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Sunday, July 5 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:39 AM BBT Becky is eating alone at the dining table. In the BY, Steve, Jeff, Da'Vonne, and Liz are playing pool.


12:49 AM BBT Becky has joined the HGs outside. John, Jackie, Jason, and Da'Vonne are on the couches, general talk about their height. Liz is eating and watching Jeff and Clay playing pool. Austin is watching as well.


 12:55 AM BBT Jason, John and Jackie on the BY couches talk about previous BB alliances, ones that didn't get along at first but then worked well together. Austin and Liz go into the Kitchen. Liz tells Austin that the possible replacement noms make no sense either way.


 1:00 AM BBT Liz asks Austin what Clay said to him when Austin was talking to Shelli and Clay earlier. He tells her that Clay was asking how Liz was doing, assuming Shelli was still deciding to put her on the block as a replacement nom. Liz and Austin think Clay is unaware of Liz not being nominated because Clay and Shelli haven't had time alone to talk.


 1:05 AM BBT Clay and Shelli are playing pool. Jeff and Austin are "hosting" a talk show on the BY couches with guest star Steve. Liz, Da'Vonne, John, Becky, Jason, Meg, and Jackie are the audience. Audrey has her feet in the pool.


1:09 AM BBT The next guest on the Jeff and Austin show is Jason, he starts talking about his brother and then we get FOTH.


 1:15 AM BBT Feeds are back, Da'Vonne "calls" into the show to ask what kind of man Jason likes. Meg is the next guest after Jason. More silly personal questions are asked. Clay and Shelli are still playing pool, Shelli asks Clay about different shots, and Clay shows her how to do them.


 1:25 AM BBT Meg has been talking about her dating life with older men and ended by saying she is "married". The next guest is Liz, Jeff asks Liz how she felt when Jace asked for a kiss before he left the house. Clay and Shelli have started a new game of pool.


1:35 AM BBT Liz has ended her time on the Jeff and Austin show, they say the show is done but Becky sits in the hot seat and they resume asking personal questions. Other feeds are on Steve going into the house to change his microphone then he gets a pickle to eat from the kitchen.


 1:40 AM BBT Shelli finally notices what the group on the couches are doing and asks whats going on. New guest Da'Vonne is talking about men in Tennessee, in a Tennessee accent. Shelli tells Clay that Da'Vonne is hilarious but Clay says that she wouldn't be as funny if she wasn't going home soon.


1:50 AM BBT Clay and Shelli have finished playing ppol and have gone to the Kitchen with Steve and John. Clay wants ice cream. In the BY, Meg, Becky, Jackie, Jason, and Da'Vonne talk about how uncomfortable some of the beds are.


1:55 AM BBT Steve tells Becky and Shelli that he thinks America is voting on which HG is going to have the last laugh, since they have not had a have not food option. Becky thinks it might be a chicken costume or something like that.

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10:49am BBT after some FOTH we come back to Shelli/Clay snuggling in HOH and general chit chat at the BY couch. Jason saying his dad has a little gut on him so he figures it will catch up to him eventually.


11:00am BBT Austin straightening his hair, Audrey asks him what the theme of his dream was. He says it happened last year but he was in the BB BY, he couldnt see ppl but he was here. In BY chat turns to Cell phones.


11:07am BBT BB asks them to please put down the awnings. BB says the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Cams on Austin sleeping in rainbow room, Audrey laying out in the sun. yet we can hear that someone just used the WC and is now brushing their teeth.

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11:17am BBT John and Jason talk about shopping at Walmart, Kmart and Target. John says you got to go to Target to get the popcorn smell. Jason says Walmart is just a mess of shopping, you can get better cloths just as cheap somewhere else. James comes out and says he HATES cold showers, he will work out then jump in the pool.


11:22am BBT Clay wakes Meg up, she says she has foul morning breath, Clay leaves and the cam zooms in on toothbrush and toothpaste in a mug in the spit sink in the HN. Clay goes to HOH and says Mornin Shellit.....FOTH.


11:28am BBT It's time for the Photobooth!!! Crowns and boas are the costumes of choice. John and Jason remain outside, they are not interested.

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11:36am BBT James taking a shower in the outdoor shower. John says its not doing it for him, James needs to pose. James finishes and hops in the HT to warm up. Girls doing makeup for the photobooth shots.


11:53am BBT Liz puts on the POV necklace for her and Becky's photo booth pic.


12:00 BBT Jason telling John about a BB clip where you can tell ppl under the sheets are having sex. HG are either in the KT eating or in the Photo booth.

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12:21 PM BBT Several of the HGs are still taking turns in the photo booth. Audrey and Austin are talking about the cliques in the house. Several of them are aware of what is going on, but no one is lining up against them. Audrey and Austin are hoping they are America's Favorite because of what the others have done to them.


12:24 PM BBT Austin and Audrey are discussing how James needs to go. Austin says the backdoor is the only way to do it. They discuss that the freaks and geeks need to work together.


12:27 PM BBT Jason joins Audrey and Austin in the BY. He tells them the photo booth is so Lo Def that everyone looks amazing, even Steve who looks like he literally just woke up.


12:29 PM BBT The photo booth is now closed. Jason says he looks like he has amazing porcelain skin in all of the photos.


12:32 PM BBT The HGs are now in the BY again. Jason and James are telling stories about how they think they were roofied in bars back home. Jason says he was roofied by an old lady.


12:34 PM BBT Audrey and Shelli are in the HoHR. Audrey asks her if she and Clay have had their first kiss yet. Shelli says that they haven't and it isn't something she would talk about anyway.


12:40 PM BBT All 4 feeds are in the BY where most of the HG are hanging out. They are mostly talking general chit chat. Jason says he has no Bro-code because he "aint got no bros".


12:42 PM BBT Jeff approaches Shelli in the WA on Feeds 2/4. He tells her that he heard Jason warn Meg last night that she was likely to be a replacement nom. Jason told Meg it was to guarantee that Da'Vonne goes home. Jackie comes in and they change the topic to America's Player, which they expect is Liz.


12:49 PM BBT The HGs are still in the BY. Audrey "Why did the cantaloup jump in the lake? Because it wanted to be a watermelon." Jeff is playing pool with Clay. Jeff says that everyone thinks Liz is America's Player. She is playing a very quiet game and goes into the DR ten times a day. He cautions Jeff to keep an eye on her. He says America hasn't voted anything into the house yet, so America must be voting on something.

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1:00 PM BBT The HGs are still hanging out in the BY on all 4 feeds. Just general chit chat about former HG. They all agree that they would like to see Judd come in for a Takeover.


1:03 PM BBT The HG are still talking about former BB HG in the BY. Jason says if they brought Frankie into the house he would give him such a rashing that he would need baby powder for his ass.


1:06 PM BBT Da'Vonne and Vanessa are in the KT. Da'Vonne tells her that she is going to be pissed off if she ends up going home because she defended herself in the house. She says she confronted Audrey "for the house and will be mad if it bites her in the ass". She says her confrontation with Audrey is the only thing she has done in the house.


1:20 PM BBT Feeds 1/3 show James and Da'Vonne in the KT. He tells her they will probably put up Meg to make sure she goes home. Da agrees. On feeds 2/4 Meg and Jason are in the HN room talking about Audrey and how she claims she doesn't like to take pictures but sends so much time getting ready everyday.


1:23 PM BBT Da'Vonne is now venting to James in the KT. She says she confronted Audrey for the house and they are going to use it to get rid of her. She could have kept her mouth shut.


1:26 PM BBT Da'Vonne and Shelli are now in the lounge room. Da'Vonne tells her that it isn't her time to go yet. She asks that when the veto ceremony does happen to remember that they can rebuild and work together in the house.


1:28 PM BBT Shelli tells Da'Vonne that regardless of how it happened, they have been uneasy with each other. She admits that she always thought Da was someone she couldn't trust because they never talked. The pool of who to put up at week 2 is so big that the targets are still small. She thanks Da for taking her nomination with grace and dignity.


1:30 PM BBT Shelli to Da'Vonne "You never let me in on anything." Da'Vonne is trying to justify to Shelli why she never share1:43 PM BBT Da'Vonne is telling Shelli to take all that she has said into consideration. She is not her target and neither is Clay. She just wants to make it to jury so she can take care of her daughter. This wouldn't have been worth it if she doesn't make it to jury.d information with her. Da'Vonne says she always assumed that Shelli knew what was going on and had nothing new to add.


1:35 PM BBT Da'Vonne to Shelli on feeds 1/3 in the lounge: "I sat up there and fought for you." Shelli "Clay fought for me." Da'Vonne "He officially got you off the block. I was the one who fought for you."


1:41 PM BBT Da'Vonne is trying to justify why it would better for Shelli to keep her. Shelli says no one once thought about including her into the circle of trust until they realized they couldn't trust Audrey.


1:50 PM BBT The meeting between Shellie and Da'Vonne is over. All 4 feeds return to the BY and general chit chat.


1:52 PM BBT Jason runs across the BY and joins Da'Vonne on the round lounger. He stubs his toe and it is bleeding. In jest he says he needs a paramedic and whines loudly about it. He admits that he is a big baby when it comes to injury.


1:58 PM BBT Things have slowed down in the BB house. The HG are milling around doing ADLs. Clay has been called into the DR.

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2:02pm BBT: Hg are lounging around the pool area and the WA just general talk going on.

 2:21pm BBTL Liz and Shelli in HOh rm talking about who to out up so tha DA goes home. Hg are still lounging around d the pool.

2:23pm BBT: LIz is washing dishes while Austin is cooking chicken. DA an Jason are laying on a lounger in the BY  talking how they are whinny and they are the worst on BB. WE get FOTH.

2:35pm BBT: Jason ans DA laying out in the sun watching a plane fly over. In the KT Becky, Austin and Liz are talking  about hot Waters to go visit.

 2:42pm BBT: Jeff and Liz in the hammock talking about  who Shelli will put up and BB tells Jeff to put on his microphone, Liz laughs and talking stops. Then Jeff says we need to ask her if Audrey is Americas player. Jeff then says maybe Austin is. Liz says no way Austin is some one who is likable

 2:50pm BBT: Audrey is sitting with her feet in the pool where James,Shelli and Meg are laying out. He gets up and says i have to go it is to hot out here am sweating.

2:59pm BBT: Most Hg in the BY laying in the sun with general talk going on.

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3:05pm BBT: Austin and Vanessa in the Wa whispering then Liz and James walks in and they stop. Austin and Vanessa talk about doing a workout later when it is not so hot. James says he might do a mini workout.

3:14pm BBt: James and Jeff are now playing poll in the BY. Vanessa in the KT complaining that Audrey got out Pizza and was being so mean. so she had to eat it and didn't want to cause she has eat to much already. DA says just eat it you was on slop all last week.

3:23pm BBT: Jackie and Audrey in the KT eating pizza as Vanessa watches and talks about her having no self control when it comes to eating. 

  In the BY Jeff and Clay are playing pool and James is going to go sit in the shade.

3:29pm BBt: Jason laying on the round lounger in the BY with  Meg and Vanessa talking about where everyone sleeps. Becky and Jackie in the KT making coffee.

3:40pm BBT: Most Hg sitting around eating pizza and sitting in the sun. James, Jeff and DA in the KT just general talk.

3:51pm BBT: Meg and Jason talking about their protein shakes. Meg ask how she drank more than he did and he says i am nursing mine.Most hg in the BY sitting in the sun with general talk.

 3:55pm BBT: Austin in  the KT looking through the dishes for a can opener.  Liz making food, Audrey washing her dishes and Da is making tea.

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5:53pm BBT: James and Meg are In the have not room laughing. James is wearing a pink hat (girls) trying to make the dental chair more comfortable with pillows. Becky comes in making fun of James in the hat and how he has pillows under every part of him.

5:58pm BBT Becky talking about how Austin just tried to adjust her back.

5:00pm BBT- James asks meg for her phone number and she said yes, oops can't give it to you know we are on live feeds. They are discussing area codes in NY and Meg says hers is still a NJ are code. Discussing phone plans now.

5:02pm BBT: all feeds still on James and Meg, idle chit chat.

5:05pm BBT- Shelli, Clay, Vanessa all in KT discussing everyone's pictures on the photo wall and how they all look.

5:07pm BBT- Liz, Clay,Shelli, Audrey, Vanessa, are all discussing the photo game where they mix everyone's faces together and you have to guess who they blended. They are discussing who's faces would be hard to tell if they mixed them.

5:09pm BBT: Liz thinks Audrey and Becky have similar noses.

5:10pm BBT: Jason, John, Austin are all hanging out in the BY discussing Slop. Jason was saying how he almost got a penalty Bc he almost ate a cheeto..thankfully someone knocked it out of his hand.

5:12pm BBT: Steve in BY complaining about wanting to eat pizza and Austin is egging him on to go eat a pizza.

5:14pm BBT: Audrey in KT talking with shelli, comes up with an idea they should have a BB fair. And Austin can be the host. Shelli saying that may be fun!

5:15pm BBt: Audrey saying. She heard someone in production yawning really loud through one of the walls early in the morning.

5:15pm BBT: Vanessa in KT by pic wall and has a piece of paper or cardboard and has now cut a hole in it and is holding it over different parts of the face. Her and Shelli are looking at it together trying to practice for memory.

5:19pm BBT: Steve joins girls in KT, they are talking about what each person looks like they should be by looking at their photos. They say Jackie looks like an MRI tech, Audrey and elementary school principle. ect.

5:21pm BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that he has almost the same nose as Clay. Steve looking at photo and agrees, from the angle of the photo they are similar.

5:22pm BBT: Meg and James sleeping in have not room.

5:23pm BBT: Clay and Jackie laying in BY talking idle chit chat with other houseguests

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6:06pm BBT: Shelli and Clay are up in the HOHr discussing the POV meeting and NOMs changing. They are discussing if she should tell Meg. She says that Austin really is gaining her trust this week and if it wasn't for him liz probably would still be the replacement, but Bc she trusts Austin she out of respect she won't use Liz.

6:06pm BBT shelli discussing she needs to put her game face on now.. Time to do the dirty work. Her and Clay are snuggling.

6:11pm BBT: Austin and Liz are in KT cooking, idle chit chat.

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6:32pm BBT: Vanessa and Liz in CBR discussing shelli's NOM's. Liz is saying that Shelli and her had a really nice chat and that she promised she wasn't going to put her up and that she was definitely going to put Meg up. Liz also said that she's not really sure she can trust her but she hopes she can. Liz then tells Vanessa she def. Trusts Austin and her. They both agree they trust each other and keep everyone else "friendly".

6:32pm BBT: Steve, Jackie, shelli in BY discussing Janelle and other Former BB players and their order in which they got evicted. Speaking about the coaches season.

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6:00 PM BBT In the HOHR, Clay tells Shelli she needs do what she wants, because it's her call. She says, she needs to put her game face on, & probably needs to talk to people now. Shelli asks Clay, what will she do if she's called to the DR, & doesn't get a chance to talk to them? Clay says, that's a good idea. Shelli looks at the memory wall on her TV. She says, Austin knows she's switching to Meg.


6:02 PM BBT Shelli says, Austin, Liz & Steve are good. Clay asks if she wants him to say anything to Steve if he sees him alone? Shelli tells Clay not to say anything to Steve about Meg, because he doesn't know anything about Meg. She says, she thinks Steve will be on-board with any go-to people. Shelli says, he is very meticulous, he's very smart, & if they need anything from him, they can pull him.


6:05 PM BBT Shelli says, Audrey will vote Da'Vonne out. She says, James, she's not sure about, & Jason will vote to keep Da'Vonne. She says, she may have to work her charm on Clay. She says, Becky & Jackie will be o.k., & she hopes that Becky doesn't get upset that she's not back-dooring Audrey. She says, she seemed o.k. with it when she told her. She says, John is on board. She says, she needs to talk to Jeff, James & Meg, & another short convo with Becky. Shelli says, she's not telling Audrey who she's putting up. Shelli is pretty sure a lot of the HG's know who she's putting up.


6:08 PM BBT Steve lays on Shelli & kisses her neck. She tells him she's going to do a slow walk-through the house to see what everyone is doing. Shelli extends  the headphones all the way, so her & Clay can both hear the music on the iPod. They look at the TV to see what Audrey is doing, & she is laying on the couch in the LR. They have the music playing, & you can hear it muffled in their microphones. Clay says, he likes the song that on. Shelli says, it's a good one. Clay asks what if someone walks in right now? He says, he will have to move really fast. He jokes that he will tell them that Shelli just tried to kiss him.


6:12 PM BBT Clay asks Shelli what she would like for lunch? Shelli laughs, & says she will go down with Clay. She says, she just ate. Clay says, he is going to cook something really quick. Clay tells Shelli to sing the song in her best voice, & it will sound good. Shelli says, she will get in trouble. Clay hums a little. Shelli says, he can harmonize good. Clay says, he likes the song on the iPod now also. He says, he likes the slower songs that are just relaxing. Shelli says, they're all good. The camera view changes to the KT, where Liz is doing the dishes at the sink.


6:14 PM BBT Austin is cooking food on the stove. The camera view goes back to the HOHR with Shelli & Clay still listening to music together. Shelli says, obviously this one is getting a little deep. Clay says, he'll pause on that one, & come back to it later. He starts to hum to the music, & tap his foot. The camera view goes back to the KT. Liz says, there may be a chopped up onion in the refrigerator.


6:16 PM BBT All the camera views are on the KT at the moment. The camera view switches back to the HOHR. Clay & Shelli aren't listening to the music anymore. Shelli takes a drink from her cup. Clay tells Shelli to talk to Audrey. Clay says, he really doesn't like her talking to her that much, because people speculate & wonder. He says, everyone knows the plan, so it doesn't really matter. He tells Shelli to try not to be by herself with her. Clay tells Shelli she has no shame, because she's even walking out of the HOHR with him. Liz tells them that Austin is making hamburgers. The camera view changes to the BY by the couches.


6:19 PM BBT Shelli goes by the couches in the BY. Jackie tells her they are trying to figure out when they will officially lose their minds. Steve says, Jeff Schroeder likes to say day 40. John is out there with them as well. They discuss when the jury person will be. Shelli says, so the 6th person evicted will go to jury. Jackie says, yes. We see FOTH. Steve says, Julie will say that person will go to jury. Steve says, there are sometimes different numbers in the jury.


6:21 PM BBT Steve says, Jordan voted for the person who ended up winning, so it did count. We see FOTH again. Steve says, last years vote wasn't even close. He says, there hasn't been a close jury vote since Rachel. He says, hers was 4-3. Shelli asks if Portia even played that good of a game? Steve says, no. Shelli asks, then why did people want her to win. Jackie says, because they didn't like Rachel. They talk about Hayden & the Brigade.


6:24 PM BBT Clay is in the KT with Liz & Austin. Clay walks out. Austin tells Liz that everyone seems to have lost their spunk. He says, America's not going to vote for people that are sleeping. Vanessa comes in & says, she needs some coffee. Clay has now joined other HG's on the couches in the BY. Shelli asks why Will was such a valued player? John says, he didn't see him. They are talking about Season 14. We see FOTH.


6:28 PM BBT Clay is eating carrots with hummus, & is chomping into his microphone. Liz & Vanessa are now in the CRL. Liz whispers to Vanessa that if she goes on the block, she may go home. She tells Vanessa that she heard that Shelli may put Meg up instead, because then Da'Vonne will be dead in the water. Liz says, why in the he** is her name even being thrown around then? She says, she can't fully trust anyone except Vanessa. Vanessa says, they are playing the game good & shouldn't be in a tough spot. They walk out, & Vanessa asks Austin where he's out in the competitions. He says, he told the DR that if they have one more competition like that they won't think he's even a threat. They joke to Austin that he's throwing the comps. Vanessa says, Dan may not have been throwing the comps when he played. Austin says, it's super stressful.


6:32 PM BBT Vanessa walks out of the KT. Steve drops a hamburger on the counter & tells Liz to give that one to Clay. She says, he won't eat it. Liz puts it back together & cleans off the counter. Austin says, it's good, it just fell apart. Austin begins to hum, & we see FOTH. Austin says, he didn't even finish the sentence. He says, what are all 4 camera feeds on him right now? He says, it's the day crew & they don't like him. Becky walks in the KT, looks in the refrigerator, & goes to the BY. Liz tells her, they are going to have an evening work out sesh if she wants to join them. She says, it's going to be her, Austin, & Clay. Clay walks in the KT. Liz says, some are sticking, & she tells Clay the burgers are ready if he wants one.


6:36 PM BBT Clay asks which burger was the last one taken out. Austin tells him they all have worcestershire sauce on all of the burgers. Liz starts to sing Wrecking Ball, & we see FOTH. They put the fixings on their burgers, & Clay goes to the BY. Liz gets the ketchup & mustard out of the refrigerator to put on hers, & says perfect. Austin asks if it's o.k. & she umm hmm, yes. Austin says, oh yeah, they're really good. Liz says, umm hmm again. Austin says, yes, they are really good, you should've never doubted.


6:40 PM BBT Liz goes to the BY & tells them they have extra hamburgers & french fries if anyone wants any. There are 3 hamburgers left. Austin walks to the BY. The camera view changes to the HN BR where James & Jason are sleeping in their dentist chairs, with sunglasses on. The camera view changes to the HOHR, where Audrey is in the bed, with sunglasses on, listening to the headphones. She is watching the view of the KT. on the TV. Clay walks in the KT, & throws his trash away. The camera view switches to the KT. Shelli walks in & asks where the rest of the HG's are by name. Clay says, they are sleeping, do you want to check on that? Austin walks in, & Shelli tells Austin the french fries are amazing.


6:44 PM BBT Austin says, he's not going to be able to work out right after eating. Clay asks him if he's going to take a nap? Austin says, maybe. Clay says, he's going to lay down for a while. Shelli says, she is also. She says, she may run up & down the stairs about 10 times. Audrey follows the camera view on the TV where Clay is going, & then she sees Shelli coming up to the HOHR, changes the view back to the KT, & goes under the covers. Shelli goes to the WA in the HOHR.


6:46 PM BBT Shelli comes back to the bedroom. Audrey jumps up & says, "Oh my God, you scared me, I didn't hear you come up." Shelli asks her if she just saw her? Audrey says, "Yes." Shelli walks out. Audrey gets up, & makes the bed. She says, "Every little bit of a** kissing counts." She walks into the WA of the HOHR. Clay & Shelli give each other a hug in the KT. Clay says, he's going to take a shower. She asks him to shower upstairs, so she's not up there alone with Audrey. Liz & Austin laugh.


6:49 PM BBT Jackie & Becky come in the KT. Jackie says, the food looks so good. Meg asks, what they are making. Austin says, they made burgers. Meg says, Clay. Shelli is in the HOHR, laying in her bed. Audrey tells Shelli she's really sunburned. Clay goes up to take a shower. Clay asks Audrey if she wants the gummy bears? She says, she does, but she's not sure who washes their hands, & who doesn't. Shelli says, she's not a germaphobe. Audrey says, she straight up saw James with his hands in his pants outside. Audrey says, a lot has happened in the bathroom upstairs. They talk about Clay's butt. Audrey asks her if his butt is squishy? She says, she doesn't know yet. Shelli says, the saying's are the you can bounce a quarter off a guy's butt, & rest a cup on girl's butts.


6:54 PM BBT Audrey tells Shelli that the guys were comparing butts to cars last night, & they said hers is like a 4-door sedan, & Jason's is like a scooter. Shelli laughs. Audrey says, she didn't sign up for the show to be the hot & sexy one, so if she's the fat one, she doesn't care. They talk about salad dressing. Audrey says, she likes blue cheese dressing. Shelli says, she can't stand blue cheese. Audrey says, she used to not be able to go to a sea food resturant, but she loves some things now. Shelli says, she loves crab. Audrey says, she doesn't like shrimp, because they are too much like muscles. Audrey says, she doesn't like to eat ham much anymore, she likes turkey more. She says, she likes sushi, & she will pretty much try anything once. Shelli says, she will also. Clay asks which towel to use after his shower?


6:58 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay to use a towel to the left, & that will be his towel. Shelli tells Clay, if she was watching this show right now, she would be routing for him. Clay says, he would route for the third wheel. Shelli says, so he would be routing for her. Audrey says, America probably hates her. Shelli asks her is she's been crying a lot in the DR? Audrey says, they made her get up right after the stuff happened, & go to the DR. Shelli says, she's probably been really witty. Audrey says, they are trying to provoke more emotion out of her.


7:00 PM BBT Audrey says, if they have subtitles it would be funny. Shelly laughs, & says, wouldn't that be funny if she was crying in the DR, & they have to use subtitles, because they can't understand you? We see FOTH.


7:03 PM BBT Vanessa & Becky are playing pool in the BY. Austin walks out. We see FOTH again.


7:05 PM BBT Meg goes to the HOHR. Shelli says, she walked around, & saw everyone sleeping, so she went back upstairs. They start to talk about their DR sessions again. Shelli says, they aren't allowed to talk about it though. Meg puts her feet up on the couch, & you can tell they are dirty on the bottom.

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7:13 PM BBT Clay, Shelli, Meg and Audrey are in the HoH talking about social media. In the BY Austin is giving Steve tips on how to stay under the radar. He says maybe if Steve were to give information once in a while instead of just receiving it, he might come across as being more trustworthy.


7:20 PM BBT Audrey and Jackie have joined the girls in the HoHR. Shelli explains to them about the Group Me app. Many of them have never heard of it. Meanwhile Becky and Steve are in the BY playing pool.


7:30 PM BBT It's a quiet evening in the BB house. Meg, Jackie, Audrey, Shelli, and Clay are in the HoHR. Just talking general chit chat. In the BY Vanessa and Steve are playing pool. Steve says everything about being in the BB house still feels so unreal for him.


7:40 PM BBT Clay gives Shelli some advice in the HoH room about what to say to Meg. If there was any doubt at all about Meg being at risk of leaving, she wouldn't be nominated. They anticipate the POV ceremony will be tomorrow.


7:47 PM BBT All four feeds follow Clay as he walks around the house. He starts to whistle. Then all four feeds switch to Da'Vonne who is straightening her hair in the WA.


7:57 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Jeff and Jackie in the BR. He tells her that Shelli needs to talk to Meg soon. Meg already knows she is going to be put up. They need to get that conversation over with.


8:15 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the house. Audrey tells Meg that she has a friend of a friend of Paola. Meg has a friend who is like best friends to Frankie.


8:20 PM BBT Meg says there will be conspiracy theories now that she admits she has a friend who knows Frankie Grande. "So many conspiracy theories. Sometimes the game just is what it is." She says she has never met him. She just knows some people who have.


8:30 PM BBT All 4 feeds on the BY. Clay, Vanessa, Liz, John, and Vanessa are working out in one fashion or another. Audrey is watching. Jason, Da'Vonne, Meg, Steve and James are sitting on the couches talking general chit chat.

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9:51pm BBT: Clay and Becky are in the BY playing pool. Becky said she had her first BB dream and Steve was in it.

9:53pm BBT James and Steve are in the KT cooking slop, discussing what they can add to slop to make it better, they plan on burning it and making it crispy. Shelli in KT too just eating and listening to the guys. James says slop is literally the stuff they feed pigs.

9:56pm BBT: Steve is commenting on Shelli eating ketcup on her chicken and finds it weird. Shelli tells him people use ketchup on chicken. Nuggets do u find that weird and steve said I guess not and laughs.

9:58 Clay walks in KT, James says I know what you all were up to steve snitched on you, he said them guys told me I should call you Mr. Miyage.

10:00pm BBT: James, Jeff, Shelli, Clay, Meg and Jason are all in the KT talking and joking around. Shelli is asking Jeff if he has a sweet tooth.. said no, but he likes cheesecake. Shelli says Clay has a major sweet tooth. We learned clays Bday is March 12th and had spring break every year on his bday.

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9:02 PM BBT We come back from FOTH. In the KT, Meg says, she wants to see Entourage so bad when she gets out of the house. Jason, Steve & Da'Vonne are in the KT with her. Austin walks through. Jason asks Meg if she's a tru blood fan? Meg says, no. Meg says, the food she is cooking is really burning today, because she is cooking more than usual. Steve says, he's going to say something really out of character. He says, he really wants to try slop. John walks into the KT, & Liz comes in also. She asks what Meg is cooking? Liz says, oh, it's slop. Meg sasy, don't be an a**. Becky comes in the KT & sits at the glass table with Steve & Da'Vonne. John walks out, & So does Liz. Liz comes back with ice cream in her hand.


9:06 PM BBT Becky says, she wore her hair natural today, & it looks good. Steve says, it does. She says, I'm not afraid to compliment a good hair day. Liz gets called to the DR. She asks for them to repeat who was called to the DR, they don't, so she goes to the DR. John walks back in the KT, & tells the HG's that he threw a lid away, because it was broken. Jason gets some of the slop in a bowl & sits at the glass table. The HG's talk about different ways to eat their slop.


9:09 PM BBT Jason says, he douses his slop in condiments to make it wet. He says, today it's going to be BBQ sauce & mayonnaise. Steve gets milk out of the refrigerator to make a protein shake. Jason says, he can eat the slop with the condiments on it. Becky says, she wishes they could eat it with peanut butter. Jason says, he hopes the strawberry jelly is still there when he gets off slop.


9:12 PM BBT John keeps poking Da'Vonne & blaming Steve. Becky drops her milk carton when getting it out of the refrigerator. Meg says, Jason at a bowl of ketchup & mayonnaise yesterday, so she really doesn't trust his taste buds. Meanwhile, in the BY, James & Clay are playing a game of pool. Jeff tells Austin that he thinks he needs to stretch more, as they are both stretching by the round lounger.


9:16 PM BBT The HG's in the KT are all sitting at the glass table now. Jason says, he almost had to give himself the heimlich maneuver. Meg asks why she just ate that slop? Jason says, because she wanted it at the time. He says, he's o.k. right now, but he doesn't know about later. Steve asks Da'Vonne if having a baby was worse than being in the BB house? Meg says, you can't even compare the two. Jason says, the protein shakes curb your appetite. Steve says, he has to use the restroom. Jason & Steve walk out. Meg says, all of the HN's are going to the bathroom, so she's going to avoid it like the plague.


9:21 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, she finally went after eating broccoli. Becky says, if anyone ever takes Vicodin, it will stop them up. Vanessa walks through the KT, & Meg tells her that her hair looks really good right now. Liz walks in the KT. Meg says, she needs to lay down right now. Liz says, every time Meg goes to the KT, she says she has to lay down. Meg laughs, & says, that she gets irritable with no sleep. Vanessa walks into the KT, & then walks away. Da'Vonne has her arms & head laying on the glass table.


9:23 PM BBT Meg says, her dreams in the house are so realistic. She says, she woke up today, & wondered where the he** she was. Becky says, it's been a lot since they played the whole week in about 24 hours, except for 1 thing left to do, before Thursday. BB tells Da'Vonne to please not obstruct her microphone. Da'Vonne grunts, & says, "Da'Vonne's talking game, no she's not, I was laying down on the table." Becky asks, who's playing pool? She wonders if she can get next game. Austin walks in the KT.


9:26 PM BBT Meg goes to the BY, & asks James if he wants the rest of the slop that was made. She comes back to the KT, & puts it in a bowl. Austin asks her if she made the slop? Meg says, she did it, but it sucks afterwards. Austin says, he has to take 2 Tums every time. Austin is making himself a protein shake. After he finishes making his protein shake, he drinks it all. He asks what time it is? Then, he says, "It's already 9:26 PM BBT, d***." He washes out his shaker, opens both doors of the refrigerator, looks in, shuts the doors, & walks out of the KT. Da'Vonne tells Steve she doesn't really feel good.


9:29 PM BBT Steve asks Da'Vonne if she's eaten yet? She says, she had tuna fish & Triscuits. Steve says, he has a protein shake & some slop. He says, he really likes the protein shakes, & he didn't think he would. Da'Vonne says, she doesn't. He says, they taste like chocolate milk. The camera view switches to the WA. Austin & Vanessa are talking about what they have eaten & are going to eat. Vanessa says, she feeling like she's gaining weight, retaining water, & she needs to cut out the carbs. Becky comes in & stretches her back, & lays down on the couch. Austin goes in the WC.


9:31 PM BBT Da'Vonne is washing out a glass in the KT. She uses a paper towel to dry it. Becky walks through the KT, & Da'Vonne says, it's really cold outside. Becky says, she loves it. She says, she gets headaches really bad when it's hot all the time, & it doesn't cool off at night, so she's happy it is now. Da'Vonne walks out of the KT. The camera view switches to the BY by the couches.


9:34 PM BBT Jeff, Jason, Meg & Steve are talking. Jeff tells Steve to go talk to Clay. Then, Jeff tells him to go to James & call him Mr. Miyagi & walk away. Steve asks James what his last name is? He says, it's Stephan. Steve says, he's used to getting messed with, & knows that Jeff is messing with him. Meg says, she's cranky today. Clay & Becky are setting up to play a game of pool James & Jeff are standing by the pool table, & walk away. They go by the couches in the BY.


9:38 PM BBT Jeff tells James they can open a law practice called Huling & Weldon, & Meg can be their legal secretary. They begin talking about men who didn't treat women right. James says, & then Steve calls him Mr. Miyagi, & wants to know what the he** that's all about. Jeff asks Jason what his last name is? Jason says, Roy. He says, his middle name is short also. Da'Vonne sits down on the couch by Meg. Jeff & Jason are sitting across from them on the other couch. James walks back to the couch area, after walking away about a minute ago.


9:41 PM BBT Jeff & Jason debate who sings the I can't feel my face song. Jason says, it's a live feed debate. Jeff says, he's going to go to the DR, & ask who sings it, because it's going to bother him. James walks away, & says, Huling, Weldon & Associates at Law, & he walks back over to the mini fridge. He takes a bottle of water out & puts some in a cup. Jeff says, he did some masonry work, & it was hard core. He says, he has a buddy that's an under-water welder, & he makes some big money. Da'Vonne asks James why he doesn't say his last name, because it's on the internet.


9:43 PM BBT James says, he's just trying to keep the crazies away. He says, when he gets out of the BB house he'll probably have a fan base of a million or so. Everyone laughs. Jeff tells Da'Vonne that she should really start a dating service when she gets out of the BB house. James says, she just needs someone to build her a website. Meg says, you are all thinking that people will really want to date us or something. Jeff says, she just needs to start a real dating site. Jason says, there are a whole lot of ladies that don't know how to turn their computers on.


9:45 PM BBT Jason says, when he was being kidnapped for the show, his mom didn't realize how big the show actually is. She couldn't believe something like 8 million people watch the show. Meg says, she heard that the demographics are for ages 18 - 34. Jason agrees. Jason says, there have only been 2 HG's he's called cute in his journal. Meg says, she's never asked that. Da'Vonne says, she's never asked that either, & it may because she asked for no distractions. Jeff walks away. Da'Vonne goes back in the KT. Steve goes to the BY.


9:48 PM BBT Vanessa & James are in the KT. Jackie walks through & Da'Vonne walks away. Vanessa asks Shelli if she can listen to her music? Shelli goes in the KT. Jackie goes in the KT. James is sitting at the glass table eating the bowl of slop that Meg put aside for him. James says, "This slop don't taste that bad when you burn the he** out it." Jackie & Shelli laugh. Jackie goes to the BY. Shelli is looking through the refrigerator.


9:50 PM BBT Steve comes in from the BY. James asks him how they make the slop? Steve says, you make it the original way first, & then go from there. James wants Meg to come in & show him. Steve says, it's super simple, & he can go him. Steve says, you make it the original way, & then you burn it. He asks James how much he wants? James says, a whole bowl full. Steve says, it's 2 parts water to one part slop, so how much does he want? James says, we may want to make extra for later. They begin to do this. Shelli is still making herself something to eat.


9:52 PM BBT James asks if they can put maple syrup in it? Steve says, he thinks Meg uses maple syrup, sea salt, & garlic salt. James says, it's a shame that you have to burn it for it to taste decent. They continue to make the slop. Meanwhile, in the BY Becky & Clay are still playing their game of pool.


9:54 PM BBT In the KT, Shelli says, she loves ketcup, & she wants ketchup on her chicken. Steve asks if today is Sunday? Then he answers, yes it is. James says, yes, also. Shelli says, it's Sunday, July 5. She says, she can't believe it's already July. She is sitting on one of the bar stools at the counter eating. James says, it's going to feel even weirder when they go home. He says, they left at the beginning of summer, & it will be getting colder. Shelli says, she knows. Jeff walks in the KT. He asks James if he's making him some food? James says, yes. Jeff starts to sing a little. He tells Jeff what they were up to. Jeff asks, what? James tells him that they told him to call him Mr. Miyagi. Jeff says, maybe not Steve, but Stephan. Jeff says, he told Meg she was cute but not pretty.


9:58 PM BBT Clay walks in the KT. Jeff tells them that if you have a sweet tooth, you need to eat it right after you work out.

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10:05pm BBT: houseguests discussing Uber in each state so there's no reason for people to be drinking and driving. Everyone's saying how popular Uber is. Becky is telling them that Uber isn't in the mountains like in Denver.

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10:05 PM BBT Austin, Steve, and Liz are sitting around the HT, Steve is telling them about a couple dates he has been on. In the KT James is cooking food, Jeff tells Shelli, Jackie, and Becky about the benefits of Uber.


10:07 PM BBT Steve and Clay in the HT tell Liz and John about their fight nights during college, Da'Vonne and Jason are listening from the BY couches.


10:11 PM BBT Jeff is talking about Georgia to Shelli, Becky asks him what his favorite parts of the state are. Austin asks Jeff if he knew of a city on the state line of Georgie/Floria where he wrestled one time.


10:15 BBT Talk in the KT has turned to white water rafting after Jeff talks about doing it in Tennessee. Jackie tells a story about when her friends went one time and their boat fell apart. Liz and Steve start to play fight in the BY, BB tells Liz to put her mic on but then the fight continues.


10:18 PM BBT Jason, Steve, Meg, Liz, and Da'Vonne in the BY talk about who shares beds in the house and who has their own. Jeff in the KT with Shelli, James, Becky, and Jackie are talking about hiking through the Florida wilderness.


10:21 PM BBT The question is asked in the KT of Survivor vs Amazing Race, Jeff would race again, so would Jackie but she would also want to do survivor. Becky, Shelli, Steve, and James all agree on Amazing Race as well. More talk about Amazing Race after that, Jackie's experiences.


10:25 PM BBT In the BY, Jeff, Da'Vonne, Jason, and Meg talk about Bob Saget's standup vs Full House. Jeff wonders who is behind him in the HT, Clay and John, then wonders where Steve went, in the KT. Talk moves to slop on all feeds.


10:30 PM BBT Jason asks Jeff, Da'Vonne, and Meg what their twitter names are. Da'Vonne says she has to start a new account because of the previous things she has said. In the KT James asks Becky, Steve, and Jackie how much they put into the first episode of BB this season. Shelli is called to the DR.


10:35 PM BBT In the BY, Clay and Meg are talking about eating slop and the effects it has on them. James tells in the KT Becky he tried not to cry when Becky and Shelli where reading their letters from home. Then talk moves to letters from home on previous BB seasons.


10:40 PM BBT All feeds on the BY Meg says they have been in the house for 18 days, halfway through a month. General talk about the BY table and other furniture. Jeff is messing with the Elliptical and breaks it, but manages to fix it.


10:45 PM BBT More talk in the BY about the Elliptical, Jeff, Jason, and Da'Vonne say different ways they use it. Jeff increases the incline on it and Meg calls him a soccer mom. Jason asks Da'Vonne and Meg if they will still have their jobs after BB, they both say yes.


10:48 PM BBT Meg tells Da'Vonne and Jason about going through airport security with a lot of ice packs after having surgery. James comes into the BY with them and talks about using the bathroom after Jackie, who left it smelling unpleasant.


10:51 PM BBT Meg and Jason go into the house. In the BY, Da'Vonne asks James what everyone is talking about. James says that no one is talking but they wouldn't tell him anything because the HG know he would tell her. Da'Vonne and James starting running through the votes she might have. In the KT, Steve watches Jason and Meg make popsicles.


10:55 PM BBT Da'Vonne hopes Shelli puts Audrey up as a replacement nom, James says that is unlikely but it would be nice scenario if that happened, it would let the house decide who to evict between Da'Vonne and Audrey. James says the worst case scenario would be that if Da'Vonne is evicted then James or Jason would be targeted next.



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11:05 PM BBT Vanessa and Liz play pool in the BY with Austin coaching/chatting.  Over on the couches Jason, James, and Jeff kid with Meg saying if the four of them make it to the end they'd have to axe Meg.  Da'Vonne listening and laughing at the conversation.


11:07 PM BBT Inside the LR Vanessa, Shelli and Steve are chatting about being a HN.  It's rough.  Shelli says she'll take it next week.  Vanessa said she could take it next week or the following week as there are 8 HGs that haven't had it yet.  Vanessa asks where the Midol is as she heads into the SR.  Steve asks what Midol is and the girls tell him it is for lady's cramps.


11:10 PM BBT Shelli and Vanessa walk out into the BY to go to the hammock.  One of the guys whistle and James says watch to see if Shelli turns around (she does).  He says you can tell who the conceited girls are.  Jeff laughs and says Meg just waves.  Meg starts laughing.


11:11 PM BBT Liz and Austin in the WA mid conversation in hushed whispers.  Jeff is on board.  Austin says he wouldn't say it but he thinks he's on board.  Liz says she's not the target.  Austin thinks it's going to happen.  Austin says he'll work on Meg and Jason so they don't come after them and Liz and Austin will work on Vanessa so he doesn't go after them.  Austin says it's a great idea of course.  Da'Vonne walks down the hall and Liz says "Shower time!"  Da'Vonne to WC.


11:17 PM BBT Liz in the shower with Austin on the lounger.  Out in the BY Vanessa and Shelli run previous competitions and which day it was and who won.


11:23 PM BBT Feeds switch back to the WA.  Austin hanging out on the lounger while Liz takes a shower.  Austin says they will have their podcast tonight at midnight which is exclusive to the Feeders.  He says those watching After Dark on PopTV are freeloaders.  They should go buy the feeds if they want to watch the podcast.  Out in the hammock Vanessa praises Shelli for not living in the HOH with her friends this week because it tends to reveal who is friends.


11:33 PM BBT Out in the BY hammock Vanessa and Shelli in the hammock with Becky and Steve sitting near by, chatting about eating right and exercising.

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11:43 PM BBT Idle chit chat around the BB house.  Austin is making eggs and avocado for he and Liz while the girls (plus Steve) chat near the BY.  Steve points out that Becky is the first HG from Colorado.


11:45-11:49 At the couches in the BY talk turns to America’s Player and why we’re not voting on anything food wise.  They believe America placed the vote against Jackie especially because America was never right with the voting in previous seasons they’ve had one.


11:57 PM BBT Out in the hammock Shelli and Vanessa chatting about Audrey.  Vanessa doesn't trust her.  Shelli wonders if Audrey was the only one to start rumors.  Vanessa doesn't think so.  Vanessa doesn't remember why everyone was frustrated with her, either does Shelli.


11:58 PM BBT In the WA Da'Vonne is whispering to Jeff.  Jeff thinks Audrey will go up.  Jeff doesn't know for sure.  Jeff thinks Audrey is the main target and should go home this week, but it's a 50-50 chance.  Meanwhile out in the BY Shelli is saying how Clay discovered Audrey tries to collect information.  Audrey asked him how Shelli and Clay's first kiss was.  Clay denied a kiss.  Audrey said "Ok...but then I won't tell you what Shelli said about what kind of a kisser you were....".  They didn't kiss.  She threw it out there hoping that the kiss had happened and he'd want to know and would cough up the information.

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