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Monday, May 18 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:05PM BBT: In the blue room they are talking about music and acting and such. Zach and Ashleigh are still in the HoH talking about crazy and wild cities in the world.


11:10PM BBT: talk in the blue room continues about actor and how they are followed everywhere, and can't go out of their houses without makeup and stuff. Godfrey is talking about famous sports players. like NBA superstars and such. Ashleigh is now talking about School to Zach. and camera spiders. 


11:15PM BBT: Zach is telling Ashleigh all the different cities in the world he would like to go to. Brittnee is checking on slop and Godfrey and Pilar are still just chatting. Sarah is now in the kitchen talking to Brittnee, Brittnee says you're not fooling anybody buddy. Godfrey really has a no vote this week. 


11:20 feed return Brittnee is eating slop, Ashleigh and Zach are now in the blue room with Pilar and Godfrey they are just talking. Sarah is in the storage room getting chips,


11:25PM BBT: Sarah is making hotdogs, talking to Brittnee, she says maybe Zach is digging his own grave. Brittnee is showing her how to make her hotdogs. Brittnee is going to bed early she wants this have not to be over. 


11:31PM BBT: Brittnee is telling Sarah what she told Godfrey and Pilar in the blue room. she says everything we have said matches up with everything we have done. She says Godfrey won't be final three with anybody he has to know that. Sarah says BB knows that I'm waiting for them to call me to the DR.


11:35PM BBT: BB comes on and says HGs the HoH is now closed, Sarah tells Brittnee to come up for a bit. They are talking about Godfrey. Sarah asked if she talks about final two with him, Brittnee says no not really. And also talking about Zach. In the Blue room is everyone else they are just laying in bed. 


11:40PM BBT: Brittnee now says goodnite to Sarah she's is off to bed, Sarah is excised to get her movie 99% she's now watching her movie, and the rest of the house is in bed but the lights are still on. good nite HGS

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 11:05am BBT: Pilar and Ashleigh are in the WA doing their makeup.Brittnee, Sarah and Zach by the hot tub laying in the sun just general talk.

11:18am BBT: Pilar is now by the Hot tub in the sun talking to Brittnee  and Zach as Sarah was called to the DR.

 11:24am BBT: Ashleigh, Brittnee, PIlar and zack sitting and laying by the hot tub not talking.

11:33am BBT:All the HG are by the hot tub talking about reading books and how some people love the smell of books.

11:45am BBT: HG still by the hot tub just general talk going on.

11:55am BBT: HG sitting by the hot tub as Pilar tells a story about cleaning house and family.

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12:02pm BBT: Pilar  telling a story about her brother being drunk at a school dance. BB calls Sarah to the DR.

12:12pm BBT: Sarah is putting things from the last comp they did in the STR. then goes to the BY to check the laundry. All the other Hg are by the Hot tub just sitting and laying in silence.

 12:24pm BBT: Hg look to be napping at the hot tub. Sarah is in the DR.

 12:38pm BBT: No changes Hg still sleeping by the hot tub

 12:49pm BBT: Sarah joins the other HG by the hot tub. Most HG are sleeping. Godfrey gets up and moves saying it is to hot  now.

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1:01PM BBT: Everyone is still sleeping by the HT. Britt comes back from wherever she was, murmurs quietly to Sarah and then all is quiet again. 


1:30PM BBT: Still no movement from the hamsters, except the odd rolling over. 


2:11PM BBT: Godfrey is up but not really moving around. He made a comment about 20 minutes of sun left, give or take. Everyone else appears to be sleeping still.


2:23PM BBT: BB tells the HG's the pantry is now open. Godfrey heads inside to change his batteries. Zach rolls over. The rest do not stir. 


2:30PM BBT: Godfrey appears to be trying to decide what to eat. He makes a sandwich out of a hot dog bun. No other movement is coming from the BY. 


2:41PM BBT: Godfrey comes back outside, the HG's start to stir. They discuss what time it is, Godfrey says it's 1pm. The rest of the HG's think it's later. Pili thought Godfrey had a raccoon tan from tanning with his sunglasses on but got closer and realized she was wrong. Pili and Britt tease that he must not have a girlfriend. If he did, he might be single now, teases Pili. Who then adds she's just kidding. 


2:45PM BBT: Pili says that was a great nap. Uncomfortable, but she slept. Britt says she did not sleep. Ash and Pili head inside to clean up a bit from tanning. Britt sits in a chair by Godfrey. Godfrey is on the floor trying to cross his legs, but says it hurts and he is unable to. Britt comments on his lack of flexibility. They both agree it's hot outside. Britt wants to stay in the sun as long as they can. She thinks BB agreed. 


2:48PM BBT: Britt says now that she knows they are leaving soon, she's dreaming more about the people on the outside, looking forward to seeing them. Ash and Pili are quiet in the bathroom as they do their hair and makeup. Godfrey and Britt are discussing dreams. Sarah comes outside with them and they move onto discussing bears and hibernation and all the berries they eat.


2:55PM BBT: Sarah turns the conversation to next week, and if one of them wins the veto. She's very hard to hear; not sure if she has her microphone on. Sounds like she had a dream where she won the veto and took Godfrey off the block and one of the girls had to go up against Zach. Britt says sounds like a vivid dream.


3:00PM BBT: Pili goes outside to the HT area to see if anyone is hungry. Godfrey says he just ate. Pili asks Sarah what she wants to eat. Pili complains her butt is sore from working out; Godfrey says give it time. They discuss the date and Britt calls a shout out Happy Birthday to her mom. Pili comments that there is a ton of pizza left, maybe they should have that. We then get FoTH.

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3:03PM BBT: When feeds come back, Sarah and Pili have headed inside for food and Zach has joined the HT crew. Discussion in the HT area is back to what time it is. Godfrey swears when he went inside to change his batteries, it was only 1:20PM. He thinks it's about 2pm now. Zach and Britt both think it's about 3pm. Cameras 1 and 2 are back on FoTH. They discuss the 100 minutes of hell. Britt wonders how many more worms would've made it in. Godfrey thinks bugs were coming next. 


3:08PM BBT: Neither Britt nor Zach have eaten today. They both agree they'll never miss the slop in the BB house once they're out. They hate going to bed hungry. Godfrey heads inside. Zach can't imagine living in a place where they go to bed hungry every night. Britt says people do it and they don't have a choice, it's devastating. Godfrey had said he was blown away from grocery stores when he first got to Canada. Sarah and Pili in the KT getting food. No conversation happening.


3:13PM BBT: Pili and Sarah come outside and tell the HN's that the pizza is gone. Britt says Sarah's sandwich looks amazing and Sarah promises the second Britt can eat she'll make her one. Britt tells the HG's about her dreams. They discuss the preparations they had to make coming into the house, cancelling dentist and doctor's appts. Spending time with families to prepare from being away from them for 2 months. Godfrey is called to the DR. Zach decides to go make slop burgers. 


3:20PM BBT: Talk in the BY turns to general chit chat. Pili and Ash in the WA. Ash is still fixing her makeup. Not much chatting going on there either. Pili leaves the WA. In the HT area, Britt and Sarah are discussing the pizza challenge and the toppings where Britt got pesto chicken confused with grilled chicken. She's been on slop for too long. 14 days left until the finale, Britt says. Pili is in the HT area now, Zach heads inside. 


3:30PM BBT: Britt has anxiety about remembering her passwords for her computer, her ATM. Pili chimes in with her phone number. Sarah can't remember hers. Zach comes back outside and talk turns to general chit chat.


 3:40PM BBT: All 4 feeds on the HT area. Sarah is called to the DR. Still general chit chat; now about mafia movies. General chat continues. 

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4:08PM BBT Ashleigh, Pili, Britt, and Zach by the HT trying to work two weeks back.  Ashleigh wondering what happened on day 45.  Zach says he was a maid that day. Ash is just trying to get a feel for how much longer they have in the house...as long as it was since Zach was a maid, that's how much longer they have til they leave.

4:16PM BBT Britt marvelling that she has seen all their faces every day for 60 days.  Zach says that even sleeping is hardly a break from seeing each other.  They're glad that they all like each other. Zach starts them speculating about how it might have been different with different HGs staying, and that gets them missing Johnny.  Zach goes in to make more cinnaslop.  Britt and Pili cover the HT and go in also.

4:23PM BBT Britt, Ash and Zach in the KT. Britt is about to have some slop, but is called to the DR as Sarah comes out.  Sarah is all happy and appreciating everyone and Zach is suspicious that she might have a task.

4:29PM BBT Ashleigh telling Zach, Pili, and Sarah about her dream.  In the dream, all the HGs are arguing with each other, then then are all standing in a circle and Sarah is moderating so that everyone can have their say.  They talk more generally about dreams and how dreams can sometimes have a residual feeling that lasts into the day. Zach one dream that was really powerful and he kept wishing it were true.  Sarah suggests that dreams might affect us just as much as the time we spend awake.

4:35PM BBT Ashleigh complaining about movies that don't have a clear ending.  She wants to know how it ends, rather than speculate.  Sarah telling them about the movie "The Wire."

4:39PM BBT Godfrey joins everyone in the KT, and then Ashleigh is called to the DR.  Sarah continuing to talk about the movie.  FotH

4:51PM BBT Feeds are back. Sarah, Godfrey, Ash, and Britt are still in the KT eating and chatting.  Sarah encourages Britt by telling her she's proud of her for eating the slop she just ate.  Godfrey thinks Britt has lost weight and thinks her shorts don't fit any more.  Godfrey is attempting a compliment but doesn't choose a flattering analogy, so he takes some razzing.

4:58PM BBT HGs in KT talking about former houseguests and their earlier impressions of them. Ashleigh had actually pegged Pilar and Willow as "mean girls" initially.  

5:07PM BBT Ashleigh expressing a lot of sympathy for Risha leaving early, especially since it was such a rollercoaster. Pilar thinks about seeing all the HGs at the finale.  Ashleigh says "it makes my tummy hurt to think about it."  She's worried about seeing everyone and about watching the show.  Godfrey isn't sure he will watch the show.  Pili says "you cannot take anything personal".  

5:13PM BBT Ashleigh comments that the audience was really happy when Bruno left.  She thinks that the audience knew what Britt was going to do and they were pumped about it.  Pili says that Bruno knew that Bobby's veto was fake.  

5:21PM BBT Godfrey talking about the scene in the storage room with Bruno and Sarah and saying that he's never seen anything like that before.  Godfrey is remembering how intense they were and that they were moving in a circle.  Godfrey was separating them throughout.  The conversation leads back to the voting for the Triple Eviction and how Sarah ended up voting Willow out.   

5:30PM BBT Sarah telling Ash, Britt, Pili, and Godfrey about her suspicions that Zach and Jordan were working together because they suddenly changed their target to Godfrey.  Jordan wanted Sarah to throw the competition, so she thought they might be planning to back-door her.  Ashleigh is mortified that she had nearly double Jordan's time in the Ant Farm competition even though she was trying SO hard and Jordan was actually trying to throw it!

5:45PM BBT Sarah and Britt go up to HOH, where Zach is soaking in the HOH tub.  Sarah and Britt decide to go outside to the HT.  They feel lucky to be there together and really appreciate the support that they get from each other.  Sarah feels like Godfrey is giving off weird vibes about this vote, so she's worried.  Britt says not to get too upset about it.  All they can do is just plant a seed.  They can't hammer it too hard.

6:02PM BBT Sarah and Britt both mystified that Pili still can't follow how the vote went down on the Triple Eviction.  They feel like Pili doesn't even listen when they talk.  Meanwhile, Ash, Pili, and Godfrey are making beds in the Blue room and still re-hashing past weeks and talking about how Sindy came back telling them about the Chop Shop.  Godfrey says if he ever got to do this again he would start an alliance of his own.

6:12PM BBT Britt and Sarah still talking about being three strong with Godfrey and how important it is to have the numbers.  They hope that Godfrey sees that he would not only have Britt and Sarah, but Ash and Pili if he sends Zach home. Britt likes to work with Godfrey because he's logical and doesn't play an emotional game.

6:14PM BBT Godfrey, Ash and Pili in the Blue bedroom talking about the 100 Minutes of Hell competition.  Godfrey is thinking that if he had waiting just another 2 minutes, then Sarah would have been over and he would have won it.

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6:16PM BBT Godfrey asks Ash and Pili if they think it will be final 3 or final 2.  They have no guess, and Ash says it's so stressful.  Godfrey brings up the jury and Ashleigh says she likes to think about people on the jury all the time, wondering where their heads are at.

6:28PM BBT Sarah encouraging Britt to visualize winning HOH. They can "Jill and Emmett" this... win HOHs back to back.  Britt disappointed that they can't fully trust Godfrey.

6:36PM BBT Ashleigh says they have to study their "days"  Ash announces she is going to run through them and they can jump in if they like.  They decide to go get some ice cream and run through it all together.

6:39PM BBT Sarah worrying because she doesn't think she knows her "days".  Britt says she doesn't know the days either.  She thinks they should do it just the two of them but Sarah wants to include Godfrey [who is already studying with Ash and Pili!]

6:43PM BBT As Sarah and Britt walk back to the house to see where everyone else is, they are talking about Zach putting bacon bits in his slop.

6:47PM BBT Sarah joins Ash, Pili, and God's study session in the Blue bedroom, while Britt joins Zach in the LR.  Zach is bored and missing his friends.  Britt goes over and sits on the couch with his feet over her lap.  They talk about how it's been a long haul.


6:58PM BBT Britt telling Zach how she became a model.

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9:00PM BBT Pili Sarah Britt and Godfrey in the hot tub talking about approaching folks to date.  They move on to discussing pick up lines. Surprise surprise Pili does not like guys who hint at things (did you see her quit on the puzzle? DRG)  Godfrey trying to make the case for shy guys and is not getting anywhere with either Pili or Britt.  Britt says she gets told a lot that she is intimidating and since she does not think she is that approach gets them no where.


Zach and Ash in the HOH listening to the music.


Sarah trying to tell Godfrey it is not just about the looks but about the eye contact or a spark or a witty comment. Pili likes confident but not cocky guys. Sarah remarks that if you don't love yourself then you don't have any love to give someone else.  She thinks everyone is attractive in their own way and it is always changing a while ago it was super skinny but now it is all about curves.  They continue this deep philosophical discussion as all four feeds are on them now.

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9:12PM BBT The ladies are talking about the first times they really talked to or noticed Godfrey in the house. Britt says she did not think that Zach was going to have as much substance as he does and she thought he was just a pretty boy ladies man, but then she talked to him and realized he had much more substance and is very mature. Godfey says he has the mind of a coach and Britt adds and the heart of a coach.  Pili remarks that he was well raised. She wants to be a coach as well, but says that she wants to be a lot of things that she never will be.  Britt tells her she is very inspirational.  Now they all tell one another that they have good hearts. Godfrey says he assumes that others know a lot of what he knows and Sarah says maybe he should not since he has a diverse knowledge base but Britt thinks it is good because that way he does not underestimate folks. (How does BB always put the commercials on the feed I am drawing audio from????? grrrrr - DRG)


Pili has left the tub and the three non diaper alliance members continue the discussion of meeting people. Britt climbs out and grabs a towel and Sarah is standing now too.


Other feeds show Pili now dressed in slacks and a pink hoodie walking around the HOH that seems to be empty.  Zach stolls in and tells Pili he is going to go make another slop burger. Pili asks Ash who was in a ball on the couch if she is OK and the response is that she is fine. Pili does not think she is and she must be stressed by the big decision. Ash says that she already knows what she is doing. Pili feels bad and although she knows it is not her fault she does not like Ash being in this position. BB tells Pilar to fix her mic.  Ash says that Zach is not really talking about the situation and it is likely due to him knowing he will not be staying any more.  She can't find any songs that she knows on the iPod. (Who would have guessed that Ash and Sarah have different tastes in music? - DRG)  BB calls out just Ashleigh.


Britt and Sarah alone in hot tub now talking about past weeks and maneuvers pulled by the other side and who the folks in the jury house will vote for. (Bruno has come out and said that Sarah has her vote which would totally blow her mind. - DRG) Sarah thinks that if they go up next week and Godfrey is legit they have a chance of staying, but if they win and put the other two gals up then one of them will go home for sure.  Sarah says it will drive her nuts if Zach stays since he should have been a target from day one.  If he is there at the end and she is in jury she will vote for him. Sarah now complaining about having to worry about Graig and Sindy. 


Upstairs the ladies are quiet til Ash once again complains she can't find any music she likes. Pili says she is bored and does not know what to do.


Hot tub duo talking about who was always going to be a target then they hear fireworks but cannot see any and wish they could.  They call out Happy May Long Day Canada. Britt says her mom does not have the feeds or social media accounts but someone will tell her about what is going on. They stand up and start to cover the tub. Britt now sees why Godfey has been going around insulting everyone as he was just trying to flirt with her but was totally incompetent at it.  They gather up there gear and head inside as Ash comes out to see what is going on. She remarks that there are a lot of bugs and Britt chimes in that it is disgusting.  Ash heads back in to the kitchen. Britt cannot figure out what is up with Ash and if she is genuinely going back and forth between the two nominees or not.  


Inside Ash talking with Zach about his slop burger creation.

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9:34PM BBT They speculate that either Zach does not trust Godfrey or he really trusts Godfrey. Sarah reviews his speech at the Veto ceremony and how he was basically telling her she better put up Godfrey. Britt says it is so sad that there is fireworks everywhere and they cannot watch them.  


Inside Ash and Zach looking sad for a different reason. Zach can't wait to never eat slop again and Ash remarks that it will be pretty darn soon then she says that he has only done it once.


Outside Sarah saying that she has trust in Godfrey and it does not really matter since Britt is going to win HOH.  She is picturing getting all excited again, Britt seems less positive but feels that they really need the HOH.


Godfrey comes in the kitchen and asks about the others and is told where they all are.  He asks about the time and is told that it is almost 9.  He heads outside and is told they will be going in once Sarah finishes her smoke and BB calls her to the DR.  Godfrey is going to stay out for a while but Britt is heading in to go eat more slop.  Sarah jokes that the fireworks are spelling out "FINALLY." She says that it is there time this coming week.


Britt joins the pair in the kitchen and says more slop.  Sarah tells Zach on the way to the DR that his burger smells good. Ash tells him it is a big burger and actually looks like burger meat.  He says it looks like it but does not taste like it and she tells him to trick his brain.


Zach heads into the SR to fetch something from the freezer. Other three feeds remain on a depressed looking Ash.  He returns to the counter opposite Ash and goes back to work now cleaning the frying pan he just used.  He starts eating and she asks how it is but Zach does not seem to be too impressed and says it is just what he expected it to be. He gathers his plate to head outside to see what it is like. She tells him it is nice out but remains at the kitchen counter.  


Zach joins Godfrey outside and sits on the opposite side of the tub from him.  Silence on all four feeds as Zach eats and Ash holds down the kitchen counter.


Feed 4 switches to show Britt shampooing her hair in the shower but the feeds remain silent.


Ash makes her way into the SR and looks through the freezers then the fridge but does not find anything to cure the voting out my boyfriend blues. She makes her way up the stairs slowly and heads to the BR stall.

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9:48PM BBT Sarah out of the stall and washing her hands silently while Britt is still showering.  Outside the two fellows are equally non-verbose.  Ash heads back downstairs humming to herself, "i'm so bored." She heads on out the the BY then makes her way to the hot tub where she tells Zach that she is bored out of her mind.  Godfrey wants to know if there is food. He gets up and heads into the house.  Ash remarks that she has something weird with her face today as one side is red. Zach finishes up his slop and sets the plate down on the deck smacking his fingers.  She asks how it was and when he replies it was mediocre she replies that is good as it is better than awful..


Inside Godfrey walking through the kitchen saying that something is up.  Pili is now seen working on laundry at the machines outside.  


Ash inquires if Zach has talked to Godfrey anymore and when he says no she asks if he will and is again told no.  She wonders why and he responds that you can only pitch to him so much and it gets annoying.  She says that whenever she approaches Godfrey he blows her off. Zach is sure he will not vote for him. 


Inside Godfrey telling Pili he is going to eat again then try and go to bed.  He wonders when the croutons expired.  


Outside Zach is sounding bitter about Godfrey staying and tells Ash that she should put up Britt and Sarah if she is HOH next week.  He is sure Godfrey will not win anything as he will be taken to the final three by everyone.  She says the next HOH she has to depend on Pili and he says yes or just win the Veto and then you pick who goes home.  He says that is why Sarah has to go next since that next HOH will be mental and she will win it. Bitter Zach talking about how Sarah will just mind control Godfey. He tells Ash that she will have to carry Pili.  She asks if Godfrey would win in the end and he says only against Pili while Ash will win against Pili and Godfrey but not against Sarah or Britt. He reminds her that her resume will grow as she will have to win comps in these next two weeks in order to stay alive.  


Godfrey and Pili eating in the kitchen.


Ash wonders why Sarah says Godfrey is a good player and Zach says that is just to mess with Ash's mind he is the ultimate floater and has done nothing in this game.  Zach is sure that Godfrey will not win any of the final three comps as he is so bad in comps and Ash says she always thought he was throwing the comps but Zach says he had seen him play Godball.  


Sarah joins the kitchen duo and they tell her they saved something for her. She says she is going to have a hot dog. Godfrey says he just had one and it was so good.


Plotting still going on outside with Zach advising Ash who says she just really has to win the next HOH (Now where have I heard that before??? - DRG)  Ash saying that Sarah says Godfrey will be the next target but Zach says he won't be confirming Ash's thinking.  He tells her not to get mesmerized by Sarah and believe what she is selling as both she and Pili have done in the past. She wonders what he thinks the next comps will be.  


Inside Sarah telling Godfrey to eat like he is a have not tomorrow. Pili has decided to make a quesadilla. Godfrey asks her to bring him a hot dog.  


Zach telling Ash she has to leave Britt for one more week before getting her out. She needs to keep either Britt or Sarah for the last four since they will be bigger targets than she is to be evicted at 4. You need to leave a target in the game so you get there.  He tells her that Sarah knows the dates and events better than Britt does. 


Inside Godfrey remarks that til he came to this country he had never eaten a hot dog.  Sarah thinks it is a North American thing and it is really tied to baseball as you can stand and eat with no plate.


Strategy ongoing outside with Ash quizzing Zach. She wonders if Sarah and Britt would take each other to the finals. He tells her not to buy anything that Sarah is selling right now and next week. She will never take Ash to the final three and if you get HOH next week Sarah has to go. 

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10:18PM BBT Bitter Zach now ragging on the comps this season with three endurance and so many booth ones. She wonders if the next HOH could be the slidey one and he says it will not but most likely will be throwing a football through things. Zach says that in the end he needs two votes and both of them are on the other side of the house. He will not try to work her vote unless he had one of them and it is not looking good so she should not be stressed this week.  Zach says that Godfrey is just too scared of having another guy in the house and does not want to make big moves or throw a ripple in the game. Ash agrees that has been his gameplay so far.  Zach remarks that Sarah and Britt are just so close and have been all along.  Zach tells her it will come down to a tug of war with her and someone else over Godfrey's vote. She say she just has to really work him.  She will be ok as long as Pili is off the block but if Godfrey wins POV and Pili has to go up. Ash says she has tried so hard to be on him but she does not know how much he has taken back to Britt and Sarah.  Zach says ever since Britt saved him last week he had been up her ass even though Sarah was trying to get him out the week before. Zach is aware that they want him out and she tells him he deserves to be here over Godfrey to which he says that is just the way BB is . Fireworks burst interupts them and Ash says it really is a holiday.


Inside Pili says come Wednesday there is a new week and there are only two left. 


Outside pair kiss and he asks if she ever thought she would get kissed on BB to which she replies no. They both comment on how close the last fireworks were.


Ash now teasing Zach about being able to get a learners permit at 14 in Calgary and he says if that is true he will eat his shorts.  She tells him it has to be without condiments.  


Pili and Sarah alone in the kitchen talking about how hard this week is for Ash. Sarah asks again if Ash gave Pili her word. Britt joins them and says she is so hungry.  They speculate about the time and for once they are just about right. Sarah says soon they can start getting ready for bed.  Britt wonders if she feels the beers and Sarah says no. Britt wonders if she is not feeling tired . Godfrey at the counter now too and they are talking about the cinnamon buns. 


Outside Zach now talking about a past vacation when he got sunburned after Ash pointed out to him that half of his face is read after their tanning all morning.  

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10:31PM BBT Inside Britt talking about why she has not worked out in the house and it is because she has mostly been on slop. Sarah rationalizes that they work out every few days with the comps. 


Zach continuing with his story of a sunburn catastrophe a friend of his had when they were drinking on vacation. 


Kitchen crew now talking about dating someone that a friend once dated and what the ethics are in those type of situations. Sarah does not believe in the Girl Code.  Godfrey saying it depends on the specific circumstances.  Britt does think there are guy codes and girl codes.  Sarah getting pretty animated about not shoulding other people what they do or who they see. 


Zach still talking about vacation adventures such as bunging jumping. 


Sarah and Godfrey still engaged in their lets kill some time til we can go to bed debate while Britt says she does not want to argue about this. Pili says it is not about a code or a label just what is right or wrong. 

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10:42PM BBT Outside Zach telling Ash about Hostels and the accommodations and facilities they offer. He says it is a good place to meet folks who are out backpacking.


Dating debate raging on as Feed three spazzes out going to DVR mode then FOTH.

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