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Friday, May 15 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:16am BBT  Brittnee, Godfrey and Sarah are discussing the challenge they had earlier.  Had something to do with toppings on pizza.

12:33am BBT  The HGs are discussing their ages.  Zach and Pili are back from the DR.  They are saying they are hot from being in there.  Sarah is even more intrigued. 

 12:44am BBT  Feeds have been down for about 10 minutes

1:11am bbt Feeds are back.  Just general chit chat going on.  Pili goes for ice cream.  Now Pili, Ashleigh and Zach are in the WA and are talking about the veto comp.  Pili has to win to save them all, otherwise Zach or Ashleigh go home. 

1:25am BBT The HGs are slowly getting ready for bed.  Godfrey is in bed.

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2:26AM BBT "What a night!" says Zach to Brittnee as they get settled in the HN room.  The both have their letters from home with them, and Zach is re-reading his. Britt asks "Is your sister the type to mention Ash? I'm surprised she didn't" Zach reads: "Trust only yourself and your instincts".  That's the only game advice he got.  Britt says it's good advice.  They think tomorrow will be PoV, and wonder what the competition will be. Britt asks Zach what he thinks about the PoV, and he says "I don't know. It's me versus the world"

2:28AM BBT Britt tells Zach that she thinks she will miss him the most besides Sarah.  Zach says he will miss Britt too...they have a tight bond.  She didn't expect that bond, but Zach remembers having a good chat on the first day.  Britt initially pegged Zach for a ladies man, but changed her mind when he talked to her about his family, and thought he was pretty down-to-earth.  [bonding time in the HN room]  Zach is philosophical but still hoping he can stay around this week.

2:31AM BBT Zach reads his letter once more.  He likes the line "all of Regina's losing their minds" People stop his sister and notice her resemblance to Zach.  Zach says this is the best thing he could read today, and that it really picked him up.  Britt and Zach speculate about what it will be like when they leave and whether they'll be recognized. Zach says "that was weird today" and Britt says "yeah, right?  I thought so too" Zach: "did it, like, notice, or no?" Britt: "no.  I couldn't...I don't know what it was for...it was like one of things you do when you're on the set of a movie or something...like...oh look, check out what I'm doing. It was like that." [wondering if this is a reference to the DR sessions they had earlier] Britt tells Zach that she's glad his family is so proud of him, and he says "same with you."

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 8:12 am BBT Good Morning Canada! The houseguests are all in bed sleeping with the lights out when the feeds went to FotH.

 8:28 am BBT The feeds are still down.

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 8:36 am BBT On the Side Show with Bruno last night Bruno got to see a small video clip of his two children (so adorable!)

 8:40 am BBT The feeds are back and the houseguests are up! Sarah is lying in the HOH bed and Pilar walked into the HOH room and went to the WA.

 8:42 am BBT Sarah got up out of bed and is looking for some clothes to wear while Pilar went and laid down on the HOH bed.

 8:43 am BBT Brittnee is also in the HOH wash area and they are talking about the PoV comp. Sarah said that she can’t believe it and Brittnee said I can and then Sarah replied last chance (not sure what that was about). Brittnee headed to the KT and Ashleigh walked into the HOH room.

 8:45 am BBT Ashleigh is fixing her hair in the HOH wash area while Pilar is looking for some lotion and Sarah is getting ready to change. Zach walked in the HOH room to use the restroom and sees that it is occupied so he left the room.

 8:48 am BBT Pilar got in the HOH shower and Brittnee is down in the SR looking for something to eat and put on some water for tea.

 8:50 am BBT Brittnee is pouring some yogurt into a bowl and adding other things to it. Sarah and Ashleigh are in the HOH room putting on makeup.

 8:57 am BBT Pilar is done with her shower and is putting on lotion. Sarah told Ashleigh and Pilar hopefully everything goes as planned what they talked about last week. BB told Ashleigh and Pilar to put on their mic’s.

 9:00 am BBT Brittnee is done fixing food and brought some to the HOH room. Pilar followed Brittnee back downstairs because she fixed some food for her and Pilar said thank you so much. Pilar is in the SR getting some orange juice to drink. Brittnee grabbed some clothes from the HOH room as the girls talk about how hot it is in there. Ashleigh is still putting on her makeup.

 9:05 am BBT Sarah is sitting in the HOH bed eating what Brittnee made for her while Brittnee sits on the HOH bed drinking her tea. Ashleigh and Pilar are in the HOH wash area doing their makeup. Brittnee told Sarah that she wants to put makeup on but she don’t.

 9:09 am BBT Zach is lying in the HOH room on the floor covered up and Sarah remarked that she had no idea Zach was there.

 9:13 am BBT There has been no change, Brittnee and Sarah sitting on the HOH bed, Zach sleeping on the HOH floor, Pilar and Ashleigh in the HOH wash area doing their hair and makeup. No sign of Godfrey yet this morning. Brittnee told Sarah that she has not heard them building anything yet for the PoV comp.

 9:16 am BBT Pilar is lying on the HOH bed with Sarah now while Brittnee is sitting on the HOH couch looking in the mirror putting on some makeup. Sarah is called to the DR.

 9:20 am BBT Sarah left to go to the DR while Pilar is lying on the HOH bed. Ashleigh, Zach and Godfrey are lying on the HOH floor and Brittnee is still sitting on the HOH couch doing her makeup. Ashleigh got up and climbed into the HOH bed with Pilar. There is no talk going on at all.

 9:24 am BBT BB just announced to please wake up nap time is over. Pilar asked if they think that was an accident. Zach said that he thinks they want them awake. Pilar told Godfrey that they are locked in the HOH room.

 9:27 am BBT BB announced again to please wake up nap time is over.

 9:29 am BBT The feeds went to FotH.

 9:31 am BBT Correction, feeds three and four went to FotH. The other feeds show the houseguests minus Sarah all lying around in the HOH room with no talking at all.

 9:38 am BBT Godfrey is up and in the HOH shower.

 9:45 am BBT All of the feeds are on FotH now.

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10:09 am BBT The feeds are still down and we are speculating that it is time for the nomination ceremony.

10:27 am BBT There has been no change, the feeds are still down.

10:56 am BBT The feeds are still down.

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11:40AM BBT - 12:30PM BBT With Zach and Ashleigh are on the block, and Zach as Sarah's target, houseguests are talking about the PoV comp and working out scenarios depending on who wins.   Pili is desperate to win in order to ensure that Ashleigh stays.  Zach tells Ashleigh the backup plan in case Pili doesn't win PoV, which is to back-door Godfrey while telling Sarah that they are going to vote Zach out.  Godfrey does the rounds, telling Pili they need to win  because "We're all on the block right now, just not formally" and Sarah/Britt that all he wants is for Pili not to win.  Anyone else winning is good for his game.  Sarah points out that Zach winning is also a bad scenario.  

1:23PM BBT Zach pitches the back up plan to Pili.  Ash would have to win, and take herself off, and then Zach encourages Pili to throw Zach under the bus to convince Sarah and Britt that she will vote Zach out so that Sarah puts Godfrey up.  Zach getting very pumped up as he directs them on how to sell it to Sarah that Ash and Pili are committed to an all-girl final 4 so that Sarah will want Pili voting.
1:36PM BBT Ash points out to Pili that if Zach goes this week, Ash and Pili will be the targets to be split up.  They don't think they can get the jury votes to beat Zach, but they want to stay loyal to the end and just let the best one win.  They are not going to get rid of Zach despite knowing that they are handing him the money and that people will think they're crazy to do that. Ash thinks that if Britt and Zach were in final 2, Britt would win. If Ash wins HOH next week, she would put up Sarah and Britt.  

3:05PM BBT Houseguests have had lunch and there has been lots of snoozing going on. Sarah/Godfrey/Ashleigh/Britt/Pili in HOHR talking about how little freedom they have in the house...Ash complains that she can't leave if she is scared.  They talk about scary movies, celebrity names and celebrity's kid's names, board games. Zach is getting repeated "wake-up" warnings from BB.

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3:50PM BBT Zach having a bubble bath in the HOH bathroom and listening to music.  The rest of the HGs gather in the HOHR and talk about prior competitions and prior HGs.  Pili shares her take on Willow's and Bruno's personalities in the game.

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4:00PM BBT Godfrey tells Zach that he knows the girls would vote him out in a second.  Zach agrees they have an alliance of 4.  Godfrey says he could be in trouble if the girls caught on that he would use the Veto on Zach.    He assure Zach his word is good and knows Zach would be with him if he stays.  Zach adds that Pilar would stick with Godfrey rather than Sarah or Brittnee if Ashleigh were evicted because Godfrey voted to save her during the Triple Eviction.  Godfrey again promises to use the Veto on Zach if he wins it. 


5:00PM BBT Sarah and Brittnee confer and conclude that if Zach is evicted and Godfrey wins HoH, he would definitely nominate the two of them.  They don’t think Godfrey has a chance with the jury against Ashleigh and Pilar but he definitely doesn’t have a chance against them.   They think if Zach stays, they should try to get one of them nominated against Godfrey so they could vote Godfrey out.  Sarah notes that Pilar wanted to talk a Final 4 deal and are convinced Zach sent her to tell them she’d vote Zach out.  They know Zach won’t go without a fight.  They think Zach thinks he could get either Godfrey or Pilar to use the Veto so it has to be one of the two of them to win.


Sarah tells Brittnee and Godfrey she wouldn’t be heartbroken to see Ashleigh go if Zach wins Veto.  She’s the glue that holds them together, Godfrey says, as long as Pilar doesn’t win, we’re good.

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