says, it wasn't fair for their stuff to get out, but not the other stuff as well.


6:30 PM BBT Clay says, James told him that he was approached to be in an alliance, but that he isn't in one. Vanessa says, she would never want to put a person up from their group as a pawn, but if they volunteer that may be different. Vanessa wants to try & find ways to seem like they aren't working together. Vanessa says, she's trying not to hang out with anyone, so it doesn't look like she's with anyone. (She had a convo with Steve in the CBR earlier). Vanessa wants people to wonder where she is again.


6:33 PM BBT Clay says, if either Clay or Shelly go up as a pawn, & they are still there on eviction night, he thinks they will go home. Vanessa says, the 4 floaters need to be the pawns. Vanessa says, if people use the excuse to put them up as pawns, that's a terrible excuse. (You should get power players out, what?) Clay says, the power couples will be split up. Shelli asks Vanessa who she made deals with. Vanessa says, Jason & Meg have to keep her safe, but she doesn't have to keep them safe. Clay says, with the 2 HOH's, they can have the other person put her up, & they would still be keeping their deal with her.


6:36 PM BBT Shelli asks Vanessa if she's having a hard time understanding Clay, because he talks so fast & mumbles a little bit. Vanessa says, she talks really fast also, so she gets him, but he does mumble a little bit. Vanessa explains to Clay that she does understand what he's saying about the 2 HOH's. Vanessa says, they may be able to work with Steve. Shelli says, James & Becky both put him up. Clay says, it would be good for them if Steve does win, because he doesn't want to win. He says, he will have to say where he lies.


6:38 PM BBT Vanessa is questioning Austin & Liz' loyalty to them. She says, she thinks that the other HG's maybe believe what Audrey said about them. Shelli is trying to figure out how Audrey knew that Jason & Jackie wanted to talk to her the other day. We see FOTH.


6:40 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Vanessa all riled up about Jeff spreading stuff before he left. Clay says, Austin thinks that Clay & Jeff staged an argument. Shelli says, it's weird how Audrey was finding everyone to come talk to her. She says, James is having a hard time with everything he's being told, because she saw the look on his face. We see FOTH again.


6:47 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Jason is in the BY smoking a cigarette while sitting on the couch. Jason says, if the other HG's would get to compete to come back in, everyone would make sure they win over Audrey. Jackie says, if she comes back in, they can back door her. Jackie says, there's no reason for her to come back in when she's doing all this, & not following the rules. James asks if they would forgive her if she's America's Player? Becky says, no, because it got personal.


6:49 PM BBT Jason says, Audrey did a lot of things, & there's no way all of that was America's Player things to do. He says, not all her lies were connected to America's Player. He says, he's not going to hate her regardless. James asks if they think she's America's Player? Jason says, she could be. Jackie says, they may wait until the end of the season for them to find out. Jason says, they may pick another person when she leaves. James says, it could be Jackie, because she's part of the CBS family. James says, or they can pick a super fan.


6:52 PM BBT Jason says, someone could be in there saying they are something else, & they are actually a cop. James says, she can be a therapist or something. Jason says, she's something. He says, she sits at home running people's Twitter & Facebook for people. He says, she works for a company from London, at least that what she told him. Jason says, she seems to know a whole lot about this game, but she hasn't watched it that much.


6:54 PM BBT James asks if they think James is who he says he is? (Yes, James used his own name in the question) Jackie & Jason both say, yes, James is who he says he is. Becky says, Audrey played the LGBT card to get herself to stay off the block. James says, he had to g*y chicks that were in his packet. We see FOTH.


6:58 PM BBT Live feeds come back. James asks why some people get mad? Becky say, some people are more emotional, & they take block as a personal attack on them. James says, John has been up every week. Becky says, if she was really emotional, she could imagine how hard it would be. Jackie says, we have to win, that's it. James says, the scary thing is, even if they win they can still be dethrowned.


7:00 PM BBT James says, if you are knocked out, & you've told your nom's things, they may go after you the next week. Clay comes outside, & asks everyone what they are doing. Jackie says, they are saying how  calm the house is now. Becky says, they all forgot about the old hammock room (CLR). James says, they don't need it anymore.


7:03 PM BBT Conversation in the BY goes to the HG's wanting to have another hosted show or something. They think this must be the most boring week so far in the house.


7:04 PM BBT Clay says, he can't be a host, because Jeff is a tough act to follow. They decide they should have a Shelli & Becky show.


7:09 PM BBT Jackie says, Audrey is just on the block. She says, she was, & she handled it. Becky says, Audrey terrorized her while she was on the block. Clay asks James if there's anymore chicken they can cook. James tells Clay where it is. James says, he used Balsamic Vinegar in it when he cooked it. Becky says, her & Jackie were staring down her chicken, because it looked so good. James asks if Shelli is sleeping? Clay lies, because she's talking to Vanessa in the HOHR. He says she was, but he couldn't sleep.


7:12 PM BBT Jackie says, the double eviction usually is the 8th & 7th place, so they will have to see. Becky says, when it gets down to so few people it gets harder. Becky says, her stomach gets like a dance party. James asks if she's gotten gassy yet? Becky says, no. Becky says, it took forever to boil off the extra water. She says, it took 20 minutes on high. Clay says, he would be eating up the sponge cake. Jackie says, it is, but then you get over it. She says, the BBQ sauce is good.


7:14 PM BBT Becky says, they are going to be HN's through the next HOH competition. She says, they will be at a disadvantage, but they will have to work through it. James says, after he has a good lay is when he passes off. He says, you roll of each other, & then just fall asleep. Jackie says, you don't even have to roll off. Jason comes out with fresh whites on. Jason says, Oh straight people, you funny, funny straight people. They all laugh. Clay gets up & walks away.


7:18 PM BBT James says, everyone says Jackie makes great sound effects in the house. Jackie says, she doesn't know why she makes the noises. They continue talking about the friends they have out of the house. Jackie says, she has a plethora of hot girl friends.


7:21 PM BBT John is eating at the glass table in the KT. Clay & Shelli are fixing themselves something to eat. Austin walks through, & says, he's been told they are doing a Podcast tonight. Shelli says, she wasn't told. Clay says, yes Becky & Shelli are doing it. Shelli goes to get peanut butter, & he asks Shelli to get a crunchy one while she's there. Austin comes back through & tells Clay he should wear the wig.


7:25 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa in the WA, that she has to work out in her white clothes. She says, the only time she's allowed to change is go in the pool & she has to be in the pool, not sitting on the side. She says, she doesn't want to work out in white clothes. Clay is chomping his food in the KT. Camera view switches back to the WA. Austin tells Liz that he doesn't like dairy. He talks about him having to look good for his lifestyle. Liz says, she knows, she's heard his Las Vegas stories.

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7:37PM BBT Austin making steaks in the KT. Steve on the floor trying to clean up on the carpet.


7:40PM BBT Steve comes into the BR. Whispers to Vanessa something about James. She says he has had it in front of her before. Steve says he just wanted to let her know. Steve leaves. Vanessa eating chips in bed.


7:41PM BBT They were saying that Vanessa is really smart. Vanessa had asked if James was there and Steve said yes.


7:48PM BBT Steve trying to explain the rewind to Vanessa and how it worked last year. It takes a bit but she finally gets it.

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7:57PM BBT In the BY Jason explaining different comps. Steve explaining to Vanessa about why Cody took Derrick last year in the BR.


8:06PM BBT Austin and Liz start to prep dinner. Liz says if BB is going to call them to call before dinner. Austin says there is no interrupting the date meal. Says it's a Steve move.


8:10PM BBT In the BY Meg, Shelli, Clay, Jason and Jackie talk. Jason says that there is no way that the evicted HG are in sequester. They talk about the twins coming in. Shelli says one of them has to go.


8:12PM BBT we get a quick glance at Steve checking on Audrey and we are back to the KT where Austin and Liz are cooking.


8:17PM BBT In the BY there is some planning about if Austin or Liz win HOH. They are creating a plan. They say they can't let them win.

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8:24PM BBT In the KT Vanessa is talking to James and trying out accents that she can do. James telling her that he would believe that her Irish accent was real. (James actually looks a little trapped)


8:30PM BBT In the KT Austin and Vanessa ask James where flour comes from. No one knows. Liz asks where sugar comes from and then says oh yeah, sugar cane.


8:38 PM BBT Austin, Liz, Vanessa, and James are in the KT enjoying dinner. Vanessa telling them about a dream she had. That there was jury camp and everyone got to go but her. said that they all got to learn about BB but her.


8:44PM BBT Austin shares his dream that Jeff is chasing him around LA trying to break him and Liz up. He also has dream that he can't get to the gymnastics center and can't do his flips.

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8:59 PM BBT Meg says, her boys did a great job with the rest of her house. Shelli says, she's going to see it. Meg says, they all better be going. Jason says, it's a 20 minute train ride, so she'll being seeing more of him than she probably wants to. Clay doesn't even know what a train looks like. Clay knows what the subway & buses are. Meg says, they pays $3.950 a month for rent, which she says is really good. She says, it's supposed to be a 3 bedroom, but they made it 4. She says, the broker fee was high, & they have it for 2 more years with no raise in rent.

9:03 PM BBT Meg says, she lives with her best friend, & his good friend, & another person has been there for about 8 months now. She says, it's a very lively house, & everyone loves to party. She says, it's above bars. She says, Keegan is not g*y. She says, he does something for a councilman in the city, so they really aren't sure what he really does. She thinks he works for the FBI. She says, he's so shady about it when you ask what he does.


9:04 PM BBT Meg says, Keegan plays the bagpipes & wears a kilt. She says, he won't play for them though. She says, he's Irish. She says, they aren't allowed to see him in his kilt. She says, when you meet him, you don't expect it. A plane goes overhead, & Meg & Jason scream. Meg says, there was a huge bug. Shelli says, she was expecting to see a hissing beetle.


9:06 PM BBT James goes to the BY to ask when they are doing the Podcast? Becky wants to watch one, she doesn't want to host one. Meg says, no one wants to do this, so it's going to be a fail. Jason says, he loved Becky & Shelli's Podcast. Becky puts a ring of flowers on her head. John moves some pillows on a couch in the BY, & is getting comfortable. Steve started running around the BY, to get his daily exercise in.


9:08 PM BBT James comes to the BY, & says, no alcohol. Becky is talking about the type of style she likes that is rustic. Clay says, he likes simple art, nothing to bold. Vanessa & Liz are cleaning up the KT. Becky is still sitting in the chair she was in earlier today in the BY by the couches. James describes his bedroom. He says, he has a sleigh bed with a Tempurpedic mattress. He says, he has camo duck stuff, like from Duck Dynasty. Becky says, she knew he was going to say that. Becky asks James if he has any animal heads? He says, no. Clay says, he has mounts that he will have when he gets another place.


9:12 PM BBT James tells Becky he has a box spring & mattress in the spare bedroom. She says, good. He says, they call that the smash room. Clay wants to know if he should asks for more alcohol? James says, there's no alcohol there. Steve says, are you really watching me run, twice, to BB. Everyone on the couch says, the camera is following him. Steve says, he knows. Then he says, it stopped.


9:14 PM BBT James says, he had to take his Taylor Swift cardboard cutout out of his room. Clay says, he'll probably have a Fathead made of Meg now when he goes home. Meg says, people in the city have thought she was Taylor Swift. Clay says, he would go with it. Meg says, she always just laughs. Becky says, she was a peacock last year, & she wants to redo it this Halloween. She says, she wanted to be a dinosaur or dragon, but they couldn't get the stuff to do it.


9:16 PM BBT James tells Becky she has the dinosaur stride down pat. She says, if she ever is evicted, she may do that while she goes out the door, & not give hugs to anyone. Liz & Vanessa are still cleaning the KT. Austin to rinsing out something in the sink. Shelli thanks them for cleaning. Austin says, someone is crossing wires, & they need to find out if they are going to do a Podcast. He says, James is the EP on this.


9:18 PM BBT Vanessa says, the floor needs to be swept badly, as she is still wiping off the counters. Austin is doing the rest of the dishes. Vanessa says, O.K., at least the KT is clean. She puts the cleaner under the sink. She tells Austin if he's going to do the dishes, he really needs to wear the gloves. Austin says, he doesn't react. Vanessa says, this is the worst dish soap, & it's making her fingers dry & peel. She says, it may be the water also. She puts the gloves on to finish the dishes. Becky comes in the KT looking for something.


9:21 PM BBT Steve goes to the WA. Austin comes out of the WA. James is sitting next to Meg on the couch by the mirrors in the BY. Becky sits on the one across from them, in between Jackie & Clay. Liz & Austin come to the BY. Meg tells Austin he needs to describe his room to them. Austin asks if he can describe his best room he's had? They all say, alright. He says, he had a bed on the corner in the corner, kind of yoga Zennish. He says, there was no bed frame. He says, he had red beads hanging down, with red walls & a black ceiling. He called it the Palace of Wisdom.


9:24 PM BBT Austin says, it was a red wine color. He says, he had weird trinkets on his book case. He says, he had quotes on his walls. He says, he had a black bed spread. He says, he wouldn't do that now. He says, he would have lighter colors, because he doesn't really care. Meg says, thanks for playing.


9:26 PM BBT Becky says, poor Honeycutt (Clay) is going to starve himself worse than the HN's waiting for the alcohol. Liz says, according to her beeper, it's only 9:24 PM BBT. She says, she hopes they let them keep the beepers, because it's the best watch. James walks away. Liz & Austin on sitting on the couch that Meg & James were. Jackie says, LAPD (flying over head).


9:28 PM BBT Everyone is saying how tired they are. James isn't tired, because he slept all day. Clay wants to get up & move around. He says, they can do calisthenics or something. Clay stands up & gets lightheaded. Shelli looks at the clock in the KT. She tells them it's 9:22 PM BBT. (That's not the correct time either). Liz tells everyone that Steve spilled the pickles on the floor. She says, he tried to clean off the pickles & put them back in the jar. Liz & Meg say the rug in the KT is gross.


9:31 PM BBT Steve is in the hot shower, speaking in an Irish accent. He then says, it's Scottish then. Becky says, she's never been to Ireland. Steve says, he's never been to Europe. He says, he wanted to before he took AP Euro in his Sophomore year of high school. Becky is changed into work out clothes& is putting her tennis shoes on in the WA. Vanessa comes out of the WC, washes her hands, & walks out.


9:33 PM BBT Steve asks Becky if they are going to have a Podcast tonight? Becky says, no one wants to host one, but they want to watch one. She doesn't feel up to hosting with being on slop. Steve says, he doesn't know Spanish, & his German is even worse. Becky goes to the BY. Steve finishes up in the shower, & comes out wearing sweat pants. He puts on a grey t-shirt. He throws his red towel on the couch in the WA, & puts on his microphone.


9:36 PM BBT Steve collects his hat, dirty clothes, towel, & everything & takes it out of the WA. Audrey is walking around the HNR wearing shorts, a hoodie, & sunglasses. She gets back on the end dentist chair & covers up.


9:37 PM BBT Audrey takes a sticker off an apple, & starts to eat it. After two bites, she sets it down next to her. She gets up & goes to the OBR. She gets her black BB bag, gets something out of the bureau in the hallway, & goes back to the HNR. She exhales for a second time, so we hear it. She puts the bag next to her dentist chair. She lays back down, covers up, exhales again, & seems to be changing under the blanket.


9:40 PM BBT Audrey totally covers herself up with the blanket, & finishes changing under it. She comes back out, picks up two pillows, sets them on the chair, gets up, opens the HNR door, & creeps out. She closes the door slowly, as to not make much noise. She takes a regular pillow off the pull-out bed in the OBR, & goes back to the HNR. She puts the pillow down, lays back in the dentist chair, covers up, & starts to eat her apple again.


9:42 PM BBT James is laying down in the CBR, while Audrey is enjoying her apple.


9:45 PM BBT BB says, This is a reminder, sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms. James was actually napping in the CLR, not the CBR. He gets up, & says, sorry, & goes to the KT. He jumps up a few times trying to reach something on top of the refrigerator. He takes a paper towel to the WA, looks in the cabinet on the right hand side, under the sink for Vaseline. He puts it on the paper towel, & rubs it on the sliding patio door handle. He throws the paper towel away in the trash can. He puts honey on another paper towel, & then puts that over the Vaseline on the sliding patio door handle. He throws that paper towel away, & walks to the WA. He goes in the WC, after knocking on the door.


9:48 PM BBT Audrey finishes her apple, & starts pacing back & forth in the HNR, breathing in & out, in even breaths. Audrey stops by her dentist chair, takes a drink out of her cup, & starts pacing again, back & forth. She wraps herself in the grey blanket, & starts to pace back & forth some more, concentrating on her breathing. She bends over a few times as if she's in some type of pain.


9:52 PM BBT Audrey stops pacing for a while, & stands by her dentist chair bent over. She wraps up in her blanket again, & paces back & forth some more. Jason touches the sliding glass door handle that had the honey & Vaseline on it. Everyone goes in the house to check everything to make sure there's no honey on anything else. Audrey sits on the floor in the HNR & hunches over like a turtle.


9:58 PM BBT Liz is really upset about everywhere the honey is. She found some on the inside of the refrigerator, & on the trash can. Liz says, he got Jason again. She says, they need to get him back, this is war. James says, yes, he loves war. Steve asks James if he hid the wipes? James says, no, that's not his style. Liz finds them in the cabinet in the SR. James tells Steve, he's blind as a bat.


10:01 PM BBT James tells Austin the KT that it works every time. James says, poor Jason & Liz, they are always the one at the end of his pranks. Austin says, that's funny. Liz & Steve come to the KT. Steve says, he has a way to get him back. Steve says, he's not declaring any type of war. Austin says, it never ends, it's a game of revenge, & it never ends. Steve, James, & Austin go to the BY.


10:03 PM BBT Audrey is back on the dentist chair in the HNR. She is tapping something. Jackie goes to the refrigerator, & says, eww, it's no good. Austin says, this honey thing has to stop. Meg uses the WC, washes her hand, & fixes her hair with her hands. She looks at herself in the mirrors, pulls her hair up, gets a bandana, & goes in the WC.


10:07 PM BBT James joins Jackie in the HNR. Jackie tells James she wants to sleep for a couple hours, because she's going to be up all night. She says, she can only sleep a couple hours here & there. James says, Hide N' Seek in there would be fun. Jackie says, he can probably fit in one of the drawers. James says, he already has his hiding spot, they would never find him. James says, Clay seems to think he has booby traps around the house like in Home Alone.


10:09 PM BBT James & Jackie talk about different parts of the Home Alone movie. Audrey is covered up on her dentist chair. BB says, Liz, Austin, you are not allowed to talk about production. James says, sketchy, sketchy. Jackie says, she wonders if they will be locked in early? James says, possibly, maybe. Jackie says, depending.


10:10 PM BBT Jackie says, she feels weird with sleeping & not sleeping. James says, that's what being a HN is about. He says, it feels like it breaks you down a bit. Jackie says, especially in this environment. She says, she feels o.k., & she would probably be eating junk anyway. Jackie says, she needs a piece of chicken. James says, he might go make him some. Jackie tells him to go ahead. He says, no, he's so full already. We see FOTH.


10:12 PM BBT James tells Jackie that he was so happy when BB told them they got to eat the one meal of the 4th of July for 1 hour. Jackie says, she wonders if they will get to eat anything. She hopes everyone cooks for them. Audrey is moving under her blanket, because Jackie & James are talking so loudly in the HNR, & the lights are not turned on. Jackie says, she hopes they get to eat after the HOH competition.


10:14 PM BBT James says, he may be a HN again the week after next, if they go with the same cycle. Vanessa comes in the HNR. Jackie says, Cheez-It's. Vanessa says, they are left over from when she was HOH. Vanessa looks through her dresser & walks out of the HNR.


10:15 PM BBT Jackie asks James why the honey, when there's other things to use? He says, he tried Vaseline, but it shows up white. Jackie says, honey is good. James says, he could use clear oil to, but then it wouldn't be sticky. Jackie says, he keeps getting the same people. James says, it's funny because Jason was going to clean up, & got it from the trash can. Camera view goes to the SR. There are 2 bottle of wine & 6 beers on the counter in the SR.


10:17 PM BBT Vanessa & Jason are by the SR door waiting to go in. James is with them, & they find the alcohol. James takes a beer & runs to the BY, & says they won't believe him. All of the HG's run inside for the alcohol. Jason says, he heard them putting it down in the SR. Austin says, wine time, yeah.


10:19 PM BBT Jason says, he was pushing the button in the SR forever, & they wouldn't let them in. He says, James pushes the button twice, & they let him in. All of the HG's that can drink are enjoying their alcohol.


10:24 PM BBT Meg tells Austin she wants to see a picture line up of the girls he's dated. He says, they are all different. Liz asks what the normal girl looks like? He starts describing Liz, & everyone says, awww. James burps loudly. Clay tells him to do it closer to his ear next time. Austin says, he doesn't date someone based on their parents. He says, he usually knows the girls for a few months before he dates them.


10:26 PM BBT Clay says, he usually has feelings that grow stronger & stronger, & then he knows. John is in the BY working out. Becky is in the pool swimming. John tells Becky he's going to get some protein & will be back. Becky is still swimming. We see FOTH for a moment.


10:30 PM BBT Becky took the duck chlorine holder out of the pool so she can swim back & forth. Steve goes to the BY. John comes back with his drink. He lays on a lounge chair & says, he's hanging out with Ezekiel (It's the whale pillow). Steve sits on another lounge chair. He says, they are getting really loud in the there. Becky asks if they got the same amount of alcohol, 2 bottles of wine & 6 beers? John says, yes. John asks Steve how he's going to be a good spy, if he's not paying attention to details? Steve says, he's not. John says, that's what he's training him for.


10:33 PM BBT Steve & Becky talk about her running tonight. John says, he got sweaty from doing abs. Steve asks Becky who the fourth HN is, but she's under the water, & can't hear him. When she comes out of the water, Steve names the HN's, & says, he hasn't seen Jackie in a while. Becky says, she thinks she went to take a nap. Steve says, he didn't realize that Becky is a swimmer. She says, she's not. Steve says, he couldn't do what she's doing. She says, she's just trying to get extra exercise.


10:35 PM BBT Steve says, they have a pretty easy week this week. Becky says, this may be the first week they have a unanimous vote to get someone out if Audrey is evicted. Becky & Steve talk about the votes from last week. Becky says, she didn't really care what was going on with Audrey. She says, she waited about 3 hours after the votes to tell Jackie that she didn't vote for Jeff, because that would hurt her game, & the one person she is close to. Steve says, he's in the same vote. They still think Audrey voted for Jeff. Steve wonders who the 4th vote is. Becky says, it doesn't matter.


10:38 PM BBT Becky says, Jeff isn't a very vocal person. Steve says, Audrey is very vocal. Becky says, she will probably go out quietly. Steve says, she's either really liked or hated. Becky says, they will find out. Steve says, he thinks Audrey got more hate in the house then she deserved. Steve says, she never made negative comments about groups of people. Becky says it was literally painful to watch Season 15, because of Christine cheating on her husband at home.


10:41 PM BBT The pagers go off for the Whackstreet Boys. Steve says, it's a concert. They were all told to go to the LR. Liz says, they are doing the weird poses again. Austin says, this will be the best one. Jason hits Liz' butt at the end of the dance. Jason says, his shirt was still buzzing in the middle of it. Jason says, if you give him wine, he likes everything. Jackie gets told to please put on her microphone. Shelli & Clay are sitting next to each other. Jason takes the last beer. He tells Liz they can split it.


10:44 PM BBT Meg is talking in an accent, & says she talked like that in the DR. We see FOTH.


10:46 PM BBT Liz, Jason & Austin are all in the KT when live feeds come back. Liz points out the honey still on the refrigerator. Jason says, it's still not cleaned off. Jason says, "The concert's over, you can disperse dicks." We see FOTH for a moment. Jason apologizes to Jeff, & says, he still likes Jackie though. He high fives Jackie. Meg says, she was so drunk last night, & she named all of the cameras. Vanessa comes to the KT area, & says, she remembers.


10:48 PM BBT Shelli & Clay go to the HOHR. Jason says, bye cuties. Shelli gets beers from her refrigerator, & says, everyone is so buzzed. She pours some beer in her glass, & drinks the rest out of the bottle. Clay tells her to please refrain from the sensual moments. They walk out of the HOHR. Shelli says, why can't every night be like this? Clay says, it might be hammock time. She heads downstairs.


10:50 PM BBT Shelli & Clay says, they named the cameras in the HOHR also. No one likes those names. They are all so very loud. Shelli says, she likes Mr. & Mrs. Claus. Shelli & Clay are making noises as they squeeze oranges in their beer. Shelli says, she loves oranges.


10:52 PM BBT Jason says, Ken follows him when he's in his boxers. In the BY, Steve is laying on a lounge chair. He says, O.K., Rachel. Becky is swimming in the pool. James is standing next to the pool Austin & Liz are on the hammock. Liz says, she like Yuengling hands down. She says, she likes Blue Moon also. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. We hear, stop that twice. Austin & Liz wonder what's going on. All the cameras on the BY with them on the hammock.


10:55 PM BBT The camera view changes to the KT. Shelli tells Jason his pager is clear. It starts beeping. The HG's still in the KT talk about the names of the cameras. Shelli asks which one is Cody? Meg says, the first one in the corner by the fake mouse in the CBR.


10:56 PM BBT They name one of the cameras in the CLR Hayden. Shelli says, it's the one that gets around. Everyone laughs. They name the other camera in the CLR Holly. Shelli says, she had one of the pagers. James tells Meg she gets all red in the face when she's drinking. Jason says, he's pale as h*ll. Jason asks why they put hiim on this show, because he's foul?


10:59 PM BBT Liz tells Austin he's the worst rocking buddy, because he forgets to rock the hammock. Austin tells her, she needs to get Johnny Mac out there, because he can rock & roll. They talk about New Orleans. Liz says, she loves New Orleans, & the food is really good. She says, you can find food everywhere. Liz says, it's really fun & beautiful in the French Quarter. She says, she worked for a Government Agency, & never put any make-up on. She says, she was a paid intern, which was good.

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